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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  December 12, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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well. they will go into the parking lot and check the vehicles out to see if people have placed bag inside it and will smash a window just to grab packages and gifts. >> another reminder, don't carry around large amounts of car. since you'll be use position int cards more, check your statements frequently because this is prime time for scammers. right now on news 4 today, it is a storm team 4 weather alert day. freezings rain could complicate your commute glo. and a deadly shooting in northwest d.c. >> good morning. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm angie goff in for aaron gilchrist. >> melissa mollett is in your traffic center, but we want to start things off with chuck bell.
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good morning, chuck. >> good morning. it's a cold and wet start here early on a monday morning. unfortunately, it could have a little bit of iciness across parts of northern maryland and the panhandle of west virginia this morning. here is a look at temperatures. i'm not worried about the i-95 corridor are at all. it's raining, but temperatures are way above freezing. only spots where we could see a light glazing of ice is thurmont to hagerstown, this being pocket will temperatures are just at the freezing mark. so if you're traveling 68, 70, 81 in these highlighted areas between now and 10:00 this morning, just be really careful. elevated or untreated surfaces could have a little glaze of ice on them here first thing this morning. around the city, it's just a cold nasty rain outside early on. temperatures will eventually rise into the upper 40s, sometimes maybe even into the low 50s later on today. so the ice issue is really only going to last about the next two
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or three hours. i'll give you the five day forecast coming up. here is melissa mollett now in first 4 traffic. nice wet roads all around town here this morning. >> and we want to continue team coverage right now with megan mcgrath. >> and you can see she's joining us live from the beltway with a look at how the rain is affecting the roads this morning. you're nice and strapped in. what are you see something. >> reporter: yes, and i'm out the rain which is very nice. and of course whenever you throw rain into the mix, it can make for a very sloppy rush hour commute. take a look at our live camera here, we are on the beltway, we're approaching the exit for great falls. and you can see that we have some slow traffic here. but nothing too bad. not yet. still very early in our commute. but we have steady rain, it's been coming done now for i would say about an hour in this area. fortunately i checked the temperatures a little while ago, where we are, it's about 41 degrees. so well above freezing. so we are not seeing any issues at all with
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expecting to. as you've heard chuck say, that is further out. right now what we're dealing with in in area on the beltway is just wet slippery sloppy conditions. and of course that always means that we could see a challenging rush hour commute. with more on the commute, we'll send it over to melissa. any big problems yet? >> not right now, but i know it will be a busy day on the roads. taking a look at the map, you can see we're nice and greene, sadly so is everything around it. again, rain falling everywhere here this morning when you're taking a look at the beltway. 66 at jermantown road, got that to work for you. everything rolling along fine there on 66. taking a look 95 quantico to the beltway, again you're on time here. just be careful, take it slow. no doubt this rain will cause some issues this morning. we're learning what we can about a deadly shooting that
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>> a man was killed and molette green is at the live desk. d.c. police investigating the circumstances around a man's shooting death in northwest in chevy chase area. they are looking for you clues on 32nd street, it's a residential part of upper northwest near the d.c./maryland line. we do have calls in to police and kristin wright is headed to the scene. as soon as she gets set up, we'll hear from her in a live report. back to you. we now know that a faulty gas furnace sparked this apartment fire in fairfax county over the week end. dozens of people were left homeless after the flames tore through the building on richmond highway. the smoke alarms failed to go off because the furnace was in [000:04:54;00] attic. the apartment complex is working
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to people with return to the apartments that are undamaged. firefighters are urging you to get a carbon monoxide tee tech tore. three people had to be treated for carbon monoxide exposure. d.c. fire says that a tee effective furnace caused the problem and there was no alarm to warn people.eeeffective furn problem and there was no alarm to warn people. firefighters tweeted that it's important to have both a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector in the home. take a look at these photos from a rescue effort in landover. two prince george's county boys got stuck in mud in a marshy area. a police officer pulled out one boy, but the fire department had to help get the other boy out. >> i do feel thankful for the people who came to rescue me. >> at that moment when you finally got freed, what were you
