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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  November 25, 2016 4:00pm-4:59pm EST

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well it is finally here. one of the busiest shopping days of the year. but we have you covered, monitoring everything from crowds to traffic to getting the best deals. and also cloudy black friday out there. but how is that weekend shaping up? plus much needed rain on the way and we'll let you know when that will happen, coming up. and new details from the national zoo as one of the prized panda cubs undergoes emergency surgery. thanks for joining us. first at 4, i'm chris lawrence. >> and i'm susan hogan in for pat lawson muse this afternoon. d.c. police are trying to figure out who gunned down a teenager
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it happened just before noon on eye street near 12th street, half a mie southeast of the eastern market metro. >> we learned that the girl has died. now we don't know much more information than that right now. we're still working to try to find out her name, her age and how all of this started. detectives are on the scene right now and derrick ward is talking to investigators. he's going to bring us an update as more information comes in. details about a murder in falls church on thanksgiving. a man was found dead inside of an apartment late last night. today police say they have made several arrests in that case. >> the apartment is on seminary road and shemmary stone is live with the latest on the investigation. what are you hearing, shomari. >> good evening, chris and susan. what i'm hearing, the police tell me that the victim in this case and four suspects knew each
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thanksgiving gathering gone wrong. police arrested three men. let's show you some video right now. freddy augustine, charged with murder and burglary, gabriel cocoa and jose perez are charged with burglary, not the homicide for those two. police are looking for a fourth suspect. his name is addini cabrera. and it took place inside of the skyline kwar apartment building, a apartment rise here in the fa county on thanksgiving night. police received a call about a suspicious situation in an apartment on the 25th floor. when officers arrived, they found a man suffering from trauma to the upper body. he died. after the murder, sources say two of the suspects, ones i just told you about, allegedly stole some items from the victim. police arrested all three suspects, again, they are searching for a fourth one. his name is cabrera. notice i keep calling this
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they are in the process of notifying his relatives about what happened. coming up at 5:00, we actually talk to some people who live here in this building. you'll have to hear what they have to say. live here in the falls church section of fairfax countries, i'm shomari stone, nbc 4. >> thank you. this afternoon, cloudy and a little cool. everyone wants to know what is in store for the holiday weekend. >> that is right. and storm team 4 meteorologist what can we expect? >> we could expect the windchills to come back, unfortunately, we'll have some winds back in the forecast. and not bad of a wind today. it was on the light side but boy were the clouds hanging tough out there. and this is not reston, but the national harbor as could you see from the ferris wheel. it is just a cloudy, gloomy day. it looked like it would rain for much of the day however we did not see any sprinkles that i'm aware of, unless you saw maybe one or two on your windshield as
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50s. 57 is the temperature and through the evening it is cloudy and cool. now as we get into the weekend, as i said, we'll introduce the windchills back into the forecast but we also have some sunshine and some much-needed rain, possibly a lot it and we'll show you that on ten-day coming up. the holiday shopping frenzy is underway. just about every mall and shopping center in the area is take a look at this. chopper 4 is live over arundel mills in hanover, maryland. look at the parking lot. the mall has been open since 6:00 last night and don't see a space down there. a lot of shoppers have been out there since midnight and some earlier than that, all of them trying to take advantage of the black friday deals. >> that is for sure. my child wanted to do it so badly. she made it for two hours and came right back home. i've had enough.
