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tv   Today  NBC  December 13, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. we're so glad you're with us today for booze day tuesday, december 13th. that's "i don't want to live forever" why not? if i was taylor swift, i would want to. it's her birthday today, 27. can you imagine having accomplished so much? >> i'm surprised she's close to to 30. i pictured her in her 20s. >> think how long she's been building that career. look who's in our kitchen
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with us. >> your cooking twins. >> we love them and will be back in a little bit. we have an actress who grew up in the glare of hollywood cam a cameras, now, billie lourd in the hit "scream queens." the earmuffs. >> kind of her signature, i'm noticing a similarity, like mama, like daughter. and pentatonix with a one-of-a-kind performance and they have won grammys and sung with dolly parton. remember where they started? >> right here, baby, their first national appearance. what's better than a gorgeous man cooking for you? two of them! the twins will be with us. one of them is sugar and one of them is spice. >> you decide. >> what are you guys going to make for us today? >> christmas dessert. >> just keep talking. >> i have no idea what
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why can i understand your brother and not you? >> i don't know. >> i don't know. >> all right. is copper the new gold? you may want to add that to your home when we look at the top n pintere pinterests. i thought i was losing my mind, pentatonix and pinterest, on the same show. we have that coming up, the riddle. we want to say great congratulations to one of our dear producers,alliberger. >> she is amazing, even better mother. she has a beautiful baby girl this morning. congrats to dad. >> yeah. >> some boxing fans may know him as "kid chocolate." the baby's name is valencia corado drk coradodq quill
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2-year-old brother. if you say, why it, why doesn't he have a shirt on? is that what you're thinking right now? we should let you know as a lot of new moms and dads know, there's a skin to skin thing that happens after babies are born to promote bonding. >> he was holing his new little daughter. >> congrats. >> enjoy your time together. >> another couple in town, too. guess who's hitting the road together? lionel richie and marriah carey. i would have never put those two together. >> your head explodes now. >> they will do a 35 city tour called lionel richie and mariah carey. >> it's lionel richie big with mariah carey. you wonder if they're co-headliners and means she will join him part way. >> it will be fun. beyonce came to see mariah carey
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she was there with her daughter and friends. >> if you were at this concert can you imagine seeing the two divas together. mariah's twins and blue ivy with the fan and some other child. there they are. >> the lucky kid. >> a friend of blue ivy's. >> we love neil patrick harris, he has 6 year-olds, his son, gideon just wrote his christmas list to santa. neill shar neil shared it on instagram. >> he wants two things, a bounce house and life size rocket ship. those are two things. we don't know what harper wants. it's so cute. something about seeing it written out that way. if you have kids and they've written letters to santa and you take a picture of it before you mail it, we'd love to see it. we'd love to see it on the air. kids love a lot of different things. that would be
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>> and on facebook, fans pets wish us a happy holidays. we want to thank facebook fans for sending in this picture. she wrote, we just wanted to wish you happy hanukkah and merry christmas from our family to yours, love barney, bella and bailey, our hanukkah princess. >> look at bailey in the middle, omg. if you can, snap a quick pick before it goes to the north pole and send it to us. i did a story with young kids writing letters to santa and the elves helping fulfill those dreams. something to be said when i read those letters kids have written. >> on the radio? >> we will air the piece on friday and did it already. i was looking at these letters. all you want to do, there's so much need out there. it struck me, there's something about penmanship looking at
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computer now. >> something personal and intimate about it. >> what did you want or ask for? what was the big gift? >> i was very entrepreneurial, i wanted, it was called the corner store. >> what? >> funny you remember, it was cardboard in the shape of a corner and you're supposed to probably use it inside your house. i put it up on our corner and really opened a store. >> you did, how old were you about? >> we moved to maryland when i was 5 or 6, probably 7. then i wanted every barbara streisand and beetle movie and credited. they weren't crediteds, records. >> did you want an instrument? >> i wanted a guitar and loved the guitar and loved playing the guitar until my mother backed out of the driveway over the guitar. >> smashed it flat? >> into smithereens. >> what did you want?
