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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  November 28, 2016 5:00am-5:59am EST

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commission reminds shoppers to choose age appropriate toys, follow the age label provided and do not buy anything with small parts for children under the age of 3. if you're buying a scooter or bike, add a helmet to your gift list as well. attention passengers, the changes a lot of you are going to see this morning if you use metro. >> we're also monitoring the latest out of cuba which is starting another day of mourning following the death of fidel castro. what is expected to happen president-elect donald trump who he says voted illegally. 5:00 straight up. good morning, everybody, i'm aaron gill grist. >> and eun yang and we are talking about 20s in our areas, that is cold. >> chuck bell is in with a look at our weather headlines. >> very chilly start early today but that's not going to be the case for long.
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much milder air coming our way for tuesday and wednesday. milder and more moisture laden. finally some chances for needed rain coming our way the next couple days but not today, increasing clouds staying cool and dry for your monday, breezy, milder with rain chances through most of the day tomorrow, that might continue through most of the day on wednesday, we will cool it down and dry it out later on in the week. the five day forecast comes up at 5:21. 20s and 30s through now and 8:00 this morning, mid to by lunchtime and low to mid 50s for afternoon highs today. again, we will be dry for all of your plans start to finish or your monday. we will talk more about those tuesday rain chances in a couple more minutes. melissa has safe track today. >> just kicking off here number 11, can you believe we made this this part. silver orange line being affected. single tracking between west falls church and east falls church for about a month through december 21st. less than a month.
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lake forest mall and the fairgrounds left lane only thing getting by in the crash there this morning. 66 and 95 no worries. top of the beltway all of those routes into town, out of town okay. live look in prince george's county coming up. today there will be a community meeting in southeast d.c. to figure out what's behind the murders of three people in three separate cases since friday. >> the most recent case happened yesterday afternoon, someone shot and killed a man on howard road near southeast, the victim hasn't been identified. hours earlier a man was shot and killed on l street in southeast. the victim was identified as anthony young. a woman was also shot, but is expected to be okay. police say the victims and suspect knew each other. d.c. police are also searching for whoever killed 16-year-old breyona mcmillian on friday. the teen was the unintended
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southeast. and last night some people on dirt bikes interrupted mayor muriel bowser's news conference on those shootings, riding dirt bikes is illegal in the district. the noise was so disruptive the mayor was forced to stop what she was saying. police eventually blocked off the street so the bikers couldn't interrupt any further. the latest safe track surge has just started in northern virginia. surge 11 began when metro opened a few minutes ago and withor on both the orange and silver lines it is causing a headache for thousands over the next few weeks. news 4's justin finch is at the west church station with what you need to know. >> reporter: good morning. so far it's pretty quiet out here, that will change of course in a matter of minutes. now, metro is asking riders to right now start making alternate plans because they say this surge will be taxing, especially in its first two weeks, take gs you now to video here, metro is saying that their focus is
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lines. so from now until wednesday, december 21st riders will see a sizable service impact as crews install tens of thousands of feet of new rails, rail ties and make other repairs as well resulting in single track service for some 24 days between the west falls church and east falls church stations. orange trains, orange line trains will run every 20 minutes between vienna and and expect right now for those trains to be very crowded. with reduced service look for jam tacked cars on blue line trains, also there will be some metro bus enhanced service to make up for those delays that will take riders between the balston and courthouse stations
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stations. back into you. >> justin, thank you. another traffic warning this time in the district, busy massachusetts avenue northwest will be even more congested, if you can believe t it's going to be down to one lane between dupont circle and scott circle all week long. construction crews will be repaving sidewalks between 9:30 and 3:00 p.m. each day. metered parking near dupont circle will be off limits. in prince william coun 22-year-old marcus comstock, they say he was last seen around 9:00 last night in manassas near wellington road an mer yie field garden way. his vehicle was parked at a business in that area. if you know where he might be call police. today wisconsin officials will meet to talk about a possible timeline for a vote recount which has to be finished by dice 13th. green party presidential nominee jill stein raised money to take a look at the tight election results.
