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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  November 21, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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his parents conspiracy theories you may have heard that surround this case. >> let's get right to nbc 4's darcy spencer with details on that. >> reporter: a rising star in the democratic party but now they are getting some help from a gop lobbyist. they were out here in the neighborhood today handing out these flyers. like you said, the family shot down some of those conspiracy the democratic national committee staffer seth rich hand out flyers in the bloomingdale neighborhood where he was shot and killed in july. >> from the time this has happened, people have been just so helpful. so truly thank you. >> reporter: they held a press conference hoping to draw renewed interest and leads in this unsolved case. rich's mom compared herself to a mother bear. >> you don't get between a
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is dead so please help us. help us bring these murderers to justice. >> reporter: since rich's murder there have been countless political conspiracy theories about the case some suggesting he may have been involved in the wikileaks release of hillary clinton e-mails. something the family says is not true. >> you can't defend a lie. anybody who knew seth knows that's not his personality. or what he believed in. lobbyist representing the family for free and putting up $100,000 of his own money toward the reward fund. >> this could have happened to any one of us. it could have happened to me or my republican or democratic staff. i have young people working for me. >> reporter: they believe the police theory that he was killed in a botched robbery. police say he resisted his attackers and was shot twice in the back but burkman calls the case strange and says it's not
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local, national, international, wherever these people may be that someone can come forward and tell us what they know. >> reporter: coming up on "news4 at 6:00," what the family attorney plans to do next to figure out what happened in the moments right before the shooting. back to you. >> thank you. turning now to our weather where the winds are finally starting to calm after a blustery weekend. this was the scene on lane in potomac yesterday where a car was damaged when a branch fell. this afternoon we're not just talking cold and wind for the issue. let's get team coverage now beginning with doug kammerer. what's the latest? >> cold, windy, dry across our region. enhanced fire danger because of all of those factors. the cold continues and so do the winds. not seeing the 40, 50, 60-mile-an-hour winds we saw during the day and evening yesterday. right now those winds down to 25 miles per hour in gaithersburg. 22 in d.c.
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this is much more manageable than where it's been. it still gives us the windchill. look at the windchill. 28 in gaithersburg. 30 in baltimore. 36 in annapolis. 39 in manassas. temperatures will continue to drop. a cold start to your tuesday. i have the updated forecast and the latest on your thanksgiving holiday forecast. i'll see you back here in 15 minutes. dry conditions and high winds are proving to be a dangerous combination in prince george's county. live now with the warning from fire officials tonight and what it could mean for you. here's bureau chief tracee wilkins. >> reporter: high winds we've been dealing with, dryness we've been dealing with, it's important that our fire officials remind people of just how dangerous this all can be. >> we all got out. tried to find other extinguishers but at that time
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morning, fire went through this home. >> i'm just trying to process right now and making sure my mom is okay. >> reporter: the family's discarded fireplace ashes reignited in the high winds. >> we've seen fires start several days after someone thought they were cold enough to put outside or into the trash and with these type of winds, it doesn't take much to get them hot again and ignite a fire. >> it's very dry out. w measurable rain in a long period of time. we have a lot of wind, which is going to be -- they're going to fan the flames so to speak. >> reporter: on saturday, a brush fire in laurel off gunpowder road quickly spread propelled by high winds. >> utility line blew down and started a brush fire and that brush fire threatened two homes. >> reporter: it's a reminder of just how quickly things can
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conditions just as they did this morning. >> this is all material stuff. i have my wife. i have my child. that's the best part of it. >> reporter: we're standing here on the other side of the field where that fire happened and you can see just how dry this area is here. again, prince george's county officials say that it's very important that folks be careful with any fire getting rid of your fireplace ashes a coming up on "news4 at 6:00," tips on how to stay safe. back to you. d.c. water is telling us that everything is back to normal this evening after reports of a water main break along connecticut avenue. they say they got reports that water was in one of its vaults so they shut off the water in the area to 50 buildings in northwest but after they did, didn't find any kind of break, they restored the service this
