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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  November 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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in. baltimore. good evening, everybody, i'm jim handly. >> and i'm wendy rieger. six people are dead, five others in the hospital. this investigation is just getting underway. >> tonight maryland's governor among those reak acting to this crash calling it a tragedy. the scope of the accident, a shock to all who saw it. >> it looks like a bomb exploded in the bus. >> it got me all choked up. this is something. hi >> just a few moments ago, a news conference with the investigators just wrapping up. news 4's meagan fitzgerald is there joining us live with the latest. >> reporter: what we learned is that the bus driver of the mta is among the six who died. we knew earlier as we have been reporting that the school bus driver -- the school bus was
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the mustang flew into the fence. you can see the skid marks that it left in the grass. that mustang rested in the middle of the street here. . the school bus continued on ward, slammed sbo the mta bus. we talked to the driver of the mustang who droibed the moments of impact. >> reporter: it was the unthinkable. a crash even investigators are calling catastrophic. >> everything happens fast. the thing that you see, you just see a blur and then the impact hits. >> reporter: this is what was left to have shawn's mustang. just before 7:00 this morning, he was heading to work when the yellow school bus hit him from behind. his car slammed into this fence before stopping in the street. that's when shawn locked up. >> i still see the bus going down the street. and at that point, i just had to close my eyes and get myself
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out of the car, but moments later that bus would crash into a pillar before slamming into this mta bus with 13 people on board. >> all we could hear was boom. . that was it. >> reporter: algt people on the mta bus managed to survive the crash that reduced the entire side to mangled metal, but six others didn't make it, including the driver of the school bus. ntsb on scene trying to figure out how it happened. meanwhile, shawn returned to the scene to thank the stranger to helped him escape from the car alye but he was quickly consumed by emotion. >> my heart goes out to the families who lost loved ones. >> reporter: e he realizes he could have been one of the victims, which is why his wife says her perspective on loif has changed forever. >> hug your loved ones.
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minute of every day. that's the takeaway. >> reporter: police did not e release any names of victims or those injured. what they did release was the ages. so those who died as well as those injured, the age range goes from 23 years up to those in their 50s. a piece of the investigation that they did discuss with us is they said they didn't see any skid marks from the school bus driver around the crash scene which suggests it doesn't seem as though the bus driver was attempted to stop. they were clear on saying this is still a ongoing investigation. they don't know exactly how this happened. coming up at 6:00, you'll hear from an eyewitness who heard and saw moments after the bus driver hit several things. back to you. >> thank you so much. stafford county investigators tonight revealing new evidence with the hope that you can help a identify a sexual assault suspect. the man who police say hit a woman's car and then attacked her along a rural stretch of
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northern virginia bureau chief julie carey was there when investigators found the new evidence at the scene. >> reporter: we'll show you what they found in just a minute. it was in that brush area across route 3 where the sexual assault took place. investigators want you to get a good look tonight at something else. something else they recovered over there. s it was the suspect's shirt left behind after the attack. a sheriffs office canine came looking for more evidence. investigators spotted something. a a woman's shoe stuck in the tangled branches. it was immediately bagged and taken back for analysis. just across route 3, tire marks show where the incident started monday around 2:45 a.m. that's when a woman came to a stop the unimaginable happened. when the man who hit her approached her car.
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unknown male suspect forcibly removed the victim from her vehicle and dragged her into a ditch off the roadway and sexually assaulted her for over two hours. >> when the suspect drove off, the victim called 911. a deputy quickly reached the scene. the only description of the suspect vehicle, a dark suv that could have orange paint from the collision on the front or passenger side panel. but the victim helped create this today this picture was released. it's the shirt the suspect was wearing. blue, orange and white plaid. >> we're just really asking everyone. to take a moment and stop and think did they see a man matching this description earlier in the evening. >> reporter: some women who drive this stretch of route 3 already on high alert. >> that's the first thing i thought about. how many times i have traveled
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same conclusion as other women. she believes the crash was no accident. >> do you think e he must have seen her somewhere and just followed her. that's what i'm thinking. and hit her on purpose. >> reporter: he's about 30 years old,5'8", 180 pounds. he wore light blue jeans and a white tank top. he spoke in spanish and some broken english. when i join you at advice law enforcement has for people especially women if their car is disabled or struck by another vehicle. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, julie. now to the final blitz. exactly one week until election day, both campaigns are working to court any undecided voters. . . there are new ad campaigns in the final seven days on both sides. donald trump campaigning in
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including michigan and new mexico. hillary clinton is back on the air in colorado and virginia for the first time since this summer. and new numbers provided by target smart show more than 26 million early votes have been cast as of today. that includes house speaker paul ryan, who says he voted for trump last week. trump started his day just outside of philadelphia, where he gave a policy speech on obamacare. his running mate mike pence delivered most of the individual mandate and allowing people to purchase plans across state lines. trump says if he's elected, he's going to call a special session of congress to repeal the affordable care act. >> if we don't repeal and replace obamacare, we'll destroy american health care forever. it's one of the single most important reasons why we must win on november 8th.