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record-breaking news. justin finch is live at tysons corner center with more on what he's seen today. you are still in one piece, i see? >> reporter: good afternoon. very busy day out here. we're just off of trains bridge road between the tysons mall and the galleria. and a lot of traffic out here and inside of the mall there is more of the same. let's take you to some video f. you are friday or throughout the long weekend you'll see lots of stull stores and full backs and parking lots. the national retail federation expecting more than 130 million shoppers to shop there black friday in stores and online and through the long thanksgiving weekend. most are going out today. especially millennials, a highly sought-after demographic and this is despite the retailers
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weeks before thanksgiving and going until black friday night. now what are shoppers buying? a bit of everything. name it. and for some, some say money is no object and different story for some is others. >> the deals are really good. so i've been getting gifts and things for myself so i've been spending a little -- maybe too much money, but i think it's worth it. >> i'm trying to keep my budget under 200 because i get really bad when i go black friday 5:00 and 6:00, we delve deeper into the brewing battle between online retailers and brick and mortar stores and find out how the battle is changing your black friday. susan, back into you. >> thanks, justin. most of the malls and shopping centers are pros at handle black friday shoppers but one place is experiencing it for the very first time. we'll show you how it went in the next half hour. and to find out how long
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will stay open today, search "black friday" in the nbc washington app. first at 4:00, a story i shared on my facebook page, our favorite panda is recovering from emergency surgery. bei bei ate way too much bamboo over thanksgiving and some got caught in his digestive track. it looks like i'm not the only one who didn't practice moderation. they knew something was wrong when bei bei was sleeping more th bamboo and he will be back on his feet and eating regular foods again. we learned the names of two more picks for the trump administration. he chose k.t. mcfarland for the national security security adviser and is a fox news analyst, and also announced one
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counsel. and some president-elect supporters are pushing back at the idea of mitt romney at the secretary of state and they are concerned because romney has not been a loyal supporter of trump and he is spending his weekend at the florida estate and more picks could be coming. could our country be getting closer to a election recount? we'll tell you about the recount efforts that are quickly gaining traction. plus it is a holiday tradition in washington and one
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green party presidential candidate jill stein is demanding a recount. and as of today stein and her running mate have collected nearly $5 million and they are using it to fund a recount campaign in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. all states where president-elect donald trump had a narrow lead. most polls gave hillary clinton the edge in those states, leading some to speculate that votes were tampered with, but there is very little proof that happened. under wisconsin law stein's
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so keep this in mind when you go back to work on monday, metro will be starting its next safe track surge and it is a big one, folks. surge 11 affected the orange and silver lines and there are continuous single tracking between west and east falls church and trains will run every 20 minutes and metro said all orange and silver line trains could be packed. the blue line will also likely see crowding between roslin and stadium armory and this round of did you eat a little too much yesterday? come on, be honest. it is not too late to get your diet back on track for the holidays. what the experts say you should do to keep the weight off. a bove and beyond. a local medic saved two toddlers and it doesn't stop there.
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it's probably not the thanksgiving weekend one family
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something to be thanksgivingful for. >> she was attacked and mauled by a bear and she said it felt like an eternity as the bear mauled her. >> she gave a one-on-one interview to our own meagan fitzgerald first on news 4. >> come on -- oh, yes. good dog. >> there is a lot to be thankful for in karen osborne's house. >> i was asking him to say good-bye to didn't think i would be here today. >> reporter: last wednesday night, she was walking next door to her daughter's house. >> half way down the driveway this bear just came from the right side, on two legs, roaring at me. >> the same bear she's seen around the neighborhood for years, but this time it was with three cubs and it was ready to attack. >> i turned to see it and it grabbed me right here and threw me to the ground.
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my arm in half and then she came back around again and attacked me from above, on top of my head. >> reporter: over a span of 35 minutes, the bear mauled karen four times. leaving her nearly lifeless on the driveway and convinced she was going to die. >> she went to catch her breath and laying behind me and coy feel the hot air of her breath on my neck. >> that is when karen realized she had her cell phone and made a desperate plea to 911. >> i can't and i'm gonna die. please come now. please come now. send someone now, i'm being attack by this bear. it's coming back. >> she literally bit my arm in half. show did she miss all of the tendons. >> police arrived and karen was quickly rushed to the hospital. >> she collapsed the bottom portion of one of my lungs and of course this arm is broken. >> reporter: sure, it will take time for her wounds to heal. >> do you think i had an angel
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>> reporter: but karen osborne and her family are so thankful, saying this holiday means more than it ever has before. >> life is very short, enjoy your family while you have them. >> reporter: reporting in frederick, meagan fitzgerald, nbc 4. >> you always wonder what would happen -- how would you react, how would i react and the fact she had the wherewithal to dial 911 is just mind-boggling. >> probably saved her life. >> without a doubt. and the amazing thing and the expected to make a full recovery. >> we have a link to her go-fund-me page. it is going to help cover her medical expenses. that is inside the nbc washington app. look, thanksgiving is behind us. christmas is right around the corner. district is going to get into the holiday spirit at 6:00 by lighting the christmas tree at city center. police are closing 10th street between h. and new york avenue and i. street is closed from 9th
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at 4:00 in the afternoon and last through 9:00 p.m. eun yang will emcee the ceremony. >> and everyone has their eyes to the sky because we want to have a nice, clear sky for all of that and no rain. so lauryn, no pressure. >> give it us, lauryn. >> we got away with thanksgiving without any rain and some areas saw a few sprinkles and that is about it and we continue into really the weekend and the workweek coming up next. and it just looks all right. and we do quite frank. so let's break it down for you. it has been looking like it will rain at any given time today but we just have the cloud cover with the frontal system down to the south and forming along the clouds -- pretty thick across the area. but mild. temperatures in the 50s today. now tomorrow it is breezy. but it is going to be beautiful. we'll get the sunshine back and that sunshine continues through sunday as well. so again, not looking too bad as we get into sunday.
