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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 9, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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next for donald trump as he prepares to lead a divided nation. >> it's being called the most stunning victory in modern u.s. presidential history. preliminary results suggest hillary clinton won the popular vote while donald trump won the electoral college. >> and tonight our team coverage begins with steve handelsman. he's at the white house right now. steve? >> reporter: thanks, good evening from the white house. there was nothing traditional about this presidential election, but today all of the principals including the president-elect are using traditional rhetoric, talking about getting together to help unify america. >> donald trump claimed victory this morning without the gloating and mocking that won him the white house. >> i pledge to every citizen of our land that i will be president for all americans. >> reporter: hillary clinton called trump last night and publicly conceded today.
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be for a long time. >> reporter: but it's a new reality. >> donald trump is going to our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. >> reporter: president obama pledged cooperation with the man he had called unfit. >> sometimes you lose an argument. sometimes you lose an election. >> reporter: but trump's triumph left winners and losers. >> so happy that hillary didn't get in. >> but anything goes. >> reporter: trump had vowed quickly to end obamacare, build the wall and slash taxes. house speaker paul ryan promised the republican congress will help. >> donald trump pulled off and amazing political feat. it helped us keep our majorities but it also showed the country that people don't like the direction we were going. >> reporter: now the outsider who gave voice to the angry is talking unity. >> to all republicans and
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time for us to come together as one united people. >> reporter: he takes office in ten weeks. donald trump was invited here tomorrow by barack obama. it's looking like a mid-morning sit-down in the oval office. the president and the president-elect. live at the white house, steve handelsman, news 4. >> steve, thank you. more on concession speech. she spoke to campaign workers and reporters at the new yorker hotel in manhattan. >> many of you are at the beginning of your professional public and political careers. you will have successes and setbacks, too. this loss hurts, but please never stop believing that fighting for what's right is worth it. and to all the women and
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and in me, i want you to know that nothing has made me prouder than to be your champion. and to all the little girls who are watching this, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams. i know we have still not shattered that highest and hardest glass ceiling, but someday someone will and hopefully sooner than we might think right now. >> hillary clinton also said she's grateful to this country for all that it has given her. donald trump's path to the white house had a lot of his supporters celebrating today, but not all who cast a ballot for him feel very comfortable
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culver found that out today. joins us now from vienna with more on this story. david? >> reporter: hi there, vance. on one hand, you got the more vocal trump supporters who are obviously very excited tonight in expressing that. then you've got those who aren't posting anything on social media, no victory messages, they're not slapping a bumper sticker on their car, and yet they're still celebrating, albeit, silently. for weeks, this was how ashley spent her free time. >> hi. county too draw up support for her candidate, donald trump. >> you're voting for trump? they were so afraid because of everything that surrounded donald trump and that name and who he is that they were too afraid to really show it. >> reporter: it seems those so-called hidden trump supporters became vocal only in voting. not all willing to grab let alone wear a sticker. >> says trump/pence, make america great again. >> reporter: why hide? >> at times the republican party
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him. and then the democrats also, they were attacking him so i feel like a the lo of people were afraid to stand behind him. >> reporter: then there were those like alice butler short, hidden supporter, well, not quite. check out her trump truck. >> i feel ecstatic. i mean, i feel such a huge sense of relief really that's mostly what i feel. >> this is not the outcome we wanted. >> reporter: watching hillary clinton concede to their candidate, alice and her fellow women for trump supporter, carolina, have met the many hidden trump supporters. >> people were afraid to put bumper stickers on their cars and as carolina and i drove around, we would find people picking them up inside the karr car and showing them to us. >> reporter: these women hoping the division will heal. >> i want unity. >> reporter: you think a president trump can bring that? >> i think so, yes. >> we have a lot of work to do.
