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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  November 23, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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to the airport. good morning, everyone. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we want to check on the forecast for your thanksgiving eve. >> good morning, you two. good morning, everybody. wednesday is off to a quiet start. the winds are light and temperatures are cold. in the 20s and low 30s across much of the area. so a cold, dry start today. clouds will be increasing subtly, especially later on this afternoon into this evening. not much of a rain possibility of light rain or drizzle around tomorrow. not looking for a lot of rain, but we could see rain drops through much of the day tomorrow. and same story again coming up on friday. so planning that out today, temperatures in the 20s this morning. a lot of sunshine before lunchtime. more clouds moving in by 2:00 to 3:00. afternoon temperatures in the upper 40s to near 50 degrees. if you are already trying to plan out what to do on friday, black friday forecast, if you're heading out to the mall early, temperatures around 40 degrees.
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as well. maybe a quick little sprinkle or two middle of the afternoon. by and large, you'll be able to go to the mall on friday and pretty much spend all day there. thank goodness. 95 here at prince william parkway northbound is moving. i can tell you it looks heavier than normal. that's advice, leave early or leave late. 95 in maryland rolling along fine northbound and southbound. inner loop and outer loop, everything okay. this just popp screen, but i'll take another look for you here. bottom of the beltway to prince george's county is just fine. angie? i'm angie goff live at the news desk on this thanksgiving eve. a family forced to leave their home after a driver crashes in to the first floor of their house. take a look for yourself, this is video we got overnight. and it shows the extensive damage done outside. you can see the car right there,
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badly damaged here. this is out in gaithersburg in the 1900 block. the driver was hurt we are told but is expected to be okay. now the good news is that people who live here were able to get out. they are doing fine, but obviously they are dislocated and can't go back into the house. we are still working to find out why the driver slammed into the house and when it w safe so the family can go back in. we have a reporter on the scene with more coming up. it was really bad. it was stopped. not allowed to go but stopped. >> that is just one of the travel frustrations being felt at reagan international. if you are planning to pick somebody up or hitting the road, pack your patience. >> it's one of the busiest travel days of the year.
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national airport with how things are shaping up there. >> reporter: yeah, but you have to take it in stride with a smile because that means you'll be on vacation for a couple days. you'll go to see family for a couple days if that doesn't stress you out. after 5:00, we came into the thick of it, right? the peak times and days for traveling for this thanksgiving. if you are coming to the airport at reagan national, you want to know what the lines look like. so this is outside gate 35 to this is the start of the pre-check line. i think we're probably looking at three rows deep before you get to security, which isn't all that bad. just a few minutes ago that line was stretching outside this area. but things are looking pretty good this morning. so if you are flying, let me tell you, you are in good company. almost 90,000 d.c. residents
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million americans traveling this thanksgiving, which is the highest that we have seen in just about a decade. the reason behind it? the economy. people are feeling pretty good how things are right now. we'll be checking in with you a little later and continue monitoring the lines for you at reagan national. i'm erika gonzalez, back to you. thank you. tonight police will be on the lookout for drunk drivers for what aaa calls blackout wednesday. according to the agey, drinking by college students home for the holidays. mix that with people on the roads and police say it's a recipe for disaster. each year more than 400 people die in traffic accidents around thanksgiving weekend including blackout wednesday. we have an active investigation right now going on in baltimore where police just recovered a revolver at the scene of a police-involved
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as we take a look at the scene following the shooting. now the man is in critical condition after being shot by an officer during a traffic stop overnight. police are saying the officer approached the car and the driver had a gun in his hand. that's when the officer shot the man in his shoulder. he is expected to -- actually, he's in critical condition, but no officers were hurt. the investigation into the incident is continuing. we'll continue to follow-up. now and it is now 5:05. we are getting new video this morning of how people in chattanooga, tennessee, are remembering the five children that died in that bus crash yesterday. balloons were released into the air last night to honor the young victims. this followed a packed prayer vigil at the new monumental baptist church where people remembered the lives and prayed for those who remain in the hospital.
