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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  November 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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fleese to get going this morning. temperatures milder than average and veteran's day staying dry. it looks like the wind will be back again for tomorrow afternoon. a breezy stretch of weather. for tomorrow, 45 4 2 today, 45 now. we'll be in the breezy in the outlying areas. 63 by 3:00 this afternoon. by 7:00 p.m., still dry on the cool side. temperatures back down into the mid-50s. a look at the weekend forecast which includes the walk hiv and a lot of other cool stuff, including cool temperatures. that is coming up in a few more minutes. that is traffic top, that means chopper 4 and melissa mollet. do i need to make chopper sounds? >> you should. >> again, this crash seems to be on the left side of the roadway and perhaps we had an earlier issue on the right side as well. they're trying to get to that scene but it is quite slow here this morning. so as you can see, the delays are starting.
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accident here probably involving a deer. you can see the folks along the outer loop. not much of a slow down quite yet this morning. northbound branch after brandywine road. still have that crash in the center lane. travel times for you in ten minutes. >> thank you. 6:01 now. we've been monitoring a developing story overnight. more protests after the election of donald trump from oregon to california, to washington state and here in the nation's capitol. we're seeing people take to the streets and to facebook with the #nmy the fall out from this election and how we're transitioning to the trump administration. >> we begin with megan mcgrath live outside the trump international hotel in d.c. megan? >> reporter: we're outside trump international hotel. a few minutes ago, this truck pulled up. it looks like they'll be putting some sort of a barricade here up along the front entrance of the
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front of the main entrance. there is no question that this was a contentious campaign and there are still hard feelings but law makers on both sides of the aisle say it is now time to move forward and begin the process of bringing about a smooth transition. now, president-elect donald trump and his wife melania are visiting the white house today. the president and mr. trump, they will have a sit down in the oval office. no doubt there will be awkward moments but president obama says the peaceful hand off of power is the >> the peaceful transition of power is one of the hall marks of our democracy and over the next few months, we're going to show that to the world. >> and orientation for newly elected members of congress will get under way in about two weeks or so but the transition in full swing, the transition office opens yesterday just a few
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>> thank you. a day after donald trump's stunning victory, communities across the country taking to the streets in protests like this one. late into the night, we saw similar scenes, people marching, people chanting, not my president, even lighting things on fire like what you're seeing in this scene, thousands of people gathering, vandalizing businesses, setting things on fire, and then even assaulting police officers. rocks thrown, police having to use blast balls and arresting dozens of people. there are protests in oakland. that is what you're seeing engine that video. seattle, new york city, here in d.c. as well. the scene happening in great portions of the country. eun, aaron, back to you. >> president-elect donald trump's transition is under way and we're getting a look at who could fill some of the top
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trump's transition team is eyeing former new york city mayor rudy guiliani as attorney general. newt gingrich is an option for secretary of state and reince priebus could be a choice for white house chief of staff. retired lieutenant general michael flynn could be the secretary of defense or national security advisor. right now, we're still waiting on a new states to be the states are michigan, arizona and new hampshire. at the moment, nbc news gives president-elect donald trump 279 electoral votes. hillary clinton has 228. clinton leads the popular vote by about 200,000 votes. the lead is shrinking. senator tim kaine is back in richmond this morning after losing tuesday's election. kaine says he and his wife will spend the next few days with family before he returns to washington. his seat in the senate is not up
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on monday, he will head back to capitol hill for the start of what is considered a lame duck start of congress. we could know who could be the next mayor of hagerstown. the board of elections will begin counting 630 absentee ballots. the incumbent trails former mayor by 91 votes. we asked you how you feel about the outcome of the election. 42% of you say you were scared, 27% say you were concd. 15% are excite. to weigh in, head to the nbc washington facebook page. new video from a shooting we told you about at the live desk. a man was shot in the chinatown area in northwest washington. this was 6th and h street northwest. no suspects, the man is at the hospital right now. today, prince george's
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mural to honor a murdered teacher and mother. they were shot and killed outside of their home in fort washington. chloe's father admitted to carrying out the shooting. the community mural will be at bradbury heights. the unveiling will happen at 10:00 a.m. she was a teacher at the school. this morning, a woman who was set on fire during a domestic violence incident is still in critical condition. this happened tuesday on harrington drive in prince george's county police say a man set his girlfriend on fire after an argument. he died before he could be charged. when another maryland woman heard horrified stories. he doused her with a flammable substance at her job, chased her outside and set her on fire.
