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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  November 16, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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high school in northwest washington. their principal says she supports the students' rights for a peaceful protest but they won't be excused for their absences. good morning, angie goff at the live desk. right now in greece president obama visiting the first place of democracy. he arrived following a meeting with embassy staff in athens. this is a police responding to violence protests. as for the president in the city, it's the president's first time he's been here and now plans to head to berlin next. and the mother who police say helped her husband bury their dead baby will be in court
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today. she's accused of covering up her son's death. antoine petty accusing of punching a 3-month-old to stop it from crying back in september. while many of you just woke up from your warm bed, many workers at the reagan national airport are waking up in the lobby. they are participating in a sleep-in protest. they say it is actually what they end up having to do on a regular basis because they can't the workers represent wheelchair attendants, baggage handlers, checkpoint agents and more. many of them make $6.75 an hour in tips. they are calling for a pay raise to $15 an hour. and time now for your weather and traffic on the 1s at 4:31. >> chuck bell is here now with what i am going to say is a very nice day, 60s, chuck? >> you're going to love it, eun.
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all custom made for eun and her supporters who like the dry, mild weather. we made 66 yesterday. we'll be in close territory for above average temperatures the next few days as the dry, mild pattern continues through the rest of the week. 70 is still a possibility for friday. and then there's a chance over the weekend, some spots, especially in the mountains, could go from near 70 to the chance for wet snowflakes? what? mo minutes. but the week of thanksgiving will be cold for thanksgiving travelers. we'll have more on that coming up in a few more minutes. what are you working on, melissa? i have a problem on bw parkway southbound after 197. the work zone with the left lane getting by. if you are looking at 95 through that same area, you can see from 32 down to the beltway we are on time. no problems southbound. northbound is also looking quite good here this morning.
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good as well. the only situation as far as road work and top of the beltway, inner loop to connecticut, we have two right lanes getting by. bottom of the beltway, prince george's county is looking nice at 4:41. thank you. 4:33 right now. and montgomery county investigators are looking into what caused a car and motorcycle to collide killing the motorcyclist. this happened before 6:00 last night at old columbia pike and bricks cheney road. the motorcyclist was 21-year-old hadesu murphy. no charges have been filed. an emotional testimony of a mother of a 3-year-old killed in prince george's county started what could be a very short murder trial. evan wallace is charged with the murder of a 3-year-old. he fired six shots after having an argument with someone inside. one of the shots went through
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witness. >> i would like for him to feel the pain that i feel. because he still gets to live. >> tracee wilkins reports the defense will argue the little girl's death was an unintentional shooting. the trial is expected to wrap up by the end of the week. this morning we're working to learn whether a former d.c. lieutenant will be charged for killing his son. we brought you this as breaking news the shooting happened monday night inside the family's home on woodbridge in northeast. news4 is told james holloway shot his adult son carl. carl allegedly attacked him with a knife. carl holloway was ordered to stay away from the home after an attack on his father last month. new this morning p we are learning how and when culpeper police officers will use their new body cameras. this policy was announced after a two-year testing problem.
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the cameras must be on during calls where the officers believe the contact could become adversarial. and they must always have the cameras on while executing a search warrant or using a police dog. 4:35 and covering prince george's county where a man is charged with distribution and possession of child pornography. maryland state police arrested michael j. dorden who is 52 oxnard hill yesterday. during a search of his home, they discovered 200 images of children on his laptop. they are looking for the people responsible for creating the images. and new details about the former prince george's school aide deante carraway. he is accused of recording children performing sex acts and
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himself. this newest indictment could add another 30 years to any prison sentence if he's found guilty. carraway's trial is set to begin in march. the controversial measure that will allow terminally ill patients end their life with drugs could become a law in d.c. they passed the death with dignity bill yesterday and will head to the mayor's desk. this is for patients who have six months or less to live. they must be over the age of doctor-assisted death is already legal in five states. a cruel twist of faith, a man killed at the very intersection he fought for years to make safer. how his goal could be fulfilled after his death. plus, the price of power going up just weeks before winter starts. the increase you'll be seeing on the next utility bill. but first, it's a cool start to our morning. you won't need the heat as our weather warms up. chuck bell is back with what you should wear on this wednesday.
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we are eight days away from thanksgiving and you can help make the holiday extra special for those in need. nbc4 is teaming up with washington first bank and the nurses at med-surg georgia university hospital to provide baskets of goods for those in need. the goal is to help 4,000 families. some of the meteorologists
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redskins game this sunday. bring your donations to gate h. and we will be outside the verizon center on monday. to find out how you can help or other ways to help, search food 4 families in the nbc4 washington app. i think you will need a big coat. >> why are you pointing to yourself? >> i'll be there. >> at the redskins game. >> some of the meteorologists will be there. we'll be taking in your families. it's a great cause. and hopefully good tailgating. people can bring us a little half-smoked from the parking lot, huh? can you help a buddy out? >> look at you, chuck. >> it's not going to be warm on sunday. it's much more november-like weather on the way. you have to enjoy today while we can. it's in the 30s in the cooler suburbs to low to mid-40s in and around the urban heat island this morning. so what to wear? we'll call it a medium jacket for early this morning.
