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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  November 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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town. and deannouncing racial bias and hate crimes. why the government is taking this this action today. plus the holiday rush is almost here. why this thanksgiving could be up like anything we've seen in the last nine years. it's been a week since the election, but protesters s >> and now kids walking out of classrooms and taking to the streets. this afternoon chopper 4 was over the scene in beltsville. but larger groups in d.c. somari stone has taken us inside the protests.
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comparison to earlier. there were a lot of kids out here. and the students walked out of class at woodrow wilson high school, other students heard about what happened on the social media and then they all took the metro down here, many of them say that president-elect donald trump encourages bigotry. let's roll some video. hundreds of d.c. public and private school students along with teens from montgomery county schools protested not my president. many say donald trump ran a campaign of fear, hate and they criticized the president-elect for causing racial and religious divisions in the nation. >> he's not looking at the amount of people that do not agree with him. we are the american people. we are the ones who have to suffer for what he decides to say, what he decides do. >> reporter: now, coming up at
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will hear what they have to say. i'm shomari stone, news 4. the ongoing protests are the subject of our nbc washington flash survey this afternoon. do you support the protests, students who have walked out of school today in political protests? vote by texting or calling the number on your screen. you can also sound off on the nbc washington facebook page. in the transition to the trump administration moving full speed ah the new cabinet picks starting to ramp up and congressional republicans are presenting a united front. steve handelsman is live on capitol hill. what are you hearing there, steve? >> reporter: well, u united fro, you just said it, so many enthusiastic republicans up here on capitol hill, you'd hardly remember that so many of them just recently had so much doubt about donald trump. now they're in a rush to implement the trump agenda while
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administration. mike pence in new york heading the trump transition amid spec lays the president-elect will name his secretary of state. to deal with russia, the fight against isis, nato and new trade deals. conservative former u.n. ambassador john bolton is said to be a candidate. >> i think trump will be a far stronger leader. >> reporter: and another candidate, rudy giuliani. >> john would be a very good >> reporter: the former mayor does not want the justice department. >> i won't be attorney general. i won't have to decide that one. thank god. >> reporter: democrats are are in disarray. nancy pelosi's leadership challenged. don't blame me, said president obama. frightened voters wanted change. >> president-elect trump tapped in to that particular strain with that the republican party and then was able to broaden that enough and get the enough
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republicans today, trump red hats are the fashion. house speaker paul ryan who fretted for a year that trump is not p conservative dialed quick action on the trump agenda. >> we're on the same page. i talk with donald trump virtually every day. >> reporter: and ryan was reelected by a unanimous vote. a dramatic show of unity by many who thought the trump. live on the hill, i'm steve handelsman, news 4. >> thank you, steve. after a series of hate related acts of vantallism, lawmakers passed a resolution denouncing such crimes. there have been at least four cases in the recent week. at burning tree elementary,
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our savior. chris gordon has more on the effort to stop it. >> reporter: swastikas were found in a boy's restroom, vandalism at a church in silver spring. today the montgomery county council passed a resolution denouncing discrimination against immigrants, racial bias and hate saying they have no place innen montgomery county. >> in the wake of some of the troubles incidents of vandalism and inflammatory speech, each of us felt strongly that we wanted to stand together to reaffirm this this county's traditions of respect for all residents. >> reporter: ahead at 5:00, why does it appear that hate crimes are on the rise now? that is the latest from bethesda.
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president obama is in greece where he found himself in an unusual position, donald trump's ambassador to the world. basically the president had to explain the results of the election. he reassured united states still considers nato a cornerstone of it security and praised the greek government for paying its fair share despite tough economic times. president obama called on greece and other >> the future of humanity and the future of the world is going to be defined by what we have in commo as opposed to those that separate us and ultimately lead us into conflict. >> tonight the president is going to attend a state dinner greece and later this week he will be meeting with angela merkel. we are covering all of the angles of the trump transition.
