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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 5, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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tracking a little bit of a warm up today. >> still a chill in the air on this saturday morning. we have a gorgeous autumn day under way. live view from the storm team camera. off in the distance is maryland and all along the 95 corridor peak autumn color, but still a chill. it's in the 30s to near 40 reagan national at 50s degrees. this chilly pattern continuing over the next ten days. >> thank you, tom. the search continues for a suspect after a deadly stabbing in virginia. this happened around 6:15 friday evening near the meadows apartment complex. a man was found stabbed to death lying face down in a creek and another man was hurt in that stabbing.
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worried about their safety. >> when we are playing outside, you can feel the weed, smell, and lots of beer cans around the property and we don't feel safe here. >> police tell news 4 this could be a gang related issue. three days to go and it's all about the battleground states this weekend. donald trump is across the country. he'll start in tampa before heading to north carolina and tonight he'll make stops in nevada and colorado. hillary clinton is focusing on florida. she has a stop planned and tonight she will share the stage with katy perry. expect to see long lines in virginia today.
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commonwealth. they expect a record turnout. derrick, what are you seeing this morning? >> reporter: seeing some long lines. these are the earliest of the early bird and this line is growing but that shouldn't discourage you from coming down. it's always buzz. in fairfax county you can vote from 9:00 to 5:00 p.m. and arlington county 8:30 to 5:00 p.m. you are with the registrar here. tell me what it's been like so far. you guys are close to records? >> we are definitely way above our 2012 numbers. as of yesterday we had almost 100,000 people cast a ballot either in person or combined with return mail, so it's been pretty crazy, but we're fortunate we had all the resources in place to make sure we handled the traffic.
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>> northern virginia, one of the biggest reasons we see is work hours or commute. obviously having 66 and 495 going through the county. >> reporter: this is absentee voting and not early voting. >> in virginia absentee voting is you have to have a reason. it could be your commute or your work hours are going to be the entire time of election day. we have 19 total reasons in virginia so anybody can chose reason and vote an absentee ballot. >> reporter: we are going to tell you what some of those reasons are, but you have time to get down here if you qualify for absentee voting. >> thank you so much. donald trump and hillary clinton reaching out to huge audiences during these final days. we explain how they are trying to make their case to you the
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powerful voice to hillary clinton at a concert in ohio. >> we have the opportunity to create more change. i want my daughter to grow up seeing a woman lead our country. >> reporter: beyonce's husband and other big name performers are trying to help clinton clinch a state they need next tuesday. >> when i say this passion and energy even know where to begin because this is what america is, my friends. >> reporter: in pennsylvania a key prize on clinton's map, trump rocked a packed house in hershey. >> i didn't have to bring jlo or jz.
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>> reporter: a rare tender moment in a race that has gotten ugly and shows no sign of changing in the last three days. nbc news, washington. you're going have to wait until tuesday to vote in d.c. if you missed yesterday's last day of early voting. this was a three-hour wait at one point. lines stretching down the block and that was just to get to the >> i was coming down here and i was saying i've never seen it like this. >> we started out in daylight and waited two hours with three kids. >> i believe the line is going to be longer on tuesday. >> voters are voting on council seats up for grabs and a referendum on d.c. statehood. if you need to know where to vote, several organizations
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search voting reminders on the washington app. parents are invited to a summit on school safety and accountability. attendees can give input. free breakfast and child care being provided. more now on the investigation at prince george's hospital the source of a potentially deadly bacteria there. two babies tested positive for a disease. it force informed the hospital to close the nicu again. the unit closed in august after three babies tested positive. back then the hospital thought the water system was to blame. >> bring this intense focus that says we thought we knew the cause and we treated, but we
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other possible causes. >> hospital staff said that two babies treated last summer may have died because of that bacteria. 9:07 on saturday. seconds before disaster what new surveillance video is revealing about a deadly bus crash in baltimore. the driver's history behind the wheel. a controversial case could
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a former university of virginia dean could be getting a big payday from rolling stone magazine. the jury ruled the magazine, it's publisher and reporter defamed the add straighter. the article gave an account of a woman identified as jackie who
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fraternity brothers. police found in evidence to back up those claims. the dean is suing for more than $7 million in damages. on monday the jury will determine how much money she will get. a reward for a sexual assault goes up. this sketch resembles a man that crashed his car into a woman's suv and sexually assaulted her he left behind a piece of had is blue and orange plaid shirt. the reward is $2,500. we're looking at surveillance video from moments of a deadly bus crash in baltimore this week. you can see the school bus going by at the top of the screen right there. the driver was killed in the crash with five others.
