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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  November 11, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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through the bravery, dedication and sacrifice of our veterans, we enjoy peace and liberty. >> right now across our area, veterans being honored for the world war ii memorial in just minutes, president obama is expected at arlington national cemetery. we'll take you there live. not my president! not my president! >> president-elect donald trump is reacting to the ongoing protests over the election results. his two very different responses, just hours apart. temperatures are kind of mild now, but it's going to be a blustery afternoon and the weekend is looking very, very
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details coming up. but "news4 midday" starts right now. good morning and welcome to "news4 midday," i'm barbara harrison. >> and i'm erika gonzalez this is the tomb of the unknown soldier at arlington national cemetery. news4's pat lawson muse with more on what's taking place there. >> president obama is just arriving at arlington national cemetery at this hour this will be his final da arlington while serving as president. first will lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. after that the president will go to the amphitheater where he will make his veterans day remarks. and deliver a speech about veterans and the meaning of this day. we'll keep it right here. we'll be watching the ceremony and bring you some of what the president has to say here from the live desk. i'm pat lawson muse, back to you.
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veterans were honored this morning at a world war ii memorial. among the guests, former senator bob dole, senator dole is a veteran of world war ii. he received two bronze stars for valor for his actions on the battlefield. 400,000 americans lost their lives. the oldest living world war ii survivor is getting a a huge honor on this veterans day. sergeant bill moore. he's 108 years old. he was a annual veterans day breakfast at the white house. sergeant moore is making his way to the world war ii memorial. his daughter describes the pride he feels on days like these. >> my father has a tremendous love of country. and when you're with him, he exudes that love. and when he speaks, he speaks from the heart about how much,
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>> let us know about a veteran that you are honoring today by using the #thankavet. send a picture with it and coming up, we'll take you live to a home being built especially for an area veteran. beautiful sunshine for all of the events that are taking place in our area this morning. now the question is -- is this going to last for the weekend, chuck? >> the sunshine isn't going to be the issue with the weekend weather, the issue is going to in the air. some of our coldest temperatures we've seen here in the fall season. right now looking northboard from our tower camera. there are some mid and high-level clouds associated with a cold front that's now just down to our south. as the colder air is spilling in behind it. it's generating a little bit of a cloud deck out here and these clouds will be in and out of the sunshine the rest of the day. no chance for rain, any chance for precipitation is still way to our north. we'll be dry today, but the northwest wind is going to be very gusty here for the remainder of the afternoon
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haven't moved much in the last five to ten hours, winchester was at 56 degrees four hours ago, washington was at about 58 degrees this morning. haven't moved much. this is about as warm as we're going to get from here on out. the northwest wind will start to win out. we'll be back to the mid 50s by 5:00, upper 40s by 8:00, 42 by 11:00. >> online from president-elect donald trump on twitter. that could mean a staff selection for his cabinet. he tweeted about the protests happening around the country. first he said they were very unfair. he followed that by saying he was proud of protesters' passion for the country. all protesters must proceed
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part in another night of those protests, at least one turned violent. people set fires and threw things at police in portland, oregon, prompting officers to call it a riot. 26 were arrested. the protests show a divided country. but nbc's edward lawrence explains how diplomacy could build bridges. >> donald trump called his first day in washington, d.c. facilitate a transition that insures our president-elect is successful. >> a remarkable image, the president-elect and president obama shook hands. >> mr. president, it was a great honor being with you and i look forward to being with you many, many more times in the future. >> thank you. >> trump opening the door to seek the president's counsel in the future. the respect echoed by white house spokesman josh earnest. >> it sounds like the meeting
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awkward than some might have expected. >> president-elect went on to tour the spot where he will be inaugurated with the house speaker paul ryan and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. avoiding protesters at every step. >> i haven't been sleeping since he was elected president. and i'm just devastated right now. >> they should just get used to it and start trying to figure out how we're all going to get along. >> those protests continued in cities across the u.s. morning in trump tower, looking forward more towards his transition. possibly looking over names for people who could be in his cabinet. edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. and an interesting turn since the election, it sent people running towards the affordable care act. trump said he plans to dismantle that law. but the government said 100,000 people signed up on health the day after the
