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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  December 12, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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the apartment complex is working to get all the utilities back on so people can return to the undamaged apartments. i'm like a smart person. i don't have to be told the same thing sand the same words every single day for the next eight years. >> president-elect donald trump suggesting that he does not need to receive the presidential intelligence briefing every day. in fact trump has only attended a handful of daily intelligence briefings since he was elected. a little more than two years ago, trump krit sighed president obama for allegedly skipping those briefings, but nbc news and fact checkers say that it that claim was false. this comes on top of trump dismissing the cia 's conclusion that russia intervened in the election to help him win. tracie potts will have more on that in just a few minutes. meanwhile china says it has, quote, serious concern about trump's comments suggesting he is reconsidering america's relationship with
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trump said he isn't feel, quote, bound by a one china policy unless we he make a deal with china having do with other things including trade. china considers taiwan to be part of china and any reference to a separate taiwanese government is an insult. an afternoon ended with two boys needing help from the fire department. take a look at these pictures of the rescue effort. two boys became stuck in the mud near share require road in landover. a police officer was able to pull one of the boys out, but they had to call in the fire department to help the other. >> i do feel thankful for the people who came to rescue me. >> at that moment when you finally got freed, what were you thinking then? >> i was really thinkinging am i going to be in in trouble. >> just a little bit. both children were checked out by medics and are fire. eric said that hisom
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hard from home. tough as a mom. you're season so happy that he's okay, but -- >> i think he'll be locked in the house. >> yeah, probably scared the parents more than the kids. >> are okay. we're are in weather alert mode. chuck bell now with more. >> yes, a cold rain in and around the city. you can tell that the little areas of pink on our radar, that is where there could be a little bit of freezing rain coming down, mostly in the sheltered valleys up into southern parts of pennsylvania. this is all rain in and around the city. not expecting any wintry weather in and around town today. the only spots where we could have a little glazing of ice will be up here from hagerstown done to martinsburg. but again most of the light rain has also come to an end briefly, so that will give temperatures a chance to recover just a bit. but four things to know, there could be a few slippery spots right along the pennsylvania border up towards martinsburg.
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be very careful this morning. it will be dry on the way home today. there is another big blast of super cold arctic air coming our way later this week and that could leave a little chance for snow as we get into the weekend. we'll have more about all that. melissa mollet. we have a closure eastbound l street between 14th and 12th, all lanes belonged because of that investigation. and then 13th between mass and l street, also blocked. 270 looksing on, but again all of this green is rain falling around the area. so use the windshield wipers this morning. connecticut avenue and randolph road, you can see the nice sheen on the roadway for that live camera. and again with safetrack, single tracking silver and orange through december 21st. back in ten minutes. while many of you excellent, a guilty verdict came in the killing of ex-nfl player will smith.