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remove the bus' black box that contains data on the vehicle's movements. the bus that was taking 35 children home from school flipped on its side and collided with a utility pole and tree. the driver, 24-year-old johnothan walker is being charged with vehicular homicide. diamond brown's s crash. >> they were pulling kids off the back of the bus. and i know my baby rides the front of the bus. and when they told me that saw him from the back of the bus, i knew that my baby don't ride the back of the bus. >> brown says she will now be fighting for justice for her son. 5:06 is our time right now. and fairfax county police want you to take a good look at a sketch of the man who tried to
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this month. the suspect allegedly drove up to the girls on locker place as they played and tried to get them to watch an obscene video. police are now searching for the suspect. and president-elect donald trump is waking up in florida this morning. he's spending the thanksgiving holiday with his family at his mara lago property, but he's not taking a break from his transition planning. he's expected to meet with his transitional picks today and we'll get an announcement on the the courier is reporting that south carolina governor nikki haley will be picked as u.n. ambassador. it's a thanksgiving tradition. the presidential turkey pardon. president obama is delivering his pardon later at the white house. those are the two birds there, we met them yesterday, tater and tot. both birds will retire to a place called gobbler's rest near virginia tech. with thanksgiving just one day
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send us a picture and post #thankfulfor with it. >> those are big turkeys. >> they are. plump. >> tator and tot. we were talking about tator and tot -- >> thanksgiving is a primetime for still ahead, tips from the experts to make sure you're cooking safely. plus, parade preps. how police are making sure the macy's thanksgiving day parade goes off without a hitch. and a mannequin challenge at the white house. the video everyone is going to be talking about. >> diana ross and robert de niro!
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people in one florida community are asked to stay in
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officer was killed. the suspect was able to flee while firing back at deputies. and that person is still on the loose. the investigation continues. eun? thank you, angie. and vets are monitoring a horse this morning after it spent more than an hour buried up to its neck in mud. this is the footage of the rescue yesterday in harford county, maryland. that's northeast of baltimore. got the horse out. and at one point they had to use a front-end loader. what a mess. 5:12. and chuck bell is in the storm team 4 weather center. that's not a pretty picture. >> you are talking about the graphic. >> nothing personal, chuck. >> yeah, the highlighted areas are where you are most likely to
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flight delays. the upper midwest to the great lakes down to cincinnati, st. louis, memphis, not so much dallas/ft. worth, but houston could be impacted. out of the pacific northwest, if you are flying out west to seattle, portland or san francisco, there could be some delays. houston, memphis, orlando, detroit. then on saturday and sunday, san francisco, los angeles on saturday, maybe as well. and then on sunday, san francisco, salt lake, denver and vegas could see problems. it could be iffy. by then you'll be full of turkey and be happy about it. i'll give you the full five-day forecast coming up in ten minutes. it is time to hear from melissa mollet with all kinds of work around. we are talking alternates this morning. you leave early or leave late to lessen the pain this weekend. planning to take 95 in maryland,
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alternates near the beltway. 301 is a good thing to think about. 95 in virginia, route 1 is a good idea sometimes. we'll check the map on your phone instead of 66, dulles toll road or 7. and then 270, if that stinks, think about u.s. 15 or even 355. right now three people cannot go back inside their home after a car crashed through a the scene unfolding last night on kaymar way. justin finch is here with a closer look at the damage. wow, justin. >> reporter: good morning, eun. still lots of damage here. three people were inside on the second floor. that driver did not suffer serious injuries we are told, but the three people did require rescue from that second floor there of this townhouse. now looking at the images soon after the crash, montgomery
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here just after 11:00 last night. finding a bmw suv having plowed through the front wall of this two-story gaithersburg townhouse off the 19000 block of kaymar way near center park. you can see there is the vehicle through the first floor of this townhouse. bringing you back see that this house has been deemed unsafe by county inspectors. and there's a lot of debris and also construction material from this home here from the impact of this crash. luckily, again, three people inside were not hurt in all this. that driver suffering nonlife-threatening injuries. and still no word at this time as to what caused this crash in the first place. back to you. >> justin finch live in gaithersburg, thank you. approaching 5:16 and developing this morning in
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of surgery after he was shot in the head last night. 29-year-old collin rose was on duty when the shooting happened. police have a person of interest in custody right now but it is unknown if that person was the shooter. and good news if your holiday travels are taking you down to the sunshine state. i have a hard time with that. most of the zika zone in miami has been lifted. the newly-cleared area covers three square miles along the ocean there. the florida health department says no cases transmission have been reported in 45 days. a 1.5-square mile zika zone remains in place in south beach. new york city police are busy securing the macy's thanksgiving day parade route. after 3,000 officers will be on patrol, sanitation trucks will be used as road blockades. and for the first time, cross streets along the parade route will be shut down. the extra security follows a recent article in an isis
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you can catch the parade live tomorrow morning at 9:00 right here on nbc4. and when you and the family sit around the table tomorrow, an astronaut 200 miles above earth will be doing the same thing. shane gave us a preview of their big dinner. >> here's our turkey right here. so it's going to be in a touch. we'll heat this up and it will taste really good just like you're having at home. this is our corn bread dressing that we will obviously put some water in and heat it we have cherry blueberry cobbler for dessert. so that is going to but with a many. >> sometimes you have that one aunt who wants to cook everything but she shouldn't. >> and what is the nice way to tell her she shouldn't do it. >> what about thanksgiving, you can't have thanksgiving without football, right? >> red skins and cowboys. >> the commander of the international space station says mission control will send up live football games to watch to
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experience. well, for the last time during his time in office, president obama awarded the medal of freedom to several american icons yesterday. the nation's highest civilian honor and list of recipients included bill and melinda gates, robert de niro, bruce springsteen and ellen degeneres among several others. >> and one of the recipients was ellen degeneres trending on social media first because she forgot her i.d.! in. everyone, it doesn't matter who you are, you have to prove who you say you are. she eventually got inside and was given the medal. it was a very touching moment. and look, the mannequin challenge, this is it. people frozen in action. do you recognize all those faces? there's melinda gates. that's tom hanks. ellen right there. kareem abdul-jabaar, bill gates, bruce springsteen.