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mark murray joins us for more in our next of half hour. and we're learning new details this afternoon about a deadly shooting involving a retired d.c. police lieu continue nantz. police sources tell news 4 john holoway the shot and killed his adult son after the son allegedly attacked him with a knife. the son had been ordered to stay away from the home after an alleged attack last month. he along wood ridge street in northeast. the calls to change a dangerous intersection are getting louder. when neighbors say one man's mission to make it safer won't be in vein. and a west virginia mayor and one of her employees under fire for a racist comment about the first lady. what has happened to their jobs in the wake of it. and we saw a little bit of rain yesterday. that storm system moving well
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providing a lot of rain towards parts of the northeast. what does the next storm bring? and it happens just in time for the weekend. but how about that shot, that is
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today we get our first look at the newest lawmakers. there they are. two of them are from maryland. new members from all the over the country are in town to officially take office in january. new fallout for two county leaders in west virginia over a racist remark about michelle obama. this facebook post called widespread calls for her termination. she suggested mrs. obama was a, quote, ape in heels. the mayor of clay county responded to that comment.
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our affiliate reports what i will she will has removed from her position at mayor. you can hear pretty tough language on social media, but a social media giant plans to confront cyber bullying. undercover confrontation. susan hogan with what you need to know about buying a car. right now susan is hosting a red flags to look out for if you're buying a used vehicle. you can see it on nbc washington's facebook page. >> and we're also covering breaking news. people inside oklahoma city's airport are being told to shelter in place because of possible gunfire. we're gathering some details
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if you run over somebody, it's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't look before you turned or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk. always be alert.
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oklahoma city's will rogers world airport. the police captain says it happened near a parking garage. you can see the police searching the roof. people are being asked to avoid that area and flights are suspended at that airport while police are searching. dulles international does have one flight headed to oklahoma city in about an hour. that is still set to take off on time. always best your flight before you head out. back to you. a northern virginia family and local elected leaders are teaming up to try to speed up the process of getting a traffic light at a busy ashburn intersection. >> as julie carey reports, their call for action comes after a resident was hit by a car and killed. >> reporter: 83-year-old john
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the retirement community, he was an avid cyclist and he had been warn aing for years that somebody was going to get killed at this intersection unless they put in a traffic light. tragically, his words recently came true. it happened last thursday morning as he was pushing his bicycle through the crosswalk. about three quarters of the way across, a car struck him. he died over the weekend. now schlegel's family is hopeful his death will lead to quicker takes to get lights approved at other treacherous intersections. >> we've been trying to push this through. my father-in-law tried to make it happen. and it's ironic that he got killed in the process. but i'm going to follow through with the supervisor and make it happen. it's for the safety of the residents. >> reporter: coming up, we'll hear from the county supervisor who is speeding up plans to get the traffic light installed here
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i'm julie carey, news 4. twitter is taking new steps to curb sign are bullying. they are introducing a new mute feature that allows you to remove tweets that contain certain key words, phrases or conversations. twitter will streamline how you report hateful or inappropriate tweets. executives are retrainings staff on the company's policy so they can effectively spot and remove hateful tweets. all the changes will be rolled out over the next few months. enjoying the weather. >> i call it it's not going to last season. that's what i'll call it. because every time we got a sunny day, you say it's not going to last. >> that's right. and we're still dealing with the battle of the seasons. nice warm weather and followed by cold weather. but the cold weather we have coming is the longest batch of cold weather that we've seen so far this season. but first a couple of nice days and one of those was today. we saw high transparent today in the mid-60s.