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i was not musical as you and everyone else knows, i loved songs but not musical. i still remember my parents got me this plastic trumpet. i loved it. i couldn't believe it was under the tree. >> the kind you play or press something? >> no, you play it and blow into it. it was so exciting. i remember thinking i was a real musician. whatever, so sad so sad. >> you just moved in with joel and maybe you're not experien experiencing this, in the month of december. are you guys married or have girls or -- >> girls. >> be careful how much time you spend together, according to a new survey, the average couple has four fights a day in december. >> not a couple, we know. >> here's why. they say because couples spend more time together over the holidays and getting more str s stressed and always financial issues. >> one loves to spend too
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conflicts because usually families who may have some issues all cram together during holidays and then explodes! >> of course, the increased consumption of alcohol. you know what that leads to? january being the most common month to file for divorce. >> would you like to know the top christmas movies and songs of the year. are you ready? >> mine is "it's a wonderful life." >> according to st. leo polling institute, the three top movies are "a charlie brown christmas." number 3. that never gets old. number 2, "it's a wonderful life" and number 3 is "miracle on 34th ask." >> yeah. what about christmas songs. >> number 3 is "jingle bells". >> number two,
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christmas". ♪ i'm dreaming of a white christmas ♪ >> bing crosby. i had a version of it that would have been nice if you had chosen -- >> maybe this one is yours. ♪ silent night >> kelly clarkson. >> where are y'all working in the new year? that's funny. i'm the one who's not going to be here. >> we have a serious subject, you guys, realy big news for households across the world, a very successful product. >> if you have a cuisinart, look at the date you bought this thing. the new york product safety commission is recalling eight food processors bought from '96 to 2015. chances are the one you have in your cabinet may be one of them. >> you guys probably have one, cuisinart. >> here's what the problem is, there is a riveted blade that can crack over time in small
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fragments have broken off in the process and end up in the food and cause lacerations. >> and livers. >> 69 cases of injuries of mouth and teeth. they say contact cuisinart and they will replace the blade. >> oh. >> you have to put it in yourself? >> just the kind you lift up. like the kind you rinse. >> you can call toll-free at 877-339-2534. >> or go to >> i'm think noug of thanksgiving, i used it for two days straight. >> i bet you most people have one of these. check it out. >> do we have time to see the baby? i thought you said bye-bye. this baby seems to have no issues with self-esteem. look at this. his name is dean and a 1-year-old from ohio. >> he was at his grandma's house and he saw his reflection, he was like,
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then he couldn't stop kissing himself. is that me? his mom said she couldn't drag him away from the mirror for almost 30 minutes. >> wait a minute. >> a narcissist is born. how precious. hoda, did you ever practice k s kissing on mirrors when you were growing up? >> i practiced on my hands. >> you practiced on mirrors? >> on mirrors. the people that bought our house in maryland, lovely lovely people said the doors of my sister's and my room were covered with kiss marks. >> you kissed on the mirrors? >> that got cleaned up but the door never did, never got painted. >> you kissed on the door. y'all were really something? >> yes, we were steamy. coming up, she's a force in hollywood. >> put on a little chanel number 3 for "scream
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it may be cold outside, but it may be cold outside. that's not the reason we're almost wearing these fabulous silk earmuffs. >> we don't want to mess up our hair. we're with this woman, billie lourd. >> billy plays channel number 3 on the fox series, "screen qu n queens" and hollywood
10:16 am