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row count in pennsylvania and has until 5:00 today to do it. hillary clinton's campaign is backing the effort but has said that it has not found any evidence of system hacking. president-elect donald trump is taking to social media to voice his outrage over the recount on sunday he sent out a flurry of tweets claiming he did not win the popular vote because millions of people voted illegally. in another tweet he said there was serious voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire and california. trump did not support a these claims with any evidence. the latest count shows hillary clinton won the popular vote by more than 2 million votes. coming up news 4's tracie potts will have more onv?gsrj issue ad the trump transition. starting today thousands of people are expected to visit havana's revolution plaza to honor former leader fidel castro. cuba's state news agency says two simultaneous 21 gun salutes will take place in havana and san teeing ga de cuba today.
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the weekend. his ashes will travel around the island nation before a funeral next sunday. once all the tributes and ceremonies are over many are wondering what is next for cuba. some opponents say they don't think castro's death will change much more cubans because his brother still in you are pa. there's also concern the new u.s. president could change the improved relationship between the two countries. >> what will happen if the new president, the next president >> that would be bad for us. >> president-elect trump made earlier promises to reverse president obama's efforts to restore u.s. relations with cuba. it's not clear if or how quickly that could happen. >> today the holiday deals move from inside stores to online. you are probably waking up with a lot of cyber monday e-mails in your inbox. americans are expected to spend $3.4 billion on the internet
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getting started. so today is cyber monday and it's your chance to grab all those gives that you couldn't find in the stores this weekend. according to retail me computers and electronics are marked 48% off today, you can find designer clothing 43% off on cyber monday. clothing for teens out there 39% off and books and e readers are 33% off. now, remember, a deal low or free, preferably free, i like the free shipping and free returns. make sure you know how much it's going to cost and make sure it will arrive in time before you press that submit button. here are four things to know about shopping safely on cyber monday, make sure you sites you use and the apps you use are verified. fake sites is that steal your information can often look like real online businesses. watch your wifi, make sure you
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private secure internet. be sure you're careful about what you click, too, harmful down loads often increase this time of year so you don't want to open e-mails that look suspicious and use sites like paypal for checkout when you can, sites like those are often more secure. if they're not offered try to use credit cards over debit cards. the national retail federation said americans spent an average of $290 each over the four-day holiday weekend. >> i'm proud of myself, didn't spend just on food. on food. that's what i do. but today i'm going to make up for it. once you have all those cyber monday deals beware of keeping porch bandits off your porch. take a live look outside this morning where we are off to a clear cool start. this is reagan national patient. that's about to change. when the warmer temperatures and
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if you're about to step outside a hat may be in order this morning. >> gloves and a scarf maybe, chuck, at least for this morning's part. >> a little cool outside this morning. there's not a lot of wind out there so you just have to figure out a way to stay warm and still. the wind won't be making it that much colder. rain is on the way not for
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today will be a nice dry day for those of you still trying to get home or head out for your thanksgiving finishing up plans it will be dry up and down the northeast corridor today, that means things a little bit easier. outdoor planner today not to worry about. tonight rain moves in. rain likely for much of the day tomorrow and needed rain for wednesday. going to start exercising thanksgiving pounds off, your fitness forecast for early this morning, biking or jogging you will need the extra layer of gloves, clouds by later on this evening. for tomorrow breezy and mild but rain on the way. how many more rainy days after tomorrow, a look at that five day forecast coming up. for now let's go over to melissa. >> southbound or north frederick avenue at perry parkway still have just that left lane getting by the crash. we just got off the phone with police they say it is still
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outer hoo loop at forest road looking quite good this morning. 66 headed into town fairfax county parkway to the beltway you are on time there, remember to living to wtop when you hop in your car this morning. and a look at the beltway overall everything looking quite good. inner loop and outer loop rolling along just fine. >> happening today d.c. police investigating three separate homicides they say one of the victims was a 16-year-old girls. >> molette green is live with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. police are telling us they have some very strong leads in the case of breyona mcmillian. they are also looking over surveillance video, but they're still asking the public to come
