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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  November 18, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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now at 5:00 a.m. now at 5:00 a.m., 4 neighbors dead and a community in disbelief. what they're revealing about the case. we want to check in with news4 aaron gilchrist. he took part in a sleep out to benefit covenant house. good morning, good to see you. how did it go? >> you know, i think it went pretty well. we got up a little after doing a debrief from the night. it wasn't as cold as it could have been which is a good thing but i can tell you there were a lot of opportunities for reflection on what homeless youth have to deal within this town. we'll talk to a redskins player who was part of our group. we'll hear from him in just a minute. >> important conversation, important cause. we'll check back with you in just a bit. i'm eun yang.
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last day. we're heard something like 70 degrees and then there is the cliff. >> i'll be watching my app to know which hour to be bundled up for. >> that sleeveless dress you're wearing, this is it. >> get ready for the winter woolies. find someone to snuggle with on saturday night. it will be cold. swimming in sunshine, near 70s. b temperatures this afternoon and frigid weather coming up for the game on sunday. sunshine and highs today, upper 60s to low to mid-70s. you'll love it. this may be the last sleeveless dress. >> we have our bright colors on today and very small sleeve. we're excited we can do this one more time. then it is all down hill. 66 west at the toll road, still have that crash with some lanes blocked. traffic only getting by in the
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66 here as promised. fairfax county parkway, no worries. a look at the beltway coming up. right now, president obama is holding one of his final meetings with foreign leaders while president he is in germany and talks with several heads of state. among them, the leaders of france, italy and the united kingdom. we believe donald trump's administration is one of the things they're discussing. president obama has said the u.s. still considers t security. turning now to donald trump and his transition to the highest office in the country. he made a major choice. offered retired attorney general michael flynn -- lieutenant general michael flynn a national security position. he has not accepted the position yet. in recent years, flynn was a
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we also learned some surprising news about another person who could join the cabinet. mitt romney. he is meeting with the president-elect this weekend. nbc news reports at the meeting will include a discussion about secretary of state. you probably remember romney called trump a phoney and fraud months ago. this is being called a, quote, healing meeting. nearly all of those meetings are taking place at trump tower and it is concerns for the nypd. donald trump lives in the penthouse of the skyscraper. today, new york's mayor and police commissioner will say how they plan to protect it, possibly throughout the next four years. there is already extra security in place around the building. we're hearing police could shut down streets around the area. today prince george's county public school teachers are urging parents to talk to their children about staying in the
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protest of the election and they say the absences will not be excused. they're not taking a position on the intent of the walk out. that is simply a matter of student safety. coming together, that was the goal of a unity vigil held at the west land middle school in bethesda where swastikas were drawn inside a boy's bathroom. three other hate related incidents happened in the county. they gathered to light candles a >> to me, this represents all ages, all races, all genders, religions, adults and kids coming together to celebrate. we have an obligation to be kind to each other and to be safe with one another. >> make sure everyone is respectful to each other around the community. >> this year, montgomery county police say there have been 62 hate crime incidents reported to their department. a 17% increase from last year.
