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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  November 18, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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new information just released on the suspect and victims of a murder/suicide in virginia. the tragedy left four people dead, including two young girls what we're learning at this hour. major news -- few hours on who president-elect donald trump is picking to help him run the country. we've got news that will affect national security, the justice department and the c.i.a. and the sun is shining as the temperatures rising at the fantastic friday to be outside. but we know it can't last all the way through the weekend. the chilly details when i see you in a few more minutes in the forecast, "news4 midday" starts
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gonzalez. ? and i'm barbara harrison. we begin with breaking news in stafford county. we learned the identities of a family of four killed in a murder/suicide. news4's megan mcgrath is live in what was a quiet neighborhood. >> that's right. just a little while ago a few minutes ago we got an update from the sheriffs department. new details, disturbing details about how deputies were brought to this ho we also now know the names of those who died. now about 8:40 yesterday morning, dispatchers got a 911 call from a man who said he wanted to report three murders and a suicide. that call coming from this home on wilderness court. the man then hung up. now when deputies came to the house, they made the grim discovery of family of four, including two young children, dead inside the home. now investigators say the
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his wife, amy, 5-year-old daughter, claire, and 17-month-old daughter abigail, he then killed himself. now lance buckley gave his name during the 911 call. dispatchers say they tried repeatedly to call back. with no success as deputies rushed to the scene. unfortunately, when those deputies arrived, it was too late. now lance buckley has been in the news before, back in 2015, he was reported missing. he disappeared just before his graduation ceremony from howard university. the sheriffs department was concerned at the time. because they believed he had a gun. buckley's wife and mother made an emotional appeal to the public to help find him. he was found unharmed at a campground near harper's ferry. so all of that and now we get word of this very tragic
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>> just a horrific story. megan mcgrath, thank you for that. it is a safety move that metro says must happen right away. the transit agency is pulling all of its 4,000 series rail cars off the tracks. gm paul wiedefeld made the decision yesterday. the trains' automatic control systems were not working properly and that's the system that keeps the trains from running into one another. this is the latest in a series of tough calls wiedefeld has had to make in his first year job. >> november 30th when i started, if i knew then what i know now, i would have started safetrack november 30th. >> the 4000-series cars amount to about 7% of metro's fleet, so you won't feel a major impact. but there will be less 8-car trains on the rails. a strike in chicago could impact your thanksgiving holiday travel plans. employees at o'hare international airport have voted
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committed to strike. the workers who plan to strike include baggage handlers, cabin cleaners, janitors and wheelchair attendants, they're asking for a $15 an hour wage that could make the air traffic worse than normal. o'hare has some of the highest percentage of delayed flights during the thanksgiving week. other airports with bad delays include newark liberty in new jersey and san francisco in pretty great out there right now. what's it looking like for holiday travelers? let's find out from chuck bell. >> there's no big storms coming. so that's welcome news for the big travel week coming up. today, no problem. the weather is overachieving in a big way, temperatures will be some 10-15 degrees above average this afternoon. 49 at dulles, leesburg up to 61,
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day to be outside today. planning out the next cull of hours, sunshine, upper 60s and low 70s are likely in many spots across the area for today. back to 62 by 5:00. high school football games tonight? no ice-cold bleachers to sit on, excellent news, it will be a different story for the redskins game. i'll give you that forecast and the weekend outlook, coming up. new this morning, president obama is on his way to peru. on his final tour abroad comes home. this morning, the president was in germany, he met with several foreign heads of state including the leaders of germany, france and the uk and he talked about the future of the nato alliance with president-elect donald trump. taking over in january. they also discussed the humanitarian crisis in syria. i'm molette green at the lisk desk this morning we learned president-elect donald
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conservative to head up national security. trump nominated mike pompeo for c.i.a. director. we learned the conservative kansas republican wants the job. pompeo who was elected to congress in 2010 as part of the tea party wave has been a fierce critic of president obama's iran nuclear deal. he's blasted hillary clinton's actions leading up to the benghazi attack. pompeo has criticized muslim leaders who don't denounce attacks made in the name barbara, back to you. thanks, molette. that news was only one of several big announcements coming from trump tower this morning. the president-elect announced his choice for attorney general and we learned senator jeff sessions of alabama has accepted. he was an adviser on trump's immigration plan during the campaign. on capitol hill. nbc's tracie potts is following all the news about trump's future team.
