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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  November 30, 2016 6:00am-6:59am EST

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we get into the beginning of the wednesday morning commute. so weather headlines, visibility up a bit now at national airport. that is the good news. still areas of thick fog across much of suburban maryland and fairfax and loudoun county. so weather headlines. thick fog with steady rain moving in for the morning commute. this afternoon, really mild. very breezy. southerly winds today. we'll bring another chance for rain, potentially even a rumble or two of thunder this afternoon. by the weekend, it will start to feel cooler and right now, visibility is down under a mile for an arundel county, howard, ?rfairfax, loudoun, panhandle of west virginia. be careful out there. those kid will be extra hard to see with the combination of fog and even rain moving in. even another rumble of thunder now down near charlottesville. i couldn't even rule out rumbles of thunder over the next couple of hours. as you're planning out the day, fog and rain this morning. could get a little peek of sunshine early this afternoon. temperatures near 70. again, more chances for rumble
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it is going to be an impact full weather day for sure. follow us on facebook and twitter. we'll try to keep you ahead of the weather also with our nbc washington app. good morning, liz. >> good morning. still seeing fog all over the place. rockville pike and south drive that, situation out of medical center metro is out of the way. so that is great, of course. metro service on the red line. we're now single tracking between tenially town and van ness because of the deer struck by a train. there outer loop between that problem on the outer loop slowing the top of the beltway here this morning. outer loop there, just after the 270 exit, have a brand new crash there. and then inner loop ramp to 66. left lane gets by. there eastbound 66 at the exit to the outer loop is now out of the way. we'll have travel times for new ten minutes. >> thank you. our team coverage continues for you this morning. storm team 4 weather alert day. dense fog covers parts of our region. >> making for a slower commute
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what he's seeing on the roads for you this morning. justin, good morning. >> hey there. good morning. we're a bit south of where we last saw you at old georgetown road in rockville pike. what you're seeing here are still those slick streets we've been warning you about all morning. the fog here is not quite as heavy as it appeared earlier. we're still seeing fog out here. let's show you some of the video that we did take earlier that kind of shows you how heavy the fog can be throughout our region here. we did also notice in your secondary roads that you may see a a. long the patch that's the fog appears to be heavier. the roads are darker. that is where you want to be especially careful and you make your way up this morning. the dark streets combined with those slick roads can be a dangerous combination out here. we did note that in particular along river road making our way to 495 to get to montgomery county this morning, sos you make your way out, feen you're
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this morning, you want to be findful of the fog. drivers cannot see you as clearly as they could on a normal day. >> you can follow the latest weather and traffic updates on our washington app. developing this morning, d.c. police have a man in custody they say is a person of interest in the murder of a 16-year-old girl. evans turned himself in yesterday after police issued a warrant for his arrest on gun charges. >> news 4's erica al how evans is connected to the brianna mcmillan shooting. erica? >> yeah, good morning. so let's go back a little bit. he turned himself in yesterday to police avti?tk put out a lookout for him for unlawful possession of a firearm. 30-year-old saied evans turpd himself in. police said they have video of evans firing off multiple shots
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neighborhood the day after thanksgiving in broad daylight. that same day in that same neighborhood and about that same time 16-year-old brianna mcmillan was shot and killed. did evans fire that deadly shot at this point we don't know. and that neighborhood i was just telling you about, the potomac gardens housing complex, she was here in town visiting her mom. family members say evan loved the teen that they called bri:so again evans is in firing off a weapon and we anticipate learning a lot more about what his fate could be today. outside the d.c. police headquarters, i'm erika gonzalez, back to you. >> thank you. another man was also killed the same weekend as brianna mcmillan. police say three men are responsible for 25-year-old timothy biaser's death. randolph williams and xwarls and
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murder. five minutes after the hour. right now deadly dangerous fires are burning and thousands of people are hoping their homes are safe. angie goff has the latest on the wildfires burning in tennessee. there is a curfew that just came to an end? >> that's right. but still a very scary situation, aaron. and that curfew in gatlinburg expiring just as the 6:00 hour got started. it's been in effect since 6:00 last night. this is firefighters are dealing and high winds making the fight even more difficult. now this is what we know at this point. so far, three people died in the wildfires around the smokeys in this state. 14 others were injured. we know there are multiple fires making up about 15,000 acres. they continue to burn. more than 100 buildings were completely destroyed. more than 10,000 people waking up this morning without power. local fire officials saying that
