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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  November 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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we'll check in live with pat lawson muse in a moment. but first, we have breaking news at the live desk. we want to take you live to chopper 4 to give you this view of the huge house fire that we are following right now. we have molette green on the way to the scene. you can see that there is a huge response. we have apparatus in the road and it is blocking it. this is between frontgate drive or town farm road and brock drive, all lanes are blocked both 202 good frontgate drive and brock drive, all lanes blocked because of the fire which we hear is having a huge response. we're hearing dozens of firefighters on the ground right there trying to get the blaze out. at this point we don't know of any injuries. we are hearing that the family is there nearby. as i mentioned, molette green is on the way and we'll continue to follow what the cause of the
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but also more importantly when 202 will reopen to traffic. so we'll continue to follow up and bring it back to you more as we get it. want to give you a look at what it feels like outside right now. these are the windchills you see behind us. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> did you see those teens? i'm eun yang. you will definitely want to bundle up today. k day ahead. >> what you see is what you get this morning. ferocious northwest winds are out there this morning. winds are gusting over 40 miles per hour across much of northern maryland and much of the i-81 corridor this morning. windchills in the teens and 20s this morning. we'll only get into the 30s for windchills later today. tomorrow freezing cold start, although we will have plenty of sunshine. good travel weather coming up on wednesday. i'll have the five day outlook
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to mid-30s right now and planning out your day, plan on a fair amount of sunshine, but a whole lot of wind and cold and it will stick around all day. northwest winds today could be as much as 40-mile-per-hour or more. use extreme caution. no flicking cigarettes out open car windows today. breaking news continuing here in traffic this morning. again in upper marlboro, 202 shut down at front gait drive. i your alternate, you can take central avenue, brown station road. but that is a big fire situation, big response could be there for some time. inbound 4 a crash. and inbound at the case bridge and pentagon two different crashes there. 66 and 95 not so bad. travel times in ten minutes. right now a water main break in northwest d.c. may impact
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hours before it's fixed. justin finch is live on connecticut avenue now with more on the work happening right now. >> reporter: good morning. d.c. water crews tell us they are working to contain the break hoping to have it fixed within the hour, but there still could be some intermittent service disruptions. let's take you now to video from the scene where we know the issue here is a 12 inch water main break that ruptured about 9:00 p.m. or so last nigh we are along the 4300 block of connecticut between yuma and van ness right by the van ness and utc metro stop. and also right off the udc campus. last night repair work began and it was forecast to last between 8 and 10 hours. and of course we're on the back end of that right at this moment. now, back out live, you're looking at traffic that is going pretty smoothly here so far.
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the scene. this water main break investigation will take a bit longer we're told, so crews will be here throughout the morning. back into you. >> justin, thank you. we're following breaking news out of laurel as well where prince george's county police are investigating a homicide. this happened last night on deerfield road following a shooting. we'll have more information on the investigation coming up in just a bit. also developing right now in san antonio, texas an ambush style shooting has left a this is the officer who was shot. investigators say the suspect pulled up to the detective as he was writing a traffic ticket yesterday afternoon and shot him twice in the head. he was a 20 year veteran of the force. today montgomery county police chief thomas manger will be questioned by montgomery county council members on the police department's use of
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whether the department had changed its training on tarz use takeser use based on incidents across the country. the baltimore sun reported earlier that montgomery county police railroad were involved in 4 of 11 fatal taser incidents since 2009. today the parents of a murdered dnc staffer will demand answers in their son's killing. seth rich's parents will speak he today at noon. rich was shot and killed over the summer while walking home republican lobbyist jack burkman has offered a $100,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. it will be another busy day in president-elect's transition process. he's expected to hold several meetings in new york today including one with former texas governor rick perry. he's reportedly being considered to lead the energy department and possibly others. you may remember he for got to mention the department as one of the agencies he would eliminate as president if he were elected.