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far. and part of this developing story out of the university of maryland. i want you to take a look at your screen right now. this is 21-year-old kaitlyn george. campus police say that she is missing. she was last seen on wednesday afternoon on campus. her roommates tell police she may have a black and white camping backpack. maybe even a green canvas bag with her. if you know where she might be, you're asked to call police. an after-school 5-year-old girl. raul ramos worked at a privately-run program in rockville. montgomery county police say between the end of august and the end of october, ramos inappropriately touched the victim while playing tag with her. the alleged abuse took place while the girl was enrolled in the kids after hours program at flower valley elementary school. anybody with concerns about
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police. we are working to find out the condition of two men who were shot this morning. d.c. police say that they found the men on stanton road southeast between suitland parkway and elfen's road. the man went to the hospital but it's not clear how seriously they were hurt. police say they have not arrested anyone so far and are working to learn more about a deadly shooting in northeast washington. d.c. police say a man was killed in grant place just p.m. right across the street from thomas elementary school. no word on a suspect at this time. a puppy named cruise is back with its owners. he was stolen from his front yard last month. d.c. police say they found him last night. and we're still waiting to learn more about how he was found, since he was not microchiped. this is surveillance video what shows how it happened. it shows a woman and a man walking to the fence in southwest d.c. a man reaches over the fence, unhooks him from his leash and
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our area. first for traffic that helps you get around at all. >> imagine this, taking your clothes to the dry cleaners and never getting them back? new information for people dealing with that exact problem. a life-changing gift to a wounded veteran and his family. a smart home filled with technology to help himove
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let's check back in at arlington national cemetery now, where president obama just laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. this is the 63rd annual national veterans day observance at arlington national cemetery. a crowd is gathered at the cemetery's amphitheater to hear the president speak this will be the president's at 11:30 this morning. veterans day, a man in our area is getting the best gift of his life. a foundation just gave him a brand new home. news4's megan mcgrath is live in chevy chase for the special ceremony. megan? >> what a home it is. you can see behind me here, that the dedication ceremony is still under way here. u.s. army captain luis avila is
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traumatic brain injury in afghanistan. the home donated by the gary sinese foundation is especially adapted to allow him greater mobility and freedom. for u.s. army captain luis avila, simple tasks like opening a door can be a challenge. but not any more. captain avila and his family became proud owners of a brand donated by the gary sinese foundation. with the touch of a sensor or an ipad, captain avila can now go in and out any door in his home with ease. there's an elevator, a specialized bathtub and shower and wide-open spaces so he can easily maneuver his wheelchair. the home offers a new start. after life-changing injuries in an ied explosion in afghanistan.
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provide some support for this family for the rest of their lives. this is what we call his forever home this is some place that he's going to live in for the rest of his life. >> and we're expecting to hear from captain avila and his family at the end of this dedication ceremony. learn exactly what they think of their new home as you just heard, their forever home that was built with them in mind. even its location we're here in chevy chase, which is not far avila undergoes physical therapy and receives other medical services. so that is a convenience as well. just its near location, but a very, very generous gift. back to you. >> it certainly is. thank you, megan. a local veteran is spending this holiday in a new home. >> news4's mark segraves, shows us how a family in the district is finding success.
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veterans find themselves homeless. they're one of the fastest growing populations of homeless in america. here in the district, they've been having success. getting hundreds of veterans from shelters and off the streets into stable housing. one of those veterans? sergeant robert lee. he came back from fighting for his country, only to end up homeless with two daughters. a single father. living in a shelter. but this thanksgiving season, home. >> we thought that we were going to end up being in the shelter for thanksgiving and christmas. which would have been devastating to them i'm pretty sure. i know it would have been for me. but to be able to be in our own home now. and to celebrate the holidays. this is a wonderful feeling. it really is. >> coming up this evening on news4, you'll learn more about sergeant lee's journey and how the district is helping to get many more veterans off of the streets.