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nature. the likes of it have never been seen there. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, this man is back in custody in california. sheriff's deputies say his accomplice is still on the roon. ralon campbell was captured a few hours ago. he and chavez escaped from a santa clara jail last week. they cut throughout bars and used bed sheets as a rope to get out and get away. investigators have a news conference scheduled for this morning to talk about how they captured campbell and what they're doing to get chavez right now. right now, a family is concerned about this man. police say 23-year-old was dropped off at the lake forest mall in gaithersburg monday morning and never came home. his family is worried about his emotional and physical welfare. call police if you think you may have seen him. president-elect donald trump could make his newest cabinet appointment as early as this hour. he is likely to nominate goldman
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treasury secretary a wilbur ross as commerce secretary. trump likely cabinet is starting to take shape. just yesterday trump nominated elaine chow to head the transportation department shechlt also have the wife of senate ma jord leader mitch mcconnell. the position of secretary of state remains open. donald trump had dinner with mitt romney last night in new york city. he is considered a strong contender for the job even though he was a fierce critic of last night romney had nothing but praise for the president-elect. >> it's not easy. i know that myself. he did something i tried to do and was unsuccessful in accomplishing. he won the general election. and he continues with a message of inclusion and bringing people together. and his vision is something which is obviously connected with the american nem a powerful way. >> trump is also considering other people for secretary of
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today house democrats will likely decide if they want to keep nancy pelosi as their leader in the next congress. the leadership elections will be held later this morning. pelosi will face off against tim ryan. ryan says it's time for a change in house leadership and cites of losses of several democratic seats over the past six years as a reason why. pelosi is expected to retain her post though. the d.c. council still needs to aprofit district's new school's chancellor. public hein nomination will begin today. last week mayor bowser announced that wilson was her choice to be d.c. school leader. she comes from oakland public schools and worked for more than 20 years in education. tonight's first public hearing set for 5:00 at brookland middle school in northeast. now if wilson is approved about it council, he'll start in february. news 4 is in cuba right now following the massive response to fidel castro's death. castro died last week.
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up for a memorial service in havana last night. it was at the plaza of the revolution where castro gave several speeches shortly after he came to power. we'll have a report at of 6:30 to talk about the service and the plans for the next several days. if you're just waking up, take a look at your screen right now. we're in for a messy commute this morning. fog and rain are hitting every part of our a right now. what the commute into work looks like as we check back in with chuck bell and melissa. >> we're also following breaking news in alabama much the same weather system we're dealing with is to blame for several deaths. the overnight tornado that wiped some areas off the map. and new details after that deadly plane crash in colombia that killed nearly an entire
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we're following breaking news in alabama at 6:13. three people killed in a tornado there. thousands don't have power right now. more than a dozen were hurt in a daycare center was destroyed. this is all part of a storm system that is now heading our way. let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell to find out more about our forecast. yesterday. look at these reports. the blue circles are reports of large hail and all these red circles are tornado reports from the last 24 hours. they go really from knoxville, tennessee, through huntsville, alabama, down to jackson, mississippi. so a lot of severe weather yesterday. mostly focused in the northwest corner of alabama. so a very energized storm system. that's what's coming our way. we even have overnight rumbles of thunder near charlottesville.
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thunderstorm here early this morning. temperatures are in the 50s to near 60. rain drops are coming in. it is going to be a foggy start this morning. reduced visibility now with rain moving in. keep a close eye out. the kids will be hard to spot at the bus stop. again, it will be mild. we're in the 50s. we'll be near 70 degrees for a high temperature today. if you're exercising outside, you may want to wait until tomorrow. it's been a very busy morning in first 4 traffic. we've be t rockville pike. we have troubles everywhere. >> we have it temporarily stopped right now. they're opening a left lane in just a minute. a couple other problems there sort of the top area of the beltway. outer loop just after the 270 exit. one of them is at rockville pike and then another crash in the same area. sounds like somebody maybe trapped. again, they'll have the left lane be open here in just a
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rosalynn tunnel, that is a mess. a crash just after the tunnel. they're jammed inside. going to take a look at travel times in a couple minute. >> it is 6:15. new this morning, pope frances paid tribute to the members of a brazilian soccer team that died in a plane crash. from the vatican, the pope urged people to pray for their families. >> today in colombia, investigators hope to learn new information from the black boxes found at the crash mountains monday night. 71 people died, six survived. the team was headed to a championship play-off game. yesterday soccer teams around the world held moments of silence before their game. brazilian soccer great pele said brazilian football is in mourning. >> translator: everybody has placed their confidence in god that things will go well for us. our team will have to go on. it is difficult. it is so difficult to speak.
