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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  November 4, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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battleground states, this could come down to voter turnout. >> here are four things to know. right now, president obama is in fayetteville, north carolina, courting voters for hillary clinton. these are live pictures. the president heads to charlotte next. vice president biden doing similar campaigning in wisconsin. donald trump is about to take the stage at a rally in wilmington, ohio. he's also campaigned earlier today in new hampshire. running mate mike pence attended rallies in michigan and three states today. pennsylvania, michigan, and ohio. here's video of her stop a few hours ago in pittsburgh. >> a recent poll finds donald trump has the advantage among likely voter in traditionally leaning republican states. up five points in arizona, leads by nine in texas. in the state of georgia, trump is running neck and neck with clinton. according to a trio of new polls, he's up by a single
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arguments all the more important. >> steve handelsman is tracking the action for us. how are the candidates making their final pitch to voters? >> it's a positive message, negative attacks not much sleep for these candidates in a race that could go either way. >> on her final swing, planning at least eight stops in three swing states, hillary clinton hit pennsylvania, booste 161,000 new jobs reported today. unemployment down to 4.9%. >> we need to make sure the economy is working for everyone, not just those at the top. >> donald trump, she charged, would help the wealthy thrive. >> think about what it would mean to entrust the nuclear codes to someone with a very thin skin. >> clinton has a narrow lead in the polls but trump has a shot. and if he can turn all the
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both with 269 electoral votes. one short of a win. trump began a ten-state swing in new hampshire. >> it is time for new leadership. >> his basic pitch with promises. >> we're going to have the biggest tax cut since ronald reagan and maybe beyond. and hillary wants to raise your taxes. >> charging without proof that clinton is in legal trouble and might not be able to serve. >> she's likely to be under inveat concluding in a criminal trial. >> the national cyber security center today reassured voters that the government is on guard against hackers meddling with voter rolls of the power grid or internet to drive down turnout, but federal officials insist that hackers from u.s. adversaries like russia will not be able to affect the actual count of votes cast. i'm steve handelsman, news 4. >> thank you, steve.
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mixed news for hillary clinton. she's leading republican donald trump by seven points, but that is down from an 18-point lead she enjoyed just a week ago. the roanoke college poll puts clinton at 45%, trump at 38%. 8% are leaning towards independent candidates, and they're still 9% of voter undecided. the survey is of likely voters. >> the latest polling in virginia is heartening republicans in the b clinton campaigns are ramping up the final push for votes in northern virginia. julie carey rors on their progress. >> get out the vote efforts means bringing top surrogates to keyvirginia, perhaps no place is more important than louden county. democrats turn to khizr khan to
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hillary clinton's one influential supporters. meanwhile, they're organizing a weekend door to door blitz. they're hopeful maybe trump or mike pence might find a way to stop in the commonwealth before election day. ahead at 5:00, with the polls tightenish, we'll hear from both sides whether virginia is suddenly more in play in the presidential contest. i'm julie carey, news 4. >> if you live in d.c., time is running out to vote early. at 7:00. wait times at some locations like the columbia heights community center were as long as an hour today. there is no early voting in virginia, but in-person absentee person runs through tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. early voting ended yesterday in maryland. >> we want to know how you are feeling about election day. are you anxious, worried, excited? it's our nbc washington flash survey today.
