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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  December 22, 2016 11:30pm-12:04am EST

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was the important one, when you get in one of the clock drives going. time is tumbling down. 1:11 left. again, bobby rainey, out of the backfield, move by rainey, to the 40 yard line. >> cris: here's what eli is doing. he's not letting them substitute the pass rushers in the game. these guys are already worn down. >> mike: a career-high 57 pass attempt coming for manning. a throw to the sideline. step address gets out of bounds. >> cris: here comes the subs. by going out of bounds, now, they get the fresh pass rushers back on the field. you can see how shot those guys were coming off. >> mike: 57 pass attempts will do that to you. >> cris: staying two deep with the safeties, not giving up the big pass.
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>> mike: 50 seconds to go. incomplete for rainey. third and four coming up. >> cris: i know i'm a sucker for this movie, but every time they play the rocky theme, i get amped up a little bit. >> mike: so does this city. they love it. they would love to see one of the positives of the eagles' season, to keeping the giants from clinching a playoff in their building. manning. that is complete for shepard. the clock will run, with 40 seconds left. >> cris: good news for the eagles. jordan hicks back in at the linebacker position. >> mike: 31 seconds left. sideline throw is complete to cruz. to the 33. might have to use a time-out here. 25. an they will.
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too much time wasted. now, you've used that final time-out. but you need to get everybody here. now, you're in a position where you take some shots closer to the end zone. >> cris: i've been in a couple of games like this, where it comes down. you've been in the two-minute offense. you've been playing catchup. as a wide receiver or a defensive back or pass rusher, you're just shot. you're exhausted out there. and sometimes a guy comes in with a little bit of fresh legs, a receiver that hasn't been playing that much, can look lightning-quick on the field. >> mike: on the short week. eagles game against baltimore came down to the wire on sunday. and this will be the 86th play the giants run. this feels like the eagles' defense last year that faced so many plays. in the hurry-up, chip kelly system. 24 seconds. no time-outs. manning in trouble. can't take a sack. and the throw is ruled incomplete. and no sack.
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and that's a huge break for the giants. >> cris: brandon graham, one more time, working against bobby hart. take a look. >> mike: they will view this upstairs. >> cris: falls down. amazing how close brandon graham comes, to probably having 15 sax during the season. >> mike: eli, about to throw his 62nd pass of this game. ties a giants' record with this pass attempt. take a shot downfield towards beckham. overthrown. 14 seconds left. third down, coming up. >> cris: this was a great play call here. they've been running the corners all night. they fake it. and then, run back to the post. and a perfect throw would have had a chance on that one. you certainly would have liked to have seen odell beckham with a chance for a jump ball.
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and just miss timed. >> mike: eli is going to make sure he knows with a hand signal that eli hid to beckham. he has to be in on this play. no time-outs. 13 seconds left. manning, just putting it up for grabs, and it's intercepted. cutting underneath and taking it away, terence brooks. and the eagles will not let the giants clinch a playoff berth on their field. >> cris: i'll tell you why that throw wasn't good enough anyway. they wouldn't have had time to have caught it. some pressure got to eli. but it has been a patient secondary all night long. and they got it done when it mattered most. >> mike: eli manning throws his third interception. all coming on third down. vinny curry's pressure wouldn't
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get it downfield. giants can get losses. get themselves into the playoffs before the game against washington. >> cris: there's a big party going on in class right now. >> mike: as soon as carson wentz takes a knee, the number one seed and the nfc east champions are the dallas cowboys. >> cris: wow. >> mike: the eagles have won a close game. a one-possession game for the first time this year. they snap a five-game slide. manning, with a giants record 63 attempts. broke phil simms' record in a losing cause. philadelphia gets the win. 24-19. "volkswagen postgame" coming up.