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and circled just before crashing miles from the airport. the surviving flight attendant seld the plane ran out of fuel. awful to hear about those last moments on the plane. the players sharing great news before they died. so sad. >> and there were 20 journalists on that plane. a lot of love. all d.c. patrol officers could be wearing body cameras by the end of the year. that is according to our news partners at the police chief says the rollout should be finished by the middle of next month. the city spent $5 million to makt happen. this time last year, only about 400 officers wore body cameras. if you drink at starbucks, seems a little priceyer because it s the washington business journal says starbucks quietly increased prices weeks ago, the same day it released the new hol i did cup design. cold drinks and baked items went
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hot drinks back in july. a lot of us are not drinking the cold drinks right now though. today is pretty warm. >> that's true. 6:17. last hour we explored places around town that stay open while you sleep. >> after fixing a tire and grabbing a taco, we last saw angie at a breaking sweat joint in rockville. and that is where her search for places open all night picks up. >> in rockville, peace, quiet, and -- >> time to get cl >> we find for a small fee we can clean our wheels at flag ship car wash at any hour. three maryland locations offer this self serve option. this is something extra. >> free vacuum! >> okay. >> clean machine, tire changed, tacos and treadmills. but how about some time to relax? in centreville, va vashgs people in lounge wear resting all hours
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the korean spa has seven rooms filled with element that's claim to heal. most of the chambers are really hot. >> this is one of most beautiful room here's. >> the one filled with the red clay balls, one of the most popular. we're all getting rested. sun is not up yet. we have more places to go. we arrive in manassas. >> this is one of many 24 hour lawn droe mats >> with wr we find plenty of room to wash clothes at liberia laundromat. there is always stuff on hand and free wi fi, too. and while in town, i got coffee. a quick stop at this 24 hour hour starbucks. nothing like fresh brew before watching the sunrise on the way back. >> i made it back. i made it back. there are. but i will say there are not a ton. you know sh you have the pharmacies and you have -- but i
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d.c., there is a lot of commuters. we're so spread out. unlike new york where it is like a city that never sleeps. it's great to know there are these little things out there can you do. by the way, the lamb towel, they hosted a tutorial. it's adoadorable. >> i'm going with you next time so we can lay down on the hot rocks. >> and there are a lot of 24 hour korean barbecue. >> sounds good. >> thank you, angie. >> let's >> and busy day to day in the storm team 4 weather office. we're in weather alert mode to keep you ahead of all the change that's are coming your way. it is mild and foggy now. it's going to be wet before you know it. going to have a chance for a thunderstorm here on the final day of november with temperatures near 70 degrees today. here's a view from our tower. can you almost make out the top of the washington monument. that is 555 feet up. low clouds this morning. could really delay some flights.
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impacts today down towards the atlanta airport and cincinnati, ohio. all ahead of a cold front which will take us from 70 today back into the 50s for highs by tomorrow. and only near 50 by the weekend. right now though, thick fog just about everywhere. moderate pockets of rain now moving inside beltway. raining now from hagerstown, thick fog report bid one of our weather watchers in mrt inzburg, west virginia. moderate rain now towards luray and warren ton. visibilities are under a mile across much of the dmv here early this morning. so here's how we time it all out. rain moving into the metro this morning. it is going to be a sloppy and slow morning commute. lots of road spray to deal w things should taper off after 9:00 or 10:00. there maybe a sliver or two of sunshine before the cold front brings another chance for rain, maybe even a rumble or two of thunder in between 3:00 and 7:00 p.m. there is your five day forecast.