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campaign events. former miss universe introduced clinton at the rally. her name came up in the debate as a woman who trump made disparaging remarks towards. urging those to vote early. >> i hope you will think about how you will feel the day after the election. are we going forward together? backwards by someone who wants to bully us? i hope you will think about how together we can make a difference. >> and with just seven days left, have you seen the polls that are out today? they are a bit all over the map. senior political editor mark murray kind of explains it for us. >> we're one week away from election day 2016.
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donald trump campaign. a survey monkey poll released yesterday found hillary clinton with a 6-point lead over donald trump. unchanged from after the big bomb shell announcement by james comey they would continue to look into hillary clinton's e-mails. however, a "washington post" abc tracking poll found donald trump with a 1-point lead over clinton. given these dualing poll numbers, millions of ameran 20 million have already cast their ballots across the country. all leading up to a week from today, the big day, the craziest election i have ever covered. watch "nbc nightly news" with lester holt for more. the fbi's october surprise on hillary clinton's e-mails continues to reverberate on the campaign trail today. critics of the letter have called it an unprecedented move so close to the election.
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happened here a a few years back. mark segraves is here with that story. >> not only did the same thing happen to him right before ap election, he'd still be in office if the department of justice hadn't interfered in his race. here's how former d.c. mayor vincent gray reacted to the comey letter. >> day va v it's similar to what mapd to me happened to me. to me, it was interference with an election. >> it was march of 2014. he was in a reelection battle. >> whatever poll you looked at, publicly or otherwise, we were up anywhere from 6 to 13 points. >> reporter: then a a week before early voting began, jeffrey thompson pled guilty to funding an illegal shadow
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then the u.s. attorney held a press conference. >> thompson's guilty plea pulls back the curtain to expose widespread corruption. >> reporter: that's why the former mayor is puzzled when he hears people say things like this. >> the fbi director took an unprecedented action. >> this is unprecedented. >> it's not just strange. it's unprecedented. and it is deeply troubling. >> reporter: gray says it's more troubling to hear his friend and recall a prior instance where a sewn your justice department official -- republican or democrat, has on the eve of a major election issued a public statement where the mere disclosure of information may impact the election's outcome. >> certainly ron was a senior u.s. department of justice official. there's no question that what he did had a major impact on that election. >> and gray says he doesn't know
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comey's letter ran counter to the guidance that i put in place four years ago laying out the proper way to conduct investigations during election season. >> why weren't those guidelines followed when i was running for reelection in the district of columbia for mayor? >> he understands there's a difference between mayoral election and presidential election, but nonetheless, he say this is important to d.c. voters we reached out to e gray has tough words for the "washington post." mark segraves, news 4. you may be. a little confused about what to wear over the next couple days. today it's the jacket. tomorrow, maybe the shorts and the sunglasses. just look at the numbers out there right now. we're seeing cloudy skies and 61 degrees in our area. 59 in hagerstown.
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record breaking heat once again. i'll show you how that roller coaster continues back here at 5:25. ahead a long road to recovery for the survivor of a bus crash along the g.w. parkway. the help that came from an unlikely source. a developing area thousands pass through tysons on a daily basis. how leaders plan to transform the way you get there. and a vote in the district moves a death with dignity bill closer to final apa today's decision. and one of the top trending stories on our app today. what happens to the president's twitter account once he leaves the white house? check it out on our nbc
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vo: here's the last thing washington needs. amie hoeber. a reckless tea party partisan.
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a man is behind bars accused of filming people without their consent. he was using his cell phone to film a a woman and a 13-year-old girl. this happened on sunday in the food court at the mall. police say he was zooming up the teen's lower half. someone in that food court noticed and troyed to confront the man, but e he took off. police caught up to him and arrested him.
