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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  November 30, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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it is a storm team 4 weather alert day. fog forecast all over our area. it is bound to create trouble on your commute. good morning, everybody. it is 5:00 a.m. >> we want to get right to storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell so we can get you out the door. it is foggy out there, chuck. >> you bet. thick soup. >> what? >> yeah, stay t thick as soup outside this morning. level of visibility early on. steady rain coming our way. two chances for rain that will really slow thins down. first one is coming in just in time for the morning commute. the next one may impact the ride home. up near 70 degrees. gusty south winds and bursts of rain with a rumble or two of thunder. we'll dry out as we get towards the weekend number rain inside the beltway yet though.
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poor. but there are thunderstorms here in charlottesville. the rate they're going, they're only about two hours or so from reaching into the west side and southwest side of the d.c. metro area. so keep in mind that traveling conditions will be going down hill between now and about 7:00 this morning. planning out the rest of the day, fog and rain. 56 at 8:00 in the morning. then into the upper 60s to near 70s. might get a sliver or two of sunshine today between the rain this morning and another chance for rain with thunderstorms afternoon. it is going to be an impactful day for sure. keep your low beams on and your speed down. >> thank you, chuck. we are taking a look at what this means for the morning commute, too. >> justin finch is live on the roads with a check on what can you expect out there. how it is looking, justin? >> hey there. good morning. looking at you right now, there is mist in my way. it is pretty heavy out here.
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355. perhaps you can see there is just a real heavy fog hanging here. even the lights being blast as cross are hanging in that light. also here, the roads are quite slick. let's show you dash cam video we have coming in earlier this morning. this is maybe what you may be seeing. can you see that soupy fog. now on our way to 495 and going up river road, we did see lots of heavy fog made more treacherous because there is not
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reflective clothing or also bright clothing so drivers can see you out here on the dark and slick roads. >> justin finch, thank you. that is a really good point. i saw somebody riding a bike early this morning. they had the flashing ensemble on. while it may be a little early, stay bright if you can, especially on a day like today. in northwest and fox hall, you can see a little haze. not real heavy right now. b there montgomery county in general, a lot of fog in that area right now. inner loop and outer loop overall, no big problems and no road work here this morning. we'll take a look at more cameras around the area, more fog coming up in just a minute. >> there is breaking news out of state of alabama with wr we learned three people are dead following a tornado that touched down in the northern part of the state. take a look at what did it here.
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on the ground here. hearing 15 to 20 structures were destroyed. a church and gas station we know wiped out. roofs of houses just totally ripped off. three people who died they were actually inside of a mobile home, officials say. cleanup is starting as the storm son the move and headed east. we'll continue to follow up on now back to you. >> thank you. developing this morning, we're working to learn whether this man will be charged with murdering a 16-year-old southeast watch washington girl. dave evans turned himself in hours after police named him as a person of interest in the deadly shooting. brianna mcmillan was killed last friday on i street southeast. coming up, news 4's erica gonzalez will have more on how police zeroed in on their person of interest. a montgomery county family is concerned about this missing
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dropped off at the lake forest mall on gaithersburg on monday morning and never came home. his family says they're worried about his emotional and physical welfare. call police if you see him. today house democrats will decide if they want to keep nancy pelosi as their leader in the next congress. they will hold leadership elections later this morning. pelosi will face off against ohio congressman tim ryan. ryan says it's time f the losses of several democratic congressional seats over the past six years as a reason why. pelosi expected to retain her post. curry will remain in the senate. news 4's bureau chief spoke with curry last night. he said he is recinding his resignation. the p 79-year-old originally sent a letter to the president last week saying he would resign next month. curry served for 30 years in the
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president-elect donald trump is expected to make formal announcements on new cabinet picks this morning. trump is expected to name steve munchin as his treasury secretary. the president-elect is also expected to name billionaire investor wilbur ross as commerce secretary. trump is also dealing with a controversy this morning over this tweet yesterday declaring anyone who burns an american flag should face consequences, perhaps loss of citizenship or a year in jail. him. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said he supported the supreme court's decision on the issue. it voted twice to uphold the right to burn flags in protest as freedom of speech protected in the first amendment. the court also ruled that american citizenship can only be given up voluntarily. today in colombia, investigators hope to get information from the black boxes from the deadly plane crash.