6:21 am
saturday. and there is just a slightest chance for a few showers moving in late sunday evening. but most of the weekend will be dry. latest track and trouble onz the beltway and 270. >> take a look at this. this is outer loop of the beltway. only left shoulder getting by. we were shut down. now the left shoulder getting by. we have another crash in that same area slowing things. so those two crashes ry here this morning. top of the beltway looking pretty rough there on the outer loop because of that. 66 east after the rosalynn tunnel, take a live look here. hardly moving there. eastbound through the tunnel because of a crash just outside of the tunnel. 66 overall through manassas is slow. there 95 northbound, no major problems will all of the green is that rain following on the roadways. lots of fog making for a very messy commute. >> thank you.
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i think you should choose a charity that is near and dear to your heart. en that one is based on, you know, real feelings for me. my dad couldn't read and write >> news 4 talks directly to country music star dolly parton about her charity efforts here in washington. the books for birth program provides children under the age of 5 with free books selected by the imagination library charity. you can watch parton's new christmas movie "christmas of many colors" tonight. it's a sequel to last year's very popular coat manufacture colors. it's airing right here on nbc 4. she became a style icon in
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bringing her brand to maryland. >> she is launching her first ever boutique at the new mgm national harbor casino. the store will feature her shoe collection and little black dress line. they will sell accessories and handbags. it won't be cheap. everything runs from $30 to nearly $700. there is a range though. 30 to $700. >> something for everybody. >> that's right. let's hope. so. >> there you go. >> fog is blanketing parts of our area right now. and a little rain could make a
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now at 6:30, we're getting you up to the minute the minute you're up. fog and rain continues to blanket the area. >> you're looking live at i-270 south. things are a bit slow going this morning as we see volume pick up. we're in the storm team 4
6:30 am
weather alert day. we're starting to seat fog dissipate. then we move right to the next problem. >> exactly. the rain is helping mix the tag out. but you can't see or you're on the wet roads. it won't be a pretty wednesday commute at all. fog lifted a bit here. there are still many spots with visibility well under a mile. so it is a super soupy morning outside. we'll go from fog to rain to a chance for a thunderstorm again this afternoon. near 70 degrees of november. it will be colder and drier by the weekend. so much going on. going to keep you ahead of the weather. use your nbc washington app. follow me on twitter and find me on facebook under chuck bell 4. storm team radar shows rain on just about all corners of the capital beltway now. pockets of moderate rain west of culpepper, virginia. that is going towards warrenton and massachusetts. grab the rain gear, you'll need it. we'll be into the of 60s to near
6:31 am
coming in late afternoon. tough go on the roads as well. melissa has updates on the outer loop. >> still breaking news here this morning. so outer loop on the rockville pike, still have a massive backup. a it 2 1/2 mile backup as you're headed to rockville pike. right now though only the right lane is blocked. that is a great improvement. beltway looks nasty here this morning. awe the green that, is rain following across the area. also dealing with all of that this is just 66 inbound. that is the rosalynn tunnel much that's good. bottom of the beltway and the routes into town and out of town, no major problems. we're seeing the normal volume. again, the fog and rain really adding to the pain of this morning's commute. no one knows that better than justin finch. hi, justin. >> hey there. good morning. that rain is still sticking around here this morning. we're looking at slick roads here. perhaps can you see that fog
6:32 am
want to got other way here and show you how much heavier it appears to be going rather coming towards us. and we have seen cars out here this morning taking it easily out here as they drive in this early morning on these dark and slick roads. want to show you now 270 south. we're seeing traffic pick up this morning. and also drivers taking it easily as they make their way out into the city. we have seen lots of darker, foggier patches on your it perhaps a bit more carefully as you commute this morning. and also we see runners and bikers out here. they're out here in dark clothing. that could be an issue. today is the day for the next few hours that you want to wear reflktive clothing so that drivers can see you. and looking again live at 270, we're seeing some slowdown out here as you can see. but again, those roads are slick. the highways are slick.