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though and yeah, we'll see cloud cover, as well. so we saw some sun and clouds today. temperatures still made their way into the 60s. 62 right now, winds out of the northwest at 7 miles per hour. 61 leesburg, 61 manassas. 59 over towards dulles. it will be cool tonight, but again, average high temperature this time of year is around 58 degrees. so we're above that across our region today. as you're heading out this this evening, you will needed jacket, 0 away 7:00, by 11:00, down around 50. that puts you in the 40s this in the suburbs. we did have rain last night, but didn't pick up a lot as expected. but we did see that storm really develop just off to the north and east. parts of new england including areas around new york upwards of 2 to 3 inches of rain. we could have loved to see that
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all. and that means a nice couple of days here right through the day friday before the big change this weekend. 39 in gaithersburg, 42 in fredericksburg. so when you step out the front door, cold for sure. high temperature tomorrow around 64. another nice afternoon. and that is kind of of trend here as we move through the day on friday. so 64 on your wednesday, 65 on thursy. hit 70 across our region, but then we get to the weekend. 67 on saturday, 50% chance of showers late in the day. most of saturday will be dry. so i'm not worried about saturday early at all. it's saturday night into sunday, look at the temperature change here, 48 we could see winds gusting upwards 40 miles per hour. sunday, yeah, we've been warm and we'll be warm right through friday and into saturday. but then here comes this front, the strongest front we've seen
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and it gets cold, but not just cold, much colder. winds gusting over 30 miles per hour. that puts windchills in the 30s. and, yes, in it is, for the first time this season, it's on the map, rain and snow showers. not going to be much, don't worry, no accumulation. but something that we will be watching very closely. tom kierein has more on your weekend forecast at 4:45. thank you, doug. there are a lot of people in the area who need help this thanksgiving. nbc 4 is community to help provide food for more than 4,000 families. and you can help. search food 4 families in our nbc washington app for list of ways to donate or join us at the game on sunday night as washington takes on the packers. before the game, some of our meteorologists will be down there, they will be at gate h along with our storm trainer. say hello and bring us canned or boxed food item to donate.
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of the verizon center all damon. and this time next week, million of us will be getting ready to hit the roads for the holiday. why we haven't seen a thanksgiving like this in a did decade. some common bathroom products could be banned in one
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it's 90 years old and several stories high and beloved tradition. in november we're getting a preview of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. here is a look at some of the floats to be featured in new york city. one is a tribute to hawaii. that features anctive water fal. and another celebrates the girl scouts. more than 10,000 people will p road, rails or taking to the skies to get to your thanksgiving dinner, you will do so with an extra 1 million people compared to last year. >> this could be the highest number of turkey day travelers we've seen in nearly ten years. jay gray shows us what to expect out there. >> reporter: turkey. trimmings.
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according to aaa, that this thanksgiving roads and rails and air will be as crowded as they have been. >> nearly 49 million americans will be traveling more than 50 miles and majority of those individuals tells us that they will drive. >> reporter: that despite a recent uptick in prices at the pump. still the cost of gas is at historically low levels. fueling the surge in holiday road trips. air travel is up as well, 1.6%. tickets are up a lot over a year ago. average round trip fare is $205. so where is everybody going? top five thanksgiving destinations according to the agency are las vegas, san francisco, san diego, orlando and new york. >> i definitely think people are taking the time that they have off work, they're planning out their vacation maybe for the year. also we see a lot of people make the trip home to visit family during this time. >> reporter: anywhere they can
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times for the holidays. jay gray, nbc news. the kind of phone call any parent would dread, hearing a loved one is kidnapped and they have to pay up. which part of our area has seen an uptick and why avoiding the scam could involve watching what you post online. plus where schools are
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what? is he gone?? finally, i thought he'd never leave... tv character: why are you texting my man at 2 a.m.? no... if you want someone to leave you alone, you pretend like you're sleeping. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. tv character: taking selfies in the kitchen does not make you a model. you're looking at new video of another large protest downtown just minutes ago, dozens of george washington university students held a rally in front of the white house. just one of a number of protests today against president-elect
