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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:59pm EDT

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suppression efforts aimed at voters of color that chould change a few thousand votes could conceivably change who wins on tuesday. florida, florida, florida. donald trump went to jacksonville in a state now tied in the polls and fired off unsupported charges. >> healthcare health care has engaged in a massive far-reaching criminal conduct and equally far-reaching warned if clinton turn out is weak, trump wins. >> he can't hear you bo, but he can hear you vote. >> reporter: in early voting in florida and north carolina where trump and clinton are tied in the polls, african-american turnout is down. worry about voter intimidation is up. trump is warning the vote will be rigged. former clan leader david duke,
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armed in ferguson are urging monitors to show up tuesday at ballots sites. trump's strategy is to intimidate voters. >> just a few days ago, donald trump was endorsed by the official newspaper of the kkk. do any of us have a place in trump's america? >> reporter: melania trump came out to support her husban b to talk to each other, to disagree with each other, to respect each other. >> reporter: but with five days to go, it's harsh. here in d.c. today the justice department announced that election monitors will be sent to four counties in north carolina including one that's being sued for allegedly removing thousands of names from voter rolls. steve handlesman, news 4. today president obama also
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campaign season. >> it's become normal when somebody just says whacky stuff. as long as they are famous, we think it's okay. saying character doesn't matter. let me tell you something about this office. if you disrespect the constitution before you're president and threaten to shut down the press when it says something you don't like or threaten to throw your opponent in jail in a live presidential debate, if you discriminate people against different faiths before you are president, then that is what you will do in office except you will have more power to carry out the twisted notions that you had before you were in office. so you can't make excuses for this stuff. this isn't a joke.
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this counts. >> the president urged younger voters to understand they have a chance to shape history. >> to the republican ticket, donald trump on his way to a campaign event in north carolina at this hour. his son is campaigning on his behalf in nevada. donald trump jr. is expeced to take the stage at a rally u in las vegas. a nevada newspaper is that newt gingrich is holding a private trump campaign event in las vegas today. if you live in the district, early voting ends tomorrow night at 7:00. but today is the last day of early voting in maryland. polls will close at 8:00. in most places shs the lines today have been long. the excitement high.
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coverage now. >> reporter: the lines are the longest they have been all day today. it will take voters about 45 minutes to cast their early ballots. it's even a longer wait in prince georges county where i'm told at the sports and learning center it will take an hour or more and get worse as the night goes on toward the 8:00 closing. but the people here say early voting is better than facing the crowds that are expected on election day. is one of 69 early voting centers across maryland. the eight-day long early voting opportunity ends tonight. >> why did you wait until the last day? >> i have to say i did come on the first day and it was very busy. the line was very long. i had a short amount of time, so i didn't know. the line looked pretty big today. >> on the first days of early voting in prince georges county,
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more. others gave up entirely and left. but the problems were fixed. a new early voter turnout record has been sent statewide. it looks like 800,000 early votes will be cast. that's one-third of all maryland voters. >> i think it's very convenient. on tuesday it's crazy lines out here. >> reporter: but this evening the lines are getting longer ooze people try to get here before r >> i feel like tonight's rush will be more hectic than this afternoon's rush. >> reporter: early voting in maryland ends at 8:00 p.m. but we are told if you are in line at 8:00 p.m., you will get to vote. that's the latest from the silver spring early voting center. back to you. coming up on the "nbc nightly news," a report on the government's worst fear on
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stop it. that's tonight at 7:00 right after this broadcast. now to a developing story in fairfax county. police are considering whether to file charges after a road rage incident. one driver was left bleeding, his window shattered and baby crying in the backseat. after this afternoon on the inner lop of the beltway. julie carey was first on the scene in springfield and joins us now with more on what the victim had to >> reporter: when his car window exploded, this young father took the exit there and pull sbod that gas station for help. police have located the male driver of the white suv believed to have caused that window to shatter. they are talking to him now out in vienna to decide if charges are in order. a family reunited after its terrifying road rage incident on the capital beltway. we're blurring their faces to
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car seat in the back of this hyundai. dad at the steering wheel when a driver raised a weapon and blew out the passenger side window. you can see only a few shards of glass were left. police say the rolling confrontation started on the inner loop and ended after the window was shattered. a driver pulled off at the exit for help. this man working nearby was one of the first to come to his aid and heard his story. >> he was on his way home. as he was heading kept cutting him off. e he kept getting close. >> reporter: the driver told franklin forest, he tried to change lanes to create some space. there was an exchange of words. he asked him to back off. then the most frightening moment. >> he tried to get all the way past him. then his window shattered and he
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i need make sure my baby is okay. >> reporter: state police raced there to find a man with a minor cut on his hand. the baby, okay. they tracked down the suv driver at a restaurant. they are trying now to determine what was used to blast out the window. >> it could be a bb gun, pellet gun, firearm, we don't know yet. >> reporter: police have this advice for anyone faced with an aggressive driver. >> disengage as so a point where you can move off to the side of the road. >> after that if you're still fearful, don't hesitate to call 911. police, by the way, would like to hear from anyone who might have seen some of this rolling confrontation of the beltway. that was before 2:00 this afternoon. reporting live, julie carey, back to you in the studio. we turn to weather now. most of the rain has moved out of our area.