6:33 am
>> thank you, justin. it is 6:32. waiting to learn the identity of a man shot and killed outside of a food lion grocery store. police sponted to the scene at 7:30 last night. they say the victim was rushed to the hospital and later died. detectives haven't released any suspect information. >> d.c. police have released new surveillance footage in a case we told you about yesterday. police need help finding this man that they're calling a person of hotel in d.c. police say he's the man is suspected of trying to sexually assault a woman inside that hotel sunday night. they say he was armed with a knife at the time. today we will hear more from the former police officer accused of murdering an unarmeding issing is man. smikal slayinger is charged with shooting walter xolt last year. slager said he shot scott
6:34 am
lite. at one point scott began running and slager followed. he reached for his taser. he appears to show him shooting him in the bag as he ran away. >> the iowa state ataeshg was working for them. but federal investigators have not found any thaefdz he had contact with that terror group. a vigil was held on the school's campus yesterday. the president is asking the community to move forward in a spirit of unity. hospital. police say he drove into people on a campus sidewalk monday and then attacked them with a butcher knife before being shot to death by police. over the next several days, people across cuba will pay respects to fidel castro. >> our reporter was at a huge memorial service for castro last night and talked to people about
6:35 am
>> the period of mourning continues here in cuba on the island nation as they remember fidel castro. beginning today at 7:00 this morning, the remains of fidel castro will be transported via procession from this location. we'll be going cross country. there will be a three day trek to get. there all of this come after what was a large final tribute right here in the capital city. street turned massive walk way, tens of thousands packing into the plaza, revolution square. we're here to share the pain of the cuban people. but given this service was havana's last moment to mourn fidel's death, it wasn't quite the funeral atmosphere. >> it is very strange for us. >> yeah. >> we weren't the only ones to notice. this couple touring from the uk
6:36 am
i know you don't have a lot to compare it to not having been here before, but what do you expect? what are the take aways? >> very quiet. >> no one is really said anything. i feel like people would have been more expressive. >> emotionally? >> yeah, exactly. instead, it's almost like silence. >> and later today we hope to bring you coverage of that procession as it leaves from here to capital city. that's the latest from cuba. news 4. it is 6:36. long time maryland state senator curry will stay in the senate. news 4's prince george's correspondent spoke to curry and he said he is recinding his resignation. the 79-year-old aernlg sent the letter to the senate president last week saying he would resign next month. curry served for maryland for 30 years in maryland's general assembly. today is choose women
6:37 am
in the same spirit of small business saturday, today is a day to support women in business. you can take part in that effort on the website more than 70 stores are on that list. a portion of every sale there will help women in need around the world who want to start their own business. so many great women owned businesses in the d.c. area. >> we'll take a look and figure them out. ncht no matter where you are this morning, you probably will need to get those low beam onz. keep those on.
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welcome back on this storm
6:41 am
us what we need to know. >> yes, indeed. prepare for fog and rain to really interfere with your morning commute. breaking news mode as well. because of all the troubles we had on the top of the beltway. rain every. where could even rule out random rumble of thunder over the next little bit. dense fog advisory still confined. the advisory itself to northern maryland. visibility down to under a mile in many locations this morning. bus stop weather in the mid 50s there. be careful. temperatures up near 70 degrees by later on today. so what to wear, your big umbrella, hat, and raincoat. the daily grade would have been an f but it's mild so we give it a c minus. >> breaking news continuing on the outer loop of the beltway. so right now we got information that this problem is now on the shoulder on rockville pike. still this new issue has caused
6:42 am
outer loop between gw parkway, new crash reported there. 66 inbound and 95 north, a little slow. rain, fog, it's everything this morning causing a problem. 270 south not bad. top of the beltway is pretty much terrible. 95 over to 270 going to take aun hour. it should take you about 15 minutes. remember to listen to wtop. >> it's okay, melissa. we'll get through it. >> it's not your fault. >>re storm team weather 4 alert day. look at the fog covering northwest washington right outside our front yard here. another live look at conditions. a lot of you will face this morning. >> president-elect donald trump adds more people to his cabinet. who he's expected to point as
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
15 before the hour. our top story this morning, fog in the forecast. >> we are bringing you team coverage from our weather center to the roads across our area. we want to start thing offs with chuck bell. good morning. >> good morning. visibility down under a mile in many spots. in addition to the fog, we have pockets of moderate rain now across much of central and western fairfax county and heavy rain near culpepper and warrenton now.