daughter carrie fisher. >> she always gets so upset people call me carrie fisher's daughter. >> i'm debbie reynold granddaughter. >> much like her mother she is making her mark in hollywood in her second edition of "scream queen" she and her fuzzy fashion are unacceptable. >> a few weeks, they sent me to study. >> when you're talking, are you aware of the way you talk sort of shifting? >> i speak the way i speak. i don't know what you're getting at. >> can i say, i think it's fascinating she's doing all these accents but hasn't done one that anyone can find offensive. >> why does everybody keep bringing up my accents? i tell you i am from the midwest. >> okay. >> you come by this natur,
10:17 am
of our favorite guests. >> we love her. >> we wait with -- we're terrified the 5 second or 72d thing -- >> is not going to work. >> she does speak her mind. >> do you need a delay, too? >> maybe a 3 second delay. i don't have gary. >> do you love gary? >> i live for gary. >> he was mine first and she actually stole him from me because she fell in love with him. yeah. >> i didn't know that. >> with the side tongue. >> she says it's not his fault, it's just too big for his mouth. >> throat is too small or something, not really sure. but she lets him lick her and that's scary to me because that tongue has been everywhere. >> been everywhere and whipped everyone. >> i know. that tongue gets around. >> when you have a role, like you do, do you ever think to yourselves, ion
10:18 am
being compared to those who came before me, your mom or grandmother or do your own thing? >> i try to do my own thing but when i'm wearing something like this, it's kind of hard to escape the comparison. >> that's true. it's her hairstyle. >> it is her hairstyle. >> i never made that connection because it is pink. you didn't start out wearing it all the time? >> no. in the first episode i only wear them in a few scenes, it was kind of an aesthetic choice in the beginning, i was drawn to it because of genetics. >> no one wanted to wear them. >> no one wanted to wear them and gave them to abbey and i said i do not want to put these heinous things on my head and then i saw them and said, i need these. these are my destiny. >> now, you are in the latest movies as well with your mom. >> i am. >> it's your first time making films together? >> yes. that was actually the fist set i had been on because my parents did not want me to do this. >> tell everybody who your
10:19 am
they may not know as well. >> my dad is bryan louder,r drl >> not an agent, the agent. >> your parents didn't want you near a set but you went anyway? >> not at all. i auditioned for "star wars" and got this little role. i brought in my professional resume instead of acting and my internsh internships, i was like, hi, i've never done this before but i work really hard and love to do this and did my audition and got this role and had one of this best times in my life. >> nobody knew you were princess leia's daughter. >> tell her what happens when nature -- >> it all came in. i was to be in the background. i went everywhere with the ex a extras, i didn't want to ride with my mom, wouldn't talk to her on set and wouldn't call her mom, called her carey and try to avoid that. one day she had a cold or something and was in an a bad
10:20 am
mom, it's going to be okay. all the extras looked at me, like, that's your mom. oh, no, i'm caught. it's over. >> that's great. you wanted to do it your own way. >> not be carrie fisher's daughter. >> she is a whack job. >> crazy. >> a beautiful whack job. >> she has a beautiful soul. >> before you go, look what we made for you. >> wait. i know. it's your destiny. >> no. >> it's beautiful. >> out of an old pair of slippers from hoda. >> beautiful. >> come on. will you ever wear them on the show once jrcht. >> i will, if it comes up. >> yeah! we love you! you're the best. lots of love. thank you, your whack job mom, we love her. watch "scream queens" tonight, everybody and every tuesday night on fox. >> is scream wear the new day wear -- is sleepwear the new day wear? after this.
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it's time for "brain teaser tuesday." >> i love this part. >> put your minds to work with a riddle provided by our friends at >> the name of what month can be decoded from the following image -- here it is. i would say -- oh, there's a hint. okay. there's a line invve image? here it is. there is a line involved. >> what? >> the name of what month can be decoded from the image. there is a line involved. >> i have no idea. >> the answer is coming up plus a merry christmas song from acapella superstars, pentatonix. >> hoda is not paying attention. >> i'm trying too figure it out. >> we will have more after your local news. trying out for can't see it. can't taste it.