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welcome to "the volkswagen golf alltrack postgame report." >> despite a furious late rally by the giants, the eagles hold on and win their first nfc east game of the year. in so doing, the dallas cowboys win the nfc east in 2016 and clinch the one seed. interestingly enough, they can return the favor to the giants,
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night football" and beat detroit, that would clinch a spot for the giants in the 2016 playoffs. heather cox, right now, with malcolm jenkins. >> malcolm jenkins with two interceptions, including a pick six tonight. how motivated was this team not to allow the giants to clinch on your home turf? >> very. we've been in a slide. and things haven't been going our way. we wanted to show up, compete, stay together. we knew we were getting healthy. got some guys back. felt condent coming back in front of this home crowd. took everything we had to beat the giants team. a really good team. a big team win. >> and tonight, the first time -- >> that's what i'm talking about. >> first time in seven tries to win a one-possession ball game. what did you learn about this dfls and this team and your win? >> we had a lot of guys step up. especially in the secondary. guys are banged up at the end. kept coming down to the defense. we put terrence brooks in at the end. didn't play one snap for us.
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down snaps. nolan carroll. leodis mckelvin stepped up. guys moving around. it was a huge win for us. i couldn't be prouder. in that secondary, we take a lot of heat. guys showed up today. >> impressive win. >> thank you. malcolm jenkins with two big interceptions, including the pick six. that's what you get with a veteran and the leader. my room. brooks, on the field, had not played one snap all season. gets the interception at the end. philadelphia put a lot into this season. you got to feel good about getting this win tonight. >> i hate the phrase, you hear it all the time. they have nothing to play for. you don't make it to the national football league if you have nothing to play for. you are representing a lot of people in philadelphia. you're representing your coaches. you're representing your teammates. and the philadelphia eagles tonight, showed so much heart hanging on to this one. and jim schwartz, give him credit.
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he stayed with that game plan. they were milking it. who knows what the yardage was tonight. they were going up and down the field. they never let odell beckham have that play, that he always makes, to beat so many teams. >> he was trying desperately. you're the giants, you have to watch what happens over the weekend. rich eisen mentioned it. if some combination things happen. they can find their ways into the playoffs. it can be washington with something on the line. >> you can think that the dallas cowboys will play it out. the final week, i don't know. but you don't want to go three weeks before you play a football game, especially with a young team like they have. i would think they're going to play very hard on that game on saturday. >> play detroit coming up here. and they'll wrap up by playing the eagles here. the giants cannot find a way to get into the playoffs on their own in week 16. as they lose to the eagles, 24-19. more of "the volkswagen postgame report" as we continue from
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an airline quicked a passenger off a flight because of what he said to ivanka trump. more reaction to a story that has a lot of people talking. take a look at paerp a pers interest. a family has waited 4 1/2 years to adopt a boy from china. find out how it happened and how it is going to make their christmas that much more special. news 4 at 11:00 starts right now. >> he started shaking. he was visibly shaking and he was agitated. if i was security, i wouldn't tyke a chance either. a passenger takes us through the nf
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and future first daughter ivanka trump. that story created a buzz all evening. a man kicked off a cross country flight before it even left the ground. >> he was not happy ivanka trump wasso was onboard and made his feelings known. more reaction to the incident. >> reporter: ivanka trump seen here with her family moments after landing in san francisco on her way to hawaii. today the target of the lingering tengs of the 2016 race seated onboard a jetblue flight traveling with her three children and husband. trump was confronted by a fellow passenger who witnesses overheard saying they ruined the country and now they ruin our flight. >> he said, oh, my god, this is a nightmare. he was shaking. >> reporter: the unruly passenger kicked off the plane but not before he tweeted out a picture of the moment and ivanka's stunned reaction. it may have been planned.