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thinking? >> i was really thinking am >> both children were checked out by medics and they are okay. eric said that his mom did ground him for wandering too far away from home. there is a reason we have rules in place, kids. >> she's probably really relieved that he's okay. >> probably scared her to death. i'm not defending them, but you know boys, they see mud, they want to jump in it. president-elect donald trump suggesting -- >> i'm like a smart person. i don't have to be told the same thing and the same words every single day for the next eight years. >> and that's president-elect donald trump there suggesting that he doesn't need to receive the presidential intelligence briefings every day. in fact trump has only attended a handful of briefings since he was elected. a little more than two years ago, trump criticized president
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obama for allegedly skipping those briefings. say that take claim was false. this comes on top of trump's it is missing the cia 's conclusion that russia intervened in the election to help him win. meanwhile china says it has serious concern about trump's comments suggesting he's reconsidering america's relationship with taiwan. and fox news sunday, trump said he doesn't feel, quote, bound by a one china policy unless we make a deal with china having to do with other things including trade, end quote. china considers taiwan to be a part of china and any reference to a separate taiwanese government is considered an insult. new this morning, a guilty verdict in the killing of ex-nfl player will smith. late last night, a jury in new orleans found cardell hayes guilty of manslaughter. prosecutors had tried him on second degree murder for shooting the football star after
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a traffic crash in april. long trial. hayes argued he shot the popular football star saying he was drunk, violent and even grabbed a gun. this man now faces up to 40 years when he's sentenced in february. it is 5:08. today the mother of two children who disappeared in 2014 is due back in court. there is a competency hearing scheduled to catherine hoggle. montgomery county police say hoggle was the last person seen with her so that jacob and daughter sarah two years ago. the children were never found. last month a judge ruled she was still not mentally stable enough for a trial. the children's father has asked for an independent doctor to evaluate her. syed evans will face a murder charge, he's a accused of killing a 16-year-old d.c. girl the day after thanks giving. it happened in the potomac gardens housing complex in southeast.
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manage milan w returned home from boarding school when she was killed. evans was officially charged this weekend. today marks six moments since t months since the deadliest mass shooting. there will be a memorial ceremony at the pulse night club in orlando. we're getting a look at new video of the police response to that deadly shooting back in up. in it, you can see what appears to be the shooting suspect's minute any van parked on the side of the club. then it shows people running before police arrived with guns drawn. 49 people died and dozens more were hurt after gunmen owe har mateen opened fire inside the club. mateen was culled killed in a s skro out. redskins fighting for a spot in the playoffs. and plus video of a deputy diving into action to save a
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little boy's life. it's a stormam alert day. it is going to be a rain kne e
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rning. chmouc take a look at this fright bei frightenning video out of detroit. a plane skidded off an icy runway an ended up in the grass.
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it happened during a snow storm. there were 70 people kind of conditions we'll get this week. luckily the icing is more north of us, is that right? >> yeah, temperatures are well above freezing around the city here this morning. where most of the rain is coming down now, temperatures are above freezing. where we have temperatures near or slightly below freezing is right here. fortunately there is no rain where temperatures are coldest and that will give temperatures a chance to recover before the next line of all rain now across southwestern pennsylvania moves into the panhandle of west virginia. so again, this is all just rain along the i-95 corridor, but there could be on untreated surfaces from frederick to hagerstown to martinsburg, could be an icy spot or two. so be careful this morning. otherwise you're getting out for your workout, temperatures near 40 with the rain. still cloudy and damp through noontime. but later on today, things will start to dry out just a bit. and the weekend will start cold,
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might even have a little bit of a rain/snow wintry mix early i'll give you the complete five day forecast coming up. a brand new closure in northwest. again, a police investigation. this is 32nd street at chestnut street shut down to traffic. this is between western avenue and oregon avenue. that section shut down. overall, beltway nice and green, but again, so is everything around it meaning we have rain falling all over the place. taking a look 270, slow headedo then it opens up. it is 5:14. we have breaking news right now. gunshots in the middle of the night. d.c. police are investigating a deadly shooting on 32nd street in northwest. >> kristin wright joining us live with details. we know you just got there.