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it's brain teaser tuesday, and before the break we gave you this riddle. >> the name of what month could be decoded from this image we showed you on tv. >> and it -- >> the answer is -- >> you use a line and look at the answer. it is -- >> all: july. >> because you put a line right through the middle. >> right through the middle, july up and down. >> whether you are a pinterest user or just like being ahead of the trends you've come to the right place. >> the top 100 biggest trends to show you. >> here with a sneak peek, pinterest user researcher and in-house, martha brown. how are you? >> doing great. >> and a cozy looking bed. >> this home trend is called
10:31 am
ewing huga. it doesn't translate into a word in english. closest, feeling of coziness and an element of self-care trying to enjoy the simple things in life. classic huga, sitting in front of a fireplace and some mold wine. >> i don't usually like mold in my wine, but -- >> it's warm. >> and a cinnamon stick. >> the idea, cozy with your closest friends and family. right? >> it's delicious. hmm! we're happy. >> and a cinnamon stick. >> has a scandinavian look to it. >> and another trend, copper? >> copper is the new gold. that comes from the pop lampt u of rose gold and rosy tones making it into the home. whether on a tray or a lamp. >> let's go over to the nightstand. most people clutter theirs up, by most people i mean, me. zen it up, get rid of
10:32 am
command center, making it really clean and zen. so it's peaceful as you go to bed. >> i don't see any social media stuff there. >> right. so you shouldn't put your phone, plug your phone on and put it there? >> no, hoda. you shouldn't. >> oh, look at the -- >> oh, my gosh. those are adorable. >> look at those little slippers? >> very textured. >> exactly. textured. faux fur. >> on trend with this, bobbie thomas. >> on this one. okay. looking at you miss trendsetter. >> talk style? >> yes. >> come on! >> okay. what are you wearing, by the way? got something there? >> first on christine we have, this is nightwear for daywear. so that's things like this, pajama top. >> no? >> uh-huh. >> wait a minute. what about the purse? >> and i actually, when i walk the dog, and i don't mean to be flip about it, i sometimes just take my pajamas and stuff them in a pair of jeans. >> you don't sometimes, you al
10:33 am
people are going outside and wearing it? >> right. they really are. >> where would she wear this? >> wear this to the office. wear it on the weekend, and what she's done is pair it with another trend which is this increasing diversity in denim. it's not just about that skinny geniemore. it's finding whatever works for you, and we're seeing that people, pinners grabbing towards lighter washes, higher rises and details like a raw edge hem, distressing and even patches. >> what about this handsome gentleman? >> before him, i have to tell you about my sleeves. >> okay. >> so the idea is statement sleeve as the new cold shoulder. so shoulders have such a time. cold shorptops. shoulders cut. fun sleeves, the trend we'll keep seeing in 2017. a bell sleeve or a ruffle like this. >> that's your trend. >> uh-huh. >> what's his trend? >> so this is our mountain man athleisure. and you know athleisure has
10:34 am
now the lumberjacks are getting in on it, too. >> i like this. >> you take a cozy outdoor jacket, pair it with knits and dark jean and a boot instead of that sneaker that you kind of come to associate with athleisure these days. >> by the way, i love that. that's a great, great trend. they're all good. pinterest is a fun place 20 ftod great trends, like you did. >> to see what people are sharing and saving and ends up being a great place to spot emerging trends. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, larkin. getting ready for their big christmas special. >> a capella sensations pentatonix giving us a preview. >> when it um cans to dessert you always want seconds. >> the alberti twins are whipping it up. >> did someone say whipping? >> yes, we
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oh, it's here. the season for holiday sweets and treats. why our "today" food team invited these two sweet brothers to make not one but two sweet desserts with tweets to match. >> the alberti twins. albert pi tw >> who's who? >> i'm kathie. >> i'm hoda. >> we can't understand him. >> he speaks -- he speaks scottish! >> we don't know what he says! >> anyway, their blog feature
