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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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polls in virginia closing in an hour. that will give us our first glimpse into how this election might go. >> many people are counting on the outcome of this election, what it means for our country. >> we are going to win back the white house. >> today is our independence day. >> this has been one of the most contentious and controversial races in u.s. history. and late today another twist as donald trump filed a lawsuit in a key battleground >> but after months of campaigning -- >> kind of like we have done all we can do. it's in the hands of the voters. >> a day like today is very hum nling. >> reporter: sgl it all comes down to this as america decides our next president. >> the lines have been long, excitement is high and the polls will be closing soon. >> a live picture in falls church, virginia. if that's your polling place, you want to go there now.
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major problems. >> we have crews fanned out all over the area. and the important issues sort of having an impact on voters in d.c., maryland and virginia. >> we're live in new york city where the election night headquarters are a few block was from each other. we start with jim handly where hillary clinton's camp is hoping to make history tonight. >> supporters already arriving staking out positions close to the stage. they could be waiting here another four or five hours before they see the woman who they hope will make history and shatter that glass ceiling. let's give you a bird's eye view if we can. the stage is lit up with the map of the united states. >> we hear hillary clinton worked on two versions of her speech. all around us today, hundreds of journalists and cameras one thing you notice is a lot of
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channels from around the world. immigration a big focus in this campaign. the clinton camp says they are encouraged by early latino voting in florida, but three other states closing early tonight an hour from now are also front and center. >> are there things you're going to be watching early? >> i'm looking at north carolina. i'm also going to be looking a at virginia and ohio. and i think that there are a lot of different paths we have to to >> there are few paths he has. plus michigan or pennsylvania. >> again, virginia closes its polls at 7:00 tonight. less than an hour from now. clinton will be watching the returns here but could still be a few hours away from that. they are being tight lipped about what she will say on this stage tonight. also who will be on the stage and who will be performing on a
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>> a similar scene for donald trump in new york city. hooe preparing for a a victory party. chris lawrence continues our team coverage in manhattan now. >> trump supporters are anxious, excited and more than a little bit exhausted. but that is in no way their enthusiasm here on election night. take a lock at what showed up here just in the last hour. >> that was a a group of trump supporters chaptering everything from "lock her up." the trump campaign is confident see whag they call epic turnout in some of the heavily republican counties in those all important swing states. we have been talking to trump
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trump over clinton. >> hillary doesn't talk about protecting us as far as open borders. would you leave your door open? i don't trust her. the e-mails, benghazi, i could go on and on. she calls us deplorables for voting for trump. are you kidding me? >> it is a historic night here in new york city. the candidates are closed right now. carnegie hall has gone dark. so has the opera. security sweeps have been going on the routes the candidates will travel. donald trump is in trump tower with his family. that's where he's going to be watching the returns. he won't make his way over here to the hilton here, he will soon. one of the reasons so many people outside is these have been tremendously hard to get.
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center where jim handly is. so credentials have been extremely restricted. much more so than we have seen from other rallies from john mccain and some of the other candidates. in any case, we'll bring you everything that happens. back to you. >> chris lawrence and jim handly both in new york city tonight. from the top of the ticket to the running mates, julie carey s tonight he's going to be with clinton at the convention center in manhattan. julie is outside the big hall with a look at what's going on there now. hi, julie. >> reporter: take a look behind me and on down the street here. hundreds of folks already in line hoping to get a front row seat to history that could be made tonight. the dors might open in the next 30 minutes to an hour. but in the meantime as those
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plaza. there's a rumor that a big named singer may be up at the microphone later tonight. but the true headliners here are hillary clinton and tim kaine. virginia's senator started today casting his ballot at his polling place in richmond. he hoped to be first in line, but a 99-year-old neighbor beat him to it. he had to settle card for voter card number two. coming home to vote a comfortable way to end an intense th campaigning. >> we'll see all our neighbors. we feel good. it's kind of like we have done all we can do and now it's in the hands of the voters. we feel comfortable about it. it's so nice to be back here in the neighborhood. >> reporter: tim kaine had a special guest for his campaign staff today. a signed harmonica and bottle of
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harmonica along campaign stops. back to you now in the studio. >> ulie carey, thank you. a quick reminder that you still have time to vote if you haven't cast your ballot yet. the polls close at 7:00. so you have just about 53 more minutes to get there. the polls close at 8:00 in the district and maryland. and in all three jurisdictions, it is the law if you are in the line when the polls close, they have to let you vote. a late lawsuit today over an early polling place that allegedly remained open two hours past its closing time on friday. that allowed people who were in line to cast their ballot. the trump campaign says that should not have been allowed and they say it has evidence of what trump called a rigged system. the judge denied the lawsuit that prevents it from moving forward.