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of d.c. high school students protested in front of the trump international hotel on pennsylvania avenue. it's the second day this week that students in our area have walked out of their classes in protests. now at 4:30, the white house is waiting for a key document before it can coordinate with the trump transition team. the document lays out how the two sides will work together through the transition. vice president elect mike pence hasn'ti over key candidate positions. rudy giuliani has emerged as a favorite for secretary of state. bob corker is also a possibility. this morning on "today," trump's former campaign manager denied reports that trump is trying to get his children security clear answers saying that they would support his father in an
4:32 pm
out? mark murray is here to give us insight. are you getting a sense as to how president-elect trump will balance insiders with outsiders? >> we already have an indication from his two first hires and that's when he tabbed reince priebus to be chief of staff, he's mr. insider, a long time rnc chair, very well-known person inside circles. but then his second hire was steve bannon, former head of breitbart news and he's certainly an outsider. and i think that that kind of insider versus outsider dynamic is something that we will continue to see for the remaining picks. a lot of familiar names. rudy giuliani for secretary of state. another name is john bolton. so a lot of familiar names, but
4:33 pm
children? we know that they are on the transition team. what is this we're hear pentagon about security clearances and is it possible that they could play any role in the administration? >> well, here is an important distinction to make in nbc's reporting. we were able to report on that there were never a request but an inquiry if his children could actually end up getting security clearance during this transition phase. the transition ended up saying clearly, hey, this distinction. but clearly someone said hey, can we actually end up doing this. and this is the significance story because after all trump's children will be running his business empire and people are concerned about any conflicts of interests with his actions as president. >> this is the week democrats expected to be jos link for jobs
4:34 pm
just how much internal conflict is going on in that party? >> it was a huge shock to the democrats. president obama in fact has been on conference calls saying that sometimes a surprising loss is the toughest one. and you're right, this time a week ago on election day most people thought hillary clinton was going to win, not donald trump. so much of the speculation was around a clinton government, not one about donald trump. so gin trying to find new blood, new ideas to be able to win not only in the next presidential election in 2020, but the all-important midterms in 2018. >> they will be campaigning for those before you know it. thanks a lot, mark. a new study finds schools in virginia have become more racially and economically segregated. the number of schools attended by mostly low income minority
4:35 pm
2014. this is according to a "washington post" report. richmond has the largest numb of the so-called isolated schools with 29. however, the study found several school system this is northern virginia have isolated schools, as well. first at 4:00, a driver expected to be okay after she found herself trapped in her car under a truck. this happened on route 202 in firefighters had to cut the car open to get the woman out. and police departments has an alert about people falsely contacting you about needing
4:36 pm
investigators think the scammers are finding victims through social media. news 4 iteam review of fbi records show the feds have investigated at least 67 virtual kidnapping cases nationwide in the last two years. including a case in frederick, maryland where crooks pretended to kidnap a man's wife. he wired the money but managed to cancel the transportation after he realized it was all a scam. kidnappers keep you on the phone as long as possible to pre-sprepts them from realizing that they are being ripped off. council is considering a ban on flushable wipes. the bill would allow the district to fine companies who claim their products are flushable without evidence to back it up. it's a big problem, enough so that we did a story on it a
4:37 pm
pipes and cost a lot of money to break up. manufacturers call the law misguided. you may have seen it, "people" unveils its choice for sexiest man alive. what does the man on the cover have to say about that? and sun set orange light gaeming off the capitol dome. live view from our tower camera. big changes on the way. temperatures up and then down. we have all the latest coming up. don't stress. >> this week nbc 4 responds susan hogan is here to help. >> and tomorrow i'm working with you with four easy and important steps to keep you out of bt.
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a popular beach in leesburg is back in business. only been open part-time. the owners have been making repairs. they still need to repave the street, but customers are happy to have the warm fire burning again. are you "people's" sexiest man alive. >> what this means is i still have to drive in my pickup truck and change jasmine's diapers. >> yeah, he's a dad.