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ivanka and jarrett were at jfk. my husband was chasing them down. tried to distract her children as things got heated. in a statement, jetblue insisting the decision to remove a customer from a flight is not taken lightly. if the crew determines the customer is causing conflict on the aircraft, they will be asked to deplane. he later tried to downplay the incident. j jetblue staff overoheard and they kicked us off the plane. >> if i was security, i wouldn't take the chance either. >> i have no doubt that she was fully secured during this entire encounter. they were able to make sure that the situation didn't escalate and that's why first daughters have secret service for situations like this when there is a potential threat. >> that was kristen wellker reporting. so far we haven't heard from the president-elect on this. and the
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inquiries to jetblue. this story has a lot of you talking on our facebook page. take a look at the comments and like us on the page. new tonight police are trying to catch a suspected holiday grinch. they say he is snatching unattended wallets in the district and using the credit cards opthem to go on shopping sprees. the suspect went into five different office buildings in northwest washington. once inside, he waited until victims weren't looking and grabbed their bags. then used the stolen credit cards to make purchases at least two stores including a cvs. $1,000 up for grabs for information leading to an arrest. new developments tonight in that foiled christmas day terror attack in australia. police today say they arrested six men and one woman who were planning a series of bomb attacks in popular tourist destinations in melbourne. police say they have been
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a long time. the suspects were arrested during the series of raids overnight. the group was allegedly inspired by isis. one man is dead and another in custody after a police-involved shooting in prince george's county. it happened along buyers street in capital heights today. police say they were responding to a call about a suspicious vehicle. when they got there, two people were asleep in the car. when officers woke them up, investigators say the driver pointed the gun at the officer and officer shot him twice killing him. the investigation continues tonight. police are asking for your help tonight to find this missing rockville woman. 21-year-old erica morris was last seen yesterday afternoon at her family's home. she left without telling them where she was going. although morris is ondlt, police say she tells she functions at the level of a third grader. she is familiar with public transportation and freak wnts local libraries. if you see her, you're u
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call police. an electrician was electrocuted while working in an office building in rockford yesterday. he was dead for about five minutes when rescue crews arrived and started cpr and hooked him up to a defibrilla r defibrillator. >> it was determined that patient needed to be shocked. we then shocked the patient with a defibrillator and he was able to breathe on his own and we got a pulse back. >> his co-workers kicked the ladder from underneath him. that likely helped him survive. we're told the man is still in the hospital and he's expected to be okay. the manhunt is over. the fbi caught a guy suspected in a series of bomb threats here in the district. the case impacted thousands of people. our scott mcfarland with a story you'll see only on 4. the man is a tow truck driver from georgetown and the fbi spent two weeks trying to find him. tonight, we found out why.
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guilty to charges of making false threats and facing 20 years in prison. prosecutors call cherry an extreme danger. phoning in a bomb threat july 27th a summer wednesday evening forcing a mass evacuation and widespread disruptions to amtrak and vre trains. according to prosecutors, cherry told a 911 dispatcher he placed eight bombs inside union station. court filings that he is expecting to threaten a bomb and, again, triggering a police response and they say day before cherry called in a bomb threat to an area near the white house and near the world bank which led to an alert to u.s. secret service. his attorneys say no one was harmed in an incident but jailed until trial to keep him away from a telephone. the fbi tracked down cherry at this southeast d.c. library about a week ago. they connected him to the threat by finding his cell phone number.
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cherry has pleaded not guilty. he will remain in jail until that day. in the newsroom, scott mcfarland, news 4. breaking news tonight. the man accused of killing a 3-year-old boy in a road rage incident is behind bars now in little rock, arkansas. according to police, the man's family convinced him to turn himself in and the child was in the back seat of his grandmother's car last saturday when the man opened fire on it. the boy was shot in the neck and died later at the hospital. donald trump stunned nuclear experts today when he tweeted the u.s. should grow its arsenals. for decades, u.s. nuclear policy is focused on drawing down, not building up. today's tweet came hours after vladimir putin delivered a similar message. trump announced his communication team sean spicer is the former communication director of the republican national committee. hope hicks will be director of
11:55 pm