6:46 am
roads. >> it is a slow go on the roads. breaking news right now in first 4 traffic. outer loop under rockville pike this crash is now out of the way. it had really added to those delays top of the beltway. normally we see a three to four mile backup. we are now at almost nine miles this morning, folks. allow that extra time. >> melissa, continue. >> we continue our storm team coverage. heavy fog is blanketing our ar now. >> justin finch is live with a look at the roads. good morning. >> aaron, good morning. we're on montross road here. take a look. slow going out here this morning. and slick roads there underneej. with you see what remains of the fog hanging in the distance. we've seen conditions improve out here. much earlier and much foggier. still at this point, it is still
6:47 am
if you're driving, you'll want to be careful. make your way throughout the area on the highways as well as your secondary roads. that still might be dark. and also a bit easier and harder to see out there this morning. back to you. >> all right. justin finch live in montgomery county, thank you. angie goff at the live desk. new video just in of this breaking story on the deadly northeastern part of alabama. take a look. you can see the obliteration to this community. homes, churches, gas stations, a 24-hour daycare center completely destroyed. we know that at least three people lost their lives when the tornado struck. we're told that they were all inside one mobile home. three others were seriously hurt. and now more tornado watches including one in new orleans. now back to you.
6:48 am
and three people dead in those wildfires in tennessee. mandatory curfew ended an hour ago. people still don't know how safe their homes are. >> an entire town gatlinburg was blocked off and fire investigators say it is dangerous there. now they need to go through the town to see what is left behind. >> the inmate is in california. another is on the run. the santa clara county sheriff's offi ago. he and chavez cut through the bars and used bed sheets as ropes to escape from jail last week. detectives say chavez is still out there and that both men will face new charges. in prince george's county, we're working to learn whether weather was a factor in a deadly crash. a woman died when her suv flipped on chapel hill road last night. take a look at the scene here. the car is up side down. police say the woman lost control and someone hit the car
6:49 am
two other people were taken to the hospital but should be okay. right now a montgomery county family is concerned about this missing man. police say the 23-year-old was dropped off at the lake forest mall in gaithersburg. that was monday morning. he never came back home. the family is worried about his emotional and physical welfare right now. if you think you may have seen him, police would like to hear from you. we're expecting president-elect donald trump to formally announce his latest cabinet pi campaign finance chairman steve manuchin as treasury secretary wilbur ross as a secretary. yesterday he picked former labor secretary elaine chow to lead the transportation department. she also have the wife of senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. but the position of trump's secretary of state remains up in the air. trump had dinner with mitt romney last night at new york
6:50 am
though he was a fierce critic of trump during the campaign. last night romney had nothing but praise for the president-elect. >> it's not easy winning. i know that myself. did he something i tried to do and was unsuccessful in accomplishing. he won the general election. and he continues with a message of inclusion and bringing people together. and his vision is something which obviously connected with the american people in a very powerful way. >> including tennessee senator bob corker. 6:50. today nancy pelosi will face a big test. her house democratic colleagues will decide if they want to keep her as their leader in the next congress. pelosi will face off against ohio congress mang tim ryan in leadership elections to day. she expected to retain her position. the d.c. council still needs to aprofit district's new school's chancellor. but public hearings on the mayor's nomination will begin
6:51 am
for d.c.'s school leader. he comes from oakland public schools and worked for more than 20 years in public education. tonight's first public hearing is set for 5:00 and brooklyn middle school in northeast. if wilson is approved by council. he'll start in february. >> in just minutes, fidel castro's remains will begin a three day journey so people across the country can pay their respects. that begins at 7:00. castro died last week night and there was a massive memorial service for him last night. several world leaders were there. the high ranking presidential adviceor and the top diplomat to cuba came from the united states. news 4's reporter was also there and following the memorial procession today. be sure to follow him on twitter@davidculver for the latest on castro's death. 6:51. we return to our top story this morning, the weather weechlt been, of course, talking a lot
6:52 am
team 4 radar lit up right now. >> sure s rain sure to be a problem. >> rain slowed thing down. we had thick fog last night. the rain is getting the fog out. you create low visibility for slippery roads. check out our capital wheel down at national harbor. five minutes ago you could only barely make out the bright outline. now you can at least see it again. the fog is coming and going in waves out there this morning. the view from our tower here i against the national cathedral there. we can see the monument 15 minutes ago and now can't even see. that the advisory for the fog is only confined to northern and northeastern maryland. visibility is under a mile. be careful outside this morning. very tough to see. line of severe weather down across tennessee, alabama and mississippi. we have a chance for a rare rumble or two of thunder in november. had a couple thunderstorm in charlottesville between 5:00 and 6:00 this morning.