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have lost consciousness during an earlier crash in 2014. authorities will not answer specific questions about the driver's health history, but say they're looking at that as part of their investigation. you might want to pick sweat pants instead of shorts if you're going out for a run this morning. check it out. tom's tracking your fitness forecast and what to expect in the days ahead. she rode her bike cross country and then it gets swiped how total strangers stepped in to help complete her journey.
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vo: here's the last thing washington needs. amie hoeber. a reckless tea party partisan. hoeber will defund planned parenthood, threatening cancer screening. said she'd invade iraq again if given the chance, and hoeber has fought for a global increase of chemical weapons. we need john delaney. a family man and entrepreneur, he built two respected maryland business, creating thousands of jobs. us ahead of partisan politics.
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good morning. chilly, great day though to get out and get some exercise, take a brisk walk, go on a hike, a bike ride on this gorgeous autumn day. temperatures by noon time, the l 3:00 this afternoon. lots of sunshine and by 6:00 p.m. back down to the low 60s. a look at this chilly dry pattern, how long it will last, that's coming in a few minutes. check that out right there. harsh weather down south. this is out of texas. hail ranging from size from as
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that area. part of a major interstate had to be shut down for a short time, but despite all that hail, no major damage reported. this is a case of a bike theft in d.c. we hear about them quite often, but this one has an international twist. the owner rode her bike here from california. >> it was a cross country trip before flying home to switzerland and that trip took a detour when someone stole her bike. we explain how she's about to only going to see on news 4. >> reporter: these are pictures from sandra's trip of a lifetime. in april she and her aunt flew to los angeles from their home in switzerland and rode across the u.s. in june having made it to d.c. their bikes were stolen. they locked them up at the metro station before heading to the national zoo. we spoke to jackie by skype from
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the bikes get stolen so easily so we just had the cable lock, which was kind of stupid. >> they were determined to finish their cross country trip and they needed help with getting equipment and bicycles ready to finish the leg of the ride from d.c. >> reporter: jenn connected them with stolen bike finding website. d.c. bicyclists chris got involved. long haul trucker on a classifieds website and called price. >> it was so underpriced that even the seller noted it. the bike retails for $1,200 and it was being sold for 300. >> reporter: police set up a sting. >> our detectives researched a little further and we made contact with the individual who identified himself as jay and made a deal over the internet
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>> reporter: this bike is about to be shipped back to sandra in switzerland. >> it was such a nice experience. we did not expect it, but it was amazing. >> reporter: her new friends in d.c. have promised to keep an eye out for the second stolen bike. all involved see this as a reminder that a good quality bike lock is the best prevention. metro says urging people to use stronger bike locks appears to have a result. by 10% last year. news 4. happening today, a free community health fair taking place in alexandria. this event is designed for the city's low income, insured adults and children. >> we have an underserved population in this city and that's a population that we are
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their quality of life. >> the free health fair kicks off from 9:00 this morning. it's going to wrap up around 4:30 this frooen. happening at the george washington middle school in the delray area. you'll notice special uniforms at tonight's capital's game here at home. >> this is special. it's part of hockey fights cancer awareness night. the team make a wish child on the back. on friday those kids got the chance to meet and greet with the players and skate with them on the ice. they signed autographs and took photos. obi was there. >> obviously those kids are in a tough position and they fight through it so it's great to see them. >> it's so amazing.