10:40 am
recipes. we love when you come here. you are big fan favorites. >> thank you. >> what are you making today? >> not that they'll understand. >> but go on. >> first up, naughty chocolate haz hazelnut cake. naughty because we're making it. >> he says naughty. >> chocolate hazelnut spread, sugar, baking powder, musk pony, hazelnuts and -- first off -- mix eggs and sugar together. until pail in color. >> hoda loves that stuff. >> you're good at -- >> messy. >> and what are the dry ingredients? >> baking powder, new telnutell >> and mix it up. >> yaum
10:41 am
>> right -- >> oh, my gosh. i do. the messier the better! >> okay. >> and then what? >> put it in the oven about 40 minutes, 340. >> interesting, 340? >> oh, fart-ee. >> and icing, sugar and chocolate haze. nut spread. >> a lot of that in nutella. it's good. >> gives it a richer, creamier denser flavor. >> and mix together. >> powdered sugar? >> yes. mix them together, and -- >> i don't know if they really cook. >> and they pose with food. >> and this is -- >> they want to -- when cake comes out, love it all over. >> more nutella. >> we should be in -- yes. spread that all over. >> look. >> it's everywhere! >> that's how he likes it. >> can w
10:42 am
>> it's supposed to be messy. >> you're fun. >> and hazelnut on top. >> doing it. >> totally in. >> this looks so good. >> especially -- >> oh, my gosh! hmm! that's the best. >> hmm! >> and -- >> so, the taste. going back there for -- salute. >> taste. >> try that espresso. that's good. a good wake-up drink t. . >> it is. >> now back to the -- >> it's good stuff. >> it is good stuff. >> all right. >> okay. so, again, the dreamy cake we have ingredients, eggs, sugar, polenta and brown almonds. >> dream you because y because >> and look at hoda. >> and mix this together. >> closing in on the food, and the
10:43 am
>> and wet ingredients. >> put it into the cake and oven about 35 minutes. >> right around 340. >> and orange sauce -- bring it to a simmer in the pan. add sugar and reduce by half. you get nice, thick syrup. >> okay. >> okay. >> and the let the cake cool down. >> okay. >> and then -- >> with vanilla ice cream, and a biscuit on top. >> ooh! >> for you, hoda. this is yours. all about you. >> and a biscuit on top. >> and the ice cream. >> there. i'm going to scoop some for kath. >> i'm good, sweetheart. >> this one for me? >> thank you. >> okay. >> and try it? >> yes. >> this is served with an albertteeny cocktail. an alberti special, this one. >> oh, my god! >> gosh, you guy, all fantastic. >> this is delicious. >> too bad we don't know -- >> everything you said. >> delicious. merry christmas, you guys. we love you. >>er
10:44 am
bona natale. >> if you can't get enough of these guys, we can't either, check out john and tony alberty on their youtube channel. coming up, now that you got the food, time for the entertainment. >> grammy-winning group pentatonix after this. >> this is so good! ♪ santa claus is coming to town ♪ when you have a cold, pain from a headache can make this... feel like this. all-in-one cold symptom relief from tylenol®, the #1 doctor recommended pain relief brand. tylenol® when you have a cold, pain from chest congestion can make this... feel like this. all-in-one cold symptom relief from tylenol®, the #1 doctor recommended pain relief brand. tylenol® should we put a jellybean purple?top? absolutely. ♪
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>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. they've been together only five years, and now they're one of the most successful a cappella groups in the entire world. >> they are pentatonix. the group is out with their third holiday album called -- >> "a pentatonix christmas." as if that's not enough, a special airing tomorrow night d
10:50 am
nbc. graich congratulations, you guys. >> welcome to you all! >> hello, kids. >> we were like, your fairy godmothers. >> do you feel that? >> yes. >> absolutely. >> from the beginning. >> well, the first time we heard you, we went -- oh -- >> drop jaw, and now doing a special on nbc. tell us a be that. >> it's unreal. a dream come true. definitely a highlight of our career. to have a whole hour of primetime television. that's about us and our christmas music. >> you have guest stars on it, too, right? >> yes. reba mcentire, kelly clarkson and dolly parton. >> oh. come on. >> what are you singing for us? >> "up on the housetop." >> great. >> here they are, pentatonix! ♪ up on a house top, yeah, up on a house top, yeah, yeah ♪ up on a house top, oh-oh ♪ up on a house top click, click, click ♪ ♪ up on the house top reindeer fly ♪