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want to do it together. >> reporter: the virginia women for trump members you saw right there tell me they do plan to hold a party and celebrate their candidate's victory, but they're going to wait for a little bit. wait at least until some of the raw emotions of this campaign subside. vance? >> thanks, david. some students at american university burned the american flag to protest the outcome of the presidential election. several donald trump supporters also were surrounded by the demonstraors during protest. shomari stone talked to students who say emotions are high right now but they hope to heal the divisions. >> reporter: what was the mood? >> they were really upset. they're obviously against trump. i think they just feel like they were let down by this election. >> we're very to one side or the other and i think that we need to come together at this time and mend the wounds that's been created like trump said last night. >> a spokeswoman at the university says the school does
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added that it is the students' 1st amendment right to do that. new tonight, we're getting our first look at what a president trump cabinet could look like. former house speaker newt gingrich is reportedly a top candidate for secretary of state. current rnc chairman reince priebus considered for white house chief of staff. people close to trump say that former new york city mayor rudy giuliani is a top candidate for attorney general. and dr. ben carson is getting a lot of attention for health and of course, after every presidential election comes the inauguration and all the festivities. tonight trump's transition team is already working with local officials to iron out the details. news 4's chris gordon is on capitol hill with more on what trump's swearing in will look like. hi, chris. >> reporter: hi, doreen. well, in many was it will look like previous inaugurations we
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exclusively branded trump. d.c. voted overwhelmingly for donald trump's opponent, hillary clinton, but the mayor says the nation's capital will put out the welcome mat for his inauguration. >> we have been through this many times. our home, of course, every four years. our homeland security division with the metropolitan police department work with our federal partners in preparation for t d.c., planning for the inauguration started long ago. >> so already on our website,, we have more than 50 hotel packages that specialize in coming for the inauguration from our hotel partners. >> reporter: the platform is already taking shape at the u.s. capitol for the 58th presidential inauguration. it will look a lot like president obama's inauguration and parade but some of the
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tailored to president-elect trump by the joint task force. >> we will work directly with the presidential inauguration committee which will be set up by president-elect trump, his direct representatives. they'll define to us their requirements for balls, galas and for ceremonies other than the actual swearing in that will happen on the 20th on january. >> reporter: transition offices are officially open today at the gsa which is located just blocks from the white house. that's where the trump transiti meetings with federal agencies and pick perspective cabinet members. >> the new team need to be able to walk in the door on day one and be ready to go in case there's a 9/11 on january 21st. >> reporter: between now and the inauguration, potential cabinet members will be picked, staff will be hired and donald j. trump who has been a business executive all of his life will become this country's chief executive. jim?
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maryland's governor larry hogan was one of few republican leaders who refused to endorse donald trump. now hogan is pledging to work with the president-elect. today, the governor released a statement, he congratulated trump and said in part "now is the time for all of us to come together to find real solutions to the problems we face as a country." governor hogan said back in june that he would not vote for trump, but he refused to say for whom he would vote. last night an a governor hogan wrote in his father's name on the ballot. we saw a little bit of rain across the area today. much-needed rainfall. some rain early then some sunshine. temperatures into the 60s then the rain came back. temperatures now, though, in the 50s and we're still seeing light shower activity but really it's starting to get on out of here. a couple of showers down toward prince william county, down toward fredericksburg. a few down toward southern maryland. all in all the showers are really beginning to end now as
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out to sea. and as it does so, we're going to see cooler air move in. that cooler air just off to the north and west. and rather breezy conditions, too. temperatures into the 40s already. and this cooler air will move in during the night tonight. so going to be a cool start to our day tomorrow. kind of a chilly afternoon. we'll talk about what moves in this weekend. oh, that's the coldest air we've seen in some time. i've got that for you coming up. see you in about ten minutes. >> looking forward to it, doug. thank you. coming up, the world reacting to news of the white house. plus, stocks rebound after panic overnight in the presidential race. we'll break down what's driving
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it's become a d.c. tradition after a presidential election, or any other really big news even, people walking by the newseum stopped to read the newspaper world. donald trump's surprise victory in the presidential race prompted a whole lot of extra traffic here today and more than a few photos. as the nation begins to process the news of donald trump's election, people around the world are weighing the possible effects in their countries. keir simmons ro reports now on international reaction. >> reporter: america's political earthquake shaking the world this morning. few understanding what a
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internationally. the uncertainty sending a jolt through global markets. americas overseas stunned. >> no one thought it could happen and it happened. >> one man in one election year in one branch of government is not going to, you know, end the world. >> donald trump. >> reporter: international leaders waking up to a new world. the u.s.-backed battle to take mosul from isis in iraq under way. but the strategy questioned by donald trump on the campaign trail. now he will be commander in chief. across the middle east, they watched the results live. the region's strong men like egypt's president rushing to congratulate america's president-elect. in israel, surprise and mixed reaction. >> shock. but i was very happy. >> reporter: but in mexico, where he promised to build a wall on the border, the peso plummeted this morning. here in russia, relations with america increasingly tense.