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the make a wish foundation for making it happen. >> this is part of a league wide initiative to raise awareness and money for cancer research and for care for those families that need it. >> what a cool event to see everybody involved there and feeling like some hockey weather out there today. it's chilly. >> last week a few of the ice skating rinks opened up, but it was so warm, but story. >> we were at or below freezing around dawn but temperatures are quickly jumping as the sun is jumping in the sky illuminating the lush autumn foliage we have now at peak color in northwest washington. there's the live view from the camera overlooking northwest washington. that's american university park. off in the distance is montgomery county. some individual trees are joust
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out of the 30s to 40s. shenandoah valley, near by suburbs, montgomery, right around the low to mid 40s. reagan national is at 50 degrees and near 50 at the chesapeake bay. temperatures by noon time will be in the low 60s, by 3:00 upper 60s with bright sun, light wind. chilly and dry this evening back do mid evening under a clear sky. we have thanks to this big area of high pressure dry weather throughout the eastern half of the country. radar not showing any rain in the vicinity. the peak autumn color is to our west and past peak color out in the mountains and the red zone along the 95 corridor is where the peak autumn color is showing
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morning. peak color there. gorgeous. temperatures will continue on the mild side. tomorrow in the mid 60s and on monday we'll be in the low 60s. on tuesday good weather for the election. cool in the morning, but a mild and dry afternoon with lots of sunshine. highs in the 60s after that and a chilly pattern next weekend, some of our chilliest air of the first cell phones catch fire and now exploding washing chines.
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i'm luann bennett. over my 35 years living in northern virginia, i've learned a lot. how to raise three sons and build a successful business after my husband passed away. how to bring people together, set positive goals, and get things done. that's what we do in a diverse and inclusive community like ours. and that's why i approve this message and respectfully ask
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a look at the roads this weekend. a big motorcycle ride happening, first annual give five drive. that is on saturday this weekend. starting there in laurel. the ride starts at noon. some of the festivities starts early, but they'll be riding to the baltimore memorial. you might see a bunch of motorcyclists so be careful there. in northern virginia on saturday they have an event so they do have a small road closure there for that portion of the event there right in front of the apartments. on sunday longevity sunday, november 6s is, doug will be out there for that at the washington monument there. they have street closures because of the volume. also on sunday going to have some road closures there as well for the race to end women's
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road closures start around 4:00 in the morning. things should wrap up by 1:00. we're talking about the 121,300 blocks of pennsylvania avenue in northwest. have a wonderful weekend. i'll see you monday morning. thank you. new jersey governor chris christie is staying off trump's campaign trail today because of the bridgegate scandal. prosecutors saying the two punish a mayor who would not endorse christie. i want to show you this video. you tell us where you think it is and what do you think it is. take a look. that's philadelphia. looks like the ocean. it's not. it's a parking lot. cars were caught under 48 inch water main burst. it erupted last night.
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in that deep water. firefighters had to rescue some shoppers who were caught off guard. this is the third major flood at that strip mall since 2014. laundry for some folks with new samsung washing machine could be dangerous. officials issued a recall for nearly 3 million samsung machines. look at some of these pictures here. top loading washing machines torn apart mid wash. so farre 700 complaints and nine reports of injuries. >> it's like a bomb went off inside the washing machine. >> i'm concerned that somebody is going to be near one of these machines when the top blows off and they're going to be killed. >> samsung will give customers a repair kit or rebate to purchase a new washer. 9:26. look at temperatures right now.
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not going to last too much longer though. we have tom updating the forecast. we'll relay that. an nbc news exclusive, keeping your vote secure, how government hackers are ready to hit back against russia in a
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here are the top stories that we're following.
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this happened near the meadows apartment complex. no arrests have been made. a live look at one of the polling sites in fairfax county. some voters in virginia are headed out to the places -- this looks like the government center. it's the final day of in-person absentee voting. a summit on school safety way in 30 minutes. it happens in mitchellville. free child care and breakfast will be provided. welcome back in on this saturday morning, november the 5th. the last weekend before election day. a lot of folks looking forward to the day after election day. >> did you see that long line. a lot of them want to get it over with. >> we're getting there.