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a woman runs from her home half naked and badly burned. how poll workers stepped in to help her as investigators revealed what happened. >> the world war ii memorial has been vandalized. a political statement that some people apparently were trying to make. this morning we woke up to cold numbers tomorrow morning you may u wake up to rain. how long you may need the
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investigators right now searching for clues after a house fire in prince georges county. witnesses say a woman ran from that house in kettering this morning. she was half dressed pleading for help. she blamed her boyfriend for >> she was saying he set me on fire. she was naked. >> they are investigating whether that fire that destroyed that house was intentionally
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world war ii veterans was vandalized over the weekend. it happened some time before monday at 10:00 a.m. somebody spray painted the base of the north dakota column. the words appear to use #nodapl. that has been used by people who opposed dakota access pipeline project. they used paint stripper to remove most of the damage. so far, no re our election coverage continues tonight. there have been long lines, but no major complaints today. we'll take a closer look at the polling sites all over the area. plus the four things to watch for in tonight's race and how it could swing the results of the historic election. >> the top of the ticket on this election day is in foix, but there is a bigger story in what
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back to politics. the race for the white house. candidates have cast their ballots along with their vice presidential picks. back home polls will soon close in virginia. that's at 7:00. they close at 8:00 in d.c. and maryland. for more, let's check in with david culver. >> reporter: i'm david culver inside george marshal high
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registered voters. less than an hour left until polls here close. and across virginia, you can see not much of a wait at all. no lines as of now. but this morning a very different story. an hour for some. right now voters here casting their ballots for president and the 8th district candidates along with the controversial proposed meal tax. we checked out loudoun county. it had pe hour. the election chief telling me it's comparable to the 2008 presidential election. a big focus for voters, the 10th district race. that between barbara comestock and louann bennett. >> i'm meagan fitzgerald here in prince william county where officials tell us that they have
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people are excited. they are ready to cast their ballots and that was indicative of what they saw this morning. lines were wrapped around the gym, which is just through that door there. that's where people will cast their ballots. they also are expecting to see the same thing at around 7:00 tonight or getting closer to that 7:00 hour when polls close. they also tell us they did have some issues with their scanner system here. it jammed twice which delayed all votes will be cast. if you were in line by 7:00, you will be able to cast your ballot. >> i'm tracee wilkins. we have been around prince georges county today and the big concern here. we have been around prince georges county today and the big conversation is amazing turnout. at this precinct there were more than 200 people in line this morning.
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the evening. they are asking you to be patient because it can be up to 30 minutes for you to wait to cast your vote. some of these voting precincts only have one scanner. so it takes a little longer to get it done. so far we have only had reports of one of those scanners going down. they took care of that. we are expecting things to go smoothly. if you're in line by 8:00 p.m., you'll be allowed >> there isn't a the will the of spens, but there will be change. three members will be elected to the council including a familiar name. is expected to be returned to his ward 7 seat. voters across the district are being asked to vote on statehood for d.c. although that referendum is poorly advisory.
