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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  November 22, 2016 6:00am-6:59am EST

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thanksgiving day, cloudy, won't be cold. for today we're off, temperatures near freezing this morning. we should make it in the mid 40s by lunch time and into the upper 40s by later on this afternoon with plenty of sunshine today. your hometown highs 49 in washington, and arlington, 45 in gaithersburg today, 50 in luray, 50 culpepper and 44 in martingsburg, west virginia. back with a travel weather for around the country coming up at 6:11. for now time to go over to msa earlier the better. that is the key here. as we hit the holiday. inner and outer loop of the by the way everything is rolling along just nicely for this morning. a little slow typical slowdown, 270 southbound as you are headed into the germantown area. very normal. 270 at montrose once you get further down southbound through rockville looking good, nice and clear. 95, of course we're concerned about 95 in maryland and in virginia. going to see a lot of northbound
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there. brad is up in the air over 95 in virginia. brad, what are you seeing there? >> this traffic headed southbound on 95 is starting to build. i know it doesn't look like much right now but we're down here a lot and this is not typical volume on the southbound right side of the screen as you head south through quantico and all the way down into fredericksburg, starting to see that volume build. we will keep an eye on this all day and the coming days. back down to the >> thank you. we continue our team coverage of thanksgiving travel rush with news 4 justin fitch. >> live in bood woodbridge with the low gas prices and how you want to take advantage of them. justin, good morning. >> aaron, eun, good morning. so far the roads were clear on 95 south until we got to the woodbridge area and we did see some congestion in the area. i want to tell you, too, many americans are traveling by car
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million americans, more than a million from the d.c. area. as you mentioned perhaps bolstered by the lower gas prices averaging some six cents lower than thanksgiving last year. i want to show you some of the people we've seen at the pumps here so far. mostly workers, some cars coming in, coming out that look to be commercial rather personal family cars. we can tell you on the roads this holiday you will be seeing more state and local police. we'll have more on that coming at >> justin fitch in woodbridge for us thank you. 6:02. new this morning we're learning that while you were inside enjoying that thanksgiving dinner, someone may be outside trying to steal your car. the national crime bureau released new numbers. car thefts nationwide are up year to year. last year 1600 cars were stolen on thanksgiving. black friday is also becoming a big day for car stealing across the country.
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stores, thieves stole 2200 cars last black friday. 6:03. breaking news in northeast d.c. mollette green is live for us. what can you tell us? >> aaron, good morning. we just got here. the situation is very fluid. as you can see behind me, there is a large police presence and we have some new information that we have from the scene. sources telling me that a woman with burn injuries is at the hospital fightingti holbrooke street northeast. i'm standing on neil here. police have blocked off this entire section for this investigation. no confirmation from d.c. police as to how this happened or what exactly happened and what we are dealing with. we're staying here on the scene and we'll continue to dig for information and as soon as we get it we'll bring it right to you in a live report. a woman suffering critical burn
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of their investigation. back to you. >> all right. mollette, we will check back with you, thank you. we're following a developing story in montgomery county this morning. police have identified the two people killed in four-car crash last night in gaithersburg. 27-year-old steven diaz and 67-year-old george carey are the men who died. this happened just before 8:00 last night on airpark road. police say diaz was headed east when he crossed into the westbound lanes and hit two other cars including the one driven by carey. a fourth vehicle involved. this morning a maryland state trooper is recovering after a driver smashed into his car on 495. this is the second time a driver has hit a trooper on the by the way. on sunday christopher howard -- since january 15 maryland state troopers have been hit while working on the by the way. this man is facing five
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for the terrible school bus crash in tennessee. johnthony walker was behind the wheel of the bus when it flipped and hit a tree yesterday. you're looking at new video of the crash from overnight. more than 20 children were hurt in the crash and at least five children have died. >> we can't even begin to imagine how much worse it is for the families, the friends and loved ones of the victims. all of our hearts go out to them, thoughts and our prayers, and we are doing this for them. we now know an ntsb go team from d.c. is on its way to investigate today. investigators say they are looking at speed very, very strongly as a factor in this crash. the man accused of killing a veteran police officer in texas says he wants to apologize to that officer's family. 31-year-old otis mckane with was taken into custody monday afternoon in san antonio. you see in the video here. he told reporters that he was upset with the court system and
