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tv   Today  NBC  December 3, 2016 7:00am-8:30am EST

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good morning. international incident. donald trump defending his controversial phone call with the president of taiwan. their conversation breaking nearly four decades of u.s. policy. lawmakers here outraged. china lodging a did the president-elect further strain the relationship between the two world powers? history of violence? another case of alleged road rage emerges involving the admitted gunman who killed a former nfl player near new orleans. outrage growing over the decision to release him, without charges. miracle in south dakota. a woman, pulled alive from the rubble of this collapsed building.
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as investigators searched for what cause that disaster. and roaring back. tiger woods, returning to his fist-pumping ways, firing his lowest round of golf in three years, and he says he can't wait to get back on the course today. saturday, december 3, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today," live from and welcome to "today" on this saturday morning. i'm craig melvin. >> i'm sheinelle jones. craig, so happy to have you back. >> good to be back. >> congratulations. >> i will tell you this is exponentially easier. i mean, it is good work at home. the best work you can do. you know.
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>> i was doing at home. >> i thought you meant having two kids at home is easier. >> oh, no. having -- >> there you go. >> that makes more sense. >> she's watching at home. >> so cute. >> it is so cute. all right, we have a lot to get to this morning. starting with the new controversy for president-elect trump. on friday, he spoke by phone with taiwan's president, a conversation that is not sitting well with lawmakers here at home and in china. nbc kelly o'donnell is a kelly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, donald trump hasn't even selected a secretary of state yet. but he has already turned up international heat, breaking with long-standing protocol. this is about a very sensitive issue for china. the island of taiwan. it kicked off when donald trump picked up the phone. a seemingly ordinary press release friday, reveal a
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phone with the president of taiwan. something no white house has done in 35 years. the u.s. only formally recognizes the people's republic of china, and not the self-governing island. the democratic national committee pounced. his foolish phone call threatens our national security. >> the wrong message could be received, so he should be fully briefed by the state department before those communications. >> reporter: but top trump advisor, kellyanne conway, balked at the criticism. >> donald trump is fully briefed on an ongoing basis, regardless of who is on the other end of the phone. >> reporter: trump reacted in all caps on twitter. the president called me. in another, he opined. interesting how the u.s. sells taiwan billions of dollars of military equipment, but i
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congratulations call. >> he is having private conversations, giving a readout here and there, but not trying to make policy and not trying to make waves. >> donald j. trump. >> reporter: he also took heat from sarah palin, who has sought a place in his administration. palin criticized trump's deals to use tax dollars to keep carrier jobs in the u.s., relief for hundreds of workers, but slammed interest crony capitalism. >> reporter: now about that call heard around the world, china's prime minister has responded, describing as a small trick by taiwan and insisting there is only one china on the international stage, bedrock and must be adhered to. >> as we heard, president-elect trump, these are choreographed
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rang and he picked it up. there was a decision made to receive it. >> reporter: the team working behind the scenes arranges and schedules times for these calls, and sifts through which foreign leaders at one point donald trump will speak to. there has been earlier controversy about this as well, because he did not in the very first days after the election speak to the british prime minister first. breaking that kind of protocol. this, of course, has far reaching implications because of the tense la china. they're up set about this. we don't yet know if this is an intentional attempt or just be the disrupt ter that he talked about. >> kelly, thank you. high drama at the high profile murder trial of a south carolina police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black man, after days of deliberations, the
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because of one holdout jor. gabe is in charleston this morning. >> reporter: in a highly unusual move that lone juror wrote a note to the judge saying he could not in good conscience convict michael slager. they are asking the judge to go home for the weekend and return monday morning. the deadly police nation. the trial of walter scott, hoping a holdout juror may change his mind. >> we believe within our heart that we will see justice for my brother. >> michael slager -- >> reporter: going home for the weekend, after a dramatic week, saying it was hopelessly deadlocked, murder, manslaughter or acquittal.
