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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 15, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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the republican party. you'd hardly realize that just a few days ago they were divided, disturbed about donald trump. now they're in a rush to pass the trump agenda while others up in new york assemble the trump administration, the trump staff. vice president elect mike pence in new york heading the trump transition, amid speculation that the president-elect will name his secretary of state. to deal with russia, the fight against isis, nato and new t conservative former u.n. ambassador john bolton is said to be a candidate. >> i think trump will be a far stronger leader. >> reporter: touted by another candidate rudy giuliani. >> john would be a very good choice. >> anybody better? >> maybe me. i don't know. >> reporter: the former new york mayor does not want the justice department. >> i won't be attorney general.
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said president obama. frightened voters wanted change. >> president-elect trump tapped in to that particular strain and was able to get enough votes. >> reporter: for capitol hill republicans today, trump red hats are the fashion. house speaker paul ryan who fretted for a year that trump's not conservative dialed quick action on the trump agenda. >> we're on the same pge i talk with donald trump vurnlgly every single day. >> reporter: and ryan was renominated speaker by a unanimous vote of house republicans. dramatic show of unity by a party that many up here thought just one week ago had been badly damaged by donald trump. live from the hill, i'm steve handelsman, news 4. and as donald trump assembles his team in new york, protests continue here in the district p just a few hours ago,
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university gathered saying they were sicken ped by trump's campaign rhetoric and concern about how he will govern. the new trump hotel has turned in to a hot spot for protesters. students from several d.c. schools marched on pennsylvania avenue before rallying oupt side the hotel. so he mar show marry stoer stone is live with more. >> reporter: and many students say president-elect donald trump encouraged bigotry and massage any. worth mentioning that the principal of woodrow wilson high school sent home a let are saying that she supports the students protesting being however they will receive an unexcused absence until their parents say otherwise. >> i think it's good because they can hear voices from the
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adults. >> reporter: hundreds of public school students along with some teens from private schools chant you can't divide us outside the trump international hotel in northwest d.c. and not my president. >> i feel like we all came out here from all different types of schools across the city. >> reporter: protests started around noon when hundreds walked out of woodrow wilson high school in northwest d.c. a few parents told me they against president-elect donald trump. >> i'm proud of her. she's standing up for her first amendment free speech rights. but this woman didn't allow her daughter to go. >> i support the protests. i'm just concerned about safety. >> reporter: there were a few safety concerns, but no violence. one student climbs on top of the benjamin franklin statue and this one stands high an above
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them to get down and they listen. the students left the hotel and marched to the capitol. they want president-elect donald trump to see their protests on the news. many of the students tell me that they are planning to protest on inauguration day in january. live in northwest d.c., shomari stone, news 4. we asked if you think students should be protesting during the school day. so far 46% of you responded online are in favor of the protests. 18% say students can protest as long as they don't disrupt classes. and 36% say that the students should not be protesting at all. you can weigh in during the break on the nbc washington facebook page. democratic senator barbara boxer is sponsoring a bill that would abolish the electoral college. boxer notes that donald trump
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popular vote and win the white house. hillary clinton currently leads the popular vote by nearly 1 million votes. the president-elect called the electoral college a disaster back in 2012. in a "60 minutes" interview this week, trump said he had not changed his mind, but this morning he tweeted that the electoral college is in his words actually president obama is in athens. he attempted a state dinner tonight after meetings with greek leaders. greece is under tremendous economic and social stress right the now from a crushing debt crisis and massive tide of migrants fleeing the middle east. the president acknowledged the stress but also had a stark warning for europe and the united states. >> we are going to have to guard