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benjamin marconi. the detective was shot as he sat in his cruiser after making a traffic stop on sunday. vice president-elect mike pence heads to new york to rejoin the transition team as president-elect donald trump promises a cabinet of, quote, patriots. his team released a video yesterday where he outlined his agenda for his first 100 days. >> as part of this plan i've asked my transition team to develop a list of executive actions we can take on day one to restore our laws and bring >> the video was created and drbtsds by the president-elect's transition team and it was not an event open to the press. trump is denying he's using the powers of his future office to benefit his business. as trump hires his team, one of the big questions now is will a huge wave of trump staffers move into the washington, d.c., area? our web team looked at the data and spoke to experts. to read the story and find out what impact a trump promised federal hiring freeze could
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d.c. seven minutes after the hour now. in virginia senator tim kaine is back to work in the senate. he returned after losing his bid for vice president. kaine says he is still surprised by the election results. >> we won virginia so handily and we won the popular vote. we'll probably win the popular vote by more than 2 million. to win the popular vote and virginia and lose that almost seems mathematically impossible, but i've lost at other things in life. you know, just not an energy on the same issues he had before, particularly military issues. metro's latest track surge will wrap up today on the red line and riders will get a short break over the thanksgiving holiday. but on monday, metro crews will start work on state track surge number 11 along the orange and silver lines. that will mean 24 days of single tracking between east falls church and west falls church.
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do these railcars and train operators have a problem communicating with one another? i'll explain what that means coming up. >> it is one of the most popular stories on the nbc washington app right now. the major plan for a new bridge to cross the potomac and how soon it could become a reality. plus you will feels the blast of cold as you step out the door. chuck is tracking your thanksgiving travel forecast and how soon you may have to plan for rain. stay with us. no matter how the markets change... at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor...
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you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. welcome back. upstate new york, wow, it just seems buried under snow right now. the lake-effect snow machine kicked in -- >> i just want you to know. >> cover your eyes. >> that lake-effect snow machine kicked into overdrive this week dumping feet of snow on that
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there with drifts reaching up to the roofs. snow is blanketing cars and making driving very difficult. the area is bracing for more snow before the week is over. >> el nino! >> my heart goes out to them. chuck bell, could you imagine if that was the scene here? >> that was the scene here back in january. remember? >> i'm trying to the to. >> oh, come on now. yeah. we've never had that kind of snow around here at thanksgiving. that big of a snow event for us about march. but not in november. our biggest november snowstorm on record, november 11th. veterans day of 1987 when we had 11.5 inches of snow. that's a lot. but nothing compared to upstate new york. what about your travel day today. sunshine early on. a couple extra clouds later. temperatures in the 40s today. if you're traveling getting out to the airports today unsettled weather from minneapolis to st. louis and kansas city and dallas for today. those rain chances move into the midwest for tomorrow and eventually move into our areas
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thanksgiving. so, a little bit of a sogginess around here for thanksgiving but no heavy rain and no washout. look at all the weather in the middle of the country. i will be posting the weather on our travel media platform. give me a like or follow me on-line. to melissa mollet. >> good morning. chopper 4 over this problem. take chapel road instead because of the tree and wires down. new crash outer loop a getting by. another northbound, bw parkway at 197 a crash reported there. inner and outer loop looking good on the by the way with the exception of the brand new problem. right now it is not impacting things too much this morning. 270 south is okay top of the by the way right now okay. not going to be okay for long there on the outer loop. 66 inbound, 95 north all right as well. listen to 103.5 when you hop your car. >> thank you.
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across the metro system but they're cause something confusion for some train operators. news 4 transportation reporter adam tuss tells us what the issue is. >> reporter: this is one of metro's brand new 7,000 series railcars. they're supposed to be state of the art. the problem is, they might be too state of the art. you see, train operators have been getting some commands that they're not familiar with and a metro source tells me that a command was given repeatedly operator didn't know what it meant he relayed it to central control and central control did not know what that command meant. so, there's a little bit of unfamiliarity with these railcars, even though they're out on the tracks all across the system. they sent us a statement saying since the 7 ks entered service we've developed additional troubleshooting techniques that are specific to the 7 ks. those lessons learned have developed into a new training module. still a source says some operators are rolling down the
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on the 7,000 series train, adam tuss, news 4. one of the personal connections between maryland and virginia is getting an upgrade. maryland transportation authority board approved a plan to replace the harry nice bring between charles county in maryland. the bridge will have four lanes of traffic and a pedestrian path and it will cost $765 million and should be completed by 2023. maggiano's thees friendship heights is apologizing for hosting a white nationalist group. members from the national policy institute had dinner there on friday. maggiano's says it was unaware of what the organization stood for until protesters gathered outside. the restaurant donated its earnings that night to the d.c. anti-defamation league. the same group was criticized for saying heil trump the national policy was criticized. during a conference on saturday.