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security cameras. she survived. >> to see that after math, the look on her face and we were just so grateful to see that she survived. >> kay jackson now travels the country with her sister speaking out against domestic violence. she also started a ministry at a local church to address domestic violence issues. she said she hopes the keterring fire district and her family will reach out to her for domestic violence, be sure to head to the nbc washington app and search safe at home. >> 6:07. now to a developing story. a search for this missing teen is under way. this is 15-year-old raquel narvaes from greenbelt maryland. she was last seen her home tuesday evening. anyone who may have seen her or knows where she is is asked to call the greenbelt police. help for a 6-year-old. how you can help a northern virginia community support a
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5:11. oh, 5:11. i have plenty of time. 6:11, ahh! >> if we're inclined to go out for a jog or walk a dog or be outdoors, chuck. >> a little motivation. temperatures in the upper 30s, low 40s. a chilly start here this morning. midday temperatures will be near 60 degrees. that will be the best time of the day when i'll be out running. 6:00 tonight, back into the 50s
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another breezy day coming tomorrow for veteran's day and the weekend is looking much, much colder, a plus weather for today but as we get towards the weekend, temperatures will be down into the 30s. might have the first freeze of the year sunday morning in downtown washington. look at the 10 day forecast coming up at 6:51. there is a new, big problem. >> this could develop into a big issue for people. we're trying to see how quickly they can get this out of the way. urbana. we have lanes blocked. now the shoulder is getting by. we'll watch the back-ups and see how they build and keep you updated right here. we're seeing a four mile back up. westbound 50 at 201, crash still there on the shoulder, on the left shoulder. 270 looks okay from germantown. top of the beltway is getting slow. 66 into town is okay and so is 95 north quantico to the beltway.
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we have an update for you on the situation happening in canonsburg pennsylvania. two officers shot and police there actively searching for a shooter in that neighborhood. we stand from reporters on the scene that nearby residents may have even received an auto call to stay inside while police are canvassing that neighborhood. we had new videot showing a police in the area with long guns, s.w.a.t. team members also on the scene. this happening in ca in fonsburg pennsylvania. two officers shot. one of them having to be med evaced from the scene and another rushed to the hospital within the last hour or so. we're going to continue to follow the updates, again, from canonsburg pennsylvania.
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information as we do so. i'm erika gonzalez. happening today, jury deliberations in the murder trial of former cincinnati police officer ray tensing accused of shooting an unarmed black motorist. he claims he shot the motorist while being dragged by his car. prosecutors say video from the officer's body camera and witness testimony don't back up his story. a virginia jury has recommended two life sentences for david black. he was convicted of stabbing his april of 2015. the couple was in the middle of a divorce a formal sentencing hearing is scheduled for february. a prince william county community is coming together to help a 6-year-old girl. a go fund me page is set-up to help lynn pham's daughter. she was killed over the weekend. police say brian yu shot her as she left work at a hair salon in gainesville. yu is the girl's father. the couple is set to appear in court for a custody hearing.
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construction crews are trying to figure out what caused part of a building they were working on to collapse. this happened on election night in northwest washington. crews had been excavating the building along 15th and f street earlier in the day. it is unclear why the walls collapsed hours later. the collapse sent dust and debris into the streets. a motorcycle rider led officers on a winding high speed chase in southern california last night. that biker wove in and crashing right into the side of a white car. you can see it here coming. he got knocked off his bike apparently. police chased the man as he took off down an alley. he was eventually arrested. actor brad pitt has been cleared of child abuse allegations. sources tell nbc news the department of child services could not find evidence of abuse. it stemmed from an incident in a
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an gelline. jolie seeks custody. former bullet greg ballard died from pro state cancer. he helped his team win the mvp in his rookie season. the wizards held a tribute to him before last night's game. president obama will welcome lebron james and the 2016 nba champion clevelan they beat the golden state warriors in epic fashion. the win marked the first nba title and the first championship in 52 years the cavs also became the first nba team in history to win the title after being down 3-1 in the series. you're going to see it on "the today show" all december long, the rockefeller christmas tree is being cut down today. it arrives in new york city this weekend sometime. you can check out that tree there. it is a nor way spruce.