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could see temperatures are 57 here in washington. it is 59 in manassas. there we go. there we go. am i looking better now. i'm not taking up the whole screen. 54 in frederick, 57 in leesberg. thanks, guys. as far as radar is concerned, you could see we have the cloud cover but it is started to thin out a little bit so we'll get a little bit of thinning of the cloud cover and start to see clearer skies, especially into the late evening. and that means temperatures will drop. so it is rather cool into the overnight. and i took o t any sprinkles during the overnight or even this evening because we are not seeing anything. that is not to say you couldn't see one or two on your windshield but that is about it. as far as the evening planner for tonight, temperatures slipping into the 40s. 30s outside of the beltway and the shenandoah valley could be in the low 30s so i put a sprinkle perhaps by 7:00 p.m. winds will increase and that is the main story as we get into your saturday. temperatures only in the low 50s. now we topped out in the mid to
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low 50s tomorrow. but with that breeze, it will feel like we are in the 30s and 40s for much of tomorrow. now tonight the winds aren't going to be a problem. they pick up after 11:00, even midnight. so if you are out and about after then, know that we'll have a windchill overnight and definitely tomorrow with breey winds with 10 to 15 to 20 and gusts up to 25 miles per hour. and settling back down on sunday. about 10 miles per hour, and nothing we can't deal with. activities on saturday, especially if you want a bon fire, and definitely on the breezy side but not that bad. this is the rain we need tuesday night into wednesday night and again on thursday morning. but look at the mild temperatures. mild temperatures moving back into the area before we cool back down. now we'll time out sunday for you. if you are traveling and back to where you need to go after the holiday weekend, we have your answer all along the
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and here is a question. should you shop online and get all of the black friday deals or wait until cyber monday, which things you could get a good deal on if you wait. >> and how you should prepare for your online shopping. and not everyone is digging into their wallets today. some people are spending the day
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black friday means lines outside of the big retailers and while one popular chain did have lines this morning, they weren't there to take advantage of any sales. >> mark segraves explains why so many people are opting out of black friday today. >> reporter: they started lining up early this morning, black friday, like tens of thousands across the country. but here at this retailer, they
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day off with pay and even the shipping department is close pd and they want everyone to spend some time in nature. in virginia, mark segraves, nbc 4. >> wish we could join him in the great outdoors. >> christmas decorations are going up at 1600 pennsylvania avenue as the obamas get ready for the final celebration in the white house. >> today the official white house tree arrived via it came from a farm in wisconsin, the tree will go up in the blue room and military families will be at the white house on tuesday for the unveiling ceremony. in some places black friday has a different tone this year. why some people are protesting the biggest shopping day of the year. and a grandmother's thanksgiving invitation went viral after she asked the wrong person to join her and now it is
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now at 4:30, police in fairfax county say they've made several arrests in connection with a murder and burglary at a condo along seminary road. police say three people have been arrested so far. one is charged with murder, the others with burglary. one burglary suspect, a 21-year-old is still out there and no word yet on the name of the victim. the president-elect just made two more -- named two more people to his white house mcfarland as deputy national security adviser and asked donald mcgahn to serve as white house counsel. neither position requires senate confirmation. now at 4:30, the malls are bustling and cash registers ringing today as shoppers hunt for black friday bargains. chopper 4 is live right now, over the very crowded parking lots of westfield montgomery mall in bethesda which is open
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more than 130 million americans are expected to shop there holiday weekend. including me. news 4's amy cho went to the new clarksburg outlet where shoppers were out bright and early today. >> reporter: this morning, the sun may not have been up but these shoppers certainly were. >> i've been here since around about -- >> i'm feeling pretty tired, yeah, we've been here for about five hours now. >> reporter: on this black friday, many found those perfect reasons to shell out. >> how much did you spend >> i spent 2000. >> reporter: purchases weren't light. a lot of shoppers all schlepping huge bags that came at bargains and others got a different kind of workout, exercising their patients. >> she will do it all day. because she is that type of person. she like to shop. and she pulled me out of my bed -- i didn't even want to come. >> reporter: another shopper, anna, had no qualms about bringing her husband along today.
