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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  November 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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highest and hardest glass ceiling, but someday, someone will and hopefully sooner than we might think. this loss hurts, but please, never stop believing that fighting for what's right is worth it. >> during her speech, clinton also said there's still work to be done and that the campaign had never been just about one person or one election. clinton's call for unity marks from now president-elect donald trump. >> now it's time for america to bind the wounds of division. i pledge to every citizen of our land that i will be president for all americans. working together, we will begin the urgent task of rebuilding our nation and renewing the american dream. >> and while clinton won virginia, today trump supporters
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reporter david culver spent the day with those who voted for the republican candidate. he joins us live from vienna. david, how are they feeling there? >> reporter: doreen and wendy, i can tell you in talking with trump supporters, there's a lot of joy, a lot of excitement mixed in, quite frankly, with some shock. now, those trump supporters, of course they're happy that their candidate won but they also recognize there's a lot of healing needed. the adrenaline from a long nig watching the results, not yet wearing off for these virginia women for trump. >> this is not the outcome we wanted. >> reporter: we joined the butlers in their fairfax county living room as they watched hillary clinton concede, not cheering her loss so much as feeling reaffirmed by trump's victory. >> this man is going to prove himself and i can guarantee god willing if his health stands up, then everything else, that next time will be a super landslide
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great again. >> reporter: just 24 hours ago we were talking to voters like garrett, hopeful but unsure if trump could pull out a win. >> thank you. >> reporter: today trump has a new title. how does it feel to hear president-elect donald trump? >> wonderful. wonderful. yeah, wonderful. i'm so happy. >> reporter: colombia-born carolina says she thinks trump can heal the divide nationwide. there's a lot of them. n black american, asian american, whatever american. no, we're not, we're american citizens. we have to follow the law. >> reporter: you want unity. >> i want unity. >> reporter: you think a president trump can bring that? >> i think so, yes. >> reporter: born into an afghan american family, she agrees. >> he's going to bring everyone together. right now it's a total shock for everyone but at the end, everyone will be united. >> reporter: a man many saw as divisive, his most loyal supporters see differently.
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you are going to see that. >> reporter: coming up on news 4 at 6:00, i want to introduce you to the so-called hidden trump supporter, those who weren't as vocal when they cast their ballot for him. i'll explain why those supporters despite celebrating a victory are doing that celebration rather silently today. >> all right, david culver reporting. a developing story at american university right now. some students burned flags while protesting the presidential election rets northwest d.c. and talked to some of the protesters. shomari? >> reporter: right now i'm here on american university's campus. i am located near the library and there was a protest here, i'd say around a couple hours ago, outside. there were trump supporters, hillary supporters, and at one point, someone lit the american flag. some people said that was unpatriotic, whereas others said that person is exercising the 1st amendment right.
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trump supporter, a hillary support and a response from university. what was the mood? >> they were really upset. they're obviously against trump. i think they just feel like they were let down by this election. >> reporter: what about burning the american flag? >> well, we personally might not condone it and agree with it, it is part of the 1st amendment. >> i hope that we can actually open a dialogue on campus. i think that's the number one issue on american university's campus. we're extremely educated politically as we're very to one side or the other and i think that we need to come together at this time and kind of mend the wounds that have been created like trump said last night. >> reporter: in mending the wounds, you have trump supporters and hillary supporters talking, explaining why they feel the way they do. many hillary supporters are surprised by the outcome of the election. but, again, they're getting together and trying to find a way that they can heal the division.