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this happened so somebody may know something that could help police in this case. we are talking about three separate killings over the long holiday weekend in the district, two of them in one day. the murder of the teen aged girl brought out some big crowds over the weekend on sunday for a vigil to remember this young student who was only home from boarding school to celebrate the holiday with family an friends when police say she was the times in her southeast apartment complex. >> i was in agony when i heard the news. i mean, i couldn't even -- i literally could not hardly breathe at work, i was in so much pain myself as if it was my daughter, you know. >> reporter: now, the two others who died over the weekend were adult men, one of them identified as 27-year-old anthony young. that is the latest live from
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in frederick county, maryland, a man is facing indecent exposure charges this morning. departmentees arrested russell hendley after he allegedly pulled up to a woman in his car and touched himself in front of her. this happened near the intersection of elmer dur road and south wrenn road. deputies say in the past he has been arrested on similar charges. more than 40 families will continue their fight to say in their manassas homes, residents of the east end mobile home park the owner said he could not afford to fix a broken sewer system at the mobile home park. homeowners are asking to stay in their homes longer. right now they've been given $2300 to relocate. the first public park dedicated to scattering your loved one's ashes could end up in our area. the "washington post" reports takoma park city council is considering creating a scatter
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cremation rates have doubled since 2000 and dedicated spaces would provide families a place to return to. it is the time of year when crooks try to cash in on our holiday shopping. a lot of times we see criminals stealing packages off of people's porches but a las vegas men is playing defense. he decided to leave out a gift they won't return for, and he watched his surveillance sam ras as criminals came to ck >> they probably wouldn't enjoy it as much as we enjoyed the -- doing it. >> hopefully these people realize we're tired of them. >> snow says he doesn't think the criminals will return to his house after opening that package a. the dog, there he is, 95 pound german shepherd. >> surprise. the clock is already ticking down to christmas.
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into santa as soon as you can. his epers at the u.s. postal service will accept letters until december 15th. you hear that? address it to the north poly postmarked postmaster 4141 postmark drive, anchorage, alaska, 99530. i'm going to post this on facebook that way you have somewhere to go because they send that to the north pole, then. the elves have to try to read all these lte that. >> i just want you to know. >> most people have dogs and cats as pets but one family in russia has a deer. >> the family says they found this four month old deer fawn in a forest. they say she was injured and dehydrated and nature reserves and zoos refused to take her in
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huh-uh what. authorities made an exception in this case and the children are moving it. >> yeah. mila must be very good natured, she is a baby, still. wait until she gets a little bigger, though, it's going to be hard to keep her indoors. >> there's something not right about that. chuck bell, tell us about our forecast. >> oh, dear. i just don't know where to go you know, it wasn't supposed to be a good pun it was just supposed to transition from that to this. already on a monday morning going to start thinking about the weekend and i'm optimistic for the first half of it. i think saturday will be the better of the two days this coming weekend. if you have stuff to do outside try to get it done or your saturday. sundays looks like clouds will be on the increase and there will be a chance for rain second half of the day on sunday. for today nothing to worry
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near 30 degrees all the way between 7:00 and 8:00 this morning, afternoon highs today low to mid 50s under increasing numbers of clouds, rain chances i think hold off until about this time tomorrow morning but clouds will quickly be filling our skies here during the course of the afternoon so not much sunshine coming your way after about 9:00 or 10:00 this morning. there's the first wave of rain, that will be our rain chance coming for us tomorrow. there will be another chance for rain coming up on yes, it is we are in a moderate drought. we are more than 6 inches behind in rainfall just since the 1st of september. future weather shows the arrival of the rain drops about 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning so the morning commute and the afternoon commute on your tuesday are likely to be rained on. so that could slow things down just a bit. here is your whole five-day forecast. 50s today with the clouds moving in. how about mid 60s for both tuesday and wednesday, even with
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than average. is there any chance for snow? not this time around, melissa, i know you love a little snow on a morning commute, don't you? you know you do. >> i love snow on saturday when everybody is home or most people are home and sitting by the fire. westbound 70 and alternate 40 we have a broken down vehicle in the right lane, also seeing something pop up in ash burn, eastbound 7 broken down car blocking the center lane this like that has cleared out of the way. and 95 quantico to the beltway is on time going to take you 18 minutes. >> thank you. we are just getting some tragic news in from pennsylvania this morning, a fire department is mourning the loss of a teen volunteer. his death wasn't job related. and new research when a comes to women and breast
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in my future, i'm twice as likely to have a stroke. i'm at higher risk for depression. i'm 26% more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat. i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes. no matter who we are,
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the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with, we will thrive.
