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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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southeast washington, an armed robbery leads to a chase and shots fired at police. i'll have a live report ahead. day turns into night in south florida. but the celebrations after fidel
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is lashing out after a legal challenge in one of the critical states he won in the presidential election. >> news 4 at 11:00 starts now. >> good evening. i'm megan fitzgerald in for erika gonzales. an armed robbery at a maryland barbershop turning into a wild chase in the district. this could have ended tragically after one of the suspects shot an officer. details. >> reporter: the crime spree started in prince george's county but ended in the district. it was a close call for a seat pleasant police officer who dodged a bullet. tonight the gunman is still on the loose. police say the suspect robbed this barbershop on mlk highway in steep pleasant and took off in a van. >> the officer spotted the
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of the vehicle listed in the robbery. we attempted a traffic stop on the vehicle. the vehicle failed to stop. >> reporter: seat pleasant police chased the van into southeast washington. the driver suddenly pulled over and literally fell out. he'd been shot. >> we know at some point there was a gunshot going off. we don't know if it was self-inflicted or inflicted by another suspect in the vehicle. it was not an officer-involved shooting at all. >> reporter: officers administered first aid to the dri medics transported him to a hospital in critical condition. police arrested one passenger but another ran away. >> during the chase he turned, fired a single shot at one of our officers, continued fleeing. >> we are very upset. we're very angry. >> reporter: eugene grant is the mayor of seat pleasant. he says this could have ended in tragedy for one of his officers. >> we're thankful none of our officers were shot or killed or injured in this incident. but it goes to prove further the
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it goes to show the need to support our police department. >> reporter: i just checked in with seat pleasant police just a few minutes ago. they tell me they are still looking for that gunman. we should also add that they recovered three guns at that crime scene tonight. turning now to idel castro. the impact of his death is resonating around the world. not everyone is having the same response. nbc's chri >> reporter: thousands poured into the streets of miami's little havana as news of fidel castro's death spread. it's a day many cuban-americans have anticipated for years. >> i've been waiting all my life for this moment. >> reporter: castro's rise to power in 1959 tore families apart. millions fled is the island as the come nils kick tater seized property, silenced the press, and jailed dissidents. >> this is something we are
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of cubans. >> reporter: cuban-american leaders in congress agree. >> he was a sadistic murderer who brought great suffering to the 11 million people of cuba. he should not be revered, he should be reviled. >> all that it has caused is sadness, tragedy, death, terrorism, narco trafficking. that is the legacy of fidel castro. >> reporter: president obama moved to normalize relns this singular figure on the people and the world around him. prkt donald trump said fidel castro's legacy is one of firing squads, theft, unimaginable suffering, poverty, and the denial of fundamental human rights. as they celebrate, little will change in cuba soon. castro's brother raul remains president but he's 85 and says he'll retire in 2018. now there's hope for the future. chris pollone, nbc news, new
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i talked to culver about the nine days of mourning for castro. >> the first major gathering we can show you is going to be in havana, cuba's capital, tuesday night 7:00 p.m. cubans are going to gather here at the revolutionary square, essentially, it's there cubans will pay tribute. this is a public square and you'll notice on some of the buildings it's surrounded by with fuegos, che guevara. the kraem mated remains of fidel will be taken cross country. this gives you an idea how big cuba is. it would be the eighth-largest state if it was a u.s. state. over three days is how long it's going to take to get it from havana to santiago de cuba in the east cross country. this weekend there will be another public gathering, this time for the people in the
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gathering. here's a look at the cemetery where he's going to be interned, the same cemetery where famed cuban revolutionary jose marti ausberried. >> fidel castro's own sister called him a monster. for more on the conflict open our nbc washington app and search "castro." new details about a shooting in northeast d.c. police say multiple people are arrived. this happened at around 5:00 on karl place just off division avenue. police are still looking for a shooter. turning now to two little girls, 3 and 5 years old. they're in serious condition tonight after a deadly crash. virginia state police say a pickup truck ran a red light and hit the car they were riding in. this happened early friday morning at the intersection of loudoun county parkway and gloucester parkway.