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six people survived. today crews will work on recovering more of the victims' remains from the plane's wreckage before. that crash sh players posted videos on social media. one player had just learned he was going to be a father. another after being rescued that player reportedly called his wife before he died at the hospital. the pilot reported an electrical problem just before that crash. new this morning, we're learning a maryland man was arrested for making a bomb threat acc made the threat at the motor vehicle administration in beltsville. an employee said adams said he would return with a bomb and detonate it at the mva. a man from upstate new york this facing charges in fairfax county after police say' saulted a metro bus driver and then bit
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contained yesterday morning. he's accused of also attacking a bus driver and metro security officers. he now faces assault and battery charges. workers are calling for a higher minimum wage. they took the steps to the executive office building last night to urge law makers to pass a bill that raises it to $15 an hour by 2020. the county executive though questions whether it would put the county at disadvantage. the minimum wage set to increase to $11.50 an hour in july. lawmakers vote to on the increase to $15 next month. minimum wage rallies broke out across the country. dozens of people were arrested in protest from new york to los angeles. workers called for an 15 an hour minimum wage. airport employees and fast food workers were among protesters that blocked bidsy intersections and chanted outside airport term analyze.
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the epa is taking the lead to investigate that sheen in the potomac river. take a look. the agency says it is coordinating a regional response. investigators don't know whether the substance is actually oil or what caused it. the they say so far there has not been any issues with the drippinging water. new this morning, video showing a moment one police officer won't want to watch again. the fight that led to her shooting off her own finger. and, of course, we're keepinyo storm team 4 weather alert day. fog forecast throughout our area.
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welcome back. fog is this morning's big story. this is a live look from gaithersburg. zbh as you head out the door, you know you'll most likely run into conditions similar to this no matter where you are. it's going to be tough >> chuck bell is here now to tell us when it may get better. >> the fog won't be much of an issue after about 7:00 this morning. we'll trade fog for rain drops. the rain will mix the fog away. there are thunderstorms near charlottesville, virginia. that storm holds together, it is two hours from being in arlington county. know that it's not going to be an easy commute in this morning. visibility down under a mile
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here early this morning. temperatures are crazy warm. we're already into the upper 50s around washington and 62 right now. the sun is not even up in fredericksburg. 100% chance for rain coming in this morning. may get a little easing up in the rain before lunch time before a second chance of rain with chances for thunder again comes in later on this afternoon. so just know that it's a code red for your morning and your afternoon commutes today. we'll have more sunshine the weekend. five day forecast coming up. good morning, melissa. >> good morning. right now taking a live look here. american legion bridge. you can see that fog hanging around in the sky. as chucks been saying, could last until 7:00, 8:00 this morning. 270 at falls road, you're seeing the fog no matter where you are there on 270. the beltway, that is not the beltway south 50. let me see if i can fix that for you this morning. there we go.