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mike flynn has been offered the job of national security adviser. flynn, controversial for his foreign policy, would not require senate approval. even more controversial -- >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. >> mitt is a very sad guy. >> a transition source says president-elect trump will meet with former nominee mitt romney sunday. to discuss romney as a possible secretary of state. >> romney would be quite capable of doing a number of things, but he'll be one of those i'm sure that -- >> with his transition taking shape, mr. trump turned to foreign policy. meeting japan's prime minister. >> i renewed my conviction that together with mr. trump i will be able to establish a relationship of trust. >> the vice president-elect is on capitol hill selling his boxes agenda to democrats. >> we're beginning to discuss
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on together. >> try to find our common ground where we can. of course stand our ground when we can't. >> pence, back in familiar territory, setting up the first 100 days. >> and it could be back on the road for president-elect trump. his team is setting up a thank you tour after thanksgiving for some of those blue states that he turned red. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. today prince george's county public school leaders are urging parents to make sure their kids stay possible plan for a mass walkout today to protest the presidential election. it says those absences will be unexcused. the school district says it's now taking a position on the intent of the walkout, that it's simply a matter of student safety. >> moments of panic captured in a 911 call that a maryland woman made after she was attacked by a bear. karen osbourne was walking down her daughter's driveway in
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osbourne was able to punch the bear a couple of times and she fell in the fetal position and called nine one one from there. >> i can't move and i'm bleeding and i'm gonna die. >> osbourne is still recovering from the attack this morning. she needed almost 80 stitches. and has a broken arm. in that 911 call, she even asked the operator to tell her husband she loved him. the department of natural resources tracked down that bear and euthanized her. a major announcement from two big players in the sports betting world. >> plus, a very happy occasion turns into a tragedy. seven people shot at a party for a 2-year-old, including a young mother what we know about the gunman. and the smallest details being worked out right now for the inauguration. even the horses involved are even the horses involved are get
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profitable and help embattled reltors, that's likely the biggest hurdles ahead since critics have questioned whether
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betting. this deal needs federal approval. that's the latest from the live desk. barbara? >> thanks molette. this massive fire still burning in southern california, more than six hours after it started. it's in a pallet yard, several propane tanks blew up while it was burning. it's not clear how it started. dozens of firefighters on the scene. say they have the fire contained now. but not under control killed, at a toddler's birthday party turned into a tragedy in tennessee. seven people were shot there last night. police are look for as many as three suspects right now. neighbors say the mother, who died, was only 21 years old. police have not said why they think the shooting happened. neighbors there said they're praying for the victims today. in just a few hours, a police officer who killed a black man will appear in court. officer yanez will be arraigned
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he shot orlando castille last year. castille's fiancee streaming the encounter on facebook live after the act. if convicted llanez could face as much as 20 years in prison. a warning for pedestrians from fairfax county police. the department released its list of the 11 most dangerous roads in the county for pedestrians. police say these areas that you see on the map have seen the most deadly or serious injury accidents involving pedestrians in the past five years. and most of the crashes happen in november and other winter months when there's less daylight. you can head to the nbc washington app for the full list of roads. i'm melissa mollet with your first 4 traffic. road closures for fun things happening. montgomery county thanksgiving parade in silver spring on saturday morning. the parade starts at 10:00 a.m.
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will be shut down for the fun until 1:00 p.m. in rockville i'll be emceeing this event. rockville town square tree lighting. some roads in the rockville town square area shut down from 4:00 to 9:00. then the redskins game playing the packers sunday, there at 8:30. remember, bring something for our food for our families campaign. doug kammerer and chuck bell will be there uber is threatening to leave maryland if state requires its drivers to be fingerprinted. the public service commission is expected to decide by next month if ride-sharing services like uber and lyft will be required to use fingerprinting in criminal background checks. a state law that was passed last year will require companies to run fingerprint background checks starting december 15th.