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we're going to want to get outside. speaking of getting outside. >> tom is on the weather deck. i hope you're layered up out there. >> i am. in fact i have my warm puffy coat. you need it. there's a chill in the air despite the sun being up and a gorgeous blue sky. it's still all green here behind me, but there is a lot of autumn color to the west and north and west. an hour-by-hour for the morning trend by early afternoon climbing into the 60s. in the mid 60s by the afternoon. you do need a warm coat this morning for another hour or two and then you'll be comfortable in short sleeves for a while during the afternoon. need sunglasses all day long and a jacket this evening. when you're out running around and want to check the latest forecast, check it out on the nbc app.
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>> thanks. amid concerns over cyber attacks in this election, the u.s. standing by to retaliate. we look at the preparations for cyber warfare. >> reporter: nbc news can report the existence of top secret cyber weapons the united states has had in place for several years to take action against the russians. according to a high-level intelligence official and top secret documents reviewed by news, the u.s. has penetrated the russian control systems in key areas including telecommunications, the electrical power grid and even inside the kremlin. this admiral was formally nato commender. >> we are better on the offensive side than our opponents, but they're catching up quickly. >> reporter: how to use these weapons? colonel gary brown served as an
9:33 am
struggle with in international law. >> reporter: cyber war, if i can use that phrase, is really still the wild wild west? >> cyber war is undefined. >> reporter: the weapons of cyber war are very clear. the u.s. deployed in 2003 during the first wave of the war in iraq turning off the power grid in baghdad adding to the war's how is it done. >> the techniques are the same techniques in a cyber attack. you gain access to a network and establish a presence on a network and you're poised to do what you would like to do. >> reporter: some argue this would lead to dangerous escalation. >> i would argue given what we have seen from russia we have hit the point of requiring a
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>> you can catch up with all things election tomorrow on meet the press. it airs at 10:30 on nbc 4. chuck todd will be in new york where the broadcast will be coming from. an nypd sergeant was killed in a shootout. another sergeant, he was shot as well. we know that he is condition. the two were responding to a home invasion in the bronx. the armed man held a family hostage for hours, but a woman inside was able to get out and call police. once they arrived, the shootout began and a rookie officer took down the gunman. 35 years, that's how long a man will serve in prison for operating a sex trafficking ring
9:35 am
friday. his girlfriend and mother of his two children charged. a victim testified he forced her to make up to $1,000 a day for him or not see her baby. his lawyer says his client's sentence is excessive and he plans to appeal. we're working to learn more about a man that was hit by a csx train yesterday afternoon. he suffers severe injuries below his hips. it happened next to the metro statio 75 pedestrians and bicyclists killed in our roads last year. >> talk about a powerful image here. shoes were put on display to remind folks to be street smart when it comes to pedestrian safety. we look at how one group wants to help keep you safe. >> reporter: there's a crosswalk now on southern avenue in front of united medical center in d.c.
