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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 7, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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we may now know the cause of the oakland warehouse fire that's claimed 36 lives and devastated the city. donald trump over boeing's airport tweet and talks a u.s.. president obama offers a direct warning against donald trump on reversing terror games in the bravest. >> the road rage shooting death of a former nfl player. commemorating a day that changed america forever. pearl harbor, 75 years later, "early today" start right now. a good wednesday morning, everyone, i'm ayman mohyeldin. >> i'm frances rivera.
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warehouse fire in oakland, california friday. they say it may have been caused by a refrigerator or electric am appliance. also new the alameda coroner's office positively identified another nine victims. they don't expect the death toll to rise above 36 t. oakland fire chief said this. >> the fire department will be unclean here until we can look the family members in their face and tell them, yes,e warehouse and we can tell you that there are no more victims in this warehouse. >> and nbc has learned from interviews and records that city and county officials have multiple opportunities in the last two years to address possible safety concerns. starting with annual fire inspectionss. but the head of the fire fighter's union zach unger told us, he worries those inspections never took place. >> reporter: do they have the
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>> reporter: is there talk among firefighters many buildings are unsafe in the city? >> there are many buildings unsafe in the city. >> the man lashed out out yesterday on the "today" show whether he was responsible. >> i am an honorable man. no i would rat get on the floor and be trampled by the parent. what do you want many tow say? i'm not going to answer these quon watch. a criminal investigation that the fire could lead to manslaughter or even murder charges. this morning, we are getting word that the iowa governor is the next to join donald trump's administration. according to bloomberg politic, he happy birthday tasked to serve as trump's ambassador to china after a very shaky couple of days involving that controversial call to taiwan. last night, trump formally
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defense. >> if a company wants to fire their workers, leave our country and then ship their products back into our country, there will be consequence, i'm sorry. there will be consequences, big consequences. >> that came as trump interjected himself into a multi-billion dollar business deal with boeing. he tweeted quote, costs are out of control, more than billion. can sell order! he followed that up with this on camera response. >> the plane is totally out of control. it will be over $4 billion it's for the air force one program. and i think it's ridiculous. i think boeing is doing a little bit of a number. we want boeing to make a lot of money, but not that much money. >> boeing stock dipped but recovered by the end of trading t. company issued this statement
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phases of the program allowing us to deliver the best planes for the president at the best value for the american taxpayer. >> well, trump's warning shot to boeing came before he made this spreez announcement, hailing the japanese company soft bank for their $50 billion commitment to the united states. >> ladies and gentlemen, this is a softbank from japan. he's agreed to billion in the united states and 50,000 jobs. he's one of the great men of industry, so i just want to thank you. >> well that announcement, trump sold all his stock holdings back in june. according to "new york times," his portfolio was worth at least $22 million. on thursday the president-elect will stop by ohio state yufrt to visit victims of last week's attack. he will also take in the u.s.
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tour throughout the week. obama forcefully defended his terror strategy deployed over the past eight years. >> no foreign terror organization has successfully planned and executed an attack on our homeland. [ applause ] and it's not because try. plots have been disrupted. terrorists have been taken off the battlefield. and all of this progress is due to the service of millions of americans like you. >> the president also had a warning to donald trump against backtracking on the amount of progress made during his time in office. >> we should take great pride in the progress we've made over the last eight years. we need the wisdom to see that upholding our values and adhering to the rule of law is
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>> later today, president obama is expected to commemorate the pearl harbor attacks. police in riot gear were in uproar at texas a&m last night. these protesters were angered by richard spencer, a right nationalist, a member of the alt r50i9. he was there to give a speech. instead arc former student rented out the space on campus and asked him to speak. around 400 and/or disrupt spencer. two people were arrested. neither were students. new developments in a shocking case of alleged road rage as the sheriff lashes out at critics this morning. right now, ronald gasser is sitting in a jail after being charged with the death of bob mcknight. he was interviewed for 12 hours without an attorney present. bond has been set at $500,000.