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p.m. very fun. >> yes. de niro right there. let's go to chuck bell with a look at the forecast. no? >> that's good, excellent. >> i can't do the whole forecast frozen in time, but that was pretty good, i thought. a good job for them. i wonder if they come out that interesting. outside right now the skies are clear, the winds are light, and as a result temperatures are cold, cold, cold this morning. 18 in warrenton, 19 in manassas. 36 in washington. this is not windchill. these are the actual temperatures because the winds are calm. so plan on the upper teens to low to mid-20s in most of the outlying areas early this morning. planning out your day, mid-20s right now. we'll need mid to upper 20s by 7:00. near 50 by 3:00 this afternoon. plenty of sunshine first half of
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coming back tomorrow. the i'll update the rain chances for tomorrow on into black friday as well in my social media pages. follow me @chuckbell4 on twitter and search chuckbell4 on facebook and use the nbc washington app to stay ahead of all the weather. rainy weather across much of the ohio valley into the great lakes today. those are probably the biggest impact zones for traveling today. for us, dry weather for now. here's a look at future weather throughout the day, clouds will race in here after tonight. i think better rain chances arrive getting into the overnight hours tonight. tomorrow, mist or drizzle near 40 tomorrow morning first thing. noontime, temperatures near 50. and then dropping back into the mid-40s tomorrow afternoon. not a lot of rain tomorrow, but just a lot of clouds and chances for mist and drizzle. again, here's your thursday rain chances. off and on primarily before lunchtime tomorrow. but again, a lot of clouds hanging tough during the course
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then, today clouds moving in with highs near 50. we'll be in the low 50s tomorrow with a chance of a few showers or sprinkle around. sprinkle chances linger into friday. but saturday and sunday also big travel delay days. melissa mollet is here with the big map on. the inner loop and outer loop nice and clear. all the road work has disappeared, so right now not much happening. hopefully you're leaving very soon if you are headed out of town. 95 southbound is nice and clear right now in virginia. you are on time. again, going to have some changes there in the express lane times coming up. that is through the next five days or so. 66 into town or out of town, no worries. 270 is the slow at the southbound off 70. angie goff at the live desk where we are following breaking news. a person just rescued from a house fire.
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take a look at the new images into the newsroom of firefighters putting out the blaze. this is in 6300 block of sheridan street. one person is in the hospital in critical condition. the other person escaped on their own with minor injuries. crews are still on the scene putting to it the hot spots.
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welcome back. the consumer foundation says you need to be careful cooking that
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anything to catch on fire near the stove. turn the handles on pots and pans toward the back of the stove so kids don't knock them over. and if you plan to deep fry the turkey, do it outside and away from your house. still ahead this morning, 4 things to know about your thanksgiving eve forecast. and how are the roads looking as you head out of town? melissa mollet will be back with your first 4 tffic.
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pack up and get out. the thanksgiving travel rush has started. what you need to know to avoid a mess. and how to entertain the kids this weekend that won't cost you a and sick at school. kids rushed to the hospital from a maryland high school. what was behind that emergency? good morning to you, i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. it's a chilly day ahead. >> and good morning to you, chuck bell.