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of nationalism or tribalism that is built around an us and them. we know what happens when europeans start dividing themselves up. and emphasizing their differences. 20th century was a blood bath. >> president obama travels to germany other european leaders there. developing story, a retired d.c. police lieutenant is accused of shooting and killing his adult son along wood bridge street in northeast d.c. pat collins has information about what led up to the shooting. >> reporter: he'd attacked his father before. he was told by a judge to stay away. but last night he came back and
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what happened inside this house has people in the neighborhood shaking their heads. >> i was shocked. i would never expect anything like this from this family. i mean, they are such a kind, warm hearted family. you'd never imagine anything like this ever. >> reporter: police sources say a retired d.c. police lieutenant shot and killed his 33-year-old son after his son allegedly this man was nearby. he heard the shots. >> sounded like four gunshots. sort of sounded a little muffled. >> reporter: according to court documents, the son 33-year-old carl holloway had been ordered by a judge to stay away from his father's home. this came after he allegedly attacked his father james holloway at the house on october
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assault and was supposed to appear before a judge today. that was all voided last night. after he was shot and killed in that confrontation with his father. investigators looking into the possibility that carl holloway suffered from a mental illness. back to you. >> new developments in the sex abuse case against former prince george's county school aide deonte carraway. more charges have been filed and a new victim has been added. scott macfarlane broke the story today and joins us with more. >> federal prosecutors have added a 12th victim in this case, they say he's a 13 ymd boy who carraway is accused of entuesdaying of performing a sex
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30 years to the prison sentence he faces if he is convicted. he served as a teacher's aide before he was charged with sexually exploiting children to produce child pornography. it happened earlier this year. carraway is an accused of sexually assaulting kids between the ages of 9 and 13. he's pleaded not guilty. scheduled to go on trial in marn he also faces dozens of local charges. a recent news 4 iteam review of the court filings show carraway's lawyers try to get his statements tossed from the case and they argue that he has cognitive defects and iq of 63. driver accused of running over a baby in a loudoun county crosswalk is out of jail on bail. his name john miller.
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accident back in august that killed five month old tristan shuttle and seriously injured the boy's mother. a witness told investigators that miller was looking at his phone just moments before the accident on riverside parkway in lansdowne. and they say he sped up his vehicle to beat the mom who was pushing the stroller through the intersection. a terrible twist of fate after a man is killed at the very intersection others about. how his death could lead to changes once and for all. >> reporter: i'm adam tuss, metro front line workers out on the tracks next to the trains are pleading with metro officials to experience what they have to deal with. i'll tell you their story coming up. >> and i'm watching one system exit to the north and east, but already tracking the next system which will have a major impact
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly.
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...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone for this amazing price. cable can't offer speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. metro is turning to technology and more training after two workers were almost hit. as adam tuss tells us, workers welcome the changes. >> reporter: out here on the
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situation very quickly. if a train approaches too fast. and that's why metro's front line workers are saying make thing safer. can technology help prevent a disaster in metro hopes so. the transit agency will test its system where track workers wear a band that alerts them when a train is approaching a work zone too fast, a system that should give workers on the tracks enough time to clear the way. >> do you feel like you're safe when you're worng >> not all the time. no. i can honestly say not all the time. >> reporter: raymond jackson says out on the tracks, the conditions are more than just the job at hand and to get a better handle on safety, he's put out a challenge to metro managers to experience the tracks firsthand. >> rain, sleet, snow, if you recall, in the summer we had 18 days of above 90 degrees. and them guys worked 12 hour shifts.
