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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  November 17, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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he had dinner with german chancellor angela merkel. they talked about the u.s. election. president obama meets with the leaders of france, spain, italy and ukraine in a few days. closing arguments are expected in a case of a trial of a man accused of murdering a 3-year-old girl. police say walce shots after an argument with someone inside a home. one of the shots went through the house, killing the little girl. the defense argues wallace did not intentionally shoot the child. we're told closing arguments could be wrapped up before noon. five hours, that is how long it took crews to rescue a construction worker in greenbelt. chopper 4 capturing these moments when the man was pulled from the trench here. it collapsed 1:00 yesterday
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beginning him out and before 6:00 p.m. they pulled him out on a stretcher. he is expected to survive. we have breaking news on the roads right now. let's check in with melissa mollet and first 4 traffic. >> quite a pain for folks in northern virginia. georgetown pike, a section is shut down between springvale road and utterbac northbound 395 at glebe, a work zone. and eastbound i-66 again, construction. nice and green and rolling along just fine. good morning chuck bell. it sounds warmer today than i actually expected. >> it will be a very pleasant day to be outside today and you know, you have to come clean. once in awhile, you know, things don't work out as you were hoping for. yesterday's forecast is a perfect example of that. yesterday turned into a swing
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department. let's try that again, sunshine, near 60s. i thought all of the showers would dry out and they sure didn't. if it is any consolation for you, i was standing in the rain without my umbrella, too. it looks like a cold blast arrives saturday night and thanksgiving may object the wet side. today won't be a problem. full sunshine and up into the mid to low 60s. >> i want to see the make that happen. thank you, sir. look at the flames here. the house of falafel food truck went up in flames. it happened in the 2100 block of h street. fire investigators are working to figure out what caused this fire. we're waiting to learn whether the food truck passed the most recent health and safety inspections. as for the workers inside at last check, two of them are in
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news4 spoke to a student about the dangerous situation. >> i go there at least once a week to eat. my first thought was are the people inside okay? i understand this is their business, their livelihood, but are those people okay? >> another look at the footage here, this was posted to twitter as it unfolded. we'll update you on the air and on the nbc washington app. 4:33 now. hillary clinton had an emotional never give up. it was her first public appearance since conceding last week's election. clinton was honored by the children's defense fund in washington. she worked for the organization in the '70s. it was emotional, especially when she said she could wish and go back in time and tell her mother about all of her accomplishments. >> as hard as it might be to imagine, your daughter will grow up to be a united states
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more than 62 million votes for president of the united states. >> aides say clinton's appearance was planned long before last week's election lost. bernie sanders will rally for social justice near the capital after he was made waves last night when he rejected the idea that he may have cost hillary clinton the election. instead he argued that he made her a better candidate and could have beaten donald trump himself. an indictment could be coming for a man accused of shooting a spotsylvania dog. last month, joseph conway shot at deputies and k-9 unit. dux, a police dog was shot in the neck. he is going to be okay but has not returned to duty. he was found days later at a
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officer will face a judge for the first time since being charged in the fatal shooting of philando castile during a traffic stop. jeronimo yanez is charged with second degree manslaughter. we're hearing from castile's girlfriend who was in the car during the shooting. she live streamed part of the incident on facebook sparking nationwide protests. >> i don't want this publicity or this fame, i want justice. >> if convicted, 4:35 now. happening today on capitol hill, the joint economic committee will hold the annual hearing on the country's economic outlook. janet yellin is set to testify there. at last year's hearing, yellin testified she expected the labor market and overall economy to continue to improve. the committee is made up of members of both parties from the house and senate. now to a developing story on metro. the board senior meeting today and is expected to discuss a new
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transit administration. it shows the safetrack program will take longer than expected and cost tens of millions of dollars more. it was released yesterday. in it, the fta says it found numerous sections of track that should have been taken out of service but were not. it found large stretches of tunnel with broken emergency lighting. in addition, metro did not have a clear plan on how to finish incompleted safetrack work. the work could cost more than $100 million and wouldn't be many rely on uber and lyft to get around. a meeting could alter their future in maryland. it could force the ride sharing services to pull out of the state. maryland football players accused of attacking students with pellet guns. what it means for the team. it is a chilly start to the morning but it won't be that way for long.
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ard as you do. get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. as the saying goes, diamonds are a girl's best friend. >> very much so, i would say. how about that one? look at my new bff. this is the fox fire diamond. it is the largest known uncut gem quality diamond mined in north america. you can take your real life best
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history. there is no way in real life you can get that close. it will be next to the hope diamond, which is gorgeous. it is on display through february 16th. you're trying to steal my shine? >> no, she didn't. >> gorgeous. we're checking in with melissa mollet. >> breaking news in first 4 traffic. it is not the fact that i have that diamond on my hand i can't, like, pull my hands back up. georgetown pike between springvale road and utterback store road. all lanes blocked right now. you're getting pushed on to route 7 no matter which way you're coming. westbound southeast, southwest freeway. left lane blocking two left lanes. overall beltway looking okay. a little bit of roadwork is hanging around there in virginia. eastbound 66 near 50 is one of them. work zone with the left lane blocked right now. chuck bell, good morning, the question is what to wear today.