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few weeks left to live may soon be able to control how their life ends. the d.c. council today gave approval to a controversial death with dignity approval. tom sherwood has rea action to the emotional vote. >> just a few states have these laws. they involve very personal decisions. 86-year-old don collins and his 91-year-old wife taking their se chamber wearing yellow shirts indicating their support for the d.c. death with dignity bill. those opposed wearing red. >> if you want me to have dignity, give it to me while i live. >> reporter: late today the council passed the bill, 11-2, to allow terminally ill patients to end their lives. that was good news for sally who hat 91 wants to control her life to the end.
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i'm not telling them they should do something. my mother, for example, at 86 was dying and her doctor couldn't help her. she was ready to go. and finally she just starved herself to death. >> reporter: supporters say the bill, which faces a second vote in two weeks, has safeguards against family or medical abuse. sally's husband don collins implemented across the country. and i feel very strongly that the choice we make is a personal choice. >> reporter: ward 7 council member a vat voted no and said citizens should have more say in the bill. >> i think with this particular issue, it would be fitting that we would take it to the voters of the district of columbia with regards to a balance initiative. >> coming up at 6:00, more of
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up. >> tom sherwood, thank you. new paid leave provisions for parents are now the law of the land in montgomery county. the council unanimously approved a bill to expand on the county's sick leave. it requires employers doing business in the county to provide a minimum amount of accrued paid leave for employees when it comes to new births, adoptions or foster care placement. the council passed a similar measure last summer but businesses. the health of newborns in our country is taking a step back ward according to the march of dimes, which says new data shows a slight up tick in the number of e premature births. births increased from 9.57 to 9.63%. it may sound small, but that adds up to 2,000 babies born before 37 weeks before lungs and brains are fully developed. >> it's hard work getting the e
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and this year shows us with the up tick in preterm birth rate. we have to work hard r. >> experts say some of that work should focus on minorities. premature births are 48% higher for black women. does this scenario strike a chord. it's 3:00 and maybe your child may be running a high fever in yo o doreen gentzler is here to explain. >> who hasn't had a medical concern outside of regular office hours? now there's a new app coming out tomorrow that's designed to save time and make it easier than ever to be seen by a doctor for minor conditions without ever leaving your home. if you have downloaded and purchased the app, then you can dial up a doctor.
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eye, common, simple infections that might come up that you can see on this virtual video visit with incredible clarity in terms of managing and making a diagnosis. >> i'll have the full story on how this new app will work and how to get it tonight on news 4 at 11:00. a woman abducted on her way home from an arlington restaurant. tonight the new information police are hoping will help them find the man who sexually assaulted her at gunpoint. popularity in our region. susan hogan looks at the risks
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cloudy and cool across the region today. high temtu some areas. to the west of the blue ridge, we broke out into some sunshine. take a look at chopper 4 making its way across town towards tysons corner where you'll see it live at 5:30 here. it's showing you the cloud cover across our region and showing you color in the trees. but notice here is tysons corner. plenty of cloud cover across our region. current temperature 61 degrees.
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around 61. right there today. that's good news. temperatures around our region at 61. notice the warmth back to the west into the upper 60s. even at 68 earlier. that's the warm air moving our way. this evening, we're going to stay on the cool side. we'll stay with the cloud cover. if you're heading out, 59 around 7:00. 55 by 11:00. cool is all you can say about this. some of the suburbs will be even cooler than that. you'll need you'll not need the umbrella until thursday night. that's the only chance we have for rain. we saw the cloud cover all day today. especially east of the blue ridge. notice the clouds. i have shone you a pattern like this a lot over the past couple weeks. notice where the storms are way up to the north. and the high pressure area look at the clouds around high pressure. underneath this high pressure, centered right here, look at the temperatures. 80s.
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81 in jackson. numerous record highs have been set. and all of that warmer air is coming our way. it's going to push out the cool air very quickly. we're going 77 degrees. mostly sunny. very warm tomorrow. look at the numbers off to the south and west here. we get even warmer. 82 in charlottesville. so tomorrow an extremely warm day. koler along the way. i have asked a lot of you on my facebook page if it you 80% are saying no. let's keep it cool. here we are into fall. let's pick a season. but this is the time of year we see both and we will see both over the next couple days. the heat is not going to last. 77 tomorrow. 80 on thursday. that would tie a record high at national. 60% chance of rain thursday afternoon. that would be late thursday afternoon. that comes with a front. here we go again. we go way up and then way down.
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good. sunday we fall back. you go to bed on saturday night into sunday, a high of 67. here's something nobody is excited about. i won't say everybody. 98% are not happy about sunsetting at 5:02 sunday afternoon. >> no. no, we're not. nothing we can do about it. still ahead, the survivor of a bus crash on the g.w. parkway. it surprised me. i'm adam tuss live in chopper 4. a brand new traffic circle right in the middle of one of the busiest stretches of road. let's give you a bird's eye view coming up next. the best selling book author made his way here.
