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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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now at 11:00, a school bus loaded with children ripped apart, a community devastated. >> absolute worst nightmare. >> now a team from washington is going to investigate.
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controversy. homes consumed by fire in minutes. >> we can't get there in time. >> firefighters worry it's happening more often. >> you might not be able to get out. >> the news 4 iteam getting answer about materials on the side of your house and whether they speed up or slow down the flames. news 4 at 11:00 begins with breaking news. good evening, first, four people involved in what police tonight. now we know two of them are dead. >> we are working to find out who those drivers are and what exactly happened. and they are at the scene on ear park road. there's new information for us. >> good evening, this was a very bad crash. there were four vehicles involve involved. two people died, two survived. an accident reconstruction team is bind me now and trying to determine what exactly caused
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tonight, montgomery county police say at 8:00, a police headed southbound on air park road against the double parked line on a car going northbound. the southbound driver ejected and died on the scene, a driver he hit also died. a fourth car involved, that driver okay. the other surviving driver is also okay. medics did not transport anyone to the hospital. police are trying to figure out why the driver back out live, police have not relesioned the the names of the people involved. they are still processing the scene. news 4. we just learned that the ntsb is dispatching a go team to investigate a deadly school bus crash in tennessee. six children were killed on a clear, dry afternoon.
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>> here's what it looks like tonight in chattanooga where detectives are trying to pull whatever evidence they can from the school bus and the road traveled. it flipped on its side and wrapped around a tree in the front yard. 35 students on board from kindergarten to 5th graders, five died at the site, and one more at the hop. desperate parents ran to the elementary school, and while some students were able to walk away, 23 others had to be rushed to the h the informational box on the school bus and to review the video on the school bus. >> some of the answers could come from the actual school bus driver who survived the crash. detectives said the driver is cooperating and being questioned right now. >> thank you, chris. new tonight, a restaurant that's apologizing for hosting the national policy institute for dinner last friday.
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organization made a last minute reservation under a different name. they started to figure out what was going on when protesters gathered outside the restaurant on wisconsin avenue here inside some members of the group posed for pictures while making the nazi salute. as part of the apology, the restaurant donated friday profits, $10,000, to the antidefamation league. there's a $10,000 reward if you can help polii of a vietnam veteran and donald trump supporter. thomas found a swastika painted on the door of his home in silver spring this weekend and told police he had a trump campaign sign taken from the lawn, eggs thrown at the house, and american flag stolen from his front yard. police think all the incidents are related. turning now to the weather outside, and we've got another cold one out there, folks. >> oh, it is cold.
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have died down a little. what's overnight? >> in some places it died down, and other places, the wind continues, but not the 40 to 50 miles per hour yesterday, but gusting 20 to 30 miles per hour. look at the latest numbers here, and these are the gusts. currently 35 miles per hour winds over in winchester, 25 d.c., 25 in canton springs so it is a cold evening across our region. you add in the win with the that's the windchill. winchester feels like 19, and we only go down from here. we'll talk about what to expect tomorrow and i've got the thanksgiving day forecast. >> thank you, doug. breaking news in the search for a new d.c. public school chancellor. tom sherwood and mark seagrave confirm they'll announce a pick
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wilson in california. the oakland school's website says wilson was hired there just last year. he's also worked in various education roles in denver, wichita, kansas, lincoln, nebraska, and raleigh, north carolina. sources tell news 4 wilson was selected in part for his success in raising achievement scores. again, the official announcement coming tomorrow. this is the man police say n tonight, he faces capital murder charges. san antonio police say he shot detective benjamin marconi twice in the head and called it an ambush. no word yet on a motive. new pleas from a family waiting months for investigators to find their son's killerment seth rich was a staffer for the democratic national committee. police believe he was shot in a robbery back in july.
