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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 2, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> he was out today to help his rival from 2008 get the number
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done over. there is no path. >> reporter: this was broward county, florida. enthusiasm for kroint among african-americans but black voter turnout is down. in florida where 4 million people early voted and black turnout is down more in swing state north carolina. compared to the records set when president obama ran. to be expected, says radio host roland martin. >> she's not -- a different candidate and not african-american. >> reporter: a huge line-up in chapel hill to see president obama try to motivate better turn out. in florida young african-americans showed up to back trump. >> i love that sign "blacks for trump". >> reporter: trump is demonizing clinton and washington to d down. >> you can beat the system. the rigged system. and deliver justice. >> reporter: a new gop ad targets african-americans. >> we are asking for your vote. vote republican. >> reporter: in a contest that could hinge -- >> are you for donald trump? >> reporter: on whose voters show up. new cnn polls out today give trump the lead in nevada and arizona. clinton the lead in pennsylvania and florida in this close and changeable race. i'm steve handelsman, news4. >> thank you. as for early voting it's more
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as it was four years ago. as of today more than 29 million people have cast their ballots. compare it to the same time in 2012. 13 million people had voted early by now. so far 43%. >> the district has set a record for early voting. so far more than 58,000 people in the district have cast their ballots. officials with the d.c. board of elections help inmates cast ballots.
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most of those at the d.c. jail aren't convicted of anything. like the men we spoke with who are being held while they are awaiting trial. they said the ability to vote gave them hope for the future. >> i was happy for it. a lot of people that's incarcerated need to be voting. >> helps me keeping inmates connected to the communities is a big part of keeping them from committing more crimes. >> that's very important. everybody here is going to come back home to their families and their neighborhoods. so the more we can do to keep them connected to families and the responsibilities of being a
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>> reporter: more than 60 inmates cast ballots today. mark seagraves, news 4. >> on election day federal prosecutors and fbi agents will be on duty in virginia to respond to any reports of voter fraud or intimidation. they will be in northern virginia, richmond and hampton roads. specific prosecutors have been assigned to handle reports that may come in. federal law prohibits voter fraud like intimidating or bribing voters, buying and voters. >> the reports of extra security at the polls. one more reason for election stress which we are told is peaking this year. you have probably heard arguments over politics with relatives or friends. coming up in the next half hour tom sherwood explains what's coming up on november 9 to bring frazzled relationships back together. >> for the second time in three months prince georges hospital
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two babies tested positive for potentially deadly bacteria. as officials investigate we know five infants have been transferred to other hospitals that have intensive care units. this is surprising to have it happen again. >> reporter: folks inside the hospital are surprised as well. they changed some procedures here. not that the they wouldn't have an issue again. now they are wondering where did the bacteria come from. today we watched an ambulance from children's national medical center transport the last of five babies being treated at the nicu. hospital spokesmen say they began transporting babies this morning after 8:00 a.m. this after two newborns tested positive for a potentially deadly bacteria for infants with
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this after two newborns tested positive for a potentially deadly bacteria for infants with weakened immune systems. the prince georges hospital center has been shut down again after two infants tested positive for a potentially deadly bacteria. this is the same nicu closed for two months not long ago. prince georges medical center hospital spokesman saying at this time there is no defined cause for the latest bacteria presence. out of an abundance of caution pghc made the decision to temporarily close the nicu. a grandmother said this. >> the nicu should be closed down. it shouldn't even re-open. they shouldn't have re-opened it the first time. the hospital says at this time there is no environmental indication or defined cause for the bacteria presence. therefore we made the decision to temporarily close the nicu.