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about. back to sunglasses today. no more than a light sweater for later on this afternoon. the bus stop temperatures, 38 at 7:00 a.m. 42 at 8:00. 65 degrees, you know what that means, melissa, the daily grade today? did you have any doubt at all? over-achiever, a-plus for sure. we'll have more on the weekend cool down coming up in a few minutes. now to melissa mollet, a-plus i am. but i have to talk about the red line shut down because of the safetrack surge 10 between noma-galludet until november 22nd. we have road work here on bw parkway southbound that just cleared out of the way, so that is gone. 66 and 95, no worries. a live look at 270 when i'm back in a few minutes. thank you, melissa. 4:41 and the prince george's plaza mall is getting a makeover. the news partners at wtop report
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look and new tenants are moving in by this time next year. the $30 million renovation should be complete before the 2017 holiday shopping season. ulta beauty, dsw -- that's a shoe store. i no e these things, as well as h&m are scheduled to open in 2018. >> and h&m is a clothing st and virginia is now backing the plans to limit the late night hours that you can catch a ride. i'm adam tusk. after a close call here at reagan international airport, metro is turning to technology
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should be within reach. that anything that matches your taste can match your budget. that green living doesn't have to cost much green. we believe that you should always have room for the little things. and that your dream kitchen should work as hard as you do.
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good morning. it was an unprecedented the president-elect to fake out the press. his team said there would be no more movement by the family for the rest of the night. now donald trump is facing questions this morning on whether his transition team is in disarray. >> this comes after some team members have been fired and
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hill. what is happening here? >> reporter: well, what he says is happening is absolutely nothing. a smooth transition. after dinner last night he was tweeting that this has been a very good process going on in trump tower, but that is not what sources are telling us. we do know that associates of chris christie who was ousted as head of the transition has been ousted as well, congressman mike rogers, saying he's stepping aside. others we are told who were associated with christie jockeying for position, we know that vice president to be mike pence is in charge of that process. he was with donald trump yesterday and is meeting with joe biden today. >> is there any sign that nancy pelosi's job could be in jeopardy? >> reporter: it sounds like they are looking for a change. they put those decisions off
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republicans moved ahead. the democrats are waiting a little bit because she could be facing a challenge from another ryan in congress, we'll have to keep it straight if it happened, tim ryan is the possible candidate. the democrats are looking at whether the leadership is taking them in the right direction or whether they need to make a clear change from the left and go in a new direction in order to set themselves up for the midterm elections. >> te and the other ryan tracey referenced, house speaker paul ryan will rema inin congress. this comes after his colleagues unanimously nominated ryan with a voice vote on tuesday. the speaker will be subjected to a vote on the floor in january to officially retain the gavel. there has been some speculation that his leadership position could be in generaler difficult. and democratic senator barbara boxer is sponsoring a
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she wants the president to be elected by popular vote. hillary clinton leads by around a million votes. she called it a disaster for democracy. yesterday he tweeted that the electoral college is actually genius. yesterday he said hillary clinton will make her first public appearance since conceding the election. she'll be honored by the children's defense fund in northwest. the fund is honoring clinton contributions to child advocacy groups throughout her career. she worked for the group in the 1970s. step into the live desk, a search for multiple suspects following a string of attacks in north d.c. this is what we know this morning, some of the suspects possibly as young as 9 years old. this is the timeline, around 1:00 yesterday a person was struck in the face and then robbed while walking along the
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that she was in the 1200 block of dunkin place when she was pushed to the ground and two people tried to take her purse away. and then an hour and a half later, at 1830 hutchinson avenue, another person was jumped by a half dozen people. this while crossing a baseball field. his personal belongings taken. so it's still unclear if all of these were related or connected. we're working to get more information now. back to you. >> angie goff, thank you. the shelter is over and a suspect is dead at the oklahoma city airport. oklahoma city police say a man shot michael winchester there and then killed himself. winchester's son james plays for the kansas city chiefs. the police believe the shooting was not random. they searched the suspect's home overnight and they are working to learn the motive right now. and 4:49, a loudoun county supervisor and accident victim's family have teamed up to get traffic lights installed at dangerous intersections.