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rock johnson also has the new title of sexiest man alive. ellen degeneres revealed the cover on her show today. of the honor, johnson wrote, quote, sexy happens naturally when you're comfortable just being yourself. buying is car is hardly an easy process. >> kind of tough to know what to watch out for sometimes. susan hogan goes un don't want you to see and how to avoid being ripped off. and hiring for the holidays.
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?? know you have a dedicated advisor and team
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know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. ?? know that together, you can establish a meaningful legacy with the guidance and support of your dedicated pnc wealth management? team. developing news, a major change for a major local school district. montgomery county public schools has just announced that it will delay the start of the next
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day. september 5th. to run through june 15th. an expected decision after governor larry hogan's executive order ordering school districts to delay the start until after labor day. he made the announcement on the boardwalk. montgomery had been beginning in late august. so they will have to figure out how to pull it off at a meeting in december. but again, they approve start to the 2017/2018 school year. back to school september 5th. at the live desk, i'm scott macfarlane. sex abuse investigation that has rocked the prince george's county school system is expanding. >> another victim has brought new charges against dionte away carraway.
4:46 pm
children performing sexual acts. now a federal grand jury returned a new indictment that adds a 13-year-old boy to the case. that p alone could add another 30 years to any prison send. we have heard the warnings, buying cars from websites can be risky. >> and a number of private sellers aren't disclosing potentially dangerous defects. >> that's r. a used car, we have something you should see first. nbc 4 responds goes undercover and what we found may have you thinking twice about who you buy your next car from. >> it was just one owner? >> reporter: nbc 4 responds undercover investigation reveals something disturbing fp and if you are not careful, it could
4:47 pm
for sale with a clean title. but technically this is a salvaged title. >> unfortunately not everybody is up front and honest about the vehicles that they're representing especially online. >> reporter: we wanted to see for ourselves. on craigslist, there is a ton of used car ads that sound great. clean title, one other than, runs great, no accidents. but not so fast. using the vin or license plate number from you can do this for a guy on car fax. or on the national motor title information system. remember, this guy's ad claimed this hyundai had one owner. you about when we pressed him about it, we learned a little more. >> one owner, but i'm not the owner. >> who is the owner? >> i'm kind of the dealer. >> reporter: the seller tells me he bought the car at auction and
4:48 pm
this random parking lot in virginia. >> it's common to see people posing as private sellers that are actual illegal dealers selling vehicles in a parking lot at a restaurant or in a shopping center that they're bringing you to and selling cars that have hidden problems. >> reporter: this seller's stizment left one important detail out. according to the vehicle's history report, it was involved in an i'm from channel 4. >> reporter: we asked to see his dealer's license, but once he realized we weren't buying the car, he was done with us. >> reporter: division of law enforcement tells us it's illegal for a licensed dealer to sell cars anywhere other than a dealership. with that being said, the dmv is
4:49 pm
hyundai. and this ad claims the vehicle has a clean title. but about the vehicle's history report shows it has a branded title meaning the car was a salvaged vehicle that has been rebuilt. this chevy tahoe ad says truck in great condition, clean title. but the vehicle history tell as different story. d.c., maryland and virginia requires sellers of salvaged or rebuilt vehicles to disclose it in writing. and provide a disclosure statement. buying a rebuilt car can come with hidden dangers. >> it could have issues that could impact the sfety of the car and also the value of the car. so you could be paying a lot more money than that car is dull actually worth. >> reporter: bottom line, they aren't regulated on it's buyer beware. and according to the federal trade commission, if you buy a
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so if you see a cheap car, you might just get what you pay for. >> somebody said that once. >> and we were just -- we did a facebook live with car fax. so if you want to log on if you have any questions, it's a pretty in-depth half hour conversation. >> they're a great resource. >> fantastic. freshen up your linked in profile. u.p.s. will be hiring. more than half are for hers who help delivery drivers. they are looking for fill 300 positions in d.c. they are seasonal, but some can become permanent. and several companies are still looking for help to help them get through the holiday
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others are recruiting. job seekers will have to go to websites to apply, but some appreciate the job fairs. >> it's a little less nerve-racking because you're ready to go in and talk to multiple people about multiple jobs rather than just filling out applications and waiting for a response for a few days. one retailer says that's what happens for 3 out of 4 temp hires. go to our app and search job fair and you'll find a link to the resource center. we will have big changes on the way for the weekend and you can keep up with all of it with
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gorgeous sunset understand way. by 5:30, it will pitch dark. temperatures will be dropping quickly. already down into the mid-50s, upper 50s shenandoah valley. low 60s on the bay waters. and temperatures will continue to drop in to the evening hours. we'll be all the way in to the upper 40s and then mid-40s by late evening. much of the region right in the metro area right around 50. so after what to wear tonight? you will definitely need a jacket. and tomorrow morning, a warm coat and hat as we will be down into the 30s much of the region and then during the afternoon, you will still need a jacket. for the commute, drive pavement unlike this morning. we will be dry but chilly in the mid-40s, 8:00 a.m. by noontime, we'll be right around 60. low 60s midafternoon.