jason miller will serve as director of communications. metro is trying to get on the right track with the new administration. it says donald trump's feature will be featured on smart trip cards after all appear on card sleeves. the incoming president's picture was originally left off the smart trip card because his team didn't respond to metro's request for a picture. it was a special reunion years in the making and it took a trip to china to make it happen. >> tonight, the loved ones are back together for the very first time. new tonight, news 4 shamari stone talked to the happy family. >> reporter: this is a moment carol has waited years for. sammy her 5-year-old adopted son finally arrived from china. >> he's our perfect christmas gift. i'm so happy. he's such a good boy. are you su
11:56 pm
>> reporter: they have been waiting 4 1/2 years to adopt sammy, who has down syndrome. what took so long? 4 1/2 years. >> well, we were adopting other children. he wasn't available with the agency that we wanted 4 1/2 years aknow. >> reporter: sammy joined six other kids in this family including two adopted syndromes who also have down syndromes. they adopted molly, pearl and sammy after they saw them online. >> this is what god created our family to do. >> i'm just overjoyed to be home with him and have our family complete, again. >> reporter: a special christmas homecoming. >> can i have a kiss? >> reporter: isn't that special. samuel and his brothers and sisters will open up their gifts underneath the christmas tree. they can't wait to do that and they'll have another addition to the family when that happens, grandma. she's flying in
11:57 pm
shomari stone, new 4z. >> that is going to be one busy house. >> i'll say. >> the family lives in maryland and say they learned about their adopted kids through >> a nonprofit organization advocates and finds families for childrens with special needs. in other news, this video of an arrest has been viewed millions of times. >> what police, a family and a civil liberties group are saying about what the tape shows. a life-saving gift results in the gift of ogenerosity for one local man. i'm jackie benson in bethesda. i'll have the story. if you're traveling tomorrow or on christmas, there roads will be dry but some rain in the forecast on saturday. i'll have the latest timing
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a police officer is on restrictive duty after the release of this video that has been viewed more than 2 million times. >> seen arresting a woman and her teenage daughters. chris lawrence shows us what went down in ft. worth. >> reporter: the woman screaming at the officer is the one who called police. a neighbor accused her 7-year-old son of littering and physically assaulted him. but after speaking with that neighbor, the officer starts questioning craig's parenting.
12:01 am
son littered. it doesn't matter -- >> reporter: that set craig off. >> if you keep yelling -- >> reporter: it it escalates into a physical struggle with the officer grabbing craig's 15-year-old daughter and her other 19-year-old daughter is the one shooting this video until the officer takes her phone. >> it's recording. >> reporter: the video cuts out in a few spots, but it wasn't edited. she got a phone call that interrupted the feed. tonight the aclu released a statement saying if a black woman in fort worth can't call the cops after her son is allegedly choked by a neighbor without getting arrested, why would she ever call the cops again. craig and her daughters have been released from jail. ft. worth police officials say they already dispatched investigators to look into what happened and are asking for patience to
12:02 am
incident. well, says there are good and bad officers and she has not lost faith in the police. but she says she does feel like less of a parent because she couldn't protect her son when he needed it. chris lawrence, news 4. developing tonight, some scary moments as a fire races through a high rise in manhattan. check it out, our sister station in new york city reports at least 21 people were hurt, including four firefighters. one was badly burned. and a 7-year-old girl was found in cardiac arrest. but then revived. the cause of the fire still unknown. a bartender jumped into action to help a customer who was choking. the worker performed the heimlich maneuver and it probably saved the victim's life. >> now that victim has recovered and he wants the bartender to know just how grateful he is. jackie benson is in bethes
12:03 am
a story of a generous gift. >> reporter: a bartender at the oakville grill received the most generous tip of his career this week. >> take me probably two months to earn that. >> reporter: but that is not the story, the gift is the result of an incident in the restaurant koppel weeks ago that could have had a tragic outcome. he was at a table and took a bite of food and swallowed and immediately realized that something was very wrong. luckily, just a few feet away there was someone who had life-saving experience. but that is not the story. >> when i approached from the back, he was basically, she couldn't breathe. >> reporter: long-time owner of the restaurant made a new policy. >> all the servers got in here and they practice on each other and know how to do it and where to do it. >> reporter: but that is not the story. the 29-year-old bartender initially refused his grateful customer's gene
12:04 am
that i did for something. >> reporter: the grateful customer eventually mailed the gift. asked we do not reveal the amount. >> thank you much. >> you are very welcome. thank you so much. >> reporter: and tonight he exchanged warmest greetings with the very camera shy man whose family is very thankful for the quick reflexes and grateful heart. that is the story. in bethesda, jackie benson, news 4. new tonight, a d.c. 911 call taker is being honored for saving a woman earlier today. this is desiree. she was fted a life saver pin for her actions. today was her final day of training. clearly, training paid off. just after 11:30


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