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what have you found out? is a man and this happened around 9:00 last night. but police still here. i want to show you what it looks like. there is crime tape stretching across the entire block here. melissa said the street is blocked off. we have video that shows a car with a window shot out and a lot of police beingactivity focused that vehicle. police got the call, they came out here for 32nd street last night at about 9:15. and that is when police say that they found a man who had been shot and that man died here at the scene. so now this morning police trying to find out whatever they can about what might have happened here.
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we have called into police, as they are in investigation. but again, one man dead here in upper northwest so we'll have more information and pass it along to you as we get it. back to you. >> kristin, thank you. three games to go, but this could be more if the skins punch true to t through to the playoffs. they still have a chance. a big win in philly kept them in the hunt and now they are thinking about the carolina panthers. carol maloney has the highlights from lincoln financial field. >> reporter: three touchdowns in the second half earned the redskins the lead. but their much made lined defense secured the 27-22 victoryoff t over the eagles. trailing in the third, curbing cousins connects with desean jackson, an 80 yard touchdown pass.
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redskins lead 1 the fourth quarter, when chris thompson takes the pitch 25 yards for the score and a 27-22 lead. but it left almost two minutes on the clock. carson wentz leads the eagles down field to the 14 yard line, but ryan kerrigan oforces the fumble and breaks a two game losing streak for the skins, a 27-22 victory. >> it was awesome. they had a lot of momentum there. and our offense did a good job of putting us in a position to win the game and fortunately we were able to close it out defensively. >> we're still rolling. i think even trusts one another, it's fun to watch, but we still have a lot of improving to do. >> the team has carolina on their mind for monday night football. we'll check the status of suecrn
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and scheduled for later today. and other news, cowboys lost the game, we really needed them to win one, after winning 11 if a row, they fall to the giants 10-7. they're the only team to beat the cowboys this season and they did it twice. you know, i don't root for the cowboys. the one time i want them to win -- but this is why. >> i know. but we're still in it. we have to think positive. both cowboys and giants are in line to make the playoffs and in fact the cowboys unfortunately already locked up a spot. >> they have had an amazing season. right now a truck convoy carrying more than 200,000 wreathes is heading to arlington national cemetery. people lined the streets in elsworth, maine as the convoy left. this is organized by the nonprofit group reach across america. they're dedicated to placing wreathes on military graves here
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in the u.s. and world. >> patriotism is alive and well. and that warms my heart. and it's from the with hee ones the old ones. they will chant usa and carrying flags. >> on saturday volunteers will place a wreath on every grave at arlington national cemetery. it turns out that netflix viewers binge on a series and then chill for a few days. netflix found that 59% of viewers pause for about three days after finishing a series and committing to a new show. >> they have to recharge. well, we want to talk about the weather. time 5:19. and it looks like we have a
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little bit of everything. >>hat's right,s got the clouds, the rain out there, temperatures are near 40 degrees. could have a little glazing of ice across far northern maryland into the panhandle of west virginia and northernmost parts of the shenandoah valley. so all these highlighted areas, that is a freezing rain advisory that continues until 10:00 this morning. but there is good news here that the rain where the advisory is now, the rain has come to a brief stop. so there could be a light glaze up to maybe as much of a tenth of an inch, but no hablg problems. you can see here temperatures 33 hagerstown, 32 winchester. east of the mountains, temperatures are well above the freezing mark. so this will be no ice threat at all in the metro. so again, where the temperatures are coldest, the rain has temporarily come to an end. that is excellent news, but again, up treatntreated surface have a glaze. but it's raining all the way into southwestern virginia. here is the break in the rain
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across we were and northern maryland. not quite done with the rain chances just yet. let me take you hour by hour through future weather. 5:00 this morning, here we are stuck in the rain. by 10:00, most of the rain will be from washington southbound into parts of southern maryland. by early this afternoon, the rain will be gone. might even get a peek or two of the sunshine before the sun sets just before 5:00 this afternoon. then tomorrow another mostly cloudy and kind of a chilly day for sure. so planning out today, plan on temperatures rising into the upper 40s to near 50 degrees with things drying out later on this afternoon. and then get ready for it, there is another shot of legitimate arctic air coming our way, it arrives wednesday afternoon, might wring out a snowflake or raindrop. but the cold will be a slap in the face thursday and friday. high temperatures may stay below freezing both days. >> and with that wind, not a pretty situation.