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doug is keeping an yiep on all of this. >> we talk about cooler air. it's cooler than we were today. it's going to send us back to where we should be this time of year. that's in the upper 50s and 60s. that's where we'll be tomorrow. take a welcome at the radar. we're seeing a few showers. the radar showing a couple of those back towards morgan county. this front is moving on down to the south. you can kind of see it right in h that's where the air is. still very warm. we're still in the 70s now. 75 in d.c. 74 to the south in richmond. upper 50s to low 60s to the north and west. that's the cooler air moving in. how cool things get and what you'll need for the weekend. i'll see you back here in ten minutes. two women say a metro transit police officer shoved them out of the system this weekend.
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at dupont circle. an officer asked her and a friend to leave the station because he said they were too drunk. it shows them asking them to leave many times before he pushed them toward the fare gait. she suffered bruises in the incident. metro reviewed it after an incident involving a teen, but that teen never filed a complaint. a u.s. police officer shot himself in the foot today a it happened at a community garden inside rock creek park in the district. mark segraves reports the officer is expected to be okay. >> reporter: it all started this afternoon in the community garden just off oregon avenue here in rock creek park when someone saw what they thought was a rabid raccoon. >> came down and encountered a
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raccoon and the officer. some shots were fired. and the officer was injured in the interim and he was taken to med star for evaluation of an injury. >> reporter: during that encounter, the officer accidentally shot himself in the foot. a second officer killed the raccoon. some who use this park were relieved after e seeing the tape that it was only a raccoon. >> i'm a little all heard about that. it's just odd to me. >> reporter: police warn raccoons are dangerous and could be rabid so you should always keep your distance. >> what they should do is what the citizen did. report it to authorities so we can deal with it appropriately. either get animal control out here. >> reporter: the officer is expected to be okay. it's not known right now whether or not the officer was actually bitten by the raccoon.
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in northwest, mark segraves, news 4. next, two local lifeguards attacked more than two years apart. why they believe the cases could be connected. a national case of a white police officer is on trial for shooting a black man in the back after a traffic stop. backlash over metro's budget proposal. the union metro staff and metro
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after all donald trump has said and done... she ate like a pig. you can do anything. i moved on her like a [bleep] ...trump's just so disgusting and degrading. it just seems like he's invaded our lives. and he's the republican nominee for president. and now republican congresswoman comstock is trying to run away from trump? i mean, come on. look, we just can't vote for comstock or trump. for the content of this advertising. vo: here's the last thing washington needs. amie hoeber. a reckless tea party partisan. hoeber will defund planned parenthood, threatening cancer screening. said she'd invade iraq again if given the chance, and hoeber has fought for a global increase of chemical weapons. we need john delaney. a family man and entrepreneur, he built two respected maryland business, creating thousands of jobs. in congress, he puts working for
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and i approve this message. an outpouring of support for a black church in mississippi. it was set on fire and spray painted with the message vote trump. supporters of the missionary baptist church in greenvill set up a gofundme page. it was to raise $10,000 for been donated. police say they are investigating that fire. police are looking at it as a possible hate crime. so far, nobody has been arrested. moving day today for the original historic 1876 home of the congregation in d.c.