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2011. >> melania trump and her son barron may not be moving into the white house in january. instead the president-elect said they would move in after barron's school year ends. the new york "post" reported sunday that there was some uncertainty surrounding mrs. trump and her son leaving new york city. president obama is back at the white house this morning. >> he wrapped up his last international trip as fld peru yesterday. before he left, the president held a news krns where he said he would withh the trump administration once he's out of office even if president-elect trump tries to dismantle his legacy. today families living in ward 8 can get all the trimmings for a thanksgiving meal for free. today is the annual turkey giveaway that was first started by the late mayor barry. until 4:00 p.m., those in need can stop by temple of praise on southern avenue in southeast and pick up a turkey. organizers say 1600 turkeys are
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fwloo and news 4 is working for you as well. we're collecting donations for food 4 families program at the verizon center. pat lawson muse is live there now. pat, good morning to pup we're hoping to get a lot of donations today. >> reporter: good morning. and i'm glad you mentioned that because i want to show you this right off the top. this is an empty basket, but we're hoping by the end of the day this basket is filled and running over with donations. this is our a turkey and all the trimmings on the table of families in needs. and we have a phone bank up right now. you can make your phone calls to 202-885-4949. thanksgiving is such a special time of year, a time for food, for families, for friends. but we know many in our communities are struggling. this year we want to help military families, senior citizens, nonprofits and
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and once again you can help us by calling that number 202-885-499 to 4949 to make donations. call the phone bank or logon to and you can even donate this year via text. so what we're asking for here at the verizon center is if you're in the neighborhood, come by and drop off a can of food or boxed food item. donate by cash or check. storm team 4 x 4, other news 4 folks will be here to say hello to you all day until 6:00 tonight at verizon center. back to you. >> pat lawson muse, thank you so much. how you like me now? how you like me now? >> you heard him there. the new catch phrase from captain kirk. why the qb was shouting it at
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win. and how you can prepare your car now to avoid slipping and sliding and getting stuck in the snow and all that mess. >> no snow for us today. no snow. but major cold and some really strong winds could cause you some trouble. chuck bell looking ahead to a busy week - announcer: thousands of washington, d.c. families depend on home sharing to make ends meet.
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we helped the city collect millions in taxes last year from our community. and we support rules that protect affordable housing and maintain our neighborhoods. working together, we can make sure all of washington can benefit. he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
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our cold air is nothing like the weather that is hammering western new york. look at this. heavy lake-effect snow has blanketed rochester which is seeing whiteout conditions in some spots. >> winds have been gusting to more than 30 miles per hour there which has made for some treacherous driving on the road. the lake-effect snow warning is in effect through tonight there. >> gives us perspective, right? >> don't complain?
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>> that's right. oh, rochester, that is jack benny. >> i said that earlier. >> i must not have heard take. oh, rochester. so for us, oh, is it windy outside. these are the current wind gusts. gusts still 35 to near 40 miles per hour from gaithersburg up towards frederick, hagerstown and cumberland. temperatures will stay in the 40s, low to mid-40s at best for today. travel boston, phoenix, seattle. tomorrow minneapolis, kansas city, seattle and portland, oregon. wednesday chicago, st. louis, memphis and houston may have some weather delays. and thanksgiving day, the pacific northwest where there will be bad weather there. breaking news now in first 4 traffic. in upper marlboro, take a look. 202 is shut down at frontgate drive. you're seeing the vehicle get by, that is just a police
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brown station road. if you take 202 through that section of upper marlboro, you will want to do something else today. also hearing about wires down 15,000 block of old columbia pike. travel times look okay in maryland. a little slow inbound 66 to the beltway. everything else looking pretty good. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your the vatican. pope francis has granted all priests power to forgive abortion beyond the end of the holy year of mercy. this was in a letter signed by the pope this past sunday. developing this morning, police officers are recovering from shootings in multiple states. in some they're grieving for
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officer pulled someone over and was shot, victim of a drive-by. he is expected to survive. they locked down the neighborhood and caught the suspect after a shoot skrout. near kansas city, another officer was shot during a traffic stop. there was also a shoot-out there and police say one suspect died. a second suspect and the officer were both taken to the hospital. and an officer shooting in st. louis as well where a man is dead following a shoot-out with police early thmo the officer as he sat in his cruiser yesterday. the sergeant is in critical condition but is expected to survive. the suspect's identity has not been released. it is a very short week for washington football after yesterday's big win. kirk cousins gets another chance to prove himself this thursday against the dreaded dallas cowboys. >> jason pugh has the 4 things to know before that big game.