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a look at what's happening on the campaign trail. the election just one week away. both candidates barn storming in some battleground states. hillary clinton has three events in florida today where millions have already cast early ballots. donald trump is headed to wisconsin this evening. earlier today he spoke just
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the affordable care act. if elected he will call a special session of congress to replace it. new at 5:30, a plan that could change the way you get to one of our area's busiest shopping districts. a massive new traffic circle is being planned for tysons. it would be built at the intersection of route 7 and 123. our transportation reporter adam tuss is live up in chopper 4 to give you a bird's eye view of the area and how it's going to change. >> reporter: you will let you do anything. they will put you in a chopper. take a look at this amazing vantage point we have of route 7 and 123 here in tysons corner. this is such an area that sees tens of thousands of cars every single day. at tysons corner changes and becomes a brand new place, leaders here think they have a solution for a center piece for tysons corner and a way to
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traffic circle here. all of us have opinions about traffic circles, how they would work, what would happen. this one you could safely say is the granddaddy of all traffic circles that would come here. a leader we talked to today said it could be like paris. listen to what he to say. >> a circle here would work brilliantly u and would tie together the four corners of this very large ande in paris or dupont circle in washington. it would unite the four corners of the intersection and allow pedestrians to go back and forth. >> reporter: so a big idea being talked about here in tysons corner as this whole part of northern virginia really starts to change. and my goodness, take a look at it. it is traffic choke day and night. so people say anything that can
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this project could start in the next two to three years. we'll be hanging out. stick your hand out the window and wave up to us. giving you a good look at this new proposal. >> that's one way to beat the traffic. be up in a chopper. only if everybody could. >> reporter: absolutely, from here to there in no time. >> thank you so much. new at 5:00, more metro cuts. metro is closing most of its in-person sales offices two weeks from today. the reporter people are getting their cards at other places now like from machines at the stations or online. the sales office at metro headquarters will stay open. just sunday metro announced it could be raiing fares and laying off a thousand u employees to close a huge budget gap. police have new leads in a
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late this saturday night. they met in the falls church area and wound up leaving with them in a mini van where investigators say they held her at gunpoint and sexually assaulted her before leaving her without a phone on columbia pike in arlington. an attorney for "rolling stone says it had no idea a 2014 article about a gang rape at uva wasn't true. closing arguments are underway in the trial against uva's she says she was unfairly portrayed in the article as trying to sweep the allegations under the rug in order to protect the university. a judge ruled yesterday she was treated fairly in that article, but the lawsuit is still in play over other factors. she wants $7.5 million in damages. police in fairfax are trying to find out who stole a man's wheelchair ramp from the front
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9:00 p.m. saturday and sunday. if you have information, call fairfax county police. a special honor today for the outgoing head of fairfax county schools. the board of supervisors recognizing dr. karen for her three years leading that system. she's credited with instituting later school start times, longer days for kindergarten and reducing elementary school class sizes. she announced in september she's leaving to e le the school district is still looking for her replacement. it was back to school for a best selling author who grew up in prince georges county. the man who wrote the diary of a whimpy kid went to elementary school in fort washington. our bureau chief tracee wilkins was there today when he made a special visit. >> reporter: assemblies are cool any way, but for jacob, this assembly is really cool.
5:36 pm
"new york times" best. selling author of diary of a wimpy kid. he loves the series so much -- >> i was like i have to dress up as him. >> reporter: he wrote a letter about how much he loves the books. so getting an answer to this question is important. >> how long does it take you to make a book? >> how long does it take the first one took eight years. now a book takes me about four months. >> reporter: it's also cool because this is a homecoming. back to fort washington where he was raised and back to potomac landing, his old elementary school. >> i would say the dna of my books is in my childhood here. >> it's why he decided to kick off the world tour for his latest book.
5:37 pm
just to walk the streets, just to walk the streets i walked as a child just to see what kind of ideas i had and what kind of memoies would come to me. >> reporter: what's been magic to him is special magic for jacob. >> that's the whole reason i wanted to be a safety patrol. i watched the movie. >> oh really? >> reporter: in more ways than this author will ever know and a >> i kind of want to be a writer because of him. >> reporter: in fort washington, tracee wilkins, news 4. >> he's very cute. i just loved him. i'm talking about the little kid. if you have taken a road trip north and filled up in if new jersey, there's a big change coming. >> it's going to hit you right in the wallet. coming up, why the gas tax once among the lowest in the nation is now heading up.