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66 is okay. all of the green 95 north and south at dale city, everything is moving fine. you can see the sheen on the roadway. it is very wet all over the place. have to use the windshield wipers. bottom of the beltway and all of these routes in and out of town, rolling along just fine. remember in northwest where kristin wright is for us, 32nd street at chestnut shut down to traffic. that is between western avenue and oregon avenue. gun giveaway. a man vie to go become virginia's next governor faces questions about his latest campaign promise. but first, a deputy saved the day. you have to see this incredible video.
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let's bring back the holidays. saved a baby who wasn't breathing. steve donaldson was off duty when a mother rushed over saying her baby wasn't breathing. the deputy started cpr on cory. donaldson said he prayed but was still nervous trying to help the 15 month old boy. >> afraid i was going to break him because infant cpr is a more delicate procedure than on an adult. >> the little boy regained consciousness. look at this little guy. his mother publicly thanked the deputy at a gathering yesterday. she was without words. and just so emotional about the whole thing. >> thank goodness he was there. >> and the training was pressure in his mind. right place, right time. well, if you are north or west of the d.c. metro area, just waking up, you might want
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to give yourself extra time getting to those outer lying areas, they could see some freezing rain this morning. dangerous stuff. a closer look at that as well as what the drive home will be like when we check back fios is not cable. we're wired differently. when we check back
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cable can't offer that. only fios can. good morning, i'm eun yang. >> and i'm angie goff. police are looking for a killer. kristin wright is learning what she can did a deadly shooting on 32nd street northwest. her live report coming up. china says it has serious concerns about president-elect trump's comments suggesting he is reconsidering america's relationship with taiwan. and we are in weather alert mode this morning. take a look at what is going on on the radar. it could be a rough ride into work for some of you because of the freezing rain hitting some parts of the area. >> for more on that, we want to get right to chuck bell. >> so the roads could be slick for some drivers this morning. >> especially right up near the pennsylvania border, that's where the conditions could be the worst. that's where the freezing rain advisory ticontinues until 10:0 a.m. fortunately there is a little
5:31 am
break in temperatures you can see hovering just at or barely above the freezing mark. hagerstown and martinsburg now at 33, winchester at 32. radar shows even though there is light rain along i-95 and the capitol beltway, there is some break in the action. but with temperatures near the freezing mark #, there could be a blaze on some hand rails and side streets. so be very careful. so watch out for slick spots north of the city. it will be dry later today. another huge blast of cold air comes in later in the week. 10 day forecast at 5:51, and that cold could lead to a little snow chance by the weekend. taking a look at 270, brand new crash southbound just before buckeystown pike. looks like it's on the right shoulder. that is pretty of the only portion of 270 that is without rain falling. all of the green is rain falling across the area.
5:32 am
looking at 66, 66 is okay. 95, you can see slow downs north through wood bridge. pretty normal for this time of day. lynn top hall road, a crash reported. trying to get more information on that one. in northwest, this is where kristin wright is for us this morning, 32nd and chestnut shut down between western avenue and oregon avenue. travel times in ten minutes. just getting word about breaking news from london. this morning six people including one woman locked up for suspicion of terrorism. police raided six different areas across new england to round up these suspects who we have learned are in their 20s and 30s. they are in custody right now believed to be involved in some sort of terror plot the. we're still working to learn details about their suspected crime s and backgrounds. it's 5:32. we're following developments in
5:33 am
the case of a maep manassas. prince william county police want to find him before the weather gets worse. 10-year-old left his house around 7:00 last night. if you see him, call police. today attorney general loretta lynch will visit the all dulles area muslim society center in sterling, her visit meant to bring awareness to the sharp increase in hate crimes. recent fbi day take show those crimes run 67% compared to last year. lynch has said the numbers should be deeply sobering for all americans. it's 5:33. the trial of dylann roof is set to continue today in charleston. prosecutors using the church shooter's own words to portray him as a cruel angry racist. roof is accused of killing nine black parishioners back in june of 2015. on friday, jurors watched his
5:34 am
two hour confession tape. >> i do consider myself a white but what i did is so miniscule to what they're doing to white people every day. >> prosecutors also introduced a handwritten journal found in his car as evidence. roof's defense team is not disputing the facts of the case, they're just trying to have him avoid a death sentence. board of supervisors corey stewart is giving away an ar-15 for christmas. that is according to our news partners at wtop. a campaign e-mail to supporters featured a picture of the rifle. stewart hope his giveaway emphasizes his support for gun rights. he is among several running for the republican nomination for virginia governor next year. a hearing is set in second trial of the white former university of cincinnati avenue charged with killing a black man during a traffic stop. a second judge was appointed after the first trial judge recused herself. that judge declared a mistrial because jurors could not agree on a verdict.