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back to you. >> all right, thank you, shomari. many minorities we have talked to are apprehensive about what a trump presidency could mean for them. as prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins shows us, they're worried about their future. she's in hyattsville this evening with more on their concerns. tracee? >> reporter: we talked with some hispanic people who live in prince george's county who are saying they are preparing for the very real possibility that they may have to >> i was undocumented. i was in high school. i was about to graduate from high school and i didn't have much hope for the future. >> reporter: claudia is one of the more than 700,000 undocumented immigrants who benefit from the daca, deferred action for childhood arrival programs started by president obama. she's here because she has a work permit that she renews every two years. marie and her husband moved here
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and have a better life. they are undocumented. both women are worried about what a donald trump presidency means for their futures in this country. >> there's a likelihood that i can lose my work permit. >> reporter: casa in action led the get out the vote movement in the maryland and d.c. area. they see trump as a threat. >> emphasized a lot about the beautiful wall and all that kind of thing so we believe he's going to -- believe he's going to do that. >> reporter: latino community leaders in prince george's county say they're unifying with other minorities in preparation for what might come. >> we need to be ready and be prepared to resist. >> he's not going to change his mind but we're going to hold him accountable for all the mistakes he's going to make. >> reporter: marie is hoping the american dream she envisioned for her family still exists for them. >> translator: so if love helps me cross the border, then love
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build. >> reporter: prince george's county is the largest democratic voting bloc in the state of maryland. very powerful in that party. coming up on news 4 at 6:00 we hear from african-americans who live here and what they think of the presidency. reporting live in hyattsville, tracee wilkins. >> tomorrow donald trump will be in washington to meet with president obama at the white house. the president says after speaking with trump, they share the belief that everyone wants what's best for country. mr. obama spoke today about the transfer of power comparing it to running a relay. >> you take the baton, you run your best race, and hopefully by the time you hand it off, you're a little further ahead. you made a little progress. and i can say that we've done that. i want to make sure that handoff is well executed because ultimately, we're all on the
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>> news 4's chris gordon joins us now live with more on what comes next for the trump transition. hi, chris. >> reporter: hi, doreen. well, trump's transition team got down to business today in its new government offices. the team has between now and the inauguration which will be held here to shape the new trump administration. the platform is already taking shape at the u the 58th presidential inauguration. it will look a lot like president obama's inaugurational parade but some of the festivities will be custom tailored to president-elect trump the joint task force national capitol region. >> we'll work with the presidential inauguration committee set up by president-elect trump, those are his direct representatives. they'll define for us their requirements for balls, galas and for ceremonies other than
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>> reporter: transition offices are officially open today at the gsa which is located just blocks from the white house. that's where the trump transition team will hold meetings with federal agencies and pick perspective cabinet members. >> the new team needs to be able to walk in the door on day one and be ready to go in case there's a 9/11 on january 21st. >> reporter: the heritage foundation, a conservative policy think tank, is helping with the transition. >> government our priorities are, what budget looks like. conferences we have coming up where we have to make decisions. >> reporter: now, a lot of the transition work will be done here in washington, but i'm told some of the biggest decisions will be made by the president-elect, himself, when the team travels to trump tower in new york city. ahead at 6:00, how d.c. is preparing for tourists and
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that's the latest live at the u.s. capitol, wendy, back to you. >> thank you, chris. we don't know yet what donald trump will be focusing on in his first 100 days in office, but he will come in with a majority in both chambers of congress. house speaker paul ryan who had in recent months refused to talk about trump or campaign with him says he looks forward to working with him now. he also credited trump with maintaining that majority. >> donald trump provided the kind of coattails that got a lot of people over the finishin strong house and senate majorities. he turned politics on its head. and now donald trump will lead a unified republican government. >> one issue ryan says they will likely be focusing on, repealing obamacare. all right. we've had some shower activity across the region. some steady rain earlier today. and then off and on showers during the afternoon and evening. that's what we have outside right now. take a look at storm team 4 radar.