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grandchild in child birth had this to say. >> the nicu should be closed down and everybody should be sent somewhere else. they shouldn't have re-opened it the first time. >> reporter: we are hoping to hear from leaders at the hospital center on camera tomorrow. reporting live, i'm tracee will coins. back to you. >> thank you. we are working to give you more details about the bacteria the hospital discovered in these cases. pseudomonas can lead to a compromised immune system. your chances of catching any super bug like pseudomonas is probably greatest in a hospital setting. it can be tricky to treat. many are resistant to antibiotics. it is usually on the hands of workers or dirty commitment and can be in feeding tubes or drainpipes. the cdc estimates 51,000 pseudomonas infections every year in the u.s. >> dozens of families who live
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still struggling to get their lives back on track. many lost everything after an explosion in august. now some of the residents are suing the management company and the gas company. chris? >> reporter: well, jim, one lawsuit is filed for the dead on behalf of the residents killed in the expon for the living who have suffered loss. some of the victims to the
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k management company runs the apartment where is the explosion happened in august. >> we are asking for justice and substantial damages. we are asking for -- >> some are left with only the clothes on th >> everything lost. i don't have anything. >> reporter: no documentation? >> no documentation. my passport. my social security, naturalzation certificate. >> to make better and safer. >> reporter: on september 7 some of the residents marched to the office demanding a meeting with k management to discuss the
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>> we have been rallying in front of the offices to request a meeting. >> days after the explosion on august 16 to answer questions. it adds we are continuing to work with casa attorneys to coordinate a second resident meeting under mutually agreed upon washington gas says because they are working with the ntsb they are prohibited from commenting on either the investigation or any lawsuit filed in connection with the explosion. back to you. >> chris gordon reporting. thank you. metro board chairman jack evans says the federal government should take over the transit system to save it from a death spiral. he says congress should create a federal control board similar to the one used to rescue the
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the d.c. council member acknowledges the move would face legal challenges and congress likely wouldn't consider the move if it would cost taxpayers money. sfm a child took a loaded gun to school. >> what we are learning about a suspect's criminal past after ambushed and killed in iowa. >> mixed reaction over plans to build a new mosque in northern virginia. why neighbors are pushing back. >> it was even warmer down to the south and west. look at roanoke at 83. that was a new record. i think we get new records tomorrow. we'll talk about the heat and
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he built two respected maryland business, creating thousands of jobs. in congress, he puts working for us ahead of partisan politics. john: i'm john delaney
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we have new information now about breaking news we have been following this afternoon. montgomery county police say the pepper spray incident on a school bus at watkins mill elementary school in montgomery village was an accident. an 11-year-old girl had the pepper spray when it
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>> the father of a 3-year-old child said he has no idea how the child got a gun in his backpack. the man is being held overnight at the d.c. jail. a security guard found the loaded pistol yesterday in southeast d.c. thinks the gun may have been in the backpack when he picked up his child from the child's grandmother's house. but the grandmother denies knowing anything about it. the principal says no students were in any immediate danger. childs has another court hearing tomorrow. >> now to the search for a motive after the ambush-style killing of two police officers in iowa. scott michael green turned
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he's suspected of shooting the officers as they sat in their patrol cars. jay gray has a closer look at the investigation. >> reporter: an army of state and local police gathered where alleged cop killer scott michael green surrendered after more than nine hours on the run. >> that's a great sense of relief, not just for us. he was targeting police officers, we believe. it is a relief for the community. >> reporter: a community grieving after t officers were ambushed, shot and killed overnight. >> we were heart broken. >> urban dale officer justin martin and tony beminio were in squad cars when investigators say green walked up and started shooting, firing more than a dozen rounds. >> there definitely wasn't an opportunity for them to defend themselves or respond to the attack. >> reporter: right now investigators don't have evidence that clearly points to a motive in the murders. law enforcement sources tell nbc
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was in dire straights. his criminal record includes charges of assault, interference and harassment. this evening the investigation into the officer's murders continues. jay gray, nbc news. >> austin tice is a freelance reporter kidnapped in syria more than four years ago. mismother is in washington. there was a banner installed on the building's if a said on pennsylvania avenue. the museum officials say the banner will remain there until he returns home. journalist group reporters without borders says he is alive and isn't being held by isis. >> such a historical theme for washington, d.c. to hang a
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of an american journalist. this is a really big deal. >> austin's family never received a ransom demand but his captors posted a video of him on youtube six weeks after he disappeared. >> in less than an hour, several neighbors will be making their case. they are asking prince william county commissioners for construction of a mosque. david culver takes a look at the controversy all new >> all right. >> betty norel said to understand her concerns. >> we don't have the traffic so much. >> reporter: for 37 years betty lived in a so-called rural crescent, raised her boys here. she and her neighbors like their space. >> the whole point is to leave farmland, to leave rural land open so the county doesn't get
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signs claiming the rural landscape is being threatened. >> they will be moving what's basically a community of up to 500 people on that piece of land. we think it's too much. >> reporter: on the 14 plus acre parcel plans to build a mosque. >> there will be trees and setbacks, berms to make sure it is in keeping with the rural crescent. >> reporter: he says there is here. >> if a church was approved, a high school approved in the rural crescent we would access a mosque, hindu temple should be approved under the same accommodation. >> reporter: betty and others who made up force say it's not about religion. >> we wouldn't want it if it was a strip mall, walmart, catholic church. it doesn't matter what it is.