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comments were meant to be exuberant and ironic. opioid addiction is a public health emergency in virginia according to state health officials who are working to fight the problem. the state now allows anyone to buy the drug naloxone without a prescription. the drug reverses the effects of an opioid overdose. a local woman says she wishes this was available when her brother overdosed. >> this issue is especially important to me because in 2 years old at the time, passed away from a heroin overdose and i'm the one that came home and found him. >> last year, 801 people died from heroin and prescription drug overdoses in 2012 that number was 541. more news for your health this morning, the allergens lurking in your kids schools may make asthma symptoms worse. researchers from boston
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in the northeast. the allergen levels for rats, cockroaches and does mites were low or undetectable. mouse allergens were common and associated with lower lung function and increased asthma symptoms. you will have to pay a little more to get that cup of starbucks. the coffee company has raised the prices on some cold beverages and bakery items. the hike is anywhere between 10 to 30 cents. some starbucks lovers are complaining about the increase on twitterof consumer product safety commission will have its annual thanksgiving cooking safety demonstration. the fire demos will include turkey fryers, stove topps and ovens. the commission says there's an average of 1300 kitchen fires on thanksgiving day every year. the demonstration will happen at the national product testing an evaluation center. >> we want to thank you for helpings us raise nearly $42,000 to feed local families this thanksgiving. >> pretty impressive.
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boxes of food outside the verizon center. news 4's pat lawson muse says it's the most she's ever seen in years of collecting these donations. john wahl of the wizards and rapper wale were among those who donated. there is still time to help out. you can head to the nbc washington app or to see how you can still donate. >> so thankful for your support. it's time to check in with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. i'm goino >> absolutely right. isabelle the crazy attack dog of mine we were down yesterday and had both bags full of our donations yesterday. we gave some of our thanksgiving day favorites, some of our favorites soups and sauces and gravy and stuffing mixes and the like. hopefully somebody will enjoy those. beautiful morning outside. nice clear sky, a little early morning glow to our eastern horizon. we're still waiting on the sunrise which comes up before
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it will be in the low to mid 30s for the next couple hours. afternoon temperatures mid to upper 40s today. plenty of sunshine. so there will be no weather related problems around our area. that little bit of a breeze, though, has temperatures which -- temperatures are around 30 but windchills now are in the mid to upper 20s across much of the area. culpepper and lorray have windchills down in the teens this morning. northwest winds will be a bit of an issue today but nowhere near as strong as they were chicago, omaha, kansas city, st. louis, down towards dallas/ft. worth all could have some weather related slowdowns. fortunately there's no big winter storm plowing across the country for thanksgiving. here's your flight delays. i will put this on my social media pain as well. chuck bell 4 on twitter or facebook. seattle, dallas, st. louis, and minneapolis might have the slow downs. tomorrow maybe a little bigger impact in houston, memphis, chicago and detroit.