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putin sending a personal message to trump this morning. and calling for dialogue. the putin accused of supporting hackers targeting the election will be tough to deal with. while in china, questions over the future of world trade. >> we're seeing a disaster coming. >> i think pretty good because he know how to do business. >> reporter: iran, north korea, syria, the list of global challenges is long. right international relations. the financial markets also had a strong reaction at first, but investors seemed to shake off their jitters to end the trading day with some strong gains. overnight, when it became apparent that donald trump was about to win, trading in futures showed the market plunging as much as 800 points. cnbc reporter joins us now and
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reaction after trump's -- after a trump victory? >> reporter: well not always. just to accentuate the point, the dow jones industrial is in sitting distance of its all-time intraday high. a very different story last night. the dow futures were indicating an open of 800 points to the downside just on these election jitters. asian markets closing down, japan off about markets taking a bit of solace in president trump, president-elect trump's positive acceptance speech. the unifying tone of president obama and secretary clinton saying that they're here to work together. paul ryan also striking a very positive tone suggesting that the republicans will stick by him. that really calmed market fears and also the republicans taking the house and senate potentially means less political gridlock.
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trump has promised to repeal obamacare. does that create the kind of instability that could lead to market volatility? what do you think? >> reporter: when you look at financial market performance today, health care was one of the standout sectors. a clip clinton win was expected to add to pharmaceuticals. we saw a positive reaction in the health care sector. investors still what president trump's health care policies would be and does that include potentially repealing obamacare? >> how about trump's promise that he's going to cut taxes, invest in infrastructure projects, put people to work. is that a reason for the market to be bullish, you think, on a trump presidency? >> reporter: yeah, i mean, that's part of the economic policy that really resonates with wall street. cutting that corporate tax rate down could really incentivize
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it also could potentially boost m&a. trade, though, that's still considered something that wouldn't be great for the multinational companies here in the u.s. that rely so much on business overseas. that could potentially hurt some of the big companies like walmart which, by the way, it imports about $50 billion of goods from china every year. so trade, that's a big part of the economic policy that we're looking to hear more on in the coming months. >> we appreciate it. >> thank you. up next, a series of firsts as washington's new first family gets ready to move into the white house. latino families and what a
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gray skies and rainy weather and also some sunshine out there today. >> just a tad. >> a mix of kind of like everybody's feeling after the election, doug. >> yeah. exactly right. you know, we started with some rain earlier this morning then moved into a little bit of sunshine. temperatures shot up into the mid to upper 60s some locations then the rain moved back in and temperatures have been falling ever since. now, right now, most of the rain out of here. still dealing with a little bit of shower activity on storm team 4 radar.
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over along portions after anne arundel county, parts of southern maryland here. down toward st. mary's county, down toward fredericksburg region, just south of fredericksburg in toward spotsylvania county seeing showers, too. we'll see these showers continuing down to the south. heads up down toward leonardtown. all in all, the showers are just about done tonight. put away the umbrella. see them moving on through and farther down to the south. temperatures have fallen. sun's down. temperatures are going to go down, too. 56 degrees. winds out of the norst side this evening. that's going to be the case early tomorrow. not going to see much in the way of cold air. it will be cool tonight but not cold. 56 degrees in d.c. 53 dulles. 52 in gaithersburg. 55 down toward quantico. heading out this evening, a fairly nice evening. a little breezy, a little cool. temperatures will start to fall. once we clear. temperatures down to 51 at 9:00. 48 by 11:00.
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breeze. around this area of low pressure. see the spin here. back to the west, we're looking at clearing skies. those clearing skies will come in tomorrow and plenty of sunshine. high temperatures tomorrow around average for this time of year. sunny, cool, high temperature around 62. breezy conditions tomorrow and wind will subside late afternoon. into the weekend, friday looking really good. veteran's day, no problem there. 65 degrees. saturday is going to be one really chilly day. high temperatures only in the upper 40s in most of the suburbs. saw 52 in the city. rather windy. 6 2 degrees sunday. monday, 60 degrees. most of next week looking good until we go back down to the upper 50s next thursday and friday. now coming up on monday, we've got the supermoon here. this is going to be a really interesting one, too, because it's going to be setting right after sunset. right after sunset on monday night. so you'll see it on sunday night and on monday night. the supermoon making its way up here. 14% bigger.