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>> reporter: the chairman, hopeful. >> we look forward to working with everyone. >> reporter: the planning commission weighs in tonight. in virginia, david culver, news 4. >> teachers are in short supplies in schools across the area. coming up at 6:00, which subjects are the most challenging to fill. >> peace and politics. how some locals are dealing with the stress and negative rhetoric this campaign season. >> also
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yes, we have our challenges. we must give every child a great education, build an economy that works for everyone, end tax breaks for companies that move our jobs overseas. by working together, democrats and republicans, we can do these things. that's why we must defeat those who want to turn americans against one another. i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message, because united,
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northern virginia, on the issues, barbara comstock and donald trump are the same. comstock and trump promote deportation and reject any comprehensive immigration reform. both oppose background checks that keep guns from suspected terrorists.
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just for politics. time for luann bennett: comprehensive immigration reform now. common sense gun safety laws. bennett tells congress: do your job. i'm luann bennett and i approve this message. it is a holiday tradition here. tonight the capitol christmas tree headed to d.c. u.s. forest servi that tree will make stops in communities along the 2000-mile journey here. speaker of the house paul ryan will light the tree during the ceremony on the west front lawn on december 6. >> that seems leek a long time from now after -- did we set a record, doug?
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november day. >> not yet. i think we'll get there tomorrow. yeah, christmas a ways away still. i just ate a starburst from halloween. >> that fast. >> it's true. it comes and go. quicker every year. out there now we are dealing with a few clouds now. temperatures well above average. we hit 73 in d.c. most areas close to the 80-degree mark west of the 95 corridor. looking good out there tonight. ng a warm night. 68 degrees. still in the 70s.
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the jackets come back to me tomorrow. you will need the umbrella. the rain is making its way your way. look back to chicago. that's where the showers and thunderstorms are, a very strong line of storms. wind as well. that's the cold front that will sweep through during the day tomorrow. it will move through tomorrow. first it will bring the temperatures with it. nashville hit 85 november for nashville. a record at roanoke. record heat making its way our way. it gets here just before the front moves in. tomorrow morning, no front. everything is looking okay. plenty of sunshine and the clouds start to roll in. notice the rain by around 2:00 or 3:00 starting to move in across the region. the front still to the north. look at this. clearly defined clearing back to the north and a chance for
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that occurs during the evening rush. heads up there. we are calling tomorrow a moderate impact day for the potential for rain to come during the evening rush. take the umbrella. a great start but it will be cooler and breezy late. that means we'll deal with cooler numbers through the next if days. first tomorrow, 79 degrees. sun to start. warm with the showers developing. temperatures will be cooler to the north where we see clouds earlier. 81 in 80. we'll get close. i have us now. how about the next ten days? one thing for sure. near 80 tomorrow. 60 degrees on friday. near temperature drop. daylight saving time ending saturday night into early sunday. you get an extra hour of sleep. temperatures sunday around 64. a nice cool weekend. then next week looking good. we'll take you during the weekend saturday and sunday.
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we'll talk about those and give it to you in depth for the weekend. see you at 6:47. >> thank you, doug. six days. what's been a long and con ten shougs presidential campaign. see where the locals will -- politics. >> the number of students is quickly growing in local school districts. they are running short on one type of teacher. we'll explain coming up. >> the falloutro about rape in rolling stone magazine and the legal fight that followed.
