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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  December 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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plans here to get started on development. news 4 at 5:00 starts now. >> first at 5, two children lost their father today when a tractor trailed jackknifes onto his car. thank you for joining us, i'm wendy rieger. >> i'm doreen gentzler. the man was on the way to work to pick up his laptop so he >> the crash happened where i-70 connects with 270 in frederick county. that's where we find news 4's mark segraves this evening. mark? >> reporter: good evening, yes, as you said, it happened along 270 here not from where we're standing in frederick, maryland. police say the driver of a tractor trailer lost control. >> he hit his brakes abruptly, the tractor trailer jackknifed. the trailer swung to its left
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>> reporter: it was about 5:30 this morning, 40-year-old ross michaels had gone to his office to pick up a computer when he was headed home on i-70 in his toyota corolla. that's when the tractor trailer lost control on this ramp to 270 south. >> a toyota corolla was forced into the back of a ford f-150. this toyota corolla spun around 180 degrees. the occupant and operator of that toyota corolla was pronounced decea scene. >> reporter: neighbors were shocked to hear of the tragedy. >> sympathy for the family. it's a tragic accident. it's difficult to hear. to see. especially this time of year where it's much more painful. >> reporter: police say no charges have been filed. . >> it is ongoing. we have reconstructionists that reconstructed the scene. usually takes a month or two before they're finished. >> reporter: yes, as you can imagine, a very sad scene here in frederick, maryland, just weeks before christmas.
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traffic fatality in frederick county this year. wendy and doreen, back to you. >> thank you, mark. new at 5:00, a driver in the hospital with serious injuries after this crash in northeast d.c. these pictures show the wild scene this afternoon. this is 24th and douglas streets. you can see the driver's van flipped over onto its roof. crews arriving at the scene quickly got the driver to the hospital. right now, a family in loudoun county is trying to bring their loved one home. she disappeared from the groves. 16 years old. we're told she likes to hang out in the ashburn shopping center, dulles town center and potomac falls. detectives think she left on her own accord on friday. if you've seen celina groves, call police or submit an anonymous tip to the loudoun county sheriff's office app. the crime sent people running for cover in the middle of the day. two men with assault rifles held
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in october. today the fbi released new information on this case. as news 4's pat collins reports, agents are focusing on two new clues from the crime scene. >> a lot of foot traffic, businesses in the area that were open at the time of the robbery, so very brazen, very bold. and that's why we need to get those individuals identified and off the street. >> reporter: the scene, this suntrust bank in tacoma park. october 25th. it was noon. lunchtime. this brinks truck pulls up to make a delivery. the courier gets out. he opens up the door. as he does, a maroon car pulls up behind the brinks trunk, a guy gets out with assault rifle, forces the brinks man to the ground and says this is no joke, give me the money. the robber reaches in, grabs a bag of money, walks slowly back to that maroon car and off they go. >> we have a lot of robberies in
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delaware which the fbi covers. we don't see this every day with two men show up with assault rifles and attempt to take over an armored car in the middle of the day. >> reporter: this could have had tragic consequences. >> yes, sir. we're very fortunate that no one was injured. >> reporter: two big clues here. the getaway car, a maroon lexus 350 that they say looks like this one. and white coveralls similar to these which the agents say were worn by the gunmen. now there's a posted in this case. the tip number, 410-265-8080. this robbery had some people in tacoma park running for cover. i'll have more on that coming up at 6:00. see you then. a woman claims a hospital worker sexually assaulted her while she was in care at a d.c. medical center. tonight the employee says it's not true.