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morning. we're looking a little southwest of there around indian head highway earlier. that wasn't so bad either. brunswick, two vehicle crash there in the intersection. that one hanging around. we'll have more on all the fog and a look at 66 coming up. >> thank you. 5:14. our top stories, a man is dead after a shooting outside a virginia grocery store. police still have not released names of the man that was shot outside that food lion last morning, it's possible charges against a man for killing a d.c. teenager. >> news 4's erica gone zal says live at d.c. police headquarters with more on this person of interest in the brianna mcmillan murder. erica? >> absolutely reckless, aaron. that's how police are describing the actions of a man they now have in custody. 30-year-old evans turned himself in. wanted for the unlawful
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d.c. police day after thanks giving in broad daylight with a number of people outside was caught on camera firing a gun multiple times. it was just about that same time and in that nearby location that 16-year-old brianna mcmillan was shot and killed. whether or not evans fired that deadly shot is simply not clear. that happened on i street in southeast near the potomac gardens housing complex. brianna was in town mom. family members say everybody loved the teen they called bri. we can tell you this morning that evans is in custody and we could learn a lot more about his fate later today. live outside d.c. headquarters, erica gonzalez, back to you. >> erica, thank you. >> 5:15 now. new this morning, one escaped inmate is back in custody but another is still on the run. the santa clara county sheriff's
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he and chavez cut through the bars and used bed sheets as ropes to escape from the jail last week. detectives say that chavez is still out there and that both men will face new charges. d.c. could soon change the way it handles the homeless. on tuesday, the mayor proposed emergency legislation that would allow the city to turn people away if their last place of residence can't be verified. right now the city's main homeless shelter is full and the district is spending night on hotel rooms for families that have nowhere else to stay. he says the city cannot verify residency for 12% of people seeking shelter. she says emergency housing should be reserved for d.c. residence who face true emergencies. >> asking the taxpayers of washington, d.c., to support residence of maryland and virginia is beyond the pale. >> the proposal must be approved about it d.c. council. the mayor also plans to clear
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last year. we are hearing directly from dolly parton about her charity here in washington, d.c. >> it provides books and free other items for children under the age of 5 selected by dolly's imagination library charity. 40% of the children in the district have signed up so far. >> when you ghet a position to help, you should. i think you should choose a charity that is near and dear to your heart. this one was based on, you know, real feelings for me. but smart, smart man. >> you can find out more about the books from birth reading program in the nbc washington app. search dolly parton. also tonight, you can watch parton's new christmas of many colors movie. it is a sequel to last year's coat manufacture colors. it airs after the rockefeller christmas tree light wrg parton will perform. deserving soldiers at walter
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from president obama. yesterday the president met with 13 army service members at bethesda's hospital. there he also handed out 13 purple hearts. the president visited the hospital several times each year. it is likely to be an emotional christmas at the white house this season. >> that is because it is the final holiday there for the first family. >> first lady michelle obama showed off this year's holiday deck races. this year theme is the gift of the holidays. but shedi talking about what this year means to her. >> so before i get choked up, let me officially kick off our final white house holiday season. >> if you want to share the joy of giving with your friends and family, just head to our nbc washington facebook page where we just posted a special gallery of the white house decorations. how gorgeous does that look,
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>> those were very large decorations. >> clubbing bell? >> he's the real ching. thing. >>. >> you just have to be pretty. it's television, you know? but we're in weather alert mode. it is a thick fog awaiting you outside this morning. there are two chances for moderate to heavy rain coming your way for the day. so just know that it is going to be rainy and mild. could have a rumble or thunder early this morning. but it's fog first thing that is the main issue. visibility is now down under a mile for most of montgomery county, fairfax, loudoun, prince william, fog here. out to the blue ridge and shenandoah. temperatures are in the mild 50s. temperatures about 20 degrees warmer than average on your way out the door this morning. and we'll be flirting with 70 degrees later on this afternoon. whether or not we get to 70 depends on whether or not we can get an extra little peek or two of the sun.
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commute. thunderstorms are now lifting our direction. it will be raining before p 7:00 in everybody's backyard this morning. so already rain now from warrenton to luray. so here is future weather to help time it out. first wave of moderate rain on top of the beltway by 7:00 a.m. this morning. then another chance for light to moderate rain through 9:00. betw9: 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 this afternoon. might even get a little peek or two of sunshine. then the cold front starts to move in. that will bring another chance for some rumbles of thunder between 2:00 and 5:00 this afternoon. and then occasional showers will linger on into the evening hours. so it is not going to be a pretty day. here is your five-day forecast. highs up are of # 0s to near 70s. back to sunshine. breezy and cooler for tomorrow.