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hospital. the truck driver has been charged. president-elect donald trump is slamming the presidential recount effort in wisconsin. green party presidential candidate jill stein is spearheading the effort there and in michigan and pennsylvania. hillary clinton is now supporting it. but donald trump is calling it all a scam. he released a statement today saying, it's time to accept the results and to look to the future. the wisconsin recount starts next week. a manhunting in our region killed in a freak accident. what the visitor was doing in the moments before his death. frightening threats against several mosques. find out what muslim leaders want done right now. as the holiday weekend starts to wind down, i'm tracking travel weather for tomorrow. and we need some rain.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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hunting for a man visiting from california. he died while on a hunting trip with his uncle near camp david. investigators in frederick county say he slipped on rugged terrain and his gun discharged. state officials say these types of accidents are far too common. >> generally speaking, fatal hunting accidents occur when a hunter either accidentally shoots himself or the hunter falls from a tree stand. >> the hunter was just 32 years
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police protection at mosques in california after several of them received threatening and hate-filled letters. one anonymous letter was discovered thursday at an islamic center in san jose. it refers to president-elect donald trump as the new sheriff in town, saying he is going to do to muslims what hitler did to jews. the san jose police department is treating this as a hate-motivated incident. you may know how much you spend onac the answer is one for the record books. now that thanksgiving is over it's beginning to look a lot like christmas.
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we want to show you a live look of miami, florida, right now. you can see there's really no end in sight to the celebrations. cuban-americans have taken to the streets waving cuban and american flags in reaction to castro's death. throughout the day from derek ward to david culver just talking about how emotional yesterday was, when people learned of the news really early this morning of the death of fidel castro, many calling him a dictator, having very personal and intimate stories about what this dictator as they say did to their families, breaking them up, punishing people, putting them in jail, skilling them in some instances.
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people taking to the streets to celebrate the death of fidel castro. castro's death left many cuban-americans as we said conflicted. some called the former leader a dictaor but others remember him as a figure who once stood for hope. either way the news brought back memoies for a lot of cuban-americans who live in our rest in peace, he was assassinated by the castros because he had been a sergeant for the batista army. >> everything came back the day i left. >> mercedes diaz was 9 years old when she was separated from her family. her parents sent her and her sister to miami. mercedes had to go through foster care before she was reunited with her parents. many of us are full from
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thanksgiving meal. in frederick county, they decided to change that for a lot of people. i had an opportunity to join. one by one we served more than 50 people. it was a big event, more like a small gesture, but those who stopped by said they were very grateful. good event indeed. a lot of mom and pop shops banking on brisk business today. d.c. mayor balder kick observed opened there in recent years. and across the line in bethesda, business owners were excited about the foot traffic. >> people knowing about the community and what small shops are here. we're a small neighborhood shop. so today's super important. >> small business saturday has been encouraging people to shop local for seven years now. new at 11:00, the numbers
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smashed the old record, believe it or not. a group that tracks online retail transactions says we all spent more than $3.3 billion shopping online yesterday. $3.3 billion, incredible. that's also a 20% spike from last year. purchases on mobile devices skyrocketed this year as well. now your storm team 4 forecast. >> highs today in the upper 40s to low 50s. but we hadnt here's the thing, tomorrow, plenty of sunshine. it's going to be another cool day. very similar in temperatures. but the weather will be dry. looking good for travellers. we need some rain. thankfully we're going to get kind of a substantial amount i would say. tuesday through thursday when it's all said and done we could see 1 to 3 inches. so that will certainly help with how dry it's been across the area. and as we look to next weekend, already thinking about that.
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50. and it's chilly out there. we're at 43 right now in washington. 36 in gaithersburg. 37 leesburg. tomorrow morning we're waking up in the suburbs in the upper 20s to low 30s. in town in areas by the area, mid to upper 30s. a low in washington of 38. 29 for a low in gaithersburg. 27 degrees over in manassas with clear skies. it was breezy at times today. wind not an issom sunglasses. 7:00 a.m. around 38. lunchtime the low 50s. a high tomorrow of 53. we'll hit that around 3:00. tomorrow evening another cold night, another good night for a fire. 7:00 temperatures will be in the mid-40s. all in all the weather having a low impact on sunday. raking leaves will be better tomorrow. the winds will not be as breezy, as blustery as today. if you want to go for a nice outdoor hike, dress in layers, light gloves.