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shomari stone on the phone, said he didn't touch the woman inappropriately on sunday but refused to say anything else about it. simon is expected in court next week. the united medical center in southeast washington released a statement saying in part that the hospital does not comment on matters that are under investigation. maryland's newest casino, mgm national harbor, officially opens tomorrow. but could this mgm eat into the bottom line of the other casinos in the state? news 4's chris gordon takes a in maryland. >> reporter: mgm national harbor has attracted dealers, bartenders, supervisors and hosts from the two maryland casinos closest to it. maryland live and baltimore's horseshoe casino. >> we're becoming an employer of choice and we have had a lot of applications from not only maryland but from other gaming markets in the east coast. >> reporter: each casino
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program for employees. that's why losing any of them to another casino hurts. baltimore's horseshoe had 1,900 employees when it opened 2 years and ago it's down to 1,500 now. it held a job fair last week offering a $500 bonus for employees with casino experience. maryland live has been the biggest revenue producer of all the casinos in the state. the question is whether competition from mgm national harbor will hurt the if mgm will attract players away from the other casinos. this poker player lives in landover so he's about equal distance from mgm and maryland live. >> i would definitely be staying here at maryland live. i feel like, you know, they have a great community for the players and they've made a lot of strides in their poker room. >> reporter: this virginia woman has a long drive to get to maryland live. >> i will go to mgm.
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stafford. >> reporter: ahead at 6:00, the battle for the betters. how maryland live is getting ready for the competition that will be coming from mgm beginning tomorrow night. reporting from arundel mills, maryland, chris gordon, news 4. >> and tomorrow's grand opening of the mgm national harbor was nearly five years in the making. news 4's tracee wilkins has been following these developments and controversies since the beginning. she will be joining us in a few minutesth journey. not a bad day out there today. doug, we had some nice sunshine. what's coming ahead? >> reporter: oh, what a day. i mean, a day after yesterday with all the rain that we saw, today plenty of sunshine, bright blue skies. what comes next, unfortunately, is just plain cold. you're going to need the gloves. maybe the national zoo gloves. they're pretty cool. wait until i show you what these do a little later.
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live, this is what's going on, we have the lights behind us. tair finally looking pretty good now that the sun is making its way down. a half a million lights coming in. this is anna, she came in from loudoun county then awe my tweet that we were down here and just showed up with her grandkids as well. they come down to zoo lights every year. so excited to be down here. let's take a look, show you what's happening weather wise. a great night. how great will tonight be for zoo nights? the best night in the next two wee dropping to 41 by 11:00. a cool night tonight but not all that cold. we'll talk much more about this coming up in a couple minutes and show you just how cold things get. i'm back at 5:25. there's the music. is that manheim steam rollers? no, it's not. >> tweet him and tell him what it is. there's a renewed effort under way to develop the long dormant mcmillan reservoir site in washington near howard university.
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battle that's trying to stop it. tom sherwood takes us there. >> reporter: thousands of commuters and other vehicles from maryland and the district pass by the north capitol street towers of the 28 acre mcmillan reservoir sand filtration plant. in opened in 1905 but its maze of underground sam muriel bowser. >> i have literally driven or walked or been driven by this site just about every day of my life. >> reporter: the mayor today led new efforts to save the iconic towers from falling apart while day waiting a court suit by local citizens. they say contracting laws weren't followed and planned redevelopment is flawed. >> it's going to be destroyed.
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member mcduffie lives nearby. he contends most residents support this redevelopment. >> they desired to activate this site, to take the fence down, to have a world-class park, to have amenities to take their kids across the street to a community center. this is what we're working toward. >> reporter: located near howard university, everyone says redevelopment is long overdue. exactly what that will be, still to be decided. in the district, tom sherwood, news 4. c but in 2015, a family of 6 died after their tree caught on fire. coming up, hear from their relatives who share safety tips trying to save others. hotel rewards. make sure you're getting those points. which ones give you the biggest bang for your buck. and as we head to break, we have a question for you. what do you think of "time" magazine's pick of donald trump as person of the year? do you love it?
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or do you hate it? most of you who have voted say you hate it. while we take a quick break, go to our nbc washington facebook page and cast your vote. this is news 4 at 5:00. ?? ?? ?? ??