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message to the judge. >> i cannot without a reasonable doubt convict the defendant. at the same time, my heart does not want to have to tell the scott family that the man that killed their son, brother and father is innocent. but with the choices, i cannot and will not change my mind. >> reporter: but no mistrial yet. the judge telling jurors to keep trying. >> it is not over. we kept hearingt what happens monday. >> reporter: former north charleston police officer, michael slager, is charged with murder. during the month long trial, he told the juror he told scott in self-defense. >> i fired until the threat was stopped. >> reporter: he pulled scott over for a broken taillight, when scott suddenly bolted from his car. after a foot chase, slager said
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was in total fear for his life. >> one of the keys of this case is what is not on the camera. there have been weeks and weeks of testimony about what is not on that camera. >> reporter: months after the shooting, the city of north charleston approved a $6.5 million civil settlement for walter scott's family. however, no matter what happens in this case, michael slager still faces federal civil rights charges, and could spend life in prison, if carolina. ari, chief legal correspondent. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's talk about the letter that the lone juror wrote. he writes in part, quote, we all struggle with the death of a man and with all that has been put before us. i still cannot without a reasonable doubt convict the defendant. at the same time, my heart does not want to have to tell the scott family that the man that
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he went on to add, i cannot in good conscience consider a guilty verdict. how unusual is it to get this kind of glimpse inside juror proceedings? >> very unusual. a dramatic letter, the kind of thing that anyone can relate to. a man's life hangs in the balance. another man shot down dead from the video footage that so many people have seen. what we got a peek into, craig, is the deliberations inside the jury before the judge read yesterday as well as a separate person from the foreperson, they are deadlocked, 11-1. the vast majority of the jury, a majority white jury by the way, does want to move forward on a guilty conviction. but you need 12 to get it. >> what happens on monday? if this person doesn't change his mind? >> this person is committed to paper, as craig was reading, that they see it as a matter of
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you would expect it to remain deadlocked and eventually when the process has been exhausted, you have a hung jury, which leads to a mistrial and then up to the state, the prosecution to decide if they want to try it again. >> eyeballs on this one to see what happens. stand by. we want to get your take on this next story. mounting out rage of an apparent road rage incident, after this m s former nfl player, jacob rascon has more on that. >> reporter: sheinelle, the investigation is ongoing and they're reviewing more evidence and they'll consult with the d.a. office about what if any charges who admitted gunning down joe mcknight remains free they brought flowers, signs and heavy hearts.
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mcknight. but jefferson parish sheriff warns don't believe the rumors about mr. mcknight's death. >> mr. gasser did not stand over mr. mcknight and fire shots into him. >> reporter: instead, the sheriff says, evidence shows that on thursday afternoon, afteren incident of road rage, he was shot after he got out of his car and walked to the passenger side window. mcknight was unarmed.
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within the vehicle. >> reporter: tributes poured in from old teams, usc, new york jets and kansas city chiefs. >> he was always upbeat, had a good time, no matter the situation. >> reporter: born and raised in louisiana, minutes from the memorial in his honor, mcknight's troubling to friends. >> we the same age. that could have been me. >> reporter: and strangers -- >> it hurts, you know, to like, african-american die like i don't understand. like why? >> reporter: overnight, the sheriff confirmed gasser had been arrested previously for another road rage incident, at the same intersection where he gunned down mcknight. in a statement, the sheriff's department says that an unidentified man called the how am i driving number on the back of gasser's truck, found the man and beat him up. that charge was later dropped.
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knowing what we know, here you have a man who admits to the shooting. he remained on the scene. gives his gun. >> if you can't charge them, a delay, a couple of days to do the investigation and figure out the charges and arrest, that would be okay. i think the larger question here looming over this is not if there is a three-day delay, but ar him with anything despite as you mentioned a confession to the shooting, a deadly shooting in broad daylight. >> let's talk about this other incident back in 2006, where gasser allegedly gets into this altercation with another driver, same intersection, apparently here in new orleans. what kind of affect if any might that have on this investigation? >> it shouldn't have much of an affect on the facts of this individual altercation.