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it is in oneonta new york. they will wrap it in more than 50,000 lights and then it will be lit on november 30th. >> it is always so beautiful. i do love this season. i'm not quite ready yet. >> a little early. >> starting today, you can grab a cup of cheer at starbucks. >> the coffee giant is unwrapping 13 new holiday cup designs. 3! >> the cups are decked out with snow flakes and candy cains. they were created by women in six different countries. to add extra spice to this, if you buy one holiday drink, you ready? you buy one, you get one free. the deal ends on monday, though. >> venti skinny mocha. i like those, too.
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>> if you're getting one for free it should be fine. >> fair enough. it will be hot coffee weather drinking for this up coming weekend. we haven't had a lot of cold air here recently. temperatures are in the 30s and 40s. skies mostly clear after a fairly cloudy day yesterday. i mentioned that because since the 4th of july. only 15 days since the fourth of july. it is a little more than four months long, 15 times since july 4th have we had a colder than average day. that leads me to the nex weather outlook is coming up tonight. we're on facebook live right now. brittany is over here putting hardware self on facebook live. if you have particular weather questions, find us on facebook live and i'll answer those for you in the next minute or two. 45 in washington. northwest winds averaging nearly 15 miles an hour now. it will be a breezy and cold morning but the winds will lay down later on this afternoon.
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44 now in clinton, maryland and 45 in arlington, virginia. so planning out the day today, plenty of sunshine, temperatures will be in the 40s through about 8:00 or 9:00 this morning. mid-50s at lunch time to near 60. afternoon highs today. low to mid-60s. that is a couple degrees warmer than average. tomorrow is veteran's day. sun and clouds kind of mix together and breezy in the second half of the day coming up for tomorrow. your five day forecast is going to be a cold one as we head towards the weekend. freedom plaza, we'll be in the 40s and colder coming up on sunday morning. melissa mollet is still tracking troubles on 270. >> breaking news right now on 270, take a look at this. a five mile back upright now. southbound after 80/urbana. traffic getting by on the right shoulder at this point. chopper 4 will be there in a couple minutes. we'll see what is going on from above. westbound 50 at 201.
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it looks better than it did. beltway is behaving itself this morning. inner and outer loop, everything looking okay this morning. bottom of the beltway, prince george's county, inbound 220, just a tad slow. tomorrow, americans will pause to honor our military veterans. >> that includes a special tribute from the u.s. air force band. i have the pleasure of hosting the band's musical tribute to veterans again four years in a row, they've invited me to do this. the broadcast special performances from drake white and a long list of patriotic tunes the band will play. the air men are incredible musicians across the board here. the program airs tonight at 8:00 on maryland public television. set your dvr. >> what a treat. they serve the country and are musically talented. >> your next first lady was born over seas. how her european hometown is celebrating the election victory. >> comfort on capitol hill.
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that right about now and some of them got a welcome surprise. >> plus, the post election protests are not only happening across our country. we'll show you more of how the rest of the world is reacting to the new trump presidency. your time is 6:21. stay with us. >> i'm erika gonzalez tracking all of the videos that we're seeing on social media of those anti-trump protests happening
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your time is 6:24. americans aren't the only ones protesting the results of tuesday's election. dozens of filipino students burned a photo of president-elect donald trump near the embassy. students marched through the streets holding signs saying dump trump.