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with everything. >> that is true! that is true. >> no one has ever said that diamond doesn't match your dress. beautiful weather coming our way for today. a little bit of a seasonal chill out there early this morning. weather underground network centers here, mid to upper 30s in montgomery county. 43 in prince william county. 50 inside the city. a medium jacket here for this morning. sunglasses for later today. maybe a light sweater, the sun goes down so early this time of the year. temperature wie how about mid-60s coming your way for today. the daily grade is a plus for today. a look at the weekend and the sharp drop in temperatures is coming up in ten minutes. national fans it is official. you get to watch the best pitcher in the national league this coming year, max scherzer just won the cy young award. it is the second time he has won this award in his career and you can see, that didn't stop his excitement at all.
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and had the historic 20 strikeout game. tonight mlb hands out the most valuable player award and the nats second man daniel murphy could man. both had a great season. that max scherzer, congrats. he beat out two cubbies. there was controversy in the other league. caps fans coming to the rescue of the national singer. >> university of maryland
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welcome back at 4:45. a person la plata high school has diagnosed with tuberculosis. the school system is working with the health department to make sure no one else is at risk. students who may have had prolonged experience with the infected person will receive a letter next week and be recommended for testing. illness spread through the air usually by coughing. it does respond well to treatment. two university of maryland football players will not play in tomorrow's game in florida. they're charged with shooting three students with air soft bb guns. lorenzo harrison and dj turner have been charged with second degree assault. three students reported they were shot by a bb gun walking on campus. all happened within an hour of each other.
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safety. >> we're getting a lot of warnings the past couple of weeks about bb guns and then shooting and then all of these things. it makes me really nervous. >> i think it is important that we hold people accountable for what they're doing and it is important for us to feel safe. >> the athletic department released a statement that says in part, the two student athletes involved have been suspended indefinitely for violating the student athlete code of conduct. 4:46 your time right now. senate democrats will have a new leader in co minority leader yesterday. he will replace harry reed. republicans reelected senator mitch mcconnell as majority leader. senators mcconnell and schumer are expected to meet with mike pence when he heads to capitol hill today. it comes as names continue to be added and scratched from the public short list of names for the president-elect's cabinet. tracie potts is live on capitol hill now. what will be the goal of mike pence's meetings today?
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hill for the trump administration for his agenda. he will get a chance to sit down with the senate leaders you talked about, house leaders on both sides. democrats and republicans, to figure out how to get across some of those initiatives that donald trump wants to bring to the table. also, getting some of the cabinet positions approved by the senate that have not been announced yet. and trying to figure out, you know, what kind of good will they can build not only with republicans but with some choices, including donald trump's choice for supreme court justice. remember, we have the opening. three fold here. selling the agenda, selling the cabinet positions and trying to lay the ground work for getting a supreme court justice approved. >> tracie, we've heard a few names floated for possible positions in trump's cabinet. any new people emerging? >> interesting names. south carolina governor nikki
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possibly being considered as secretary of state. lieutenant general mike flynn, an advisor to the campaign, possibly considered as national security advisor which is one that would not need senate approval. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us. thank you. former maryland governor martin o'malley withdrew his bid to lead the democratic national committee. the dnc needs a chair that can do the job impartialality. he is a former two term governor and baltimore mayor and presidential candidate. good morning, everybody, i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk. a large gas explosion in illinois killed one person and injured another 10. we have this new surveillance video that just came in from inside a store. watch this. that door just flings open. the glass just shattered all
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of peoria. one person had to be air lifted from the scene. another of the buildings were damaged in the area. at the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. it is 4:49. uber and lyft will argue background checks are as important as fingerprints. they will request to not be they must submit the drivers to fingerprint based background checks. uber will pull out of maryland if fingerprint saeg enforced. it does not operate in any market where fingerprinting is required except new york city. a clumsy thief and high quality surveillance camera helped crack a case in montgomery county. a shell gas station was hit last
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suspects. a video shows a look out guy pretending to be scared before he walks out of the store. then, two armed men force a casher to the ground and empty the register. it was what one of them dropped that helped police. >> luckily for us, his pension for smoking was the thing that did him in. >> reporter: police say allen dropped a pack of significance -- cigarettes on his way out the door. they were able last for business at six prince george's county strip clubs. tracee wilkins broke the news yesterday. they're being forced to shut down by monday because of new zoning laws. they changed them to prevent adult entertainment businesses from being near homes and churches. some clubs have been paying fines rather than closing but that will no longer be an option. here is a look at the new
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ward 8 residents were given an update to the construction. the wizards will use it as a practice facility and it will be the home court fort mystics. the area will have about 4,000 seats, the arena will, and should be completed by 2018. >> very cool. it will bring a lot of excitement to the area. lately we've talked about the divisions in america, especially following the election. >> last night at the verizon center, we saw a great show of unity. ? and the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting ?? >> the microphone failed before the washington game. singer caleb green helped him out.