4:32 pm
under armour store. and could you see the shoppers lined up all trying to get a part of theath leisure craze. >> and i figured i would come out and enjoy it. >> and if you are looking to hit the stores today, you have plenty of time. they are open until 10:00 p.m. at the clarksburg outlet, amy cho, nbc 4. developing rig friday got off to a violent start near atlantic city. one person was killed in a shooting outside of a shopping mall there just hours before the mall opened. police say two brothers were shot around 1:00 in the morning. one of them died, the other is still in the hospital. police have not released a motive or how many others are involved. the mall closed at midnight and did reopen early this morning. instead of shopping a group of people in chicago spent the day protesting the deaths of recent black men at the hands of police.
4:33 pm
magnificent mile and calling for the mayor and the chicago city council to create a civilian police accountability counsel and ask called for the ousting of the mayor and this is the second year protesters have gathered there on black friday. demonstrators also marched through new york city, protesting everything from black friday consumerism to anti-union businesses and the presidential through the midtown business district and targeted those that were open on blank friday and several other banks. this morning a south carolina judge ruled that dylann roof is competent to stand trial. he is accused of shooting nine people inside of the ame church last august. he offered to plead guilty but the deal was rejected. jury selection for his trial
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well a paramedic from prince george county is going above and beyond to help a family get through a tough time. a father stabbed his two young children and assaulted their mother in the home in district heights. well the kids are okay thanks in part to the paramedic. tracee wilkins have more on his mission to help this family make a fresh start. >> reporter: it is black friday and everyone is in a buying mood. but one prince george's county paramedic is hoping that some of are you in a giving mo the lives of two toddlers who were stabbed by their father on veteran's day and now she is helping to raise money so that this family can have a good christmas this year. the mother, who was the victim of unspeakable violence that night that her toddlers were stabbed, is relocating and is starting a brand-new life and this paramedic wants to make sure that at least the christmas is off to the right start.
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well, it is a beautiful sunset out there that i want to show you. sun going down at 4:48. so just in about 15 minutes or so. we have chopper 4, just lighting up the sky. as the clouds start to scour out, now it is taking a little bit for them to do so but we have the sunset going on right there. changes for chopper 4, always working for you. and that is a little light at the end of a gloomy day. bec the way. specifically for tomorrow, we'll see sunshine here in our area. and you could see we have the clouds but there is a little bit of clearing out in the shenandoah valley and coming into the d.c. area so we'll continue to see the clouds decrease. but the winds will increase. by the time we get into your saturday. 57 is that temperature right now. nod bad of a wind but we still have the clouds, as i said they decrease as we continue into the overnight.
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patchy fog in some spots and very similar to this morning. we saw some fog down to the south and temperatures slipping into the 40s under the clear skies. how is your weekend shaping up? i want to talk about saturday. weather is good around here but around the mid-atlantic, we'll show you that in a few minutes. what started as an accidental text message ended with a big fat turkey. we've been telling you about the story that went viral on social media. a grandmother in arizona mi text message thread inviting her family to dinner, and even after they sorted out the mix-up, her invitation stood. she met the young man on thanksgiving and enjoyed having dinner together. >> people are saying that i have faith in humanity again and i just thinking, wow, i want to know him because i liked my first impression. >> he texted her back saying you are not my grandma and she said
4:37 pm
attention of stove top stuffing and giving both of them a year's supply of stuffing for their pantries. >> so they could invite more people. that is so great. well speaking of thanksgiving, this is the time of year, it is way too easy to overeat and under-exercise. >> for sure. but there are some simple things you could do to stay on track. first at 4:00, how to recover your diet after one of the biggest eating days of the year.
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you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice.
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well, contrary to staiiy types, minerals are going to the -- millennials are going to stores to search for the bargains. half are 34 years old or younger and once they get there millennials are determined to get the bargains, they are more to make their purchases. so how are you feeling after your big thanksgiving meal? >> considering it is still going on and on, left-overs, i'm feeling great. >> we'll ask tomorrow. >> dieticians are suggesting planning your meals around protein and vegetables and including small portions of left-overs like stuffing and casseroles this way you are not wasting food and you feel like you are indulging without
4:41 pm
left-overs -- benefits of loeftovers is you know the calories and that will prioritize what you want to eat and left for the rest of your family. >> and don't totally abandon your exercise routine now that is getting colder, you could reduce the amount of time, say from 40 minutes to 20 minutes and shorter and higher intensity bouts of exercise have actually been shown to have an immense benefit for you. >> speaking of good health, it was one of the big during the campaign. to repeal and replace obama care, but is it doable and what does that mean for the 20 million americans who count on it. >> and black friday is winding down with so many deals in the air, should you buy now or wait
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take a look at that. right now you are looking at live pictures from chopper 4. that traffic.