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now, most areas dry, but we're still seeing some areas of shower activity through parts of southern maryland, back to the west, right around leesburg, down toward warrenton, fredericksburg seeing some of that rain. zoom in on western fairfax county, around the city of fairfax, burke, manassas, right over dulles airport seeing a little bit in the way of rain there, too. the rain will move on out as our storm system exits. behind it, we get a little bit breezy and cool overnight tonight. we'll talk about that plus a real co shot of the season. we'll talk about when that arrives. i'll see you back here at 5:45. >> thank you, doug. still ahead, our continuing coverage of the impact of the election. why d.c. lost despite a referendum on statehood passing. plus, some major road projects planned in parts of the maryland suburbs. they're designed to ease some bad bottlenecbottlenecks. and a case of murder involving a 75-year-old woman.
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of murder. a 75-year-old woman found dead in her apartment this past weekend. it happened in the middle of the night. investigators are still searching for a motive and a suspect. news 4's pat collins is along 58th avenue in bladensburg with the story. pat? >> reporter: doreen, why would
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woman? why would the woman let the killer into her home? puzzling questions in this troubling case of murder here in bladensburg. it happened inside this apartment. the place still padlocked and sealed and treated as a crime scene. the victim, 75-year-old delores rivers. her body di but sunday morning around 2:00 a.m., a neighbor says a couple of guys were knocking on doors inside the building. waking people up saying they were looking for somebody. the neighbor, he answered the door. he asked not to be identified. >> i found it kind of odd that two people would be going around knocking on doors. >> reporter: at 2:00. >> in the morning. >> reporter: saying they're looking for somebody. >> that's correct. >> reporter: and you think she let -- >> i believe she let them in.
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of her apartment. they say it appears she'd been strangled. today at the apartment complex, the management circulated a note notifying residents of the crime and advising them to be alert to their surroundings. >> she's a very nice lady. don't bother anyone. we all pretty startled because we want answers what happened. >> reporter:nc the case, but so far, no motive, no suspect. wendy, back to you. >> pat collins, thank you, pat. police say a man who inadvertently set himself and his house on fire when he tried to kill his girlfriend died from his injuries. he tried to kill his longtime acquaintance at their home on harrington drive yesterday. the woman managed to get out of
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she got help from election poll workers. we're told she remains in critical condition. and police are investigating the stabbing death of a woman in southeast d.c. and tina pratt found unconscious in the 2600 block of pomeroy road yesterday afternoon south of the barry farm neighborhood. pratt had been stabbed multiple times. she died at the scene. at this time there's no word of a suspect or motive. the district of columbia's drive for statehood could be one of the big losers in ye election. tom sherwood reports the city was banking on democratic victories for the white house and the senate, but that didn't happen. >> the members of the statehood commission, i'd like -- mayor muriel bowser sounding optimistic today. >> i'm muriel bowser, mayor of washington, d.c., the best city in the world and soon to be the 51st state. >> reporter: that statehood
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never has backed d.c.'s statehood. in both the house and senate remain in hostile republican hands after yesterday. democrat hillary clinton had backed statehood and with a democratic senate, the city had been planning to send a petition for statehood to capitol hill. >> and obviously part of our strategy was to be ready when we have like-minded people elected in the white house and in the congress. and we, you know, we are ar comes. >> reporter: former mayor and now incoming council member vincent gray told wamu radio statehood chances are bleak. >> i don't think it's great news in terms of the statehood quest, but i can't see it going anywhere. >> should the district just drop the effort at this point? >> no, i don't think we should drop it. i think we got to continue to wage the fight. there's no question that looks far more bleak today than it may have looked the day before yesterday or even yesterday.