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already, it's the perfect time to download our nbc washington app. you can set weather as your homepage and we will be sending you breaking news alerts about water main breaks, fires, and the potential impact. i'm chris lawrence here at the live desk in breaking news out of japan. the u.s. geological survey downgraded tonight's earthquake from 7.3 magnitude to 6.9. now, there's still some worries about a news4's doug kammerer, he says that folks in that area are starting to see waves of about 4 to 5 feet at this point. it hit near fukushima north of tokyo and there are warnings going out for folks to evacuate the area. remember, this is the same region that was hit by that devastating earthquake about five years ago. nearly 20,000 people died in that earthquake and it spawned a
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concerns over massive radiation leaks in the area. good news is because of that disaster, all nuclear plants on the coast that were threatened by the tsunami were shut down in the wake of that disaster. only two reactors operating in japan. both of them nowhere near where this has happened. again, tsunami warnings going out. seeing waves of 4 to 5 feet. we'll keep on top of this story and bring you the very latest. i'm chris lawrence. back to you, jim and wendy. ahead of schedule is how transition team is describing the process of choosing potential cabinet members. today trump held another series of interviews at trump tower. among the meeting, former texas governor and primary rival rick perry. oklahoma governor mary fallon and hawaii congresswoman, a democratic that backed bernie sanders. >> not everyone who has been interviewing with him and giving him advice and sharing their experiences and their vision for
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federal government, but they all are incredibly important in offering their points of view. >> the meetings at trump tower come amid scrutiny over trump's business ventures and potential conflicts of interest. "the washington post" reports today that foreign diplomats have begun booking at trump's new d.c. hotel. one suggesting to the "post" it could be a friendly gesture to the new president. 15 maryland state beltway in the last 11 months. the latest happened on sunday evening in prince george's county and that driver is suspected of drunk driving. news4's megan fitzgerald live at rockville barracks with this. >> reporter: this is the most dangerous year for troopers in recent history. look at the cars behind me. what you're looking at are some of those vehicles that were involved in these crashes since january just here in the
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troopers rather, survived but it's possible some of them may never wear that uniform again. >> this is a very dangerous job. everybody knows that. >> reporter: law enforcement officers know the risks when they take the oath but some of the dangers they face can be avoided. >> i can just encourage people to be more attentive when they're driving. don't drive distracted. >> reporter: it's the latest plea after the 15th uniform officer was struck while the latest happened sunday evening while the trooper was monitoring traffic along 495 near route 5 in prince george's county. >> while he's sitting there, you see the car northbound. it goes off the roadway and strikes the front of his vehicle in the right front corner panel. >> reporter: the driver was arrested and charged with dui while the trooper was taken to the hospital. he's expected to be okay but that's not the case for
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vehicles being struck. out of that 15, four troopers are now out of work. some with severe injuries. some will return but unknown day. >> reporter: this is what's left of some of the vehicles these troopers were driving. some so badly damaged it's hard to imagine the trooper survived but he hopes the vehicles serve as a reminder of why it's so important to pay attention on the roadway. >> we approach it. we know the dangers. we do the job. we're here to serve the >> reporter: the driver who hit that trooper yesterday evening was identified as 43-year-old christopher howard. he's facing a long list of charges including dui. troopers want to remind people it's the law to move over when you see emergency lights on the side of the road. if you can't, you have to slow down. coming up at 6:00, you'll hear from a trooper who has been hit twice on two different occasions right there on 495. back to you. >> all right. thank you. a lot of you ready to hit the roads for the thanksgiving
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to make your trip easier. after more than ten years away, d.c.'s own dave chappelle headed back to the small screen. and breakthrough for treatment and prevention of hiv. >> we're working to help feed local families this thanksgiving. call our volunteers with barbara harrison sitting there. you can call she's waiting for you. >> a story that everybody is talking about. the cast of "hamilton" responds to a donald trump tweet demanding an apology.