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metrobus will appear in court. once again, the defense will ask the judge to consider setting bail for kyla jones. prosecutors say jones stabbed khalia minor to death last month in kansas avenue in the pet worth neighborhood. jones is claiming self defense. she claims minor threatened her and stole her cell phone. also in d.c. court today, a 17-year-old facing two murder charges will be arraigned. maurice bellamy is charged with the deadlyot bellamy and another man tried to rob the man last december. he is also accused with killing davonte washington in march. a grand jury returned the indictment yesterday. bellamy was already in police custody. metro is working to make your morning commute safer. metro has pulled all of the
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tracks. the train's automatic control systems were not working properly and that is the system that keeps the train from running into one another. this is the latest in a series of tough calls that wiedefeld has had to make this year in his first year on the job. >> i'm coming to my first year here, so november 30th, when i started, if i knew then what i knew now, i would have started safetrack november 30th. >> the 4,000 series cars amount for 7% of you won't feel a major impact. there will be fewer eight car trains on the rails as well. uber is threatening to leave maryland if the state requires drivers to be fingerprints. the public service commission is expected to decide by next month if ride sharing services like uber, like lyft will be required to use fingerprinting in criminal background checks. uber argues that would create more a a hassle for those who
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matter. sleeping outdoors for a good cause. that is what 100 local executives did last night including our own aaron gilchrist. he joins us live from covenant house washington sleep out. good morning, aaron, how are you doing? >> hey, good morning, eun. a little bleary eyed i think but all in all it was a good night here, really, like you said, for a good cause. folks, you can see coming out of the door right now, who are calling it a night or calling it a morning, i guess night. there were close to 100 people who were here. we got our sleeping bags and card board and came outside on the sidewalk here on new york avenue and slept for the night. some folks were able to spend most of the time talking. some folks actually did slept. i slept a little bit off and on throughout the night and the idea here is really to show solidarity with young people in
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homelessness, not having the foundation they need to get going in life. they provide some of the services for folks. we had an opportunity to talk to a redskins player, vernon davis who slept out here with us last night about why this is something that was important for him to do. >> the number one thing that motivated me is that when you show true compassion, when you're able to put yourself in that place. a lot of people talk about this and that, can really show that compassion if you experience it first hand. >> and there was a bit of a debrief after we woke up this morning and that was really something that resonated, that idea of compassion, the idea of taking this experience we've shared last night and moving forward in our lives to try to do something to help folks in the future. you'll hear from one of the young people who has received help from covenant house. that is coming up at the bottom of the hour. >> what did you find most challenging in your experience
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i woke up a couple of times and it was okay, the temperature wasn't that bad as we got started but as the morning rolled on, it got colder and colder around the ground got harder or harder or so it seemed to and i got uncomfortable and i thought, i'm going to get up and i'm going to go home when this is all over and get in my bed. a lot of people don't have that option. this is an every day reality. i felt that for them and it felt that much more important to be here and help they came to 70% of the goal that they were shooting for with this effort, so there is a little time to raise the money. >> looking forward to hearing more about your experience. we'll check in with you in just a bit. we're coming up on one of the busiest travel weeks the year. >> developing right now, four dead, including two children. what investigators are uncovering about a murder-suicide that shocked a
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please come now. send someone now, i'm being attacked by this bear, he is coming back. please tell my husband i love him. >> attacked by a bear and fighting for her life. the call for help we're now
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oh, my goodness, gracious, people in at least four states are waking up in a blanket of snow. better them than us.
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utah. it caused a 20 car crash in evergreen, colorado. the storm is expected to dump eight inches of snow in some parts of the state. the forecast is calling for two to three inches of snow in parts of north dakota. eight inches are expected to fall in south dakota's black hills. people in those areas, they're used to it. they're prepared. they know how to handle it. >> keep making excuses, eun. it is coming. >> i need time, chuck, to wrap my head a coming. >> that is what today is for. get your head around it today. the real shocker, denver, colorado was 80 degrees the day before yesterday and then the snow rolled in yesterday. 80 to snow in less than 24 hours in denver. for us, today, get outside and enjoy it. tomorrow afternoon, wind and rain coming in. i'll show you future weather and help you time out the rain chance. saturday night and sunday. windy and cold. high school football tonight, nothing to worry about.