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to help. in the district, mark segraves, news4. people who dropped off their dry cleaning in august will finally have a chance to get it back. their clothes have been locked inside sunny dry cleaners in the glenmont strip mall in silver spring because the business was evicted. now the landlord has agreed to open the week of december 5th to allow customers to pick up their long-lost clothes. they must have their ticket and exact ca get their clothes back. some major events happening this weekend. they could impact your drive around town. melissa mollet is here with a traffic alert. >> i'm melissa mollet with your first 4 traffic. a look at the roads for the weekend, this is a big deal here. 30th anniversary for the walk to end hiv on saturday morning. starts at 9:15 at freedom plaza, and "news4 today's" aaron
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street that area there will be shut down between 7:00 and 3:00 in the afternoon. they'll reopen things after the 5k and the walk is over. wisconsin avenue, we will be shut down here just some lanes and one section here. saturday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. two lanes northbound and southbound. so both directions between east-west highway and bradley boulevard will be affected by that. also this weekend, on 70, between 27 and 94, i this weekend, going to have multiple lanes shut down throughout the weekend. your all the nats there, 26, 41 they are expecting some significant delays because of that. remember redskins playing the vikings this sunday at 1:00 at fedex and the beltway always a little tricky on gameday. see you monday morning for "news4 today." as melissa mentioned, the walk to end hiv takes place
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joining us with more information is don blanchard, executive director at whitman walker health. all of the money raised goes to whitman walker. explain to us what whitman walker does. >> we have about 3,000 people living with hiv in care. either in medical care or other services. we use the funds raised from this event to supplement the money we get from grants or from health insurance so we use a bunch of this money to engage people in care. which is something that's not often paid by either government or by health insurers. we do a lot of outreach in the community we go to people's homes to help them with care. and it's done to bring about 300 to 500 people in care, keep them on their medications and keep them virally suppressed. so it's a big body of work, and a body of work that goes on throughout the year. >> you mentioned 3,000, is that 3,000 in our area? and does the money stay here
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and the money does stay locally. the funds largely are used for our staff, for community outraech, for medical supplies. it's really done more than anything else, in this day and age to get people into treatment. so we have funds that come in from other sources that allow us to do hiv testing ought throughout the city. but these particular dollars are really about once we know someone is hiv positive. how do we keep them in care? how do we make sure they're virally suppressed. >> hiv is no longer a death sentence, but it still remain as major health problem, particularly in d.c. why is that? >> i think we need to change our perspective from the '80s, oftentimes we need to remember to live in the moment and think about the future. and the reality of it now is hiv is a chronic condition. there's still a set of social stigma, discrimination and bias around the diagnosis. but the actual treatment, the care models are pretty solid. very effective for people who
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and for me, the urgency is more around making sure the individual has what he or she needs to stay in care. whereas in 25 years ago, 30 years ago, no science, huge fear, huge anxiety, death sentence. we behaved differently. now we behave if a way where we want to embrace people with compassion and love. we want them in care. >> we want to make sure everybody knows how they can support this event. i see y can get to the walk at 5 k. >> love to have everybody come out on saturday morning for what will appear to be a brisk fall morning walk. the weather people have told me it's going to be chilly, so dress accordingly. we'll be down in freedom plaza in washington, d.c. >> if we haven't signed up, can we still sign up? >> you can sign up all the way until the morning of the event. we sent a note out last night, given what happened this week in the election results, we're actually beyond this being our
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time for community to come together. whether you register or not or ever give a dollar to whitman walker, we think it's a good idea that the community comes out to be together and we need time to be with one another. >> don blanchon thank you very much for being with us. bundle up. barbara, back to you. up next, chuck lets us know what the weather will be like tomorrow, for the walk to end of in california. wildfires. we'll tell you all about what's happening in the southern states that are battling the flames today.
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there are about 30 wildfires burning across north carolina. governor pat mccrory has declared a state of emergency in more than a dozen counties there. fire investigators say arson appears to be the cause of some of those fires. authorities s been made in tennessee and kentucky. the state's dry conditions in the heavy winds continue to fuel those fires. the same conditions are fueling the rough ridge wildfire in northern georgia. it was started in mid october by a lightning strike. smoke from that blaze can be seen as far south as atlanta. >> chuck, so i have a boot camp tomorrow morning outside. >> awesome. >> what are the chances of me calling that in to stay home. >> the odds are you're going to
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be glad it's cold outside. >> just keep the blood flowing. >> you said tomorrow morning -- >> it's going to be very chilly tomorrow morning. sunday morning is going to be a little colder, but there won't be as much of a wind to contend with on sunday so saturday morning layer up and you got to tough it out, erika, you got to be texas tough, right? >> you got it. we've got sunshine and not a terribly cold day just damage as the afternoon wears on, only averaging 9 miles per hour at national airport. but a lot more of our reporting stations are in the 15-25-mile-per-hour range. as far as the sky conditions go, plenty of sunshine out there now, as the colder air settles in from the north and west, we'll pick up more and more in the way of cloud cover. once we get past 4:00 to 5:00, the clouds disappear and as soon as the sun goes down this evening, the clouds will start
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the wind will stay up for most of the overnight hours and the little breeze tomorrow morning will make it feel quite cold. upper 50s, low 60s, not cold yet. but the colder air has yet to filter in. for today's forecast, mid 60s today, turning more blustery. friday night football will be cold. those metal bleachers, woo. 40s with a bit of a breeze. tomorrow for the walk to end hiv and the 5k that goes along with it. chilly first thing in the 30s with a bit of a wind chill. highs in the upper 40s and low 50s. a look at the ten-day forecast coming up. it is a first, a high-ranking american makes an official visit to an antarctica.