4:45 pm
clarksburg outlets in montgomery county and o.m.g. even though you think black friday right now is dying down, it is kind of the end of the day, i don't think these people got the memo. >> look at the parking lot. are all of the people on the highway waiting to turn into the mall? >> yes, they are. >> wow. we've just been told they are. that is amazing. >> that is. honestly, i would be at that point -- >> god bless you. >> i know, really. sorry. couldn't do it. >> well care is very high on the incoming president's agenda. but what does that mean for the 20 million americans who rely on it. >> bertha combs takes a look at the future of the affordable care act. >> republicans have been promising to repeal and replace the affordable care act since it was passed in 2012. it is one of the top items on president-elect donald trump's to-do list. but it won't be easy. especially with more than 20
4:46 pm
coverage. >> the bottom line is the trump administration owns obama care for the next two years and they are going to have to implement it as it is because the kind of replacement plan they are talking about is so significantly different, you can't just pull little pieces out of there. >> speaker paul ryan's better way plan offers one replacement road map. >> our plan gives you more control -- >> it includes republican proposals endorsed by president-elect trump like tax credits, health savings accounts and allowingin increase competition. >> te stressed they want to have freedom of choice. so as you know, the plans have been very structured as to what they offer and not. there is a desire to change that, to create more freedom of choice. >> ryan and others from the gop repealed the controversial individual mandate and keeping the popular ban on insurers discriminating those with pre-existing conditions, for those who maintain insurance coverage. they drop health plan requirements to cover things
4:47 pm
control to allow more basic plans but insurers could also charge older and sicker patients more and instead of of a cadillac tax on expensive employer health plans, they would cap how much companies can deduct for those plans. >> you needed $87 billion, or that is what the cbo projected that you would have from the cadillac tax to pay for many of the provisions in the health care plan. now with congressman ryan's plan, it is essentially a getting more revenue -- >> as for the aca planned tax subsidies, a plan by georgia representative tom price, a candidate for health and human services secretary would replace them with tax credits ranging from 1300 to $3,000 depending on your age. >> that was bertha combs reporting. any repeal will likely include a transition period as one consultant put it, even when you move slow, it is a lot easier to
4:48 pm
amazon is forecasting record sales for this thanksgiving holiday. the online retailer said people placed millions of dollars in orders on thursday. thanksgiving day sales of electronics and other items are exceeding last year's thanksgiving and cyber monday sales. and amazon customers have ordered more than 100,000 toys just in the last two days alone. and as plaque friday comes to a os thinking ahead to score even more deals. >> imagine, right? the type of deals you get today are different from those on cyber monday. although some retailers have started those sales today. many will hold even bigger savings on monday. yes. well here are four things you need to know before you get overwhelmed by all of the choices. research deals first and make a game plan. visit comparison shopping sites
4:49 pm
vetted the work and take the guess-work out of where the bargains are for you. security tips, don't use free public wi-fi to make your purchases. be suspicious of great deals you learn about on social media or e-mails and don't ever click on those links. now the top four categories, by percentage off on cyber monday, according to retail me not, computer and electronics will be 48% and designer clothing, off, teen clothing, makes a difference folks, i have two of them. 39% off and books and news, 33% off. now remember, a deal is only good if the shipping costs are low or free. >> that is true. >> huge. >> and before you hit submit, make sure you know how much it will cost and that it will arrive in time for christmas. >> that is important. >> you would think so. look, don't forget about the -- there is another sale
4:50 pm
two high-profile sales. >> that is right. tomorrow is small business saturday and it has grown in popularity across the country. one of the most active business districts in our area is alexandria of course. they will have family activities and prize giveaways and special deals on food and they have the tree lighting tonight in market square. check out what small businesses in your area are doing tomorrow. just head to the nbc washington app and search small business as folks start to head out, especially to some of the outdoor areas like alexandria, any problems weather-wise? >> you know, we were scott-free today and yesterday it was fine and the weekend even going to be better. >> great. >> and then we have 60s next week. are you all ready for that? >> i am. >> mid to upper 60s. bring it on. but we have some rain on the way so we have to take the good with the bad once again. and we need the rain. we are almost 10 inches below normal since september 1st. so yes, we do need the rain and
4:51 pm