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night, here's what you need to know about the victory. >> how you like me now? >> reporter: kirk cousins with a message to the general manager, how do you luke me now. remember cousins is trying to earn that money with a new contract after this season. he scored three touchdowns in the big win. and rookie running back rob kelly making a national maim for himself, his nickname is fat rob. three touchdowns for the snyder. >> we've seen a lot of shots of a down cast dan snyder. not popping his head. >> reporter: redskins visit the cowboys on thanksgiving day. >> things you never expect to sigh, dan snyder dancing around. >> doing this making it rain. >> i don't like the name fat rob. i think he needs a new name.
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>> cowboys are in first. and they have won nine games in a row. you know what, though, we will go in confident, right, chuck bell? >> they start with a score 0-0 every time. so you never know. after the big oklahoma win over west virginia on saturday in the snow where i was, anything is possible indeed. you will be dealing with the wind and the cold all day long today. just like you've been dealing with it for the last several days, winds on the 40 to 45-mile-per-hour range. yesterday 45 to 55. today still windy, not quite as ferocious as yesterday, but still winds gusting 30 to 40 miles per hour today. as i sususpected, the weather advisory taken down for the immediate d.c. area, but left it in place for the panhandle of west virginia and high shots in the mountains of west virginia. those highlighted areas could still see winds gusting to 40
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with our mbs washington app. find me and follow me on facebook and twitter. look for chuck bell 4. an you will be able to stay ahead of the weather as best as i can provide. current winds are still gusting well over 30 miles per hour in northern maryland. that has windchills down in the teens and 20s. current windchill in winchester, 16 degrees. windchill now in leesburg at 23. 31 for the windchill in we'll see temperatures rise into the low and mid-40s at most today, about 10 degrees colder than average. but those winds will keep the windchills in the 30s. so if you have a warm winter coat and scarf and hat and fluffs, put them all on. can't rule out an occasional passing snowflake. no accumulations, but a flying smoke flake or two always gets people's interests up. there is the five day forecast. a lot of traveling going on
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weekend looks nice. temperatures just about average and we should be staying dry from friday through sunday. here is melissa mollett right now, breaking news continues in first 4 traffic. again upper marlboro, take a look. chopper 4 first over the scene, only helicopter there to show you what is going on with this crow sure. 202 shut down at frontgate drive.sure. 202 shut down at frontgate drive. your alternate, central avenue or brown station road. you cannot get th facing the wrong way on the shoulder. that is a little bit of a problem i would say. and 15,000 block of old columbia pike, have report of wires down. inbound 4 at dowerhouse road, still crash in the median. inbound 301 also slow near branch avenue here this morning. so a couple of different spots that are slowing down for us. now, let's take a look at some video from five years ago.
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whenever we show you this video, you can feel the pain of that commute. so bad it was called carmageddon. thousands of people unprepared. some spent hours in their car. even though of course we all hope for the best on the roads, i talked to the experts who say now is the time to prep our cars for the worst for winter weather. >> reporter: with winter fast approaching, here's what you need to know so you don't become a stranded statistic. >> the battery is the heart of the car. once it dies, nothi the car. >> reporter: so get that battery checked. take a look at your coolant levels. >> make sure your washer fluid is topped off. >> reporter: and your tires often the most neglected part of the car. >> when you have a sudden drop in temperature, you lose pressure in the tire. >> reporter: underinflated tires can wear quickly and lead to a crash. holly with firestone complete auto care says it's important to know exactly how much air those tires need.