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away. tom sherwood has our report. >> reporter: the music store was busy as usual today in uptown tin leetown. but the owner could be found downtown watching crews moving l historic building that housed the first congregation in washington. moving it 50 in about two years and with millions of donated dollars, it will move again to third and f streets to center a new regional jewish museum. >> it's really important we recognize our history. >> it goes back generations in the district. even newcomers can learn
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in a community to know that the community itself cares about its history. >> the his cork building will be safeguarded while organizers planned a new museum. >> general grant came here when he was president of the united states for the opening ceremony. here we're really at the very origins of the city and very early stage in the jewish community. >> it first stood at metro headquarters in the verizon center. in 1969 it was moved current location. in the district, tom sherwood, news 4. the man accused of ambushing and killing two police officers in iowa was ordered to move out of his mother's home just before those murders. the suspect's name is scott green. court documents show a judge ruled tuesday that green committed elder abuse by hitting and financially exploiting his mother. the judge ordered green to move
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shot and killed two officers in the des moines area in separate incidents. a deadly police shooting in south carolina made national headlines and led to new scrutiny about how police interact with black men. today testimony began in the trial of the former north charleston officer charged in the case. as chris clackum shows us, he's claiming self-defense.
6:19 pm
>> we have a bunch of witnesses lined up. >> reporter: prosecutors pointed out to the jury of 11 whites and one black that it didn't surface until several days after the shooting and contradicts much of slager's official report. >> nose are the reasons that michael slager. >> reporter: his attorneys say they will show slager acted in self-defense and scott was responsible for escalating a routine traffic stop. >> he resisted to the extent that they were both fighting on the ground. >> reporter: given reaction after the shooting, local leaders including the naacp remain peaceful.
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tonight a metro employee has been charged with stealing. copper from the station in false church. a man took the copper wire from a recycling dumpster there and sold it at scrap yards for thousands of dollars. police say the park was caught on video committing the theft. conflicting accounts from the family after a loaded gun is found in a toddler's backpack. what surveillance video showed as the child walked into a twist on development in the district as an old church is converted into condos. imagine riding gondolas into georgetown to bipass traffic.
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i think it's already gone. >> still a pretty nice night if you want to get out to dinner. temperatures will be coming down. it's going to be one cold night. out there right now, anything but cold.
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winds out of the northwest at 10 miles per hour. we had a high temperature of 83 degrees. one of the warmest days ever in the month of november. and we are starting to cool down to the 60s to the north. 68 in gaithersburggaithersburg. cooler air settling in. for the evening planner if you're going to be out and about, maybe heading downtown, 70 degrees there. 60 degrees by 11:00. so cooler, but not we are going to clear as the night goes through. and the more clearing we see, the cooler things e get. still a line of showers up to the north. not much going on here. this is around west virginia. these will drop down. isolated shower. this line that came through around 3:00 and then in in
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the cooler air is. the cold air u is stuck up towards canada. then you look back to the west. this is where our next system is coming from. it's an area of high pressure. there's nothing back here. we're going to be very boring as far as weather is concerned. so my job is looking really easy through the next ten days. however, i'm working on our winter forecast. that's coming out a week from today. don't miss that next thursday at 5:00. now current temperature at 78 i much cooler conditions to the north. that's the way we're going to see things tomorrow. for us 61. but not a bad day. this is is where we should be this time of year. if you're thinking about eating out over the next few days, okay tonight. i think it's going to be pretty good if you're thinking about doing that. but friday, tomorrow night, i say no. the reason it's going to be a chilly night.
6:26 pm
your fall foliage looking good around our region. we have nice color around the d.c. metro area. well back to the west. if you're thinking about getting out this weekend, looking good in places like great falls. pretty good weekend for a hike. daylight savings time on sunday. set your clocks back saturday night. 66 degrees there. election day, temperature around looking good for the election. cool in the morning but staying dry if you're getting out. next ten days, much more about this and some events this weekend at 6:45. growing backlash over metro's budget. tonight the potential fallout considers new fair hikes and service cuts. new clues after a deadly bus crash in maryland. investigators say the man behind the wheel of the school bus
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue
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to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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now at 6:30, police are looking for a suspected serial rapist. several attacks on lifeguards might be linked. new details about the school bus driver involved in this deadly crash.