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making d.c. the 51st state. we're also keeping an eye out for potential problems at the polls. long lines, broken machines, vote flipping. if you see anything like that, contact the news 4 i team's voter patrol tip line. or you can e-mail us. away from the polls closing in parts of the u.s. >> here's a look at the four things to watch for as we head into this election night. polls close at 7:00 in virginia and 8:00 in maryland and the district. we should begin getting exit polling data shortly after the polls close. the question is whether any races will be over or whether they will all be too close to call. virginia could give us good indication of how things are going to go if if hillary
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off and trump has a better chance of picking off some democratic states. >> also our first exit polling data. both of the candidates remain excite unpopular. 54% of voters view hillary clinton as unfavorable. 61% view donald trump as unfavorable. we also learned that the economy appears to be the most important issue mentioned by the voters. >> keep an eye on the florida, florida, florida. if hillary clinton wins florida, donald trump's path to victory is almost nonexistent. >> we will have complete coverage of the race and the results starting with nbc news nightly news at 6:30 tonight. we'll have local election updates every half hour and you can get the results as they come in on the nbc washington app. another thing we'll be
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have shaped. republicans are in control of the house with 60 seats over democrats. and as we have learned through this election cycle, anything is possible, but republicans are expected to retain control of the house. the senate is another matter. republicans are looking to protect their narrow majority here and analysts believe it's possible that democrats could either regain control or tie with republicans. and that event the vice president is the tie breaking vote. >> now we look to the forecast.
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it's going to be an historic night. e we want to thank you for sending us your election know toes. you can e-mail them to us. we'll be showing them on air and on the >> i wonder how dogs feel about that. >> busy night ahead. but before we go, day hear you talking about waking up to rain? >> we're 6 inches below average for the year. we really need it. we're 5 inches below for the last two months. we're going to get a little bit during the day tomorrow. you may wake up to it and may affect the morning rush.
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but boy, was it cold this morning. many areas in the 20s we warmed all the way up to the 60s and even around 70. we're down to 59 degrees. a nice night. polls still open a couple hours in some locations. 57 in gaithersburg. so temperatures are dropping. they'll continue to do so. we're going to be warmer tonight than we were last night. evening planner if you're in the city or no matter where yo cooler than this. not tracking rain around our region right now. we're tracking that rain moving our way. just back to the west. you can see the rain coming through cleveland and towards cincinnati. this is a cold front that will swing on through the area. there's not a lot of rain here. but once it gets across our area. it will give us a chance of rain. you'll need the umbrella when you step out the front door.
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we have the cloud cover around the region. notice the showers starting to break out and develop. then we see some of the heavier rain around 11:00 tomorrow morning. and then even tomorrow afternoon on the backside of this system, when the cooler a air starts to move in, we see some shower activity around 4:00. it's all out of here by around 7:00 tomorrow night. then it turns breezy and cool. so it's going to be an interesting day tomorrow. high temperatures around 58. so rain likely. take th but you'll need the jacket too. tomorrow is going to have a moderate impact on your day. it will be a cool rain. periods of rain, jacket needed. cooler and breezy late. by tomorrow evening, you're going to notice a rel difference here. that's what we see cooler air move in. winds could be gusting 20 to 25 miles per hour. cool for sure. as we move through the next ten days, that's when you start to see even more changes. 58 tomorrow. 60 on thursday.
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temperature of 62. look at saturday. a lie of 51. upper 40s all day on saturday. that's with sunshine and breezy conditions. saturday is one chilly day. we're in the 30s in the city. more 20s in the suburbs. remember we were talking about the super moon coming? >> it's really coming? >> it's really coming on sunday and into monday. that's going to be one amazing super moon. the last time it was this big it's going to be cool. >> i planned my weekend around it. >> you planned last weekend around it. but it's definitely this weekend. i checked three source this is time. i'm ready to go. >> that's our broadcast for now. >> we leave you with a live picture from democracy plaza in new york city. stay tuned for our complet
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tonight, breaking news. decision night. it all comes down to this. >> and america's best days are still ahead of us. if we reach for them together. >> the new adventure is great again. we're going to do it. >> on this historic night, who will it be? hillary clinton or donald trump? just moments away from the first polls closing. voters lined up across the nation to make their voices heard. the candidates, after criss-crossing the nation, end up just a mile apart tonight as the results roll in.


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