9:36 am
there are signs, but some cars still don't stop. >> i've had them so close to me, they won't stop, even if you got kids. >> reporter: the crosswalk went in after two women were hit and killed trying to get across the street last year. physicians assistant emma was leaving work at umc. in the hospital parking lot officials from across the launched this fall's street smart campaign to beg drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists to follow the rules of the road. >> how are you going to feel, god forbid you take a life because you're texting? >> reporter: it could be your child, your mother, your father. 75 pairs of shoes at the press conference represent the 75 pedestrians and bicyclists hit
9:37 am
this is umc's chief operating officer. >> i think education, education, education. that's what changes things and empathy. >> reporter: albert has to get to his appointments at u manage. c and he can't move fast. he wishes everyone else would slow down too. >> you riding in a car. you ain't got to be rushing. i'm trying to rush on off the public transportation as >> reporter: developing now, a woman held captive and a body found nearby. the danger she was able to escape and the mystery investigators are working to piece together right now. then a suspect kicked by officers and attacked by a dog, we're going to tell you about the new action being taken and how one police chief is
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said she'd invade iraq again if given the chance, and hoeber has fought for a global increase of chemical weapons. we need john delaney. a family man and entrepreneur, he built two respected maryland business, creating thousands of jobs. in congress, he puts working for us ahead of partisan politics. john: i'm john delaney
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you think you would notice your pig was gone. i mean, he's 200 pounds. >> some officers in florida had to wrangle video showing police trying to detain the pig. rolly was along i-95. a driver and the officer kept the animal off the highway until animal control was able to arrive. they couldn't get the pig in the truck because he was too big so they had to wait for a sheriff's range unit to arrive and rolly
9:41 am
if they can't find the owner, she'll be up for adoption. can you take her? >> 200 pounds. that's a lot. you may want to keep that garage door opener hidden inside your car. d.c. police have seen a jump in crimes where crooks are breaking into cars, using the remote control and getting into your homes. it's been happening in the cleveland park neighborhood. police are urging folks to take the opener they've parked their cars. a 16-year-old boy is charged with starting this brush fire in australia. it tore through two suburbs. at least seven homes were damaged and hundreds of firefighters had to put out the flames. no one was hurt, but people did have to be evacuated. the teen is in custody. you are in the clear. look at that. it is 9:41. we're going to have to take this
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tom is looking at where the foliage is reaching peak. we go one-on-one with the superintendent of fairfax county, the questions surrounding her departure and the future of quality education. casting your absentee ballot
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vo: here's the last thing washington needs. amie hoeber. a reckless tea party partisan. hoeber will defund planned parenthood, threatening cancer screening. said she'd invade iraq again if given the chance, and hoeber has fought for a global increase of chemical weapons. we need john delaney.
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creating thousands of jobs. in congress, he puts working for us ahead of partisan politics. john: i'm john delaney
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good morning. heading west of the metro area you'll be driving into a wonderland of peak autumn color. it's past peak in the mountains, but post your pictures when you saw nice autumn color. coming up, your ten-day outlook and this chilly dry pattern, how long it will last. stay tuned. thank you, tom. to vote on election day and you live in virginia, you can head to the polls today. >> you still need a good reason though why you can't make it on tuesday. derrick is live in fairfax county with more on today's lines and what you need to know. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. take a look, this is the line. it's been here since about 9:00 when they started that, but the line is moving swiftly so that's a good thing.
9:46 am
today is indeed the last day you can do it. this isn't like early voting. you need a reason to vote in person absentee. here are a few of those reasons. if you plan to be working or commuting from work more than 11 hours on election day, if you'll be out of town on business or a vacation, if you are a first responder or have disabilities or illness that would keep you away. some of those you have to show are certain things you new ed to bring. >> when they come to vote, we have ten locations throughout the county. they can go to our website for more information, but what is really important is they bring their photo id with them. >> reporter: they've got about 80% voter participation here in fairfax county. just today almost 100,000 people have cast absentee ballots. that's envious for about any
9:47 am
we are live here in fairfax county, news 4. >> thanks. a major draw in fairfax county to the ballot is the controversial proposed meal tax that would add an additional 4% to prepared foods. among those vouching for it is outgoing superintendent dr. karen garza. in our sit down she looks back at her accomplishments and what's ahead for our area's school system. i waski interview i did with you, which was the first day of school 2013, and i was running through a list of things that were big topics at the time. one of the biggest issues has to do with teacher workload. >> i want this to ab smooth transition. >> in 3 1/2 there have been raises and work to ease teacher stress and changed school times. >> we have accomplished a lot of