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night, temperatures falling into the 30s with windchills down below freezing and your get out of town travel weather, nothing to worry about on tuesday. could have late day showers on wednesday that may linger. on the quiet, travel weather for flyers, here is melissa mollet checking on traffic. >> not that quiet on 66 westbound at the dulles toll road. this is a five car crash. we were shut down completely there for a little while in the far right lane is thely main routes in and out of town. we're okay. the only problem right there, the purple dot you see to the right of the 495 icon here this morning. remember, safetrack surge 10, still under way. rest of the line is looking okay. red line shut down between noma-gallaudet and fort totten until november 22nd. >> thank you. 5:14 now. now to this developing story in stafford county where four people were killed in a murder-suicide. news4's megan mcgrath is live at
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details on what we could learn today. a terrible story, megan. >> reporter: oh, it really is a terrible story. we're expecting to get a briefing by the sheriff's department. get more information, including possibly the names of those found dead inside this home as well as perhaps detail about why, why did this happen. just a heartbreaking story. a domestic related suicide. two of the victims, young children. now, the grim discovery the windsor forest subdivision in stafford county. four bodies found inside the house. a 35-year-old man, a 30-year-old woman, a five-year-old girl and 18 month old girl. the sheriff's department says that this was a domestic situation in nature, there is no threat to the larger community. it is a murder-suicide, they say. we did speak to one neighbor who didn't want his face shown but he says that everybody is just
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>> something that you don't expect anywhere, let alone a place like this. >> and the relationship between the four found dead inside the home, the two adults and the two children, we still don't know the nature of that relationship. we are expecting to get more information later this morning when we get that briefing from the sheriff's department. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, megan. >> disturbing developments about a shooting at a two-year-old's birthday party. seven were shot at the party in tennessee including another child and according to the neighbors, the mother of the two-year-old was killed. police say there may be as many as three suspects on the run right now. dozens of families are taking shelter in a church this morning. they have to evacuate their homes while a burn out is taking place. this is in south carolina.
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the burn out prevents fires from spreading but creates even more smoke and air quality concerns. this morning, psychologists will be at a montgomery elementary school after a teacher was arrested on new sex abuse charges. he was a former student at cloverly elementary school in silver spring. the latest charges are separate from his june 27th arrest for alleged sex offenses with children. more students have forward. he taught from 2000 to 2016. he is still in jail this morning. we're working to learn when two men will appear in court. they arrested muhammad surleaf with murder. timario greg is charged with illegally having a gun. it happened mun caster mill road. lone was growing marijuana and
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died. >> this morning, we're hearing the frightening 911 call that a maryland woman made after she was attacked by a bear. this is hard for us to here so it may be the same case for you. karen osborne was walking down her daughter's driveway in fredrick county wednesday night and before she knew it, she had gotten between the mother bear and her cubs. osborne was able to punch the bear a couple of times and fell into a fetal position and called 1. listen. >> i can't move. i'm bleeding and i'm going to die. >> osborne is still recovering from the attack this morning. chef needed 78 -- she needed 78 stitches. she does have a broken arm as well. she even asked the operator to tell her husband that she loved him. the department of natural resources tracked down that bear, euthanized her. the cubs were set free. >> the miracle that she survived that attack.
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our area that need help this thanksgiving. >> we are working for you in the community to help provide food for 4,000 families. you can search food 4 families in our nbc washington app to donate or you can join us at the redskins game this sunday. you heard chuck talking about it earlier. storm team4 will be at gate h along with storm ranger 4. you can stop by to say hello or bring a canned or boxed food item. arrive early. there is always lots of traffic for a su right here on news4. >> all right. go skins. storm team4 meteorologist chuck bell will be there helping to collect the food donations and you should bundle up if you're going to go see chuck. >> absolutely right. i am telling you right now. if you come up to me on sunday afternoon and say i had no idea it would be this windy and cold, you're going to get it. here is your warning right now. it is going to be a shocking change to the system as we get towards late saturday night and
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here. temperatures without much of a wind to worry about. back to the low and mid-30s across much of northern virginia. usual cold spots, manassas at 28. reagan national is a milder 44. highs today, upper 60s and 70s on the map. 73 today in leesburg. 72 in culpeper. warm air surging northbound ahead of this big storm system out here where the cold air is spilling back behind it. that cold air and the front here is a look at future weather to help you time at arrival out. dry and mild up through about lunch time, early afternoon tomorrow, but here is 3:00, showers in the shenandoah valley. by 6:00, rain moving into the metro and by 9:00, rain moving out onto the open waters of the bay. behind the rain comes the wind. winds could be gusting to near 40 to 45 miles an hour on saturday night and potentially gust near 40 on sunday afternoon as well. after today and early tomorrow,
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with subfreezing windchills saturday night. melissa mollet, good morning to you. happy friday. >> that sounds lovely. >> happy friday. >> happy friday. >> we're changing the subject. 66 west at the toll roads, still have that crash with one lane getting by here this morning on the right side, new problem here, southbound, gw parkway before 123 with the left lane getting by and a live look, 270 at 28. west montgomery avenue. looking good north southbound. speaking of rockville. take a look at this right now. preps under way for rockville down square tree lighting. the tree and the fabulous light show are ready to rock the lights. i'll be hosting that event in front of the ice rink. we're talking ice dancing and bands. they're collecting coats and a can of food during the season of giving. see me tomorrow night from 6 to 8:30 at rockville town square. it will be a lot of fun.