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only fios can. you're ready to hit the road? busiest travel time of the year and there are ways to get around it. we checked in with adam tuss on the best time to hit the road if you are trying to get out of here this week. >> reporter: it is not now. look at the traffic on 395 right now. it is brutal. it's usually rough this time of
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shifted their overall thought pattern about thanksgiving travel, and they just try to leave earlier and earlier. a lot of people probably out here thinking that today is a good day to leave. right now it certainly is a rough time out here on a lot of roads. one thing that people certainly do is they shift to tuesday. we've seen that for so many years. the day before thanksgiving was bad but now it's tuesday and maybe even some people because traffic is so bad earlier. best thing to do off peak times if you can even traveling on thanksgiving day if you can. i guarantee you you'll get their faster if you do those kind of things. >> i'm flying out thanksgiving morning. what if you are flying this week? i mean, you know, other than thanksgiving morning, what do you do? >> reporter: so flying is a little tricky obviously because this whole week is going to be busy. coming back on sunday will be
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on sunday. here's a tip. maybe you haven't booked your flight yet. one of those last-second people. look to alternate airports. for example, in chicago, not necessarily o'hare but midway. even milwaukee airport, which is not that far away. something along those lines. if you haven't even explored the idea of tsa precheck yet, you need to. tsa says it stepped up some efforts but of course they have to also staff those precheck lines to do all of those things >> sounds like adam's microphone is trying to get out of town. thanks, adam. a major transportation project coming to maryland. the state board has voted to build a bridge over the potomac river that connects king george and charles counties to replace the ageing bridge. the new bridge will be twice as big and cost $765 million. there will also be bike and pedestrian access. construction would begin in 2020
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to traffic in 2023. drivers have been using the current bridge for nearly eight decades. there is a promising breakthrough in the fight against hiv. researchers at the national institutes of health isolated an ante antibody from an hiv patient. they're calling it n-6. they believe it could unlock the prevention tools for hiv. coming soon, a 3-d version of unborn babies. doctors from brazil combined virtual reality with 3-d imaging to give doctors and parents a better visual of the umbilical cord, placenta and fetus. experts say it will help assess abnormaliies that can occur in the respiratory track.
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airway. amazing. nbc 4 wants to make sure every family in our area has something to eat this thanksgiving. >> it's been a big day. two days in fact. we're holding our food for families drive. pat lawson muse has been working hard before the sun came up you've been down there. you've got a chilly one too. >> it's cold now with the sundown. >> reporter: but you know what? it's been a fantastic day for food for families here at verizon center. our volunteers are still hard at we're going to start winding down, but we're not stopping yet. we'll be here until 7:00 tonight, so there is still time to donate to food for families. i want to introduce you to matt green. co-founder of the district running collective. you held a 4k run for food for families last weekend at the capital river front in southwest washington. >> yes, ma'am. an amazing day. we had about 50 people come out
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for families with nbc 4's amazing run and experience for our runners here in d.c. >> reporter: your effort goes a long way. we thank you very much. we have radio one working with us this year. they've been with us since early this morning and earlier today rapper stopped by to say hello and make a donation. >> every little bit counts. when you see a toy drive, food up, you know? >> reporter: it takes a lot of effort. we've got so many friends. we're so grateful to all of you who have donated. you still have time. make your donation by calling 202-885-4949 and learn all of the ways to donate and donate by credit card at been a great day. a long day. we're so grateful and thankful for all of those that lent a
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>> they never let us down. year after year. >> reporter: never let us down. >> thanks so much to everybody. especially to you, pat. we're continuing to keep a close eye on those falling temps around our region. doug is coming back with a look at how low those windchills will fall tonight. if this isn't a why i ought of moment, i don't know what it is. a woman charged by a mechanic for repairs he never made.
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a little bit of a cool day today if not a cold day today. very cold afternoon. high temperatures in the low to mid 40s. upper 40s in some other locations. temperatures out there right now sitting at 43 degrees. i have to lower these numbers if we're at 43. we'll be lower than this right on thro degrees by 7:00. just drop these a little bit. maybe 35 by 11:00. it's going to be a cold night tonight and the wind continues as well. 25-mile-an-hour in leesburg. no more 40, 50-mile-an-hour winds like we saw yesterday and earlier today. winds dying a little bit but we'll stay breezy and the windchill is going to be a major factor. look at the windchill right now. 25 in winchester.