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coming hours there prosecutors about this. the jury in new orleans found cardell hayes guilty of manslaughter. prosecutors had tried this man on second-degree murder. the decision comes after a week long trial. hayes argued he shot the popular football star following a traffic crash in april saying he was drunk, violent and even grabbed a gun. this man now faces up to 40 years when he's sentenced in february. sean payton was there in court for the verdict. smith's family also there. they left the court without commenting. back to you. it is 4:34. today the mother of two children who disappeared in 2014 is due back in court. there is a competency hearing scheduled for catherine hoggle. police say hoggle was the last person seen with her kids two years ago. the children are were never found. last month a judge ruled she was still not mentally stable enough for a
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for an independent doctor to evaluate her. sigh he'd evans will be in court to face a murder charge accused of killing a 16-year-old girl the day after thanksgiving in potomac gardens. mcmillan was laid to rest on friday. she had just returned home from boarding school when she had killed. evans was officially charged this weekend. right now prince william county police are looking for this man, he's wanted for a double shooting on forest dale avenue last friday. both victims survived. police say sherdil is 22 and wanted for two counts of made l lish issues wounding. today marks six months since the deadliest mass shooting in american history. there will be a memorial ceremony at the pulse night club in orlando. this morning we are getting a look at new video o
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response to that deadly shooting back in june. in it, you can see what appears to be the shooting suspect's minivan parked on the side of the club. then it shows people running before police arrive with guns drawn. 49 people died and dozens more were hurt after the gunman omar made teteen opened fire. this morning firefighters are urging to you get a carbon monoxide detector. three people were taken to the hospital from this house on 5th street northwest, this happened yesterday morning. they had to be treated for carbon monoxide exposure. d.c. fire says a defective furnace caused the problem and there were no alarms to warn the people inside. firefighters tweeted out that it is so important to have both a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide g deek te detector. fire crews are expect abouted to be ohe
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small fire. the firefighters have been working since thursday to put it out. residential trash pickup won't be affected. a big win, but a lot of work left to to. redskins are clinks at a chance with a playoff spot. they took out the eagles by taking advantage of a lot of missed plays and getting a critical sack right at the end. but that was a tight game. nail biting for sure. but skins didn't gain ground, but they didn't lose any either. desean jackson was a big part of the win and said the team isn't getting ahead of themselves. >> i think we've done a great job this year taking care of one game at a time. >> jackson's contract is up after this season.
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next week the skins are back on the game and we also want to mention a late ending sunday night football game, giants beat the cowboys and are in second place in the television right now. really, really would have helped if the cowboys won. and i never root for the cowboys. first time i wanted them to win and they can't pull it off. >> i was like the redskins are saved and everybody was like not the so fast. >> no, no, no, we need tampa bay to lose, minnesota to lose, packers to lose. >> thank goodness i have you here to break it all down. it is a storm team 4 weather alert day. it will be a rainy morning on the roads. we'll get you prepared. plus protect those presents. four things you need to know about holiday shopping safety as you punifu about holiday shopping safety as you punifu at ikea, we beleve that making room for one more shouldn't cost more. spend your holiday overjoyed and under budget.
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look at this scene, frigid cold covering parts of the country canceling thousands of flights apthere more of this on the way on this weather alert day. let us check in with chuck bell for a look at our forecast right now. what do you think, chuck? >> i think it will be a cold rainy start on your monday. there could be some pockets of freezing rain up near the maryland/pennsylvania border. not looking for a big impact,
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can cause an issue. so sidewalks, streets, and handrails could be glazed in northern maryland and eastern west virginia. around town, it will just be rain. temperatures are close to 40 degrees around the city. but that freezing rain advisory does go for frederick county, maryland, washington county, up into are martinsburg and frederick county, virginia, as well. not looking for a big accumulation, but even that little glaze gets it ugly. so bus stop weather upper 30s to around 40 and wet on your way out this morning. so what to wear? umbrellas, hats and warm coat for today. start looking for the industrial strength heavy coats because it will get bitter cold around here later this week. but a cold rain on a monday morning, melissa no mollet, it's an f. >> i wouldn't give 95 right now an f. we keep our fingers crossed. right now it gets a b because it wi
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rain. 66 coming in from fairfax county, that takes you 9 minutes. going 63 miles per hour. again, you see the virtual rain here falling across the area. going to have to work those windshield wipers here this morning. and eastbound l between 14th and 12th shut down and same thing between mass and l. an ice rink warming up an entire community. still ahead, how it's paying tribute to a kruyoung woman's l. but first, how donald trump is brushing off reports that russia tried to rig our election .