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a lag of preparation and focus. >> biggest complaint here is there is not enough training. the training we do have is not that effective. >> reporter: in addition to this new technology, metro is also retraining operators and track workers to prevent what could be a deadly accident. at the reagan national airport, adam tuss, news 4. and there is new support for metro's plans to close the system early at night for maintenance work. the northern virginia transportation commission says it agres time on fridays and saturdays. but after two years, it says metro should reevaluate whether it needs that extra work and if metro goes through with the early closures, the commission says there needs to be a better bus plan to help people get around. roads will be crowded next week. analysts are expecting the most thanksgiving travelers in nearly ten years. new numbers from aaa a find that 49 million people will be
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jay gray has a closer look now at where they're all going and how they intend to get there. >> reporter: turkey, trimmings and travel. according to aaa, this thanksgiving roads, rail and air will be as crowded as they have been. >> nearly 49 million will travel more than 50 miles and majority of those individuals tell us >> reporter: that despite a recent uptick this prices at the pump. but the cost of gas is at historically low levels fueling the road trips. air travel is up 1.6%, tickets are up a lot more, 21% over a year ago. the average round trip fare for the $205. top five destinations are las
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orlando arrest new york. >> i definitely think people are taking the time that they have off work, they're planning out their vacation maybe for the year. also we see a lot of people make the trip home to visit family during this time. >> reporter: anywhere they can get away and gobble up some good times for the holidays. jay gray, nbc news. the federal government is shifting gears if you will when it comes to driverless cars. head of the national highway traffic latest policy. he says nhtsa will work closely with automakers as self driving technology evolves. the goal is to make safety part of the development process along with -- without interrupting innovation. as for when they will be a regular feature on the roads, nhtsa officials say no one knows
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but the bus never showed up. she ended up having to buy a train ticket just to get home. and when the company refused to refund her money, she contacted nbc 4 responds. tonight at 11:00, find out how consumer reporter susan hogan and her team got answers and results. some nfl players came here to washington today to talk with government leaders about police brutality. players held meetings at the white house and capitol and met with law congressional black caucus. detroit lions wide receiver anquan boldin came up with the idea. players from the eagles and browns also made the trip. that group took this photo with minnesota congressman keith ellison who is looking to become the chairman of the democratic national committee. taking a stand against discrimination and hate. we'll report how one county is
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this day got better as we went along. kind of cloudy in the morning and then we saw some sunshine. >> and a temperature that hit 65. our average high right now is 58 degrees, so we've been well above average. looks like we will stay there over the next couple days. temperatures tipping to rise as we he said thewe well. but then we will see pretty major change. right now, though, not a bad night across our region. current temperatures at 58 at the airport, winds out of the west 7 miles per hour. we're under mostly clear skies right now after a few clouds in the morning and evening in that between the sunshine which helped to warm things up. 46 right now winchester, 46 manassas, 48 dulles. so starting to cool. and it will be a very cool night
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of you into the low 40s by around the 11:00 hour. maybe even upper 30s by that time. so you will need the jacket if you're out and about. no rain to talk about. it will be and dry night and really a fairly try period. we did have a storm that came through yesterday, that storm now out of here and clear skies. there is the storm up to the north and east up towards boston and new york. parts of the new york area picking up 2 to 3 inch of rain. we really could doesn't look like we'll have much of a chance of rain. the storm systems will stay to the north until the weekend and that's where we see the big change. let's get to tonight first though. into the upper 30s. 39 leesburg, 45 inside the city. still above average for this time of year. tomorrow afternoon 64 is what
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your wednesday. and waking up to temperatures in the 40s. 56 by noon, so even around noon with sunshine and light winds, that is not a bad day to get lunch outside. 64 at 3:00. and next couple of days, this is where the change really comes. first three days of this forecast, beautiful with temperatures in the 60s, even close to 70. same deal saturday. most of saturday is looking okay. let's take a look. saturday is looking late and showers after sunset. so during the day we'll be try. if you have any activities, i know i have my son's flag football game. we're at .500 and we need to improve. we'll try to do that. sunday, 20 degrees lower. we'll talk much more about that coming up at 6:45. but next week notice the pattern
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a sign of the season as a package thief is caught on tape. what you can do to keep this from happening to you. montgomery county council condemns recent hate crimes. ahead, what they're telling their own children to calm their fears. >> reporter: for years he pushed to get a traffic light at this busy intersection. warning if one wasn't installed, some be would be killed.