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a zoo controversy that captured the nation. the safety problem that was discovered after a child was
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not in compliance. that is the outcome of a federal inspection of cincinnati zoo barrier. officials say it was not up to safety standards and not able to keep the public and gorillas harambe dragged child for awhile before the gorilla was killed. a continued investigation could lead to fines or disciplinary action. michigan may require lead poisoning screening for all infants and toddler. this is one of many recommendations proposed by a state board yesterday. the board created by rick snyder to come up with ways to protect
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water to flint river water. the new water ran through old lead water pipes and it was a story that we covered over and over and over again. >> this is not your average train. >> a japanese company just unveiled plans for a new train that would include a pool. the eight car train will run along the coastline and each car will have a different theme. another homemade sushi. >> i need to get on this train. >> the line is set to begin service this summer with a three hour trip costing between two and $300. >> for sure. very cool. all right. get ready for a nice last blast of warm air. a look at how warm we could get today before we fall off a
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names swirling around for president-elect trump's cabinet.
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welcome back. here are 4 things to know before you head out the door this morning.
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murder-suicide in stafford county. the sheriff's office says the bodies of a 35-year-old man, a 30-year-old woman and two little girls were found yesterday morning around 9:00 in the quiet windsor forest subdivision. >> a maryland woman is recovering after a brutal bear attack. karen osborne was walking down her daughter's driveway in maryland wednesday night before she was attacked. she was able to punch the bear and fell into a we'll hear that dramatic 911 call in a few minutes. >> students across our area have been taking to the streets to protest the presidential election. this is footage from d.c. this week and today prince george's county public schools want to make sure their students stay in the classroom. the district caught wind of plans for a mass walk out to protest the elections. the school says those absences will be unexcused. >> one of donald trump's rivals
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inauguration. mitt romney is in talks to become the next secretary of state. we'll have more on that in just a moment and on all of the stories coming up at 6:00. good morning to you, i'm eun yang. >> i'm erika gonzalez in for aaron gilchrist who is on assignment this morning. >> we have our crew spread out across several areas this morning. we'll check in with justin finny, tracie potts, molette green and chuck bell and meliss first, aaron gilchrist is out at covenant house on something he is working on. good morning to you. >> i'm guessing i look rough out here this morning. we had a sleep out here on new york avenue outside covenant house for a great cause. you can see things have cleared out behind me at this point as folks have been up and reflected on the night that we had and have moved on, hoping to carry a message about helping homeless
5:32 am
happened last night and we'll meet some of the young people helped by covenant house. >> we'll see you soon, thank you. 5:31. we want to check in with storm team4 meteorologist chuck bell who is painting a pretty picture for a short time. >> today is absolutely pretty as a picture for today and really about the first half of your saturday, nothing to worry about. a fantastic friday today. temperatures up close to 70 degrees during the afternoon hours. a big i'll show you future weather in a few more minutes to let you know when rain will bring an end to your outdoor plans. you'll be shivering on sunday. you'll stay colder than average into thanksgiving. for today, nothing to worry about except of course, in traffic. >> nothing to worry about for you on the roads. inner loop before 202, a brand new crash. we'll keep an eye on it just in case.