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women co . expect to have a rainy commute. if you're in the shenandoah valley and northern maryland, it could be an icy drive. chuck bell has another look at your forecast in just minutes. and a man is dead after a shooting in northwest washington. this happened along 32nd street against chestnut street north of beach drive. kristin wright will have a live report coming up. i'm molette green at the live desk following another shooting, this one september a man to the hospital. d.c. police tweeting out that the shooting happened on 13th street in northwest. they are on the scene in the 1100 block. this is not too far from mass avenue. we've learned that the man who was shot just before 2:30 this morning was conscious when he was on his way to the hospital. there is no infor
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have a look out for two cars both dark colored car, a charger an yoaudi. . he is much more than a business executive. he's a world class player. he does massive deals in russia, massive deals for the company, not for himself, for the company. >> donald trump touting his expected pick for secretary of state exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson. but tillerson is being criticized from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle this morning. >> tracie potts is live on capitol hill. trump isn't saying that tillerson is his pick just yet, so could this just to see how well it's received? >> reporter: it certainly could expecting considering the fact that they put off the announcement for some time now. there are concerns though on both sides. democrat and republican. about the ties tillerson has to russia. he is exxonmobil's main contact
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with russia. he's received the order of friendship from vladimir putin and as marco rubio put it in a tweet, as john mccain put it, they have some concerns about just how close he is to russia and russia's president. >> and the other big news of the weekend is the cia assessment that russia intervened in the election to help trump win. senator john mccain wants a slegt committee to investigate temperature could that actually happen? >> reporter: the select committee would involve jumping through a few more hoops, but armed services and maybe other committees are going to look in to it. and as noted by the fact that this is coming from mccain, this is not just something that the democrats are pushing. republicans are also concerned and say that they want to get to the bottom of whether or not russia or china or any other countries are trying to influence our politics starting with this election. >> a lot to talk about. acie potts, thanks.
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loretta lynch will visit sterling to bring awareness to the sharp increase in hate crimes targeting muslims. recent fbi data shows these kind of crimes are up 67% compared to last year. lynch has said the numbers should be deeply sobering for all americans. aaron schock is expected to be a raped today in court. he resigned last year after allegations of using government and campaign money for a lavish lifestyle. schock is expected to enter a not guilty plea at that hearing. his attorneys do acknowledge bad bookkeeping on his part, but say there was no intent to steal from the government or misuse campaign funds. and this morning the white house could issue a new statement on a possession to commute chelsea manning's sentence. manning is serving a 35 year prison sentence for leaking thousands of classified documents to wikileaks. at the time she was known as bradley manning. the petition by supporteot
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more than 100,000 signatures. that number requires an official response by the white house within 60 days. president obama has 39 days left in office. the trial of dylann roof is set to continue today in charleston. prosecutors are using the church shooter's own words to portray him as a cruel, an friday racist. >> i do consider myself a white supremacist. what i did is so miniscule to what they're doing to white people every day. >> on friday jurors watcheded his two hour confession to killing nine black parishioners in june of 2015. prosecutors also introduced a handwritten journal found in his car as evidence. roof's defense team is not disputing the facts of the case, they are just trying to have him avoid a death sentence. a missing ski are's body was found in nevada under 10 feet of snow. he vanished after an avalanche in the
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dogs help search teams find the body. the man was 64 years old. no word on when a ski resort in northern michigan will be able to reopen after a fire tore through the area injuring 12 people, nearly half of the resort was damaged in that fire. we know that more than 100 guests were forced out of bed when the tire stafire started. the people who were hurt are expected to recover. a montgomery county woman's passion for ice hockey is living on in montgomery county. this temporary ice rink is ready for skaters at the jewish community center of greater washington in rockville. mark collins put it up in honor of his late stepdaughter melanie. he first built it in his backyard, but the county said it violated zoning laws. now it has a new home where melanie's memory will continue. montgomery county is also working on a plan to put a new rink in downtown. and around here on the roadways this morning, there are some
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>> a little glaze out there. items the small ones that catch you off guard. so be very careful this morning. temperatures below freezing right along the pennsylvania border. so around the city, we're all way above freezing, but our friends and neighbors in northern maryland, be super careful as temperatures are just at or above the freezing marg. everyone will comfortably rise way up into the 40s, some spots into the 50s later this afternoon. cloudy and wet here this morning. rain tapering off around lunchtime and then staying cloudy into the evening. but the rain should be over with by then. good reminder to download our nbc washington app, follow me on twitter for weather updates and find me on facebook as chuck bell 4 and i'll be posting out all the latest impacts. we're catching a break in advisory area. the rain has temporar
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a stop, that will give temperatures a couple more hours to recover and get just enough above freezing where i don't think this will continue to be a major issue. but it is already raining now across most of the i-95 corridor, it will be a wet start this morning. the advisory includes frederick and washington county and maryland, frederick county, virginia, also martinsburg, west virginia. again that advisory fgoes until 10:00 a.m. steadiest of the rain will be carried out between now and about 8:00 this morning. tapering back to just a couple showers until lunchtime. but after noontime, we should be able to get all the rain turned off and might even get a little sf sunshine later this afternoon. the main story once we get past this little ice slet here early this morning, the next big story is a big plunge in temperatures for thursday and friday. arctic air in place could have a little chance for some snow around here on saturday morning, as well. you'll want to stay ahead of the weather as best you can.