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travel on thanksgiving, it's a lot easier to do. maybe we'll see delays in boston. the worst flying weather on thanksgiving day itself will be in the pacific northwest and some of that unsettled weather moves towards san francisco and detroit as we get towards friday. i'll have your black friday forecast here at home coming up in a couple more minutes. your five-day outlook, 49 and breezy, 51 tomorrow with clouds, couple light rain showers during the day on thanksgiving itself but it won't be a washout and then friday and saturday, back to dry just about average. let's go over to melissa mollet and see if traffic is average on a tuesday morning. >> i have a problem here. they keep turning the camera on me. watching outer loopcoalsville. we're sending chopper 4 that way to show you what's going on. the delays building top of the by the way for my morning commuters. inner and outer loop otherwise actually looking pretty good. northbound bw parkway at 197 a
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northbound 95 at 644 a crash on the right shoulder. starting to see also those southbound delays there on 95 through quantico. these are folks headed out of town. we do not have a problem through that area. leave early or late, at off peak times if you can. bottom of the by the way at prince george's county looking typical. see you at 6:31 with a live look at the top of the by the way once chopper 4 arrives. >> thank you. beaten and left alone in the woods. a young girl's remarkable rescue aow own life. >> trending this morning, kanye west in the hospital. why the musician suddenly
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. you're watching "news 4 today." kanye west is in a los angeles hospital this morning after abruptly canceling the rest of his tour. according it a source west was taken in for observation after
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welfare call. his hospitalization follows a week of controversial statements and feuds which included publicly attacking jay-z and beyonce. >> something in. she has no shoes on and she's really dirty. she said she can't go back to where she came from. >> this morning a florida man is being called a hero for rescuing a teenager. he found the 17-year-old badly hurt and hiding in the woods. this is in t weighed 86 pounds. a couple is behind bars accused of neglecting the girl. police say this may be the worst case of neglect they've ever seen. >> had dead bolt locks on the cabinets to keep them from getting the food to eat. she wouldn't have been alive very much longer. she would have died had she not run. >> she said, can you help me? that's what i remember her saying, can you help me? >> the couple told detectives
6:26 am
help. d.c. public schools could have new leader soon. the candidate hoping for the top spot as mayor muriel bowser unveils her plan to improve the district. >> from the roads to the rails to the air be the holiday rush is on. we're tracking one of the bus ie - announcer: thousands of home sharing to make ends meet. here at airbnb, we're committed to working with the city to develop new common-sense home sharing rules. we helped the city collect millions in taxes last year from our community. and we support rules that protect affordable housing and maintain our neighborhoods. working together, we can make sure
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holiday. now at 6:30 the holiday rush is on. w t busiest on the roads and how you can plan ahead. hidden costs, why your trip to and from the airport may cost more than you expect. >> leading d.c. schools the new candidate for chancellor and the challenges for the district moving forward. "news 4 today" begins with breaking news. and we begin with that breaking news where one person is in the hospital this morning after being found with serious injuries in northeast d.c. >> news 4's mollette green is
6:30 am
police and fire crews are trying to figure out. mollette? >> a very disturbing situation emerging here as we see a forensics team on the scene here. my photographer will try to zoom in there. what we understand is a woman is clinging to life this morning after suffering critical burns to her face and upper body. my sources here telling me that a man delivering newspapers very
6:31 am
thank you. approaching 6:31 now on this tuesday morning. of course you will need to bundle up before you leave for work or your vacation today. >> and take a look at this frigid start. these are the current temperatures in the 30s, some 20s there. but thankfully it is not windy. >> let's turn to storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell for four things to know about our forecast. hey, chuck. >> good morning to you. aaron and eun, a beautiful golden sky out over regan national airport this morning. lots of headlights there at or get ready to go flying. chopper 4 is flying. melissa mollet is teamed with the chopper and the headlights on the road in a second. it is a cold start today. bree out there but nowhere near as windy as it was. we will be dry for today and tomorrow. thankful for at least a little rain coming our way. it does arrive on thanksgiving day, though doesn't look like it will be a lot of rain. and on the whole good travel weather both today and tomorrow and as we head into the weekend
6:32 am
worried about black friday shopping. little chilly early in the morning. friday morning temperatures near 40. not all that cold by november standards. looks like it will be dry so you can get in and out of the mall without having to hold 17 bags and your umbrella. good morning, mels lisa. >> if you missed black friday cyber monday is my next favorite. taking look here outer loop at colesville road. chopper 4 over this problem. on the right shoulder. we are clear. still have backups approaching 29. you can see those there. i highlighted those on the map. inner loop and outer loop elsewhere looking good. nice and green, everything moving. this just got out of the way, northbound bw parkway at 197 has cleared out of the way. 66 looks okay and 95 northbound at 644 that cleared as well. take a look, though, you're seeing those southbound delays there through quantico. that is what we're starting to see with people headed out of town. we'll talk about it more in a couple minutes with travel times. >> see you then. thank you.