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six days to go in the race for the white house. analysts say florida is critical to donald trump's chances. he has three events there today matching the three that hillary biden took her place in hopes of cutting trump off at the pass. chris lawrence is at the decision desk with more campaign developments. hi, chris. >> let's start with the event happening now. as an example of how crushing that final sprint can be, hillary clinton woke up in florida, met with early voters and jetted off to nevada. she's holding a campaign event in las vegas. any moment now. then it's on to phoenix for an
6:31 pm
state university. vice presidential candidate mike pence is covering the western flank for the republican ticket. the governor held events in arizona and new mexico. right now he's traveling to another rally in loveland, colorado. donald trump's third rally of the day in florida is supposed to start in about 90 minutes. that's in the town of pensacola. while florida's 29 electoral votes are important to clinton they are essential for trump. that's why president obama is on out florida democrats at a rally tomorrow at florida international university. >> thanks, chris. this election cycle is quite frankly stressing people out. friends turning against friends. family members fighting. you may have even blocked a few people on facebook. but it all comes to a head in less than a week now.
6:32 pm
relationships. >> one of the things our religions share is the common good. >> reporter: this year has been more stressful than usual. everyone she says could benefit from post election reflection. >> people of faith of all traditions as well as those who find common ground. >> reporter: many families aren't finding the common ground yet. friends, family differences. >> my husband says what i told him. i think so. people pose stuff that's crazy and not real. >> increased tension. some like columbus in northwest
6:33 pm
>> we are doing a pre-election vigil. >> we'll open doors from 6:00 to 8:00 in the evening next monday night. bring your anxiety and fears. hopefully leave with hopes restored. >> reporter: in just days this election is over. you can be friends again. >> tom sherwood, news 4. >> now to the flaw in windows that's been exploited by russian hackers. working on a patch that won't be ready until election day on tuesday. microsoft released a statement through a small number of attacks by the hacking group that's come to be known as fancy bear. the group is linked to russian military intelligence. the disclosure after washington accused moscow of an unprecedenteding haing campaign disrupting the presidential election.
6:34 pm
flaw is linked to any of the recent hacks against democratic targets. >> the number of students across maryland is soaring. but the number of teachers isn't keeping up. a new report obtained by news 4 finds a critical shortage of men in the classroom with key subjects, especially hard to fill. scott macfarlane is outside sally ride school with a look at the statewide numbers. scott? >> we see this is a simmering problem now hitting a boiling point throughout the area. not enough men or instructors in certain subjects. ply plying to etch too. >> the hall ways have never been so crowded and the classrooms so flooded with students. like this anthropology class. >> kicking and screamingment.
6:35 pm
8th grade science in urbana. middle school principal says he's always looking for a more diverse set of teachers. >> it is imper sieve they have the connection between a male teacher or male support staff member. >> reporter: a new report obtained by news 4 recommends a formal declaration of a shortage of male teachers statewide including in major local districts. it finds only a handful of men statewide in special ed and early childhood education. dana davidson helps hire new teachers from montgomery county public schools. >> it is our job as a school system to say we need you. our kids are important. whether they are special education students, general education students. >> the report from education officials finds a shortage of teachers, men and women in special ed, languages and arts. and traces the problem to
6:36 pm
subjects or men training to teach. putting a premium on teachers like weissman who with high qualifications and a degree in biology got his first teaching job the day he applieded. >> it's scary. some people say can you stand up every day and give a presentation to people 35 times a day five times a day and win them over every class? >> prince georges formed a male educator network to attract and train more male teachers. teacher shortage in maryland allows many districts retired teachers to reenter the work force. scott macfarlane. back to you. >> deliberations are now under way as the a university of virginia administrator sues rolling stone magazine for defamation. she says the story about a gang rape on campus painted her as a vi lane suggesting she
6:37 pm
to protect the reputation of the school. charlottesville police investigated and foun no evidence of a crime. rolling stone retracted the article in 2014. she's suing for more than $7 million. if jurors rule in her favor they will deliberate on how much money she is owed in damages. >> coming up, the school bus driver has been identified but police don't we'll report what investigators are calling a working theory. as they zero in on moments before a deadly crash in maryland. >> the iconic key bridge exxon. can a gas station be iconic? if it is, this one will be no more. construction is starting on a in new project that will make the gas station go away. i will tell you what the overall impact will be for georgetown coming up.