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happy thanksgiving. sticking around here, 4 things to know about the day. it's a good day to trot away. up and down the i-95 corridor, if you are headed northbound or southbound, watch for slowing. clouds could move in this afternoon with a little bit of light rain late day or midnight tonight. but most likely dealing with drizzle for tomorrow and maybe on friday. we'll have the shopper forecast coming up. it will be on the chilly si upper 40s to near 50 degrees. and a special surprise coming up at 5:51 today. you won't want to miss that. melissa mollet, we don't want to miss out on the slowdown coming into town. i want to see the surprise. i'm going to go dig around on your desk. it's going to happen. 66 before fairfax county, there's a disabled suv on the left shoulder but not slowing things at all. right there you also saw 95. we are okay on 95. inner loop and outer loop, everything is nice and green.
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or monday. top of the beltway, in and out of town is looking quite good. no big worries. we'll take a look at travel times coming up in ten minutes. thank you, melissa. right now a driver is at the hospital after his car slammed into a home in gaithersburg. this happened on kaymar way at 11:00. coming up, justin finch has a live report on how the people who live in the home are doing now. and president-elect donald trump could announce a new cabini right now there are reports that south carolina governor nikki haley will be the new ambassador to the united nations. >> edward lawrence is here with us now. just last week nikki haley was rumored to be secretary of state. why the change? >> reporter: they are going through a process to determine who is best for the job.
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nikki haley is a rising star within the republican party. they want to get her involved even though she criticized donald trump. however, looking down the road, they are looking at secretary of state and wanted somebody with experience overseas. mitt romney has experience working with overseas and also working with other countries, as you know, he saved the 2002 winter olympics in salt lake city. so they didn't look at this and say he has more experience to handle the secretary of state, but they want to make sure ni haley is involved in government somehow and this is how they're going to do it. >> and the president-elect spoke with "the new york times," we know the editorial board yesterday made some remarks about hillary clinton. what do you say? >> reporter: yeah, in a surprise move, he said he would like to move on from the clinton e-mail investigation saying she suffered greatly, backing off his call during the campaign for a special prosecutor, backing off the call as you heard the
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up." "lock her up." he could be changing his position on the paris accord. he said during the campaign he wanted to get out of the agreements made by president obama including the accord on climate change. now donald trump saying that maybe he has an open mind about that accord, possibly staying with it and sticking to the principles. >> edward lawrence live on capitol hill for us. thank you. 5:33 right now. three u.s. senators from our area are introducing a bill to make sure federal employees kill death gratuities and funeral expenses. barbara mcculsky and ben carden along with mark warner introduced the bill on tuesday. if passed, the death gratuity act will have a standard minimum payment of $100,000 for any federal civilian employee killed on the job. right now families receive $10,000 on the death of a loved one. and now to this developing story in st. mary's county, maryland. authorities need your help
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wearing a purple dress, black leather shoes and a black sweater. call police if you know where she might be. and concerned parents who have students at bethesda chevy chase high school may have questions for school officials. the school sent home a letter yesterday after five students became sick after what seems to be precipitation medicine. four of the students were taken to the hospital under precaution and expected to be okay. another student was picked up by a guardian. it is not exactly the students took. arlington county police officers are telling people to hit the brakes, avoid a ticket and save a life. yesterday drivers were tested. if a driver didn't pull over, he was pulled over by another officer down the street. one officer felt like it was entrapment, but police said it allowed hem to drive safely. and d.c. public officials
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made to the fire alarm system inside the district's biggest homeless shelter. it's expected to be completed in a month. the government memo obtained by the i-team said the shelter's prevention equipment and alarm suffered continuous extensive vandalism. the damage was discovered after an october fire ripped through part of the complex. the city now has a fire family-friendly ideas going on this weekend that won't break the bank. i talked to the owner who has three discounted and low-cost activities in the area. i was given great ideas for the long upcoming weekend. the children's science center at the mall is offering its tie of tickets for the holiday weekend. $5 instead of $12. you can get your shopping done
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and we have a class for kids up to the age of 30. you can grab a ticket for that. the national theater in d.c. offered saturday mornings at the national showing and the kids are free for kids, 9:30 and 11:00. and you can expose your kids to the art without committing to a long performance. >> with the upcoming holiday, instead of bridging the ballet c that's a great way to say, okay, is the nutcracker too much. ? a 30-minute presentation is a good way to introduce him to the show. in a check from facebook, why thousands of viewers are being paid by the social media
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across our area as thousands travel for the thanksgiving day holiday. another forecast update for you in the week ahead. here are some holiday nightmares. >> traffic is confusing to me because it's like, don't go home for thanksgiving and then there's traffic on the way back, so it's like, don't go back home
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5:40 on one of the biggest travel days of the year. wednesday before thanksgiving and it's a cold start this morning. you may need to let the car run for a few minutes to get the seat heaters going before you hop in. 20s in the suburbs. a milder 38 at reagan national where this picture was taken. what to wear today? heavy coat. no need for the umbrella for much of the daylight hours, but rain chances are sneaking in starting late tonight into tomorrow. i'll show you future weather coming up in a couple more minutes. have your wool scarf and hat on for now. temperatures in the 20s to near 30 between now and 8:00 this morning. up to near 50 for later on today. so not a bad day. the daily grade today, b-plus.