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>oh repose this week so people can pay their final respects to the former astronaut and senator. glenn died last thursday, he was the first american to orbit the earth. he was 95 years old. this friday glenn will lie in repose in the statehouse from noon until 8:00 p.m. an advisory board is expected to figure out the details of that memorial today. montgomery county woman's passion for ice hockey is living on. the temporary ice rink is ready for skaters at the jewish community center of greater washington in rockville. mark put up the rink to honor his late stepdaughter. he first built it in his backyard, but the county said it violated zoning laws. so now it has a new home where melanie's memory will continue. >> i think having a rink where kids can skate and teens can skate is a fantastic idea.
5:36 am
>> montgomery county is the working town up to. candles are being recalled by yankee candle. >> it involves its luminous collection fragrance candles. they say the square glass jars can crack when lit. so far there have been 16 jars of crack. >> and these were sold exclusively at yankee candle from september through november. we'll tweet a link out to that. if you don't have the nbc washington app already today, it might be a good day to download it because it is a storm team 4 weather alert day. a closer look at what to expect as well as what the kids are up against at the bus stop when we check back in with chuck bell. blowing the whistle on wells fargo. the latest scandal to rock the bank and the impact on certain customers. chances are they are on your
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kids' christmas lists, but good luck finding a i know you have one. >> i got it early. >> a woman under fire for buying denies of thous
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an welcome back. we're looking live at conditions on route 7 in leesburg right now. and we've been talking about some areas getting rain perhaps freezing rain depending on where you live. >> and there are a lot of kids that will be on those roads and you will want to know how to dress and also what you need to know timing wise. hey, chuck. >> good morning to both of you. welcome to monday morning, everybody. looks like a monday on radar, as well. moderate rain now in baltimore county, light to moderate rain right through the heart of the city. it's wet on all corners. temperatures are near 40 around town. where temperatures are closest to freezing being we don't have any rain coming down, so that is excellent news. but we did have rain overnight, so there could still be a slippery spot or two winchester, martinsburg, hagerstown. so be careful. chilly early on. most of the rain will be done before lunchtime, but we could
5:41 am
e have your hat and umbrella ready to go. temperatures in the 40s here early this morning, but rain and wet and cold means todayed's daily grade is an "f." and there is bitter cold air coming our way middle of the week. ten day forecast coming up. let's go over to melissa mollett. >> so again, wet all over the place. you saw the live picture there of route 7 going to have to work those windshield wipers this morning. right now still have this shut down in northwest 32nd street at chestnut. so basically between western and oregon avenue. when we're looking at travel times, right now 66 inbound looking pretty good, so no major problems there. 95 north quantico to the beltway is slow especially through the woodbridge area. no reports of any major problems right now. 270 southbound is okay and top of the beltway hanging on there just fine, 54 miles per hour. going to take you ten minnesot .
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new accusations this morning that russia helped and a by start son group of lawmakers is promising to take action. staying safe while you shop, the four things you need to know before you stand in line or go online. gla and we are just a short time away from the first award nomination of the season.
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who is expected to pick up a a chance for freezing rain up at the border. >> and p how will the rain affect your commute? i'll have a live report coming up. new allegations against one of the country's biggest banks. the latest scandal to hit wells fargo. another twist in the trump transition. what the president-elect is not saying just yet.