6:30 pm
the first place. tense moments today as metro's general manager laid out his plan to increase fare, cut jobs and reduce service. >> they have failed to manage the system the way it's supposed to be. an historic church. >> it was an incredible opportunity to be the steward of such an historic building. >> an inside look at what it took to turn this >> two different sexual assaults and two separate pools. tonight, police believe they may be connected. >> one happened in falls church in august of 2014. the other happened this past september. meagan fitzgerald is here with the new developments on these two cases. >> investigators believe these cases could be connected because they are very similar. the victims both eastern european women. now the most recent case
6:31 pm
few days before labor day weekend. a woman lifeguard. was sexually assaulted at gunpoint. two years earlier a lifeguard at the community pool in the maryfield area was attacked. investigators say the man came to the pool late in the evening, raped the woman at gunpoint and took off. neighbors are concerned this guy is still out there. >> it's really scary. i wonder what else it's really scary he's out there and they haven't caught him. police have not relowsed a sketch of the suspect, but they want to hear from anyone with information about either of these cases. >> meagan fitzgerald, thank you. a father is going to stay in
6:32 pm
backpack. a security guard found the gun on tuesday in southeast. according to court documents, anthony chiles picked up his son from if his mother's house before school. defense argued that two adults were in that home and there's no proof chiles put a gun in the backpack. video shows chiles walking his son to school with his hand on the boy's backpack. the judge said she wasn't convinced that chiles did anything wrong, but said this case should move forward. new details tonight about a isis. his name is mohammed kis. host been indicted on terrorism charges. he will go before a judge tomorrow. a a federal grand jury charged him with providing material support to isis. e he told his family he was going to europe on vacation last year. later he was captured by kurdish
6:33 pm
face charges. he said he became disillusioned with isis and made a bad decision. his lawyer says he will plead not guilty to the charges. two american service members were killed, four others wounded today during a a night raid in afghanistan. those americans were working with afghan forces searching for taliban commanders when they came under intense fire according to pentagon officials. a governor in that region says afghan specl airstrikes and says he doesn't know who responded. 26 taliban fighters and 30 civilians were killed including several children. people were upset by that and as a sign of protest, some took their dead to the the governors office. we now know the baltimore school bus driver involved in a deadly u crash was driving that
6:34 pm
the maryland motor vehicle administration says his certificate expired in august. he had not submitted a new one, which is required by law. the mva sent two letters notifying him. he and five others died tuesday morning when the school bus crashed into a commuter bus and cause is still under investigation. but authorities believe he may have suffered a medical emergency. metro's biggest union is promising to protect itself from irresponsible. that proposed budget by metro's general manager calls for increases in fares and cuts to rail service as well as more layoffs. todaydownon workers, metro staff and board members all traded jabs of the sort. transportation reporter adam tuss has our report from metro headquarters. >> reporter: tensions flaring here at metro headquarters as so
6:35 pm
deal with a budget that simply is going to be unpleasant. metro cuts would not only be painful for riders, but metro's largest union being asked to scale back on benefits. some would also lose their jobs. >> i feel like we are being scapegoated for their lack of management. >> reporter: the union is saying it will protect itself from the transit agecy's demands. >> as a union, we're looking at those things and we >> reporter: they did stop short of threat ang a strike. metro is facing a a major budget gap. $300 million and the main reason is lost revenue because riders are staying away due to poor service and painful maintenance. it's a cycle that's put metro into a vicious downward cycle. it's time to slim down the
6:36 pm
>> reporter: the approach i'm proposing is a shared sacrifice to get us to a balanced budget. >> reporter: as metro looks for more money, leaders surprise the board saying they are willing to double their yearly contribution to close the gap if maryland and virginia do the same thing. to word if they would be willing to pay more to close the gap. after all the talk today, still no consensus on how they are going to close this nearly $3 >> we have been asking you to weigh in on the best option for solving metro's budget problems. so far federal oversight has the most votes with something else close behind. most people do not support fare hikes. tell us what you think on our facebook page. one of these days you might be able to forget about driving or using metro.
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it would take to get the project off the ground. they are so cute and cuddly. how these dogs are helping college students cope with stress. and temperatures in the 80s today. this weekend we're in the upper 50s to low 60s. but still a pretty nice weekend out there. what are we going to be seeing? one of the areas we're talking about, we'll have that in just a about, we'll have that in just a second. northern virginia, on the issues, barbara comstock and donald trump are the same. rump promote deportation and reject any comprehensive immigration reform. both oppose background checks that keep guns from suspected terrorists. and comstock-trump were prepared to shut down the government just for politics. time for luann bennett: comprehensive immigration reform now. common sense gun safety laws. bennett tells congress: do your job. i'm luann bennett
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the commonwealth has chosen a company for the project. it's not going to cost pa taxpayers a penny. express mobility partners will build outside of the beltway and front the initial $500 million. the group will also pay for other improvement projects over the next 50 years. construction begins next year.