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in news for your health now a serious warning about breath health uncovered by the university of virginia. a study found most women do not know that having dense breast tissue can increase their risk for cancer, it also reduces the effectiveness of mammograms. doctors in virginia are required to tell patients if they have dense tissue but it is something you should also ask your doctor about. a pennsylvania man is charged with murder for shooting a teenager inside a fire station. the shooting happened last night as people inside the red stone township firehouse were preparing for a parade. the 21-year-old man shot the 16-year-old junior firefighter in the face according to police. officials have not released the victim's name just yet. this shooting has stunned that community. >> i just can't take any day for granted. it could be like that, you know.
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prayers are certainly with this family. >> the man charged with the shooting will appear in court next week. he's charged with criminal homicide and reckless endangerment. no word yet on a motive for that shooting. it is the last thing you want to see when you walk out to your car. what happened to dozens of cars in northern virginia as well as a search for a suspect. and president-elect donald trump continues to fill his cabinet. who he's expected to appoint this week.
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good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. it is 5:29 on this monday. here is a look at four things to know this morning. no arrests have been made after three separate shootings in southeast d.c. the first one happened in friday in the 1200 block of i street, the other two happened yesterday, first in the 600 1300 block of howard road. >> tributes to fidel castro are expected to continue in cuba today. cuba state news agency says two simultaneous 21 gun salutes will take place in havana and santiago de cuba. safetrack surge 11 begins today, orange and silver line trains will single track between the east and west falls church stations between december 21st. michigan election officials will figure out a timeline for a
5:30 am
a recount in pennsylvania before today's 5:00 p.m. deadline. now four things to know about your forecast, here is chuck bell. i know you had a nice holiday weekend, time to get back over to -- back to work and school for a lot of people today. there's a live look at reagan national airport, look at all the people in the drop off lane there, yes indeed, probably another busy day of travel. up and down the east coast today dr 95. a dry and cold start this morning. in the 20s and 30s now, we will be in the low 50s later today. rain chances move in after midnight tonight. could have rain tuesday and wednesday and warm enough temperatures might be near 70 degrees on wednesday, might not even be able to completely rule out a rumble or two of thunder on the final day of november. not very typical at all. for today, though, yes indeed,
5:31 am
55 leesburg. how is the ride in from that part of the world, melissa? >> we did have a problem there eastbound 7 at loudoun county parkway with a broken down vehicle, looks like that has just cleared out of the way, things have gotten a bit better through that area, leesburg ash burn area here this xmorning. that is good news. westbound 70 we still have this situation there at 40 with a broken down vehicle in the right lane here this morning taking a look at the beltway overall tw everything is moving along pretty nicely. the top of the beltway moving along well, too. we will take a look at travel times coming up in ten minutes. why are you campaigning against mitt romney as secretary of state? >> i'm not campaigning against anyone. i'm just a concerned citizen. >> on "meet the press" trump adviser kellyanne conway said the president elect's supporters
5:32 am
governor mitt romney as secretary of state. romney was a tiers critic of trump during the campaign. this comes as the president elect is expected to make more cabinet picks this week. news 4's tracie potts is live on capitol hill with more on what's next for this transition. good morning. >> good morning. what's next is more interviews resuming at trump tower today and more decisions about things like the secretary of state where it looks like mitt romney is not only on the short list but maybe even a favorite on
5:33 am
mitt romney campaigned so vehemently against mr. trump. >> we saw the flurry of tweets from donald trump yesterday following news of recounts in key states. does he have any evidence at this point to support what he claims is voter fraud? >> not that he has presented. he says he would have won the popular vote if millions of people had not voted illegally but he doesn't break down what that means. what he does break down is that he's questioning why the green party isn't asking for recounts in new hampshire and virginia and california, states that hillary to michigan, wisconsin and pennsylvania. by the way, later this morning we are going to hear from wisconsin's election commission on whether they can actually get that done by the federal deadline, december 13th. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us. thank you. tracy just mentioned the green party presidential nominee jill stein explaining why she's asking for a vote rekound in wisconsin and two other battle ground states. she says it's important to determine whether hacking affected the election ruts.