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should use to say whether or not this was a justifiable homicide. but if they do charge, it is exactly the kind of thing that you will see that lawyers in the prosecution try to bring up, because you try to make arguments about someone's history and about their mental state. having said that, defense lawyers are quick to say, hey, we're only on trial for what happened in these five minutes, nothing before or after. no prior bad acts. that would be litigated. >> so with that said what, do police need to charge him now? c there was a crime of violence, manslaughter or murder. that's what they need to decide. i have to say, having watched this, there is a lot of questions swirling in the community about the handling. chief norman's press conference did not help address those questions. >> it was bizarre. >> it was bizarre. he came off as defensive. self--pitting, what he said he read negatively on facebook
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between those two individuals, whether it was a crime, whether it will be fully investigated. we're hoping that process is transparent and improves quite frankly. >> ari, thank you. quick headlines now. eight people were hurt after a bus crashed overnight in west texas. the bus slammed head on into a tractor trailer on a trip home from a friday night football game. two people are in critical condition. police are investigating the cause of that crash. california over the stabbing dead of a professor. police say a personal dispute led to a male student to attack a psychology professor. the suspect is under arrest. he is described as being in his 20s. the professor, who was a married father, was found on campus inside a science building. to the ongoing hunt for suspects in the brutal kidnapping of a california mother we're following. this morning, we're hearing more
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police still try to identify her abductors. gadi schwartz is in redding, california. good morning, gadi. >> reporter: good morning. investigators say the kidnappers are two women who brutalized sherry papini, and her husband is speaking out, saying he does not understand how anyone could be so cruel. for three weeks, shiri four year old son and two year old daughter had no idea where their mother was. he tried explaining what happened to his little boy. >> he said are you looking for her. i said everybody in the whole world is looking for her right now. >> reporter: and then thanksgiving morning, released in chains, badly beaten, half starved and tortured. >> i just hugged her and held her. i felt like i hugged her for 20 minutes. i was so happy that she was
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released a motive in this case, but said she had been branded. rebecca binder, an expert in trafficking, who helps train law enforcement was a slave herself for six years. she was convinced this is a case of trafficking. >> i've been branded twice. >> reporter: another trafficking expert also point to the gee og graphy, emerald triangle, trade papini's kidnapping and release happened along a sex trade route known as the pacific circuit. >> they keep trying, stay in each city for a couple of days, oftentimes following sporting events or conferences, anywhere where you'll a heavy population that are potentially buyers. >> reporter: other experts still have their doubts. >> some would question, why was she released.
7:18 am
husband says he will need time to heal, as investigators intensify the search. >> it made me sick that there is people out there that could do something like this. >> reporter: now, a little later, the community of redding is coming together in a rally to prepare a giant christmas present for the papini family. anyone attending is encouraged to wear pink, shiri's favorite color. >> gadi, thank you. we're joined by pat brown. good morning to you, pat. >> good morning. >> this case so bizarre to a lot of people. how likely is this theory, this was a case of sex trafficking. and if it wasn't, could it be a straight kidnapping? >> well, the sex trafficking thing is the least likely motive in my opinion. first of all, she is 34 years old, almost middle aged.
7:19 am
going to kidnap for sex trafficking. guys like 16, 17-year-olds. there are drug addicts, run a ways, there are easier people to get, blonde women, than a 34-year-old woman who will set off a huge police investigation, and get her photo everywhere all over the internet and every media. you don't want that kind of pressure when you're grabbing someone for sex trade. it makes absolutely no hair off, brutalize them. >> i know you did a special last night. did it clear up any of the questions you had about this case? >> actually, it made it worst. there are a lot of people who question whether this is a hoax, and there is good reason for that. the husband came on, and he is saying their family is very private, yet he is going on a
7:20 am
family. he seems to be trying to convince us that his wife is absolutely fantastic person, he is a fantastic person. the family is happy. and that she was beaten. but he doesn't seem to be very concerned about catching the people who did this. >> you're criminal profiler. i don't want to speculate. what is your gut telling you? >> it is really -- it is one of those things you have to say. if you were a police detective, you're going to have to look at all the evidence and all threw me, he said when he came home and found his wife missing, and his kids missing, they may have been out someplace walking, he looked around and then he went on an app to find her phone, to find where he could locate her. he never says he called her. then he says he called her mother, and he called the daycare. then he went back to the app. he still doesn't call her. why wouldn't he just call his wife to find out where she is? i mean, these are the things that throw a red flag.
