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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  November 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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judge ordered him to be released. he asked for a monitoring bracelet and ordered to stay away from children. laurmt officers take an oath to protect and serve. even when it means investigating one of their own. the sheriff says his deputies took swift action when they received a tip that deputy alexander sullivan, a ten-year veteran of the force, was suspected of uploading child pornography. according to court documen exploited children share investigators. the center was able to provide a name and cell number of a person suspected of uploading the images. deputies quickly realized it was sullivan's phone and got a a search warrant and found over 200 images and five videos of what they believe is child pornography. zul event was arrested and the case was turned over to federal investigators.
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in prison. back to you. a developing in montgomery county, five stounts got sick enough some of them had to go to the hospital. some may be going home with a letter from the principal. she says the students took some sort of prescription drug. we have calls to find out what it was. all the students should be okay. now to the announcement in the district that's impacting hundreds of thousands of loc today d.c. mayor bowser introduced her choice for next school's chancellor. wilson brings 20 years of experience in education to the district. he started as superintendent in april of last year in oakland. before that, he spent six years at the assistant superintendent
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college. tom sherwood joins us now with more on wilson's background and his goals for the students here. >> he says he identifies with many students who struggled because he has his own story. then the mayor's welcome. antwan wilson is confirmed by the council will be paid $300,000 a year. he says his own success took a lot of work. >> as a young person, being raised by a single parent, teenage parent where we had to move year after year after year. >> reporter: in an interview with nbc 4, wilson said schools can be a a help for families.
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families move and life happens. it's important there's a system that picks families up and makes a difference for young people so they know there's a future ahead of them and a reason to come to school. >> wilson won't start until february. he says d.c. students will hear the same thing he's always heard. >> you hear the same message that i heard from my mother when i was 5 years old and ask when does this end. >> reporter: wilson met with council members. >> very good to meet you as well. look forward to working with you. >> a warm welcome today, but coming up at 6:00, the battles he will face here. >> my agenda will be based on putting america first.
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president-elect donald trump since the meeting with president obama at the white house. not in a press conference, but a video produced by his transition team. in this clip trump reads his agenda for his first 100 days in office. notably absent is talk of the wall or obamacare. a possible change of heart after lock her up became a mainstay at trump's campaign rallies. >> if i win, i'm going to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation. >> when he tells you he doesn't wish to pursue charges, it sends a strong message, tone and content, to the members. >> trump campaign manager on "morning joe" talking trump not wanting to pursue a probe against hillary clinton. this afternoon the
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during a meeting with reporters and editors, he talked about a range of issues. one reporter says when asked about his businesses, trump said, quote, the laws on my side. the president can't have a conflict of interest. one other note, the white house confirmed today that trump has talked with president obama at least once since their oval office meeting. it is upon us. the thanksgiving get away is underway from the roads to the let's get to doug with a look at the rest of the week. >> that guy to my left is going to have worse news than i will. weather not all that bad. it's just really cold. that's going to be the case tonight and through the next couple days. we stay in this cool pattern. take a look at where we started this morning. 16 in culpepper. 28 in gaithersburg. 28 in lorton. a cold start to the day.
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no rain now, but i'm tracking the storm system well back to the west. this storm right here wrapping up in the middle part of the country will move our way and give us a chance for rain during the holiday. much more about that and i'll take you hour by hour showing you future weather. i'll be back here at 5:18. just in time for the holiday travel season, bwi marshal is going to add more flights. it will accommodate includes an expanded security check point with eight gates. you don't have to wait in line so long. >> the fact we can do domestic and international flights without having to go back through security, it's going to save people a lot of time and effort. it's a beautiful new facility. >> because we will be spending so much time in the airports, there's a new food court and retail and even a children's
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airport or a few miles down the road, the thanksgiving getaway is officially on. transportation reporter adam tuss is tracking the trip along i-95 there in laurel. so adam, what's it looking like so far? >> reporter: pretty tough, jim. just a few miles, let me show you what 95 looks like. it's absolutely slammed at this part of 95 right 11 miles to i-95. that's it the beltway. 21 minutes. so the traffic is building. any way you slice it, it's going to be rough. >> there's been heavy traffic in the past couple hours. >> reporter: it's never easy this time of year. >> we left at 6:30. but it was still a little slow going.