6:40 pm
run in 2022. >> there may be a new way. a gondola system would be a feasible commuting option for many. a system would connect georgetown and rozalin, virginia. the study says it would cost between $80 and $ 0 million to build. 6500 trip thas expect might be taken each day. the project is still several years away reality. there will be a few years for environmental studies and local approval and then it will take about two years to build. some local college students took a break for some stress relief today. american university's counselling center brought therapy dogs to the campus today. students lined up to spend time with their four-legged counsellors. the school is encouraging students to reduce stress through play and creativity.
6:41 pm
that having an opportunity for students to be around dogs actually is one of most effective ways to reduce stress that doesn't come with a stigma attached to it. so many people love animals and love the opportunity to play with dogs. >> national capital therapy dogs brought the pups over today. about 175 students participating. still ahead, a local church reincarnated into condos. a look at the delicate process to honor the building's well now, it took 108 years. game seven, even extra inning,
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i believe america is already great. yes, we have our challenges. we must give every child a great education, build an economy that works for everyone, end tax breaks for companies that move our jobs overseas. by working together, democrats and republicans, we can do these things. that's why we must defeat those who want to turn americans against one another. i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message, because united,
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wendy rieger takes a look inside a classic church on capitol hill. that's about to be born again. >> reporter: your guest won't not when it's this big red church on northeast. built in 1898 this christian edifice is being reincarnated into condominiums called the sanctuary. >> it was just an incredible opportunity to be the steward of such an historic building and to have the opportunity to restore it in its absolute glory. >> reporter: it is glorious. stained glass soars over some
6:45 pm
feel sacred. the windows were restored to their original beauty. >> we took every single window in the building out and took it apart piece by piece. and then put it back together. it was expensive, but it was really appropriate for this building. >> reporter: it's not unusual for developers to find old historic gems and bring them to modern use. like this school turned into condos on capitol hill. but churches can pose a a challenge. there is all that and how do you turn a bell tower into a living space. >> there was a wall in this building that we didn't consider, didn't move once or twice. >> reporter: the responsibility doesn't stop with the building. his group also helps the congregations move to larger homes. >> this is like sacred ground to us. >> reporter: pastor mccoy of the word of god baptist church stands at the site of his old church, which used to be on k street in southeast.
6:46 pm
itself. the back wall is where we had our baptismal pool. >> reporter: they helped the congregation find a bigger home. >> they really cared. >> reporter: because their old church was not historic, the building wasn't restored. the condos that will be built there will pair the pastor's name. >> i really appreciated that. >> reporter: with congregations bursting at the seams and parking a bde sale. for those glorious structures that should be saved, must be saved, the sanctuary shows them the way. >> the sanctuary is open for business now and the units go anywhere from $350,000 to $1.7 million for that mac daddy condo. i'm wendy rieger in the newsroom. back to you.
6:47 pm
to winter we're collecting coats for the salvation army's share the warmth coat drive. if you'd like to help, you can bring your gently worn coats to any bank branch in our area. sounds like we will all be needing coats pretty soon. >> i think a a week from now we'll be talking about the winter forecast coming out. we'll have a forecast at 5:00 next thursday. ' let's show you what's going on. looking pretty good. nothing but sunshine earlier today. then we saw the clouds come in. the showers come in and the temperatures went way up. 83 degrees the high temperature today. a record high temperature for the day. 75 currently right now. winds out of the northwest at 10
6:48 pm
69 in leesburg. so we're still very warm. going to be a nice evening very just about everybody. we have a couple showers towards frederick county. these are going to drop across winchester. so this is an area you want to watch out for. watch along i-81. you may see a couple showers. these are some pretty good showers over the mountains. heads up out and about. we'll start off cool. 55 degrees. it will feel cooler in some of the suburbs. breezy at noon. and then a high of 61. nast a lot cooler than today. we'll be back in the 50s quickly. it will cool quickly. make sure you take your jacket. a lot of events going on this weekend. right there and this is the swedish bizarre.
