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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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hey man, you want a wing? (sloshing) (twist cap sound) unleash a refreshing citrus kick. >> rick: football night in
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sunday night football, seahawks and patriots. on behalf of the battle that we saw today on the racetrack, it will be a great football game. see the steam coming out the base of the windshield. that 22, that's from the burnouts that have been done by joey logano. he has been celebrating since the checkered flag. time for the coca-cola winning moment for joey logano. for position between the 88 and the 22 take place. and that final restart. logano shoots out from that outside line and never looks
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>> advance to the championship four. that is genuine emotion. they told me earlier today, i love this kind of pressure. are you kidding me? i was made for moments like this, but i want to know the emotions going through your head before that final restart, joey. that final run, you were tied for kyle busch. you had the tie breaker. and how much math were you doing? >> a lot. man, this feels so good. i never felt this good about a win before. so much on the line. everyone brings their a game when it comes to winning championships and this team did it. man, it's -- feels so good. i had a good restart. holding off kyle to try to get this thing into miami. we're racing for a championship now. we did exactly what we had to do. we have to go to homestead and
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roush yates engines. ford. auto zone, trader, coca-cola, wheels up. everybody who helps us out. auto zone and auto trader. man, i am speechless right now. i feel like i just won the daytona 500 again. >> you heard him say i've never felt more emotional about a win in my entire life. todd gordon. huge win. they'll race for a championship in miami, rick. >> rick: coming up next on nbc sn, nascar america post race show. celebration for joey logano. he will be able to enjoy this moment for a little less than a week. he has won his way into the championship four. the champion will be determined in miami next weekend. stick around for the nascar post race show presented by auto parts. take a look at the standings.
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edwards all with wins advancing into the championship four. kyle busch does it on points. two joe gibbs racing cars fighting for a win, jimmie johnson looking for his seventh championship trying to tie the king and the intimidator. joey logano looking for his first ever championship. as is carl edwards. >> steve: we mentioned it was going to be the toughest round of eight. three winning drivers move on. >> jeff: no question. several drivers looking for that first championship. be interesting to see them taking on a six-time champion trying to get the seventh. >> rick: what an incredible race we have seen today. again, make sure to tune in to nbc sn for "nascar america" post race presented by advance auto parts. we knew that restarts were going to be very key in determining who would win this race. it also came into play as who would advance into the championship four.
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matt kenseth had a shot at running for the title. the team on the restart taken out. now it is championship four including race winner joey
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live at the wheaton metro station, where a double stabbing investigation is underway. i'll have the details in a live report. and we're following another breaking news story. president-elect donald trump announc who is going to run his white house and a local church
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prayer. and that breaking news, two young people stabbed near a metro station. news 4's darcy spencer is in montgomery county. we know this happened just a short while ago, but what are you learning so far? >> well, we are here at the wheaton metro station right off of beards mill road. it is still an active investigation. we want to show you the live picture right now. what youe station and for what understand, that's where the victims ended up. you can items of evidence behind the yellow tape. it's to know that boston rail service are not effected by this. we're told two young men stabbed here in the area, which we're told is not part of metro's
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investigation. those victims ended up in the station's west entrance where you could see clothing, a backpack and other items of evidence on the ground. they were taken to the hospital with serious injuries, but are expected to survive. police say they were looking for three people to be involved. it happened around 3:00 this afternoon. chances are, it was very busy here at that time, so they are hop they will cooperate with the investigation. now, police are also looking for the possibility of surveillance video that may have captured this attack and help lead them to anyone involved in this double stabbing, but again, the west entrance remain closed a this hour. there's a second entrance on the other side. trains and buses are running. back to you. >> at the wheaton metro station, thank you. president-elect donald trump
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trump transition team confirming this afternoon. he is chairman of the republican national committee and that's not the only appointment today from the transition team. jennifer johnson has more on the other big announcements and the continuing post election protests. >> after a days in trump tower, the president-elect has made his first big cabinet decision, picking reince priebus as white house the decision coming as protests continue from hollywood to new york city. angry americans still voicing their opposition to president-elect donald trump. >> i've never seen an election like this one before. where people are so fearful. >> but republican leaders say antitrump americans should rest assured. >> people should put their minds
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problems, getting this economy growing. ficking our national security. fixing our health care problems. >> hillary clinton spoke to top donors, blaming her loss on james comey's decision to reopen her e-mail investigation. she told donors our analysis is that comey's letter raising doubts that were groundless stopped our momentum. >> i just can't believe it's always somebody else's fault. look in the mirror and reflect on what went wrong. >> conway, who met up with the president-elect before the announcement, says more b cabinet picks will be coming soon. >> trump has also named former campaign ceo steve bannon, his chief strategist and senior counselor. in washington, i'm jennifer johnson. back to you. a top ally for trump won't be pleased.