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i'm chris lawrence at the live desk where we're following breaking news out of montgomery county. chopper 4 is up over a deadly crash involving a motorcyclist. this is right near the intercession of old columbia pike an bridge cheney road. you can see montgomery county police have shut down some of paramedics and fire department on the scene. if you know anyone headed that way, it may be a good idea to give help a heads up because the road may city closed to some time now. we'll bring you any new developments as we get them, but again a deadly crash involving a motorcyclist. back to you. now a new effort to fight
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school's chief publicly denounced the crimes and vowed to fight the problem. vandals hit this church in silver spring and three schools in recent weeks. chris gordon reports now from bethesda. >> reporter: montgomery county council member craig rice says his own children are afraid. >> i now with two young girls have to have a conversation with my girls about what it >> reporter: swastikas were discovered at westland middle school, a threatening racial slur removed from an elementary school, signs at a church in silver spring. >> i was glad to see the president-elect to say anyone
6:30 pm
it. >> reporter: some people don't believe touchdown or his supporters are to blame. glink it's more noticed that we have a president that is trying to eliminate undocumented immigrants. >> reporter: montgomery county says its police will not cooperate if given orders to round up undocumented immigrants for deportation even at the risk of losing federal funds. >> if i'm faced with the choice of having to lose federal dollars and run the risk of an undignified way and it is respected and hauled off to jail and separating families, i'll have to lose the dollars. >> that was chris gore ton gordon reporting. people do a lot of online shopping and d.c. police just released this video. they need your help finding the
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you can see the guy puts a box in a big garbage bag and then walking off with it. here are four thing that you can do when you place your next online order to make sure you don't get ripped off. request a signature for delivery. that way your item won't be left at the front door. have a package shipped to your office if your work place allows it. have your order sent it a retail store and then go and pick it up yourself or use the tracking number to know when it's delivernd keep it for you until you get home. an argument between a man and a teenager over clothes turned deadly. the victim, a 3-year-old girl killed by mistake. now two years later, the man accused of killing that child is on trial. the girl's mother says the main has not subsided. bureau chief tracee wilkins was in court today and has the report. >> i would like for him to feel
6:32 pm
still gets to live. >> reporter: devon wallace is facing a trial in the shooting death of the 3-year-old. back in the summer 2014, wallace shot wildly at a landover home after having an argument with someone inside. six shots went through the house killing the little girl. her mother says she replays those moments every day. >> you know what happened, but because just thinking about the last memory which was her laying there, you know, dead. >> reporter: today in court wallace's defense attorney told the jury listen to what the state can prove. they will not be able to prove first degree premeditated murder. after the shooting, wallace rap for more than a month. the fbi and prince george's county police searched from north carolina to new jersey. he was finally arrested in southeast d.c.
6:33 pm
recorded interview police had with wallace. he told police in part i feel so gad for that the girl because i know everybody. i feel bad for the mothers. now everybody is like i'm the bad guy. the defense will argue the death was an unintentional shooting. >> how could you not mean it? you knew there was kids in the house. regardless if he didn't mean >> reporter: wallace faces first and second-degree murder among other charges. this trial is expected to be wrapped up before the end of the week. i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. bob mcdonnell has a new job. starting this january, he will be teaching government and policy at regent university in virginia beach. he said in a statement that his painful journey through the justice system refocused his attention from politics to
6:34 pm
prosecutors dropped their corruption case against mcdonnell and his wife in that 2014, he was convicted of accepting gifts, but the supreme court overturned the conviction this summer. a major change for a local school district. montgomery county schools will start next year after labor day. you may recall maryland governor larry hogan made an executive order earlier this year telling until after labor day. officials in montgomery county say classes will begin now on september 5th for the 2017-2018 school year and will end later than june 15th.
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are finished. and nice and warm, temperatures going up, but take a look at what -- where he with start off next week. the cold air comes in and it's not just one day this time. nd we're only one day removed from the super moon.