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>> we need a system that is resilient, that is not open to tampering and that includes automatic reassurance that specifically being an audit, an automatic audit. >> stein has already called for that recount in wisconsin, she has daddy lines today and tomorrow to do the same in pennsylvania and michigan respectively. officials say there is not evidence that voter results were hacked. right now take a look at your screen. prince georg c missing 12-year-old. detectives say aleah williams was last seen on rock quarry terrace in district heights. she may be wearing pink boots, a white vest and jeans. if you think you've seen her give police a call. we are waiting to learn more about the body found yesterday afternoon by a photographer at the point lookout state park in maryland. st. mary's county sheriffs officials say the body is that of a missing prince george's county person. this he have not released a
5:35 am
point. today there is a new place to check out books for free. the new laurel library is opening it's original location along talbot avenue, it expanded into the nearby emancipation park which was remodeled to add a new playground, basketball court and picnic pavilion. they will officially open both this afternoon. today the holiday season officially arrives at the u.s. capitol, the capitol ctm 10:00 this morning. this year's tree is an 80 foot tall engel man spruce from the payette national forest in hide hoe. you're looking from video from last year. house speaker paul ryan will light the tree on tuesday december 6th. three, two, one. >> with the flip of a switch the holiday tree at city center d.c.
5:36 am
year, third year in a row now since it started and the ceremony has become a tradition in downtown washington to ring in the season. the tree is 75 feet tall with more than 45 handmade ornaments, 15,000 of those gorgeous lights and this year there is a special art installation in palmer alley at city center d.c. take a look at that large snowflake that are suspended on wires above the alley really make it look like a winter wonderland. check out the installation through january, interview with the artist on my facebook page. >> a lot of glass down there so you get that reflection it's really pretty. bundle up if you're headed to the outlets on city center today. take a look at the current temperatures that are in the 20s right now. chuck bell is back with your what to wear forecast. the family says it's nothing short of a thanksgiving miracle, a california woman reunited with
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good morning, everybody, it is 5:39 on a monday morning. time for the kids to go back to school today. it is cold, 20s to near 30
5:40 am
by 7:00, 8:00 a.m. temperatures barely above the freezing mark in most of the suburbs. later on today with skies going from mostly sunny to mostly cloudy, tours will eventually get up into the low and mid 50s. you will need your warm coat today, not the umbrella, you will probably need the umbrella today, but you will need the warm coat and hat today. the daily grade i'm optimistic because of all the sunshine this morning and a dry day we're giving the daily g today. a look at that ten-day forecast coming up in ten minutes. it's melissa's turn this morning. >> southeast we do have a police situation not exactly sure what's going on, police activity eastbound howard road after mlk junior avenue, those eastbound one way lanes are looked trying to figure out what's happening. 70 westbound at alternate 40 a broken down vehicle there in the right lane slowing things just a bit this morning.
5:41 am
looking good and on 66 and 95 also looking quite good. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you get in your car. she van in i wished for three weeks and reappeared on thanksgiving day, that's about all we know in the abduction case of a california woman. why investigators are so stumped. a warning for any parents getting ready to do holiday shopping today, what to know
5:42 am
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5:44 am
now at 5:45, will the relationship between the u.s. and cuba change with the passing of fidel castro? >> there is a lot of highly unusual circumstances in the story. new details in the bizarre abduction and discovery of a california mom. another safetrack surge is under way, coming up which lines are affected and for how long. colleges across the country learn a hard lesson, why out of
5:45 am
recruited by an isis commander, this comes as isis continues to claim responsibility for a number of attacks recently in the country of afghanistan. aaron. 5:45. safetrack surge 11 is under way, it's the first day of work on the orange and silver lines, riders in northern virginia will feel the impact the most. justin finch is live at the west falls church station with what you need to know. >> reporter: aaron, good morning.
