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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  November 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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stay away from his dad. this morning holloway was supposed to be in court to face those charges. but then last night, there was another attack and in time karl holloway ended up dead. it happened at this home on woodridge street in northeast. sources say a retired d.c. police lieutenant shot and killed his 33-year-old son after his son with a knife. this man was nearby. he heard the shots. >> sounded like four gunshots. sort of sounded a little muffled, you know. like a small caliber gun or something. but sounded like i heard about four gunshots. >> and then what? >> and then police started coming and the ambulance and stuff like that.
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holloway had been ordered by a young to stay away from his father's home. this came after he allegedly attacked his father at the house on october 23rd. carl holloway charged with simple assault and domestic violence. in fact carl holloway was supposed to appear before a judge today. that was all voided last night in that confrontation with his father. this case is under review. investigators looking into the possibility that carl was suffering from some sort of mental illness. back to you. >> thank you, pat. it's been one week since the election and today donald trump received his first presidential briefing identical to the one given to president obama.
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transition team. sources are telling nbc news there is a purge under way of people who have close ties to chris christie. also rudy giuliani is publicly discussing not wanting to be attorney general. and here in washington, house democrats delayed votes on leadership while gop members unanimously nominated paul ryan for another term as house speaker. >> we are on the same page working hand in glove and we will make sure that this is a very successful administration, people are acted pop. >> and tomorrow vice president elect mike pence and his wife will be at the naval observatory for a meeting with vice president biden and his wife. they will also get a tour of their future home. my heart is full of anxiety 37. >> protests are not letting up.
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crowd of students gathered saying they are sickened by donald trump's rhetoric. and chopper 4 over the scene of a small group of students. but one of [']'s largest protests happened right outside the trump hotel where students from several schools gathered chanting we will be united and not my president. shomari stone is live with >> reporter: right now i'm across the street from the trump international hotel. what was supposed to be hundreds of students from woodrow wilson high school turned in to more than a thousand because there were so many different schools. many heard about the protest on social media and they came down here to protest.
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northwest d.c. and not my president. >> i deal like we all came out here from all different types of schools. we came and we united as one. >> reporter: protests starred around noon when hundreds walked out of woodrow wilson high school in northwest d.c. a few parents told me they supported that their kids >> she's standing up for her first amendment free speech rights. >> i support the protests. i am just concerned about safety. >> reporter: there were a few safety concerns, but no violence. one student climbs on top of the benjamin franklin statue and this one stands high above the crowd in a window. moments later security tells them to get down. they listen. the students left the hotel and
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their protests on the new. >> he should be the one coming here and sighing all of these people. he's probably been like told about what is happening, but he's not here. he's not looking at the amount of people that do not agree with him, what he says. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00, you will hear from more of the protesters, also the principal of woodrow wilson high school sent home a letter to parents. you will find what happens to the class. shomari stone, news 4. and also protests among council when it comes to the inauguration. majority of council members want the sdroikt spend less propose for the parade viewing stand. the district spent $350,000 on a heated and encloseded viewing stand for the second inauguration of president barack obama. some democratic members are recommending that the district not build a stand at all.
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new today the driver accused of running over a baby in a crosswalk is out of jail on bail tonight. john miller is charged. a grand jury indicted hiller for the august accident that killed five month chris tan seriously injured his mother. he was look at his phone and he sped up to beat the mom pushing the stroller. murder trial underway in a case that started over a fight about clothes. devon wallace is accused of shooting in to it a home hoping to hit a teenage boy, but instead his bullet hit and killed a 3-year-old.
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trial. tracee wilkins was there for the opening statements. >> reporter: i can't begin to explain how dick it was to hear the mother testify and the cousin who watched her young cousin die inside of that house. the state is hoping that they will be able to prove to this jury that this gunman is guilty of murder. all of the hugsd aren't enough to heal this mother's broken heart. >> i would like it for him to feel the pain. he still gets to live. >> reporter: devon wallace is face trial in the shooting death of the 3-year-old. back in the summer of 2014, police say that wallace shot wildly at a landover home after having an argument with someone inside. six shots went through the house killing the little girl. her mother says she replays
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>> you know what happened. but then it's like you can't really express how you feel what you want to say because just thinking about the last memory which was her laying there, you know, dead. >> reporter: today in court wallace's defense attorney said listen to what the state can prove. they will not be able to prove first degree premeditated murder. after the shooting, wallace ran for more than a month. county police searched and he was finally arrested in southeast d.c. he is facing first and second degree murder among other charges. >> i hope he gets the top sentence. it won't bring my granddaughter back, but it will put an ease on our family. >> reporter: coming up on news 4, how they plan it pruch the case.