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we've posted lots of images in our app. just search capitol dome. >> looks beautiful. first look at what you will see inside the new mgmgm casino. it hey look like the rabbit hole to wonder land, but don't be fooled, is this a coal create cylinder with mirrors inside. the optical illusions will go into the floor at mgm. if you're brave enough, c been working on the project for more than a year. >> the people's surprise and in a good way. >> you can see it for yourself when mgn opens on december 8th. kind of cool. >> very cool. coming up, security in place amid threats from isis to target
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a motorcyclist has been killed in montgomery county. chopper 4 was over near the intersection of old colombia pike and rigs cheney road. roads in that area may be closed for a while. we about the victim. a loudoun county supervisor and accident victim's family are teaming up tonight to speed up the installation of traffic signals at some dangerous intersections. first on their list, gloucester parkway and ash biponds. that's where a man lost his life after months of warning about the danger there. >> reporter: at 83 years old,
6:44 pm
trails near the retirement community where he and his wife lived. but last thursday morning pushing his bike through the crosswalk, he was truck by a car, driver found to be at fault. for schlegel's family, his death is a painful cruel irony. he had pushed for a traffic light here for year. >> he saw how dangerous it was and that's why he went for the supervisor's office. >> reporter: it was clear to see the trouble as this man found a car blocking the crosswalk making it tough to see oncoming traffic. ron meyer who represents the area agreed with schlegel. >> i talked to him on the phone last week and said what can we do to help speed this long, what can do you, are we doing everything possible. >> reporter: now he's trying to figure out why it's taken so long to get a traffic light
6:45 pm
vdot shared its time line with me today. it approved the signal in september of 2014 with designs okayed seven months later. drawings passed on to the county the day schlegel died. it's loudoun county's role to fund and build the signal, a process this report shows takes 16 months. >> what can we come in the future to make sure that it never happens again, to make sure communities are safer? >> my father-in-law tried to ma process. but i'm going to follow through with the supervisor and make it happen. >> reporter: the report also shows they recently expedited the construction of the signal light. concrete should be poured in the next few week apand activated by january at the latest. new security concerns ahead of the macy's thanksgiving parade up in new york city. isis is urging its followers to
6:46 pm
the crowds. isis leaders say that parade would be a good target for terror attack like the one carried out in france last summer. a man in a truck drove through a crowd there on bastille day. 86 people were killed. security experts in new york city say they are prepared for any threat. and they have a multilayered strategy to their security. they plan to block roads around the parade with armed officers and dump trucks truck companies to be on the lookout for anything suspicious. and us a get into the holiday spirit, please join us in helping families in need this thanksgiving as part of our food 4 families campaign. you can donate online or text or stop by our storm ranger truck at the redskins game. our meteorologists will be collecting canned or boxed food
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for more information, head to i was not told gate h, but that's where i'll be right now. >> and dress warmly. >> sunday will be really cold. i'll be down there with lauryn ricketts, chuck bell will be down there early in the evening. so come on down. we take on the packers. want to see you down there. and you missed the super moon last night, right? >> we di >> where are we seeing that? >> is that chopper 4? chopper 4 taking a look. and chopper 4 has one of the most technologically advanced cameras. look at what it's able to do. that is just amazing. this is our brand new chopper and brand new camera that we've got. how cool is that to see those craters like that. simply amazing.