5:33 am
exit for memorial bridge. crash blocking the left lane and southbound gw before 123, just the left lane is getting by. right now it sounds like it was a deer that was hit. 66 westbound at the toll road. we have the crash getting by. we have delays outbound on 66. travel times in 10. donald trump is a phoney, a fraud. >> so mi >> they attacked each other for months but now they're trying to make nice and the republican nominee in 2012 could be getting a new title next year. tracie potts is live on capitol hill to talk about the report that's mitt romney could become the next secretary of state. good morning. >> good morning, eun. a few months ago, who would have imagined mitt romney coming to new york to sit down at trump tower with president-elect donald trump. but our sources are telling us
5:34 am
happen on sunday. the two who more than didn't hit it off on the campaign trail. you heard what they had to say about each odd, now talking about possibly working together. lots of names have been put out there on the short list for secretary of state. now it looks like mitt romney may be one of them. at least willing to meet, not clear if he is willing to serve in that capacity. we'll try to find out later this weekend to what degree these talks are successful, at least om president-elect trump. >> interesting name being floated for sure. tracie potts live for us on capitol hill. thank you. we're learning more details about the plans for january's inauguration. the military inaugural support team says it has been planning for five years. 6,000 service members participate in the ceremony and parade. horses are also a big part of inauguration day. trainers spend months desensitizing the animals to crowds and noises. the inauguration will be on
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accused of confronting police with a bb gun at the u.s. capitol visitor's center will be in court for a status hearing. this was in march. 66-year-old larry dawson of tennessee was shot by one of the officers after he pulled out what looked like a black handgun and pointed it at the officers. this was the scene outside of the capitol. that day, dawson has been formally charged for assaulting a federal law enforcement officer with a dangerous weapon. friends and family will ground breaking journalist today. gwen ifill was the editor of the pbs news hour. she died monday night. the metropolitan ame church where she was a member will invite the community to pay tribute to her. they're holding a service of celebration in her honor. it is 5:35. covering northern virginia. >> arlington this morning, arlington county police are on a
5:36 am
the man broke into four homes in the long branch creek neighborhood overnight wednesday into thursday and get this, some of the victims even woke up with that man in their homes. fortunately, nobody was hurt. >> in each case, the suspect went in through unlocked windows. police are now warning residents to lock all of their windows. >> sleeping out for a good cause, more than 100 local executives and celebrities are waking up on the streets including our own aaron gilchrist. he will washington sleep out. aaron, good morning. >> hey, good morning, eun. as we showed you a little while ago. things were clearing up here. most of the folks have left and will go home and get ready for their day. a lot of them will go to work. they're ceos of businesses. we had former politicians here, a lot of folks who wanted to show solidarity for young people
5:37 am
house. let me show you what happens inside the covenant house washington community center. classroom space for young people earning ged's they are. they have a career center, they're building resum?s there, i believe we can show you video from inside the career center there. not all of the youth who come to covenant house are not homeless but may have to go for a period of time without a meal. there is a pantry to fill that void. jamal barns came here in april. he is looking to the future. >> i obtained my ged as well as employment, so you come here, you can get whatever you need. the sky is the limb now. before i came here rkts i wasn't thinking about colleges, here i am applying for colleges.
5:38 am
the simple foundation for young freedom have more confidence and start building lives and go into adult hood successfully. >> what a great cause. i want to hear more about your experience. we'll see you in a few minutes. take a look now at current temperatures. you'll want to send your kids to the bus stop with a winter coat but they might want the shorts by the time school let's out. this is the problem getting your kids dressed in the morning. >> it will be deceiving. >> black friday, smal saturday, cyber monday. when is the best time to buy? the answer, when our holiday shopping series continues. >> they're some of the most dangerous roads in our area.