5:46 am
>> i had no idea how desperate people were to get these. best selling author under fire for buying up the best selling toy. and four things you need to know as you check thing off the holiday list. it is now 5:45. we're working for you on a slew of stories making headlines overnight. >> we want to kick off coverage with chuck bell on this storm team 4 weather alert day. what do we need to know, chuck? >> need to grab the umbrella early this morning. cloudy skies have led to chances for rain across the area. it's raining across most of the d.c. metro area at this point in time. more rain chances between now and about lunchtime today. any chance for freezing rain is across the maryland/pennsylvania border region. fortunately the rain is currently a brief stop there. i'll let you know when you can say good-bye to the rain and
5:47 am
hello to the cold coming up. good-bye to this southbound 270 before 85, thats that cleared pup and liptup. and limton hall road, a crash reported there. megan mcgrath has a look at how the rain is now affecting the roads this morning. >> reporter: at the moment we have seen the rain taper off, so that is good news at least if you're leaving the house right now. take a live look, we're actually on the ramp going to be heading to 15. you can see that we have good conditions right now. we do have wet pavement, it has been raining throughout the morning on and off, but right now, it's not coming down. so folks are making their way, you can see we're starting to see traffic build. it's still early, but we're not seeing any major problems. but obviously whenever we have rain during the rush hour commute, things can get dicey out there.
5:48 am
so you will want to keep your speeds down and just take it easy. in our area here we are about 38 degrees, so we are above freezing. so that is good news some of the outlying areas may see some freezing rain or the like. but in the immediate area, things are looking pretty between. with more, we'll send it over to melissa mollett. prince george's county looking for this man wanted for a double shooting in woodbridge last friday. both victims did survive. if you know where he is police want to hear from you. this morning wells fargo faces new allegations of widespread consumer fraud in connection with prudential financial. a new whistle blower lawsuit says wells fargo signed up low income customers for life insurance policies through
5:49 am
prudential without their knowledge or consent. linked to self-service kiosks at wells fargo branches and wells fargo credit cards. in some cases policies were opened and closed within a month or two and then reopened. three former internal investigators for prudential said that they were threatened with termination for trying to report the alleged fraud. >> that we were terminated because we were raising the red flags. they wanted to go to wells fargo first, perhaps they could just sweep it under the rug and not have to report it. >> prudential says the employees were not fired because of its business with wells fargo. in september wells fargo acknowledged its bankers created millions of frud and you lent accounts to meet their sales goals. today aaron schock is expected to be arraigned this court. he resigned last eafter allegations of using government and campaign money for a of
5:50 am
lavish lifestyle. guilty plea. they acknowledge bad bookkeeping, but no intent to steal from the government or misuse campaign funds. this morning the white house could issue a new statement on a petition to commute chelsea manning's sentence. manning is serving a 35 year prison sentence for leaking thousands of crass filed documents to wikileaks. at the time she was known as bradley manning. the petition has more than 100,000 signatures. the number requires an official response within 60 days. president obama has 39 days left in office. i think it's ridiculous, just another excuse. i don't believe it. >> president-elect donald trump sunday rejecting the cia finding that russia ride to influence the election in his favor. tracie potts is live on capitol hill now with more. >> trump is rejecting that assessment, but that is not how some on capitol hill feel, right?
5:51 am
>> reporter: no, and there are some concerns about it's one of the reasons why some democrats and republicans are concerned about his possible nominee for secretary of state rex tillerson, the ceo of exxon moebl who has really close ties with russia. he was actually awarded the friend of russia designation from vladimir putin himself. he overseas some joints ventures with russia. as for the ceo assessment rejected by donald trump, rejected by his chief of staff as insane, trump called it ridiculous, but here on capitol hill, they want to investigate, at least one committee wants to take a look into not only russia, but what other foreign governments maybe tried to have influence over our elections. >> and sources say that trump expected to pick rex tillerson for that position, so how can his ties where vladimir putin affect his confirmation chances? >> reporter: the concern is that he's had such a long
5:52 am
relationship working coope cooperative way with russia, what happens when he has to be in a much stronger position against russia if he's selected as secretary of state. can he do that. that is the concern here. so these hearings will try to get to the bottom of whether or not he can tow the line with russia after literally being named a friend of russia. >> tracie potts live on krill f capitol hill for us, thank you. nominations for the 74th golden globes will be announced later this morning. there is no clear frontrunner in the category for best film trauma, but moonlight is expected to be among the contenders. you can catch the nominations around 8:35 on "today." the golden globes will be handed out on january 8th and will be hosted by jimmy fallon right
5:53 am
here on nbc 4. >> should be a lot of >> i'm still catching up. we only watch kids' movies. >> i saw the animated film pets over the weekend. and i don't even have kids, but those pixar fill hims are funny. outside this morning, nothing funny about mother nature today. she's playing hardball with us on a monday morning. rain drops you will and town s corridor 37 corridor. there could be glazing of ice on untreated surfaces. around town though where it's raining, it is 41 degrees. so no ice issues at all around the d.c. metro area. and in fact this just now being updated, the freezing rain advisory here in northern maryland has just now come down. so that is new information. so it had been under advisory until 10:00 a.m., fortunately the rain again has come to a stop.