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screen or vote on the nbc washington facebook page. following breaking news in prince george's county where officials at the hospital center just wrapped up a news conference on its newo natal intensive care unit. for the second time in three months, they shut down the unit due to a potentially deadly bacteria. >> well, chris, health officials tell us that over the last year, just since january this year, they had seven deaths in the neo they tell us two of those deaths is probable could be linked to the bacteria. they just don't know conclusively, but they are comfortable saying two babies it's possible could have died from this bacteria. they also tell us that the two cases they found this week alone, one of those babies is currently showing signs and symptoms of this bacteria. our cameras were running as five babies were transferred in
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of those babies were taken to childrens national. this all comes after two babies tested positive for pseudoanones which could be deadly. you may recall three months ago in august, the nicu closed down. since then, officials say they have made some serious changes. >> we did focus water treatments and then house-wide water treatments and that water treatmh the problem in the water system was revealed, and we've done subsequent treatment and testing all along the way. >> now, health officials tell us they have ruled out the water supply being the cause of those two babies this week testing positive for this bacteria, but as far as where it's coming from, they say they don't know. right now, they say there's a team from the cdc that's inside the hospital here working to try
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back to you. >> meagan fitzgerald, thank you. >> more breaking news from charlottesville. a federal jury finds "rolling stone" magazine, its publisher and the author of a discredied article guilty. the woman said the magazine portrayed her as a villain from reporting her alleged once they disproved the story, they restracted it. they were sued for $7.5 million. the award will be determined, the amount to be determined at a future court hearing. >> we get it. maybe you're not all that excited about who to vote for this year, but what about what you can do after? first at 4:00, the election day previews up for grabs just for casting your ballot. >> the bizarre incident that
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across our region, but it's going to be a cool night and a very cold start to our saturday. we'll talk about those numbers. i'll see you back here in about
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vo: here's the last thing washington needs. amie hoeber. a reckless tea party partisan. hoeber will defund planned parenthood, threatening cancer screening. said she'd invade iraq again if given the chance, and hoeber has fought for a global increase of chemical weapons. aney. a family man and entrepreneur, he built two respected maryland business, creating thousands of jobs. in congress, he puts working for us ahead of partisan politics. john: i'm john delaney and i approve this message. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them
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blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!? metro this weekend, there will be more around than just the safe track. more to work around. track work is affecting service on all six lines. orange, blue, yellow, and green. those trains will operate every
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east, and boston. on the red line, free shuttle buses replace trains between nomont gal adet and ft. totten which is part of the surge ten project. >> an unusual situation this morning made riding the red line even more troublesome. a deer was riding on the tracks. service was suspenltded for about two hours while the animal could be shooed away. >> glad to see that came out okay. >> two buses were involved i a determined there were no mechanical defects in either one. the national transportation safety board released the ruls of that investigation. a baltimore school bus hit an mta bus tuesday morning, killing cyst people, including both drivers. state officials say the school bus driver shouldn't have been behind the wheel. glen chapel didn't provide a medical certificate to keep his commercial license current. but a lawyer for the company that owns that school bus said chapel's necessary records were
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it could be the key in keeping lots of students out of trouble. why better behavior could come down to the teacher's race. >> stranded near the airport, her luggage and her ride gone. a local woman says she couldn't get answered so she called nbc 4 responds. susan hogan tells us what you should know the next time you hail a ride from your smartphone. >> no one called me i believe america is already great.
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ation, build an economy that works for everyone, end tax breaks for companies that move our jobs overseas. by working together, democrats and republicans, we can do these things. that's why we must defeat those who want to turn americans against one another. i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message, because united,
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request for a ride from an uber driver. it ended with a bizarre twist for a gaithersburg woman. >> consumer reporter susan hogan explains why the police are now looking into this. >> if you have ever ordered a driver from the uber app, it's pretty simple. you just choose your ride, set your location, and request the nearest driver. but something went wrong on this particular ride that has now led to after a long international flight into dulles -- >> so over there is the terminal. >> -- all kristen webb wanted to do was to go home. she requested a ride from her uber app. within minutes, an uber driver pulled up to the terminal. >> the driver drives up, gets out of the car and says my name. i was pretty confident he was the driver. >> but then, things just got
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connected to this driver. >> you aren't connected to this car? >> connect. >> moments later, kristen said the driver pulled into this vacant lot and asked for her phone. >> he is doing something with my phone. and i get frustrated. also realizing i'm in a place where there were no people at the time. and said this isn't working. let me get another driver. >> she gets out and the uber driver takes off. >> and he literally just takes off with my luggage in t trunk. >> leaving kristen stranded. despite numerous attempts to contact him through the app, he never returned. >> i reported it to the police here at dulles. >> and then she tried to report it to uber. >> i was trying to get ahold of uber. and what i realized is uber has a very difficult system to work with. >> she's not kidding. just check out the e-mail chain once she filed her complaints. first, she heard from aaron,uper support who passed her on to
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sally, stepping in for gus, who then forwarded it to cassandra with uber support, stepping in for sally, and then rash mp mini and pancash. >> i realized it wasn't going to get cleared up. >> that's when kristen contacted nbc 4 responds. >> no one called me until i called you all. >> kristen told us uber identified the driver, but oddly enough, he doesn't appear anywhere on her history on the uber uber, the app is supposed to allow you to see your driver's picture and vehicle details. >> i still think they have a very serious security issue that they haven't even really tried to figure out. >> we contacted both uber and the metropolitan washington airport authority, and a statement tells us this is still an active investigation. as for uber, it says it's working with police to assist in the investigation. and the driver in question has
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and why that driver doesn't appear in kristen's history, uber tells us it's investigating that too. in the meantime, kristen did file a complaint with uber's insurance company. it requested she sign a settlement agreement, which would prohint her from talking any further about her case. >> they basically didn't want you to talk to us. >> or anybody. i felt like they owed an answer to me. >> kristen never did get an answer about the mysterious she did end up signing that agreement, and she was compensated. >> interested. >> crazy story. >> crazy. >> makes you think twice. >> goes to the heart of why we like services like uber. you see your driver, the car, you trust it. >> and this guy knew her name, so he has no doubt she called the right person and someone from uber showed up. but the fact that it's not on her phone is a problem. >> serious. all right. thank you, susan.