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more. >> the man ae cuesed of shooting joe mcknight in a case of road rage has been arrested. ronald gasser now charged with manslaughter after initially being released last week a. decision that sparked public outcry, especially when it was revealed gasser had been arrested for road rage before at the same intersection ten years ago. those charges dropped. >> so for those who have criticized the men and women of this organization and the strategy, decisions, that we made relative to that, tough. >> a defensive and combative sheriff reading some of the messages elected officials in jefferson parrish, louisiana have received for backing his decision to give the investigation more time. >> we saw you sell out to them. you [ bleep ] punk. >> reporter: the sheriff says since last thursday, 160 witness interview, 70 businesses
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crime scene reenactmentes. investigators say that evidence suggests mcknight cut off gasser, who then sped after mcknight the two involved in verbal altercations, cutting in front of one another, zipping around vehicles, at a red light four miles lighter, mcknight got out and approached his car. that's when gasser shot mcknight three times. gasser remained on scene as a bystander performed >> incredible details. >> really chilling, too. still ahead here on "early today," demonstrators clashed with riot police over a shooting death of a teen in greece. next, bill karins with a frigid plast on the move here in the northeast. bill. >> it will move all the way through the country. negative 17 in business mark. one of the coldest spots. this cold is on the move, coming down from the north, it will
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in the 'teens in omaha. we are from the single digits through the ohio valley and great lakes. so be prepared. that's the big weather story of the day. now, here's a closer look at the day ahead. for today, we are watching the storms in the northeast moving out. we did have icy spots and snow, so be careful driving. look at those high temperatures today. cold, snowy in denver. only 17 degrees. as we mentioned, that chill is on the way to the east in the days ahead, guys. >> winter is here. at least coming, bill, thank you very much. just ahead, 75 years ago this morning, u.s. forces at pearl harbor were attacked by the japanese and america officially entered world war ii. up next, we take you live to hawaii for a preview events to mark this day in history. hey! ?? this is for you.
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again, and you said, and i quote, sir, yeah, i am, i'm going to run in 2020. reporter, for what? for president. you know, so, what the hell, man. >> i know i did they for one reason. so i can announce i'm not running and be popular aglen. >> classic when that man. by the way, that was nbc's kelly o'donnell asking those questions. today the nation pauses to remember the greatest generation 75 years ago this morning over 24 hour 00 americans were killed in the pearl harbor attack. today, americans of all stripes are coming together. nbc's jay gray joins us from honolulu to talk to us about how the nation and the people there will commemorate what is expected to be a somber occasion. jay. >> okay there.
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waters heral pearl harbor calm right now hours ahead of what will be a national day of remembrance, including a special ceremony honoring our nation's heroes, 75 years after the attack. >> if you listen closely to the wave and winds that swoep across this tropical paradise. you can almost hear it t. distant echoes of the heros who fought here. >> i went out on topside, planes were flying in every direction. >> reporter: unleashing a furry on pearl harbor. >> i said this ain't maneuver, this is war. >> reporter: 2,300 americans died during the surprise attack. 75 years later, their sacrifice
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determination and courage of the heroes who survived that day. warriors, they have all the medals and citations they need, looking for a much different honor, rekind himming a bond with their brothers. on this day, a grateful nation pauses to honor those fittingly remembered as the greatest generation, achieved by their courage and strength during one of america's d just across the harbor here in just a few hours, for a memorial the centerpiece of more than a week of tributes and celebrations here. that's the latest live in pearl harbor, ayman, frances, back to you. >> thank you very much for that date. leading the news, violence erupted in the streets of athens
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demonstrators set off molotov cocktails and fireworks, starting with a peaceful march, hundreds took to the streets to mark the eighth anniversary of a student killed by police. that shooting krigered the worst rioting greece has seen in decades. a strong earthquake rocked indonesia. the 6.5 strike struck the acah province, the deathl struck the same in 2004, triggering a tsunami that killed more than 100,000 people. just ahead, "time" magazine's person of the year. who do you think it will be? and from beer to bong, why the brewery bids is hurting.
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"time's" person of the year, donald trump responded by sending this angry tweet to angela merkel the winner. the answer will be unveiled exclusively this morning. >> well the trial in the killing of a former new orleans state defensive lineman will smith resumes today. smith was shot and killed in a road rage incident on april 9th.
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risking it all to save women and men held by isis. it's all a part of richard engel's exclusive reporting. >> it's a different kind of green that's hurting beer sales over here in the u.s., nbc's karen tso has all the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, trump is moving stocks. now he's moving the needle on specific stocks. you may have seen the japanese technology firm pledged to make america great againer, getting on board to up vest in u.s. businesses. they own sprint. the market is speculating oevery a fresh tie-up with t-mobile after talks were killed by regulators. from business to regulation. it seems as though many are picking their poison, it is legal weed, not beer.