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see your special treat coming up in ten minutes. any treats in traffic? just a little bit of a trick. that was a month ago. we shouldn't be trick or treating. inbound canal at foxhall, we have a brand new crash before foxhall. that's the closest camera view we can get of that area. taking a look at travel times, 270 here southbound from germantown to the spur, you're on time. top of the beltway is nice and clear this morning. we do have a problem outer loop near allentown that is not slowing things okay. listen to wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car for your thanksgiving day travel. recalled toys could end up under your christmas tree this year. how to make sure the gifts you're buying are safe. and the highest number of americans traveling this thanksgiving holiday in nearly a decade.
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right now on "news4 today," it is getaway day wherever you are going. expect a traffic mess. and "news4 today" is here to help you get around. and if you are flying, pack the patience. we are live at reagan national this morning. and i'll have the holiday forecast. i'll let you know if you need to bundle up for your thanksgiving celebrations. and recalled gifts could end up under your christmas tree. safe this black friday. and facebook paying you for its mistakes. why you could be getting a check from the social media site. a live look at the roads right now across our area. >> traffic appears to be moving smoothly in virginia but melissa is here with a look at the roads. that was a look at the calm
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travelers, if you will. travel experts say today is one of the busiest travel days of the year. >> be sure to pack your patience regardless of whether you are traveling on the roads, through the air. erika gonzalez is live at reagan national now with a look at major delays or cancellations. erika, good morning. >> reporter: hi, eun. good morning. we are looking rely zero cancellations. we are off to a really smooth start. if you are traveling this thanksgiving holiday, by plane, you are in good company. about 90,000 d.c. area residents will be taking to the skies this holiday. and that number is up about 5%. so round-trip tickets for the top 40 domestics destinations are just over $200 to give people incentive to go out to see their loved ones. so i'm checking the lines for
5:47 am
if you are heading out here in a couple hours and want to know what it looks like, we moved to a different vantage point to show you what this line looks like. this is outside gates 23-34. and irene, if you walk with me this way, we'll go to the start of the line. back over here we are looking really good. probably another two to three rows before you reach security. so things are really moving smoothly this morning. maybe a different picture this afternoon, but we checked in with very happy morning going to see family. >> reporter: and what are you going to say when you see your uncle? what do you say on turkey day. what do you say? >> happy birthday. >> reporter: let's try again. happy thanks -- >> giving. >> reporter: yes, sir. wasn't he great? we wish you safe travels.
5:48 am
national. if you are going to grandma's house or to see aunt mary, uncle bob, no politics at the dinner table and you should be just fine. at ray dpan national, i'm erika gonzalez. back to you. >> all good advice. >> good rule. if you are flying out of bw marshall, it may look differently. they unveiled the new connector yesterday to allow it to add more international flights. the de connector includes gates, and there are also new food options, a children's play area and outdoor patio. and new this morning the chattanooga, tennessee, community came together to remember the five children who were killed in that bus crash yesterday. people released balloons to honor the victims. a prayer vigil was also held. the bus driver, the 24-year-old johnthony walker is in jail charged with five counts of vehicular homicide. his mother says the crash was an
5:49 am
it don't make no sense. >> police say walker was driving well above the 30-mile-per-hour speed limit right before the crash. well, getting a look at some new images of a suspect accused of exposing himself to a child inside a fairfax county store. police want you to take a good look at these photos from inside the target store on arlington boulevard. detectives say this man exposed himself to inside the store's bathroom last thursday night. if you recognize him or identify the logo on his hat, please call fairfax county police. a few weeks ago i found out something about aaron i could not believe. you might remember this. >> what is it? >> hazelnut chocolate spread. you have never had nutella? >> no. >> people -- nutella is one of the foods of the gods, you know what i mean? it's delicious on just about everything.