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serious about our weather is how cold it's going to get for us. >> a chilly night tonight. if you're thinking about getting outdoors. maybe eating outside, it's going to be on the cool side. not all that bad. as a matter of fact, we'll call it a fantastic friday. believe it or not, we're 20 degrees colder today than we were yesterday, but yesterday was a record high temperature. so that's kind of balancing things out. take a look outside right now, nothing but blue skies across the region and this very chilly night tonight. any heat we get during the day will lift right back up into the atmosphere, right back into space. temperature, 64 degrees. wind out of the north at 16. gusts over 20 with plenty of sunshine. a nice afternoon. i had the windows down coming into work. 61 in martinsburg. 63 down towards fredericksburg. what to expect tonight if you're going out this evening, maybe you're going downtown, maybe you're going outdoors to eat.
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cool quickly right on through the 50s and by 11:00, even in the city, in the upper 40s. a fairly chilly night. that means a very cold start to our saturday morning. no rain. we're not going to see rain. and really, we don't have rain in the forecast for the next ten days. really amazing how dry we're going to be. we still need some. we did see some of that rain yesterday. that's the front that moved through. now, we're looking at the clear skies around our region. temperatures tomorrow, very much like they were tod degrees. again, more sunshine tomorrow. some areas even warmer than this. it will be breezy and it will still be on the cool side, especially after that very cool start. now, want to talk about saturday night into sunday. remember, set those clocks back one hour. daylight-saving times is coming to an end. sunrise at 6club 41. that's not bad. the sun goes down at 5:02, and it will not set after 6:00 until
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region. don't forget, by the way, to check your fire alarms and your carbon monoxide detectors. you want to make sure you change the batteries. temperatures the next few days, 66 tomorrow. 68 on your sunday. and look at all next week. temperatures into the 60s for the most part, above average, until we hit next weekend. this is something we'll be watching closely. could be a good storm system off the coast that gets us cool. something to think about on yo mall, a great event, temperatures in the 50s. cool but nice. last year, it was a little on the cold side. everything is bringing their jackets out around there for the washington monument. it is right along the washington monument there. we're right there a little on the cool side, but not bad at all. we had good weather for the most part. this will be the sixth year i will be hosting this event. if you want to come down, you still have time. you can find all the details including the timing of the
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app. again, come out and support those with lung cancer. remember to search lungevity on the app. >> great cause. >> we all look forward to getting that extra hour of sleep, but sleep experts say it's not as good as it sounds. you should probably be careful about how much you sleep this weekend. >> plus, officials have just put millions of washing machines on a new recall list.