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after the holidays, an annapolis home went up in flames killing six members of one family. fire investigators say the four children and their grandparents might still be alive today if the family did one thing. >> news 4's meagan fitzgerald is live with the story and the plea from one of their loved ones. meagan? >> reporter: yeah, six family members were lost when a christmas tree went up in when people puchase the trees, she passes these out, on them, safety tips reminding people these trees can be deadly. christmas tree shopping is part of what makes the holidays so special. >> i think a tree kind of brings the smell of the holidays into the house. >> reporter: and of course, everyone has their own criteria in mind.
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home the perfect one, there are critical safety tips to warn you about, aside from making sure you water your tree daily. >> what you need to do, when you get home, you want to make that fresh cut. just like flowers, it will reseal and will not absorb the water as it should. >> it's important for me to explain to people how to take care of your tree, to keep yourself safe. how fast fire can occur and also the importance of sprinklers in people's homes. christmas tree safety isn't just important to sher. it's extremely personal. >> i lost my brother and sister-in-law and their four grandchildren to a christmas tree fire two years ago. >> reporter: it was january of 2015 when this annapolis mansion went up in flames. the blaze swept through the house so quickly that atf agents say sher's family didn't have a chance to escape. >> it was in the middle of the
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tree and it went into flashover in less than three minutes. >> reporter: atf agents determined that the christmas tree wasn't watered daily. if it was, they say it's possible sher's family would still be alive. >> go to the needles. make sure they bend. >> reporter: she's hoping safety reminders will help other families, her grief, during what's supposed to bt most wonderful time of memory. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00, sher explains how the fire started in her brother's house and how it's a mistake a lot of people make every day during the holiday season. back to you. >> meagan fitzgerald, thank you. maryland congressman elijah cummings calling for an independent commission to investigate any foreign interference in the presidential election. he joined other lawmakers in asking for $3 million to fund an 18-month investigation.
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overwhelming evidence that russia meant to mess with our electoral process and that doing nothing about that degrades our democracy. >> this is not a democratic or republican issue. this was an attack on our democracy and that impacts every single american. >> lawmakers say the commission would be also looking into maybe you're planning on a trip and you need to book a hotel. isn't it always great when you can use reward points to pay for that? news 4's consumer reporter susan hogan working with you with how you can make the best of those points by getting into the best hotel rewards programs. susan? >> reporter: thanks, wendy. we, of course, all like to be rewarded. today wallet hub released its 2016 hotel rewards report.
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key metrics. so take a look. such as the average value of a point, point expiration policies, and volatility of award night pricing. and it found for the second year in a row that wallet hub named wyndham rewards as the best hotel loyalty program for travelers of all spending level. it found la quinta offers more than $14 in reward value per $100 spent. the most according to wallet hub among major as the only major hotel chain whose rewards points don't ever expire with account inactivity. also remember this, hotel rewards points really do vary widely from program to program. and the financial advising website has a calculator you can actually use to look at rewards based on your own budget. just go to our nbc washington app and search "hotel rewards."
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may not be such a great deal after all. listen to this. beginning next year, if you buy united airlines' cheapest ticket, you'll have to pay to use the overhead bin. that's right. travelers flying who purchased basic economy fares will only be allowed a small carry-on bag like a purse or a backpack or a briefcase, something that can fit underneath the seat in front of them. if you're flying basic economy, you must pay the regular checked bag fee, $25 for the first $35 for the second bag. at 13, prince william county girl is showing up students across the country. >> eleanor won $25,000 today for taking top prize in a national science competition. eleanor's in the eighth grade at venton middle school in woodbridge. she says the space-x rocket explosion in 2014 inspired her to experiment with cold gas rocket nozzles.