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cameras where transportation officials tell us there are issues with speeding and pedestrian safety. starting in mid-december, you will receive a warning if you blow past one of the new cameras in southeast d.c. along hillcrest drive and alabama avenue. both of thoefs cameras are in 25 miles per hour minute zones. we're told after a 30 day warning period, police are start issuing moving citations. you have a chance to weigh in tonight on plans to improve route 7 tysons and reston. vdot is planning to widen to six lanes and in the process lieu winsville road will be relocated. and the brim will be raised to reduce flooding. and a partial interchange will be created. officials expect about the project to start in 2018 and to
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2025. tonight the fourth bishop of the catholic diocese of arlington has been install. reverend michael's challenges, leading a growing andand divers diocese. >>e take a look at the satellite and radar together. one thing that you will notice, notice where the storm is moving toward the north bringing beneficial rain to this area. but for us, we're drying. we have nice weather the next couple of days. but then the next big change, this storm was nothing. wait until you see what i have to show you for the weekend.
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intersection and he loses his live in it. and we'll take you up to the capitol dome where three years of repairs just came to a close. >> reporter: and i'm adam tuss. after a close call on the tracks here, metro turning to technology to help keep its
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?? know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. ??
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?? know that together, you can establish a meaningful legacy with the guidance and support
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metro is making the track safer for its workers. this comes after two federal track inspectors were almost hit by a train recently. adam tuss is live at reagan national now at the metro stop with a closer look at these new protocols. adam. >> reporter: that's right. you know, a train is never supposed to get close enough to track workers that it becomes a dangerous situation. but it has happened. in fact metro workers have been killed on the tracks. but now the transit agency turning to technology to keep everyone safe. >> reporter: it is one of the most dangerous jobs at the transit agency. being out on the tracks. do you feel like you're safe when you're working out there?
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>> reporter: metro will test a system where track workers wear a band that alerts them when a train is alert too fast. a good step, but front line metro workers have been complaining metro should have a safety culture that doesn't have to rely on technology, safety should just be a part of the routine. >> our members have been the only one who have ever been hut. track inspectors were murder will, trains have slowed to a crawl. front line workers say the real issue comes down to a lack of preparation and focus. >> biggest complaint here is not enough training. the training is not that effective. >> reporter: in addition to the new technology, metro is also retraining operators and track workers to prevent what could be
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coming up, i'll tell you what front line workers are leading for the transit agency do to help understand the risks. do you recognize this woman? authorities tell us she threw hot soup on a bus driver after she refused to pay the fare. the woman got on the bus on benning road and got off at union station where she ran off. the driver was treated at a hospital. if you know the woman in the picture, you're urged to call police. developments and breaking news from the oklahoma city airport. we have now learned that it was a southwest airlines employee who was shot and that he has died. police at oklahoma city's will rogers world airport have been searching for the suspect for hours. it has shut down the airport earlier this afternoon. the police captain says the shooting happened near one of the parking garages and we have just learned that southwest has now canceled all flights in and out of oklahoma city for the
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updates as they do in. i'm chris lawrence, back to you. rallies like this one in san francisco are under way across the country as groups try to put a stop to the dakota access pipeline. native american groups have been protesting the pipeline because it would run from north dakota into south dakota and then on to illinois. the standing rock sioux say it threatens their drinking water an himself their culture lawyer sites. organizers for the protests halt construction of this project. today marks one week since a divided united states elected its 45th president and also marks the official completion of a many years long rehab of the capitol dome. pat lawson muse takes a look at the finished product. >> it tops the home of the congress of course and can be
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repainted just in time for the inauguration. the work took three years and $60 million to complete. there were water leaks, rust clogged rain gutter, layers of paint to be removed. and hundreds of feet of cracks to be filled. capitol architect steven ayers told us sophisticated software was used to keep track of the work and replacement parts were are made using 3d modeling illustraing the fine detail involved in the ornaments on them and we had never known how the ornaments were created. it was not until after we removed 12 layers of paint about a quarter inch thick that we discovered they are made up of multiple castings that range anywhere from 2 parts to 18 parts responsibility large scrolls are made up of 18 individual castings.