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it's never early enough. >> it's not just the people that have to put up with the traffic. so do the pets. traveling from florida with his wife and lilly headed all the way to new jersey to see the kids. >> but also busy at the airports where the tsa has pushed to beef you have staffing. now a good tip airlines have really adopted social media to commute indicate so if you get in a pinch, try tweeting and on the rails this is the busiest time of year from amtrak. especially along the northeast
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travel right of passage to get to the dinner table. >> reporter: so many people the worse travel day on the roads, i'm going to let you know if you're taking the traun, you might be able to get a really good deal on a ticket on amtrak. back to you. >> do we need to alert new jersey that lilly is headed that way? >> you don't want to mess with lilly. don't ever lilly. you let her go back into the car. >> thank you, adam. already in town, the two turkeys that will be getting president obama's pardon. >> we felt privileged to host the national turkey federation for the pardoning of the turkey. >> animals are being verbal today. that's tater and tot there at the welcoming center this morning. they are e competing for tomorrow's presidential pardon
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turkey title. you can vote to see which one you like the best. either way, neither one will be eaten. . they it will be living out their lives at gobbler's rest. it's on the campus of virginia tech. it is crunch time to get food to families for thanksgiving. d.c.'s police chief helped fill bags of food today at the boys and girls peter was on apple sauce duty making sure each bag got a packet. we want to thank you for helping us give local families a thanksgiving to celebrate this year. we collected 100 huge boxes worth of food for families. yesterday alone and you have helped us raise more than $42,000. you're not too late to help, though. you can make a donation any time through our nbc washington app. just search food for families. two men killed in the deadly
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victims is is a grandfather of five. very emotional reaction from his family as they start to grieve and gather for the holidays. new details about the school bus accident that took the lives of five children. how the community is coming together in mourning. following up on a story we brought you last week. what is happening at the d.c. general homeless shelter in the wake of a threat to shut it down? a story that's trending on you you're never too old to fall in love. . check it out during the brea
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new details in the scho five children in tennessee. this evening the school bus driver is in custody facing several charges. federal investigators have taken the lead as they try to figure out what went wrong and how to prevent this in the future. this evening a number of students also remain hospitalized as their classmates try to process this unthinkable loss. chris lawrence is here with the latest on the story.
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chattanooga community, a short distance from the school. it comes as a dozen kids remain in the hospital, half of them still in critical condition. officers arrested the bus driver and charged him with several counts including vehicular homicide. police think walker had been driving well above the 30 miles an hour speed limit when he lost control. the bus wound up flipping on its side and wrapping around a attend remained open so counters could be there for those who need it most. yesterday is the worst day we have had that i can recall in my life as an educator and a parent and member of this community. >> as police handle the criminal side of the crash, the ntsb is looking into bus safety and how to protect kids moving forward. their part of the investigation
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search is on for a man accused of setting a 64-year-old woman on fire. police are now revealing details about the vehicle he could be driing. they are looking for lewis reader. four doors, virginia plates, vpw1915. investigators say reader and the woman got into an argument and he set her on fire. this was inside the home they shared in the alexandria section of fairfax county. that woman is still in the in prince georges county, it's an effort that will improve response times when emergency crews have sto to respond on the water. members of the departments broke ground on a safety pier. both departments will have units at the pier. it's expected to improve response times to areas like the wilson bridge by as much as 20 minutes. no word when the pier will be ready for the boats to dock.