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pick for d.c.'s next public school chancellor. news 4 has confirmed that the pick is antwan wilson. wilson was hired in 2015 as a superintendent of the oakland unified school district in california. he has worked in education across several states including colorado, kansas and north carolina. sources tell news 4 that wilson was picked in part because of his success in raising achievement scores. the d.c. council must confirm the hiring to make it official. the secretary of education wants governors and school leaders in states that allow corporal punishment for students to end that practice. john king wants less punitive and more supportive disciplinary practices. king sauce more than 11,000 students, including disproportionate numbers of black and disable the students were subjected to paddling or similar punishment in the 2013/14 school year. maryland lawmakers considering a new law to reduce
6:34 am
showing an average of 7 students being hit near montgomery county schools every year. a public hearing on the proposal is scheduled for december 7th in rockville. there are renewed pleas for help from the family of slain dnc staffer seth rich. rich's parents have put up new fliers in old bloomingdale neighborhood where he was shot and killed in july. police believe it was part of the robbery but so far there have been no arrests and hoping leads. >> he was a young man that was here to help people and now i need your help, please. we don't know enough. we don't know enough about what happened. >> there is $125,000 reward in this case. meanwhile rich's parents squashed rumors yesterday that their son's death was part of a political conspiracy. right now the state department has issued a travel
6:35 am
officials say they've received credible information that isis is planning a terrorist attack in europe and hoping to carry out an attack during the upcoming holiday season. u.s. officials say americans traveling abroad should exercise vigilance when attending large holiday events. the alert will be in effect until february. there are some unexpected costs you probably didn't anticipate if you're flying out of town this week. taxis will charge you 3 for pick-up at reagan national airport. uber charges airport. they are among some of the highest in the country. 6:35 right now. today president obama will award 21 presidential medals of freedom, our nation's highest civilian honor awarded to those who made significant contributions to the country's security or national interests. today' recipients include ellen degeneres, tom hanks, robert de niro and michael jordan and "snl" creator lorne michaels and
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let's get you up to speed on your forecast before you step outside. >> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell tells us it is going to be a cold start. look at the feel like temperatures, chuck. >> indeed. in lorray, 14 in harrisburg. where temperatures are low and that bit of a northeast wind that persists it's a really cold start this morning. subfreezing all across the area. so you will need your heavy coat this morning. your wool hat and scarf as well. there will be plenty of sunshine, not quite as much wind as we had the last couple days. so your bus stop forecast then for today, temperatures will be in the 30s here early this morning. again afternoon highs today up
6:40 am
cool, kind of breezy so we will call today below average. hate it when we're below average. melissa? >> i'm not a big fan of below average either. taking a look right now at traffic. what's happening around town. outer loop, has a disabled vehicle blocking a lane here. want to warn you of that. outer loop as you're approaching colesville on the shoulder still have the backups off of southbound 95 because of that. the rest of the by the way looking okay.
6:41 am
>> and thieves targeting the holidays too. what to watch so your car doesn't get swiped when you're
6:42 am
6:43 am
school. the rush is on. >> millions hit the roads for the holidays on the busiest day to drive. >> with triple team traffic we're tracking problems from the ground and chopper 4. >> america's nationwide will be gassing up before hitting the roads this thanksgiving.
6:44 am
>> good morning. have my buddies with me today for the big getaway day. 1.2 million people expected from our area to hit the roads. that's up about 6% over last year and most people traveling more than 50 miles. right now, beltway overall okay. top of the beltway outer loop is slow. couple problems. 66 no major worries here, but 95 here, northbound, typical volume, southbound starting to get slow with the getaway
6:45 am
through quantico. brad you over 95 in maryland. how are we looking brad? >> this recommend really is the calm before the storm, melissa. high above 95 in maryland you can see light volume headed northbound towards baltimore but that is already starting to pick up. remember, your alternates to head up north towards pa and new jersey, 295, sometimes a better option but you can stay tuned in to our twitter account at first 4 traffic. now 29 is a good remember use 97 from the east side of town. but the best way to avoid these delays, listen to wtop traffic and jack taylor will tell us the best time to leave. jack? >> well, brad, we're kind of pushing into it at this stage. don't want to get much past 7, 7:30 in the morning if you're headed out early. if you have the ability to leave at this time you're in decent shape and may find yourself going against the flow. if you make the ride in maryland towards delaware that could be