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i'm pat lawson muse. at the news4 live desk, a special ceremony happening right now at arlington national cemetery. we want to take you there live. these are pictures of what's happening in the amphitheater right now where they just held a processional. the ceremony is honoring our
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moments. a few moments ago they had prayer. >> god give us a joyous spirit of celebration of our nation's veterans and their families. >> earlier this hour, president obama laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. his final act as president on this veterans day, final act on veterans day. his final time laying a wreath at soldier as president. secretary of state john kerry has made a visit to a place no senior u.s. official has gone before. kerry landed in antarctica. early today for a two-day trip. he's meeting with scientists to talk about climate change. >> illinois congressman who resigned after being accused of lavish spending, face as wide-ranging federal indictment. the indictment accuses
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government job, aaron schock. he spent thousands of dollars redecorating his capitol hill office to look like downton abbey. we've got a warning now. to anybody that shops online with a cell phone or tablet. cybersecurity experts say there's been an explosion of fake apps designed by scammers, and they are hoping to steal your credit card or personal information. how can you tell i for us. >> just in time for holiday shopping, scammers are suddenly infiltrating the app store. posing as legitimate retailers to lure unsuspecting victims into giving up their credit card and personal information. it may appear to be a real app from dillard's, pandora, payless or puma. but those are a few companies that have been targeted. >> there's more fake apps
11:32 am
before. >> he runs his own legitimate app development company in pittsburgh. >> this is a fake app for the retail finish line. >> you see there's no reviews, it was recently posted, that's a red flag. >> if customers aren't reviewing the app or the reviews are all bad, stay away. more red flags? bad english or links to other apps from competing retailers. starbucks is considered to have the gold standard of apps, but many retailers don't have apps, which makest real and what's not. most of the fake apps are thought to come from scammers in china. >> when there's a void, it's easy for hackers to write an app and it's the first one that pops up when you search for the store you think you want to buy at. >> how do you know if an app is real? experts advise looking for lots of customer reviews and go to the retailer's website for the legitimate app link.
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appearing river week, it's a constant game of whack-a-mole. tom costello, nbc news, bethesda, maryland. it's called photo week d.c., the largest visual arts festival held here and you'll be blown away by all you can take in here. look at these photographs. katherine keene, executive director of the national geographic museum joi tell us what's going on. absolutely beautiful pictures. hard to stop looking at them when i was going through them last night. why don't we start with you, svetlana. >> it's a citywide celebration for photographers and photography. we like to call of it a giant disneyland of photography, with "national geographic" serving as this year's host.
11:34 am
different exhibitions, including the flagship show which we're here to talk about. >> you know "national geographic" has stood for excellence in photography for over a century. and our instagram feed, which is @natgeois one of the largest media feeds on instagram. there's over 63 million followers who view our content and look at our pictures on instagram. "national geographic" and it's introduced our content to an entirely new generation. >> when does the museum open? >> the exhibition opens today. it's the kickoff of photo week d.c. we thought what a better exhibition to kick off photo week d.c. than do something on instagram which has such massive appeal and is so popular. >> looking at these wonderful pictures. we have people pictures, animal pictures. place pictures, these are fantastic.
11:35 am
tell us how people can follow photo week on instagram as you mentioned? >> we have a hashtag #natgeoinspires, to allow you to participate in the exhibit and outside of the exhibit. one of the points we want to make with this project is we believe everyone can be a photographer. everyone can use the power of photography to express themselves and to change the world if they want to. >> if we carry arn our >> svetlana, how did photo week get started? >> this is the ninth photo week. so photo week started nine years ago. because d.c. is really one of the best cities i think in america to be a working photographer and it was sort of, there was a need for a place for everyone to both showcase their work and like celebrate their work.
11:36 am
behemoth. >> is there anything like iter in else in the world? >> there's photo festivals all over the world and actually in paris, the big international ones happening simultaneously with ours. but i think the d.c. one is unique in a sense because it's such like a global photography community that's concentrated here as exemplified by all the news stations, all the agencies, places like national it really is a hub. and we have a lot of embassies participating. it's a true global/local collaboration. 17th and street, we'll be doing happy hours in the evening if you want to stop by after work. it's also an exhibition that's really kid-friendly.