6:21 am
car in the doorjamb and it shows you the actual pressure which mine is 32 psi. >> reporter: next up, check your tread. no grid means slipping and sliding. >> if you can see the head of the penny, you need new tires. >> reporter: and rubber belts and hoses don't like cold weather either. >> and this is the emergency roadside kit. everyone should have this in his or her car. >> reporter: we're talking first and i had kit, flashlight, water, blankets, gloves, snacks, cellphone charger, a jump-starter kit even better. that means no need for another car to help out. >> being prepared always better. spend the 50 bucks, something like that, to really get a good kit together and feel like you're prepared for the winter weather. developing right now, a children's hospital hit by an air strike. the devastation as bombings continue and the search teams dig through the rubble.
6:22 am
ended with a truck in flames. a new safety warning. thinks oh, you gave you up the show, how are you doing? tell them i'm doing all right. >> quick programming note for you, oprah winfrey opens up on the steve harvey show with an entire hour of conversation. you can watch it all right here
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out of washington state. toys "r" us says it is no longer selling the tonka 12 v ride-on dump truck that was in the back of this pickup. the family that bought the toy says it caught fire as they were taking it home last week. it is still unclear right now how the fire started. we're staying on top of breaking news this morning. right now prince george's county police are trying to track down a killer in laurel. what is now being uncovered about the case. massive protests, tear gas
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push back in subfreezing temperatures. and here at home, it is a storm team 4 weather alert day.
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angie goff at the live desk. in laurel, police are trying to find a killer. apartments and townhouse community where police responded and found a man suffering from gunshot wounds. he died on the scene and police are still gathering evidence. but they do tell molette green that they don't have any information at this point on a suspect or a motive in this fatal shooting. aaron. coming up on 6:30. good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. you can see how cold it feels out there right now.
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just a little chilly here, but we hope that you will stop by our food and families drive all day long. we are collecting donations to help family across our area and we'll check in with pat lawson muse in a moment. but first, chuck bell has your very frigid forecast. >> i'll be down at verizon center around lunchtime today giving my donation. come on down and say hello and meet me and the puppy dogs. 4 things to know about the an hang on tight. it is cold and windy outside this morning. it will be wind-chilled sunshine all day. windchills likely to stay around the freezing mark through the course of the afternoon today. good travel weather coming up for tomorrow and wednesday. that is good news for everybody trying to leave town or have relatives coming into the city. and for thanksgiving day, might be turkey and raindrops. i'll give you the whole forecast coming up in a few. but for now the wind advisory
6:31 am
maryland, panhandle of west virginia and none to the mountains. rae has melissa mollett has breaking news. a couple different problems. canal road just past foxhall, crash took down a pole. outbound lanes of canal road are blocked. also this problem chopper 4 over 202 shut down there at frontgate drive in upper marlboro because of both directions. best thing, take central avenue or brown station road instead. inner loop at branch avenue, car facing the wrong way the on shoulder. and in maryland, inbound 4 at dower house road, crash at the median. northbound 301, near short cut road, a tractor trailer stopped. and pine field, left lane blocked there. 66 after 50, police activity
6:32 am
we're following breaking news where upper marlboro where crews are on the scene of a house fire. molette green is live with the latest on this. >> reporter: we just got here to the scene, firefighters are still putting out hot spots. there you can see we are standing right in the front yard of this house and i'm with carly pryor who lives here with her pa in two years ago? >> yes. >> reporter: tell me what happened. >> i'm not sure. we were asleep. the fire alarms went off. my parents came down to get me and we got out and this whole half of the house caught on fire. we're still not sure what caused it. >> reporter: and you think something happened outside and it then came in and what part of the house is this? >> that was the living room. and there was like a deck. and it's all made of wood.