6:46 am
you may want to wait until after lunch, midday, but keep tuned to us. if you go after dinner that also helps. so hopefully this will help if you are one of the 1.2 million headed on the roads. aaron, eun, back to you if thank you. if you are traveling for the holidays social media could be your best travel buddy. >> angie goff is here with some good tools to keep in your pocket. angie, good morning. >> yes. good morning. the best thing it's all free. bags packed for holiday travel, what about your social media kit. might need it more than you hitting the roads do not forget to follow gas buddy. they're on twitter and also have a website. plug in the zip codes where you're going to be driving or driving through. instantly find the cheapest gas around. flying in the air, don't forget about this free app called fleet. you can monitor your flight, security lines, flight and security delays, even share your eta. pretty much does everything but carry your lug an. the tsa tweeting get them while
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thanksgiving travel tips, no turkey included. this is some good news, if prechecked lines are open where you're taking off from you can check that now in real-time. hearing from travelers already that the precheck lines filling up fast. the tsa offering twitter and facebook pages called ask tsa where you can ask questions and they will get back to you. we will post all of these travel tips that you can use and keep right in your pocket in >> all right. angie, thank you. it is 6:47 right now. new this morning, we're learning that while you are inside enjoying that thanksgiving dinner someone may be outside trying to steal your car. national insurance crime bureau -- the bureau released new numbers and say car thefts on thanksgiving day are up year to year. last year 1600 cars were stolen on thanksgiving. black friday also becoming a big car stealing day. while many people were inside
6:48 am
developing this morning in montgomery county, 27-year-old steven diaz and 67-year-old george carey have been identifieds the two people killed in a four-car crash last night in gaithersburg. it happened just before 8:00 on airpark road. police say diaz was headed east when he crossed into the westbound lanes and hit two other cars, including one driven by carey. a fourth vehicle was also involved. hospitals in tennessee are calling for blood donations now d team from here in d.c. to tennessee. you're looking at new video of the school bus that flipped there and slammed into a tree in chattanooga ga last night. there were 35 people on that bus, some as young as kindergarten age. five children died. >> we can't even begin to imagine how much worse it is for the families, friends and loved ones of the victims. all of our hearts go out to them. our thoughts and our prayers. a bus accident with multiple
6:49 am
worst nightmare. >> at that late night news conference police said they charged the bus driver with five counts of vehicular homicide. investigators say they're looking very strongly at speed as a factor in the crash. san antonio police are remaining vigilant this morning even after a man was arrested for killing an officer. 31-year-old otis mckane was taken into custody monday afternoon in san antonio. he told reporters he was upset with the court system and took it out on detective benjamin marconi. he sayshe the officer's family. the detective was shot as he sat in his cruiser after making a traffic stop on sunday. president-elect donald trump is up and tweeting this morning. just a few minutes ago he wrote that he canceled his meeting today with "the new york times." he says the terms and conditions were changed at the last moment. it comes after trump met with several top television executives and news anchors including from nbc news that was on monday at trump tower. we are talking about another chilly start to our day.
6:50 am
you know what, didn't stop a lot of from coming to the verizon center and donating goods to our food 4 families campaign. chuck bell was down there. do you think isabelle likes being called an attack dog on tv. >> there was a squirrel, even though downtown washington there were squirrels relatively nearby and she was on it. yes, attack dog only for squirrels not for kids and folks. and thank you -- >> the video you're bundled up like a lot of folks down with bags and boxes. >> so cold yesterday afternoon. windchills were in the 20s by then. i had my hat, scarf, sweater, jacket, gloves on. >> and your donation. >> and my donation. two big bags weighed about 30 pounds carried them 14 blocks from our house to verizon center. isabella not part of the working group. she is a sight hound, not a working group dog. i did all the carrying and she did all the pulling on the leash. and thank you very much. you can also come to our website
6:51 am
our nbc washington app, search food 4 families. and you can still make donations to that awesome cause. and pat lawson moussaid that's as many -- maus said that's as many donations as she's seen. this thanksgiving will be more like it was a couple years ago. cloudy skies, risk for showers and temperatures near 50 degrees. stay ahead of the weather following me on social media and through our nbc wash find me on twitter and facebook @chuckbell4. friend follow and like me a lot. the temperatures in the 30s but the windchills are in the 20s and teens. so you'll certainly need your heavy winter coat early this morning. plenty of sunshine later this afternoon. daytime highs upper 40s to near 50. you won't need the industrial strength jackets for today like you did the last couple days. tomorrow looks even better. a little more cloud cover coming around but quiet weather for a