7:21 am
anything. the detectives have to look at all these things that don't make sense and pretty much none of this case makes sense at all. >> it is strange. all right, pat brown, thank you. >> to be clear, we should note here, i think the husband, he did take a lie detector test. he did pass that lie detector past. >> fair enough. >> this is a case we're going to continue to follow. good to see you. nice to see you too. we're talking about heavy, heavy rain through parts of texas, where we could see over the next couple of days up to a foot .
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some of that rain is going to be arriving here in the coming week, but it's a dry start this morning. there's a live view from our tour camera. sun coming up and a clear sky this saturday morning. a chill in the air. we'rer highs reaching the low 50s with lots of sun and tomorrow near 50. sun in the morning and clouds in the afternoon. those showers start moving in monday. light rain monday and then moderate down pours on tuesday. it gets cold next weekend. and that is your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. a frightening building collapse in south dakota. a young woman pulled alive from the rubble.
7:23 am
this saturday morning, including one city search for mountain lions that backfired in a big way. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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missing driver's license shows up in the mail one year later. wait until you hear who had it. and why they waited so long to give it back. >> that's a good holiday season happy and
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tom, i cannot believe it's already the first weekend of december. how are we starting off? >> it's feeling cold. we have a clear sky. the through the trees. our temperatures will climb into the low 50s by this afternoon and we'll have a blustery wind up to 25 miles an hour during the day. overnight tonight we'll have a partly cloudy evening and cold start tomorrow morning in the 30s and chance of light rain on monday. then the likelihood of heavier rain on tuesday over an inch, dry after that and then it gets
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>> they all come out. >> they show up for the tree. they're not here to see us. we'll talk to them anyway. here is a look at what is making headlines. on twitter, donald trump defending his call with taiwan's president, saying she called him. the conversation, though, breaking nearly four decades of u.s. policy. the united states has not had diplomatic relations with taiwan since 1979. the democratic national committee, labeling trump's
7:31 am
protest with the obama administration. late last night, the body of a construction worker was found at the site of a collapsed building in sioux falls, south dakota. a 21-year-old woman was pulled alive. she is in good condition this morning, two dogs were also rescued. the building was being remodelled. no word on what caused it to collapse. tiger woods has roared back into contention at his competitive golf tournament in more than 15 months. a bogey in the second round. you can watch live coverage of his final two rounds today and tomorrow on golf channel. right here on nbc. tiger's come back is just one of the headlines from a busy week that saw the return of a holiday staple. the start of donald trump's victory tour, and severe weather
7:32 am
deadly storms and wildfires, swept through the south this week, claiming at least a dozen lives, leaving a trail of destruction. >> lightning, torrential rain and possible tornado in south carolina, more than 30 tornados reported in six states in 48 hours. more than 17,000 acres of the smoky mountains charred. firefighters said they did all they could with the fast moving blaze. a drought andur winds combined to create a firestorm. a victory lap for president-elect trump. and a challenge met. >> we're bringing jobs back to our country. we're not going to let carrier leave. >> mr. trump making good on that key campaign promise. convincing carrier air-conditioning, not to follow-through with plans to move its indianapolis plant to mexico. >> mad dog mattis as our
7:33 am
mnuchin, commerce, wilbur ross. transportation, elaine chao, who served under president george w. bush. terror at ohio state university. when abdul artan, a student from somalia, used his car and knife as weapons on campus, injuring 11. >> this is some type of terrorist attack. that's when police say he got out of the car with a butcher knife. osu police officer shot and killed artan at the scene. authorities say artan allegedly left behind a message on his facebook page. attacks on muslims around the world led to a boiling point, it read. i can't take it any more. mourning in south america, after 71 people, including many
7:34 am
columbia. >> a stunning recording attained by the associated press, she asks how much time do you have to stay put. fuel emergency, the pie lol responds. i'm asking for immediate decent. a short time later, the pilot says the plane is in total electrical failure and out of fuel. it slams into a hill, short of the airport. the stars were out in force for a holiday tradition. the 84th annual thousands gathered to see the 94 foot tall spruce come to light with 50,000 lights. after getting calls of mountain lions sightings, the police set up cameras, but captured this instead.