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good, it's looking dry. a lot of folks out there today picking out the tree. travel weather for the family and friends tomorrow is looking good. not only locally but for the most part across most of the country. i'm showing your future weather at noon. i really zoomed out there and you can see for the most part completely dry as we work our way into the evening hours. some rain potentially in parts of the upper midwest. for the most part travel weather. if you're driving or flyi as we think about work and school on monday, the weather cooperating. at the bus stop it's chilly but you'd expect that this time of year. 36. recess outdoors. low 50s. and pickup after-school activities mid 50s. so probably a few warm layers for the kids on monday. have the umbrella and rain jacket tuesday, wednesday, thursday, with rain a pretty good likelihood.
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we're back in the 50s by thursday. friday we dry out. and here you see next weekend looking good. on the cool side, highs around 50 but plenty of sunshine right now. d.c.'s largest christmas tree, you're looking at it right there, it's all lit up tonight. check out the 75-foot tree at city center near the intersection of h street and new york avenue in northwest. 4,500 ornaments are from the tree. another 150,000 lights are wrapped around it. and look who it is emceeing the tree lightinging. she spoke with one of the artists who helped orchestrate the display. >> we were hoping it would be a dream-like experience. get you ready for the holidays. transport you into a little bit of a dream state. >> the gay men's choir of washington added a festive spirit of the night singing "joy
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bells." it's the holidays. coming up, five-seconds into the game and the headaches just getting started. a puck to the forehead. it was just one of many problems
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this is the xfinity sports teske. it was such a promising night for the caps. and the wizards. both teams came in with back-to-back wins. both teams also playing on back-to-back nights.
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for a date with the maple leafs. washington having issues stropping toronto early on. matt martin gets the party started right, 1-0 maple leafs. skip ahead to the third, 2-0 leafs. number one pick from june's draft, austin matthews, continues to impress. this his ninth goal of his rookie campaign, toronto takes the 3-0 lead. then tom wilson takes a loss in this fight. caps fall 4-2. 9-8-4 on the year. wizards hosting the spurs. brad lie fields continuing his hot streak averaging 26 in the five games since coming back from injury. 25 tonight for him. wizards down one. jonathan simmons playing above the rim. spurs up 14 after three. fourth quarter, spurs flexioning their muscle. david lee with the block.
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on the other end simmons again harassing. all five busy zards starters scored in double figures. spurs win 112-100. seventh-ranked virginia playing providence in the emerald coast classic. cavaliers graduated 14 seniors last year. london perez is clearly the leader this year. alley-oop to isaiah wilkins. next possession, perez showing off the range. 11 points, 8 rebounds, 5 assists for him. second half. francis to darius thompson. he had 11. virginia 6-0 out of the gate, they win 63-52 tonight. terps 6-0 on the year looking to advance in the barclays classic against kansas state. early first half. melo trimble finding a way to weave through the defense. trimble with eight in the first half, terps up two. closing minutes of the first. kevin herder from beyond the
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had 10 in the first half. terps by six at the break. second half. tchaikovsky for the alley-oop. terps win 69-68 on a late bucket by trimble. special congrats to navy, maryland, and virginia tech. navy was dominant in their final regular-season game before heading to the american conference championship. maryland became bowl eligible and the hokies set several records on their way to the acc time since 2011. navy was in a close game at halftime. second half, they reload and explode. the midshipmen scored 47 points in the second half. 74 players dressed, 73 played, seven different players scored touchdowns. navy wins 75-31. that's not a school record, they scored 76 against ecu in 2010. hokies get a big win over in-state rival virginia.
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ev rans setting virginia tech's single-season records in passing touchdowns and yards. hokies won the acc coastal crown, headed to the championship game next weekend to face clemson. our research and development department at csn informed me you played lacrosse in college. was that a first down in the michigan/ohio state game?
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>> good evening from longwood university, and welcome to the first and only vice presidential
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member. and tonight i'll be playing asian moderator elaine quijano. because baby steps. now please help me welcome america's dad, senator tim kaine, and america's stepdad, governor mike pence. [ cheers and applause ] >> good evening. >> hola, elaine. >> hello. i'd like to thank you both for being here and also say that you look exactly like a before and after rogaine ad. >> we know. >> we know. >> our first question tonight is about foreign policy. what are your plans to combat terrorism at home and abroad? senator kaine, we'll start with you. >> awesome, elaine. i have a great answer for this. and here it is.


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