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the closest we've been to the full moon since 1948. next time like this won't be until 2034. monday night could be a show in the sky. >> we'll look forward to that. thank you, doug. still to come tonight, they were the centerpiece of his campaign. more on new first family and potential new roles when donald trump moves into the white house. coming up on news 4, we'll take you to the white house where hundreds of peaceful protesters have gathered. also a look
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i'm pat lawson muse at the news 4 live desk. we are keeping an eye on several large protests under way right now. protests against the presidential election results. this is video from union square there. they are chanting against president-elect donald trump. also mentioning former new york city mayor rudy giuliani's name. and here is the scene in chicago where there's another anti-trump protest taking place right now. emotions obviously still running high after a very contentious election. back to you in the studio, doreen. after a quiet day outside
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protesters have now shown up over there. >> mark segraves is there to report to us. mark? >> reporter: yeah, good evening, jim. you're going to have to take my word for it that over my shoulder is the white house. this tour bus just happened to park behind us at this very moment. but we're going to show you some video of the scene just a few minutes ago in front of the white house. more than 100 peaceful protesters showed up, many of them carrying candles. they listened to speeches, chants and they joined their work is just beginning. consoing one another about the outcome of the election and saying that it is not the end but the beginning of trying to affect change in america. as you said earlier today, things were slow outside the white house. we can tell you now those protesters have actually moved and are marching down pennsylvania avenue toward the trump hotel. but earlier, we spoke with several of the people who came
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soak up the environment and a new students who said they were disappointed that so many millennials decided not to vote. in town from rochester, new york, with about 30 middle school students, kirk vincent said he and the other chaperons had to stay away from taking sides in the election while helping the students to take in the historic moment. >> the process does work and it is -- it's a breathing operation because half the people are surprised. i was surprised by the outcome. >> reporter: as for whether this election has made his students want to vote -- the students were split. >> you guys feel more like voting? >> reporter: these trump voters from clemson university, while happy with the election outcome, were disappointed more young people didn't bother to vote. >> you think of all the places in the world that can't vote, you know, look at cuba, 90 miles south of miami, look at russia.
6:31 pm
policies and truly don't know what to do. i think part of the reason is because of the taboo of what politics is and when you're growing up you don't want to step on people's toes. people aren't informed. i have friends who aren't informed voters so they didn't feel like they had the right to vote. >> reporter: craig thompson, a group of peace activists keeping a 24 hour vigil in front of the white house for years. he says after the election results, he's optimistic. >> we've got to hope for the best. >> reporter: at the white house, mark news 4. in a little over two months, president-elect donald trump will call that white house, 1600 pennsylvania avenue, his new home. and mr. trump's family will be moving in, of course, as well. >> there are four things to know about the new first family. donald trump's wife, melania, is 46 years old. she grew up in communist slovenia and said she was inspired by ronald reagan. mrs. trump is the second first lady born outside of the united
6:32 pm
was the wife of john quincy adams. louisa. >> 10-year-old barron trump will also live in the white house. he is donald trump's only child with melania. barron is fluent in slovenian thanks to his mom. the last young boy to live in the white house was jfk jr. more than 50 years ago. >> donald trump has suggested that he may give his daughter, ivanka, a cabinet position and ivanka's husband could fi children, donald jr. and eric, we're told they're going to be responsible for continuing the family business. donald trump says he will put the business in a blind trust while he is president. washington national cathedral held post-election reconciliation services today. the church invited people to pray for healing after one of the most divisive presidential campaigns in recent memory.