rain. and it looks like by mid next week we'll get our wish. let's show you what is going on out there. national harbor, i wonder how busy that is, after seeing the small shots from chopper 4. you could see national harbor, that ferris wheel lit up. plenty of clouds still in the background and that is the way it will be throughout the remainder of the evening. but they will start to scour out. so dry and cloudy as we go into tonight. sunshine for the weekend. it is going to be breezy rain on the way. not tonight, though. looking good, as we continue through the evening here. and just again, a few clouds are starting to kind of thin out in it the shenandoah valley but that is about it. widen out this picture on storm team 4 and you could see a few sprinkles in some spots highly isolate add cross the mid-atlantic and that tl could be -- there could be one or two sprinkles and tomorrow morning temperatures in the 30s and 40s because we're going to have the
4:52 pm
temperature will drop. 30s and 40s. 42 inside of the beltway and outside of the beltway temperatures are in the 30s. now, for the weekend, it is going to be a little breezy. that wind picking up overnight. so if you are going to be out and about late tonight, just know we're going to have a windchill during the overnight and it will feel like the 20s and 30s by the time you wake up tomorrow morning and 30s and 40s for much of the day even though the air temperature moving into the low 50s. plenty of sunshine on sunday. i think the wind will settle down. about 10 miles per hour but nothing we can't deal with. saturday. this is 3:30, michigan, and it looks like they could get snow at the stadium and looking good for uva and virginia tech is playing and a little on the breezy side but as you are traveling on sunday, you wake up early in the morning, and nothing except for a little bit of lake-effect snow threw erie and through western new york and looking good through sunday evening and it is beautiful and monday as you make your way home, also gorgeous but
4:53 pm
tuesday, a few showers will get a break on wednesday morning. wednesday night and into thursday. so more rain headed our way, but temperatures in the 60s before we cool back down into the 50s and 40s. remembering a television icon and the woman who served as a role model for countless families. we're remembering the actress whose career spanned seven
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1-888-get-fios to learn more. cable can't offer speeds this fast at a price this good.
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one of the most gracious people he's ever known. williams said he was proud to call her mom and a life long friend. crist palone has more on the career, actress, singer and tv host. ?? >> to her family and friends and countless fans around the world, florence henderson was by all accounts a lovely lady and a star of broadway and tv when she her carol brady, an upbeat mother to six children in a blended family. "the brady bunch" aired for just five seasons but they had a spinoff of shows and specials. her big tv break came in 1959 on the "today" show when she was hired at the first ever "today" girl doing weather reports and feature stories. henderson was also the first woman ever to guest host the
4:58 pm
carson took over. in a recent tv interview she credited hard work for her success. >> it is 99% sweat, determination, and 1% talent. if you have the desire, if you have the talent, you have to be willing to work and pay your dues. >> marsha on "the brady bunch" tweeted florence hasn't was a dear friend for so many years and in my heart forever. love and hungs to her family. as news spread across los angeles from the brady's tv home to her star on the hollywood walk of fame, fans are honoring henderson's life and her impact on theirs. florence henderson was 82. chris pallone, nbc news 4. breaking news. we are working new information about the murder of a teenager. i'm susan hogan. >> and i'm jim handly.
4:59 pm
i. near 12th street in southeast d.c. not too far from market. derrick ward is live on scene with the police. what could you tell us? >> reporter: well, good afternoon, take a look. you could see the scene behind me here. take a look at that black vehicle, that is in the 1200 block of i. street and police are focusing their attention on that car and it is part of the crime scene, a crime scene they've been holding since earlier today. the solemn but necessary tasks of documenting a crime scene. detectives go about their work, the courtyard where the victim fell, a house across the street possibly hit by gunfire, the car parked outside and a bullet hole in its rear driver's side door. it happened jut before noon at the potomac gardens apartments. they stand out in a neighborhood of rowhouses and newer apartment buildings is. they are distinguished by the tall iron fence that surrounds the buildings and boarded by pennsylvania avenue and i.
5:00 pm
going off several seconds apart. the victim is only identified as a female juvenile and her condition unconscious and unresponsive when taken away and later pronounced dead at the hospital. and a neighbor passed among relatives brought them to the street and grief-stricken and angry and who did this and why has another young life been taken. same thing investigators now work to answer at this crime scene. at this point we have no this story as it develops. we are live in southeast, derrick ward, nbc 4. back to you. >> thank you. we want to shift gears. and right now black friday is in full swing. >> that is right. this day may not be what it once was but that didn't stop bargain hungry shoppers for rushing department stores for the door-buster deals. >> let's go to chopper 4 now with a live look over the new


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