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in history. >> the dome is believed to be the biggest cast iron dome in the world. it was originally completed during the civil war. president lincoln viewed its construction as a symbol of the nation's endurance and unity during the bloodiest conflict in u.s. history. >> pat, thank you. they have made their voices heard through raised fists and bowed knees. >> now some of the athletes involved in the national anthem protest are bringing their concerns to capitol what happened at their meetings today. ahead, who montgomery county lawmakers are blaming for recent
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yet another great day across our region today. clous we saw this morning, then we saw sunshine. but the clouds giving way to a beautiful sunset. the sun went down just about a half hour ago. is this our live shot out in loudoun county, a beautiful evening. right now 60 at the airport. just about everybody else into
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warrington. ft. meade a cooler spot. quantico at 58. as far as the rest of the evening, it will be nice but cool. for your planner, p temperatures dropping through the 50s. this is inside the beltway around 50 degrees. but many of you by that time will already be into the mid tourts. so you will need the jacket tonight. but you probably already needed it most nights. and that is kind of where we are. jacket and coat weather no rain. the storm system that came through yesterday is way up to the north. it brought new york, boston, a couple inches of rain. they saw some much needed rainfall. for us, just a scattering of rain. barely 0.2 of an inch in most areas. so we really it need to see the rain. tonight temperatures will fall
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45 in d.c. so we'll start off on a cold note tomorrow, but with plenty of sunshine, once again we see a beautiful day. mostly sunny, another nice one before high. of 64. and we will stay on the warm side, too. notice again starting off cool, but then warming nicely before we cool off again. this is a typical fall day in the d.c. metro area. and that is exactly what we'll see tomorrow and the next couple of days. look at thursday, weekend from saturday to sunday. 67 on saturday, 48 on sunday. and what we're watching here is very cold air and very windy conditions. so nice and warm friday and saturday. here comes the front and the cold air which goes all wait way down toward the south. winds will gust over 30 miles per hour, we could see rain or snow showers out of that. yeah, snow showers possible in some areas.
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through this weekend. if you're going out this saturday night, some changes. we have that hour by hour forecast on our app. from victim to witness. the unique program that is helping children impacted by domestic violence have their day in court. >> after four cases of hate related vandalism in the last two weeks, montgomery county leaders say enough is enough. >> reporter: for years he pushed to get a traffic light at this busy wasn't installed, somebody would be called. last week he was the one hit by a car.
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a new effort to combat hate related incidents. but first, a plan's warnings about a dangerous intersection
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his life. for years he had been warning people of the dangerous intersection, he had been pushing for a traffic light. >> last week that's the very place he lost his life, at the corner of gloucester parkway and ash democraticby ponds boulevard. julie carey intersection. >> reporter: they watched the traffic pick up on gloucester parkway. and endanger remembering the seniors who walk, bike and drive here. and now schlegel's familiar is determined to make sure that the traffic light he fought for goes up before anyone else is hurt or killed. point of impact, poi, spray pointed on the spot where john schlegel was struck by a car. he was pushing his by through
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the driver found to be at fault. schlegel died of his injuries. >> he was 83, so nothing slowed him down. he was a vibrant part of our family. >> reporter: and schlegel had been sounding the alarm about this dangerous intersection for years. it was clear to see the trouble today as this car blocked the crosswalk. >> and that's why he went to the supervisor's office to try to make it happen. >> reporter: supervisor ron meyer agreed with schlegel. >> breaks my heart because i literally talked to him on the phone last week. he said what can he with do to help speed it along, are we doing everything possible. >> reporter: now they are trying
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construction. and the count city in charge building the structure once vdot approves it. >> we need to look at all levels of government. >> reporter: schlegel's family also determined to make sure a traffic light here is part of his legacy. >> my father-in-law tried to make it happen. and it's ironic that he got killed in the process. but i'm going to follow through with the supervisor and make it happen. >> reporter: i contacted both vdot and loudoun county here. coming up on news 4 at 6:00, the i opening look at how complicated and time consuming it can be to get a signal light installed. back to you. death with dignity bill is on the way to the mayor for final approval. council passed the bill allowing terminally ill patients over 18 to ask doctors for lethal medication.