5:46 am
it metro is asking riders to explore their options now and also warning, too, that delays and crowder are in the future for riders on the orange, silver and blue lines. all in all they say track surge 11 is set to last some 24 days of course beginning today and wrapping on december 21st. during that time crews will be making repairs including tens of thousands of feet of new rails and rail ties. this work also includes a juncture connecting the orange and silver lines consisting in continuous track service between the west falls and east falls church stations. orange lines drains will run every 20 minutes between vienna and new carol ton and centerline trains will run every 20 minutes between the lar goe center stops. residual crowding is expected to
5:47 am
have more details on the nbc washington app. back to you. another traffic warning this time in the district. busy massachusetts avenue northwest is going to be even more congested. it will be down to just one lane between dupont circle and scott circle all week long. construction crews will repave the sidewalks between 9:30 and 3:00 in the afternoon each day. metered parking near due month circle is also going to be off limits. in northern virginia there vandalized nearly 30 video ex in week end. police say someone drove around several neighborhoods in alexandria late saturday into early sunday morning and smashed out the windows. they think whoever did it used either a bat or a pipe to do the damage. police also say that the vandals did not take anything from inside the cars but residents say what the vandals left behind is a costly burden. >> some people don't even have
5:48 am
those that, you know, can't even make it to work probably today. >> this happened in the west end of the city. the cars were parked on rayburn, kenmore and quantrell avenues. 13 before the hour. today more reaction following the death of former cuban revolutionary leader fidel castro. >> we are waiting for some of the first flights to and from the island nation since castro's death on friday. darry sister station is live at miami international airport with more. darryl, good morning. >> reporter: aaron, eun, good morning. as of right now in a couple hours people will be boarding this flight right here for havana, cuba. this is the first flight from the capital city. in the past couple months they've been flying people from five other locations in the
5:49 am
going to the capital city, the first one in fact. i'm going to show you some other what's going on right now, they're going to open up -- cut down this ribbon in an hour or so getting ready for the big flight. not only are they doing that, they're also having some festivities and things like that, but this is the first flight going to the capital city for america since the death of former cuban dictator fidel castro who died on saturday. so as you all know people here in south florida, cuban immigrants have been celebrating here, a big jubilation across the area in south florida because of the issues and problems they have been having in that communist country. coming up all throughout the day we will be talking to some people, talking about what's going on and we will let you know what's taking place. for now live in miami, darryl forges, back to you. many people are heading back home this morning after the long holiday weekend. here is a live look at reagan national airport. we are expecting a pretty smooth
5:50 am
>> nationally 49 million people went out of town for the holiday weekend. all right. this morning you might want to call up any friends or relatives that you have in tennessee. do you know anyone? i have no one in tennessee. when you do ask if by chance they bought a powerball ticket. they just might be the newest powerball multi-millionaire. on saturday night someone in the volunteer state won jackpot
5:51 am
that jackpot, by the way, is the ninth largest powerball grand prize ever. if only -- >> i'm telling you. i don't know anybody in tennessee. do you want to go to super bowl li? how about the next 51 super bowls? all you need is the golden ticket. chuck, we are not ready for you yet. >> i didn't do nothing. >> we want to tell folks about this golden ticket or in this case the golden that it's packed 37,000 gold cans into its 18, 24 and 30 packs. six people who find them will be selected to win a pair of nfl season tickets and then one lucky grand prize winner will get a pair of super bowl tickets for up to 51 years. how about that? i would really love to see the
5:52 am
could happen, you're right. >> in my lifetime. come on. >> good luck to you, folks, if you are a bud buyer. now let's turn to chuck bell and get a look at the next ten days of this forecast. >> are you ready for me now? >> get up. >> i'm like a jack in the box around here. we are indeed ready for a nice quiet start to the work and school week. kids, you have to go back to school unfortunately. temperatures are in the cold 20s in the suburbs here early this city. there's a live view over downtown washington this morning. sun is not up until after 7:00 this morning. so those late sunrises and early sun sets e oh, so typical of almost december. got big changes coming our way in the weather over the next couple days, want to have your nbc washington app downloaded. if you're looking for the pir effect christmas gift give it to free to somebody you like. temperatures will be in the 50s