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say e repairs are being made to the fire alarm system that's inside the district's largest homeless shelter. the news 4 i-team scott macfarlane first reported last week that the fire marshal was threatening to close the shelter because the system was damaged and the safety of the residents at risk. >> officials tell us they expect repairs will be completed within a a month. that would help avert a shutdown of this now. a memo obtained by the i-team said the fire prevention equipment and alarms suffered, quote, continuous, extensive vandalism. the damage to the alarms was discovered after an october fire ripped through part of the complex. there were no injuries, but in the meantime, the city contracted a fire watch program to protect the facility. actual licensed contractor who is walk the halls to watch and
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d.c. has selected a likely contractor for the repair work. the price tag is about $pa 35,000. somg of the biggest names in music, movies and sports came together at the white house. >> president obama handing out u the nation's highest civilian honor the presidential medal of freedom awarded to people who made significant contributions to the security or o this year president obama awarded 21 medals to everyone from ellen degeneres to tom hanks, bruce springsteen, michael jordan. the president said this was one of the most talented classes ever. we have the list of the recipients on the nbc washington app. two days ago before the skins are back on the field. >> they are still getting ready for the kou boy. s on thursday. why less time to prepare for
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says the company wouldn't honor
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another chilly day today. temperatures just as cold.
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take a lock at the traffic. this is traffic at cedar lane. this is going to be something we're dealing with the next couple days with the holiday right around the corner. let's show you what's happening right now across our region. temperatures are on the cold side today. and temperatures into the 40s to a low 50s at the airport is where we're seeing more traffic. look at the standstill here. give yourself extra 48 degrees. down to 45 at 7:42. i may have to drop these numbers again. we're going to drop really fast. almost clear skies. we have a few high clouds in the air. take a look at the numbers. we're 39 in gaithersburg. 36 in warrenton. 41 in winchester. cool air. and tonight is going to be a chilly night. look at the windchill. 36 in frederick. most of the windchill action up toward the d.c. area.
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we have a little wind out there right now. the radar, nothing to show in our region. let's go back to the west. you see what's happening. here's a pretty strong storm system brunging snow to minneapolis. if your traveling there, you're going to run sbo delays. chicago, you may see delays in that area. this is what's going to be moving our way. it's a a frontal boundary to bring us showers. a very cd wednesday. high temperatures with the clouds on the increase getting up to 51 degrees. tloost that's better. let's take a look at that rain chance wednesday night into thursday morning. here we are tomorrow night at 8:00 on future weather. plenty of cloud cover around the area. by around 7:00 early in the morning on thursday, we have showers encroaching upon the area. leesburg, frederick, hagerstown
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showers. inside the metro area, right around 10:00, and by noon, it's just about out of here. still a couple showers, but we are expecting things to dry as we move on through the afternoon. you may want to leave early to avoid shower activity. i don't think it's going to cause problems on the roads. then saturday temperatures in the low 50s both saturday and sunday. temperatur the only exception next week when we're tracking another storm system we'll watch that one as well. there's your ten-day forecast. tom kierein will have an up close look at your thanksgiving holiday in 20 minutes. a warning tonight about a car could be parked on your street. >> why officials are saying it should be kept away from other vehicles until it gets fixed. with the spike in the number of officers shot and killed in
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ambushed, coming up we'll show you how all of those officers will be honored right here in washington, d.c. ahead we'll hear from the daughter of one of two victims in a fatal car crash that
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right now at 5:00, gearing up for a busy holiday season. police are trying to make sure 56 law enforcement officers have died in the line of duty this year. mark segraves shows us how their lives will be honored in the nation's capital. welcome back at 5:30. police believe sneed speed may have been a factor in an overnight crash that killed two people in gaithersburg. a driver crossed the center line on airpark road in gaithersburg. he slammed into two cars south of woodfield road.
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latest on the investigation and also just how it's impacted the community. >> reporter: two families are mourning buzz of what happened here in the flash of a moment. last night two men were heading home. it was 8:00 p.m. now their families are wondering how they will get through thanksgiving without them. the crash killed 67-year-old george carey. the honda flipped over ejecting diaz involving a fourth car in this crash. >> any indication what caused it? >> investigators are looking at many things. >> reporter: george carey lived in laytonsville.