10:51 am
down through the chimney with toys all for the little ones christmas joys ♪ oh, oh, who wouldn't go ♪ up on a house top click, click, click ♪ ♪ down through the chimney with good saint -- up on a house top ♪ yeah, yeah, up on a house top, yeah, yeah ♪ up on a house top ♪ oh-oh, up on a house top click, click, click ♪ first come as stocking of little mel, and give her a dolly that laughs and cries ♪ one that can open and shut its eyes ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh, houn wouldn't go oh, oh, oh, who wouldn't go ♪ ♪ up on a house top click, click, click down through the chimney with good saint -- up on the house top ♪ up on a house top ♪ yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ up on a house top, yeah, up on a house top click, click, click ♪ look in the stocking of little bill oh you see what a glorious fill ♪ a hammer with lots of t
10:52 am
that cracks ♪ oh, ho, ho, ho, ho wouldn't go ♪ up on a house top click, click, click ♪ down through the chimney with good saint -- up on a house top ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah, up on a house top, yeah, yeah ♪ up on a house top, oh, up on a house top, i'm talking about the ♪ ♪ dasher, dancer prancer vixen donner cupid donner blitzen ♪ that's just dasher dancer prance vixen prancer vixen comet cupid donner and britsen ♪ oh, oh, who wouldn't go, who wouldn't go oh up on a house top click, click, click ♪ ♪ down through the chimney with good saint nick ♪ ♪ oh, up on a house top, up on a house top, yeah, yeah ♪ up on a house top ♪ ♪ yeah, up on a house top, click,
10:53 am
>> yes! >> perfection. that is perfection. >> beautiful! you guys. >> who does your arrangements? >> we do it all together. >> unbelievable. you're awesome. >> oursome. >> thanks, you guys. pentatonix christmas special airs tomorrow night at 8:00, 7:00 central right here on nbc. so proud of you guys. merry christmas. pulling back the curtain and presenting a
10:54 am
are all you need to make holiday magic. chex party mix. it's what the holidays are made of. sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares.
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10:56 am
oh, look at the crowd outside! >> thank you, everybody. >> yes. >> for coming by. in is nothing more wonderful than being able to give back to those in need through our annual toy drive. >> let's meet our generous -- >> there you are, dan cooney. >> so glad you're here. >> look at
10:57 am
>> have you seen it yet? >> moana. >> it's good. >> what are you donating this year, hon. >> told me final number is over $130,000 worth of toys to the toy drive this year. >> wait p. what? >> did you say -- >> all: $130,000? >> wow! >> that is awesome. >> it's a lot of toys. a large variety of different toys for boys and girls. i brought one with me. >> making someone very, very happy. >> someone poor this time of year. a lot of families in are need. >> and absolutely toys bring joy to little kids. give them the thing they really wanted and you know the look on their faces christmas morning. >> when they have so little to begin with. >> can't thank you enough for everything you do this time of year. >> thank you so much. >> you have until december 23rd to donate on the plaza or at >> and tomorrow, 6-year-old singing sensation jackie is here. >> and stocking stuffers for everyone from toddlers to
10:58 am
>> see you for wines day wednesday, everyone. >> i love wines
10:59 am
11:00 am
right now news 4 midday, charges changed for the comet ping-pong suspect. the new information coming out of his court appearance. plus, donald trump makes it official. the newest cabinet members nominated and why one could face trouble from republicans on capitol hill. >> also developing a home invasion investigation, criminals posing as police to break inside of a house. news 4 is live at the scene. and i'm lauryn ricketts. subzero wind chills are in the forecast. we'll talk about when in just a couple of minutes.


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