6:52 am
tomorrow. really not until after 8:00 or 9:00 at night. today if you're traveling, slight weather delays in new york city towards boston where it's kind of windy and also across the mid part of the country. minneapolis, milwaukee, chicago, st. louis, kansas city, all could have flight delays because of some inclement weather. here's our ten-day forecast. 40s and breezy today. back up into around 50 tomorrow. cloudy on thanksgiving with a risk of a little light rain but nothing major. for all of the big shopping days and friday nice and quiet around here, needed rain drops come back next week. good morning, melissa. >> good morning. taking a look chopper 4 over bw parkway showing us the area of 197. you can see everything looks pretty good northbound and southbound. more northbound traffic than we usually see. perhaps folks taking bw parkway instead of 95 to get out of town. circled 95, no delays northbound right now. southbound have that normal
6:53 am
no problems northbound or southbound. southbound 95 through quantico that is your slow spot. guys? >> angie goff here at the live desk with a lot of updates since we first broke in about the explosion in center city, the business district of philadelphia. we've just heard from officials who say this explosion, take a look at some video of the scene right outside a si apartment off to the right around 4:00 a.m. when a roommate says that his roommate opened up a package that was actually delivered yesterday, but he opened it up around 4:00 a.m. and it exploded causing injuries to the individual's chest as well as his hands. we know that he is in the hospital at this point. the atf and bomb squad on the scene, saying they believe this could be a package of medication that the individual does get
6:54 am
or not this was intentional or just an accident. aaron? >> angie, thank you. 6:54 now. that breaking news out of the district, that is where an investigation is under way after a person was found with serious burns in northeast. mollette green is live to explain what we know now. >> aaron, good morning. yes, d.c. police and arson investigators starting to break down the scene and narrow things off here. you can see them in the middle of the they are bagging up some evidence that they found. now sources telling me that a woman went to the hospital in very bad shape. reportedly with critical burns to her face and upper body. let me point to this part of the sidewalk here on holbrooke. we're not certain if that is the exact spot where a delivery newspaper delivery person found her this morning. but that is also the part of the
6:55 am
camera just above this location here. maybe perhaps something was captured there that could fill in some of the blanks as to what happened to this woman here in the early morning hours in the 1200 block of holbrooke street. we're not far from the benning road avenue neighborhood here in the trinidad community. we're still working to find out more information from d.c. police on a motive and suspect information. this morning we can tell you condition fighting for her life. back to you. good morning, i'm lan don dowdy at -- landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. google tells you just crowded a place is in real time based on a collection of location history data and google will tell you how long the people are typically staying in one place so that you can plan your day around that and we'll update
6:56 am
with your cnbc business report i'm landon dowdy. >> thanks. it is 6:56. four things to know before you head out the door. we are working for you as the thanksgiving travel rush begins. make sure you get on the roads before noon and if you're flying get to the airport at least two and a half hours before your flight. take advantage of these low gas prices you're seeing by filling up right now. later this morning we will learn more about d.c. mayor muriel bowser's pick to be the next school's chancellor. news 4's tom seegraves confirms antwan wilson was chose joan steven diaz and george carey have been identified as the two people killed in a four-car crash last night in gaithersburg. two other people involved are okay. five families are mourning elementary school students this morning killed in a horrific crash. an ntsb go team of investigators is heading to tennessee to look into this incident today. travel weather the next
6:57 am
dry for your travel plans tomorrow. turkey day showers. and then drying back out as we head towards friday and the weekend. >> chopper 4 showing us a little volume northbound on bw parkway. people getting out of town and then 95 maryland, northbound, is okay. southbound 95, virginia slow through quantico already. leave as soon as you can. he's shaking his head. >> 95, bw parkway. >> you're going to be sitting in traffic. >> all right. that is the broadcast this morning. thanks for waking up with us. >> thod enjoy your day. >> make it a great tuesday,
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. tragic accident. >> school bus flips off the roadway filled with children. >> a horrific school bus in tennessee others injured. we will try to find out exactly what caused the crash. donald trump laying out what he plans to do as soon as he takes the oath of office. >> my agenda will be based on a simple core principle, putting america first. >> the campaign promises that made the cut and the ones that may have to wait. hospitalized, kanye west under doctor's care after a week


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