6:33 am
caught, i would imagine it just grew out of control. i'm not sure. i just woke up and came outside to it. so i'm not sure. rut we wish the best of luck to you and your family. everybody got out okay along with the family dog. but of course firefighters still on the scene and of course the investigation will start right after they make sure everything is out. we're live here on the scene. of course 202 has been blocked asthma lisa about at front gate oig. we'll keep you posted. as the sunrises this morning, police in st. mary's county will be able to continue their search for a missing fisherman in the potomac river. maryland natural resources police say a boat with four people on board sank saturday during a fishing tournament. two other men were found dead and one person survived. police say 52-year-old roger
6:34 am
missing. rough waves have made the search difficult. >> when our boats are out there, it's almost impossible to locate anything in the water because of the swells and troughs. >> police plan to talk with a surviving fisher man to find out why the boat capsized. police need help finding a man accused of setting a woman on fire. this man set a 64-year-old woman on fire a she has serious burns. fire officials tell wtop that two other people in that home were treated for smoke inhalations. today five strip clubs are being forced to shut do you because of new zoning laws to prevent businesses from being near homes and churches. >> dramatic video, a clash
6:35 am
violence overnight. you can see some flares. the group facing off on the bridge north of the protest camp in north dakota. sheriff's department saying that the protesters tried to push past the bridge but were blocked by police. we're hearing that this is actually still going on. protesters saying police there are using tear gas and also rubber bullets. at least one person we know was arrested. today the man who admitted sentenced. tan any heinrich is expected to be sentenced to 20 years for child pornography charges as part of a plea deal, prosecutors agreed not to charge heinrich with murder in the killing of jacob wetterling. today we could learn whether the man accused of killing nine people inside a south carolina
6:36 am
roof. if he's found competent to stand trial, jury selection will begin next week. roof is charged with 33 hate crimes for the 2015 shooting inside emanuel ame church. the government is seeking the death penalty. new this morning, drivers will want to slow down outside an elementary school in calvert county. the county has installed a speed camera there starting this week. if you go 12 miles or more above the posted speed limit, you can expect a start with the cold, add in the wind and this is why today is a storm team 4 weather alert day. chuck bell is tracking a frigid start at the bus stop. and developing right now, an officer ambushed. several shootings across the country have police on high alert. the new concerns about why cops may have been targeted. and all day we're helping families in needs. how you can help our food 4
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is. welcome back. a little weather reality kicking in. >> wind advisories? >> absolutely right. weather alert f windchills. wind advisory until 5:00 this afternoon for northern maryland, panhandle of west virginia and all the high spots out west of the blue ridge. winds could gust 40 to 45 miles per hour. tree damage an spotty power outages continue to be an issue. feels like temperatures in the teens an 20s on your way out this morning. just a little bit of light snow up well to our north. couldn't rule out a stray snow shower or two.
6:41 am
scarves, gloves, everything you've got put it on the kids. temperatures will only inch into the mid for yourself. and since a picture a worth 1,000 words, here is today's weather forecast in a picture. and melissa mollett has lots of troubles on the roads. >> not so pretty right now. chopper 4 over 202 at frontgate drive. we're shut down here this morning because of this house fire. 202 is closed. your best thing if you're headed out, take central avenue, you do not want to head on 202. out bound canal at foxhall, outbound shut down because of a pole down. 270 and top of the beltway looking typical for in time of day. 66 inbound to the beltway, that is slow because of a crash. and 95 quantico to the beltway is okay. remember to listen to wtop 103.5
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bitter cold, howling winds and power knocked out. >> watch out for water on connecticut avenue. coming up, more on the water main break that could impact your morning commute. ambushed, an office shot while writing a ticket. the manhunt to track down the killer who took off. the holiday rush is on. best time to head out and why this year could be the busiest in a decade. how you like me now? >> a big win and big gm after an electric night on the field. first at 6:45, today is a weather alert day here at news 4. >> we have complete team coverage of how the cold and windy weather will impact the beginning of your week. >> first we want to get to justin finch live in theft with an update on the broken water main. >> reporter: good morning. all is clear at this point here.