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months or less to live. mayor bowser is expected to allow the bill to become law. the montgomery county council is taking action to stop hateful acts. this comes just days after silver spring church was vandalized and at least three public schools across the county. today school superintendent jack smith released a statement saying that the trend is disturbing and unacceptable and police are investigating to make sure that the chris gordon joins us from bethesda. >> reporter: police are investigating what happened here friday afternoon and they are treating it as a possible hate crime. swastikas were discovered on the wall of the boys room and westland middle school. a threatening racial slur was removed from the wall.
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church in silver spring. montgomery county council today said the hateful acts are unacceptable. >> what was consciously unleashed in the presidential campaign is now coming home to roost. >> reporter: but some members of the community don't think donald trump's election or his supporters are responsible. >> i don't think there is any evidence that it in fact is the trump supporters that are doing this. these are angry people for a lot of reasons and they're acting inappropriately. >> reporter: that is what this resolution stands for. council passed a resolution denouncing discrimination, racial bias, hate speech, hate crimes and harassment. >> what we've heard from the president-elect are hateful things. >> so you became him for the recent graffiti and hate crimes?
5:34 pm
responsibility for the understanding the facts that words matter. >> reporter: ike leggett wants to reassure all citizen. >> we're asking the community to come together with us so that we can deal with knows who have expressed views that are not acceptable to montgomery county. that's where we start. but it's not where we will end. because i want to end with the promise that i made, that this will be the most welcome community in all of america. thank you. >> reporter: ahead what local lawmakers suggest parents should tell children who are scared by these recent acts of vandalism at schools and churches. back to you. tonight's recycle the runway event could start a new fashion trend. members of the boys and girls club will be showing off apparel they made using reused and
5:35 pm
day. >> and this is a project for young might bemembers of the bo apgirls club to explore are what textiling is. we got items and the girls redesigned them and created new fashions. and tonight is a big night, it's our fashion show. >> design wards will be given out tonight. and the club is collecting clothing and shoes donations at affects your school our community? what would you do if the president-elect asked to you help him fix is in student and teachers are challenged at an event called think it up. students are encouraged to brainstorm and share their ideas. a major airline drops its
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and search for holiday deals. it may be all about how you ask
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benefit from an escape, a major airline has a deal for you. jetblue has launched a 48 hour sale with airfares under 100
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from baltimore to boston for just $39. there are of course some restrictions and blackout dates. the sale ends tomorrow night. big holiday shopping season is about to get under way across the country. this is the time of year you may find some of the best deals out there. >> you know it. susan hogan has our story. >> reporter: haggling doesn't come easy, but if you can try to negotiate, it can go a long way to si according to consumer reports, there are some proven strategies. here are four great ideas to get the price down .let the salesperson know you're comparing prices with their competitor. use your loyalty as a way to get a better deal. this works really well with local shops. avoid yes or no questions. if you come right out and ask for a discount, you will probably get a no. but if you say something like is there any way you can help me to
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silence creates the august awkwardness no one like. if the seller says no, don't say anything for a moment. they might come back with a sweeter deal. and the one trick that always works for me, find a flaw in the product that you want. ask for about 10% to 15% off because you can always take it back home and fix it yourself. >> i've done that trick. nbc providing thanksgiving baskets for people who may not be able to afford a turkey and all the trimmings. we're teaming up with washington first bank and the nurses at med star georgetown university hospital for the food for families campaign. our goal is to help more than 4,000 families and you can help too. donate online at we'll also be collecting outside the verizon center all damon
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working for you. georgetown hoyas and tear terrapins battle for bragging rights. and helping children through the toughest of circumstances. how helping young victims of domestic violence. >> they are gaining the confidence so that they can come into court and say, yes this, is