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investigators say they have a working theory on what may have caused a school bus to collide with a commuter bus in maryland in baltimore ed yesterday. six people including both drivers were killed. police say t them to believe the school bus driver had a medical emergency before colliding with the mta bus. in the meantime, relatives of the commercial bus driver who was killed are trying to cope with the sudden loss. >> good wife. good mother. good daughter.
6:41 pm
>> the school bus was contracted by a company based in baltimore. it was inspected in august and over than a ripped seat no other defects were found. >> the school bus driver suffered at a medical emergency. >> muriel bouzer shared comments on the controversial death with dignity bill that passed with an 11-2 vote. a final vote is s sign the bill, veto it or allow it to become law without her signature. >> an overwhelming vote and death with dignity will become law i won't issue a veto. >> so it might be law without your signature? >> i will see what the council does with it. >> the bill would allow people in d.c. given less than six months to live to request lethal
6:42 pm
will speak at 7:00 at the guy mason rec center in northwest. there is a new health center in hietsville. the goal is to provide preventive and special today care to the latino community in prince georges county. a partnership between la clinica del pueblo and doctors hospital. >> coming up, a controversial idea in the improving on a popular trail. >> the gas station is on a prime piece of real estate. sold to make room for condos.
6:43 pm
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if you have ever crossed the key bridge between arlington and georgetown you have seen this place. there is a chance you may have stopped to fill up the gas tank, too. next year the exxon station in georgetown will disappear to make way for new condos. our transportation reporter joins us with the impact new construction could bring to an already congested part of the district. hi, adam. >> we are talking about a big sidewalks to even the proposed georgetown gondola. a list of items goes on and on. this is a story that's about so much more than just the sale of a piece of property. for starters a well known gas station is going away and some aren't too happy. >> i will be most disappoint about losing my favorite gas station. the one that i can stop by on the way out of town.
6:46 pm
and some say it continues the trend in the district. >> we want growth. we want tax money. >> we're going to get it. >> yeah. >> this new development might have to compete for transportation space. you see the condos might be in the same space as the preferred location for the georgetown gondola station. an idea that gains more steam by the day. >> right over here to where we are standing if that's where the station would be. >> the change is coming to the exx >> change that will add people to crowded roads and sidewalks. >> tom birch, a georgetown commissioner says as the environment changes here, residents also need to rethink how they travel. >> we are a city where people want to live in the city. they have to give up the cars and realize they are true urbanites or look for alternative ways to get around and the city has a role in providing that.
6:47 pm
construction slated for next year. the key bridge exxon will be gone. >> a lot of people know the famous exorcist steps aren't far away. people want to know what will happen. those won't be touched. this whole story generated a lot of attention on twitter. join in the debate by following me @adam tuss. jim? >> adam, thanks. there could be changes soon at another busy intersection. an elderly cyclis killed where the capitol crescent trail crosses in bethet da. that happened last month. now our news partners report montgomery county park engineers are thinking about safety improvements there. a couple of ideas reducing the speed limit near the intersection. con dending traffic into one lane in each direction there.
6:48 pm
suggested adding a stoplight. >> i know that trail. others in the area were crowded today. it was gorgeous. >> it's a day where you get on a treadmill or run outside. today is the outside one for sure. >> it will be a shock here. tomorrow on the trail because that's coming up on friday. friday morning you will get outside and see a lot different temperature out first off today 73 degrees in d.c. 81 in warrentown. the heat trying to make its way our way. it will continue to move in as we move on through the day. high temperatures well above average. well above the average high. 63 and still at 68. the weather under ground temperatures, sometimes they take a while to come in. they are talking upper 60s to low 70s, too. on the radar, nothing to show. we are not seeing a chance of
6:49 pm
however take the umbrella with you tomorrow. if you are going to be out on the trail tomorrow around 2:00 or 3:00 that's when the rain moves in. showers later in the afternoon. no problem tomorrow morning. gorgeous for noon. get outside. take lunch outdoors. maybe that's where you take the afternoon jog. here comes the rain. some of the rain could be briefly heavy. it won't be steady, but it will be a brief heavy downpour. maybe a brief wind with it or a rumble of thunder or two before things change. near 80 tomorrow. here i'm talking about friday. a high of 60 degrees. rather breezy. most stay in the 60s. look at saturday morning. only 45 degrees. that puts many of you in the 30s. watch out if you are headed out to some of the sports activities whether it is a soccer game, kids game. 48 early. you will need the jackets early. sunday, daylight saving time comes to an end. take a look if you are thinking about getting out there, a great event. longevity.