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foundation prize. eleanor says she wants to study engineering and become an astronaut. next at 5:00, champing at the bit in the great cheese debate. who knew there was one? today we learned some lawmakers will go to great lengths to defend their state. it's a beloved story told time after time. why the creator of "hairspray" says although he's not a party of tonight's live performance on
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all right. where's doug? doug is on manheim steamroller right now. >> back out to the zoo. >> rolling down connecticut avenue. >> unclear whether we're going to hear music or lions roaring. who knows? >> reporter: this is tubing, guys. we're talking tubing without snow and not too be places you can do that. you the national zoo. they got tubing, 150-foot tracks here. take a look at the line right here. you guyses are ready to go. you guys ready? all set to go. all right. i was actually holding them up so they could be on tv. go ahead. you got it. we got a pretty good line here, too, guys. lot of people ready to go. this is one of the things they got. they got the train that goes up and down through zoo lights, of course, the merry go round if you've never been here before. take a look at another vantage point. you can get the sense of how big this thing is.
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ski slopes going down. that is the tubing that goes on. you actually go pretty quick. yes, i have done them. you already knew that, though. let's take a look outside right now and show you how things are. not bad at all tonight. i mean, really a beautiful night compared to where we've been over the past couple of days. 48 degrees now. temperatures around the area right now mostly in the 40s but starting to get into the upper 30s in some of the coldest areas. winchester, 39. 41 gaithersburg and dulles airport coming in at 42 degrees. going to be no rain, no snow any time soon. we're going to track another system during the day tomorrow. future weather,ies to move throh early tomorrow. shower activity, mix in southern maryland, fredericksburg. by 7:00, 8:00, kt, it's all gone. not expecting problems for the morning rush. we're not expecting anything
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there. temperaturs will start to droop during the afternoon and start to see winds pick up late in the day tomorrow. here's the forecast. planner. 37 to start the day. 47 by noon. up to maybe 48 by 3:00. if we get some sunshine. then down quickly, down to 41 degrees. the winds picking up as i mentioned. windchills already in the 30s. that's nothing compared to where we're going to be the next ten days. take a look at that ten-day forecast right now and see the trend. she won. she won. you can't see her, but she won. 48 on your thursday, but 41 on saturday, high of only 38 degrees. and take a look at next week, we've got a good chance of rain on monday. we go up to 57 on monday. and then just frigid next wednesday, thursday and friday. thursday's high we're going for a high of 33. friday, going for a high of 29. and maybe even a chance of rain or snow as we end the ten-day forecast. amelia draper is going to be back later on. she's going to break down friday's temperatures for you
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there, but i want to show you something that not even the people here have seen. heck out these gloves. you ready for this? >> yes, show us. >> reporter: all right. >> oh. >> reporter: where's the button? check that out. >> wow. >> reporter: that is cool. suspect that awesome. >> very cool. we need those. those are fun. bring some back for us. >> reporter: you're warm, you're fun. that tells you what kind of, you know, a person you are. you can have some fun. >> you can tweet in the dark. those gloves on, doug? >> reporter: can i -- i did try that and my tweet did not successfully go. >> okay. all right. thanks, doug. on the eve of the opening of the mgm casino at national harbor, we take a look at how the effort started and it was up against some stiff competition. he is nearly a century old and survived pearl harbor. he's sharing his story about that attack 75 years ago now
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legislators have been struggling for several years to get this law in the books and why you may be guaranteed paid
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five-year journey to get here. >> it included hard-fought battles between casino giants and a whole lot of money was spent in the process. now in just under 30 hours, the doors will finally open to the public. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins has covered this long road to opening night. she joins us now with a look back at how we got here. hi, tracee. >> hi, it has been a very long road. 2012, prince george's county executive rushern baker proposed gaming expansion and a s and prince george's county. he wanted in to be high end. that meant table games. both he and the state officials favored mgm to run the casino and national harbor to be its location but it wouldn't be that easy. maryland's vote for its sixth and final casino started a war in 2012. >> what can you believe? >> reporter: it was fought on tv and be protesters on the streets
5:31 pm
politicians chose sides. >> this referendum is not going to produce jobs or revenue or education money for the state of maryland or for prince george's county. those are the facts. we know that. i'm the moneyman. >> if it's so good for us, why don't you open up a casino in montgomery county? >> i suggested for our economy to create jobs, to bolster our tax base, this is a very easy decision. >> reporter: it would go on to be the most expensive campaign in maryland's rival casinos footing the bill. penn gaming who wanted to keep mgm out of the maryland gaming business and mgn who desperately wanted in, spent $30 million on ads, alone, according to its ceo jim murren. >> did we know it was going to be this expensive? no. >> reporter: the election night was the moment of truth. $71 million campaign, the most expenive one maryland has seen in its history, more expensive