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and there is a risk of a late day shower, maybe an evening shower. most of your weekend, melissa, will be dry. that looks like 66 is moving slow. >> i know. all of this fog here this morning not so pretty. 66 and 29 there in centreville. just hanging around all over the place today. eastbound 66 at the exit to the outer loop have a ladder in the right lane. that is going to cause a slowdown there. you're seeing a little bit of a yellow and orange color instead closed because of a crash. sound like the car is off the roads. eastbound 70. i'll see you back here in a few minutes. >> sometimes it feels like there aren't enough hours to get everything done. >> sometimes? >> right? ahead, we're going to tell you about some chores can you complete 24 hours a day. >> but first, a dangerous explosion destroys a home. we're learning now that children
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? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
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imagine waiting for your children to get off the school bus and your hom bursts into flames. that unthinkable thing happened to one new jersey mother. take a look at this scene here. there was nearly nothing left of that house in orange county, new jersey. all of the flames and smoke happened yesterday afternoon. the mom was inside the home when it exploded. but she managed to climb out of the rubble with >> i was worried about my kids. i know she was waiting for them to get off the bus. when we saw her with the dog and the kids were still on the bus and on their way home and rerouted to someone else's house. >> the mother only had cuts and bruises from the incident. the cause of that explosion is under investigation. a deputy in florida is no longer has her left ring finger. she shot it off. we'll show you the video. warning this may be a bit
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the deputy was defending herself against a pitbull. can you hear it there. she said it lunged at her. she shot it and took her finger off at the same time. the dog owner says the dog was on a leash and was not dangerous although neighbors say it was. 5:26. it is a weather alert day. fog advisory in effect across our area. >> we have team coverage to get youou chuck and melissa are back with what you need to know in minutes. changes coming to the women's march o in washington.
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your top stories at 5:29. it is a weather alert day here. fog making a tough for drivers all over our area. chuck bell with the warnings you need to know about. t the death of a 16-year-old d.c. girl is now in police custody. evans turned himself in last night. evans was caught on surveillance video firing a gun multiple times about the time brianna mcmillan was killed. prek donald trump expected to announce his newest cabinet nominations today. steve munchin expected to be named treasure secretary and wilbur ross commerce secretary. >> and house democrats will
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congress. nancy pelosi is fighting to retain her post as the top democrat against ohio congressman tim ryan. >> 5:30 right now. >> we need to get right to our team coverage on this weather alert day. take a look at all the fog outside right now. storm team four meteorologist chuck bell tells whus we can see clearing, chuck. >> yeah. the fog will be lifting here over about the next hour and a but we will replace the fog with rain drops which will also impact the commute in a negative fashion. so four things to know about the weather. super soupy outside early this morning. we'll go from fog to chances for thunder. near 7 o degrees on the last day of november. colder and drier air move in in time for the weekend. right now, the fog across the immediate metro area is replaced by rain drops. it is raining from win chester
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county and st. marries county. this is coming into the city. so every corner of the beltway will be wet before 7:00 a.m. this morning. afternoon highs to day, incredibly balmy. upper of 60s and low 70s across central virginia. so that will come with a chance for some thunderstorms as well. let you know when those are most likely to impact your travel for today. that's coming up in a few more minutes. it is going to be a slow go on the road. >> slow go. take a look at this morning. do have report of a smoking insulator. so a big fire response here on the scene right now. they're working on this, trying to get things fixed. we are single tracking because of the smoking insulator. we're senting a crew there right now. eastbound 66 at the exit to the outer loop, that ladder is still reported in the right lane.
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the slow spot is northbound there. otherwise, you're looking pretty g we'll have more on this problem in rockville and your travel times coming up in ten minutes. >> thank you. 5:32 right now. this morning, we are waiting to learn the identity of a man shot and killed outside a food lion grocery store in manassas. prince william county police responded to the scene at p 7:30. they say the victim was rushed to the hospital and later died. detective rifz not releasing any suspect information. developing out o county, police say they're looking for this man who was want ford rape, abduction and gang participation. he is 18-year-old ronald contreras. a 15-year-old girl says that he raped her in july. investigators believe he is hiding but say he is likely still in the u.s. police are releasing more evidence in a case we told you about yesterday. take a look at this surveillance video. this is from inside the brand
5:33 am
police need help finding this man whom they are calling a person of interest. d.c. police say he is the man suspected of attempting to sexually assault a woman inside the hotel on saturday night. they say he was armed with a knife at the time. if you recognize him, contact police. fidel castro once gave speeches to thousands of people at havana's plaz yaf the revolution. tens of thousands were there to no women's march on washington must find a new gathering spot
5:34 am
organizers said more than 120,000 people plan to march from the lincoln memorial to the white house. eight other groups already submitted applications for that same day. organizers say new plan has been worked out but details aren't being released just yet. think about a place open 24 hours other than the er, diners, 7-eleven here and there, some pharmacies come to mind. >> it turns out there are some places open all night that might surprise you. ang them out. >> hi guys. >> hey! >> hey! >> jim and dor reen wrapping up the night with the late knight news. this is also prime time for people to get out and do every day things. that got us thinking other than late night bars and restaurants, what else is open while you're sleeping? transportation, check. photographer.