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shore. a cold afternoon. no rain. not going to see rain or snow because it was fall right now. we did see a couple snowflakes around the montgomery county area and especially back toward the west and mountains picking up a dusting back there. speaking of snow, look at what's happening to the north. the snow machine is on. the lake-effect snow machine that is. warnings are posted up there lake-effect snow warnings posted. some locations picking up 2 to 3 feet of snow. like the syracuse area just south of burlington toward vermont to the east of the buffalo region and even snow into parts of the poconos. now, feels-like temperatures overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. look at the numbers here. 27 in d.c. 17 manassas. 19 in gaithersburg. that's at 11:00 tonight. how about tomorrow morning? down to 16 in manassas. 19 in martinsburg. a cold one for sure waking up tomorrow you'll definitely need
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better. only in the 30s across much of the region. so high temperatures tomorrow won't feel like this. it will get up to 49. mostly sunny. breezy. very cold as you move on through your day today and the next ten days, we stay on the cool side. average high temperature into the mid 50s. we'll be in the low 50s wednesday, thursday and friday. speaking of, thanksgiving maybe some early showers on thanksgiving day. i still think it's going to be a nice afternoon. 53. plenty of clouds. a few sprinkles early but not too bad and if relative's house, not looking bad at all. this weekend definitely on the cool side but not bad. a nice weekend. 52 on saturday. 54 on sunday before a chance of a possible storm. this is something we'll have to watch for late next week. sorry about my guys. i went to the capitals game yesterday and redskins game last night. sorry. almost gone. >> you cheered them to victory so that worked. >> that worked. it was a good loss for your
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d.c. alleys getting a fixup. a program that will repair alleys in all eight wards. and dave chappelle making his way to the small screen for the first time in a decade. what you can expect to see in
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right now at 5:30. new powerful earthquake rattled the coast. tsunami warnings issued after a magnitude 6.9 quake hits near fukushima prefecture. that's the home of the nuclear power plant destroyed by that tsunami after an earthquake in 2011. closer to home, a story you'll see only on 4. a new push to change the rules of the road. maryland legislators are
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law to reduce the speed limits near every school in montgomery county. they will drop from 25 miles an hour to just 15 miles an hour. scott joins us now from bethesda with details. scott? >> reporter: great place to show you the impact of this new law if passed. we're at the intersection with river road. if the law is passed, the speed limit could be dropped to as low as 15 miles an hour here. too low a speed limit for a state highway. to be clear this would impact huge swaths of area far from school buildings themselves. christina morris ward was on her way to seneca valley high school four years ago last month when she was hit and killed. her mother says she remembers the tragedy as if it were yesterday. >> i saw my daughter laying in that hospital bed.
5:31 pm
i said it's the last time i will see her. i'm going to touch her. >> reporter: the driver was not cited. a review of records shows that christina is one of 34 school-aged pedestrians hit near schools since 2011 and they are considering new rules of the road in the county in which so many huge schools sit along huge busy streets. new legislation said to be speed limit to 15 miles per hour within every mile of a elementary school, 1.5 miles near a middle school and 2 miles near high school. it could make walking safer for the kids but would be a challenge on the busy state highways next to which so many schools sit. >> it's certainly a challenge for us and certainly something we don't want to impede the efficient flow of traffic and so there has to be a fine balance.
5:32 pm
must approve the new limits but christina's mother is already a supporter of the change. >> there's no need for everyone to rush -- if you think you need to rush, you might need to leave home a little earlier, you know, to get there on time. >> reporter: montgomery county police captain says these new speed limits, 15-mile-per-hour speed limit would be highway where it won't change. you'll have a chance to weigh in on the proposal on "news4 at 6:00." an update now on a project in the district. it's meant to make your drive smoother even when you're off major roads. those are the soothing sounds of d.c.'s alley palooza campaign. the accelerated project has
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targeting more alleys in all eight wards. >> there will be a lot of things in a city like ours that we have to invest in. we have to be smart about it. the roads, alleys, sidewalks, and street lights are the first things that you see when you walk out your door. >> we're not sure how this is going to make your drive smoother. this is the fourth version since last year. each campaign has cost about 10 million. the mayor said still no signs of a fisherman who disappeared during an accident on the potomac. they returned to the area near st. mary's county today. over the weekend a boat with four people onboard sank. rescue crews managed to pluck one of the men out. they recovered the bodies of two others. all of the men had life jackets but bad weather complicated rescue efforts.