5:54 am
but you can see there any lingering wetness on side streets could be a little pocket or two of slipperiness, so be very careful. here is radar though, the reason they have dropped the advisory is the rain has come to a stop across parts of northern maryland and eastern west virginia. there could still be a little bit more rain before this afternoon. so we zoom you in here, steadiest of of the rain for the next couple of hour right along the i-95 corridor moving into southern maryland. probably going to be dealing with rain drops between now and at least 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 this morning. most of the rain by noontime will be east and south of i-95, drying out across northern maryland. by 2:00, just about everybody done with the rain. might even see a sliver or two of sunshine later this afternoon just before the sun goes down which is at 4:47 this afternoon. the next big story once we get through a rainy monday morning commute, the next big issue to watch is a plunge in
5:55 am
temperatures, afternoon highs may fail mark on both thursday and friday with windchills down near zero. could can have a mix of wintry weather this weekend. so have your nbc washington app ready to go. new problem here westbound icc just of before 95, have a new crash here just wanted to show you this picture because you can see the sheen on the roadway. it is wet, almost everywhere. that is what all of the big green blob is. rain falling across the area. still have this problem in brings ton, linton hall road crash reported earlier. and the problem on 270, crash out of the way, but still delays headed southbound. top of the beltway, you can see looking pretty good route 1, 29, 95 and bw parkway. this just into the live desk. fire breaks out in a northeast
5:56 am
d.c. apartment in the 3900 block of 9th street, this is near first level of this two level apt chlartme apartment. one person forced out, but no injuries. best selling author is under fire this morning over one of this year's must have holiday toys. they're called hatchimals. water for elephants author spent more than $23,000 for about 150 hatchimals. she wanted to sell the hot toys for even more money online, but it turns out ebay set a limit of how many toys people could auction off. many parents are expecting. >> i was not expecting the reaction that i got and in many ways i understand. wanting to get your child that special christmas present is everything when you're a parent. >> gruen says she's trying to pay legal fees for a man spending life in prison.
5:57 am
she believes accused. and the prices keep going up. there are some on ebay for $1,000 or more. >> and the bottom line is, when you tell santa that's the one thing that you want, so many kids are saying hatchimal is the only thing that they want. well, you want to keep an eye out for your spending money this season. >> wrapping up your shopping over the next two weeks? we asked fairfax county police the four things to know about shopping sasafety. if you order a package, ask to sign for it. and you can also do in-store pickup. if you won't be home, have it sent to your office. or could you send to a neighbor you trust instead. >> and at the mall, don't put your phone down for a second and don't let yourself get overloaded. >> don't overload yourself with shopping bags. don't walk and talk with your cellphone. if you're distracted, you're an
5:58 am
easy tge >> and don't carry around too
5:59 am
much a deadly shooting in an upscale d.c. neighborhood and an ongoing investigation that could impact your commute.
6:00 am
serious concerns. new development out trump. first it is a storm team 4 weather alert day. take a look at why. rain and freezing rain are pounding parts of our area as we speak. chuck bell telling us more about what we can expect. >> and we also have megan mcgrath on the roadways tracking the rain. she was live on route 7. she's making her rounds across the region. good morning, i'm eun yang. >> and i'm angie goff in for aaron gilchrist. we have complete team coverage for you this morning. >> everybody showed up today and it will be busy. let's start things off with you, chuck. >> it's monday squared. rain drops this morning. fortunately freezing rain advisory which had been issued until 10:00 a.m. has been dropped, so that is welcome news. there could still be a little patch or two of ice closer to the pennsylvania border, better


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