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d.c.'s budget autonomy, gun laws and other key issues. in the district, tom sherwood, news 4. montgomery county voters overwhelmingly voted to impose term limits on elected officials. that move limits the county executive and council members to three four-year terms. if a member is appointed to fill a vacant seat, that term is two full terms and two years. the redskins, they haven't played a home game in almost a month. well c higher. jason pew joins us with the team in an interesting position right now, jason. >> that's right, wendy. the redskins have a critical game this weekend against the minnesota vikings, started the year as win of the best squads in the nfl, perfect 5-0 record to start the season. now the redskins catch the vikings limping as they head to fedex field, lost three straight games. burgundy and gold practicing inside the bubble at redskins pa trkayod. despite starting the season 0-2,
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october 16th, the skins would actually be in the playoffs if they started today. these next five weeks are crucial. burgundy and gold have three straight games on the road but won't matter as much if they can't get it done in these next two at home. >> these next two games in general are going to be important, two home games that are very, very big for us. we're 4-3-1. we're right now currently i guess number seven or eight seed, whatever it is. we're in a position, we're in a good position but we're in a position where we don't have a lot of room for error. >> this is a forward to it, going to be a great opportunity against really good teams, tough opponents. >> the next half of the schedule is going to tell us a about it from my character, our team, can we do this, can we do that? are we going to be the best team in the division or a team that makes it to the playoffs? the other half of the schedule is going to show everything that you want to know about us. >> now, one thing we do not know about the redskins right now, will wide receiver desean jackson play this weekend against minnesota? we'll tell you about his status
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shouldn't make you sick. >> but that does appear to happen sometimes. a little later, what is being called white coat hypotension and who it affects the most. the election puts virginia senator tim kaine in the
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well, we needed to see the rain and got some of that, rain came early this morning and saw a little bit of a break, sunshine. temperatures shot to 66 around 2:00 then the rain moved back in and temperatures are falling right now. see what's happening. storm team 4 radar. not a lot of rain left. still seeing shower activity toward loudoun county, fredericksburg, around baltimore, around annapolis. let's zoom on in to this area here. right around annapolis, route 50 around the crownsville area. down toward mayo, right farther to the west in through prince william county. this shower right here, pretty good little shower coming ove 66 yet again, 66 has been a wet run as we made our way from d.c. around manassas, fredericksburg the next hour or so. the wider picture showing the whole system moving on out of here. it will continue to move through the rege the next couple of hours. as we make our way into tonight, 56 now. winds are starting to pick up.
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hour gusting upwards of 20 to 25. yeah, we're still seeing showers around the region. temperature wise, 53 dulles. 56 in quantico. the cooler air is going to move in. tonight will be cool. not cold. really cold air moves in this weekend. so if you're heading out this evening, take the jacket. you won't need the coat. can probably begin to put the umbrella away by around 7:00. 54 rather breezy. down to 48 and rather chilly conditions by 11:00. so we're going to wake up to thursday. as this system moves on out. what we're goingto see is clearing skies behind it. lots of sunshine tomorrow. breezesy side early in the day. high temperatures 62 degrees in the city. many to the north and west staying in the upper 50s. breezy early. the wind will begin to relax during the afternoon. the next ten days, notice next week, really beautiful weather. high temperatures around average. even a little bit above average tuesday, wednesday. little cooler next thursday and
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look at veteran's day. 64 degrees. that's looking good. saturday, however, looking really cool if not cold. 52 degrees for a high. many of you only in the upper 50s. that's coming with plenty of sunshine. so one day of really cold air on saturday. speaking of really cold air, our storm team 4 winter weather jut look tomorrow night right around this time during the 5:00 hour. i'll have much more on what we can expect this winter from the cold or the snow. will we see another blizzard this year? i'd love one. >> maybe. >> we love to see you in one. >> see you tomorrow. >> thanks, doug. the results of our election being watched around the world. coming up, why russians are reacting happily to the win by trump. and the reaction of voters. we're live outside the white house. some there are planning a candlelight vigil this evening. we want to know how you feel about the outcome of this election. call the number on your screen or weigh in on the nbc
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let us have faith in each other, let us not grow wary, let us not lose heart. >> uniting and leading the country. >> right now at 5:30, president-elect trump taking steps to move into the white house. president obama today promising
5:30 pm
accommodating. more than a thousand california high school students walked out of classes in san jose today to protest trump's election. the district said it would prefer for the students to stay in classes but understood that extraordinary circumstances had sparked the student protest. preparations are already under way for the trump inauguration. >> construction crews are right now working on reviewing stand outside the white house. news 4's mark segraves is in lafayette park gauging reaction hi, mark. >> reporter: yeah, that construction is actually continuing on into the evening. you know, last night, hundreds of people were down here late into the night and early into the morning as the election resuls trickled in, today things were back to normal, typical wednesday afternoon in front of the white house. we met one young man who was very energized by the election and spoke to many people on both sides of the vote who said it's time to move forward.