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effective. according to the "baltimore sun," uber and lyft say their systems are better and they say it would discriminate against some people who have a criminal record, but have never actually been convicted. and right now, fiat chrysler is recalling nearly 89,000 vehicles. the company says the most serious recall is for the 2016 dodge durango and jeep grand cherokee suv. it says a fuel tube may have been damaged in manufacturing and could cause a gas l reported so far. the company is also recalling a 2016 dodge dart compact. it said the windshield washer pump can cause short circuits and cause the wipers to fail. swim lessons paid off for a fairfax county first grader when her dad's car plunged into a lake in reston. rajesh was taking his daughter to ice-skating lessons when he lost control and drove through
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back seat and pushed her out the window. our northern virginia bureau chief spoke to the little girl about this amazing rescue. >> how afraid were you? >> not too much. just a little. >> why were you not very afraid? >> because i took swimming lessons and i'm not scared of the water. >> a woman driving her own daughter home from school in another good samaritan helped the two get out of the water, and make it safely today the d.c. community will honor gwen ifels. one of the most successful african-american journalists today. the co-anchor of pbs newshour died of cancer monday night and she was here in washington. she was a member of the metropolitan a.m.e. church in northwest for 25 years. tonight the church will invite the community and ifill's loved ones to pay tribute to her
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celebration in her honor. >> we're all going to miss gwen. we're going to find out whether the lawsuit over trump university will be delayed. former students are suing donald trump for fraud. but he denies those claims. the students say they wasted their money on an unaccredited school. trump's lawyers are attempting to get the trial delayed until after inauguration day. if they're unsuccessful the trial will begin november 28th. the planning for trump's inauguration began long before president. the military inaugural support team says they've been planning five years for january 20th whoever happened to win. news4's megan fitzgerald gives us a look at what goes into celebrating a new president. >> inauguration day, a moment the world watches, america's peaceful transition of power. but these historic events are challenging for the 6,000
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off. 15,000 service members lining the route. we've got our ceremony units that will march and lead the parade. >> major-general bradley becker, along with other members of the military inaugural support team say sheaf been planning this event since before president obama was sworn in in 2013. >> it's a lot of logistical support from warming tents, because it's going to be january. to food, and just a lot of movements. >> while the band and service members practice their songs in formation, we got a look at what it takes to get the inaugural horses ready for the big day. >> these animals have be to trained very rigorously. they actually are desensitized to crowds. >> desensitizing these animals is quite a process. so they're trainer, reuben troyer showed us part of what they do. >> very unnatural for a horse to accept the sound of something
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frighten horses which could cause them to buck and become dangerous. he jumps at it a little bit. >> he uses bags and other tools to simulate what the horses can expect on january 20th. >> i don't want him scared of having a flag above his head like this. >> it's a long process, to get ready for the day the new president will be sworn in. but military leaders say they'll be ready. reporting on joint base fort meyer, megan fitzgerald, news4. just about 60 days from now. blizzard warnings, the latest on a winter storm expected to cause possibles for part of the country over the next few days. and moby dick. >> whale boats away. let's get us a whale, shall we? >> it's on the stage.
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the northern plains states are saying bye-bye to balmy weather. the national weather service issued a blizzard warning today in parts of north and south dakota, minnesota and nebraska. a foot of snow could fall in parts of minnesota, too. and three to eight inches elsewhere. wind gusts could reach 60 miles per hour. and folks out in the skiing areas are hoping they get some of that, too. >> they sure are. >> they'd like to have it. >> we're talking a blizzard already in some areas. >> all fairness, minnesota, the
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year when it starts. >> that's normal for them. >> you can see canada from your back yard, you know it's going to get snow a little bit earlier than here. what's really unusual is minneapolis/st. paul has still not had their first freeze of the season yet. that will happen for them tonight as the colder air rushes in. can you believe that? we haven't had our first freeze yet here, either. but minneapolis? really? they're over a month behind their average first freeze day. number one warmest november on record so far in outside here in washington, look at that. the great color down there at columbia island marina. not far from the pentagon, the parkway there, beautiful day outside. good boating weather. temperatures, it seems a little cool right there at national airport because it's a sournl wind and the south wind brings the wind up the potomac river and bay, so it funnels the cooler air into the airport but outside of there, temperatures are warming up.