6:48 pm
of it? >> contrail or high cirrus clouds moving through there. so cool. those are the rings of the moon. haven't you heard of those? the rings -- does look like that, doesn't it? >> that's why i asked. >> here's one you will know. it's 98% and right now -- >> waning. >> that's right. yes. always gets me. let's show you out there. current temperature in the 50s. that was beautiful. 58 frees, winds out of the west at 7 miles per hour. 48 in leesburg, 46 in centreville. 56 over towards riverdale and prince george's county. no rain, we won't see any rain anytime soon. the storm said we had yesterday gave parts of new england a lot of rain. parts of new york city area, upwards of 2 to 3 inches of
6:49 pm
system for us a couple days away. so tomorrow a beautiful day. 45 at 7:00 a.m., 58 by noon. 64 by 4:00. really a great afternoon tomorrow. and it just gets better. high of 65 on thursday. 69 on friday. but then we get to a big change here. saturday if you have plans on saturday, let's just go ahead and show what you saturday will be like. beautiful. a very warm day becoming breezy late. but if you have any plan early in the day, no problem. showers will wait until after this, showers. but some of the showers on sunday, well, they could be snow showers. warm ahead of the front, but here comes the first arctic front of the season and we get cold in behind it. temperatures will be close to 10 degrees below average. p and combine that with the wind, you may see some rain or
6:50 pm
in d.c., 35 degrees, we still have not yet hit freezing. if you're thinking you might benefit from an escape, a major airline has a deal for you. jetblue has launched a 48 hour sale with airfares under 100 bucks round trip on many of its routes. for example you can book a trip from baltimore to boston for just $39. there the two day sale ends tomorrow night. we have sports coming up. caps ready for a big test on the road. and some rare good news fothe
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th as good as your last game? they were not good this weekend. capitals coming off their worst loss of the season. the man in net is your starting goaltender again. head coach upset for what he called leaving him out on an island. the capitals have lost two of their last three including 5-1
6:54 pm
caps taking seven penalties. players admitted that they were not very sharp after the quick turnaround. it doesn't get any easier. tonight they visit columbus. >> we have a big task at hand. and after a game that we had in carolina, we want to come out and give our best effort and make sure that we can make a statement, too. >> we weren't really played a great game and we didn't. so they made us look bad and we have to get back to that. >> puck drops at 7:00. you can watch it on comcast sports net. moving on to the wizards, it's
6:55 pm
john wall being trope out of games left and right. butt number one problem, these two guys on the bechblg.hrope o games left and right. butt number one problem, these two guys on the bechblg.rope ou games left and right. butt number one problem, these two guys on the bechblg.owrope f games left and right. butt number one problem, these two guys on the bechblg.nrope o of games left and right. butt number one problem, these two guys on the bechblg.ope outf games left and right. butt number one problem, these two guys on the out games left and right. butt number one problem, these two guys on the bechblg.e out o games left and right. butt number one problem, these two guys on the bechblg. out of games left and right. butt number one problem, these two guys on the bechblg. hamstring tightness has him day to day. but wall has sat out two games but says he's feeling no pain and he could play first back to ba >> he's good. give him and the medical staff a lot of credit that put him in this position to maybe play in both gaps. but we haven't made that decision. we'll see how he feel tomorrow. >> had two great practices. i think the difference is
6:56 pm
just trying to get in better conditioning. and the tepsterps, we're ti up. they're on run. maryland went on a 10-0 run, they run 7 right now in the first half. and just announced, dusty baker finishes third in the voting for the national league manager of the year award. your winner? dodgers skipper dave roberts. cubs manager and world series champion joe maddon iffishes finishes in second place. nats failed to make it past the series. before we go, tony romo addressed the media. dak prescott has led dallas to
6:57 pm
and with prescott. >> he's earned the right to be our quarterback. as hard as that is for me to say, he's earned that right. i'm not going to allow the situation to negatively affect dak or this football team by becoming a constant distraction. i think dak knows that i have his back. and think i know that he has mine. dallas. he's done after this season. no way he's back with the cowboys. >> i have brand new respect for him. that's big for him. >> but not getting your job back. >> did you hear what else he said? he said i'm definitely not retiring unless they try to trade me to the browns and then i'm retiring before they hang up the phone. not going to happen.
6:58 pm
went they go 0-16 in not happy in cleveland. >> not about their football
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has asked about top-secret security clearances for his children. should they have access to america's most sensitive information? focus tonight centering on the role of trump's powerful son-in-law jared kushner. deadly airport shooting. an employee gunned down, flights grounded as police hunt for a killer. and hitting home, mortgage rates spiking after the election, pushing buyers to act. homeowners racing to


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