6:49 pm
plenty of sunshine for that. really does look quite nice. temperatures around average for this time of year. 63 on saturday. 66 on sunday. saturday not just the swedish bizarre. many of us have sports games going on here. how about soccer? 50 degrees. waking up early saturday morning. 36 or 53 by 11:00. so we do warm as we move on in. now on sunday, high temperature around 66 degrees. we're having the longevity walk along the mall. i'll be hosting that event. maybe around 51 early. cool but nice for that walk and really just some nice weather as we make our way towards next week. temperature around 65 degrees. so looking good then too. some changes on the way for next
6:50 pm
that as we get closer to the event. we have sports coming up. my goodness, what a game seven. all of us have a favorite moment. i wonder if. it's the same as yours. stay with us. first though, here's lester holt with a look at what's ahead on "nbc nightly news." >> ahead for us, what we have learned about the government's biggest election day fear and the dramatic efforts underway the clinton camp calling on efforts to suppress the vote as melania trump makes an eyebrow raising speech. and late detiefls a woman and late detiefls a woman missing since august found alive hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me."
6:51 pm
donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one. man: hey baby, how are you? woman: i have a surprise for you. man: you have a surprise for me? narrator: at dominion, 1 in 5 new hires is a veteran. and when they're away, they miss out on a lot. but they won't miss out on financial support. because we cover any difference between their military pay and their dominion salary, and continue benefits for them why do we do it? because our vets sacrifice enough. "dominion. depend on us for more than energy."
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i can't help but think about d.c. but it was an epic game for an epic drought. we have so many favorite moments. i wanted to get yours. mine was, and i have to admit, i've been jet lagged. so my favorite moment was super early because that lead off home run by dexter fouler. i did stay up five innings. i watched five innings. that's when i knew they definitely your favorite moments. doug, you were all about social media last night. >> this was the coolest game i have ever seen. i've been to a couple great baseball games. . this game had everything. what i like is david ross, 39 years old, you know this is his last game ever. this is his last hit. he's retiring and that is his last hit right there. a home run which put the cups up, 6-3.
6:55 pm
they all. pick him up. and they take him off. and he was such a teacher to these guys. that was the coolest moment right there. he's crying. >> 6-3 is when i went to bed. but doreen, your old city got you excited. >> i used to work in it cleveland. married a guy from cleveland. i was rooting for the indians last night. the best part of the game, i didn't get to see it live because we were news when this happened. 8th innings, the indians are down 6-3. and with that home run from davis, they tied it up 6-6. up until that point i u didn't think they had a chance. the director was in our ear piece saying, holy cow, the indians just tied it. so that was pretty exciting. >> people texting my husband saying wake up, the game is
6:56 pm
>> so what about you? >> i saw it. i'm sure it was the same as for so many other people, that smile on chris bryant's face when he fielded that ball and look at that. you know what he's thinking, oh my god, we are world champions. let me go ahead and fall down because it doesn't even matter. look at that smile. that's the smile of a guy a big one. this is huge. you got to love that. absolutely got to love that. and he acts like an 8-year-old like the rest of them. it's an absolutely wonderful moment. you can only imagine the joy inside of him. it's hard to imagine. none of us ever come close to that. but if you reach far enough and
6:57 pm
and not only are we champions, we are redeeming for a whole city. it's like, oh, thank god. >> we saw a little bit of that joy today in the office. every single office had somebody like chris, our own promotions guy. he was just sitting around with his cubs hat. said he didn't get any sleep, but he had tears in his eyes. a couple guys are chicago so meanwhile, back to d.c. the drought that we have here, 24 years, we're only a few months shy of the drought of four major sports teams. minneapolis has the longest, but we're thinking it's going to end soon. so who ends it? who is going to have the parade first down on constitution avenue? >> i got to see the nats. i can't see the football team.
6:58 pm
>> maybe the caps. >> they were the last one in a conference championship in 1998. >> that was sports news without any news. >> good stuff. somebody do it. nightly is p next.u vo: here's the last thing washington needs. amie hoeber. a reckless tea party partisan. hoeber will defund planned parenthood, threatening cancer screening. said she'd invade iraq again if given the chance, and hoeber has fought for a global increase of chemical weapons. we need john delaney. a family man and entrepreneur, he built two respected maryland business,
6:59 pm
us ahead of partisan politics.
7:00 pm
tonight, nbc news exclusive, inside the government's massive operation to protect election day from a cyber attack. what we've learned about the threat, the risk, and the response, and those trying to sew confusion and chaos. rare appearance. five days to go, melania trump hits the trail for her husband, about her role as first lady is raising eyebrows tonight. virtual kidnapping, a terrifying new trift twist on an old scam -- tricking people into thinking their loved ones have been kidnapped. demanding ransom to get them back. and curse reversed. tonight the crowd goes wild in chicago after a heart-stopping win for the ages. "nightly news" begins


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