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and that i know without a doubt. i hope that all of his children and family members know that it about him as well. >> reporter: george carey worked as a computer consultant for the fbi in washington, d.c. he took metro to shady grove last night and got sbo his car for the 15-minute drive home. . >> he called to say he was leaving at 6:30. 10:30 he he left at the time he said he did. >> reporter: the family has set up a gofundme page. please hp me daughter give her father a proper burial. they need to raise about $8,000. now ahead at 6:00, we'll hear from the director of the montgomery county police accident reconstruction team. he will tell us what two fatal
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avoid. that's coming up at 6:00. back to you. >> chris gordon, thank you. we're learning new details about another deadly crash as investigators try to piece together how it happened in the first place. police identified the driver in the single car wreck. he lived about six miles away from this scene off old fort road in fort washington. chopper 4 over the scene after someone reported seeing the vehicle. the ve hit a tree before crashing into a ravine. police tell us stab wounds found on a man in d.c.'s thomas circle were self-inflicted. a woman found the man this morning near the statue in the center of the traffic circle. we're told the man went to the hospital with critical injuries. . there's no word on how he's doing tonight. he say he was upset because he couldn't see his son so he shot and killed a police detective in san antonio.
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ambushing detective benjamin on sunday. he apologized to the detective's family. >> i was upset at the situation i was in. i lashed out to someone who didn't deserve. >> the detective's name has joined a growing list of officers killed in the line of duty this year. there's a ske national law enforcement officer's memorial where the names of those men will be inscribed. >> reporter: these bare the name of more than 20,000 law enforcement officers who have given their lives over the past several hundred years. but next year when they hold the dedication ceremony, they will inscribe more names on this wall
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memory. it's higher than it was a year ago. 20 officers shot and killed in ambush-style attacks. that's the >> reporter: just this week alone, four officers shot in ambush-style attacks in just 24 hours. san antonio, texas, an officer shot and killed. a drive by shooting in florida. another officer shot in gladstone, missouri. >> we need to understand there are 57,000 attacks and assaults
5:34 pm
staff here at the national law enforcement officer's memorial fund documents the officer's life and death. >> several local names will be added. >> here in the maryland and virginia area, we have lost five officers all shooting deaths. we lost one in prince georges county. >> reporter: he was at the memorial today paying respects who made his ultimate sacrifice. he's troubled by the recent spike in attacks on police. >> it's terrible. the officers now have to keep their head on a swivel and vehicles pulling up alongside you have to be afl of. it's unprecedented. i don't know where it's going to end. i just don't know.
5:35 pm
the police officers right now. i don't know where it's going to stop. >> more than a a thousand people have had their sentences commuted under president obama. the white house made the announcement today. it says president obama has now commuted more sentences than the past 11 presidents combined. most of them were non-violent drug offenders. he's been calling for an overhaul for years. it burdens taer of offenders in prison for so long. from the classroom to the streets, some local students get a real life lesson on disasters. >> now they are looking at things in a different way. . what they found when they u asked whether the flooding could have been prevented. and a recipe for the perfect
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you know how busy it can get in the kitchen. it's also a really busy day for fire departments. all of the stress of trying to get that turkey just right can fraz l even the most collective cook and start a fire. the consumer products safety commission doesn't want that to happen. it held a news conference this morning. the executive chef of sweet home cafe at the national museum of
5:39 pm
tips. >> we're running against the clock. we're rushing to get the turkeys, cook our green beans and try to roll pie dough and popping other things in the orch. calm down, take your time. >> calm down. >> the chef recommends cleaning up your kitchen now jim handly and designating a relative or two to help you on that big day. thanksgiving just two days away and the red skins will be playing on the national corner. jason pugh says the players are looking forward to. pr. >> thursday night games can be a challenge for players. however, for the redskins, that shouldn't be a problem. there will be no shortage of motivation. they are playing the best team in the nfl, the dallas cowboys, on thanksgiving day in front of another national aud yns. >> you realize how many people are watching with their families and are gathered together.