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good morning, everybody, 5:41 on the best day of the week. it is friday, it is going to be sunny and gorgeous today, a little chilly this morning. 33 in centerville. 34 in potomac and great falls. 39 in river dale and college park. 36 in mount vernon. what to wear? you need the medium jacket first thing but a big rise in temperatures today, could even
5:42 am
70 degrees later today. a plus weather for sure but a big change. bottom falls out when this cold front arrives here on saturday. i'll let you know when that exactly will happen and give you the ten day forecast in ten minutes. it is time to hear from melissa mollet in first 4 traffic. >> good morning, inner loop before 202 near 50. we have that crash being reported. going to get more information about that one here coming up in just a minute. new problem here, southbound 270 before 85 there. crash on the as folks are looking at that. 270 south from germantown to the spur, you're fine, in the clear, top of the beltway, 95 to 270. no worries. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. erika? lots of people have already started their holiday shopping, but there could be a mistake. when you should start checking off the items on your list and when you're at the mall, you might want to avoid the make up
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in just the next 15 minutes, a maryland teacher fired for yelling racist slurs at her students. >> back-to-back metro woes. new safetrack concerns and now dozens of rail cars pulled from service. impact to your commute coming up. >> dubbed the most dangerous you probably use them every day. a dangerous bacteria that could make you sick and it is lurking in something women use every day. >> it is the most wonderful time of the year, but when is the best time to do your holiday shopping? the 4 things you need to know. i'm molette green with breaking news. a deadly copper mine collapsed
5:47 am
we're learning four people died in this disaster in southeastern -- in a southeastern town there. at least a dozen are trapped. rescue teams and ambulances rushed in to help. one person we learned trapped made it out. look for updates coming up on-air and inside our nbc washington app. it is 5:47. you'll probably notice more crowded platforms and trains on metro. the transit system is pulling cars off of the tracks immediately. >> news4 justin finch is live with why the cars are so dangerous. justin? >> erika, eun, good morning. metro's 4,000 series cars came offline yesterday and this morning they're off tracks. looking at video, the concern
5:48 am
wrong speed commands because of problems with automatic control systems. general manager paul wiedefeld called for pulling all of the agencies 4,000 series cars and doing so under an abundance of caution. they're the smallest in metro's fleet but a 1-2 punch of hard hit. along with the report finding safetrack with cost more than planned and take longer, perhaps by summer and the price could be more than over the 60 million forecast and back out live here, the 4,000 series was set to come out of service sometime over the next few years and the benefit here could be fewer cars coming off because of problems here. back in to you. >> justin finch live. before we continue, we want to say welcome to the news4 today team. we're happy to have you. >> you may notice justin is a new face and you'll be seeing a lot more of him in the mornings.
5:49 am
justin. it is 5:48. covering northern virginia. the department released the list of the 11 most dangerous roads in the county for pedestrians. here are some of them. police say these areas have seen the most deadly or serious injury accidents involving pedestrians in the last five years. most of the crashes happened in november and other winter months when there is less daylight. be sure to head to the nbc washington app for a full list of those the d.c. council passed a bill for the second and final time this week that will do away with the taxes on tampons, sanitary napkins and diapers. the district would join five states which already have eliminated the tax on tamponsf. if you're going shopping for new make up, you want to hear this story.
5:50 am
dangerous. they say it is like sharing your make up with a few thousand of your closest friends. that is a lot of people. experts say always sanitize the beauty product before you try it on. ask for samples that may not have been opened yet. a warning for parents as you prepare to buy more toys fort holidays. there were close to 185,000 toy related er visits and that information coming from a new report from the cpsc. riding toys were soerked with the most injuries and 45% of toy related deaths in 2015. most of the injuries involved, cuts and bruises to the head and face. >> the holiday season is right around the corner. can you feel the pressure? that means the busy shopping season is here as well. susan hogan joins us with an answer to a burning question to
5:51 am
>> when is the best time to buy certain gifts? it is a question i'm asked a lot. while black friday is a great time to get some great deals there, are some items that you can snag at other times of the year that will save you even more. here is some insight from shopping experts. electronics, buy then sooner rather than later. the longer you wait, the higher the demand will be and demand drives up prices when it comes to jewelry, the best time to buy is during the month with no gift prices during the holiday season. buying toys? wait until december. toys are usually cheaper at christmas time due to annual sales and deals. if you have a specific toy in mind, be careful not to wait too long because it might actually get snatched up. when it comes to online shopping, watch for free shipping deals and online promotions, those come between thanksgiving and christmas.