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killed 46-year-old gregory miles of capital heights. this happened around 9:00 last night on deerfield road here in laurel. detectives don't believe the shooting was random. if you know anything, you're urged to call police. two weeks past the presidential election and there's already new focus on next november and the race for governor in virginia. republican ed gillespie says he formed an official gubernatorial committee and is former chair of party. in 2014, he unsuccessfully challenged mark warner for a u.s. senate seat. 165 people are starting new lives as americans. they took their oath of allegiance today. the secretary of the army was there to welcome them. mark segraves wanted to make sure new citizens felt welcome after this past election cycle.
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it feels great to be an american. >> reporter: today was a dream come true. >> i wanted to be part of america. finally be able to have the right to vote and just my voice to be heard. >> reporter: she was one of 165 new citizens from more than 40 countries to take the oath. on hand to welcome them, the secretary of the army. in diversity. this is who we are and what makes us strong. for many immigrants and their children, for citizens and noncitizens alike, these are anxious times. >> reporter: while secretary fanning never mentioned president-elect trump or the presidential campaign, he told news4 afterwards his comments were a reflection of the campaign. >> i think that the debate we find ourselves in now has some people questioning whether they are welcome in this country. i wanted to come out today and
5:36 pm
really appreciate what they've gone through. >> reporter: she's looking forward to living out that american dream now with her husband who was born a u.s. citizen and tried to help her study for her citizenship test. >> she actually helped me. she taught me some things. >> i think i knew more stuff than he actually knows about america. >> reporter: in alexandria with 165 new americans, mark segraves, news4. >> i've always wondered how many of us who were born here could it. >> we need a refresher course i'm sure. >> president-elect trump didn't receive much support from voters in the district. >> but his election may have a significant impact on an issue affecting the washington redskins. why some say it may be easier to lure them back to d.c. food for families. we're collecting donations for local families this thanksgiving. call our volunteers. 202-885-4949 or you can text
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tomorrow we're preparing you for the biggest travel day in a decade. >> nobody gets you through it like "news4 today." >> team traffic is working for you with the best times to hit the road no matter where you
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thanksgiving food drive. >> we are down at the phone booth collecting donations right now. pat lawson muse, the trooper of the day, has been there all day. lots of folks have been coming down including some pretty big names. >> reporter: absolutely. you know what? we've got some wizard girls here. they just shown up. thank you so much for coming. i saw you emptying your bag. you brought donations. >> we brought donations and th our community for the holiday season. >> we're lucky that we're an organization that lets us be active in our community and be public figures so the least we can do is give back today. >> reporter: we're so happy to see you. thank you. we should mention there's a wizard game coming up in a couple hours. bring a can or a boxed food item if you're coming to the game. listen. nbc 4 started food for families
5:41 pm
needy families at thanksgiving, and we did that because of a woman who retired this year. our former community affairs director. come on over if you can get by the people. this is a very first year that we've done food for families without her. >> is that what you're doing down here? that's why these people are coming and bringing food and why you've been out here all day. food for families. >> reporter: it's strange to do this without you. >> it was never about a person. it's a movement to feed the hungry. you know what? the one thing i do miss is being all day with you. i mean, in the rain, the sleet, the snow. we were always out here together. i'm so grateful to god that you continue to do the great work that's necessary for our community. >> reporter: i'm so glad to see you. >> let me give you a hug. >> reporter: we've been invoking
5:42 pm
so good to see you. enjoy your retirement. there's still time to give. you can donate by calling our phone bank. it's going to be up until 7:00 this evening. 202-885-4949. you can always donate at please give and put happy in thanksgiving for needy families in our area. back to you in the studio. >> she's rocking that red hat. >> please give her a hug for us. it's wonderful to see her. millions in a suit over the epipen but some on capitol hill still have questions why the manufacturer of the live streaming device won't be there to answer them. a woman charged by a
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>>. >> nbc 4 responds to transition trouble for a virginia woman. a single mother of two says her mechanic charged her for service and then she found out later it was never done. she turned to consumer reporter susan hogan to get her money back. >> imagine her surprise with her car broke down for the second time she discovered something so
5:46 pm
this business. kim is so angry. >> who would do something so awful? >> reporter: this single mom doesn't have money to spare so when a mechanic told her she would need a transmission, he offered to replace it with a used one to save cash. >> he said i'll charge you 1,600. >> reporter: a week later she got her car back. days later her >> i had to pull over on my way to tysons because it stopped completely. >> reporter: guess what else stopped completely? >> he stopped taking my calls. >> reporter: the mechanic nowhere to be found. she called another mechanic and what he found left this mom fuming. >> i want to let you know this has not been changed. nothing has been changed. it has not moved.