11:37 am
world with national geographic photographers. >> it's so exciting and we're so glad you came in to see us today to tell us. >> great, thank you. everything you could ever think of behind closed doors, and closed drawers, at the smithsonian, up next, angie goff takes us where few people are permitted. the mannequin challenge. we'll show you the photo snapped in thete we'll say some very well-kno
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the white house takes on the mannequin challenge with the world champion cleveland cavaliers. they were there to celebrate their nba title with president obama, the team made sure to bring in where is she? coming around the corper. the first lady of course with king james. and this is just taking the internet by storm.
11:40 am
white house visit in time. pretty cool. >> that's fantastic. >> it looks awesome. >> try to do it on the morning team, weather and traffic. there's only six of us, it's very anticlimactic. >> we tried to do it this morning with food, but we were like let's get it over it so we can eat. >> it's like the ice bucket challenge, everybody is getting into it. >> far superior to the ice bucket challenge. we were talking about winter we might be expecting this winter. a little preview on temperatures as well it looks like this winter is likely to be colder than last winter, but maybe not as much snow. you say how could that be, chuck. >> last winter was warm and snowy. december last year was 11 1/2 degrees warmer than average and january, when we had all the snow? barely a degree cooler than average and then another three inches of snow in february. but even february was warmer than average.
11:41 am
snow, we were way above average for temperatures last winter. what about this winter? probably going to have some extra-cold snaps compared to last year and we were 71 degrees on new year's eve. how much snow might we get? 15 inches is average around the city. it will be 15 to 320 inches, so may a little above average in snowfall. more importantly, probably going to be considerably colder. last december was the number one warmest december on red. will not only be colder than that, it will be colder than average. which will be a shock to the system. june, july, august, september and october and november were all warmer than average. highs tomorrow will feel chilly around here tomorrow. the first shot of colder air making its presence known. highs tomorrow in the upper 40s, low 50s. by sunday morning, we're only
11:42 am
escape. otherwise a hard freeze likely. even into parts of southern maryland. be ready for a cold snap saturday and sunday mornings, great day for the redskins on sunday. hopefully they can beat the vikings and i'll have another check of some event forecasts coming up before the show is over. the hugely influential singer and songwriter leonard cohen being remembered this morning. a look at the hits he's responsible for. ? if i had a fault ? ? it would never dare to show ? ? >> and wisdom of the magical mary poppins. we'll introduce you to the stars of the show and tell you where you can see the classic on stage
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?? ?? ? you feel so grand ? ? your heart starts beating like a big brass a new time live on the stage of the olney theater center, mary pop inches and the gang are back for a nice long visit through the holiday season. joining us now, patricia hurley and ret goud ar. mary and burt. we're excited you're here. >> that's one of my favorite songs. it's, is that one of your favorites? >> i'm partial to "spoon full of sugar."
11:46 am
delightful to play with. >> it's so exciting to have you here. you opened last saturday. how have audiences reacted so far? >> i think they've, they've really enjoyed it. it's a family show, not just for the little ones who of course, fall in love with the puppets and the penguins and different puppets that are part of the show. just the family message, the message of love and being there for each other. i think has been a good response among the audien poppins. people are going to be surprised because you actually fly on stage. that's not something we get to see on stage very often. >> no, but it's a lot of fun. there's a previous show at olney where we had flying, but this is harness is a lot more comfortable than that one. >> you know that most kids think that you're going to do some pretty crazy things, too. people have seen the movies. as burt. >> and so any surprises for us. the magical things that you're
11:47 am
particular production of mary pop inches. the designer who designed the magic for the broadway production designed our magic as well. i started as a magician, so we put the magic tricks in for burt as well. >> that's what you did before you got into the. >> so are all the songs we know in the show? i asked you that earlier. >> most of them are this are some that were in the original vi were written for the broad way production. >> "supercalifragilistic- expialidocious." >> kids have expectations, adults don't. >> my belief is that you movie is beautiful and magic.