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our middle of the night mission to see what is open is on. >> we got a crowd. >> the first stop, this 24 hour tire shop in northeast d.c. >> we're very busy overnight in some cases. basically, we have customers coming in, they need a tire repaired. >> mac's tire service changed our wheel in ten minutes. karen got her flat fixed next. 'm >> after all that, i'm a little hungry. now, time for a snack. >> dupont circle -- >> we hit the happening 24/7 surf side taco stand which turns out to be perfect on the go. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> we roll up to rockville after 2:00 a.m. >> do you ever do anything wild and crazy? >> i can do whatever workout i
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>> it's a club for busy people. including us, with plenty more places to go. >> was that fun? >> that was a tease for you. there is a little bit of a wardrobe change coming up next. there were so many. we will to divide it into two reports. and so coming up next hour, we'll take a look at some of the every day tasks that you do during the day. you can actually get done i have that little fun towel at the spa. a little relaxing. >> if we just had a few more hours in the day. >> or more places tlik open during the night. >> thank you, angie. >> let's turn to chuck bell now and check our forecast. >> all right. we can do that. it's going to be a very foggy start. we're in weather alert mode for the chances for not only the fog here early this morning but a chance for some heavier rain coming in in bursts for today. one will likely impact the morning commute and another one
5:37 am
commute. show the radar and our future weather coming up in few
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what's going on with the radar, chuck? >> it's not going to be a pretty commute. the afternoon may not be a whole lot better than this. thick fog now. and steady rain across much of central virginia. the steady rain showers are moving into the city. so it will be a wet ride here early this morning. everyone in the news 4 nation will be rained on before 7:00 a.m. this morning. and then periods of moderate rain here between 7:00 and 9 coming in later on this afternoon. so two chances for rain today. it's super warm. 40s in the shenandoah valley. most of the metro area is in the mid to upper 50s. so a mild start to the day. chances for the afternoon. afternoon temperatures near 70 to day. doesn't feel like the last day of november at all. you'll need the umbrella, hat and rain slicker today. the daily grade would be a
5:41 am
minus. how is weather holding up? >> a couple different problems here now. taking a look if rockville. rockville pike there at south drive. right outside of medical center. we have a smoking insulator dealing with here this morning. that means single tracking between grosvenor and medical center. outer loop between connecticut and rockville pike, report of a brand new crash here. again, you're seeing that fog all over the place. warning for through. looking okay right now. travel time wise. remember to listen to wtop today. >> thank you. new clues in the mysterious death of a young man. high-tech tool being used to help put a name to the face. plus, president-elect donald trump expected to announce new cabinet selections today. we have a live report from capitol hill in minutes.
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it is a storm team 4 weather alert day. we have team coverage. >> let's start with news 4's justin finch who is tracking what the roads are like right now for your commute into work. justin, good morning. how's it looking? >> since we last saw you, the rain picked up as has the traffic here at shady grove road and 355. take a look at the traffic here and also pay attention tohe very rain slick roads. these are the conditions you will find this morning. also this fog will be heavier in some places. we've already seen on our way here to montgomery county along river road near 495 lots of dark patches out there and heavy fog in places as well. perhaps you have seen that the d.c. area is under a dense fog advisory. that will last until 7:00 this morning. the morning commute begins to
5:46 am
well. if you are biking or walking or taking mass transit this mork, it may be smart to wear bright or reflective clothing so drivers out here can see you in the foggy and sometime dark conditions. back to you. >> angie goff here. breaking news out of syria. this comes us to from alepo. 21 people are dead after an attack on a housing area for those displaced by the human rights group taking a look at new video into the live desk here. human rights group monitoring the whole sags says this happened actually near a sist the government air strike that killed 20 people yesterday. it is now blaming the government for this latest attack. aaron? >> all right. angie, thank you. 5:46 right now. take a look at your tv screen. the national center for missing and exploited children hopes that somebody recognizes the young man you see here. his remains were found near
5:47 am
in may. the center just released these sketches of what they believe this young man looks like or looked like while he was alive. forensic artists scanned the skull and used faushl reconstruction technology to try to come up with likely facial features. >> nasal bone here. we make the two markers come and intersecretary. there is a level of sadness when we receive a case like this, unidentified remains of a child. >> officis before his remains were found. you can find more detail about this and that picture on my facebook page. it is 5:47. we're learning a maryland man was arrested for making a bomb threat according to maryland state police christopher adams made the threat at the motor vehicle administration in beltsville. according to an employee, adams said he would return with a bomb and detonate it at the mva. adams was arrested for threats to commit mass violence and threats to commit arson.