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gloucester parkway and ash bipark boulevard. that's where 83-year-old john schloegel was killed. they have been pushing for a traffic light here for years. >> it was dangerous to cross this intersection, and that's why he went to the supper visor's office to try to get it to happen. >> i literally talked to him last week. he community to speed this along? >> vdot approved a signal in december of 2014 and the drawings for it were just given to the county on the day that schloegel died. they are expediting the construction and plan to have it operating by january. the driver who is accused of killing a baby in a crosswalk is out this morning after posting bail. john miller is charged with involuntary manslaughter. he hit a woman and her baby
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riverside parkway. the 5-month-old died and the woman was seriously injured. a witness told investigators miller was looking at his phone moments before the accident. safetrack is about keeping you and your family safe on metro trains. now the transition agency is making changes to protect workers on the track. transportation reporter adam tuss is here to explain. >> reporter: being a frontline worker out on the fast clip is dangerous. well, a response to the reagan national station took place not too long ago. metro is now turning to technology and training to keep everybody safe. new arm bands will be worn by track workers that will alert them when a train is fast approaching. but realistically track workers say in many situations, they simply don't feel like they are being adequately protected out here. do you feel like you're safe when working out there?
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no. i can honestly say, not all the time. >> reporter: now metro will have a lot more to say at a safely briefing coming up at a metro board meeting this thursday. back to you. there's new support for metro's plans to close the system early for maintenance. the northern virginia transportation commission said it agrees with a midnight cutoff time on fridays and saturdays, but after two years it says metro should reassess whether it needs that extra work time. if metro goes through with the get around. well, you may have seen this story pop up in your facebook timeline, a new york woman filed a lawsuit against a clothing store after finding parts of a rodent in a dress she bought. >> listen, i is a uh this on facebook and i couldn't look at it. i had to close my eyes for this one. the woman now said she was diagnosed with a rodent-born disease after wearing the dress.
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filed last week against top company. that's part of the rat's foot in the dress. the pictures appear to show part of that rat's foot and leg sewn into the dress. the woman said she did not notice the rodent until she wore the dress for the first time and felt something against her leg. zara released a statement saying, quote, zara usa is aware further. the brand has stringent quality controls and health and safety standards. do you know how traumatized i would be? i wouldn't go to work for three months. you know how i feel about rodents. >> that would be the end of it. >> i would have a shower curtain around my neck and that would be -- >> wow, can you imagine? >> i have a debilitating fear. no, no, no, no. >> line drawn there. >> but you're still not going to
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>> no, never. >> so you can get over yours. i'm worried about mr. aaron there. >> the shower curtain idea -- yeah. okay. let's talk about the weather. >> it's pretty mild. >> it is, thank you, aaron, for the transitional eclipse there. every month since may have all been above average. and so far through the first half of november, 3.5 degrees warmer than average. rig n temperatures just now dropping to 42 degrees. the outlying suburbs are back down in the 20s and 30s. so typically chilly for november standards. the area of rain yesterday is lifting away from us. this weak cool front out to our north and west will be arriving here later today. you're really not going to have much of an impact on your weather. you could pick up a few extra clouds during the middle of the afternoon. here it is on future weather, a clear start to the day today. and a mostly sunny day through
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model here is overpainting any chance for rain. the layer in the atmosphere is very dry, so i don't think we'll have much of a shower chance. but that is indicative of the fact we'll see more in the way of cloud cover. and as a result, we'll have a switch in the wind around for tomorrow. but on the whole, you will like today. a mix of clouds and sunshine. highs today, lows to mid-60s once again. and mid-60s again for tomorrow with plenty of sunshine around. warmest day of the week probably is going to be friday up near 70 degrees. but a rain chance saturday night into sunday. the bottom falls out west of the mountains of west virginia. they have a rain/snow mix saturday night into early sunday. and then way colder weather around here getting ready for the big thanksgiving holiday. so far we are consciously optimistic for thanksgiving, but we have a little bit of a rain chance in there. we'll look at the latest coming up at 5:01. melissa mollet is dealing with traffic. 270 here as promised at
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now. we had earlier road work that is now out of the way for you. the inner loop at connecticut avenue is still hanging around on the beltway with the work zone. and two right lanes are getting by here this morning. otherwise, the rest of the beltway is looking quite good. 66 in fairfax county parkway to the beltway is on time there. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car. and in a couple of minutes we'll talk about 95. the price you pay to heat utility bill is just ahead. plus, crooks cashing in on your holiday shopping spree. packages stolen right off the
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you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice.
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if you live in maryland, your next pepco bill will be higher. the mayor's public service commission has approved a rate hike. expect to pay about $7 more each mont immediately. new rates will create more than 52 million in revenue for pepco, less than half the utility asked for. if you are shopping this holiday season, there's a warning for you. d.c. police released the video of a man snatching a package off a front porch. this happened last month. to avoid becoming a victim, here's what you can do. request a signature so the
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otherwise, or have a neighbor pick it up. it is 5:00 a.m., i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. i love that we're back in the 60s again. >> chuck bell is here, you have some explaining to do. but this is a good type of explaining. no doubt about it. temperatures staying well above average. degrees. 57 to 58 degrees. coming up i'll give you the five-day outlook to include the weekend. still a cold 32 in dulles. plenty of sunshine around, maybe


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