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getting serious, close to playoff time for the high school kids. temperatures this evening after a couple of very chilly friday nights in a row the last couple of weeks, this friday night, those football games will not be cold at all. mild and dry, game-time temperatures in the 50s until about 9:00 or 10:00 this evening. warm air surging northward ahead of this big storm system. parts of minneapolis and northern minnesota. heavy rain across parts of arkansas, that's all e direction. it stands to arrive here as we get into tomorrow afternoon and evening. here's saturday at 2:00 in the afternoon. showers moving into the shenandoah valley and racing right through the heart of the city. between about 4:00 and 8:00 tomorrow afternoon. after that, the bottom falls out of the temperatures, we'll go from 67, saturday afternoon to 36 by sunday morning. sunday will be windy and cold. look at the redskins/packers forecast coming up in a few minutes as well as a look at
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less than a week away from thanksgiving and two turkeys are coming to washington. what were you thinking? president obama will pardon these two turkeys at the white house. they're coming from early, iowa. the sixth time iowa has provided the turkey for the presidential thanksgiving tradition. they will arrive on monday. the national turkey federation began the tradition with president harry truman and it will be the final turkey pardon district are missing. the call for help put out by police this morning. and you may have noticed this video of on facebook, a teacher get a lot of attention for the positive message that she is teaching her students. and she was on the today show this morning and showed the team
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a desperate search is on to find two sisters missing from the district. jewel and janae selby were last seen thursday at 7:00 a.m. on 51st street in the northeast. if you see either of them please contact police. the latest viral video doesn't show dance moves or an animal doing something adorable.
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>> what if it's too hard -- i'm gonna push through. >> what if it's too rough? >> i'm gonna push through. >> what if you just can't do it? >> that ain't true. >> why? >> that's jasmine wright at her classroom third grade classroom in fill if a. she had the class recite self-affirmation mantras after the election. in just a week more facebook video. miss wright stopped by "the today show" to help the anchors learn to push through. >> when your alarm goes off at 3:00 a.m. in the morning -- >> i'm going to push through. >> when the coffee in your cup is going to push through. >> i'm goinga push through. >> when your teleprompter makes a mistake? >> i'm gonna push through. >> you can watch the full video of ms. wright and her class on our nbc washington app facebook
11:31 am
getting ready to turn the tables on education as we know it. >> this is starting a new program that's intended to feel more like college. >> news4's kristen wright shows us how frederick high school is in for changes that administrators say will be really great for students. >> at this point in my career, 35 years in, i would normally think about retiring, but i'm not because this is too energizing to think about stopping. >> frederick high school imagined standing here in a hard hat getting ready for this exciting chapter. >> it's all open here. you can look down the courtyard. >> but here she is -- where the new frederick high school is going up right across from the old one. which was built in 1939. and that's just the beginning. >> we have a new program that will begin with our ninth graders, when we open our doors. >> students at frederick will be
11:32 am
2011 national teacher of the year michelle shearer says once it's phased in links will give all students at frederick the highly individualized attention that only kids in specialized programs get now. >> we want to make sure we can bring large comprehensive learning with a personalized schedules, like college, mentors, student-teacher advocates and personalized plans for success. frederick high school's graduation rate of 93% is less than the county average. will links raise the numbers? >> absolutely. >> the principal did her student teaching at frederick high school decades ago and says this new beginning for students is
11:33 am
let's get us a whale, shall we? >> it's "moby dick" like you never imagined it. it comes to the arena stage. it opens tonight. for previews through christmas eve. and with us to tell us all about this very unique production, is director david catalan, and you adapted this, welcome, we're so glad to have you with us let's make this a high-flying rendition of this wonderful story. >> it's a big sea adventure. a lot of us think about this book we were supposed to read in high school or college maybe we never did and it's actually a really thrilling book. it's a really thrilling story. >> from what i've seen you've made it into a really thrilling thing to watch on the stage. because when i said high-flying, i really mean it. everybody is up in the air.