6:53 am
moving into parts of western fauquier county. and so do note that 66 will be impacted here up near the plains, out towards ma nass is and warren ton and arlington and false church. here is future weather. the rain moving in this morning. heaviest rain by 9:00. we'll be in northern maryland and west virginia. might actually get a little break in the rain right around lunch time and early afternoon. a sliver or two of sunshine is a possibility. then the cold front brings another chance for rain another chance for some rumbles of thunder from 2:00 to 3:00 this afternoon to 6:00 or 7:00 this evening. then colder air will come in for the remainder of the weekend. so near 70 today with a chance for a rumble or two of thunder. lots of rain. have the rain gear ready to go. breezy and cooler tomorrow. chilly and sunny for friday and saturday. a little chance for rain late in the day sunday, more likely sunday night into monday. >> breaking news continuing here this morning.
6:54 am
the outer loop of the beltway. it is actually on the right shoulder at this point this morning. we still have some major delays. looks like we're having trouble there. there we go. outer loop under rockville pike. so has a three mile backup because of this portion. that is in addition to a six mile backup at the top of the beltway. so the whole entire thing, nine miles here this morning. outer loop near rockville pike. gw parkway, crash there. 66 west before the beltway. also have an acciden all. 9 alooking good. remember, all of this green, it looks like slime. it is rain. and also fog through the area. bottom of the beltway, prince george's county looking difficult. you can see that fog, that haze. it is messy, especially throughout rockville area this morning. and also problem inbound canal at fox hall this morning. guys? >> all right. thank you. coming up on 6:55.
6:55 am
will be charged with murdering a 16-year-old southeast d.c. girl. evans turned himself into police yesterday. >> erika gone zal says live at police headquarters with how police connected evans to the deadly shooting. erika? >> detectives say they have him on camera, video showing him firing off several rounds in the same area around the same time that brianna mcmillan was so yesterday they put out a warrant for his arrest. unlawful possession of a firearm. then hours later, 30-year-old evans turned himself in. this all unfolded the day after thanksgiving around lunch time. the place where brianna was gunned down, not far if his mother's home. i street in southeast. she was in town to visit for the holidays. now did evans fire that deadly shot? at this point we just don't know. but we're keeping a close eye on
6:56 am
we're live outside police headquarters in northwest. erika gonzalez, back to you. >> thank you. here are four things to know before you head out this morning. we are waiting to lernt identity of a man shot and killed outside of a food lion grocery store in manassas last night. prince william county detectives have not released any suspect information. >> news 4's david culver is in cuba following the memorial for castro. his remains will be taken across the country starting to day. can you follow david on here on news 4. at least three people are dead from a devastating tornado in alabama overnight. it destroyed dozens of homes. the same storm system is headed our way. >> the roads are blanketed by fog this morning, slowing down commutes out there. that fog expected to leave our area once the sun is up. but rain moves in, chuck. >> yeah. not going to be a pretty day to be outside today. the one upside, it's not going to be cold. we're near 70 degrees this afternoon. chances for rain this morning
6:57 am
afternoon. it is a rain gear day to day. >> still, very slow top of the beltway outer loop under rockville pike is where the problem was. it is cleared out of the way pt we have a massive backup on the beltway. outer loop before gw parkway, a crash there on 66 west before the beltway was there. >> all right. thank you, melissa. >> you hungry now? >> yes! >> obviously.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. breaking . good morning. breaking overnight, powerful storms sweep across the south. a string of tornadoes touching down in four states. at least five people killed, dozens injured. a daycare center destroyed. those raing wildfires enters a third day. >> it was apocalyptic almost. >> this morning the first hand look at devastation from the worst fires there in more than a century. state dinner despite their rocky past. mitt romney emerges from a state dinner with the president-elect and heaps praise on him.


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