4:53 pm
most part during the afternoon. but then big changes moving in toward the weekend. we will have another nice day wednesday, thursday, friday. in fact friday afternoon we may be all the way to near 70. and then on saturday, some showers coming through with temperatures in the 60s. that will be pretty warm day. and you'll notice the breezes starting to move in by late in the day. showers moving in after sunset on saturday. then on sunday, that's when we will have the big change coming in, very s we could have winds gusting 30 to 40 miles per hour as we see this very strong cold front coming on through. big area of cold temperatures all around the mid-atlantic states and northeast as we get into much of the afternoon hours on sunday. wind gusts over 30 miles per hour. and after that, we stay cold into next bike with highs only in the fourth starting off next
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there will be an unusual gathering in virginia. councils will hold a joint work session to discuss issues like transportation and airbnb restrictions. this rare meeting runs from 7:00 to 9:00 in alexandria. and more than a sgen schools. now arts intake grate grace is integration is part of the way children are learning in all kinds of subjects. molette green has been hearing from the kids at capitol heights elementary. >> reporter: a is for arts integration and every morning capitol heights elementary
4:58 pm
students come ready. p. >> about a lion and interviewer. >> and we're making lish learning fun. >> reporter: the sclas acting out what they read in this story in class. problem, solution, dramatic art. >> i think that it's really cool to bring things to life. >> i guess the old school way is really paper an pencil, reading. internalize the information. >> reporter: so far in the county, 65 schools brought in art integration with the goal of creating a new way of living, loving and learning. in prince george's county, molette green, news 4. right now at 5:00, from maryland to d.c., middle school to college, students across the area walking out as protests
4:59 pm
vandalism put neighborhoods on edge. the efforts to stop it. and we hear from the mother of the toddler killed by a man who fired wildly into the house where she was visiting her family. a domestic did dispute involving an elderly retired d.c. police officer turns deadly. good evening, i'm wendy rieger. we're learning new details about what led up to a fatal shooting in northeast d.c. it's a case that has neighbors searching for answers. >> you would never thought anything was wrong. so i couldn't even begin to imagine what would possibly happen. >> let's go live to pat collins who is at the scene with the latest. >> reporter: karl holloway, last month he attacked his father
5:00 pm
stay away from his dad. this morning holloway was supposed to be in court to face those charges. but then last night, there was another attack and in time karl holloway ended up dead. it happened at this home on woodridge street in northeast. sources say a retired d.c. police lieutenant shot and killed his 33-year-old son after his son with a knife. this man was nearby. he heard the shots. >> sounded like four gunshots. sort of sounded a little muffled, you know. like a small caliber gun or something. but sounded like i heard about four gunshots. >> and then what? >> and then police started coming and the ambulance and stuff like that.


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