5:47 pm
her original broken transmission was never removed. the screw, the markings, the serial numbers, all original to the van. >> he confronted him. >> reporter: kimann says the owner of the shop admitted her transmission was never removed and fired two employees because of it. he promised to refund her the full $1,600 and even put it in writing. he paid her $800 right away but the other half -- >> he said come back this friday. i'll give you he stopped taking my calls. >> reporter: that's when kimann called nbc 4 responds. >> when i saw how much you were helping people, i said this lady is just awesome. i have to, you know, reach out. >> reporter: after numerous unsuccessful attempts to contact the owner by phone, we went to his shop in fredericksburg but the sign removed. the doors locked, the garage empty. this is susan hogan calling from
5:48 pm
you still owe her $800. i'm looking at a signed note that you had written. the owner told us that he closed his business because he got injured on the job but promised kimann would get her money within a week. >> it's rough riding. you think it's going to cut out at any minute. >> reporter: money she desperately needs so she can feel safe driving again. the owner of that shop told us he's actually taking the two employees to court wins he'll pay her back. jim? >> good to have you on her side. thank you so much. congress has called a hearing on the massive epipen settlement but the makers of epipen will not testify at next week's hearing. officials from the justice
5:49 pm
the justice department hasn't agreed to a payment yet. the price of epipens skyrocketed to $600 since '07. redskins fans still pumped after that huge win over the packers last night. all the chatter today though about what quarterback kirk cousins did after the game. we get more from redskins park. >> how do you like me now? how do you >> reporter: the postgame greeting. questions demand heard. kirk cousins fired up with general manager after a big prime time win over the packers. cousins is playing as well as any quarterback right now including three touchdown passes against green bay. so many questions about kirk's future but more immediately there's little time to
5:50 pm
matchup with the cowboys who have won nine straight. in an especially tough week for the linebacker whose mother is a huge dallas fan. a recipe for a potentially awkward turkey day dinner. >> i'm not talking to her. i don't want food. if we win, i'll be all over her. she's called me about the game. she knows the rules. >> reporter: you know she gave birth to you, right? >> does she know she gave birth not the cowboys. i'm her baby boy. man. >> reporter: as her baby boy made it clear only he can bust on his mother for being a cowboys fan. coming up on "news4 at 6:00," chris, do you think there's any extra meaning between the how do you like me now exchange?
5:51 pm
most prominent swimmers on the planet. she's up for female athlete of the year. ledecky wrapped up five medals in rio at stanford for her freshman year. >> i have three great roommates and awesome classes and i'm enjoying it a lot. >> what are you studying? >> i'm not sure what i'm going to major in yet. still figuring out. nice thing about stanford is there are great and different ways i can go and just going to use my all those. >> it hasn't been a regular experience for her. she's already broken three ncaa records including the 1650 which amounts to swimming a mile. katie shattered it by 20 seconds. >> she just keeps getting better and better. and it's return to the small screen for another local celebrity. fresh off hosting "snl," dave chappelle is set to have three new standup comedy specials for netflix set to debut next year.