9:48 am
since taking over many teachers feel she's been their advocate. >> i felt like i connected to our teachers and i think at heart i'm a classroom teacher. i love to be in our schools. >> in her time she's faced massive budget short falls and gaps. this past year she refused to make more cuts. she tells me the controversial meal tax is crucial to the quality future of spcf. >> we'reot our teachers are well above the average in what they are able to accomplish with children. it's hard to leave a place that you've gone to love. >> she's headed to ohio to work for a nonprofit, an organization that they have a contract with. was there any concern when you said i'm going to accept this job and yet there's a contract with the county. >> no. that had nothing to do with this
9:49 am
the kids contract, it's nominal given our budget is not that much money. >> despite having been given a brand new contract in july, she says this new opportunity was just too good to pass up. >> i'm absolutely confident that the great work that's been started, the great work that's been accomplished, that will be maintained and there's much good ahead. >> garza leaves her position next month. her deputy will serve as interim permanent replacement will begin shortly. cincinnati police releasing new video of an alleged assault inside a school bus last month. very disturbing here. surveillance video showing a woman beating her daughter's bus driver last month. the incident happening in front of the bus full of kids on their way to school. police saying she was upset because her daughter was not
9:50 am
late. the driver has been placed on light duty as she continues to recover. the mother is set to go back to court next week. we need to show you some more disturbing video. this shows two minnesota police officers who were suspended after a vicious attack. the african-american man under arrest is being shown being kicked by a officer and attacked by a police k9. the victim was in the hospital for two weeks recovering from dog bites and other injuries. the police are apologizing for that carolina, a search continues for more victims on the compound of a registered sex offender who is facing charges. police found a body on the property where authorities discovered a missing woman found alive. tom has been charged with allegedly kidnapping kayla. brown was found this week locked inside a metal storage container. she told police he shot her
9:51 am
least four other bodies buried on the property. >> it was pretty emotional to say the least when she was found, especially when she was chained like a dog. she had a chain around her neck. >> the body discovered yesterday has not yet been identified. prosecutors expect more charges to be coming. tom is in from the cold with us. you were layered up there. >> you need it. quite a chill in the air, but gorgeous blue sky over the region. we pressure. live view from our cameras showing that blue sky being reflected in the waters. that is chicago cubs blue. it's the same air mass that was over chicago yesterday is now over us and by noon time we'll be in the low 60s. a delightful autumn day.
9:52 am
then by dawn tomorrow we'll be down into the upper 40s on sunday morning. sunday afternoon climbing into the 60s. turn your clocks back one hour tonight. sunset tomorrow is at 5:02 tomorrow. on monday bright sunshine, 40s in the morning, afternoon highs low 60s and then for election it looks like good weather for the election. we'll have lots but in the 60s in the afternoon. great weather to get out and vote on tuesday. wednesday we'll be in the upper 60s and quite a bit of cloudiness but this dry pattern continues through the end of the week as we get chilly again toward the end of the week. friday right around 60 degrees and then look at next weekend. it gets chilly and into the following week we'll have highs in the 50s and morning lows in
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9:55 am
fresh off their first win in more than a century, the chicago cubs are back in the spotlight tonight. catcher david ross said that the cubbies are going to be on tonight's episode of snl. a little "saturday night live" action.
9:56 am
victory over the cleveland indians. don't miss tonight's show. a lot of good stuff to catch tonight at 11:30. a quick reminder to set your clocks back before you go to bed tonight. daylight saving's time comes to an end tonight. >> there's more you should do. to make the most of that bonus hour sleep experts say do not sleep in tomorrow morning. try to get your entire household on a similar schedule. doctors say these moves can help feel you from feeling more tired later on. four things to know. a neighborhood on edge after one man is dead an another in critical condition after a stabbing in ashburn. this morning police still looking for a suspect. the lines are already forming in northern virginia for this last day of in-person
9:57 am
polls are open until 5:00. it's the final campaign stops for hillary clinton and donald trump before election day. trump getting ready to hold a rally in tampa that will start in a few minutes and clinton will be in florida to get out the vote this afternoon. a community summit kicks off in a few minutes. the subject is school safety and accountability. it's happening in mitchellville. the leaves are falling and you can shed your layers. it will be beautiful again tomorrow.
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? [vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event?
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hi, everybody. welcome to "inside the redskins" on nbc 4.. ike i'm rick "doc" walker inside the redskins weight room. news serviced thatsk suspended for the next four games for violenting the nfl policy and programs for substance of abuse. he is eligible to return on december 5th. in a statement, the skins said they're counting on trent to return from suspension and the focus will now turn to the minnesota vikings in this bye week. and for that, the coach's show with guess who, larry michael and chris cooley.


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