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of sexual assault and why his attorneys argue the case should not be allowed to go forward. tomorrow morning, this election, would you vote to pay more when you go out to eat? it's on the ballot and we're, wog to what you need to know before you vote. we're tracking a warm-up and our next chance f rain.or i believe america is already great. yes, we have our challenges. we must give every child a great education,
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overseas. by working together, democrats and republicans, we can do these things. that's why we must defeat those who want to turn americans against one another. i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message, because united,
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lawyers are arguing over a deposition that the comedian gave in 2005 where he talked about buying drugs for the women he wanted to have sex with and whether or not that deposition can be used in. his upcoming trial in june. his defense team argues that that his memory is fading. making it impossible to defend himself against charges he drugged and molested a woman at his pennsylvania home in 2004. the 79-year-old cosby is facing up to a decade in prison if he is convicted. the oldest synagogue in d.c. is about to make way for a new development. thursday movers will begin relocating the synagogue that sits on the corner of 3rd and g
5:42 pm
the synagogue will move northwest. great news about the armed services memorial planned for the grounds of the stafford county government center. the money was donated from t veteran from world war ii. after the war, he became a builder in the county. the memorial will honor all branches of the military from all of the nation's wars. planners are hoping to break ground on the project in march. a man from fairfax is accused in the crash that injured 22 people including a 12-year-old after a nascar race. gary ooeden was trying to pass a jeep in the disabled parking area of the martin itsville speedway sunday.
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hospital. it's a great way to make some extra money. but what rusk do you take as a homeowner when you rent out or share your home? susan hogan reports. both of her legs were amputated after a terrible crash on the g.w. parkway involving the chinese tourist bus they were riding on. they were only supposed to be here ten days. they have been here ever since. why they have cour
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?? know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. ?? know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. ??
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of your dedicated pnc wealth management? team. in case you're just joining us, here's what you missed. >> ntsb and police are
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people. it rear ended a mustang that flew into the fence. before that bus continues down the road, crashing into an mta bus. we're told ten people are injured and right now police are still trying to figure out how this accident happened. plus a morning of terror for a woman involved in a fender bender. police released a sketch of a man who sexually assaulted her after causing an accident in stafford and the new plan to reshape tysons. city planners pin their hopes on a potential underground. traffic circle as a way to ease congestion in one of our busiest areas. now to the race for the white house. they are spanned out across the country. hillary clinton hoping some of her top surrogates will help her seal the deal with undecided voters. first up, ohio, where president obama is on the trail for
5:47 pm
he's speaking to voters in columbus. the president and first lady michelle obama have become clinton's top campaigners in the final weeks. he's urging democrats to vote early. donald trump is spending this day in the battleground states of pennsylvania and wisconsin. while in pennsylvania, focused on health care and what he'd do to get rid of obamacare. a reminder about a special forum we're hosting for illennial voters. it's called vote your power. news 4's aaron gilchrist will moderate. the conversation begins at 7:00 tonight at g.w. university. admission is free, but you have to rsvpen o our nbc washington app. a woman is facing a a costly recovery after severely injuried
5:48 pm
ago in northern virginia. a stranger opened his heart and his home to her. and as chris gordon reports, she is now quite hopeful about the future. >>. >> reporter: her legs were amputated. her son says she's starting to get around on her own. they were both passengers on the tour bus that crashed on the parkway in june. the bus and the car collided. the bus rolled over. only after he saw bystanders realize that his mother was pinned under it. >> my mom, the tour bus. >> he's taking a leave of absence from his job. hi didn't have enough insurance to cover medical bills or their hotel. chris dodge came to his rescue. he's single and works out of his apartment. he just started to learn to
5:49 pm
their story. >> i really felt like i was uniquely equipped to do something to really help them. and i think once you have that calling in your heart, it becomes easy to make a decision like that. >> reporter: dodge moved his office out of the second bedroom and. gave it to him. her son sleeps in the living rom. despite the cramped >> since the crash here on the g.w. parkway that cost both of her legs, he and her son share a dream. ahead on news 4 at 6:00, what it will take to make that dream come true. home sharing or renting out your home is a good way to make
5:50 pm
homeowner when you do that? consumer reporter susan hogan has a list of things you need to know. >> companies such as airbnb, vacation rentals by owner are considered peer to peer or homesharing sites. the property is typically privately owned, not licensed as a commercial property. so anyone can register as a host or a guest. but what happens if your guest vandalizes your property or falls and ends up to rent your home or even a room, make sure you are financially protected. the information insurance institute says check your homeowners insurance. let the insurance agent know what you intend to do and ask what is covered and not covered. renting out your home could change an agreement you have currently with your homeowners policy. for one local home sharing host, she worries about children's
5:51 pm
elevated level. >> for example, airbnb said at no cost to the host, all hosts are protected with a $1 million host guare. hosts for damages up to a million dollars. with this protection, it does not take the place of homeowners or renters insurance. it does not include personal liability. airbnb includes host protection coverage insurance that provides primarily liability coverage in the event of injury or property damage. now without liability insurance protection from a home sharing company, renters insurance
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coverage. we have a lot more information on how to protect yourself and rent your home. go to our nbc washington app and search "home sharing." . >> autumn is a battle between winter and summer. some are saying not so fast. not quite done with us yet. i'm sure you're seeing autumn color whe the red zone just to the north and west of the corridor. right around town we're starting to see individual trees putting off some pretty good color. this was taken earlier today.