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country of slovenia celebrated her becoming the first lady of the united states. >> how stressful was the 2016 election season? apparently a lot of people say very stressful. so stressful, in fact, that therapy dogs were brought to capitol hill after the election was over. >> two golden doodles, american eskimos mingles with staffers. it was beneficial for those who's bosses lost reelection. >> if only they had brought some pandas. freedom for an hour. look at this. an ostrich escapes from a truck in japan. yes, people. it is back where it belongs but look at that guy walking along the highway. taking a stroll. he was being taken to a zoo
6:26 am
kingdom. >> he was on a breeding truck. brother needed a break. i'll go, but let me walk for a second. >> highway officers had to team up to take him down. they say the ostrich was calm the entire time. >> he is like, i'm going to go. give me a minute, though. >> you know ostriches right? it doesn't appear anyone or any ostriches were getting hurt. >> he had to get to work. 6:26, our time right now. if you live in maryland, traffic can be tough. you know that. you may be able to get around easily if you are willing to pay for it. >> we're already hearing about donald trump's first visit with a world leader over seas. >> and sunshine is going to make a come back. chuck has 4 things to know about
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now at 6:30, a transportation shake up. there could be a solution to an easier morning commute for you in maryland. >> a murder mystery. the search continues for a killer knocking on doors. >> another milestone in congress. how the senate is being shaken up. good morning. thanks for joining us, i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. we have a sy with veteran's day tomorrow. chuck has 4 things to know about the forecast. >> good morning aaron and eun. thursday off to a beautiful start. clear sky during the overnight. the skies cleared out nicely after the rain yesterday. a bit of a chilly northwest wind. you'll need an extra layer of warmth for the early morning plans. a great afternoon coming. sunshine coming up for veteran's day. that could be breezy and cool. i'll give you the details on the veteran's day forecast coming up. there are cold mornings coming this weekend.
6:31 am
morning and then also more about the super moon coming up on monday. today, though, will be filled with sunshine and temperatures up, upper 50s to low and mid-60s. melissa mollet is dealing with breaking news. a big problem on 270. >> breaking news, we're talking about a five mile back up headed southbound and some delays headed northbound as well. chopper 4 over the scene here. these are the southbound lanes here. you can see right now, main lanes on 270 and 80 are blocked you're only getting by on the right shoulder and look back up here as chopper zooms out for us this morning. northbound also seeing delays because we have a little bit of a slow down there as well with police on the scene. 26 east of 194 and fredrick, all lanes shut down there. westbound 50 at 201. that is looking better than it is. more on the problem on 270 coming up. we could learn more about potential changes for commuters in our area today. >> montgomery and prince george county officials are coming
6:32 am
traffic flow. adam tuss joins us from 270 in potomac. what are we talking about here? back-ups on 270, a little further up from here. wouldn't it be nice to take something like a train to get around all of that. that is what we're focusing on here is potential solutions and alternatives tomorrow ways to get around our horrible, horrible traffic. so they're looking for improved to bridges. something that could potentially spur a better commute for so many people. one of the possible solutions that is out there is actually interesting. it is talking about widening the beltway from the legion bridge to the wilson bridge and potentially adding a toll lane. but tolls are also something that is being considered and will be talked about today. take a listen to the montgomery county council member. >> understand particularly with this governor, i don't understand his opposition to
6:33 am
a lot in virginia and 270 could be a perfect candidate for that. >> you know, a lot of things talked about right now is virginia side is doing a lot of things when it comes to toll roads. the express lanes, maryland officials saying maybe that idea should be brought over here as well. a big day in prince george and montgomery as we look for transportation solution. guys, back to you. >> thank you. it is 6:33. prince george's county police are searching for a killer. 75-year-old delores rivers was found dead in her apartment on sunday. police believe she let her killer inside her home. sources say rivers was found in the bathroom and it appears she had been strangled. a neighbor tells news4 a couple of men were knocking on doors waking people up saying they were looking for someone. >> i found it kind of odd that two people would be going around knocking on doors. >> at 2:00. >> in the morning. >> saying they're looking for somebody.
6:34 am
neighbors to be alert of the surroundings. we're learning about a major investigation into multiple murders. todd kohlhepp could have killed as many as five people. meagan coxie was 29 years old. her husband was 29-year-old. their bodies were found on kohlhepp's property. crime in loudoun countys way down. it has dropped 16% in the past three years. this is the second year in a year loudoun came in lowest. the sheriff credited education and the hard work of the deputies. president-elect trump will meet with shinzo abe next week.