11:34 am
like you would on the ocean. >> a lot of times when you go see a play the show happens on the ground, right? but we get to through circus and other elements of physical story-telling, we get to put people up in the air. >> like we're seeing right now. >> are all of the actors acrobats? >> they all start as actors, with the exception of one guy who grew up in the circus. he grew up as a circus per performer. everyone else is an actor, but they're trained at the actor's gym in evanston in the circus arts. >> you came up with the idea of putting it up above the stage. did somebody have to come in and choreography the scenes up there? >> i have this amazing collaborator i work with named sylvia hernandez distasi, she also grew up in the circus, she's the one who has trained everybody and envisions howal of this will work. so we get together and we come
11:35 am
beautiful. >> so when you put out the call for actors for this show did you say you had to get up in the air flying as an acrobat? >> woo doe need people who aren't afraid of heights, right? and sometimes it's a little scary and it is dangerous, what we do. >> any problems when you're putting this all together? >> no. where we put it together, there's a padded sprung floor. and we work with safety lines and so it's not unsafe because it. but it is indeed dangerous, because they are literally up in the air and i thought that would be a great way to experience for audiences to feel and experience what it was like to be high up in the rigging on these whaling ships. >> quickly for people who have never read "moby dick" or know the story, why don't you give us a synopsis. >> we know the opening line, right "call me ismail."
11:36 am
ends. ismail is a character that many of us can identify with. he's lonely, he feels a little disconnected and a little bit rudderless. i think at some point in our lives all of us at one point have kind of felt that way. and he's drawn to the water's edge where he meets quig. >> who is a cannibal. >> on the other side of the world. when he meets him, he feels he couldn't be a close friends. >> and that's the main part of this story. >> that's, that's the kind of anchor of the story. their relationship and their beautiful connection. >> and did both of these characters fly like this in. >> they do. they're up in the air. they're moving through space, high above the audience. because we turn as you can see from some of the pictures, we turn that air into either
11:37 am
water. >> i think it sounds like something that a lot of parents might want to take their kids to see, something really exciting on the stage. through christmas eve. >> that's right. >> open tonight for previews and then through christmas eve. >> so great to meet you and congratulations. >> it's a beautiful show. >> thank you, i appreciate that. back to you. >> thanks, barbara. up next if you have weekend plans, you want to know about the weather changes coming our way and when they arrive, let me
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if you are heading to the national portrait gallery soon, you'll see a different kind of exhibit. today is opening day for bill voila, the moving portrait. the exhibit runs through may. and it is the first in the history of the national portrait gallery that's entirely devoted
11:40 am
motion to encourage viewers to linger and think about the themes presented in his videos. and there are a lot of people in our area who need some help this thanksgiving. >> news4 is working for you in the community to help provide food for more than 4,000 families. search food for families in our nbc washington app, to donate. or you can join us at the redskins game this sunday. storm team 4 will be at gate h along with storm ranger 4. you can sop bring a canned or boxed food item. plan to arrive early. there's always lots of traffic for a sunday night game and the game will also be right here on news4. it is going to be cold out there. >> i wonder if we can get the blankets through security? >> i don't know about that. >> may need to check the website. >> the puffy coat and gloves, for sure. >> it will be very cold, very windy. and the sun goes down long before the game starts, sundown
11:41 am
be ready for a cold game. unfortunately we're playing the packers, why can't we play the dolphins in the cold weather? it's not going to bother the packers that much. it's a great-looking day outside. sunshine everywhere across the news4 nation right now. temperatures have warmed into the 50s and 60s. 65 already in warrenton. 64 in fredericksburg, a little cool at dulles in 49. there's the area of rain that goes from chicago to st. louis down towards little rock, arkansas that will be rolling through here mid to late time tomorrow afternoon. future weather shows the showers coming through, about 4:00 to 7:00 tomorrow afternoon. behind the rain comes the wind. and it is going to be ferociously windy around here saturday night into sunday. winds could gust over 40 miles per hour at times. especially saturday evening.