5:31 pm
11-year-old robert and his father stayed up late last night watching the results. >> yeah, i was surprised because at first, it was, like, hillary and trump were, like, neck and neck. >> it was intense. i mean, it's been pretty intense even at my house, alone. i have to say, my house we're on different sides of the fence so it just carried on down here. it was interesting to just be here, though, you could actually just sense it. >> reporter: for those college students from south carolina, today is a happy day. >> yes, i'd say happy. i'd say i'm not excited. i think ultimately from here, move forward? >> i was on the fence for a while, too, but i'm happy today. >> reporter: what was the tipping point for you? >> the tipping point was, honestly, i was a little bit offended that a lot of women just wanted to vote because she was a woman and i don't think that's enough criteria to be the leader of the free world. >> reporter: this native american woman from new jersey had come to d.c. thinking of making it her new home. until last night. >> i'm disappointed and my
5:32 pm
kind of -- kind of not -- not what it would have been. >> reporter: while robert's parents are happy the election is over, robert says it's given him something to look forward to. >> yeah, kind of makes me want to vote because now it's, like, intense and, like, picking the president is, like, important for the country. >> reporter: so at least that 11-year-old boy from new jersey took a very good lesson from this hard-fought the past 15 minutes, a group of protesters, about 20 to 50 of them, have shown up for a candlelight vigil. at 6:00, we'll give you look at that peaceful demonstration. wendy, back to you. >> mark segraves. the council on american islamic relations says it is receiving calls from muslims afraid that they're going to be mistreated or kicked out of the country under a president trump. today cair said it respected the
5:33 pm
all americans. >> regardless of who won yesterday's election, american muslims are here to stay. we are not going anywhere. and we will not be intimidated or marginal iced. >> cair says it wants to expand outreach efforts to all americans. the group also called for muslims to respect and to understand the people who voted for president-elect donald trump. well, he didn'tot larry hogan promises to work with him. hogan released a statement to congratulate trump and said it's time to leave divisive politics behind. the rest of the statement says "for the past two years, our administration has been committed to working with both democrats and republicans to change maryland for the better and that is exactly what we need to see more of in washington, d.c." russia's parliament erupted in applause when it became clear donald trump had won the u.s.
5:34 pm
moscow with what russians think a president trump could mean for them. >> reporter: when it comes to moscow's reaction to donald trump's election, it is from russia with love for trump. the mood here in the state when the results were read out loud was jubilation. the room exploded into claps and cheers. president putin congratulated donald trump saying he hoped that relations between the two countries would improve a talked to on the streets of moscow here also said the same thing. a lot of the younger generation was rather indifferent but they don't really tend to watch state-controlled television as much, but as for the older generation, the view here is that under trump, russia would be a safer place. >> this is not only the victory for the americans who defended their democracy against the
5:35 pm
victory that the american people brought the whole world. >> reporter: that is because they see america as constantly lecturing about democracy to russia. they see america as a country that's angling for regime change under the guise of democracy. that's the message they hear on state-controlled tv channels over and over again. donald trump, meanwhile, doesn't seem to care what russia does in i own sphere. he doesn't seem to care about rush is a's policies in ukraine and syria. as far as people in russia are concerned,t' nbc news, moscow. >> you can hear more on this story during a special one-hour edition of "nbc nightly news." it starts at 7:00 tonight right after news 4 at 6:00. voters have transformed the government. now local workers begin transforming the buildings. administrators for the u.s. capital and presidential inauguration started preparations for january. scott macfarlane kept us posted all day on that work on twitter and joins us with the latest.