5:32 pm
maryland voters said yes to question seven. a new casino would come to prince george's county. now the state's gaming commission had to decide exactly where in the county and who would run it. >> i would like to see it go to mgm, right there at the harbor. >> what would follow would be a bitter battle. with three casino giants vying for a chance to own and operate maryland's sixth casino. there were no guarantees that mgm would be the winner. coming up on news 4 at 6:00, we'll take a look back at that >> all right. been a long one. thank you, tracee. we're learning new details about friday's deadly fire at the oakland warehouse building that had been converted into an artist colony. fire investigators now say it started on the first floor. atf agents in charge say the smoke rose up the stairwells so fast people on the second floor trapped and overcome by the smoke. 36 people lost their lives in that building. and that building does not have
5:33 pm
systems. the investigators are looking for a cause. they'll spend the next few days walking witnesses through the charred building. many in maryland could be one step closer to getting guaranteed paid six leave. a new legislation that would require businesses with 50 or more people to offer at least 40 hours of paid sick leave per year. businesses with fewer than 50 employees would not be required to offer leave, but they would be eligible for tax incentives if >> this proposal would finally institute a fair and flexible statewide policy that would apply to all 24 maryland jurisdictions. and this new legislation will preempt any existing local policies. >> the governor's plan will be introduced during next month's legislative session. it is day three of the baseball winter meetings at national harbor and we're
5:34 pm
the always candid nats manager going one-on-one in a tv exclusive with carol maloney. we just heard the team made a big move. what's up with that, carol? >> reporter: we had an exclusive sit-down with dusty this afternoon but ran into dusty moments ago in the hall and confirmed the news that's breaking in the last ten minutes that the team made a deal for the chicago white sox outfielder, adam eaton. they had to give up three guys for him, i lopez. eaton batted well in the last three seasons. dusty had a big smile on his face. winter meetings for the nats manager, he said he's been putting in a lot of work here to make his team better. >> you know, because you're spending a lot of time in the room on possibilities, you know, you got the, you know, you got the board and you erase stuff
5:35 pm
try to figure out, i mean, it's really pretty exciting but it's also kind of grueling. you don't get a lot of sleep and don't get a lot to eat. you're like hey, man, did i eat today? >> really? >> like today, i haven't eaten today. >> los angeles dodgers are heading to chicago. >> reporter: when i last talked to you, you were so hopeful and positive. you were tell me pack for chicago. the one thing you hate to do is at the end of the year is pack to go home. to tell you the truth. and like i said, i was excited to go home but i wasn't ready to go home yet, but the season didn't end, to me, it never ends until the world series is over. i watched every game and, you know, with the excitement and then you think about, you know, could you have beaten the cubs to get to the world series? i mean, you may have tears when
5:36 pm
you have tears inside. then you wake up the next day and then, you know, usually there's joy the next day. >> reporter: more from dusty in our next hour. also on news 4 at 6:00, big return for the redskins. pro bowl left tackle trent williams back after serving a four-game suspension for violating the nfl's drug policy. what williams had to say about his time away and how it impacts the games. back here at the gaylord national resort, we're waiting for more nationals news. guys, they still need a closer. we're not going anywhere as the nats continue to make some deals. they do have their winter fest this weekend. dusty warned anybody when he pats his players on the belly and backside, he's not saying hello, he's checking for fat content. >> oh. oh. hopefully he doesn't come here. yikes. >> reporter: i knew you'd love
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today we commemorate 75 years since attack on pearl harbor. tonight we talk to a man here in
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if you run over somebody, it's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't look before you turned or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk. always be alert. pedestrians don't come with airbags. one of the few remaining world war ii veterans who survived pearl harbor is sharing his story tonight. >> news 4's kristin wright
5:40 pm
at the world war ii memorial. >> ed. want to shake your hand. >> reporter: today a lot of people are thanking army first sergeant edward davis. >> very impressed with this turnout here. i feel honored. >> reporter: they want to thank him for his service. for his bravery on the day japan bombed pearl harbor 75 years ago. >> it was a day something like this. the sun was bright. >> reporter: it s old age will ever make david, the 95, forget that day. >> they killed nine of us men that were standing around me. guys that had just come out of the mess hall eating breakfast. it hurt. it hurt bad. >> he witnessed firsthand the bombing taking place on this day of infamy. >> reporter: today at the world war ii memorial, we salute you.