6:35 am
nbc news called the senate race for governor maggie hassan. hassan who is a democrat beat out current senator kelly ayotte in one of the most competitive races in the country. >> voters elected kamala harris to the senate. harris will become the second african-american woman to be elected to the senate in u.s. history. in her victory speech, she pledged to vote for documented and >> we will fight for a state that has the largest number of immigrants, documented and undocumented of any state in this country and do everything we can to bring them justice and dignity. >> harris will replace current democratic senator barbara boxer who is retiring. stepped up security around the clock at trump international hotel in d.c. as protests
6:36 am
for a meeting at the white house. >> we are keeping a close eye on the stock market. find out what you expect after a wild trading session. >> donald trump will be the 45th president of the united states of america. after being declared president-elect, a number of people, thousands of people taking to the streets across the country in protest. scenes like this on 110 in downtown l.a. let me show you the e overnight out of oakland where nearly 7,000 people took to the streets and protests became violent with protestors clashing with police. attacking some police officers and having to be arrested.
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but yet durable, and that's going to last us a really long time. i don't want to buy new furniture every couple of years. it's custom made so you know it's good quality. i'm just speechless because it's perfect. good morning, everybody, 6:39 now on a thursday morning.
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montgomery county, prince william county. 43 in centerville and 45 in arlington and falls church. you need your sweater weather for later on today. sunglasses are back in fashion as the sun is coming back our way for later on this afternoon. afternoon temperatures should be up into the low and mid-60s. so sunny and mild. we give the daily grade is an a plus for today. there will be cold, c for cold as we head towards the weekend. a check of the 10 day forecast in a few more minutes. 4 traffic. >> chopper 4 over this problem. 270 southbound, main lanes closed after 80. you're getting southbound on the shoulder. northbound also a delay as folks are looking to the left. 270 south from germantown to the spur. you're okay at that point there as you're headed southbound. top of the beltway is slow here from 95 to 270. 66 inbound typically slow. 95 north quantico to the beltway.
6:41 am
>> thank you. if you're ready to do black friday shopping, you might be in luck. we'll tell you how to get a jump start on the holiday deals. >> protest arrests, how some people upset about the election ended up in handcuffs. we have live, team coverage next. >> the formation of the trump administration is already under
6:42 am
6:43 am
developing overnight from oregon and california to washington state and here in the
6:44 am
hours after the election of donald trump. >> guards are on watch this morning after hundreds gathered outside the trump international hotel in northwest washington. >> megan mcgrath is there live now with more on what she is seeing on the scene. megan? >> reporter: well, hey, guys, within the last 45 minutes or so, since i last spoke to you, you can see a metal barrier has been put up here right outside the main entrance here to the trump international hoteln of protesters gathered here. when we arrived, actually, at 4:30 this morning. we saw anti-trump graffiti written on the sidewalk out in front of hotel. it was power washed away and it is completely gone at this point. now, this of course, was a very contentious campaign and there is still sore feelings. there was a candlelight vigil held outside the white house.
6:45 am
american university. they say the president-elect trump doesn't represent the values. >> the peaceful transition of power is one of the hall marks of our democracy. and over the next few months, we are going to show that to the world. >> reporter: and you can see behind me here that we have police officers. they've been here through the night parked along the curb here outside of the the president-elect and his wife, melania, they will be meeting with the first family later on today a few blocks from here down at the white house. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, megan. these protests took place in more than a dozen cities and we could see even more today. >> tracie strahan is live with what is going on today.