6:46 am
or more or less contained the leak, but they will be back here to finish up repairs. let's take you to video from earlier as d.c. crews worked to contain the leak. there were some traffic tieups in the area here on connecticut between yuma and van ness. at this point traffic appears to be back to normal. of course it all began about 9:00 p.m. last night when the 12 inch water main broke. disrupting service to some 50 buildings in the area. back out live, we you you that disruptions are still possible and more pipe problems could be an issue in weather like this. back into you. and it looks like the lights are coming back on for more people this morning. here is the outage update that we have.
6:47 am
pepco looking at 69. 48 for bge. out in parts of maryland, west virginia, poe he toe mack edison has more than 318 outages. rappahannock electric looking at just 25. back to you. let's turn to chuck bell now and get a look at the extended forecast including this wind. >> yeah, we have a whole lot of wind to deal with again for today. once the sun comes up, wind likely to increase a bit. winds have remained very strong all across northern maryland and into the panhandle of west virginia through the overnight hours. winds have been gusty for the last couple of days starting on saturday afternoon. saturday's winds were good 40 and 45 miles per hour. yesterday was the worst of it. winds 45 to 55 yesterday. today coming down a little bit, but still certainly impactful wind amounts. 30 to 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts today. the wind advisory he remains in
6:48 am
maryland, out to the panhandle of west virginia, winds could gust 40 to 45 miles per hour this in the high spots especially today. so watch out pap lot much reports of power outages and tree damage. take it easy and be careful. remember neff drive over a downed wire. currently the winds are gusting to near 40 miles per hour in gaithersburg, 36-mile-per-hour gust in hagerstown. the other thing with all the dry weather we've had, this is extremely important. smokers, do not flick your cigarettes out the open window of your car for put the ashtrays only for the next couple days. winds will have a very high fire danger. windchills are in the teens, 20s to mere 30 right now. planner for today, a cold and windy day all through the course of it. and then tomorrow, a little bit on the chilly side. not quite as bad as it's been if you're traveling today, could have some wind related weather delays in philadelphia and new york city and boston. so keep that in mind.
6:49 am
the next couple days, a little breezy tomorrow. pretty good weather coming up on wednesday. slight little chance for a shower. very late wednesday, more likely off and on shower chances for thursday. nothing heavy, though. the weekend looks pretty good. a lot of folks getting out to the malls. dry weather is expected. so that is all good news. all put together, here is your ten day forecast. 46 and windy today, 50 and breezy tomorrow. dry for wednesday, showers thursday and then great weather after that. breaking news continues in first 4 traffic. still have the problem here in upper marlboro. chopper 4 over 202 at frontgate. we're shut down there. alternate is central avenue or brown station road. either one will work for you. taking a look elsewhere, a couple other problems. outbound canal at foxhall, outbound lanes are shut down because of some wires down there or a pole down there.