7:35 am
the citizens who noticed the cameras. your effort and sense of humor, greatly appreciated. >> i was about to say, so brilliant there, kansas. that's hilarious. everybody in the town kind of -- let's get them. >> let's get the cops. >> where do you randomly find an outfit. >> effort into doing that? >> and then go after dark and -- do you know how much fun that >> the tree has, i mean, you talk about, first of all, it is beautiful every year. i feel like this year -- there it is. >> the shape is so perfect. >> it almost sounds cheesy, but it is breathtaking. even during the day, it is beautiful. >> kudos to the thousands of folks who braved the torrential downpour to watch us light it this week. come and see it. >> the weather was miserable. >> how is it looking for the rest of the weekend.
7:36 am
this is a crazy snowstorm, in all places, hawaii. we're seeing above 11,000 feet, up to 30 inches of snow is possible. keep in mind, it comes with gusty winds, a lot of times, the higher elevations, three volume
7:37 am
some of that cold air arrives here next weekend, but today looking good. we'll have our temperatures in the 40s afternoon. a bit of a blustery wind but lots of sunshine and then tomorrow morning in the 30s with increasing clouds. light rain is likely on monday with highs in the low to mid 50s and then chillier with heavier rain on tuesday. then that cold air arrives the end of next week into and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. still ahead, a santa
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the number one jewelry store for... yes! ? every kiss begins with kay. ? this morning on "today's" take away, the holiday season is upon us. that means a lot of eating. over the next month, you'll have plenty family gatherings. how do you make good to see you my friend. >> likewise. >> let's start with the sweets. i imagine this is the case of your office, certainly here, sweets everywhere. >> absolutely. >> for like, you know, the entire month. how do we navigate that? >> every time you say no, you feel like you're stiff arming a coworker, right. you want to indulge without having too much. the secret is to stay away from
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molasses cookies. this is a fruitcake, delicious. have you seen a fruitcake like this. >> deb does a good job. >> so fruitcake and molasses cookies, okay. empty calories at the bar. soft drinks, beer, wine. how do we >> stay away from mixing caffeine and alcohol. now, it doesn't take a scientist to tell you this, although they have researched it when you mix caffeine and alcohol, it fuels you forward, you may be doing the karoke song stay away from that. simple alcohol, easy mixers that don't have a lot of unnecessary
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a smaller glass, you're less likely to reach for another drink. these are the same amounts in both these glasses here. >> smaller glass. >> then finally, beer, stay away from the holiday beers that can be hugely higher in calories, ibb, stay away from those. dog fish head, lemon grass and coriander there. mac and cheese balls. >> this is the one i would go to first. >> yeah, you chose wrong. >> i know. >> all the time. all the time. >> flat breads, they are pizzas. so we've got shrimp cocktail, swedish meatballs. >> the vegetables are always left at the end, by the way.
7:44 am
up on them first. >> i'm taking the macaroni and cheese ball to dylan. side dishes, you should at least take something healthy. >> that way you'll be assured that you can reach for something that will fill you up. brussel sprouts, sweet potato, that's going to be the great food that keeps you fuller and >> nice to see you. >> let's do it. up next, quiz time. sheinelle, putting me and dylan to the paces, the ultim hi, i'm phil mickelson. i've been fortunate enough to win on golf's biggest stages. but when joint pain and stiffness from psoriatic arthritis hit... even the smallest things became difficult. so i talked to my rheumatologist... and he prescribed enbrel...
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we have our mystery challenger. >> who is that? >> it's brian. >> dylan's husband. >> congrats. are you surprised. >> ready to start? >> she doesn't seem surprised. >> shake your rattle when you know the answer. babies recognize their mother's voice at birth. how long does it take a baby to recognize their seven days, 14 days or one month. craig? >> seven days. >> dylan? >> i'll go 14 days. >> brian? >> seven days. >> dylan, you're correct. >> oh, come on. >> next one. >> are you listening? contestants, what is the average -- what is the average amount of diapers a newborn goes through in one day? >> i know this one.