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of
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new reaction first at 4:00. two former aides to new jersey governor chris christie say they plan to appeal after being convicted today in the so-called bridgegate scandal. bridget kelly and bill baroni were found guilty of all counts against them. they were charged in a scheme that involved deliberately creating a three years ago. in an act of political revenge. the trial also raised questions about what christie knew about the lane closures. the most serious charge carries a prison term of up to 20 years. sentencing is set for february. >> i said at the time in my opening and my summation i thought she was a scapegoat and i feel now she's a scapegoat. >> i am innocent of these
4:26 pm
looking forward to this appeal. >> we are gratified that the jury saw the evidence the same way that we did. >> governor christie issued a statement shortly after the verdicts saying the trial held his former allies responsible for, quote, their own conduct. christie says he had no knowledge prior to or during these lane realignments and had no role in authorizing them. samsung is dealing with new trouble this afternoon. this time, over its tom costello explains why the company is recalling millions of them. >> good afternoon. we're talking ability this massive washing machine recall, and before your eyes glaze over, look at the video because it is quite dramatic of these samsung top end loaded machines quite literally exploding as they're in midcycle, and now 3 million of them are under recall because the drum can come apart, quite littery, the tops exploding off
4:27 pm
injured. in one case, a woman suffered a broken skrau. the concern now is so many of these are out on the market, people may not be quick to get them replaced or repaired, yet as you can see the damage if one explodes in your laundry room can be quite severe. we'll talk about all that and the repair steps you should take if you own a samsung top end loading washing machine on nbc nightly news. >> cars and pedestrians sharing the road. why w dangerous time of year, and the efforts you need to be aware of to keep you and your loved ones safe on the road. >> the key to keeping kids out of trouble could come down to
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after all donald trump has said and done... you can do anything. i moved on her like a [bleep] ...trump's just so disgusting and degrading. it just seems like he's invaded our lives. and he's the republican nominee for president. and now republican congresswoman comstock is trying to run away from trump? i mean, come on. look, we just can't vote for comstock or trump. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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we have breaking news. two police officers have been shot in new york city. this is video from our sister station, wnbc, in new york. this happened in the bronx. thff police say as the suspect was getting away, he exchanged gunfire with those officers. right now, police officials say one of the officers is in grave condition. we do not know the condition of the other officer. again, two officers shot in new york city in the bronx. back to you. a busy intersection in silver spring has now become the site of a hit-and-run investigation. police say a car ran over
4:31 pm
and kept going. the person who got hit did survive, and all of this is coming in a time of year where pedestrian crashes 10 to increase. we explain the link and what's being done to keep folks safe. >> cars, pedestrians, cyclists moving too fast. some in so much of a rush they break the law or end up in some sort of traffic collision. just this morning, a hit and run in silver springs sent a pedestrian to the hospital at this busy intersection. >> i haven't had any near misses, no. but like i said, i wouldn't be surprised. >> daylight-saving time ends in a couple days and brings added safety concerns, especially in some known trouble spots like this one along southern avenue in the district where pedestrians have died in crashes. studies show traffic crashes involving pedestrians and cyclists increase in the fall and winter when we lose daylight hours. a new campaign called street
4:32 pm
ticket drivers, pedestrians and bikers who break the law with fines up to $500 and points on their licenses. >> gets dark so early now, and also when i come in the morning, it's still dark. i worry sometimes that people can't see me. >> there's just -- because a lot of neighbors commute and they try to cross that road to get to the metro, and it's dangerous. >> this morning's hit and run, we know police are looking for a headed that way to georgia avenue. it may have extensive front end damage. as for the fall street smart campaign, that runs through november 27th, in silver spring, molette green, news 4. >> a report obtained by news 4 earlier this week found a critical lack of male teaches across the state of maryland. another new study says suspensions and discipline for
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teachers than with teachers of color. troy johnson is here with today's talk around time. these findings come from researchers at the american university as well as the university of california davis. what else do they find and how are your listeners reacting to this data? >> the listeners reaction, they're glad to hear this reaction because a lot of parents are concerned about how are we going to get the best scenarios out of our -- the best outcomes for our students and our kids in so it's critical to hear this kind of information, and it's things that a lot of people thought already. they were thinking that, you know, a lot of these kids are having problems in class unexplainable situations, why are they becoming suspended more often than other of their peers? that's what this study seems to be getting to. there may be some implicit bias that folks are not aware of. >> want to take a look at a couple stats from the study.