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here are some of the stories we brought you earlier. >> reporter: i'm pat collins. at this home, a kills his 33-year-old son. after sources say the son attacked him with a knife. a judge had told the son to stay away from his dad. a domestic violence case with deadly consequences. students leading the charge
5:45 pm
slowing. plus it was the first complete restoration of the capitol dome in more than 50 years. we brought you an up close look at the finished product. so many cases of domestic violence occur in the home and they often occur in front of children. for so many, it is the child's testimony that provides the critical evidence. and that can be frightening for a child. local program that helps prepare them. >> reporter: more and more children are witnessing domestic violence, a crime that isn't just behind closed doors anymore. in one recent case, a man allegedly shot and killed his estranged wife at anywhere children's school. chief of the special victims and family violence unit at the state attorney office -- >> we have cases now coming up
5:46 pm
who witnessed their stepfather killing their mother right in front of them. and those girls will have to fest guy. >> reporter: you may not have thought about it, but children often have to take the witness stand in domestic violence cases. often against a loved one. their testimony might lead to more jail time for a parent. >> even if they're not victims, we are using them as witnesses to prosecute these cases because they have seen what has happened. and if a child has seen what has happened, they're also traumatized. >> reporter: and it can be intimidating. that's why the kitty corp program was created. >> it's essentially a play date so they can come with trar their fraepds or family members and everyone can participate in kitty court. >> reporter: do you solemnly swear the testimony you're about to give will be the truth rgts the whole truth and nothing but the truth? >> i to.
5:47 pm
modeled after a program in arizona. the state's attorney's office there created this video. there aren't many of these types of programs and advocates say it's the only one in maryland. each year 100 kids pass through. they spend hours at the courthouse getting familiar with the courtroom, players and process through role playing and a mock trial. they try to make it fun. >> so they sit as prosecutor, against attorney, as a juror. favorite is to sit as a judge. >> reporter: the idea is to ease the fear and pressure and to build courage. >> they are gaining the confidence so that they can come into court and say yes, this is what i saw this person do. >> reporter: and parents can ask the prosecutor questions about what to expect. arlene is the executive director of community advocates for youth
5:48 pm
court. >> they need to understand the dynamics of how their child is feeling, maybe there will be some acting out as it gets closer to the trial date. and also continues on what can i do to kind of comfort them. >> kitty court is offered in spanish and english. it was recently recognized as an innovative program by the foundation for the improvement of justice because of its role ensuring survivors and victims have a voice in the process. >> it does prepare children familiar with the surroundings, the personnel and all they have do is worry about about telling their story. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news 4. >> we have posted information about resources on domestic violence throughout the d.c. air. you can find it in you're nbc washington app. just search safe at home. some nfl players are on capitol hill today meeting with lawmakers on race issues and police brutality. five players traveled here to washington snapping this photo
5:49 pm
wants to become gchlt nc chair. platers also met with paul ryan and the congressional black caucus. lions wide receiver anquan boldin p came up with the idea. players also had meetings with white house staffers. maryland and georgetown squaring off and we're hoping it's another nail biter. >> reporter: that would be nice. this is the making. last year maryland and georgetown met for the first time since 1993 and it was a thriller. 75-71 maryland wins. tonight georgetown playing host. maryland is third in the country. george up to took them down to
5:50 pm
atmosphere was incredible and everyone hoping to see the same here tonight. >> i know they can't wait to play us, we can't wait to play them.>> i know they can't wait play us, we can't wait to play tonight. >> i know they can't wait to play us, we can't wait to play them. >> do you notice a difference when it's a team in their backyard? >> i think it takes to another level after what happened last year. we expect the verizon center to be terrific. >> it is anoth very confident. i know that there will be a lot of people there both maryland and georgetown, so it should be a good environment. >> rivalries are built on heated exchanges, tough wins. tough losses. and so i think we're in the process. so we're getting there. >> reporter: we all hope, this is the second and final scheduled meeting between the
5:51 pm
