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tv   News4 This Week  NBC  November 5, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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news4 this week, cutting corners. traffic flow in one of ur areas most congested intersections. >> stressed out by the election, you're not alone. some special places in our area where you can and back from london, the british road trip which ended in a mixed result for the home team. welcome to news4 this week. >> i'm, everyone. parties in virginia are thinking about circle to help fix traffic in the area. the population is only going to rise. but there's a plan under way to
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keep carbs moving. our transportation reporter has more. >> call this the granddaddy of all traffic circles in our region, a massive circle potentially underground in the heart of tyson. >> aye never been a fan of round abouts ever. i don't think it's a good idea. >> that's awesome. anything to keep the traffic going. >> like it or not, unprecedented scale, could have a park like space on top and be surrounded by office and residential buildings. >> in this day and age, it's about to become a circle. >> michael capland, head of the partnership that promotes new change in tyson said this will be transfortif and iconic. >> a circle here would work brilliantly and tie together the
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intersection much like dupont circle in washington. >> tyson looking like paris, that mieths be a stretch right now. but tyson as a whole is changing fast. >> i'm not sure that people get what's happening here. how would you describe it? >> this is the largest redevelopment project in america. 40 million square feet of new construction. >> in all goes according to plan, construction could start in two to three years. for a lot of americans, this year's presidential election has been especially stressful. in some cases it's even strained relationships, broken up friendships. so what can you do about it? tom sherwood has some advice. >> are you ready to work hard and win this election? >> we are going to win back the white house. >> the final days this long presidential campaign. people voting, even close
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are you finding that in your family or friends circle in. >> yeah with my brother. he's yelling at me. so, yeah. >> with so much strain we sought out a place of peace for guidance. the washington national cathedral. >> we feel, as many do, this has been a bruising political season that has caused some significant damage to relationships. >> episcopal churches in our area to to focus on reconciliation. the services that day will be different. >> what's distinct is we're dedicating the services to prayers for healing and looking forward taz a people, as a nation post election. >> the public opinion strategies company even did an october focus group on what it called walmart moms revealing diverse
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candidates and points of contention among friends. >> some people vote for hillary, some people vote for trump. everybody has a different opinion. >> are people being polite about it? >> no, i don't think. >> election day is just days away. play nice. tom sherwood, news4. two american runners including a woman from our area are now marine corps marathon champions. perry shoe maker finished first in the women's group with an unofficial time minutes and 47 seconds. a man from kansas won his second marine corps marathon crossing the finish line in 2:23:52. we got their reaction and a sneak peak at their recovery plans. >> i came here to do the best. >> i probably won't eat much for a little bit to let my stomach
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>> well-deserved for a week. i would. congratulations. >> thank you. >> you can check out the photos on the nbc washington facebook page. from running to football, the redskins are back at home after playing in london. pat collins gives us his thoughts about a trip across the pond. a former bat boy for the washington senators returns to the site where history was made
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?? ?? >> that's right. they're going to be the first to take the stage at the new mgm casino in national harbor. boyz ii men will perform just a few days after the casino opens and tickets are already on sale. redskins fans are back in the washington area after invading london last week. fans say they enjoyed their trip
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pat collins went along for the ride and got some reaction after it ended in a tie. >> for redskin fans, it was moments of unbridled joy followed by heartbreaking concern, leading to sheer happiness, ending in a mind numbing tie. the redskins were up and you felt like -- >> like we were going to win, of course. >> and then the redskins were down and you felt like? >> what in the world are they doing? zble you felt like? >> this is ridiculous. >> it was something to remember. loaded with we should have or they could have. and after a full period of overtime, it amounted to -- well as they say over here, nil. >> we had plenty of opportunities to win and we blew it. >> we didn't get a loss. that's something. that's the bright side. >> so long, london, and your
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guards, your crazy traffic, your fish and your chips. it's been a smashing road trip but the game, the game has left me snackered. i'm gobsmacked. but i'm coming back. pat collins news4 >> pat did a bangup job over there. a holiday tradition over here, the capitol christmas tree now headed to d.c. u.s. service forest crews cut down the spruce in ieds ho this week. the tree is going to make a lot of stops along the journey, about 2,000 miles. it will arrive on november 28. speaker of the house paul ryan will light the tree on december
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welcome back. in news4 your health, there are certain professions where practice ist giving the term practicing medicine a whole new meaning. >> dad, mom. take short panting breaths. >> all right, sweetie. >> the doctors, nurses and medical students in this room are dealing with an emergency. this woman who is in labor, except that the woman's voice is actually coming from here.