4:34 pm
enrollment, but 43% of those who are suspended during the 2011-2012 school year. another stat shows exposure to black teachers can reduce the likelihood of discipline and boost reading achievements among black students. and laws in d.c. in 22 states now require or encourage limits on school suspensions or expulsions. >> it's really interesting to hear those kinds of things. add a black male teacher to the situation, the outcomes are better for black students. and there's a big focus on black male students as well. many folks that i talked to are saying that, look, these kids definitely need the kind of support and nourishment to succeed in school. i spoke to several teachers. one in maryland said the study captures the dilemma especially
4:35 pm
>> moving into higher education, things like that, is more of a struggle for them. so we do try to keep them in the classrooms and not have them suspended and out on the streets. >> interesting. many of your listeners also think these kinds of changes can help cut the school to prison pipeline which so many are worried about. >> absolutely. that's something that could be eye opening and surprising to some folks. again, the research finds that white teachers. it's not something that is overtly out there, but it's something that is in people's subconscious, and what is also interesting in the study they say when white teachers are teaching white students, they don't have the same kind of outcome, the same improvement in outcomes. some of these teachers i spoke to were saying because we have been in those situations as students ourselves. we understand when the bias has been in place and now we know how to help students that are
4:36 pm
>> it would appear that the fix is simple, to have more teacher diversity, but you're listeners don't think it's that simple. >> it doesn't seem that simple because just simply hiring black teachers, first of all, school districts don't seem to be doing that. the teachers kind of underscore that situation as well. there are opportunities for black teachers but retention is tough for teachers because they're often put in challenged school situations which is much hr not getting the leeway that they need to really affect students in the most positive way. they don't have -- they have a lot of confined restranlts in some situations. so there's a lot of burnout, and teachers, you know, it's a hard road to face, so that's why keeping teachers sometimes is very difficult. there has to be more than just hiring black teachers to find the real solution. >> all right, troy, thank you.
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>> and today, we're about 20 degrees cooler than yesterday, but it was a nice autumn day out there. plenty of sunshine and currently, we're coming in in the low to mid 60s. 64 degrees here in washington. some of the suburbs north of town, you'll see temperatures there are a little cooler. we're at 62 in rockville and 61 in gaithersburg. heading out tonight, you definitely want the warm jacket for the high school football games. my holoschool is playing rockersville. go knights. as the games get under way around 7:00 p.m., it's really not that bad. 57 degrees. but temperatures will fall during the game, so you'll maybe want to bring a blanket as well. 8:00 p.m., in the mid 50s, and by the time the ga games are wrapping up, in the low 50s. we'll break your forecast down at 5:00. >> the most shocking story of the day, a woman missing for
4:38 pm
have made another disturbing discovery. >> a little incentive on tuesday. who's giving away election day who's giving away election day freebies to those w northern virginia, on the issues, barbara comstock and donald trump are the same. comstock and trump promote deportation and reject any comprehensive immigration reform. both oppose background checks that keep guns from suspected terrorists. and comstock-trump were prepared to shut down the government just for politics. time for luann bennett comprehensive immigration reform now. common sense gun safety laws. bennett tells congress: do your job. i'm luann bennett
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vo: here's the last thing washington needs. amie hoeber. a reckless tea party partisan. hoeber will defund planned parenthood, threatening cancer screening. said she'd invade iraq again if given the chance, and hoeber has fought for a global increase of chemical weapons. we need john delaney. a family man and entrepreneur, creating thousands of jobs. in congress, he puts working for us ahead of partisan politics. john: i'm john delaney
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in prince george's county, you are invited to a community
4:41 pm
school system's student safety action plan. takes place at earnest just middle school in mitchellville tomorrow morning at 10:00. you'll get free breakfast and child care will be provided. noet ?? >> that's dylan, a kid from annapolis you saw bust a move on the ellen degeneres show. he doesn't just raps. he made his debut on ellen when his videos went viral. he told ellen how his life changed since he first visited her show. >> she's your girlfriend? >> yeah. >> you going to put a ring on it? >> probably not going to meet each other in high school or college. >> just a grade school thing. >> yeah, grade school. >> you leave yourself open. you'll have a big career, you'll meet a lot of people. >> i'm going to meet a lot of people.
4:42 pm
surprise. she gave him not only an ellen chain but an owl chain like the one drake wears. you can watch ellen every weekday afternoon at 3:00 right here on nbc 4. >> as the candidates hope for your vote on tuesday, stores and restaurants are campaigning for your business. >> and that means election day deals. 7-eleven is offering a $1 cup of joe. you can drink the coffee with the free doughnut you can get at voted sticker. and you can get free chips and queso at california tortilla. that's if you say the password, the secret password. we have that password and even more election day deals in the nbc washington app. you have to search freebies. >> going to be a pretty busy weekend around here heading into election day. which special events could slow you down and which roads you want to avoid. >> and a weekend when we set the
4:43 pm
why sleep experts say that extra hour could mess up your sleep cycle. >> with four days to go, we posted a list of election night watch parties happening around the area next week. you can find out whether your favorite spot is offering drink specials.
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i'm afraid you're suffering from fobo. fobo? fobo. fobo... fear of better options. cure fobo with black friday savings now. up to 40% off, 24-months special financing, and free delivery.
