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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  December 26, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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the united states says israel has proof the obama administration was behind the resolution in the first place. >> the white house denies the allegation. jennifer johnson is on capitol hill with a look at the president-elect's position on this controversy. >> benjamin netanyahu is furious with the obama administration. with just a few weeks, he stepped into an hornets nest. he pushed to block israel for the settlement. >> as i told john kerry on thursday, friends don't take friends to the security council. >> reporter: the u.s. opposed settlement construction but kept the controversy out of the u.n. israel claims the u.s. was behind the resolution which the
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>> the real story is how an outgoing president would change u.s. policy towards israel in the waning days of the administration. >> activists say the u.s. had to step in. >> its settlement program is so outrageous and so frustrating not only to the united states but the world community. and violates rights of a people captive under that occupation. >> trump is making headlines today after announcing he's dissolving his charity the trump foundation. >> it's going to be important for donald trump to separate himself and his business enterprises and focus on being a good president. >> it cannot legally dissolve until an investigation is complete. the president-elect resumes on wednesday. his transition
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work. there's a new job opening. >> president obama is starting to look toward light after the white house. in a new podcast with david axelr axelrod, the president said despite losses in november, he's confident most people believe in the democratic party's view of america. he also talked about what he plans to do after leaving the white house. >> i am confident in this vision because i'm confident that if i -- if i had run again and articulated it, i think i could've mobilized a majority of the american people to rally behind it. >> you once told me you admired the bush'ses for the way you
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sense they gave you the room. >> my u intention on january 21st is to sleep and she said it better be nice. >> she deserves it. >> president-elect donald trump responded to the president's comments on twitter saying president obama said that it he thinks he would won against me. >> the first family continues to enjoy their family holiday vacation. the president will visit pearl harbor with japan's prime minister. we are learning new details about the moments that led up to the deadly confrontation between police and a man with the knife.
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>> reporter: d.c. police are telling us that the officer involved in this domestic call were wearing body cameras and they are reviewing that foot j as part of their internal investigation. but the mother of the man who was shot and killed, she wants that footage released right away. >> a d.c. police officer shot and killed an armed suspect here on walnut street on christmas morning. they it want the footage released. she has said to maintain open and transparent
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>> it's very disturbing. >> an elected neighborhood leader who supports releasing the video. >> i think people have the right to know what actually happened. so i hope the administration releases the body camera. >> the shooting happened at his girlfriend's house. it was 11:30 christmas morning. according to a police report, haul had allegedly taken the victim's house keys on christmas eve without her permission. and when he showed up on christmas morning and let himself in with those keys, that's when they got in a fight. the report says he set some paper towels on fire and turned on the gas stove. he pushed her out of the house and called someone to help her. that witness got the knife away from haul but allegedly got another knife and stabbed the victim in the arm. when police got there, haul refused to drop the knife and one officer opened fire shooting him in chest. he died at the hospital hours later.
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>> i did reach out to police and the mayor's office today. it's unclear if or when that footage will be released. hit a tree in laurel. the person driving the car is in critical condition. no word on why the vehicle left the roadway. it was traveling on summer win circle off route one when it slammed into the tree. both people were trapped and had to be pulled out of the car. police have identified the woman as 58-year-old of baltimore. a man from virginia died early this morning on i-95. he was from lorton. he was driving on 95 when his car ran out of gas near the prince william parkway exit. two men with him decided to walk down 95 to the nearest gas station. as they were walking, a tractor-trailer hit him. state police say no one else was
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hurt. there is relief on the way for metro riders. the huge safetrack plan is taking a break until february. . transportation reporter adam tuss tweeted the news out today. he's live now at the metro station. >> reporter: this is going to be a welcome break for so many frustrated riders who have been putting up with the safetrack work. but enjoy the break while it lasts because that work is going to be back. hitting the pause on safetrack until february, but u when it picks back. up, here's areas they have identified where work needs to take place. the blue and yellow lines in huntington, a a compleshutdown. green line work between green belt and college park. for some who ride from alex alexandria safetrack made the trip almost
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>> on the single track, it waits 20 minutes. you u missed the bus. . >> she's happy for the down time, but wond fers they ever get back on track after so many years of neglect. >> metro says it's happening because of winter weather. partly because of the upcoming inauguration. in the meantime, there could be work in tunnels on a far smaller scale. but for riders, they hope the transit system will ultimately win them back with all the maintenance. >> it's really important especially in the city. it's kind of the same falling apart. >> we expect to have new dates for the safetrack work that's going to start in 2017 announced in early jan
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reporting live, adam tuss, news 4. turning to the weather now, it looks like we have a warm-up come iing our way after the holidays. >> we are not going to complain about that. especially when we look at north dakota is complaining about the snow. >> that's about it. what we're watching is the fr frontal boundary. the front is going to make it its way u add half o it. we get warm and get rather windy. those winds will bring in the numbers. 45 in d.c.