5:41 pm
>> that's too bad. >> on tonight's "nbc nightly news" anchor lester holt and tom brokaw reflect on the historic significance of the attack at pearl harbor and the resilience of the veterans and survivors. you'll see it at 7:00 right after news 4 at 6:00. we're getting you ready for "hairspray live" tonight right here on nbc 4. we talk to the man behind the show, john watters. he reveals while of tonight's live performance. he's got advice if you're still looking for the perfect christmas gift. >> i think that gift baskets are bad ideas like a fruit basket.
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technical difficultties we had. as we were telling you about, one of the few remaining veterans and survivors of pearl harbor, kristen wright's lovely story, so here it is again. >> just want to shake your hand. >> reporter: today a lot of people are thanking army first sergeant edward davis. >> very impressed with this turnout here. i feel honored. >> reporter: they want to thank him for his service, for his
5:45 pm
>> it was a day something like this. the sun was bright. >> reporter: it seems not even old age will ever make davis, 95, forget that day. >> they killed nine of us men standing around me. guys that had just come out of the mess hall eating breakfast. it hurt. it hurt bad. >> he witnessed firsthand the bombing taking place on this day of infamy. >> reporter: today at the world war ii and every veteran here. sergeant davis has spent many a night at the armed forces retirement home in washington where he lives thinking back. >> it stays with me all the time. in the back of my mind. >> reporter: davis was awarded a silver star during the war. he served in korea and vietnam. all these years later, sergeant edward davis lays a wreath at the world war ii memorial.
5:46 pm
particular. >> reporter: he believes those men who died are pearl harbor are looking down now and that makes him feel good. in washington, kristin wright, news 4. >> nice to see the sun shining on that ceremony at the world war ii memorial today, but how much longer can we hope for sunshine and nice weather out there? doug and amelia, both ready to answer that question. >> reporter: yeah, is amelia shaking her head, too? was she shaking her head, too? sun going away for sure next couple of days. here comes the cold. see i got on my gloves. i want to introduce you to somebody else who also has on her gloves. we're at the national zoo. it's the panda. hello, panda. panda doesn't have gloves but lynn does, the head of the friends of the national zoo.
5:47 pm
single year, you guys do a great job. >> thank you. it's fantastic. it's our ten-year anniversary. we've been able to do this for ten years and it's free to the whole community. and it's a fantastic lightup show. we have 32 different lightup animal displays and laser lights and snowless tubing for the kids. >> reporter: you said for the kids. i'm sorry. >> snowless -- anybody, actually. >> reporter: okay. thank you. i've already done it. i just wanted to make sure i didn't do something wrong. >> anybody can have we have drinks for the adults. >> reporter: there you go. >> a s'mores pit. it's fabulous. some of the zoo animal houses are open. everyone can go in the small mammal house and the reptile house. >> reporter: even when it's cold, those are the places you can, because it is going to get cold the next couple days. even in the cold you have places for everybody to go, too. >> absolutely. spots to warm up. warm your hands at the s'more pit or anywhere. >> reporter: and can buy these gloves. she's in a different mode than i'm in. you can do different modes.