7:49 am
>> i want to say you're wrong. >> dylan, she didn't think she would get any correct. >> here's the next one. a newborn should be given a sponge bath until what happens? the baby turns six months, can sit up properly? the baby can blow bubbles in the water or >> baby blows bubbles. >> really? >> i want to say the ambicle cord comes off. >> the answer is it falls off. >> dylan. >> i have two children at home and i know nothing. >> we don't want to wait for the baby to blow bubbles.
7:50 am
to 3 feet or three to four feet. >> we can't see anything, so i'm going 8 to 14. >> craig in. >> two to 3 feet. >> i think 8 to 14 inches. >> three to four feet. >> here's the situation. dylan, that's correct. >> i got it right? >> did you give her the answers? >> no. >> i feel like you -- >> you got a daddy rattle. >> you've given her the answers. my wife is sitting at home, i knew you knew nothing. coming up, words of wisdom, from dylan.
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?? good morning. lots of sunshine and we have the live view from our tour camera in fairfax county. just a few clouds in the distance and those clouds will recede. lots of sunshine with highs reaching the low 50s. you need a windbreaker today. it's a blustery wind with sunshine and low 50s. a lot of clouds tomorrow and up near 50 in the afternoon. light rain on monday. that's going to be in the morning through mid day drying up in the afternoon and then heavy rain on tuesday.
8:00 am
after that it gets cold end of next week into next weekend. ba good morning, controversial conversations. donald trump takes a phone call from the president of taiwan, breaking decades of u.s. policy. critics of the president-elect labeling it foolish. overnight, china lodging an official how trump is responding this morning. not the first time. the man who shot and killed an nfl player in an apparent case of road rage involved in a previous altercation at the very same intersection. this morning, what we're learn being that case, and the decision to release that suspect, without charges. and holiday history. the christmas first that has fans of santa racing to the
8:01 am
"today," saturday december 3, 2016. ? ? ? ? good morning new york. >> happy birthday, tanner. >> we love the "today" show interns. >> seasons greetings. >> celebrating 50! on a saturday morning, a crowd out of a chilly plaza, enjoying the view of the 94-foot beauty across the street, rockefeller christmas street all lit up in a star-studded ceremony earlier this week. we have quite the crowd out here. >> this might be one of our records. it is packed outside. >> we'll get out there. but let's start this half hour with politics and president-elect trump, reacting
8:02 am
president of taiwan. kelly o'donnell is at trump tower. good morning, kelly. >> reporter: good morning, craig. president-elect trump has taken dozens of calls from leaders around the world and most of them went by largely unnoticed, except when the call was placed by the president of taiwan. why? because four decades, no president or president-elect has been in touch with the leader of taiwan, because the u.s. only formally recognizes china as so this really got the international kind of reaction stirred up. and donald trump is responding the way he often does, using twitter. so a couple of tweets from donald trump late last night. the first one says the president of taiwan, and then note the all caps, called me today. to wish me congratulations on winning the presidency. thank you. and then he goes on to make a point, that really touches on the fact that the u.s. does have a business and informal
8:03 am
the u.s. sells taiwan billions of dollars of military equipment, but i should not accept a congratulations call. this really gets into the area, craig, of how diplomacy can be measured in silla babls. for china, it makes a big difference. it was a small trick by taiwan, principle of one china, meaning the u.s. only recognizes there is one china, not taiwan as a separate state that that must be maintained. >> kelly o'donnell at trump tower, kelly, thank you. a south carolina jury said it is deadlocked. video shows former new orleans charleston officer, michael slager firing his gun, as walter scott runs away.
8:04 am
telling he cannot convict slager of murder. the judge ordered the jury to take the week owned off and try again on monday. the community is questioning why the killer of joel mcknight is not in custody. a vigil was held last night, five miles from new orleans. ronald gasser is free after he admitted shooting mcknight in a road rage incident thursday. the sheriff said race did not play apart in the shooting. gasser is white, mcknight is black. charges may be coming. gasser was involved in a physical altercation with another driver at that same intersection ten years ago. a criminal charge was dismissed. olympic swimmer, ryan lochte, has turned down an offer to drop criminal charges in exchange for a $20,000 fine.