5:40 pm
so just feel very privileged and a great opportunity that we want to take advantage of. >> i have been watching all the games on thanksgiving. this is what you dream about. you have to go out there and have fun and play with your hair on fire. >> we playing in prime time, it's going to get us fired up. if you want to come back, we should have won that game. >> the redskins and cowboys, it's thanksgiving it day. >> we know it's a big game. we know it's a game we have to win. it just happens to be on thanksgiving. we're not going to make it bigger than what it is. it's a big stage. we have to come out firing. >> one more practice for the redskins tomorrow. they will hold a a walk-through at the park and then it's off to dallas. news 4 sports. things can take the shine
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for a policy to protect her car. >> what happened when she tied to cash in on her claim. there's a special team looking for the bad guys and watching your back when you shop
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i'm tom sherwood in the district. mayor bowser today announced a new nominee for d.c. school chancellor and wilson of oakland, california. after ten years, parents will be watching for what comes next. also police are investigating one of their own. a sheriffs deputy in charles county under arrest and facing charges relate ed possession of child pornography. and we told you about new clues in the search for the man suspected of setting a woman on fire during a domestic dispute. if you have an older model kia parked in your garage, move it. the company is recalling 72,000 older suvs because of a fire risk. it involves the kia sportage from the year 2008 and 2009. according to kia, if water that's mixed with road salt gets
5:45 pm
can spark an engine fire. so if you own one, kia says park it outside and away from other structures or cars until your vehicle is repaired. nbc 4 is working for you responding to a dent dilemma. a maryland woman paid extra for a dent and ding policy for her brand new car. >> but when she needed to cash in on it, her claim was denied. that's when she turned to susan hogan for help. >> that's right. we have all been there. you're buying a new car and suddenly you're inundated for sales pitches like add ones for warranties and maintenance contracts. are they worth the price? a maryland woman says not in her case. mary smith loves her car. and all the bells and whistles that come with it. and to keep her car looking like new, the car salesman sold her a third party dent and ding policy
5:46 pm
so when mary recently noticed this small dent, she thought, no problem. she's covered. >> it wasn't even a dent. it was more like an impression. >> reporter: she sent pictures of the dent. shortly after, it denied her claim because the dent, according to the company, was in access of the four-inch threshold. >> it was really hard to see exactly where the diameter was. >> she was convinced once they saw the dent they would agree it should be covered. mary was wrong. >> the service manager came back and said you aren't covered. it's more than four inches. but come talk to our body manager. >> reporter: then according to mary the person who she thought was the body manager offered her a deal. >> the man said, nope, we don't have the ability to fix this for under your policy.
5:47 pm
i will be able to fix it like new. >> didn't he give you anything in writing? >> reporter: he gave her his business card, a body shop located nearby. >> on the back he wrote $1,000. >> and the words perfect like new. >> i was really floored. >> over the next several months, mary and her husband reached out to the dealership for an explanation. >> no response. no respo >> reporter: that's when mary called nbc 4 responds. >> we have been watching the susan hogan imagine you can being performed. we said that's what we need to do. >> reporter: we contacted the general manager who immediately responded to mary. >> within a matter of hours, the general manager called us and said e get over here. we're going to make this right. >> reporter: and they did.
5:48 pm
the dent back into place. as for the deal written on the back of the business card, he told us he's not an employee of the dealership. he was just there to buy parts and offered to fix the dent. the general manager of the dealership referred to us to his corporate office, which sent us this e-mailed statement saying, after careful review and consideration we respectfully decline to comment. however, mary had plenty to s. months to make it right. but they did make it right and i'm very happy about that. >> we are too. as for the added warranties, while they may sound like a great deal at the time, take the time to read the fine print, make sure the list of what is covered is longer than what is not. >> happy ending, resident magician, susan hogan. thank you.
5:49 pm
for a real life example as they studied the water flooding in howard county. you may remember this summer when floods slammed downtown el cot city killing two and damaging much of main street. how the students turn disaster into a school lesson. >> reporter: in july this is what main street looked like. in november at hebron high school, this is the scene. >> anyone that would like to make some opening statements? >> so we -- >> reporter: students part of a year-long study on the water shed rounded and reality. >> when the flood happened, this was a real life example of a disaster in their water shed. it gave us the opportunity for these students to really apply u what they have been learning all year. >> reporter: an opportunity to ask the questions.