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one woman told us that being there for her put things into perspective. >> we've always faced obstacles and troubles and division throughout our history. >> our calling is to seek the good of the cities and the communities in which we dwell. that that is god's call to us. >> the national cathedral is also planning their traditional prayer service before the newly sworn in president. that will happen in january. d.c. did not fare all that well in the election yesterday of a republican president and a republican congress. >> the new leadership in january likely to turn a deaf ear to the city's latest effort to gain statehood. tom sherwood is here with some analysis. tom, the city passed the statehood measure by 80% yesterday. is it going anywhere? >> well, you know, that was the big plan, pass this thing, get
6:34 pm
senate, send it up there, get a vote in the senate, maybe not pass the house but get international attention to the voting rights thing. well, hold everything. the senate stayed in the republican hands. trump won. trump has said he would look at statehood. he's never really considered it. and so the big plan is dead. there's no hope anyone has talked to me or anybody i know in the city that this will actually go forward. so they've got to think of plan "b." >> there is no plan "b" right now. one of the things that irritate us in the district as much as anything else is congress injecting itself into our issues whatever they may be. anything like that on the horizon, gun control, for example? you see anything happening in that regard? >> as much as people in the city don't like it, it is constitutional for the congress to have full oversight, legislative oversight of city and it sticks its hands into all kinds of things. guns is one thing. you know, this city back in the
6:35 pm
the toughest handgun control laws, supreme court ruled it unconstitutional. ever since there's been a fight over in the courts of what can you do, open carry, concealed carry, how many guns, all that. so it's possible congress could simply step in. this conservative congress and say to the city, just follow the federal rules and stop putting in so many things. now, the city says in response to that, look, this is where the president lives, where the re don't put guns all over town. it could also be the city budget. the city passed another bill saying it would spend its own local tax dollars without any control by the congress. well, members of -- a lot of house members didn't like it. they let it go forward but i think you could see a lot of -- i won't call it meddling because i'm a reporter, but the city will see it as meddling. they've got to be careful. they're looking now for some lobbyists who can maybe negotiate with the members of the house and senate. >> if you weren't a reporter,
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>> okay. thank you, tom. >> i know how to talk. >> i know you do. that's what i depend on. big issue in virginia now, voters in fairfax county rejected a proposed 4 cent meals tax on the ballot last night. that money would have gone to fairfax county public schools to help pay for teacher pay raises and to reduce class size, but some school board members say the school system should spend the money are we spending the public's money, the taxpayers' money in such a way that it meets their priorities? and levying another tax under just increasing salaies just moves the ball forward and kicks the can down the road. >> also thinks the board will now have to redo the entire budget from scratch based on last night's decision. a family tragedy. how strangers from all over the
6:37 pm
murder victim. how would you like to see more toll lanes all throughout our area? i'm adam tuss. a huge meeting on transportation coming up tomorrow. i'll tell you about some of the specifics coming up. and the rain just about out of here, but what's moving in behind it? i've got details on that, what could be some of the coldest air pretty! hey. umm... sign here? sure, you got a pen? i do! thanks, sweetie.
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two life sentences, that's what a jury recommended for a virginia man convicted of killing his wife. david and bonnie black were near the end of a bitter divorce and custody battle in the spring of 2015. arlington county police say that's when david sneaked into bonnie's home and stabbed her to death. the jury gave its sentencing recommendation today. there's no word on when a judge will give a final ruling. her mother is dead, her
6:40 pm
girl from prince william county is getting help from a community. a gofund me page has been set up to help lynn fan's daughter. you can find a link in our nbc washington app. fam was killed over the weekend. police sigh brian yu shot her as she left work at a hair salon in gainesville. the couple was set to appear in court this week for a child custody hearing. police arrested yu on tougher than ever. especially in maryland where state leaders are running down a list of ideas to help us get around. a big meeting happens tomorrow in montgomery and prince george's counties. and it's likely the idea of more toll facilities is going to come up. transportation reporter adam tuss is at national harbor with some of the ideas under consideration. >> reporter: you know, so many parts of maryland continue to grow like national harbor right here, but the transportation
6:41 pm
that's why tomorrow's meeting becomes so important. is the solution to road congestion in maryland a pay-to-play network? montgomery county council member with a message for governor larry hogan. >> i don't understand it particularly with this governor, i don't understand his opposition to toll roads which is what funded a lot in virginia and 270 could be a perfect candidate for that. >> reporter: he's talking about those express lanes where you can pay to get around traffic. maryland transportation leaders are looking at draft right now that would widen the beltway and possibly add toll lanes from the legion bridge to the wilson bridge. commuters like wes welcoming any help. >> it takes me about 45 minutes at least to get to work, that's on a good day. >> reporter: nakita green who lives at national harbor says she needs more transit. >> at this point i pretty much uber to d.c. or have to drive to d.c. in order to catch a metro. >> reporter: the prince george's