11:42 am
are going to be big-time affected by the weather. sunday will be chilly. watch this drop. 1:00 consulate afternoon in the mid 60s, by 6:00, in the 40s and by 11:00, in the 30s. so it's going 0 to be a cold one for sure, highs on sunday struggle to get to the low to mid 40s. the big getaway day is on tuesday and wednesday. quiet weather up and down much of the eastern seaboard. that's good news and no more than a few light rain showers wednesday into thursday, dry enough for an afternoon walk to get the turkey pounds off. >> you're probably going to run, though, right? >> that's a long walk. >> well after the break, a look at how it could soon be possible to help yourself at mcdonald's. and toys, toys, toys. a lot of parents starting to get stressed out as the holiday shopping season nears.
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mcdonald's wants to be more modern and nimble. self-service ordering, kiosk, smart menu boards, custom sandwiches and table service. mcdonald's will pilot mobile ordering in the first half of the year. about 500 stores in florida, new york and southern california have already made the switch. and if you're doing some preblack friday shopping this weekend, amazon has some deals available only through alexa,
11:46 am
is "alexa, what are your deals?" including $30 off of a "star wars" robot and $130 off of a stainless steel cookware set. i'm landon downey. speaking of holiday shopping, it's that time of year again time to talk toys. what's hot and what's not in year. and with us to take a look at the kids' picks for the 2016 holiday season is the t >> you've got a lot of great-looking toys here. how does a toy become a hot toy? >> it's about product innovation. kids want something new and different that will keep them playing for hours. that's what makes a toy hot. >> should parents go out and buy what they think makes a hot toy in. >> you should take your kids into consideration. consider what kind of characters and things they like, shows they
11:47 am
think kids will like this year. tell us about it. >> we start with something for the littlest kids, great for kids ages 1 and up, go go animals, happy smart playland. a little kitty named chloe here. when you put her on any of the smart point locations on the set -- you get a different little response out of her. >> she sings a little song. >> you can push her down the slide. >> this is about one to five. on? >> no, it's totally kid safe. >> then we have pepper pigs holiday plane. pepper pig is a great show on disney junior. the plane play set is include, it includes a peppa figure and a mommy pig figure as well. >> pepper pig. >> pepper pig, it's adorable. >> and then? >> then we have "frozen."
11:48 am
this year elsa needs some help from kids to bring back the northern lights. so when we wave our hand over the snow flake, the colors come right into her dress. isn't that so cute? she's got more than 40,000 phrases and she can sing "let it go." >> but you can't get her to sing it on command, right? >> you can press her little amulet here a great set from playmobil. kids can play a game of table hockey. can you shoot the puck down the ice. move our little goalie figures here this is a lot of fun and it lets kids keep score. first one to 10 is the winner. >> what age for this one? >> kids ages five and up. >> nothing to swallow there. little brothers and sisters. >> you have to be careful. you want to make sure you buy
11:49 am
set for kids that lets them build and grow their own garden. >> is this real? >> this one we made earlier today. but kids it comes with soil and quick germinating seeds so kids can grow their own garden. in the meantime, it's a fully functioning play set. you can walk your fairy down the bridge, take a stroll through the garden this is good for ages four and up. >> and this? >> this is t eliminator set. you get these sticky little bugs and you can throw them against a wall or a mirror and use these awesome glasses to blast the bugs away. >> that's not dangerous? >> no, it's not. these are tiny little foam darts, they're very, very soft. so if kids have the bugs or each other. every one is totally safe. it's for kids ages eight and up. it comes with two awesome blasters and a bunch of bugs.