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little present to try nutella and you still haven't tried it. >> it's waiting on my desk when i need a little pick-me-up. >> that's what i'm here for. >> wow! >> because of your nutella strike going on -- >> where is aaron? >> there's one for each of us. melissa decided not to come to the studio. so i googled it on the website. the top and a swirl down the middle. all homemade by me, yours truly. this is your notice if you're allergic to walnuts or flour or anything like that. don't eat these. i'm sure the newsroom will find somebody to eat it. >> i have to take this back to the newsroom? >> well, i don't have to. i can leave it out here for you guys. the control room is calling. they would like a loaf to pop in there. >> they smell really good.
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that. >> i took a corner. i couldn't resist. >> i kept hoping eric wanted one. i actually made four of them, and my better half was like, one of those stays here, right? of course. one was meant for you. we have a clear sky and calm wind. as a result, it's gotten really cold out there this morning. traveling to the airports, be on the lo detroit, houston, and snow showers up to the north and in the pacific northwest. the rain drops are coming our way for tomorrow, not much rain expected but a lot of clouds during the day tomorrow.
5:52 am
see showers tonight. have your nbc4 app downloaded and ready to go. full cloud cover tonight. and this particular cover keeps rain showers away new mexico tomorrow morning. then hit-and-miss pockets of light rain, mist and drizzle around during the course of the day tomorrow. more in the morning than the here is your ten-day forecast, near 50 today with the clouds moving in. a lot of clouds the next couple of days. not a lot of rain, just a lot of clouds around with showers. dry weather for saturday and sunday. then turning milder with next week being our first real
5:53 am
we have one lane being blocked here but things are not slowing too much. 66 is just fine. 95 northbound is nice and clear, as are all the alternates like bw parkway and route 1. inbound canal road we have a crash blocking part of the intersection. and on church. thank you, melissa. before you buy a snap tray for your thanksgiving day feast, listen to this story. earlier we told you that sabra was recalling all the hummus. and now schnucks is recalling
5:54 am
contamination. as you start your holiday shopping, be careful. retail products are still online. the u.s. public interest research group put this list together and susan hogan has the warning about the trouble in toyland. >> reporter: this consumer group is letting parents know that they can ha bean bag chair, these were products recalled last year and there could be more. >> if there happens to be a toy that somehow didn't get pulled off the shelves, the retailer actually has in their system something that will alert the
5:55 am
when buying products for your child, make sure to buy at a reputable store and online retailer. to insure safe play, go to our nbcwashington app. and good morning, i'm landon dowdy. the markets will try to push farther into unchartered waters today.
5:56 am
nasdaq and s&p 500 also hit new record highs. it's taken the dow to go from 18,000 to 19,000. they will have reports of durable goods and the money consumer today. i'm landon dowdy. some facebook users are getting $15 checks in the mail. the california judge $21 million class-action lawsuit claiming facebook was improperly using photos and names of users in ads. some of the users were younger than 18 years old. the suit also claimed the ads were created after people liked company pages or posts. facebook also promised to give users more control how their photos are used. new overnight, a gaping hole left in a gaithersburg home. >> a driver injured and three
5:57 am
townhouse. a live report is coming up. and the mother of a child killed on a tennessee school bus wants the driver held responsible. the accident also has people demanding. what the changes could mean for your child's ride to school. shipments delayed. the strike can keep you from receiving your time.
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good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. a car plows right into a home in hole. what happens to the family, next. and there's a lot of traffic. >> i haven't been here when it's been quite this bad. >> it was horrible. like it was really, really bad. it was stopped, not a bunch of go, but stopped. >> we are keeping an eye on the roads and the airports for you this morning. we want to help you avoid major backups like this. melissa mollet will have an update on road conditions in just a minute. but we begin with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell in your weather headlines. chuck? hey, good morning to you. good morning, everybody.
6:00 am
dry as well, but it is cold this morning in the 20s in most of the neighborhoods. so layer up. cloudy and cool, chances of light rain and drizzle for tomorrow. and still looks like friday is going to be pretty cloudy as well. out the door you go this morning, 24 in lorton. 18 in winchester and manassas. lots of sunshine before noon today. then clouds increasing later on this afternoon. afternoon temperatures up near 50 degrees. and the early grandma's house to head back home, in the 50s. but again, thanksgiving and the day after could be rainy. more about that coming up in a few more minutes. melissa says things are going downhill fast. here at fox hol near canal road, much of the traffic is returning or turning around due to a crash in the area. i'm trying to figure out what is going on, but they are turning folks around.


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