5:48 am
faces charges in fairfax county after police say he assaulted a metro bus driver and then bit officers. police say the 31-year-old bit officers after they tried to detain him at the metro station yesterday morning. he's accused of also attacking a bus driver and metro secure officers. he'll face assault and battery charges. for the first time, we're hearing from the police officer accused of shooting carolina. former officer michael slater testified during the murder trial yesterday. slater said he stopped walter scott for broken tail light back in 2015. scott then took off running and slater followed. cell phone video appeared to show slater shooting scott in the back. slater testified he feared for his life because scott tried to grab his taser. >> full fear that mr. scott
5:49 am
stopped, like i'm trained to do. >> slater now says in hindsight, he would not have chased scott on foot in the first place. he said he would have called for backup. the jury is expected to begin deliberating later this week. an update on the crash that injured comedian tracy morgan and killed comedian james mcnair. he plead guilty to vehicle homicide and aggravate add sault. he was driving the walmart truck that crashed into morgan's van on thee years ago. he now has to complete a three year intervention program. if he does, the charges will be dismissed. wildfires covering parts of tennessee. in these tickets, you can see the fires burning right near a theme park. look at that. investigators say the theme park survived but more than 150 buildings are damaged. thousands of people had to be evacuated from home. we'll have another update and the latest on the wildfire at
5:50 am
the last few weeks have been carrying out a transition effort. i have to tell you, i've been impressed by what i've seen in the transition effort. the people he selected as members of his cabinet are solid and effective and capable people. >> that is mitt romney praising donald trump on his transition. it was romney's second meeting with the president-elect as he's of state. let's get to tracie potts who is live on capitol hill now. is romney still considered a top contender for secretary of state? we've seen some other names. what other announcements are we expected? >> a couple could happen today, in fact, within the hour. as for romney, absolutely the fact that he was in new york for a second meeting this time over chocolate cake and frog legs we're told at a posh new york straw restaurant.
5:51 am
and the speaker. there had been quite a bit of animosity between the two during the campaign, it looks like this is something they may seriously be considering. but nothing official yet. we do expect two more announcements later today. steve manuchin and a goldman sachs alum is expected to be announce the as his choice for treasury secretary. and billionaire investor wilbur ross expected to be ross has been a harsh critic of free trade deals which was obviously be in line with what president-elect donald trump is talking b both of those announcements could come early today. >> all right. tracie potts live on capitol hill. thank you. our time right now is 5:51. it is a storm team 4 weather alert day. we're starting to seat fog advisories. >> the fog starting to lift out.
5:52 am
the fog will become less and less of a problem but the rain will become more and more of a problem. about 15 minutes ago you couldn't even see nebraska avenue from our tower camera. the visibility has come up quite a bit here in northwest washington. it's going to be a busy weather day to day. have your nbc washington app downloaded and ready to go. balmy on twitter. can you find me on facebook under chuck bell 4. i'll try to keep you ahead of the weather as we go through this very unusual november day. under a mile for most of howard, montgomery, loudoun, fairfax and prince william counties. visibility a little better where the rain is already fairly steady down towards warren ton, culpepper and charlottesville. here is storm team 4 radar. severing already wet from yesterday's rain. and more rain moving in now. already showers getting on to the southwest side of the beltway. raining on i-95. rain showers out here westbound on 66 as you get out towards i-81. this is all coming inbound.