6:46 am
anti-trump sentiment as you said, certainly the same here in new york. you have to ask yourself, what does it take to shut down the nation's largest city? that nearly happened thanks to 2,000 people saying that donald trump is not their president. the protests lasted through the early morning here. the streets getting back to normal. we're outside the trump international hotel. trump tower, less than a mile away from here and the protesters flooded the streets in between. it started in lower manhattan and then the protestors decided to donald trump. again, the signs saying he is not my president, even climbing poles and getting into lanes of traffic to try to shut things down. this morning, i've been in touch with the nypd. at least 65 people were arrested as a result of the protests that actually were largely peaceful despite the volume of people here. this is just a taste of things to come according to the people that we have spoken with. they're planning for another anti-trump protest here in
6:47 am
studio. >> thank you. president-elect trump will travel to washington today to meet with president obama. >> it is no secret, these two men have had a difficult relationship. president obama is promising to make sure trump has a smooth transition. tracie potts has a preview. >> reporter: this could be an awkward meeting. they've only briefly met once before despite what they said about each other publicly. president obama is not to not necessarily lobby but talk about the orders that president-elect may roll back on day one. this is the beginning of bringing a new administration into the white house. president-elect trump has a lot of work to do. he has to select a cabinet and hundreds of people to work in his administration. he has an agenda to roll back obama care, build a wall. he wants to deal with trade
6:48 am
quickly. some of it may take more time and he has a man dade to build consensus did from capitol hill, i'm tracie potts, news4. breaking news right now in first 4 traffic. chopper 4 over the scene. take a look at this. finally getting some traffic by southbound 270 after 80. it is very slow. we're talking right there at 80, urbana. traffic getting by on the shoulder, now it looks a little better than it was. chopper 4 has been over the scene for quite awhile, brad, what are you seeing there from above? >> right now we're looking at big problems on the southbound side of 270 coming out of
6:49 am
telestrator to show you from the distance. this is fredrick and it is six miles down to the accident scene. the good news is, it did just clear. both lanes are open and the crash activity moved to the shoulder. it will be a long haul from fredrick to 270 in clarks burg. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. we're following breaking news this morning out of pennsylvania. there is a search for had a shooter after two officers were shot there. this happened at about 4:00 this morning. details sketchy right now. authorities say the officers canonsburg when we were shot. a man is recovering from a shooting in northwest washington on 6th and h street. when we learn more about the incident, we'll let you know on the nbc washington app. today prince george's county officials will unveil a mural to honor a murdered teacher and
6:50 am
nashante davis and her two-year-old daughter, chloe were shot and killed this year. chloe's father admitted to the shooting. the unveiling set for 10:00 this morning, davis was a teacher at the school. storm team4 meteorologist chuck bell is here. it is not that bad this morning. a little chilly, a little breezy. >> it will be a nicer afternoon than this morning. the winds will ease up a little bit. there is more wind coming our way for tomorrow. that will set the stage for what cold days have been few and far between. 45 degrees in washington with a northwest wind averaging 14 miles an hour. do hold on to your hats this morning. planning out the day then, we're in the upper 30s in the suburbs to low to mid-40s around town. 45 in the city. so plan on temperatures to be on the cold side here this morning with the northwest wind going. by later on this afternoon, temperatures should make it into the 60s and then back into the 50s by early this evening.