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national anthem. >> love it, love it. and a good win, too. 4:52 is our time right now. melissa. >> hi. good morning. >> breaking news on the road. >> breaking news right now. this is this problem right now we'll be dealing with all morning. georgetown pike shut down between springvale road and utterback store road. all lanes blocked don't go that way. it will not be open until later today. you'll have to take route 7 as your eastbound 66 near 50. that work zone is gone. so is this one. northbound 395 at glebe. it had blocked the left lane. now it is out of the way. look at 270 down to the spur. you're on time here. same thing as you're headed northbound. don't have any worries along 270 this morning. chuck bell, do you have any worries, my friend? >> i'm a wash in worries. after yesterday's forecast not exactly weerk out.
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time i'm not a doctor. took out the wrong kidney yesterday. let's go back and get the right one today. tonight we're brimming with confidence that we'll have a better day than yesterday. sunshine should be back. skies are clear this morning and unlike yesterday, there is nothing on radar anywhere near us, so i'm a lot more confident that today will be sunny and dryer than yesterday turned out to be. highs in the low to mid-60s with a nice westerly breeze. we have a lot of big changes coming into weather as we go to the have your nbc washington app ready to go. temperatures will drop from the 70s on friday to having windchills in the 20s by sunday morning. you can follow me on twitter @chuck bell4 and follow me on facebook at chuckbell4. here is the culprit of heavy snow to the upper west. that is the blast of cold that arrives on the i-95 corridor right about the time the sun goes down on saturday night so that is when the big change
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tomorrow, nothing to worry about. clear skies today, tonight, and all the way through your friday. here is friday at 8:00 tonight. nothing going on. saturday here is 1:00 saturday. showers in the mountains of m west virginia. 6:00 saturday night, here is the blast of rain that comes through here. not a lot of rain but behind the rain comes the cold and the wind. here is your ten day forecast. 65 today, 70 tomorrow. mild before the rain gets here on saturday but a big blast of cold a m upper 30s on sunday morning and will be chilly for the first couple of days. it looks like a couple of rain drops for thanksgiving. >> chuck, thank you. brother to the rescue, incredible video of a little girl saving an infant who tumbled off a table. >> ready to blast off. american astronauts heading into space and one of them is making
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there are nearly 700 homeless youth in washington today. half of them haven't finished high school. more than half had go without food at least one day this month. i want to help could have intent house of washington help change those facts. 18 to 24-year-olds are able to take ged and job training classes. there is mental health care and a pantry for young people who might otherwise go hungry.
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they're disconnected from family. disconnected from school, disconnected from church. we come in and fill that space. we become their families. >> tonight about 100 local business and education leaders, politicians and celebrities will sleep outside in solidarity with homeless youth and to raise money for programs. i'll be a part of the group. before tonight's sleep out, you're invited to a public candlelight vigil to raise awareness about youth homelessness at 6:00 p.m. at freedom plaza. . streetcar is being held today. it wouldn't happen for another six years. the meeting is focused on the west end of the area, specifically west end, foggy bottom and georgetown neighborhoods. if you share a credit card with someone, you're not alone, especially if you've done snooping on the spending habits. 17 million credit card holders
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spending. >> if it is your spouse, does it count on spying? really? most is done through online cannots. 48% of credit card holders have shared an account with a partner or a spouse. 10% have shared an account with an adult child. >> interesting. just in time for online shopping, amazon is issuing a discount on prime memberships. a year of membership will cost $7 subscribers get free, two day shipping and access to tv shows and movies. the one day sale is only for new members, darn, and is in celebration of the launch of the new prime show, the grand tour. it comes one day after prime now launched in d.c. you can now get free two hour delivery. can you imagine? two hour delivery. 8:00 a.m. until midnight each day. prime now is available in northern virginia and parts of
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you can get anything on on amazon these days. it is 5:00 a.m. good morning, everybody, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. melissa mollet is in your first 4 traffic with breaking news on the roads. good morning. >> breaking news this morning, guys. this is in northern virginia. we're talking about great falls. georgetown pike shut down between nicholas run drive. pole and wires down from a crash overnight. all lanes shut down through the morning. the best thing you can plan for it now. we have molette green out there on the scene on the ground. how are things looking right now? >> reporter: hey melissa. we're in the street along georgetown pike and you can see the cars coming up the road and finding the blockage and having to make a u turn and go back down and hook back up to route 7 leesburg pike.


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