6:42 pm
up. >> the mistakes of the past are when you build and you don't improve your infrastructure or when you ignore your infrastructure. >> reporter: for now a call for improved roads, bridges, interchanges and transit to keep everyone moving. now all told, state leaders say they want to invest about $14.5 billion in the transportation network in the state over the next six years. back to you. >> thanks, adam. still to come tonight, a closer lok trump's win on minorities and
6:43 pm
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donald trump's election is having a major impact on prince george's county. >> many voters there supported hillary clinton and are still trying to get over her stinging defeat. as bureau chief tracee wilkins shows us now, some are now worried about tear future. tracee? >> reporter: nearly 90% of the people who voted in yesterday's election voted for hillary clinton. prince george's county has the largest democratic voting bloc in maryland. a lot of people are very upset about the turnout of this election. >> shock. >> i'm just processing this. >> reporter: in prince george's county, the largest democratic voting bloc in maryland, an overwhelming majority of voters supported hillary clinton. some say her loss to donald trump was a wake-up call. >> i think we live in a bubble here in this area and the washington area because we are probably not as representative
6:46 pm
what it's all about. >> the trump presidency, because he did it his way, on his own, he's beholding to no one. he's not beholding to the republican congress. >> reporter: prince george's is the largest most affluent predominant african-american county in the u.s. its second largest minority group is hispanics. they also supported clinton with an overwhelming majority. many see trump's presidency as a threat. >> he promised a lot of things, like he emphasized a lot about the beautiful wall and all of the kind to -- hope, no, but we believe that he's going to do that. >> reporter: marie and her husband moved here from mexico to start a family and have a better life. they are undocumented. >> translator: something must have happened to him with mexicans because he hates us so much. >> reporter: marie is hoping the american dream she envisioned for her family still exists for them. >> translator: so if love helped
6:47 pm
wall down that he wants to build. >> reporter: every minority group i spoke to said the same thing, talked about coalition building and working together to deal with some of the promises that trump made while on the campaign trail. if they come to be. reporting live in hyattsville, i'm tracee wilkins. >> we invite you to keep it right here for extended coverage of the presidential election tonight at 7:00 on a special one-our edition of "nbc nightly news." doug is back with another check on our weather. and some colder days ahead. >> yeah, you know, saturday is going to be really cold afternoon. probably the coldest day we've seen so far this season. and we're going to see plenty of sunshine, too. that tells you even colder air making its way in here. but tonight, not all that bad. you do have cooler air right now after the rain that came on through. take a look outside. pretty nice shot.
6:48 pm
winds out of the northwest at 12 miles per hour. we'll see numbers fall throughout the evening. that's where we are now, into the low 50s. potomac, 52. bull run at 51 degrees. right now leesburg coming in at 53. going through the hour by hour, ref of the night, 51 degrees, dropping into the 40s by around 1:00 a.m. and some of you will be down into the upper 30s early tomorrow morning. yeah, it will be a cool start but that's exactly what we expect this time of year. any rain left, well, a couple showers over here crofton, this is beginning to move out. it will continue to do so. see the shower activity dissipating as we lost the sunshine. sun always helps to produce those showers and now that we're on the dark side, things are cooling off. 45 degrees. 7:00 a.m.. breezy conditions early tomorrow morning. that's going to be the really cool part about it. any time we get that breeze, 10 to 15, 20 miles per hour, it's going to feel cooler.
6:49 pm
63 degrees by 5:00. veteran's day, high temperature of 64 degrees. then look at saturday. a front comes through on friday. if you have plans on friday night, it's going to be a cold night. rather windy conditions. on saturday, 52 in the city. high temperatures only in the upper 40s. back to the west, only 46 in martinsburg. 52 culpeper. 10 to 15 mile an hour wind, it will feel like temperatures in the upper 30s to lower 40s. it's going to be a cold day on saturday for sure. that's only one cold sunday back to 62 degrees and most of next week looking really, really nice. tracking a storm system late next week, thursday, friday and saturday. that's something we'll continue to watch for you. right now everything looking good as we move on through the next couple of days. just remember that jacket when you step out the door tomorrow. our winter forecast coming up tomorrow at 5:00. >> looking forward to that. thanks, doug. we got sports coming up. we got the vikings coming to town.
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this is the xfinity sports desk. >> reading jason's script because that's how i roll and i see that desean missed practice. you can help me out with the rest. >> yes, it's wednesday, desean -- >> missed practice. >> kind of how it goes. >> does he always miss practice? >> i got you. >> go to redskins park. desean jackson again out at practice today at redskins park. he did not participate.