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his old bloomingdale neighborhood over the weekend and hope their persistent efforts spark new leads in the case. >> he was a young man that was here to help people, and now i need your help, please. we don't know enough. we don't know enough about what happened. >> reporter: seth rich's parents squashed rumors today that their son, jeff, was part of a political conspiracy. there's now a $125,000 reward for anyo close this case. a sobering reality in virginia today where the governor declared the opioid crisis of public health emergency, and the state health commissioner wrote a blanket prescription for the entire state. as news 4 explains now, anyone can buy the drug that can stop an overdose. >> this issue is especially important to me because in 2013, my little brother who was 21
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i'm the one who came home and found her. >> reporter: the loss of her dear brother, chris, spurred the family into creating a foundation in his name. she emphatically agrees with the governor's generation addiction prescription and illegal form, is a public health crisis in virginia. they showed news 4 the various overdose drugs used in an educational speech, a for the entire state allowing all virginians to obtain the anti-overdose drug in drugstores. >> for instance, grandma had a hip replacement, taking the painkiller as prescribed, but the memory is not what it used to be, takes a second dose, and that's going to increase her respiratory rate sometimes to fatal consequence. >> reporter: virginia's health
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increase in drug overdoses in the first six months of this year compared to 2015. new at 11:00 tonight, rapper kanye west under observation in los angeles hospital after he abruptly cancelled the rest of his tour earlier today. a week of bizarre incidents where he interrupted a string of his concerts with rants about jay z and beyonce and walked off stage before finishing oneho him when he said he didn't vote, but if he did, he would have supported donald trump. sources say west is being hospitalized for his own health and safety. metro train operators say they are not getting proper training to operate the system's new state of the art trains. sources tell news 4 the computer screens in those 7,000 series rail cars are delivering messages to train operators don't understand.
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metro says hundreds of operators took courses on the new trains, but they admit there's a learning curve. first on 4, maryland lawmakers consider a new law now to reduce the speed limit to 15 miles per hour in the neighborhoods near montgomery county schools. county records obtained by news 4 show at least 7 school age pedestrians hit by cars near montgomery county schools each year since 2009. a public hearing on the proposal for the second time this month, a driver plowed into a maryland state trooper on the beltway. since january, 15 maryland troopers have been hit while working on 495. the latest incident happened sunday just north of route 5. the trooper was in his car when christopher howard slammed into it. howard charged with dui. the trooper is expected to be okay. next at 11:00, local fire
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home. it started outside. >> tonight, the iteam wants to know are the materials on your home helping flames spread faster? >> you can have a fire developing over the top of the ceiling and not realize it's there until the ceiling drops down. >> what we found when experts put materia ? think of your fellow man. ? ? lend him a helping hand. ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ? take a good look around... ? ? ...and if you're lookin' down, ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ?put a little love in your heart.? ? in your heart. ?
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what sidesing is on the outside of the house? probably never thought about that much before, but fire experts say it could make a huge difference in how quickly a fire
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tonight, the news 4 iteam shows you why a growing number of fire chiefs from our region say they are tackling the type of fire that spreads so quickly they worry they can't get there until it's too late. >> what's your emergency? >> reporter: it's a fire. a cigarette on the back deck lit a flame that spread so quickly -- >> heavy fire. >> reporter: the fire was already in the attic to arrive. firefighters raced inside. >> may day, may day! >> reporter: within minutes, the fire flashed over the whole floor trapping them on the second story. >> all units evacuate the building immediately. >> you might not be able to get out because of how materials burn. >> reporter: four fight fighters survived, but were badly burped that day. he is worried fires are common
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modern day insulation. >> we can't get there fast enough. >> reporter: picture after picture of recent external fires in virginia that involve homes in vinyl siding and energy efficient insulation. >> go to flashover in as little as ten minutes. >> reporter: steve, an underwriter laboratories conducted a two-year million dollar study of all the siding and insulation used in modern day construction to see how long it would take a small outdoor or cigarette to turn into a dangerous attic fire. >> typically there's not sprinklers in the attic space so a fire develops over the ceiling and not realize it's there until the ceiling drops down. >> reporter: brick, stone, and stucco don't catch fire, but the fire near cedar shingles and hardy board reach an attic in 20 minutes, but a fire next to
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less than 11 minutes. >> starts melting, expoing the foam behind it. >> reporter: while the combination of vinyl siding and half inch foam board became a fully engulfed attic fire in their study in just one minute and 51 seconds, less than the amount of time than watching this story. >> vinyl siding does not contribute to the rapid spread of fires. >> reporter: she's the president of the vinyl siding institute and says it's >> the ul research product is a flawed study, and at least six trade associations including the national association of home builders have expressed concerns to ul about the methodology, some bad science, unrealistic conditions included in the study. >> reporter: they use plywood not used in most home construction, and unrealistic scenarios like a high energy
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pushed directly up against a house. what about the idea, though, that vinyl siding melts. is that true? >> it does melt at certain temperatures. it will actually melt and fall away even before it ignites. >> reporter: eps industry aluns represents company producing foam board and are aware of very few residential fires involving the foam insulation, and when properly installed and used of code applications, this is safe material. the eps tells us that the ul report is a self-proclaimed research project representing nonstandardized tests to help firefighters understand unique scenarios, but welcomes the opportunity to work with ul to identify appropriate test protocols for insulation. ul developed many of the safety tests building materials months past before they are allowed to
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he says they stand by their study hoping it will help firefighters develop new techniques to battle these blazes. >> what they're arriving to today is different than what it was in the past. >> reporter: the vinyl siding industry says less than 4% of fires start outside the home, but fire experts say it is critical you never put a grill near your home and keep mulch and other flammable materials a foot and a half away from the side of your house. no matter what type of you use. and you can see video of all the tests showed in the story by going to our nbc washington app and tap on investigations. cold and windy out there today, and tonight and more of the same tomorrow? >> yeah. you know how i hate wearing coats to work. >> yeah, i noticed. >> yeah, i made a mistake. >> thought you could tough it out. >> i thought i could tough it out. i went to dinner, boy, and it is cold, just cold out there.