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is that ice-t? nope, it's lemonade. is that ice-t? lemonade. ice-t? what's with these people, man? lemonade, read the sign. lemonade. read it. ok. delicious. ice-t at a lemonade stand? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money marin saved by switching to geico. yo, ice-t! it's lemonade, man! fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. right now, early voting is ramping up across the country and this year's numbers are
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we wanted to take a closer look at the biggest battleground states to see which party is truly winning the battle to bank votes now. these are new numbers just out. look at this. north carolina, as of this morning, more than 2.5 million people cast their votes in that state. 43% democrat, 32% republican. but keep in mind, the democrats lead, it's narrower than it was at this point in 2012. let's go over to florida now. where more than 4.5 mill latino vote is up, black vote is down. and the candidates' numbers dead even. 40% each. again, this caveat, democrats were up there just four years ago. all right, looking over at arizona, republicans have the edge there, where they are leading democrats 40% to 34%. but democrats are feeling bullish there because of a very strong latino turnout. again, look at ohio, democrats have the edge in early voting. they're leading republicans by eight points.
4:47 pm
nearly 36 million people have already cast ballots. and that number could rise to 46 million before the polls even open on election day. the search is on for the people who robbed a post office at gunpoint in prince george's county. going to show you these surveillance pictures of the two guys who allegedly wept into the post office on wednesday afternoon with a gun. the postal inspection service says the men jumped over a counter and demanded postal workers. their getaway car was a toyota camera. there's a $25,000 reward offered for information to help investigators catch these guys. this weekend, we have a race to end cancer, a motorcycle ride, and a pulse halloween crawl. just some of the pelsh events that could slow you down as you head out for the weekend. >> i'm melissa with your first 4 traffic and a look at the roads this weekend. the big motorcycle ride
4:48 pm
starting there in laurel. the ride starts at noon. some of the festivities start earlier, but they're riding to the baltimore memorial. you might see a butch of motorcyclists. also here in northern virginia this weekend, also on saturday, an anti-drunk driving event in the 2016 halloween crawl, so they do have a small road closure there for that portion of the event there in the area on sunday, lungevity. at the washington monument there, so they have some street closures in the area because of all the volume. some of those may change a little bit this weekend. also on sunday, going to have some of those closures there as well for the race to end women's cancer on sunday. road closures start around 4:00 in the morning. things should be wrapped up by
4:49 pm
i'll see you monday morning for news 4 today. the "w" still flying high over the windy city for the world series champs. thousands packed the streets for the chicago cubs victory parade today. many are probably still sleep deprived after all that celebrating following the game seven win on wednesday. the cubs defeated cleveland 8-7 to capture the first world series title since 1908, and the city also dyed the blue to celebrate. >> boy, oh, boy. when you look outside, congrats, again, to the cubs. i don't think anybody is begrudging the cubs. i feel like we're still waiting for fall to really kick in and get the autumn weather going. >> look like fall to me. >> low 60s, mid 60s. don't qualify as fall? >> a lit cooler. >> i mentioned this today on the radio, because so many people in our area say we never get fall.
4:50 pm
fall next week. as melissa was saying, so many events going on. a lot of people chiming in on facebook and twitter what they're getting into this weekend. i hope you enjoy it. i'll be going for a run and working, but we have fudge apulose as going on both saturday and sunday, looking great for that. if you're headed to wvu for the night game against kansas, you want the warm jacket. it's going to be chilly there, and decorate a vest. wonderful event going on in falls church. ar light up at your own house, i would recommend sunday when it's a touch warmer. right now, low 60s. 60 degrees in centreville, 62 in potomac. this coming in from our exclusive weather underground temperatures. it's going to be a chilly, even cold start tomorrow. 7:00, around 45 degrees. maybe frost in more rural locations. by lunchtime, it's gorgeous. around 60. a crisp afternoon.
4:51 pm
saturday night. 7:00 p.m., around 59 degrees. so the weather having a low impact on your weekend. outdoor exercise, comfortably cool. doing yard work, i know a lot of people raking leaves. you could also hang the lights. sunday brunch, i think you could have it outdoors. fall color starting to come to an end. doug will have that report at 5:fwoiv. if you're headed back to the mountains on the weekend, saturday, a high of 63. savings time comes to an end. we get that extra hour of sleep, but our sunset time at 5:02 on sunday, and sunset will be before 6:00 until the last day in february. also, good idea this weekend to check your fire alarms and your co detectors. look at the numbers on the ten-day. 66 on saturday, 68 on sunday. all right, i'll give you that, not so fall like, but 62 on monday. election day, mid to upper 60s.