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in montgomery county, words o hate greeted people on their way to church u this morning. somebody wrote the words, trump
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in silver spring. they also wrote it on a nearby wall. the sign was advertising the spanish language -- at the church of our savior in the hillendale area. the mass was celebrated as planned this afternoon. the bishop was there in support. >> we stand here to say that we are firm in our rejection of such violence and no place for such violence in our land. zpl after mass, people wrote hopeful messages and words of love on the pavement surrounding the church. stay with us, we're talking about the rare supermoon coming about the rare supermoon coming up next with afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
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we are learning more about a disturbing crime that we brought to you u last night in breaking news. the father is now in custody after police say he stab two young children in the family home. both kids are under the age of 5. derrick ward is talking to family members who rushed to help. >> they started screaming come downstairs. >> a horrible scene at the residence of this home. had begun next door. two children who lived her were stabbed. family members rushed them in
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bleeding. >> police have charged 25-year-old christian dillard with first degree murder. he is the father. both under the age of 5. according to police, dillard and his sons live nd the home where the attacks happened. his brother said he wasn't home when it happened, but knows his brother has problems. police say christian is also charged with sexually assaulting a woman who lives at the home, someone he had a prior that attack happened earlier in day. police went looking for dylan before that attack. neighbors said she can't fathom how this happened. she said he doted over his kids. >> everybody in this neighborhood thought he was a good father. i know he probably was having problems.
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frequently, still, they say this incident is beyond belief. >> i don't know what led up to it, but he just snapped. >> police say the children are expected to survive. derrick ward, news 4. well, authorities in prince georges county have been urging victims and loved ones to report domestic violence. last month, the county said 13 children in the county under the age of 3 have died as a result of news 4 is bringing attention to dplesic violence in a program we call safe at home. we are taking a close look at the problems and solutions. and now, your storm team 4 forecast. okay, guy, so we have to start out talking about the super moon. look at this incredible video. captured by our city camera as the moon came up. right around 5:00.
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tweet us your pictures or send them to us by using ic at nbc so many people reaching out to me on facebook and twitter sharing their pictures. i love seeing all the photographs, so keep them coming in this one from mark story. he said amaze super moon with fall colors. this one coming in from catherine as the moon comes up in west virginia. more information about the fost little shorter tonight with nascar. 41 here in washington. generally, 30s in the suburbs, so a warm jacket kind of start. we start off with sunshine though and then it's cloudy by lunchtime. cloudy for the afternoon. as we move into the evening hour, there will be scattered showers, so have that umbrella handy later in the day and highs tomorrow in the 50s.
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feeling spectacular, low to mid-60s. the weather having a low impact on your morning, but then as we move toward the afternoon and evening hours, we start to track the scattered showers, so that could slow the evening commute and the super moon, it will be b viz bable tomorrow night, but not in our area. we'll have clouds and rain around. recess for the kids going to be outdoors. as we look to tuesday, a high around 60. we start off with cloud, finish with sun. nice day overall. wednesday, maybe an shower. i think most of us completely dry. we could use the rain. 62 degrees for a high on wednesday. and then after that, the heat is on. mid-50s on thursday. a high on friday of 70 degrees. right now, next weekend looking like a 50-50 split. nice on friday and rain andy on sunday. >> thanks. still ahead, a young redskins star keeps the team on
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on pace for the playoffs you say. you're saying there's a chance.
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so, if the draft were to start today, but it's still far away, honestly. so ta came in entered today. but they're not going to the playoffs just yet. they did show that they can be contender. i was looking for a blowout, the redskins versus the vikings. they teased us early, but wearing their throwback ewan forps, hoping to play like they dominateded. they did instead means the game could go either way. luckily, a second year vet come os up big. jay gruden and the redskins needing a win to keep up in nfc playoff race. vikings driving. sam bradford passed. hits and then intercepted by preston smith. first career interception for the second year linebacker. a six-point lead. then 11 seconds left in the
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smith again. trz come up with that game clinching sack. his second of the day. redskins beat the vikings 26-20. for more, we'll head tout o fedexfield. we just gave preston smith a loft love, but really is many of the guys contributed to this one. >> yeah, the entire defense did a great job. they shut out the vikings in the second half of this football stepped up in the second half. preston smith, what a performance. the second year pro had. he has 11.5 career sacks and six of those sacks have been against sam bradford. he loves playing against sam bradford, but everyone was talk about the insane one handed interception of preston smith had. i asked him about it afterwards. >> when i seen him coming, i was like, oh, man, he threw it and when it popped up, i said i can't catch it twice.
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hopefully, the confidence carries over to the final seven games. we're going to need him to keep playing like this. >> the redskins improved to 5-3-1. they did this without trent williams and jackson in the lineup so, the next man stepping up. back to you in studio. >> all right. thanks. appreciate it. up next, the packers on sunday night football. that's for the redskins week, but tonight, we have a super
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another reason to stay up two sunday nights in a row, we're going to stay up late. i want to end with big ten tournament soccer final. maryland over wisconsin so congrats to them. >> this playing out under a super moon. >> it's a full moon. passing closeness to the earth since 1948. looking bigger and brirgt. next time this will happen, 2034. >> thanks for joining us. that's the news for now.
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on this sunday night, breaking news, president elect trump's first major appointments of his inner circle. and continued protests. 7.8 magnitude earthquake, the full extent of the earthquake is still not known and an inside look of how this country's largest police force had officers over seas. fighting pain for ten of millions trying to find relieves. a new study of some of the side effects for some of those commonly


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