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>> somebody offered me a coat. what's going on right now, it is extremely cold. it really is for this time of year. temperatures right now already below freezing in many areas, and right now, at 37 degrees. look at the wind northwest at 16 miles per hour. the wind has been gusting over the last 24 to 48 hours, and right now, winds gust 25 in d.c., and 31 in winchester, so the wind is still out there. it's not everywhere, and where we had more remember, that's where they are the coldest. this is the actual temperature. 24. there's no wind out there. 19 feels like temperature, and winchester, feels like 28 in d.c. yeah. winter definitely feeling like it's here, and that's the way we'll wake up tomorrow morning, too, cold numbers. no rain, not seeing any chance of the umbrella. the snow up to parts of new
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four feet of snow. yeah. that's the lake effect snow machine going up towards that area. just north of syracuse some of the heaviest amounts of snow. for us, it's bout the cold. no snow here, a few flakes yesterday in places. tonight, it's the cold. tomorrow morning. look at the wind chill tomorrow morning, 25 d.c., 17 in manessa. extremely cold. look what happens tomorrow afternoon. we're only inhe tomorrow, so, yes, definitely a cold day on your tuesday too. stepping out the front door, temperature tomorrow, 49 degrees, mostly sunny, breezy issue and cold for sure. good idea to wear the warm coat. wear the footwear, the gloves, the hat, whatever you have. i had it all on for the red skins game. it was fun. beautiful. if you, you know, watching a win last night, so anything's beautiful then. wednesday, 51 degrees, look at thursday, thanksgiving 53
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is thanksgiving, a few sprinkles early, but not too bad. yes, showers, but i do not think it affects your trip to grandmother's house. temperatures friday, 53, and look at the weekend, really nice. temperatures in the low 50s, 52 on sunday, and next week, though, watch as a potential storm system approaches, more closer that that as it approaches. >> can i borrow a coat? coming up, a huge wizards around the sun. >> sports next, but first, jimmy fallon.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
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a good night for the georgetown. >> they regrouped after tough losses here. you know after blowing a late game lead against maryland and following up that performance with a loss to arkansas state, you can understand why some to start the season. they seemed to motivated georgetown and today looking like a completely different team than what we saw last week. hawaii now, maui invitational. georgetown not happy after the loss to arkansas state. >> in hawaii? >> yeah, hawaii. >> nice. >> boys ready to play, too. showing off the jump start, and nice save there. a game high of 26 points, and up
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second half, they went on a 22-4 run. they were back in it. late in the game, georgetown trying to shut the door here, and campbell, nice bucket and one one. georgetown take down oregon, 65-51 the final. georgetown playing 16th ranked wisconsin tomorrow. taking on georgia in the cbe hall of fame classic, goingto on the drive, nice touch there. the running hook shot. and one. this game tied up at 68. he had 14 points in the game. back up, the bulldogs. the colonials came back.
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closest they got. 81-73 the final score. he's dressed like a turkey. wizard fans thankful for this guy. he had himself a nice drive here. off the glass. three point lead. later on in the quarter, gets it down low, swings to the hot hand, and a new career high, 42 points for bradley. we're tied at just over two minutes to go. on the breakdown, two, eric blood sew, playing volleyball there. bledsoe, three blocks on the game, muscles for the rebound, gets back to drop. how about jay wall to finish off the game. a minute to play, wizards with a one-point lead, knocking down the 17 footer scoring 18 points,
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wizards win this for a final score of 106-101, and after the back-to-back game scoring 30 points or more, one thing changed for bradley. >> my confidence, man. truly blessed, and i just want to take advantage of it, all the opportunities i got, just get better every game. >> juststay heal th no matter how the markets change... at t. rowe price...
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local families this thanksgiving. >> huge day. today alone, we collected 100 large really big boxes worth of food outside verizon center. they said it's the most they've seen, doing it for decades. the wizards and rapper wale
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jason sudeikis, kristin chenoweth,


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