6:53 pm
the veteran receiver hasn't had a lot of impact plays this season for the skins. since week three, no touchdowns for d. jacks and hasn't had a game with more than 60 yards receiving during that stretch. kirk cousins and the skins offense could use a breakout performance from jackson this weekend. skins preparing to face the best defense in the nfl. the vikings, given up the fewest points in the league, third in total yards allowed. no surprise head coach mike zimmer used to be defensive coordinator when he was with the cincinnati bengals. offense if coordinator of the team, jay gruden, remembering some of his old battles from practice against man he calls a frenemy. >> it was pretty entertaining, i tell you, it was a challenge and really his style of coaching and his defensive play calling made me a better coach actually. i mean, you had to have a plan every day when you went to practice for your offense,
6:54 pm
you better have an answer. it was a great competition. have a lot of respect for him. >> starts with coach zimmer, his team, in addition, they played together a few years so they have continuity. they're very smart football players. not just good athletes, they're smart aware players. when you combine that, it makes for a tough unit. a great challenge for us. that's what we're excited about, see how we measure up against a very good unit. >> speaking of mike zimmer, a few rough weeks for his team. the vikings head coach. they've lost three straight games. their o in the last week zimmer, he's undergone two procedures on a torn retina in his right eye. the second procedure done just yesterday. the coach feeling good to be back at work and perhaps has a new motivational tool for his team. >> all the stuff that went on the last couple weeks, for them to go out and act like my football team again, finally, i felt there was a good thing. and i told them if i can get six needles stuck in my eye in last
6:55 pm
>> i don't know if you should be practicing or watching practice after an eye procedure like that. a torn retina. he couldn't even watch -- you lose three in a row, though. >> i know. >> we're going to move on to basketball now for a moment. john wall will not be available friday when the wizards host the cavaliers. the team has a back to back coming up this weekend. still not 100% healthy. we also learned today the association did not like the way w night, nba fining him $25,000 for inappropriate interaction with a game official and failure to leave the court in a timely fashion after his ejection in monday night's loss against houston rockets. the only problem, that's just one of the problems for this wizards team right now. they're 1-5, off to one of their worst starts since the 2012 season when they started the year 0-12. now the second worst record in eastern conference, this team knows they should and can be a lot better.
6:56 pm
1-5 start. we feel like we should be better. we had games that we should have won we let slip away. got to find a way to get out of that slump. the only way to do it is with the coaching staff we have and key guys in our locker room. >> it's a matter of being consistent. we got to do a better job of being locked in and getting stops when we need to and scoring the ball. >> some sad news now from the wizards family. greg ballard, former fourth overall pick by the bullets who helped the team win an nba title in his rookie to prostate cancer, he was 62 years old. he'll be remembered tonight against the game. tip off an comcast sportsnet. over to baseball now, chicago cubs continuing to make the news, the team anthem "go, cubs, go" debuted on the billboards chart this week for the first time ever three decades after it came out. according to billboard "go, cubs, go" reached number 21 on pop digital sales song chart and
6:57 pm
>> they sang it on "saturday night live." >> yes. >> that's probably what shot it up on the charts. >> absolutely. >> thanks. >> thank you, jason. hey, now we want to show you a special treat for young gymnasts in our area. olympic gold medalist simone biles stopped by to sign autographs earlier today for the arlington aerials team. her visit was a prize for the gymnasts who sold the most tickets to the show that biles is performing in at the biles took home four gold medals, you'll remember at the summer games in rio. many have called her the greatest gymnast of all-time. maybe there's some future olympic gymnasts in that crowd she was meeting today. >> could well be. she's quite an inspiration, that's for sure. doug, i want to make sure with you before we go, we only have a few seconds but we have a real big moon coming our way? >> the supermoon? >> the supermoon, yes, sir.
6:58 pm
>> i was talking about it last week getting you ready for this weekend. >> is that what it was? >> it will be sunday night then again on monday. going to be really cool.
6:59 pm
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for us to come together as one united people. >> for hillary clinton, one of the most stunning defeats in american political history. >> last night i congratulated donald trump and offered to work with him on behalf of our country. >> the candidate and her campaign, so confident victory was in their grasp. what happened? we have exclusive details inside trump's planning. plus the immediate impact of his policies


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