6:51 am
weather outlook at 5:00 this afternoon. if you won't be home in time, set your dvr. he will show you the forecast for snow potential this weekend. so sunny today, sunny again for tomorrow, for veteran's day. another cold front comes through. it will increase the winds tomorrow afternoon and evening. should be able to make it into the 60s again tomorrow evening. by saturday morning it will be cold. that is important because eun and aaron and myself will be down at freedom northwest washington for the walk to end hiv. the forecast for saturday morning at 7:00 a.m. bundle up. it will be in the 30s saturday morning. rising only into the upper 40s to around 50 so you'll need to keep moving to stay warm on saturday if you're coming down to join us. stay ahead of the weather by following me on twitter @chuckbell4. have the nbc washington app ready to go. find and follow me on facebook as well. the 10 day forecast. 64 today, 65 tomorrow. a lot of wind this morning and a
6:52 am
sunday morning, got a 36 here in downtown washington. a lot of the suburbs are likely to be in 209's. a cold one there. sunday night into monday, that is the next chance at the super moon. skies will be clear. going to take great pictures of the super moon on monday morning. be sure to tweet them to me. melissa mollet is helping keep you ahead of traffic on first 4 with breaking news. >> breaking news here, again, chopper 4 over the scene here, southbound main lanes just reopened. we were just getting by on that right shoulder. it was quite a mess. we still have a massive back up we're talking about, almost seven miles at this point this morning. i've been talking with jack taylor at wtop. this is quite a mess for a lot of folks headed out in the area. >> there is not a ton of options. you have 355, 85, 28, they're all obviously stacked up because this crash has been there for awhile. chopper 4 is showing us
6:53 am
leave, plan ahead for the delay but if you're going to try to use other options, understand the fact there are no original ideas. otherwise if you're going take i-70. the 355 is the slfrpest of all of your -- slowest of all of your routes right now. >> thank you, jack. good idea here this morning. westbound 50 at 201, crash on the left shoulder. still see a little bit of a delay hanging around there. new crash hanging around as well. in prince george's county. looking okay. same thing on branch avenue and pennsylvania avenue, too, as you're approaching the beltway there on 4. northbound 95 near dale city. right lane getting by that crash this morning. inner and outer loop looking fairly typical for this time of the day. guys? >> thank you. transportation is a major problem for many people in maryland. >> today, officials from montgomery and prince george's county will discuss what to do
6:54 am
could mean for your pockets. >> reporter: melissa has been telling you it doesn't take much to screw uch the morning commuter. one crash can do it. we need transportation options. that is what these meetings are all about. going around the state and trying to figure out the best way to keep people moving. state leaders will meet with leaders in prince george's and montgomery county today to talk about possible solutions. there are interesting ideas that are on the tables here, guys. how about toll roads on places like 270 widening the beltway from the wilson bridge to the legion bridge. also, money for metro and keeping people moving. that is something that we all need to figure out. these meetings become important because they start to try to plan for how they will address transportation in the future about 14 and a half billion dollars. that is what state leaders want to spend on the transportation network in the coming years. guys, back to you. >> all right.
6:55 am
you. the wait is over. walmart's black friday specials start today. >> don't get too excited. this is only for walmart's app users. select deals are more like steals including $79 tramp lean, a laptop for less than $300. walmart's in store black friday event will start at thanksgiving day and there are deals online just after midnight. you know peo noor. 6:56, here are 4 things to know before you head out the door this morning. the trump family will head to the white house today. president-elect trump will meet with president obama while melania trump will meet with michelle obama. >> people all over the country are protesting the election. thousands hit the streets in 18 different cities chanting not my president. more than 100 people have been arrested. wall street is hoping to add to yesterday's strong gains in the market. stocks went from potentially
6:56 am
presidential election to rally by the closing bell after speeches from donald trump, hillary clinton, and president obama. >> two police officers were shot in pennsylvania near pittsburgh and the search for the gunman is happening right now. >> and if you're planning your day weather wise it is a little breezy and cold outside this morning but it will be a beautiful afternoon today. nice weather tomorrow for veteran's day and much colder weather settles in for the weekend. saturday morning could be the coldest so >> southbound 270 after 80, still have a six mile back up but finally the mess is out of the road. the chopper zooms out and over to the right, you can see it snakes all the way back there to fredrick this morning. very, very slow. did have delays at northbound as well but those cleared out of the way. we had response in the northbound lanes causing a back up as well. crash on the left shoulder westbound 50 at 201.
6:57 am
inner and outer loop, looking pretty good. >> thank you. want to mention, one of our friends pointed out that it is the birthday of the united states marine corps. >> 241 years of service and sacrifice. thank you so much. >> i did the math. 241 years, the marine corps was put together during the revolutionary war so it is a
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. breaking overnight -- >> we reject the president-elect! >> protests over the election of donald trump erupt coast to coast. thousands marching on t has got to go. >> and in chicago, demonstrators blocking traffic in los angeles, oakland and portland, oregon, even burning an effigy of the president-elect in new orleans. white house welcome. president obama and the first lady set to meet with donald and melania trump this morning. once bitter rivals, the president now promising cooperation over the next 71 days. >> we are all now rooting for his success in uniting and


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