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melissa mollett is here to help. going to be a little messy because of the rain and freezing rain across parts of the area. there is a police investigation in northwest. do not have to worry about it any longer, it is now out of the way and roads at least are open even if police are still on the scene. bottom of the beltway and all these routes through prince george's county looking good. don't have any complaints there. 95ner land from 32 down to the beltway, going to take 1u 1 minutes. again, you can see the virtual rain falling across the area this morning. taking a look elsewhere, again, rain going to be impacting you everywhere. 66 at jermantown road, that is a lovely shot. i'll get that fixed and be back in a couple minkooucouple minut. grinches preying on your press presents. tips to make sure you're shopping safe. but first, new accusations of fraud against two major banks. and it could meanyo
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sure, you could sit around all night waiting for a pizza to be delivered. but wouldn't making it yourself be a lot more fun? it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury.
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this morning wells fargo is facing new allegations of widespread coupler fraud in connection with financial. a consumer watch group says t
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programs without knowledge. the suspicious policies were rippinged to self-service kiosks at wells fargo branches and credit cards. in some cases policies were opened and closed within a month or two and then reopened. three former internal investigators for prudential said they were threatened for trying to report the alleged fraud. >> we were terminated because we were raising the red flags. they wanted to go to wells fargo first, perhaps they could sweep it under the rug and not have to report it. >> prudential says the employees were not fired because of its business with wells fargo. in september wells fargo acknowledged its bankers created millions of fraudulent accounts to meet their sales goals. if you still have holiday shopping to do, get ready for a big day of online sales. today is green monday. the name was coined by ebay nearly a decade ago to describe its best sales day
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billion in sales coming in third to only black friday and cyber monday. that makes sense, we're about two weeks away. >> i have to hurry up, i have a bunch of shopping left to to. >> i'll be busy today. as you spend your hard earned money shopping, don't forget you have to be extra careful. >> right, we talked to fairfax county police about the four things to know about shopping safety. if you're ordering bpackages, have then sent to work or a neighbor if you won't be home to sign for them or choose in-store pickup instead. at the mall you can don't overload your arms and keep your cellphone somewhere safe. make sure not to point it downward even for a second even once you leave the mall, don't let your guard down as you pack up the car. >> and use a drunk or cover the packages that are. if you have like an suv that you don't have a trunk, so that people the thieves aren't looking into your
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well. they will go into the parking lot and check the vehicles out to see if people have placed bag inside it and will smash a window just to grab packages and gifts. >> another reminder, don't carry around large amounts of car. since you'll be use position int cards more, check your statements frequently because this is prime time for scammers. right now on news 4 today, it is a storm team 4 weather alert day. freezings rain could complicate your commute glo. and a deadly shooting in northwest d.c. >> good morning. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm angie goff in for aaron gilchrist. >> melissa mollett is in your traffic center, but we want to start things off with chuck bell.


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