8:05 am
accused of filing a false police report. he lost lucrative endorsements over the incident. even the king has to pay his debts. look at this. lebron james, in a full chicago cubs uniform right there. that's the unhappy face that he is making, as his buddy, dwayne wade of the chicago bulls, gloats triumphantly. the bet was over the world series. the cubs won get any better for king james. the bulls beat the cavs, 111-105. >> specially made outfit there. let's get a check of the weather from dylan. >> this crowd is awesome out here. we've got people from all over.
8:06 am
good morning. off to a dry start. but of a gusty winds. temperatures will hover in the 40 and lots of sunshine through
8:07 am
to be gusting to around 25 miles an hour. a lighter wind on sunday with increasing clouds. some light rain likely on monday. then maybe some of that heavier rain coming our way on tuesday. could get over an inch on tuesday and then dry out and that's your latest forecast. sheinelle and craig. coming up on "trending" felines, classic move se scenes. why madonna is offering to why madonna is offering to marry sean penn all my goal was to finally get in shape. not to be focusing on my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis. so i made a decision to talk to my dermatologist about humira. humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to my symptoms. in clinical trials, most adults taking humira were clear or almost clear,
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8:11 am
at the mall for the first time. larry jefferson, a retired u.s. army officer from texas. since it was announced, hundreds of appointments have already been booked. jefferson says he is humbled, and telling the ""washington post," everyone is making a big deal, because i am a black santa, but gosh, i'm just santa." >> santa needs a lot of helpers. >> he does. >> y wichita, kansas. talk about the ultimate thank you note. check it out. christine eagan, she seems to have an issue hanging on to her driver's license. she has lost it three times in one year. every time she would just replace it and move on. but this week, she got a police -- mysterious letter in the mail, along with her lost i.d.
8:12 am
so you can have it back. thanks. egan said she was surprised, and she wished the person who found it gave her the $10 back to replace the driver's license. how considerate. >> a very important question. are you ready? are you ready for your closeup. if you aren't, these cats are. a couple in the making scenes and posting them on instagram under the handle, "movie cats." this is a classic scene from "e.k." here is the take on it. >> oh, wow. >> who can forget this scene from "alien" look at that. how about this is very intricate. how about "ghost." >> weird. >> we're the only ones with
8:13 am
cats, giving the pose of a lifetime. >> they started cute and funny, but they were a -- >> a little creepy. >> but i love cats, so. >> that's true. >> how about a little "pop start." >> first up, who says exes can't get along. madonna and sean penn were a power couple, and 30 years later, they were brought back together for a good here are some images from madonna's charity gala in miami. the material girl needed a little help auctioning off some items, so-called her ex, and offered to married penn if he was willing to bid $150,000. they got a little checky together and penn hands cuffing his ex-wife at one point. >> they look great. >> are you done gawking.
8:14 am
one of the most successful comedians of the moment, best selling book, and things are going to get better. she is is in negotiations to play an iconic character, barbie. here is what we know so far. a live action movie, with a new take on barbie brand, touching issues like female empowerment. she gets kicked out for not being perfect enough, and being unique is a perhaps the most surprising thing, it will be rated pg 13. >> i don't buy it. >> that's cute. here is a question for you. whatever happened to predictability. the milkman, paper man. i didn't know what that line was, but that's just my excuse to talk about "full house." the "full house" house hit the market in may for more than $4 million, and we just learned it is now off the market.
8:15 am
danny tanner, jeff franklin, the creator of the sitcom, said it is a shame to let the sit house empty. he hopes it will be used for filming and maybe rent it out to the public. >> i never knew what "it was." man-to-man advice for dylan's husband, as they get ready to welcome baby number
8:16 am
8:17 am
that's so cute. newlyweds. we're back. advice for the dads of "today" for dylan and her husband, brian. >> this is such an exciting time for both of you. we know from experience that
8:18 am
performance during the quiz show earlier. brian, pay attention. these words of wisdom are for you. >> best advice i got was from a buddy of mine early on that said don't overthink it. there are people who have been doing this since the beginning of time. and the overwhelming majority of them that qualified. >> daddy bottle. get up in the middle of the night, give dylan a break. if she gets to sleep for six hours instead of three, not only is it a great bonding experience, and watch sports center again, but it also gives you credit. you got up in the middle of the night. you gave dylan six hours of sleep, instead of three. do the daddy bottle, my man. >> brian, my advice to you is
8:19 am
no matter what dylan asks, you answer in the affirmative. because no matter what your argument is, the fact that a human being has come outside of her body, trumps anything you can say. that's just it. like, well, i worked really late too last night. yes, but i had a human being come out of my body. you can't argue that one. >> a little advice for you, and i think you're going to very important. so it is diaper changing time, and let's just say this is baby on the table. you take a diaper, and then you take a second diaper, which you will call the deflecker shield, if you get me. put it over baby's winky, and that way you don't get more than you bargained for. got it.