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practicing on a life size mannequin. >> i called for help and i notified anesthesia, nicu, got a second attending and made sure o.r. was on standby. >> this is advanced medical simulation in the fairfax hospital in virginia. dr. craig chivets is the director and he helped develop the center. >> it's a laboratory for our physicians, nurses, students, me health c train, whether they're new or whether they're a seasoned clinician. >> there are 14 rooms, including an operating room and state of the art technology. >> we do have very high-tech mannequins that have the ability to bleed, artificial blood, of course. we also have the ability to put voice files through them. >> health care professionals work in teams here and deal with
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more real that they tyke the scenario. >> to complicated births. >> this is a rare emergency. what happens is the baby's shoulder gets stuck and we have minutes to get the baby out and save it. >> one, two, three. >> push, push. >> the exercises are done in real time and the doctor says this center is frequently at capacity. >> medical education for years has been such graduate you might learn more from a textbook or a conference. yet when you go look at the airline entry, they utilize simulators. if you look at the military, they're simulating, firefighters, police the same. why not health care. >> preliminary research shows that some of the doctors who have practiced in the simulation centers tend to make fewer mistakes in real time. there are more than 300 different simulation centers
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them attached to medical schools. biking between d.c. and maryland just got easier. a four-mile back path opened this week connecting existing paths in the district and maryland. creating one long 70-mile trail and could reduce traveling time by more than half an hour. >> it's great. i could go to our d.c. office. i live in maryland. can go all the way to the nats game. it's going to help. >> t opened this week is on the east side in northeast d.c. this week we told you about two men who worked for the washington senators way back in the 1950s. for one of them, a simple photograph made a huge impact on his life. mark sea graves took the men back to the site of the old stadium and it turned out to be a very emotional journey.
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to 1959. >> his first job was selling hot dogs at the game. but bill turner had his sights set on the field. >> i wanted to be a major league ballplayer from the minute i can remember. >> turner was a pusher for his high school team. he was well on his way of playing baseball professionally. >> first two years it was $2.50 a game. the last game but the plast r last year i was there in '59 i pitched batting practice to the pitchers and they gave me an extra $5. but believe me, i would have paid them to do it. >> turner's favorite day was opening day. the president always threw out the first pitch in griffin stadium and roy stephens was the
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and she wrote me a letter that i would be absent from school that day. it was baseball season obviously for blair too. so i missed practice. >> it was the bottom of the ninth and washington was losing, seavers stepped up to the plate and hit his first homer of the season. washington went on the win chblt u was at home plate to shake his hand and we celebrated. >> the next day turner's coach asked why he had missed practice. when turner told pulled out the newspaper. >> and on the front page was my picture shaking hands with seavers and he said you were at griffin stadium weren't you? and i said yes. he said you're off the team. >> turner missed the entire season and worried it might keep him from playing in college. >> if he knew the amount of coaching i got from rocky
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because it was a lot more than i got from his practices. >> recently turner and his body who worked the scoreboard back there returned to the site of griffith stadium for the first time in 60 years. it's now howard university hospital where in a hallway the spot where home plate once was is clearly marked. >> it brings back a whole lot of memories. i feel like standing there with my hand out with s having just hit a home run. >> none of his home run kings were there like they were decades ago, the baseball historian was on hand with something very special for the former bat boy, a bat autographed by roy seavers, the home run champ he congratulated in that picture so many years ago. >> you're kidding me. that's wonderful. >> turner now a judge in
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fulfill his dream of playing for the university of maryland and two years in the semi pros. but some of his best memories are from the four years working at griffith stadium and he says it was worth getting kicked off of his high school team for a year. >> if it was a choice of bat boy or playing for the team, i would have chosen the bat boy. it was a dream come true type of job for anybody that loved baseball. >> it was a allowed back on the team for his senior year but he had to promise never to skip practice again. now that is a promise he actually ended up regretting because in 1959 he could have gone to opening day, his buddy jim ryan went that day, ended up catching the first pitch thrown out by president eisenhower. all right. when we come back, a rare look inside the white house usually
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now we can give you a rare view of the white house beyond what you might see on a visitor's tour. architectural digest look a look inside the white house residence on the second floor. the rooms were decorated by michael s. smith saying that the fist family likes simple elegant things and the obamas wer aware of the symbolic meaning to making changes to the white house. schmitt read every letter to contributed to the history of the build and made sure that the president of the united states gets a good night's sleep. a halloween to remember for 31 kids in northern virginia. they went trick-or-treating but came away with more than candy. the children became new citizens this week. they took the oath of
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>> it makes me very proud and it means that the sky is the limit for them. they can do whatever they want to do, they can be whatever they want to be in america because they have the legal documents backing them up. >> rodriguez is the director of u.s. citizenship and immigration services. he delivered the oath and then changed into costume dressed as fred flintstone. the parents of all of the kids recently became u.s. citizens sore the kids were automatically received their certificates on halloween. we're going to leave you with pictures of the trick ore treaters around our area. thanks for joining us.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh.
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i'm luann bennett. over my 35 years living in northern virginia, i've learned a lot. how to raise three sons and build a successful business after my husband passed away. how to bring people together, set positive goals, and get things done. that's what we do in a diverse and inclusive community like ours.
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and that's why i approve this message and respectfully ask


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