5:53 am
for all my weather postings and things of like. 25 now in manassas but 36 in arlington, 31 in quantico, 35 in annapolis, hourly temperatures today on the cold side with a decent amount of sunshine earlier today. clouds will be thickening up, full cloud cover by noontime today, big chances for rain coming our way tomorrow and wednesday. tomorrow's rain chances this band of rain now in
5:54 am
wednesday. should be getting out of here early on thursday morning, thursday afternoon, friday and saturday look nice and dry and then another chance for rain comes in late sunday into monday of next week. let's go over to melissa and see how things are holding up on monday. >> hearing about a new problem in silver spring we will check out for you with chopper 4 we will give you more information on that one in just a second. eastbound howard road still have a report of a police incident there, not exactly what with those eastbound lanes 66 looks looking normal, so is 95. i'm pointing out here with that little arrow you're getting that delay northbound on 95 headed through woodbridge. overall no major problems bottom of the beltway or prince george's county. it is 5:54. a developing story this morning, the suspect in a deadly shooting in baton rouge, louisiana, is dead. police say the man shot the
5:55 am
he then ran over two pedestrians and crashed into an ambulance. this is according to police. as officers tried to arrest him the man shot at them and ran off. officers returned fire hitting him and killing him. none of the officers was hurt. more details now in a bizarre kidnapping case that has investigators in california scratching their heads this morning. four days after the mysteries release of sherri papini investigators still don't know what her abductors look like. three kidnapped while jogging along a remote stretch of california's interstate 5, he was sunday he sent found on the side of the road on thanksgiving morning by a passing driver. she is expected to inn with the long process of helping detectives solve the case. >> hours, weeks of investigation that lay out there nd at victim is the best witness, she is the one that can help break this case wide open. >> so far authorities have only
5:56 am
they have offered no motives in the case. today the trial begins for the man accused of carrying out a hate crime by killing nine black parishioners inside a south carolina church. jury selection will get under way in the trial against dylann roof. on friday the judge found the 22-year-old competent to stand trial. he is accused of 33 hate crimes for the 2015 shooting. 5:56. going out of the state for college could get you a better deal. a new universities are lowering the cost of nonresident tuition, some have dropped prices by more than 10% while keeping in state prices the same. it is an effort to get students on to campus since high school graduation rates have peaked in 2011. as you take advantage of cyber monday deals don't forget to shop safely especially when it comes to choosing children's
5:57 am
provided on the boxes and do not buy anything with small parts for children under the anyone of 3. if you're buying a scooter or bike be sure to add that helmet to your list first. good morning, i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. americans spent less over the holiday weekend amid a flood of discounts, the national retail federation says consumers spent an average of $289 since thanksgiving, that's down 3.5% from a year ago. more people shopped, though, 154 million but many did so from home, a 4% increase in the number of people who bought on line. with the business report i'm landon dowdy. tragedy for a teenager home for the holidays. >> there is a fall for action in the district, the deadly shooting of a 16-year-old wasn't the only crime scene across the city. broadway crook targeting fans of the hit show "hamilton." plus cyber monday mania, we
5:58 am
of amazon. can you imagine how busy it is stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is seeking answers and not giving up until you find them. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
5:59 am
shots fired, a teenager home from boarding school is dead and this was not the only tragedy in d.c. voter recount, the green party is leading the charge. cyber monday safety, four
6:00 am
good morning, everybody, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang, much needed rain is on the way, we can't complain about it, we need it. >> chuck bell is here to break down your forecast hour by hour. >> good morning to both of you and welcome to monday morning. off to a quiet start, it's cold outside this morning, temperatures in the 20s and 30s now, we should make it up into the 50s later on today. it won't be today that is rain finally coming back into the picture, a quiet start at national airport, look at that long line of headlines in the drop off lane, could be another busy day for travelers around the northeast and fortunately it will be dry weather up and down the i-95 corridor. increasing clouds, cool and dry. tomorrow a bit of a south breeze tomorrow, even though rain chances are coming in strong for tomorrow and perhaps even into wednesday it will not be a cold november rain at all, it will be


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