5:50 pm
led into the flood. it wasn't just that it rained a lot that night. >> we were thinking about the guidelines we should put in place with more surfaces to absorb and create a buffer so the water doesn't flow fast. >> reporter: the students took on roles as people affected by the flood. >> we wanted to see all points of views. >> we should focus on rebuilding what's been chance to look at it from scientific side and also the case studies so they have a wholistic view of the situation we're facing. >> reporter: it's a view that depending on the role can differ are from one side of the table to the other. but one these students hope leads to progress. >> e we need to change things now in order to e prevent stuff like this from happening again. >> she is 960 pounds, 11 feet long and swimming off the coast of virginia.
5:51 pm
yeti. a team tagged her with a tracking device near nantucket the beginning of october. but yeti has been swimming down south. her device pinged off the lower eastern shore just last week. that's a story you can talk about at thanksgiving in case politics come up. you can say, hey, let me tell you about yeti. >> keep that in your back pocket. it's going to be >> your device will be pinging as you go south. we'll be able to pick it up and we'll track you. a lot of people heading south to get away from the cold air. if you're traving, we have good travel weather up and down the atlantic sea board. as we look over the next several hours, here we go again getting cold. temperatures dropping. we'll be back to the low 40s by 8:00. then by 11:00 tonight, we'll be down to the upper 30s.
5:52 pm
rural areas, we'll be in the 20s. chilly and dry as we get into the latter part of the morning. then as we look into the suburbs, it will be in the 20s to near 30 degrees. when you're running around taking care of thanksgiving shopping, check the latest forecast with the nbc washington app. . and after that cold start tomorrow morning, you'll be happy that you wore a warm coat,
5:53 pm
5:00. it can be unsafe if it you're driving on tires with low tire pressure. now as we get into thanksgiving day, we're going to have that possibility of a few sprinkles in the morning and. perhaps all the way through midday. then after that we'll get some sunshine breaking out. so great weather for thanksgiving day. in the afternoon. a little sun in and out. dry for the wnld. a lot of people heading back home on sunday. should be good travel weather both saturday and sunday. with some sunshine. then monday in the 50s might get moderate showers on tuesday. then drying out after that. >> thank you, tom. as you head out to the mall this holiday season, you'll have extra security. >> but you won't necessarily see
5:54 pm
for holiday shopping. then all new at 6:00, the sting in northern virginia to crack down on dangerous drivers
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
it's beginning to look like christmas. we received a sneak peek of the holiday exhibit today. >> it's called seasons
5:57 pm
and the giant christmas tree. the theme is national parks and historic places. >> the exhibit is opening on thanksgiving day. >> with malls about to get filled, there's a new focus on making sure shoppers don't become victims. >> kristin wright reports from northern virginia on a special team of officers who are keeping you safe. >> reporter: patrol on tysons corner. a vehicle like this that's parked in a fire lane could very easily be set up for somebody to run out of the door of the store with an armful of coats or
5:58 pm
>> i believe our maximum is 288 cards on one person. >> they need shoppers to do their part too. >> people are out looking for the perfect gift for their family and friends and loved ones. but you also need to be aware of the people that are around you. >> cat is watching seven days a
5:59 pm
breaks one of his biggest campaign promises as new front runners emerge for picks within his cabinet. to serve and protect, but tonight local deputy is is accused of possessing child porn on his cell phone. how that crime was uncovered. a big setback in maryland. left he said he no longer plans to pursue criminal charges against hillary clinton. >> the president-elect sat down with "the new york times" for a wide ranging talk today and there are new reports about his cabinet and the possible roles for mitt romney and nicki hailey. >> the surprising sit-down began with a familiar grievance. the president-elect saying he's
6:00 pm
>> he began with complaints about how he's been treated but suggested he respects the paper and wants to make peace. amonghe hillary clinton has suffered enough and declared he doesn't favor another e-mails investigation but contends that won't disapount the supporters who delighted in the battle cry "lock her up.


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