5:48 pm
modes on these cool gloves. everybody is asking me where i got these gloves. from the national zoo. >> that's right, all of our stores. >> reporter: they all have them. we're going to send it back inside because it is going to get cold. tonight, by the way, best night we see for the next two weeks at least. appeal wra draper and i talking about this earl year. amelia, tonight's it then it gets really cold. i'm glad we talked about where to go. >> yeah. you know, when people walk by the weather center and see the ten-day, they're like upper, low 30s next week? upper 20s. anyway, doug, i want to see you do one of those videos with those gls. here are your weather headlines. cold air starts to move in tomorrow night. friday because of the cold and winds, it's going to be a storm team 4 weather alert day. the coldest it's been all season. that continues on saturday. but the weekend looking dry. not just saturday, but sunday as well. right now, our temperatures coming in in the 40s. we're at 48 in washington. look at gaithersburg down to 37. dulles coming in at 42. skies become mostly cloudy overnight tonight. tomorrow for the morning and
5:49 pm
but for most of us, it will be completely dry tomorrow. 7:00 a.m. we're around 37 degrees. by lunchtime, we're in the upper 40s. a high tomorrow of about 48. again, the cold air moves in tomorrow night. already down to 41 by 7:00 p.m. then it greets us tomorrow morning. all in all throughout the day tomorrow, the weather having a slow impact. the bus stop, it's going to be chilly. outdoor exercise, you want a few layers. recess for the kids, will definitely be outdoors tomorrow. and if you're getting it's looking cool. i would get it tomorrow night. too cold out there friday and saturday night. just not very comfortable or enjoyable. here's a look at how cold it's going to feel friday morning at 7:00 a.m. when you factor in the winds, it's not going to be super windy, but it will be blustery throughout the day. 7:00 a.m. feeling like teens in the suburbs. 20 here in washington. feeling about 13 up in hagerstown. by lunchtime, it feels like we're in the 20s maybe around 30 in the district.
5:50 pm
the 20s once again. saturday, a high of only 38 degrees. sunday, it's cold, 44. but not as cold as next week. on wednesday, a high of 38. maybe some flurries around. really no accumulation. low 30s on thursday. upper 20s next friday. and then mid 30s next saturday. so cold friday and saturday, then looking ahead to next week, ladies, another cold blast moves into our area and colder than this one. >> well, there's good news. thank you, has become a broadway classic. tonight john watters' "hairspray" airs live on nbc 4. mark segraves spoke with the writer at his home in baltimore about what makes a good christmas gift to what baltimore thinks of d.c. >> reporter: he's one of baltimore's most famous sons. filmmaker john watters. we chatted with the writer and director in the reading room of
5:51 pm
think. for the flamboyant creator of movie classics like "pink flamingos" and of course "hairspray." >> people think i'll have '50s furniture and gold. >> reporter: he won't be part of tonight's live event. >> he asked me to be in it. i'm on stage that night in boulder. i can't watch it. vy to watch it on demand the next morning in an airport or something. >> reporter: tonight waters is on christmas show. >> i give advice to everybody, how to get the cheapest presents you can make that are scary, that will make your relatives laugh like you just find the ugliest picture of your relative and put them on christmas poles and give them as gifts. i talk about criminals, i talk about christmas in jail, how you can deal with people that give you gift cards which i think is not a good idea unless it's to a porn site or something, that really i think that gift baskets are bad ideas, like a fruit
5:52 pm
gives me a pear. >> reporter: waters will give his christmas show to the d.c. area. it will be one of his last shows of the tour which he writes by hand and memorizes. >> my anti-alzheimer's exercise, because i use no notes. by then i'll know it but i'll look like frankenstein. i'll be tired because i'll have been on 18 different airplanes, i will be on -- yeah, i'll know it by then. >> reporter: waters coming from baltimore to do a sew for a d.c. audience has its challenges. >> i've always said everybody in baltimore thinks washington's square and they're both right. >> reporter: as for his take on politics and the recent election, waters was a clinton supporter but -- >> i can't stand liberals who say, i'm leaving the country if trump wins. no one cares. you're not that. >> reporter: waters' christmas show comes to the birchmore on december 20th. to see our entire conversation, go to the nbc washington app and search "john waters."