4:52 pm
weekend, maybe that's more fall-like, mid to upper 50s for highs. >> thanks. speaking of fall, a reminder that we're all going to dpaul back to the end of daylight-saving times this weekend. >> you should do more than just set your clock back an hour. to make the most of that bonus hour of sleep, sleep experts say don't sleep in on sunday morning. try to get up and get moving as soon as you wake up so you don't interrupt your body's natural sleep cycle. also, try to get your entire doctors say these moves can tep stave off the feelings of fatigue as your body adjusts to the new clock. >> believe it or not, the race for president has already been decided -- in schools across the country. scholastic magazine surveyed students in kindergarten through high school and they chose hillary clinton by 52%. republican donald trump received 35%, with the rest going to third party candidates.
4:53 pm
1940, with the exception of two elections, kids have been right every time. >> similar results from students albaville middle school, they participated in a mock election. the process was just like that for the rest of us with a ballot and even the requirement -- well, you had to show i.d. the eighth graders we talked to said the campaign issues guided their votes, not the name calling. >> i would pertain to me, and who had the best policies that would enhance life for me. >> i thought about how any of these presidential candidates could lead our country and how they would affect us and symbolize the american way. >> i felt like i focused on their, like, main strengths like hillary's is racism, while trump's is financial aid.
4:54 pm
out on top followed by trump. the third-party candidates got more combined votes than trump. >> she disappeared two months ago, but this afternoon, missing no more. this woman's discovery leads to a bigger mystery and a very disturbing investigation. >> only on news 4, just weeks after signing a contract extension, the head of our region's largest school district is preparing to leave her high-profile role. she sits down for a interview with news 4. >> it's really hard to leave a
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to
4:57 pm
developing right now ipsouth carolina, a bizarre story continues to unfold. a body was found on the property where a woman was chained inside a locked storage container. she disappeared more than two months ago. >> that property owner is now in jail, and as jay gray reports, >> a gruesome discovery this afternoon as investigators search 100 acres across rural south carolina. authorities there say they have unearthed human remains, and now they're looking for more. >> we're trying to make sure that, you know, that we don't have a serial killer on our hands. it very possibly could be what we have. >> that concern after 30-year-old kala brown was rescued from a locked metal storage container on the
4:58 pm
captive for more than two months. >> it was pretty emotional to say the least when she was found. especially when she was chained like a dog. she had a chain around her neck. >> brown told authorities she believes at least four bodies are buried in the area where she was found. >> we had some cadaver dogs yesterday that did alert on some places. >> police are arrested the property owner, todd kohlhepp. he stood this afternoon. police searching his property have uncovered weapons, ammunition, and a car they say belongs to brown's boyfriend, charlie carver, who is still missing. >> processing the car, and nothing stuck out just yet. >> as the investigation continues. jay gray, nbc news. we're now in the final
4:59 pm
into high gear. i'm wendy rieger. >> i'm jim handly. the candidates and their top surrogates are crisscrossing the country as we speak. hillary clinton and donald trump have stops in three states today. >> with new polls showing a dead heat in new hampshire, trump traveled to the granite state where he spent the first half of his event attacking clinton. >> my contract with the american voter begins with a plan to end government corruption. which there's keep hillary clinton out of office. >> right now, trump is in battleground ohio, and tonight, he hets to hershey, pennsylvania. >> clinton also visiting pennsylvania, starting her day in pittsburgh today, where she told supporters she believes people deserve someone to vote for, not just against. >> and when your kids and your grandkids ask what you did in 2016, when everything was on the
5:00 pm
stronger, fairer america. >> clinton is scheduled to be in detroit in the next few minutes, and tonight, she heads to cleveland where she'll be joined by rapper jay-z and lebron james. no words if beyonce will be there as well. >> i don't think that there is this sort of ability to do what a lot of the rumors might suggest is possible. >> and all this last-minute campaigning as the governt cyberattacks this coming tuesday. >> polls that once suggested clinton would blow out virginia are tightening now. this is now raising the stakes for both campaigns in the closing days. >> our northern virginia bureau chief julie carey is in louden county, a place both campaigns consider a must-in. we joins us from the election office just outside of leesburg. >> well, you know, the last day


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