5:36 pm
made it official issuing the formal ruling that donald trump is the likely winner which allows the presidential transition to actually begin. the trump team to move into the official transition office space on "f" street northwest. the inauguration planning also under way. the official inaugural committee, began the construction of the official inaugural platform for the incoming president. they've begun inviting performers including the choir at missouri state university, home state of the inaugural committee chairman. orientation for new members likely to be scheduled for a weekday just before thanksgiving and the office moves will soon begin. the recent news 4 i-team report found nearly 200 members of congress swapped offices after the 2014 midterms to free space for the newly elected and to give incumbent officeholders some office upgrades to better suites. i.t. professionals will start coding, get tactical work done
5:37 pm
members of congress and administrators will scout and approve new district offices. the hometown offices of new members of congress, inclouds those here. those seeking jobs in the trump administration will become familiar of the plum book, the list of all positions and the president-elect makes 4,100 appointments starting in january. >> a lot of jobs. >> that is. another project that is set to be completed before working around the clock to complete a wax figure of president-elect donald trump. we're told the six-month process started back in june with artists sculpting clay heads of both trump and hillary clinton. when it's completed, trump will become the first president to have already had a wax figure at madame tu sew's. if wax sculptures aren't your thing, how about some puppies? >> can't go wrong with puppies.
5:38 pm
capitol hill.
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5:40 pm
a massive fire burned these abandoned warehouses in wilmington, delaware, and took crews from three states to get it under control. 250 firefighters and emergency crews from pennsylvania and new jersey responding to the call. arriving to find the flames quickly jumping from one warehouse to the next.
5:41 pm
the potomac river. a replica of el galeon that played a critical role in the founding of st. augustine, florida. if you want to see more video and go below the deck, search our nbc washington app. below deck are the crew corridors and the cannon. a special treat for some young gymnasts in our area. olympic gold medalist simone biles came by to sign autographs earlier today for the arlington aerials. her visit is a prize for these gymnasts because they sold the most tickets to biles' show at the verizon center tomorrow night. biles took home four gold medals at the summer games in rio. many calling her the greatest gymnast of all-time. >> maybe some future olympians in that crowd. for gopro, there was nowhere to go but up.
5:42 pm
i'm adam tuss, you want better roads, better transit,
5:43 pm
if you run over somebody, it's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't look before you turned
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
demolition partially collapsed in northwest d.c. today. nobody was hurt, but when the building crumbled to the ground. it happened last night. the collapse sent dust and debris into the streets below on 13th and "f." crews were excavating earlier in day but the walls didn't start giving in until hours later. still not clear what caused this collapse. making your commute better. that's the goal of a list of proposals in prince george's and montgomery counties. that list will go but right now news 4's transportation reporter adam tuss has an inside look at some of the more interesting ideas on that list and he is live in oxen hill. how's it looking? >> reporter: it's looking interesting, wendy. we can say that for sure. how about this, widening the beltway, possibly setting up toll lanes. fixing our bridges. more money for metro. yes, all of that detailed in these plans.
5:46 pm
national harbor and says she needs more transit. >> at this point i pretty much uber to d.c. or i have to drive into d.c. in order to catch a metro. >> reporter: the prince george's county council chair says with the growth his county is seeing, roads and transit have to keep up. >> mistakes of the past are when you build and don't improve your infrastructure or when you ignore your infrastructure. >> reporter: in montgomery chris christie council member --
5:47 pm
we need our governor to focus on the american legion bridge. we need our governor to do whatever we can to advance the purple line. >> reporter: certainly a lot to think about here. now, coming up next hour at 6:00, guys, in addition to that plan for a possible toll lane on the beltway, there are other plans for tolls in montgomery and prince george's counties. i'll let you know where they are. >> adam tuss, thank you. here's a different way to do a lit a variety of items online, things from laptops to furniture, even a slow plow and vehicles. the items are surplused from various departments of the county government. >> currently we have a line painter. we have outdoor equipment. some of that would be a ball field rake, a salt spreader. we have an assortment of office equipment. electronics. library books. computers and computers equipment.