5:52 pm
chappelle, who grew up in our area, hasn't had any major projects since leaving his sketch comedy series chappelle show back in 2005. we've had withdraw. we miss him. >> his "snl" monologue that night was -- boy, he's still got it. >> he does indeed. >> how about this cold? we still got it? >> we do and do you want it? i didn't think so. it's dropping fast once the plummeted but the winds have diminished a lot. a live view from our tower camera. everything all lit up now and it's pitch dark here we are just approaching 6:00 and i'm still not used to these early sunsets. we had a sunset today at 4:50. as we look at our hour by hour temperatures in the evening for
5:53 pm
near 30 degrees by midnight tonight and all of the way down into the 20s tomorrow morning. here's what to wear. you need a warm coat. warm footwear. thermal socks. i highly recommend. also gloves and have a hat. you'll need that definitely tonight and again waiting at the bus stop and for the metro tomorrow morning you'll be happy you did. look at our latest wind gusts down under generally 25 miles an hour now. things are diminish. m hour. by dawn tomorrow, we'll be down into the 20s. many of the rural areas of maryland and virginia and nearby suburbs near freezing and right downtown it should be in the low 30s, mid 30s around the chesapeake bay tomorrow morning. snow showers, lake-effect snow across upstate new york into northern new england. traveling that way, maybe some travel delays and for the commute here locally tomorrow morning, we'll just be cold and dry with lots of sunshine and by noontime for your lunch hour, we'll be in the mid 40s hitting
5:54 pm
as we get into wednesday morning, we'll have our temperatures down into the low 30s and then near 50 on wednesday afternoon and partly cloudy. and then as we get into thanksgiving day, we may get some rain showers in the morning and then in the afternoon some sunshine back with highs low 50s. dry pattern continuing into the weekend. highs in the 50s and another chance of showers perhaps monday and into next week a couple more
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check out school new sculptures at the building museum. they are all made out of something you can find in your pantry. canned food. the exhibit is called construction. architects from around d.c. built the sculptures yesterday. you can vote for your favorite creation by donating a can of food to the museum. tend of the week all of the cans will be donated to the capital ea president-elect donald trump received 4% of the vote in the district but his election could be good news for local sports fans. >> that's right. some city leaders say that mr. trump could make it easier for the washington's redskins to come back to town and build a new stadium. news 4's tom sherwood has our story. >> reporter: old rfk barely used these days. the soccer team is leaving in 2018. now redskins supporters say president-elect trump is likely
5:58 pm
administration's position on rfk, that the skins can't return to rfk's federal land unless the team name is changed. >> i think in the new administration headed up by donald trump that the idea that the name, the redskins name, would be an impediment to building a new stadium over where rfk currently exists would go away. >> reporter: they are competing behind the scenes with maryland and virginia to get the team to pay for d at rfk. >> our interest is the same. we think rfk makes the most sense for our team. i have no doubt that we can come to terms. >> reporter: not everyone agrees. david groso stands by his resolution opposing the name. i do not think they should return unless they change their name but i don't want a football stadium in the city. it's a waste of space.
5:59 pm
aren't offended by the name and longtime team fans excited about the win sunday night and facing dallas thursday night say they want a new rfk too. >> i'm a redskins fan. whole hearted redskins fan. i certainly would like to see him bring the redskins back to town. >> the team's fedex field lease expires in 2026. tom sherwood, news4. we begin tonight with presidential transition process. today at trump tower, another parade of donald trump's possible cabinet picks. >> including a former political rival who once spoke very harshly of the man who is now the president-elect. >> he offers a barking carnival act that can best be described as trumpism. >> but now former texas governor
6:00 pm
secretary of defense and nbc news director of national intelligence. ryan moore is on capital hill with the latest. >> reporter: the transition team says president-elect trump is ahead of the pace by his predecessors but he's not going to rush to fill his cabinet. the cabinet candidates parading through trump tower are sli president-elect. >> i'm not competing with anybody. i think i'm the best person. there's some tremendous people out there. >> reporter: scott brown wants to run veterans fairs. mary was a little more low key. >> i wasn't offered a position. it was just an initial meeting to discuss a wide range of topics. >> reporter: a bernie backer said her sit down focused on syria but also interviewed rick


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