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officials in russia are pointing to pilot error or technical issues. the likely cause can of that plane crash in the black sea on christmas day that killed more than 90 people. a massive u recovery effort is still underway. here's lucy cavanaugh. >> reporter: it's an around the clock mission to piece together a deadly puzzle. thousands of emergency workers scouring frigid waters salvaging what they can of what remains. no survivors. all 92 on board dead. the plane departed from sochi bound for a military tu base in syria with just two minutes after taking off it plunged into the black sea in near perfect weather. most of its passengers members of its world renowned military choir heading to spread holiday cheer.
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worker known as dr. lisa taking much-needed medicine from a a serious hospital. war is a hell on earth. but kindness, compassion and mercy are stronger than any weapon. reality is beginning to sink in who those who loved and lost their dearest. on board a christmas day flight to a war-torn country with a tragic end. president putin declaring a national day of mourning across russia as the investigation continues. nbc news, london. columbian officials confi confirmed that a plane carrying a brazilian soccer team ran out of fuel before it crashed last month. officials say the plane's black boxes led them to that conclusion. 71 people died when the plane crashed as it was trying to land in colombia. six people survived. stil
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conditions led to travel delays across the midwest. the lasting impact for people trying to fly home after christmas. we'll take you to where there's true uly the spirit of boxing day. and fans continue to mourn the death of pop singer george michael as his manager reveals
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this video just in from arlington. police are investigating a body found in a crystal city restaurant. police say the cleaning crew found the body this afternoon inside a bathroom at the steak house. the restaurant was not open at the time and. police say they do not suspect foul play. police are warning residents to be careful about what you put out on the curb. sgl you need to get the trash out, the way you dispose of it could make the difference between being a victim of crime or not. mark segraves is out surveying your trash today. >> for lots of people, it looks like santa dropped off pretty cool stuff. the problem is police warn crooks could be looking for some cool stuff to steal. it's part of the 12 days of safety tips.
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don't let leaves know what are inside your home waiting for them. >> despite the warnings asking people not to put empty boxes outside alerting crooks to expensive gifts inside, and it's not the empty boxes in front of your house to give crooks the idea you got a new tv. this old dinosaur is a dead give away. >> it's christmas boxes. . >> if you really want to get a snapshot of what people got for christmas, this is the place to come. printers, coffee machine, tv sets, it's all right here at the recycling center. >> that's where we found residents disposing of their holiday boxes.
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>> while she was thinking about the recycling crews, she says her husband was probably thinking about outsmarting the thieves. >> it didn't cross mine. it may have crossed my husbands. that's really smart. >> while you might in a hurry to e get rid of the boxes, retailers remind you to hold on to the boxes. christmas weekend was violent in the city of chicago. police say 27 people were shot from 6:00 friday night until the end of christmas day. there were 12 murders in the city. police say 90% of shooting victims this weekend last weekend had criminal mist history u and rival u gangs were targeting those victims at family celebrations. and they say officers are doing their jobs taking 8,000 guns off the street this year. >> one thing we
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ever is how much crime we actually prevent by u doing that. >> tributes are pouring in for george michael. michael's sweet soul music will live on after his sudden death. fans of the global pop icon leaving flowers outside the singer's london home. his manager says he died peacefully in his sleep. george michael was 53 years old. >> there hasn't been much news regarding the condition of carry fish r today. the actress suffered a cardiac emergency while on
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los angeles. fisher is stable and that it the family appreciates the outpouring of support. we're continuing to keep an eye on this story and let you know more when we hear more. while we have some pretty mild washington in our area, there are weather streams. blizzard conditions shutting down roads making travel a nightmare across the great plains. in the south, several cities are seeing record heat. chris pennsylvanhas a look at t. >> reporter: a total whiteout. heavy snow continued to pummel the upper midwest. some areas seeing blizzard conditions with winds exceeding 60 miles per hour. it closed down because travel was too dangerous. people in bismarck are just now starting to dig out. >> i was in ho
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if you go to christmas and come and visit families and headed home and throws a wrench into is that. >> what are you going to do? >> got to figure out and make the best of it. >> reporter: the blast was saw cities in the west pummelled with snow. parts of utah picked up 2 feet. >> we went to bed green and woke up to this. >> a far different story elsewhere as several cities from texas to florida approached record high temperatures. it might have people in the upper plains longing for a trip south to thaw out. it's illegal to text and drive in virginia, but now a state lawmaker wants to go a
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he wants to make the rules tougher behind the wheel in the commonwealth. a as washington fights for the last spot in the
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thank its to the jet stream, a lot of people can't get home. we're going to get kind of balmy.
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>> temperatures in the 60s after highs in the 40s. we're starting to warm in some areas. plenty of cloud cover around the region. those clouds stuck around all day. some drizzle from time to time. a dreary, gloomy afternoon. and around the region, we're into the low 40s to the north and east. that's some of the warmer air. on the radar, we're all clear. as you look at the wider picture, you notice the cloud cover around our region. you also notice the cold front. that cold front moving down to the south and east. minneapolis at 19 degrees. 19 in minneapolis. 41 in chicago. 45 in d.c. but here's the warm air.