5:48 pm
payment, the current auction closes tomorrow at noon. for a link to see the items search "surplus" in nbc washington app. >> caused a lot of mischief with that line painter. maryland woman got a collection notice on an account that she closed nine years ago. and this bill was for more than $11,000. the company couldn't give her an answer, she knew someone who could. consumer reporter susan hogan is here to tell us what she found out. >> that's right, whenty. closed your fair share of accounts and once the bill is paid off you never hear from the company again. in her case, she heard from the company she parted ways with nine years later. she closed her account with verizon and thought it was all good until she got that overdue bill for a whopping $11,000. >> i nearly fainted. i nearly passed out and got on the phone right away to verizon customer service. what is this?
5:49 pm
didn't know, either right away but instead of trying to get an answer, she says shay just never called her back. that's when she called nbc 4 responds. verizon did respond when we called. and the company apologized so what was the problem? and did the troubling bill go away? we'll tell you tonight on news 4 at 11:00. gopro is recalling its karma drone. you know as soon as they named it that, they were going to have trouble, right? this was two weeks after it hit the market. the compa s gopro is saying a very small number of those drones lost power during operation so the company is going to fix that. owners of the drones can return them to gopro for a full refund. preplacements are not offering refunds, however. an effective treatment for patients with heart disease according to a large study from
5:50 pm
cholesterol lowering statins were 10% more likely to survive than those on moderate doses. patients treated with the maximum dose had a better chance of survival than others taking lower intensity statins. if you get anxiety when you visit the doctor, you're not alone. one of the causes could be syndrome called white coat hypertension. it often leads to abnormally high blood pressure. now researchers say that hypertension could indicate a higher risk of heart disease in older patients. people over the age of 60 with white coat hypertension are more likely to have a cardiovascular event within ten years compared to people over the age of 60 who do not have the syndrome. news 4 is working for you in the community. we want to remind you about the walk to end hiv this weekend. it's the 30th anniversary. nbc 4 has been a proud partner for every one of these years. the walk is this saturday.
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emceeing. you can find all the details including the times of events and the exact start location in nbc washington app. search "walk to end hiv." >> doug, too early to ask you about the weather for this weekend? >> you heard loudoun county auctioning off a snow plow. >> yes, that brought to mind long-range forecast we're looking for tomorrow. >> tomorrow at 5:00. it'in winter for sure. last three winters have been above average with snowfall. should we -- >> should we bet tomorrow? let's take a look at what's happening outside, a beautiful day for part of it. we did see rain early then the sun came out. temperatures went into the 60s. next thing you know the rain came out and we dropped quickly into the 50s, where we are now. 56. winds out of the northwest 12 miles an hour. a little on the breezy side.