8:20 am
can't wait until he -- walks." throws a ball. take it out of your vocabular, and enjoy every stage. >> i wish i knew all those people who said ex oh, it goes so fast, you won't believe how fast it goes, i wish i had known that all those people were right. and you look back on it after amazed at how quickly the development has happened. you are amazed at how fast he is sitting up or crawling or saying da da or stop, or saying more. give me. you just, you're amazed at how fast it really does go. >> so sweet. >> why am i crying? >> that was so nice.
8:21 am
>> we're going to -- >> she said yes. >> oh, these are -- we had these at our wedding. >> oh, that makes it even better. wait, i should probably clarify. this isn't dylan's last day with us, but you never know. it could happen at any moment. >> when do you think it will happen. >> monday, the 5th. >> if it happens on monday -- >> when brian listens to his gut, it is always righ left. i have a lot going on. >> we're expecting like a lot of surprises here. we have cake and a little goody bag for you. what do we call this? >> mommy care package. >> mommy care package. >> look at this. >> a floral therapy facial sheet. you can give yourself a facial if you want. >> why not. >> you don't want to give yourself a facial. >> no, i couldn't. >> craig, your advice made me cry. >> i mean it.
8:22 am
hear it. it goes so fast. all of a sudden, you wake up and it's like oh, my gosh, he can drive. >> getting close. >> all of it was amazing. it hit home. >> it was nice to hear the men's perspectives, because i hear advice from women all the time. and carson said one thing the other day and he is like just, what he said in there, just enjoy the moment. he is like yeah, you're not going to sleep, you're going to be tired, but -- >> for sure >> thank you so much. this is so sweet. i love the cake. >> it is all yours. >> i hope to be here through next saturday. >> we'll see. >> we'll do it again. >> that's going to do it for us on this saturday morning. tomorrow on "today," willie g. tomorrow on "today," willie g. going at zales, we believe the world needs more love that lasts. love that grows.
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good morning. >> straight ahead on news 4 today. a blustery and chilly saturday on the way. for rain. an emotional farewell for a controversial end to a leader. if you're looking to decluttering this weekend, we've got you covered. we're live at the community shred with how you can safely get rid of those unwanted documents. all that and join us behind the scenes, we are live on the scenes, we are live on facebook fios is not cable. we're wired differently. the scenes, we are live on facebook
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now on news 4 today, a professor killed and a student in handcuffs. what police are uncovering about the attack on a college campus. breaking u.s. policy, the controversial shift as donald trump speaks with world leaders in a move that hasn't been made in decades. a historic good-bye, thousands line the streets i return to the birth place of the nation's revolution. good morning, everybody. david culver on assignment in cuba. >> and we will be speaking with him shortly. glad you could join us. i cannot believe it is the first weekend in december. >> i know. the year has flown by, but it's going to start feeling like december. >> that's right. we are descending into that winter weather and that's why we go to the weather center for
8:30 am
us and now this first weekend we're starting off with a blustery chill in the air. winds are around 20 to 25 miles an hour. got the bright sun pouring down on washington on this saturday morning. our temperatures are still right around 40 degrees, nearby suburbs, low 40s in town. over the next several hours into the afternoon we'll have it staying steady in the 40s afternoon and by this evening the wind will diminish. our next chances for rain coming up this next half hour. now to a developing story, a stabbing at the university of southern california. a professor was attacked and killed. more is coming out about what happened. what we do know is it was not a random act of violence. >> reporter: the mud building home to science students and


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