11:50 am
it's a fantastic beasts and where to find them play set from lego. lego dimensions, it uses brick-building with video game play and this is based on the new harry potter movie. >> you've got a lot of wonderful toys and you've got one things that kids can ride on. >> i'm sure a lot of people will be interested in that we're so happy to have you with us, the toy insider, we look forward to seeing you again next year. >> erika, you see anything you want? >> i'll take thanks, barbara. speaking of holiday season around the corner, and that means the shopping season is right around the corner. consumer reporter susan headland joins us with the answer to the burning question a lot of us have this time of year. >> when is the best time to buy certain gifts? it's a question i'm asked a lot. while black friday is a great time to get great deals there are some items you can snag at other times of the year that will save you even more.
11:51 am
shopping experts. electronics, buy them sooner rather than later. the longer you wait, the higher the demand will be and demand drives up prices. when it comes to jewelry, the best time to buy is usually during the month with no gift-giving holidays. most jewelry stores lock in their prices during the holiday season. buying toys, believe it or not, wait until december. toys are usually cheaper at christmas time due to annual sales and deals. but if you have a specific toy in too long because it might get snatched up. and when it comes to online shopping, watch for free shipping deals and online promotions. those usually come between thanksgiving and christmas. >> thanks, susan. tomorrow is national adoption day and we have a really special story from a member of the news4 family on
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11:53 am
11:54 am
tomorrow is national adoption day across the country. e part of their forever families. >> and our own melissa mollet shares her story about recently adopting a little baby girl. >> we got the call on valentine's day. >> what's that? >> your daughter. >> what? >> when her birth mother picked us, it felt like finding out i was pregnant. >> yeah! >> we made a book so that her birth mother could know about our family.
11:55 am
may. >> and she's the most wonderful thing ever. >> when the doctor put barrett in my arms for the first time -- >> it was all the normal emotions that we had with our son. >> hold her and i just adored her. >> when i look into her eyes, i feel like i recognize her. like i've known her for a long time. >> i see my daughter, i don't see my bumps in the road for sure. >> i wish it was easier for people to do. and i wish more people could do it. >> hi. >> we already read her these books about adoption. >> they hope and wish i would come. >> i think adoption would be a very good idea, because you get
11:56 am
and two, you get to add someone to your family. >> i can't believe that everything we went through, led us to her because now i'm so, so grateful for it. >> people have said to us -- wow, you saved her and what i say is no, she saved us. and i'll always say that. >> well family. what a beautiful family. >> we were a mess this morning, and we're like holding it in right now. we're thrilled for them. >> while we're talking adoption, please come if you can tomorrow to the superior court house, moultrie courthouse in the district of columbia. it's adoption day in court. you'll see the most wonderful stories of families adopting children. we have 30 children on the 30th anniversary.
11:57 am
i'll be there tomorrow. it's going to be wonderful. 10:00 to 12:00 noon at the superior court in the district of columbia. melissa, we love you and we're so happy for you and your family. one last check of the weather. chuck? beautiful friday. >> nothing to worry about. today, no problems, tonight's high school games, no problem. the sun night game, the redskins and packers at fedex field, that's going to be cold. wind chills will be in the 20s by the second half. if you're going to that game you need to layer going to do this weekend, you're going up to morgantown, west virginia, for the oklahoma/west virginia game, 38 degrees with snowshowers at kickoff in morgantown saturday night. i'll be shivering and screaming all the way to the end. sunday, a chilly day, nice today, the big change arrives tomorrow between about 3:00 and 7:00 afternoon, evening, when the bottom falls out. it will be stay chilly all the way through thanksgiving. that's it for "news4 midday," thanks so much for joining us.
11:58 am
>> you can get news and weather fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly.
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...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just 79.99 per month online for the first year.
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stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> all right. >> watch this. the crowd. >> here they >> wait. come on, show the kiss. >> what happened last night, is the crowd goes crazy. for mark anthony and j. lo at the grammy awards. it got hot up in there. >> paying tribute to marc honored as person of the year calling him a living legend. also performed a duet of the spanish language classic which means distribution. >> forget me and don't turn back. >> the crowd was saying don't


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