5:52 pm
53 degrees as well over toward chantilly and centerville. yes, still shower activity but you notice it's really getting out of here now. the only showers left down in portions of prince willall county, those will move down toward fredericksburg. that's about it. we're about done with rain. as i told you earlier yesterday, we'd be done around the 6:00, 7:00 hour, that's the way it's looking now. rain up toward the philadelphia region. thunderstorms down toward the piedmont of virginia. all in all, most of our rain is gone. tomorrow we're not seeing any rain. we're seeinl but still kind of a cool day. 45, breezy in the morning. that will cool. 55, breezy at noon. still cool there. afternoon, though, we start to see winds relax just a bit. still a little bit of a breeze. temperatures around 62 degrees. not a bad thursday. right now i think a better friday out there. high temperature of 64 degrees on veteran's day, if you're going to activities for veteran's day, looking good there. saturday a high temperature of 52 degrees but take a look at saturday. it's going to be a very chilly
5:53 pm
that was the election day forecast. wasn't that a great day for weather wise, election day? 52 degrees on saturday. 62 degrees on sunday. then we get to monday. and monday we're going to be seeing the supermoon. talked about this last week. >> yeah, we did. >> sunday night into monday. so you're going to see the supermoon sunday night then again monday night. look to the western sky. temperatures around 60 degrees on monday. this didn't work out either. man, i kind of tell you, something's going on with my system. 62 degrees on tuesday. pretty good. cooler on thursday and friday. saturday, by the way, most of you, 52 in the city, most of you will see temperatures only in the upper 40s. so a very cold day. notice we're in the 30s in the city. some of you will be in the 20s. we got some cold air moving in. the election stress you out a bit? well, it takes a significant toll for those who work on capitol hill. coming up, the relief that was
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors.
5:56 pm
the 2016 election season was so stressful, therapy dogs were brought to capitol hill to calm their nerves up there. two golden doodles, two american eskimos, beautiful, and a beagle mix all needed by staffers in the cannon house office building where they could just snuggle up with them and pet them. organizers say it was a great way for workers to relax, blow off steam, calm down, especially those workers whose bosses may
5:57 pm
disheartening. we know we did the best we can. coming in here, seeing all the dogs really brings joy, put the first smile on my face this morning. definitely needed that. thankful for all the dogs being here. >> the 2016 presidential contest put virginia senator tim kaine into the national spotlight, and today he's coping with something he has never experienced in 22 years of elective office. a loss. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey in manhattan today made their parting comments. >> thank you! >> reporter: minutes after hillary clinton wrapped up her concession speech, virginia senator tim kaine leaving a midtown manhattan hotel to cheers from supporters who clustered at the doorway. capturing on cell phone the final moments of what they hoped would be a history-making campaign. it was one kaine joined in late july, clinton chose him as her running mate. >> we're going to be --
5:58 pm
in this great -- [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: today kaine stepped to the podium first in a speech less about concession, more about heaping final words of praise on clinton. >> she has been and is a great history maker in everything she has done. >> reporter: the team had hoped to celebrate victory at the javits center beneath its glass ceiling, instead no metaphor call glass ceiling was shattered last night. donald trump. >> nobody had to wonder about hillary clinton whether she would accept an outcome of an election in our beautiful democracy. nobody had to ask that question. nobody had to doubt it. >> reporter: and in spite of a grueling 105 days in his vice presidential press, kaine not quite ready to go quietly, winning huge applause as he quoted william faulkner.
5:59 pm
lose, after the election he was going to take a few days off with his wife who campaigned hard beside him then it's back to work representing virginia in the senate. his seat not up for re-election until 2018. in new york city, julie carey, news 4. news 4 at 6:00 starts now. >> now at 6:00, calls for unity after a hard-fought presidential election. >> for those who have chosen not to support me in the past, of i'm reaching out to you for your guidance and your help so that we can work together and unify our great country. >> from the stunning upset -- >> this loss hurts, but please never stop believing that fighting for what's right is worth it. >> to president obama's plan for a peaceful transfer of power. >> we're not democrats first. we're not republicans first.
6:00 pm
next for donald trump as he prepares to lead a divided nation. >> it's being called the most stunning victory in modern u.s. presidential history. preliminary results suggest hillary clinton won the popular vote while donald trump won the electoral college. >> and tonight our team coverage begins with steve handelsman. he's at the white house right now. steve? >> reporter: thanks, good evening from the white house. there was nothing traditional about this presidential election, but today all of the principals including the president-elect are using traditional rhetoric, talking about getting together to help unify america. >> donald trump claimed victory this morning without the gloating and mocking that won him the white house. >> i pledge to every citizen of our land that i will be president for all americans. >> reporter: hillary clinton called trump last night and publicly conceded today.


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