5:53 pm
tomorrow we're going to start off in the the mid-50s in the morning. don't forget your sunglasses. lots of sunshine tomorrow. by the evening, it will be getting cool. you'll need a jacket tomorrow evening. a to 80 degrees. thursday afternoon oes high is going to be near that record for washington set back in 2003. front comes in with some showers on thursday evening. not a lot of rain. it's a dry pattern. through the weekend into next week, up and down temperatures will back down feeling like november on friday. a bit of a blustery wind. then on saturday, the mid-60s on sunday. then on monday near 70 for
5:54 pm
the low 70s. then we cool back down sbo the 60s after that remaining dry. that's the way it looks. i'm jason pugh at the live desk. the redskins released a statement. their left tackle trent williams has been suspended for the next four games without pay. this is for violating the policy and program for substance abuse. the suspension will take place immediately for williams. he's eligible to return on december 5 this is not the first time he's been suspended for something like this. it happened in 2011. he was suspended for violating the substance abuse policy. the redskins on their bye week right now. they will take on the minnesota
5:56 pm
man: hey baby, how are you? woman: i have a surprise for you. man: you have a surprise for me? narrator: at dominion, 1 in 5 new hires is a veteran. and when they're away, they miss out on a lot. but they won't miss out on financial support. because we cover any difference between their military pay and their dominion salary, and continue benefits for them and their families. why do we do it? because our vets sacrifice enough. "dominion. depend on us for more than energy."
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if you have ever drimpb up the corridor, there's a chance to stop in new jersey for prepare for a bit of sticker shock. the state's gas tax has increased by 23 cents a gallon. most interesting, that boost makes the garden state go from having the second lowest gas tax in the country to the sixth highest. the uncrease is part of a deal between republican governor chris christie and the democratic led legislature to pay for transportation projects.
5:58 pm
>> the incident occurred on runway 28. the right engine flying apart sending shards farce this ups facility a half mile away. >> the series have been e notable other incidents involving the stage one disk in that engine. including the incident in june of 2000 in brazil. a fire in the engine of an air new zealand. and another american airline 767 which was written off as a total loss in los angeles in 2006. that last incident prompted the
5:59 pm
immediate inspection and if necessary reworking of those engines. >> do you see smoke or fire? >> fire off the right wing. >> reporter: it's the third engine to suffer an uncontained failure in a little over a year. this engine was spouting fire on an arkansas jen teen airliner just four days ago. passengers from this las vegas incident last september believe new inspections should begin immediately. >> you need to look into the of this engine. and other engines like it. now at 6:00, dualing poll numbers one week before election day. donald trump tries to keep the focus on hillary clinton's e-mails as the democratic hopeful and surrogates go on the attack. twisted metal, shattered glass littering the road after a terrible bus crash in maryland. tonight new witness accounts as investigators try to figure out just what went wrong.
6:00 pm
corner. we'll look at the impact it could have on drivers and shoppers. we begin with politics. one week to go before election day. the presidential candidates are trying to sidestep controversy. >> it's all hands on deck with the democrats. hillary clinton and her most pie haur high powered surrogates are hitting seven states. mike pence and ben carson hit thoa policy. steve handlesman is tracking this race for us. >> reporter: his team agrees he figures that so many american voters just now are finding out their health care premiums are rising that it could help him when he needs it most in the state where is he most needs victories. today in pennsylvania, the


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