5:53 am
here's future weather to help you time it out. periods of moderate rain coming through the d.c. metro between now and about 7:30 this morning. between 7:00 and 9:00 still a lot of rain around. heaviest and steadiest by 9:00 this morning though. up towards mart inzburg, hagerstown and frederick, maryland. we get towards late morning and into lunch time, rain starting to taper off a bit. and there might be a peek or two of sunshine today. gusty southerly winds. it's going to be warm. we're in the 50s this little line of showers could also bring some thunderstorms chances with it. that say cold front coming right in in time for the afternoon commute. so likely to have rain drops on the way home as well. it's not going to be pretty. the combination of rain and fog could also mean slight delays at the local airports. so call your carrier and pack your patience. there is the ten day forecast. near 70 today.
5:54 am
first day of december. let's go to melissa. trouble on rockville pike. >> hopefully this is wrapping up soon. again in, front of medical center metro, rockville pike and south drive. they had that smoking insulator. looks like this could be clearing soon. we got word they're no longer tracking between the medical center but they're still singing track will near here. we still have a report westbound 6, left lane is getting by. eastbound problem on 66 at the exit to the outer loop that, cleared out of the way. eastbound 7, you have to get past that crash. >> thank you. 5:54. workers in montgomery county is calling for a higher minimum wage. they took to the stepsst office building last night to raise it to $15 an hour by 2020.
5:55 am
at an economic disadvantage. the minimum wage is already set to increase to $11.50 an hour in july. lawmakers vote on than crease of 15 dlsh next month. similar minimum wage rallies broke out across the country. dozens of people were arrested during protests from new york to los angeles. worker called for $15 an hour minimum wage. airport employees and fast food workers were among the protesters who blocked busy intersections and chanted outside airports including in a national. good morning. i'm at cnbc headquarters. lyft will tell riders how much the triple cost prior to they book. it allows you to see how much the ride will cost with fees, taxes, tolls, and prime time charges or lyft version of surf pricing. it's not fix philadelphia you change the destination en route. the fair will change if it takes
5:56 am
the fare would change. more and more car shoppers are under water on the trade ins. that's according to a record by 32% of all trade ins for the purchase of a new car had negative equity. that is the highest rate on record. it is up from 30% during the same time period from last year. we're about a week away from the grand opening of the mgm national harbor. and we learned that sarah jessica parkewi first ever boutique at the new casino. the store will feature her shoe collection and recently launched little black dress line. entertainment from big name acts and also expected to draw crowds. that means millions of dollars in extra revenue for prince george's county. the casino's 3,000 seat theater already booked big names including bruno mars, cher. find out more. head to the nbc washington app
5:57 am
if you are just waking up, give yourself some extra time to get to work this morning. a live look outside where some people are seeing pea soup as they hit the roads. the rain moving in is not going to help. what you need to know before you head out the door. >> new development in the shooting death of a 16-year-old girl gunned down over the holiday weekend. who police have in custody. and we're monitoring the latest out of tennessee where massive wildfires continue to burn this morning. how far fire crews have to go before they can gain the upper
5:58 am
5:59 am
you're going to see some of this. most places in our area actually socked in by fog and that's radar right now. the rain is moving in as well. add that to the fog issues and a lot of people could be in for a tough drive into work today. >> good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> we're working for you this morning to help make the commute a smooth one. >> chuck bell and our traffic reporters have been busy all morning long. let's start with chuck.
6:00 am
we get into the beginning of the wednesday morning commute. so weather headlines, visibility up a bit now at national airport. that is the good news. still areas of thick fog across much of suburban maryland and fairfax and loudoun county. so weather headlines. thick fog with steady rain moving in for the morning commute. this afternoon, really mild. very breezy. southerly winds today. we'll bring another chance for rain, potentially even a rumble or two of thunder this afternoon. by the weekend, it will start to feel cooler and right now, visibility is down under a mile for an arundel county, howard, ?rfairfax, loudoun, panhandle of west virginia. be careful out there. those kid will be extra hard to see with the combination of fog and even rain moving in. even another rumble of thunder now down near charlottesville. i couldn't even rule out rumbles of thunder over the next couple of hours. as you're planning out the day, fog and rain this morning. could get a little peek of sunshine early this afternoon. temperatures near 70. again, more chances for rumble


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