5:53 pm
thinks of the show and what could be next for "hairspray." >> i want an all nude "hairspray." that will be the final version. >> reporter: mark segraves, news 4. >> that would be fun to watch. you can watch "hairspray live," the clothing version, here on nbc 4. the preshow begins at 7:30 tonight with the show starting at 8:00. >> family photos on christmas ornaments. >> what all those pears i bought to give to people? there was big debate on capitol hill today and things got stickier or gooey i guess. >> so which is better, cheese dip or queso? starts from arkansas and texas battled in a food face-off today. which state lays claim to the better party dip? texas queso or arkansas cheese dip? after a blind taste test among fellow senators, it was the
5:54 pm
championship. i'd like to put that up against reiger family clam dip. >> again, we got a great product here and will challenge anybody, not only in texas but throughout the rest of the country as to the quality of stuff we produce. >> this all started as a twitter beef between the senators from arkansas and texas. as many things do. that pesky twitter causes all kinds of p outlined arkansas' claims that it is the first state to have cheese dip. >> i'm surprised, i would have thought the queso would win. >> i thought queso would have been around forever and ever and ever. >> that's right. news 4 is working for you in the community. our employees adopted 100 angel tree children to help make their christmas a little bit brighter. the salvation army picked up the gifts today. about eight cart loads full. that means children will wake up to bicycles, games, dolls,
5:55 pm
all under their christmas trees. but there are still children who need presents this christmas. >> if you want to help, open the nbc washington app and search "angel tree."
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
for the first time today d.c. students met with the man who will be the next school chancellor, antoine wilson visited tubman elementary school
5:58 pm
>> reporter: a few months ago wilson says he was referring other education bold-faced names to d.c. council staff then he realized day wanted him, how he round up here today with deputy mayor of education jenny niles by his side. on a crisp wednesday morning, a warm welcome for d.c. public school's newest chancellor nominee. antoine wilson met students and families of harriet tubman elementary and likes ha saw. >> exactly what we want, schools to be a place where families are excited to drop their kids off and students are excited to get in and learn. >> reporter: he didn't see himself here, he said chance and circumstance brought him to d.c., starting with a trip to the city and the white house to discuss his education work. then cams first of a series of phone calls with mayor bowser and her staff. the rest, he says, fit together. >> it wasn't about larger. this is a similar sized school district. it wasn't about greater opportunity. it was about really believing in
5:59 pm
opportunity to come in and demonstrate if we would focus on academic social learning, accelerating students' progress in the classroom, we would be able to eliminate achievement gaps. >> reporter: tomorrow, wilson will attend a public roundtable with d.c. council members and then on december 20th he is set for a confirmation vote. he's also the married father of two elementary schoolers and one teen and says all three are
6:00 pm
finch, news 4. now at 6:00, president-elect donald trump building his team while savoring a new title, "time" magazine's person of the year. during this morning's commute, a tractor trailer hits a car killing a father of two and why this case highlights a growing problem on our roads. and we'll take a look at how news 4 at 6:00 starts now. >> we begin tonight with politics and the transition. president-elect donald trump. >> official announcements are expected later but there could be another general in the cabinet as well as a new head of the environmental protection agency. but the big news today, donald trump's selection as "time" magazine's person of the year. steve handelsman tracking it all from capitol hill. steve? >> reporter: hey, wendy, it's usually a big honor but not


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