6:50 pm
9:00. not bad at all. it will be cool but mostly sunny and nice. speaking of nice, all the way through next week including the most important day on the map right there. >> new suit, doug? >> actually this is one of the older suits. >> you're clean as the board of health. wear it again. we have sports coming up. only the third game of the season. tonight's home opener a must win. stay tuned. t, nightly news. >> ahead for us tonight six days to go. with important shifts in key state polls we unveil the new presidential battleground map. talking about the rising cost of life saving drugs under fire. the finger pointing over the price of insulin.
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desk. >> down at verizon center tonight, man, we need a win. really big time. we need a win. don't you think? >> absolutely right. just the third game of the season. the wizards desperately need a win. don't get off to an 0-3 start. this is a very important season for this team and the players know it. definitely not the way they envisioned the season. the 2016 season the first year
6:54 pm
0-2. they need this win, like i said. john wall off to the worst start in three years. tonight they take on the raptors. a team they went 0-4 against. i caught up with the radio voice dave johnson and asked him to clarify the comments about this being a must win so early in the season. >> it is a team with a new head coach in scott brooks that wants to create a defensive identity. that's not happening so far giving up 114, 112 they want to establish that against the raptors. >> how much of the panic has to do with the team missing out on the playoffs in the eastern conference. >> getting back to it, he said every time we step on the floor we should think about all the times we were punked last year. i think there is an anger and edge about what they didn't accomplish last year. this is a team that only missed the playoffs by three games. i can think of ten they should have had. should have been a playoff team.
6:55 pm
it is a show me team now. they have to show it. they have to show it. they have to show on defense. that was the key last year. so far they have aloud too many points. >> set for seven. you can watch the game on comcast sports net. moving to baseball. big game between the cubs and indians. nothing better than hearing game 7. the indians had a chance. the cubs trying to stay alive. chicago can't complete this. it will be the 16th effort to rally down and win the world series. history on the line for both teams. they know it is a pressure-filled moment for game seven. >> of course we want to be the
6:56 pm
it's just correct that we would go seven games. >> win, lose or draw the season will be over. unless some other country wants to take us on. >> anybody who plays the game grows up dreaming of winning a world series. you know, we had to play in a game seven that's special. >> moving onto hockey. the capitals are coming on to take on the winnipeg jets. the winners last night in winnipeg. when jay came through with the game winning goal. barry trots is happy to see them rewarded for the goal. >> i thought one of the best guys we have had in the last couple of games. nice to see him. everybody respects. competing at a high level.
6:57 pm
>> to the pitch now. bad news if you are a local soccer fan. that's right. washington spirit may have traded ali krieger to the orlando pride. a native of virginia. the club formed back in 2013. ali played last summer in the olympics and was a member of two teams. sad news for local soccer fans. tip off tonight between the wizards and raptors at 7:00. see the game on comcast sports net. game seven of the world series cubs and indians. should be great. back to you in studio now. >> a lot of channel surfing tonight. >> yeah. catch it all. we know where most of it will be. >> you used the word big for tonight. i don't know if there is a bigger word. >> a huge, epic game. >> tonight is the night. absolutely amazing.
6:58 pm
news 4 at 11:00.
7:00 pm
tonight, the war, six days left, trump and clinton, blitzing battlegrounds, our new battleground map, can trump break through the clinton firewall? tonight president obama's sharp criticism of his own fbi director. deadly ambush, police officers executed, squad cars, a massive manhunt to catch a cold-blooded killer. does a youtube video offer a clue to the motive. price shock. life-saving drugs, first it was epipens, now outrage over insulin. millions depend on it. why is it getting so much harder to afford? and game seven for all the marbles tonight.


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