11:48 am
approach the play as doing our own thing and the two and a half hours will be our experience with the audience and i believe we've created our own versions, our own stems on the characters that work for each other. >> you make it your own and you make it from the heart. >> and you guys will be doing this through january 1st, so throughout the holidays. we all have a chance to see it. at the olney theater? >> the to get tickets. >> patricia, and rhett. thank you so much. erica? thanks, barbara. well somewhere, someone is singing "hallelujah" for leonard cohen right now, he created that iconic song and died last night at the age of 82. before he wrote music, cohen wrote novels and poems, this morning his name was the number one trending topic on twitter
11:49 am
the gems angie goff finds behind the scenes of the smithsonian. but first, a weekend fun run that will help make thanksgiving a little bitter for some local families. i'm social media eter to britney johnson. on sunday we'll be running for a great cause, in partnership with district running collective, a 4k fun run. and we'll be collecting nonperishable food items for those in need this thanksgiving
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. when you visit the smithsonian, it's easy to be overwhelmed by everything around you, have you ever wondered what's behind the scenes. news4's angie goff discovers an amazing world of hidden history. >> at the national museum of american history -- the test of time. beyond the museum floors, some walls become doors. leading to off-limits, until now. it's there -- in secret back room, cold vaults, warehouses and labs that we uncover remarkable pieces of history, visitors can't see. >> there's hundreds of thousands of dissertations waiting to happen. there's stories that just are laying in wait for somebody to come and unpack them.
11:53 am
curator and project director preps carol burnett's char woman costume. getting here is a big deal. with an inventory of more than 3 million artifacts, only a small percentage can be shown at any given time. meaning most of the museum's collection is not on display. >> our job right now for the most part, is to keep things preserved forever. we're always assessing what will tell a good story. >> in the cabinets reveal the first artificial heart, a surgical kit once used for exorcisms and before the breathalyzer there was the drunk o'meter. >> this is the needle that killed smallpox. some of the tinest things in the room transformed hist. and babe ruth baseball and the torch from the olympic games,
11:54 am
indy's whip and jacket. fonzie's, too, and fozzy bear. and this one is fills diller's official gag file. 50,000 of her favorite jokes stuffed inside. many of the objects stored are very old. but the museum is constantly collecting and that includes a lot of artifacts from modern day. ladies and gentlemen, straight out of the '50s i present to you how do you know this going to have a place in the history of comedy and tv in. >> collecting is always difficult. we typically collect with some sort of historical perspective. >> about 30 miles away in maryland. >> i walk the building every morning. >> we continue to explore at a secret off-site location. >> it's a real privilege to be part of the caretaker of the american experience. >> we see the first motorcycle.
11:55 am
barton's ambulance covered up and hot rods, the race car mario andretti drove to win the indy 500 and safe in a crate, the harley evil knievel used to perform some of his most death-defying stunts. great american stories that with time or circumstance may end up on the public floor if they don't, don't worry. >> there's a lot of competition for who gets real estate. which exhibits get made. but that's the >> angie goff, news4. isn't that something? a museum is constantly photographing and adding items to its archives online. and for the next story, angie will show us what it takes to insure that these treasures are around for generations to come. that's really cool. more stuff is coming in every day. they're going to need more room. let's check the weather now. >> everybody ready for a little football this weekend? got the high school games
11:56 am
redskins and vikings, it seems like forever since the redskins have played at home. noon time temperature mid 50s. here's 60 degrees on sunday afternoon. nowhere near as blustery as today or tonight are going to be. perfect weather hopefully for a redskins win. temperatures the next couple of days are going to be a little bit on the mild side. we're already in the mid 60s, it's going to stay blustery and cool. windy, nasty cold bite into the air early tomorrow weekend. the super moon is going to be peaking monday morning. but sunday night into monday morning is going to be the best time. sunday evening, sunday night. you want pictures of the super moon, take them then. we'll have more cloud cover late in the day on monday. share your super moon pics with us. now you're going to want to set your dvrs for this. today the creator of the hit
11:57 am
on the ellen degeneres show. ellen gips him a rap challenge. >> they make you update your phones, like you just updated it. then they want another update. too many updates. how often do you have to update a phone. >> turn it up. >> yeah. >> oh. i got an update to my settings, now i'm utterly bed-wetting i say no. they say can we do it between 2 and 4. i say i don't want to do it, i know this tour. i get so fed up, up. >> these amazing. >> "ellen" airs weekdays at 3:00. "hamilton" is set to come to the kennedy center next year. unfortunately not with lin manuel-miranda. >> i had no idea it would still be the hottest ticket in town and hard for a lot of people to get their hands on them. >> i could see it five or six times, it's a very, very good show.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
? stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ? ? >> get it. >> oh, my goodness. i love her so much. right there, shopping cart. >> g what's that move? pull it, pull it. work it, work it, round it. oh! >> with me today, carrie ann is with me today. >> friday. we want to say happy veterans day, thank you to all the men and women serving and for their families. we thought we needed this. take it right there. >> one more time. >> and pull it down.


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