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choosing marijuana over beer in particular states it has been legalized, there has been a under performs in the beer market. they say when we binge, we tend to take a break before recommitting to another series. we're not intich switching off entirely. we take in a quick movie. let me toss it back to you in the studio. >> binge watching. >> karen, thank you so much. just ahead, what aaa says i the sale, a lot of us are guilty of it. plus t. woman who became the most nominated artist in grammy history.
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...keeps you up to 100% flake free head and shoulders' dry scalp care >> speaking of beyonce, both she and adele got a bunch of grammy nomination, they were nominated for record of the year and album of the year marking the first time i like. >> we will agree with that, too. >> that will be a major -- >> the 59th grammy award could be called the beyonce award. queen b lead the pack for lemon made the. she has been nominated 62 times and a total of 20. one grammy producer said the show will be all about beyonce and adem. adele scored five nominations
4:24 am
"25." the album sold 10 million copies in less than a year. they face off in the biggest category, including album of the year and song of the year. the grammys will be handed out february 12th. >> it's unbelievable. for us win, win. >> it's great to live in an era of hearing these two icons. >> rihanna, bob dylan. we'll see if he shows up foris nobodially prize. >> tonight she is going to be all the way live in this right here "hair spray live" the newest musical airs live tonight. it's set in 1960 baltimore. great music, jennifer hudson plays motor mouth mae bell. all eyes will be on the newcomer there matty bedaio. this is "early today."
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right now on "news4 today," assaulted during treatment. the hospital worker accused of attacking a patient in his care. plus, a neighborhood on high alert after a student says she was nearly kidnapped as she walkedo the warning for parents this morning. and a much dryer day today, but what about the temperatures? we'll fill you in. it is 4:26 now. good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we'll go to melissa mollet with a look at the roads and traffic. but first, we'll go to tom kierein with a look at your forecast. good morning, tom. >> good morning.
4:27 am
say. and the sky is still cloudy on this wednesday morning. we are gradually drying out. there may be just a little light drizzle off to our east. right now the storm team 4 radar is showing a few lingering sprinkles on the eastern shore. but locally we are not picking up any rain at all. but the pavement is still damp. and it's going to stay that way for another couple hours. temperatures are above freezing. we are in the 30s in shenandoah vle with that damp pavement, we have some spinout action. what is going on out there on the beltway, melissa? this is the outer loop just before connecticut avenue. a couple fireballs there. all of that sheen is reflecting, so the crash there is blocking the left lane with the response there. the rest of the beltway is
4:28 am
202. and northbound rock creek parkway just after massachusetts avenue, there's a downed tree blocking the right lane. good morning. angie goff here out of prince william county where there's a water boil advisory in place. route 29 north of the gateway, in the hay market precaution. it's because of a water main break in haymarket. this is going to be in place for 48 hours to let them test the water. if you have children getting ready for school here shortly, take a look at the screen right now. prince william county public schools are open and officials want students to take extra bottled water for personal use.
4:29 am
mills, tyler elementary, hays west. if you need more information, check with your school. we will bring you more developments as we continue to get them. that's the latest from the live desk, back to you. angie, thank you. it is 4:29 and fairfax county police are going through a chaotic scene in a neighborhood. three women and one girl were injured during a fight outside of a home at 5:00 yesterday evening in the 7500 block of damion drive two. of the women were hit by gunfire. at last check they are in stable condition and the gun was found. it is not known who fired the gun but everyone involved knew each other. a hospital employee accused of sexually assaulting a patient and denying the allegation. d.c. police say 51-year-old
4:30 am
a woman and united medical center in southeast. demarco says he did not sexually assault anyone and his attorney said not to say anything else. the hospital spokesperson said this statement, it is united medical center's policy not to comment on matters that are under investigation. the alleged situation that transpired on sunday is currently under review by members of the hospital's administrative team. simon will be back in court next week. right now police in the bus stop following the attempted kidnapping. a teenager from maryland says someone tried to kidnap her as she was walking to school. this happened monday morning near the cider mill apartments. the man came up to her, told her to shut up, and tried to pull a black bag over her head. the students told staff members at watkins high school they are the ones that contacted police and sent a letter home with


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