i just wrapped up a conversation with a credible source who tells me that the series will continue, talks are under way, but it all depends if they continue the nonconference match-ups between the big east and big ten. sofingers crossed because it is a fun match-up to watch. carol maloney, back to you. >> doesn't get bigger. thank our forecast. another beautiful day out there. >> but we're looking to sunday when it's like my goodness, something is coming. >> yeah, wanda -- wendy -- big changes are coming. yes. i know, don't even start. >> don't even start. >> keep up with the changes with
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we will have warm temperatures well above the average. and who wants to be be average? let's be above average. and we'll be that way for the next four days. and then below average temperatures turning much colder sunday into monday and tuesday. and there is the capitol under a mostly clear sky. we'll be into the are upper 40s by 10:00. by 8:00 tomorrow morning, mid-40s. so we'll have a the 50s to upper 50s near 60 degrees by late morning. right now around much of the region, we're dipping down into the 50s after sunset here now. 60 in washington, but elsewhere, already hit the 40s in parts of shenandoah valley. luray at 48. so tonight you will definitely need your jacket and a warm coat tomorrow morning with a warm hat. during the afternoon on wednesday, you'll still need a jacket. and for the commute tomorrow,
5:53 pm
for your lunch hour, right around 60. we'll be seeing partly cloudy skies and dry roads for the afternoon commute tomorrow back down to around 60 degrees. send us your pictures like sue cromer did. we still have nice color around. temperatures mid-60s tomorrow, mid-60s again on thursday. friday may be near 70 degrees and then the big change saturday afternoon's temperatures into the upper 60s. and we will have -- that's not the right one. we will keep moving forward. that's about the super moon. and that of course we had last evening and unfortunately, we're unable to see it. and as we got into sunday, we will notice the big change. maybe some rain showers on saturday evening and then on sunday, windy, only in the 40s on sunday an maybe even some rain showers perhaps mixing in
5:54 pm
season a few snow showers on sunday. nothing sticking. well will be above freezing and windy saturday night into sunday. that's when the cold air does move in. much colder with the wind gusts over 30 miles per hour with rain and snow showers coming in on sunday. so big changes on the way. keep up with it with the nbc washington app. >> we've been waiting for the flakes to come in. it's the 90 macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> but this year's event brings us significant security concern. what officials in new york are saying about a potential isis threat. and all new at 6:00, the growing support for metro's plan to close the system early on weekends to allow more
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
enforcement officials believe they're ready. >> we live in a city that has been a repeated target of terrorist attacks and attempts. and by and large in more than 20 cases we have managed to uncover, prevent.
5:58 pm
tactics in the new isis magazine that directs lone wolfs to rent a truck and drive into a crowd calling new york's that position if i having day parade a, quote, celebrity target. sglefr year we take out the last year's overlay and we look at it and we say what has changed in the threat picture. >> reporter: here along the parade route, for new yorkers and those who often visit the city, a calm resolve. >> you just have to be vigilant. just be aware of your surroundings. you really don't think about it, you don't dwell on it. >> this is something that the nypd and joint task force does every day. >> reporter: this former fbi agent spent decades keeping new york city safe from terrorists. he calls the specific instructions and photos troubling, but he says this is nothing new by the terrorist group and that the security approach to the parade is a multilayered strategy.
5:59 pm
addressing threats like this. >> that was marc santia reporting. and as part of its security strategy, the nypd is reaching out to rental truck companies. >> they're asking them to identify any suspicious behavior ahead of next week's big event. now at 6:00, nbc news hat has received miss first full security he briefing. >> and it comes as they discuss key cabinet appointments inside trump tower in new york. but here in d.c. there, is growing outrage on the streets as hundreds of students continue to protest the president-elect. >> we have team coverage of it all. and we begin with steve handelsman on capitol hill. >> reporter: cast iron dome has
6:00 pm
the republican party. you'd hardly realize that just a few days ago they were divided, disturbed about donald trump. now they're in a rush to pass the trump agenda while others up in new york assemble the trump administration, the trump staff. vice president elect mike pence in new york heading the trump transition, amid speculation that the president-elect will name his secretary of state. to deal with russia, the fight against isis, nato and new t conservative former u.n. ambassador john bolton is said to be a candidate. >> i think trump will be a far stronger leader. >> reporter: touted by another candidate rudy giuliani. >> john would be a very good choice. >> anybody better? >> maybe me. i don't know. >> reporter: the former new york mayor does not want the justice department. >> i won't be attorney general.


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