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not enough time. >> never enough time. chuck bell, good morning to you. >> good morning, erika, and eun. it it is a fine looking day outside today and this is really your last best chance to get outside and enjoy some of our awesome late autumn weather around here because cold front out in the midwest will be roaring through here on saturday afternoon, saturday evening. denver, colorado went from 80 to snow in less than 36 hours, don't b will be today and think it can't possibly get that cold that quickly. yes, it can and yes it will. here is future weather. all sunshine today. clear skies tonight and a nice, sunny, dry start tomorrow. here is 10:00 saturday morning on future weather and here comes the rain, everybody, by 3:00, rain showers moving into the shenandoah valley and yes, those are snow showers up in the mountains of west virginia. that rain chance comes right here into the metro area between about 3:00 and 7:00 tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening
5:53 am
chesapeake bay by 8:00 or 9:00, those will be persistent snow showers and could get a couple of inches of snow across the high spots of west virginia mountains. yours truly will be at the oklahoma west virginia game in morgan town. it will probably be a rain/snow mix and ferociously windy around here saturday night into sunday. windchills, melissa mollet, are you ready for this? windchills could be in the 20s and 30s by sunday morning. >> i actually really don't like any of that. can i do anhi inner loop before 202. you can see chopper 4 just got over the scene. we have part of this crash in the left shoulder and part in the right. right now, a little slow through the section. no major problems there right now. 66 west at the toll road, still have the multi car situation. traffic getting by in the far right lane only. northbound, gw parkway between 123, left lane getting by. that is a deer. initially it said southbound. it is northbound before 123.
5:54 am
developing this morning, a tragedy in tennessee. seven people were shot during a birthday party for a 2-year-old. one mother was killed, another child, a 6-year-old, was taken to the hospital. right now police say there may be as many as three suspects on the run. a police officer who shot and killed a black man will be in court today. officer jeronimo yanez shot and killed philando castileas year. you may remember the disturbing video castile's fiance streamed on facebook right after the fact. he will be arraigned this afternoon. a baltimore school teacher has been fired after yelling racist epithets at her students. >> get out of my class. get out of my class. >> this incident happened on tuesday at harlem park middle
5:55 am
a student recorded the tirade on the cell phone. the teacher, who was white, was terminated. they called her language abusive. the parents of the student who recorded the video is disheartened by what she saw. >> it bothers kids to think that adults think of them in a certain way. for a teacher to think you're just a punk whatever whatever or just want to get shot. this is what you tell the kids, it is not okay. >> the teacher had been with the good morning, i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. mcdonald's wants to be more modern and nimble. they're starting smart menu boards, custom sandwiches and table service. they will pilot mobile ordering
5:56 am
stores have already made the switch. i'm landon dowdy. a loudoun county deputy is cleared of any wrong doing during an arrest that was caught on tape. there is video that shows deputy john gregory taking the suspect to the ground during an arrest for public intoxication last august. gregory was found guilty of simple assault and fined $500 but he appealed arguing he felt threatened by the man and a jury exonerated him early this week. covering northern virginia, there is a grand opening according to chichester park is getting an all inconclusive playground with different secs for different age groups including moms and dads. stafford county and school leaders will all be at the grand opening ceremony. manassas park city council is giving vre the green light to pursue plans for a new parking garage inside nova reports that
5:57 am
endorse vre's recommended site for the 600th space garage. they want it built on a city owned plot behind city hall. project managers are hoping to work up preliminary designs and cost estimates for the garage by june of 2017. all new at 6:00, those aren't the only changes on the way to mcdonald's. why your next big mac could be different. new details after a maryland woman was malled by a bear. our first
5:58 am
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
5:59 am
all connected for you. a startling discovery after a triple murder and suicide. what we can learn as early as today. >> a county wide walk out. where students in our area are expected to protest the election northeast washington where we spent the night out sleeping on the street for a good cause. good morning, everybody, i'm erika gonzalez in for aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang and our aaron gilchrist right now joined dozens last night sleeping outside for a good cause. >> he joins us live from the covenant house in washington to
6:00 am
is so important and very dear to your heart. >> i've had an opportunity to meet some of the young people who benefit from the services and the support that the covenant house washington precipitations. tonight was an opportunity to show solidarity with homeless youth in d.c. we'll tell you much more about how the night went and how the money that was raised tonight is used by covenant house. >> looking forward to that, aaron and we want to talk about a forecast. we'll have warm weather today and part of saturday and then the bottom the sleeveless jackets. >> you're right. saturday morning soccer games with the kids will be great, no problem. it is after lunch time that things get dicey tomorrow. a perfect reminder, have your nbc washington app ready to go to track the dropping temperatures as they come in here along with a rain chance on sunday afternoon. follow me on facebook under the heading of chuckbell4.


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