6:50 am
well. three other problems in maryland. inbound 4 at dowerhouse, krach in the median. northbound 301 at short cut, tractor trail her stopped in the lane. and beantown road, left lane blocked. activity 66 after route 00 in the hov lane. and also have northbound gw parkway before the beltway with a tree limb in the road and 270 at fal cleared. it is supposed to be the busiest thanks giving in nearly a decade. >> millions of people will be traveling. jay gray is live for us in chicago to talk about what we he should expect. jay, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, aaron, eun. yeah, close to 49 million will travel this holiday season. 43 million of those out on the highways the rest split up
6:51 am
people lined up at the tsa checkpoint before it opened. they're moving, but the line has been steady. and thisis only going to build across the country through this week. the busiest travel day? likely wednesday before the holiday. and then sunday with everybody getting back home. if you want to avoid the crowds, best time to travel, thanksgiving day. though that with the big meal. probably want to take a nap. so if you're going to travel, make sure that you give yourself some extra time and that is what we've seen here this morning. again people lined up before it opened so they got here really early. and that is even if you're not flying. if you're going to drive, take some extra time for your trip. safest way to go. back to you. >> just before 6:00 a.m. there. jay gray, thank you. we continue to follow
6:52 am
fire crews are battling flames at a home. molette green is live at the scene. >> reporter: and firefighters still here on the scene. i just moments ago spoke to michael pryor who lives here with his wife and adult daughter and dog. and he tells me this is the family room area, kitchen and dining room. and as you can see, it's completely devastated. it is in r. and this is the front of the house. they were all in the back of the house sleeping at the time. chopper 4 showed the incredible smoke and the magnitude of the blaze. we can tell you everybody got out okay. working smoke detectors saved them. they have only been living here two years. >> the smoke alarms went off, my parents kind of ran -- my room
6:53 am
and when we can came out, that whole half of the house was on fire, a large fire. took a while for the fire department to get here. >> reporter: again, the family got out okay. it's too early to say what caused this as firefighters still put out hot spots here on the scene. the family did tell me that they had a fire going in the fireplace last night. michael pryor, the put the fire out and went to bed right after the redskins game. that is the latest live from the scene here in upper marlboro. back to you. we're working for you making sure those who need it have a warm thanksgiving meal. >> it is our annual food 4 families campaign and today you can make a donation at the verizon center from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. pat lawson muse is live there now collecting donations. pat, good morning.
6:54 am
in just the past half an hour. these donations of food have already come in and i have to give a shout out to melinda dillman who was the first person to drop off a can of food, she lives about four blocks from here. she also brought a $25 donation and she challenged all of the justice department workers to toe donate to f showed upped a fedex field last night. you got to see members of the storm team and the storm ranger 4 was there before the game against the packers. and you must have brought them good luck. right now our team of volunteers is on the phones, 202-885-4949. please don't let them be lonely. they are in to take your call. and every year we're determined
6:55 am
11 years now for food 4 families. our goal this year is to provide turkey and all the trimmings to at least 4100. you can help by calling the phone bank or coming to see us here. we're here all day until 6:00 tonight. back to you in the studio. >> pat, we will see you later. thank you. how you like me now? how you like me now? >> we like you a lot. a lot of attention on kirk cousins this mng >> right. this quarterback had something to say to his boss after a huge game, three touchdowns, a 42-24 win. how about that. cousins couldn't get a long term deal during the offseason. he's on a one year contract under the franchise tag. more games like this one and we're thinking he's getting a big pay day. he doesn't have much time to rest for the next game though against the cowboys, that big
6:56 am
go skins! it is 6:55. here are 4 things to know before you head out the door this morning. damaging winds blew through our area last night. the wind took down trees and power lines and fueled a brush fire. at one point several thousand were without power. crews worked through the night to restore most of the power. recovery crews will be back in the potomac river as they search for a missing fisherman. a boat capsized on saturday during a fishing tournament. two people died and another man president-elect donald trump has a full day of meetings, he's expected to heat with former governor rick perry. >> and today those in ward 8 can get all the trimmings for a thanksgiving meal. it begins at 10:30 morning at the templeof praise. and 46 for a high today, but
6:57 am
mile-per-hour. smokes put your cigarettes out in an ashtray. high fire danger. and taking a look at 202, it has reopened at frontgate drive. a couple of other problems we've been tweeting about, one of them 66 inbound quite slow this morning. and canal road inbound and outbound near foxhall not pretty. outbound is shut down. >> all right, thank you. that is the broadcast. >> the "today" show is next. don't forget to stop by the food 4 families
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
. good morning. >> snow-vember. power outag advisory. >> frenemies. could one time rivals meet up and vice president biden after his dressing down from the amount stage. trump himself not so forgiving. >> they were very inappropriate.


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