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here kwer tonight with temperatures in the 40s. . tomorrow morning, here's 8:00 a.m. temperatures will rise. here we are in the 60s. 50s back to the west. to the east side of the blue ridge, we get to upper 60s. 66 around fredericksburg. we fall as e we do. wind advisory through 10:00 a.m. tomorrow for areas in the mountains. these are mostly above 2,000 feet. but this is where we're going to see winds gusting in those locations. mainly in the mountains. even in the cities, i expect to see 20 to 30 mile per hour winds. it's going to be breezy tomorrow. temperatures around 65 degrees. clouds early, maybe a quick shower tomorrow.
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umbrella. pi would take the umbrella, but you don't need the coat. breezy and warm and a stray shower early in the day before we see sunshine in the afternoon. then the next couple days, 49 on your wednesday. 48 on thursday. chance of showers early on thursday. then behind this, we get a lot colder. friday it says 40 but the windchills in the 20s. saturday looking okay with a temperature of 46. temperatures rising along with breezy conditions. 52 on monday. up to 65 again next tuesday. a couple chances of rain here even into next week. we'll talk much more a about that. i'll take you hour by hour for new year's eve coming up at 6:45. >> thank you, doug. a a memorial is growing tonight at the site of a deadly crash in d.c. >> the victim hit by suspects in a stolen car and the latest on the victim and the suspects who are still on the run. the
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begins today. why a a local group is holding a
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now at 6:30, a deadly crash close to home. our first look at the innocent bystander
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suspects has aided police. leaders looking ahead to new year's eve. what's raising even more concern this year about the number of drunk drivers on the road. and 50 years after the first celebration of kwanzaa. . we meet some of the people sell britting in the washington area. we are going to start at 6:30 with the deadly crash in the district. a 31-year-old man killed just before crist had. >> a teen is to blame and he's charge d with murder. derrick ward is live in southeast with what he's learned about the victim. >> reporter: we have learned that this victim was a quiet man. he didn't have any children. wasn't married but had a big family. lots of people loved him. some people had just learned. as you can see the memorial has gone up at the crash scene. folks are just starting to come by. nobody is able to talk about this. it's just such a tragedy. especially at this time of year.
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he was just trying to get home. he lived about a mile from where his car was hit by a stolen car. . the deadly chain of events began on wednesday night. a woman is getting out of her car in the 1400 block of a street northeast. an armed robber comes up behind her and takes her personal belongings leaving her shaken but unharmed. two days later, police spot the stolen car and an officer activated the cruiser's lights and starts to follow that stolen car. police are not calling it a pursuit. they lost sight of the car before coming upon the crash in the 4100 block of east capital street. the stolen lexus rear ended an ultima. it sent the ultima into a spin and set off a chain reaction. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. three people ran from the stole itten lexus. one was caught and has been identified as a 17-year-old of southeast. he's being ld
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second-degree murder. police are still investigating the circumstances around this incident. and they are actively searching for two other people. we are live in northeast, derrick ward, news 4. d.c.'s attorney general says the washington redskins should be playing again in the district. he told the politics hour he supports efforts to have the team build a a new stadium on the site of rfk. the site was the team's home until the 1990s. >> the washington redskins should be in the district of colombia and we should compete forcefully and get the skins back to d.c. . >> the district will hold a public hearing next week on the future use of rfk. the colleague to his right also
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on that radio program. he's aggressively trying to get the team to move to loudoun county. maryland officials are also hoping the team will remain there in that state once the lease expires in ten years. federal officials are doubling the e reward for information about last summer's explosion in central park. a mysterious substance caused the blast which blew off the leg of 19-year-old connor golden. the bureau is now offering $25,000 for information leading to an arrest. officials believe someone was experimenting with a home made explosive. the i-team talked to golden's family about their insurance struggles after the blast. you can see that story and more about the reward in our nbc washington app. search "central park blast." this is now the third night of hanukkah. last night hundreds came out to see the national lighting on the ellipse. itlu
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dreidel games and the all important potato lat kas. it's next to the national christmas tree. >> today is also the first day of kwanzaa. it's been around for 50 years starting back in 1966. chris gordon takes a look now at one local party taking place in a former slave market, now called freedom house museum. . >> reporter: this historic slave market in virginia may not be the place you'd expect a se celebration of kwanzaa. but tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m., they are hosting a a free kwanzaa party to remember ancestors brought from africa to be sold in america. >> this was the hub for shipping slaves all across the u.s. as well and for a location that caused so much harm we're excited to bring kwanzaa in during a movement that causes so much good from the community. >> reporter: a
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each of the seven nights of kwanzaa representing principles to live by. >> the candles are black, red and green, which stands for the people, red is is for the blood that we shed and green is for the earth. >> reporter: this afternoon this kwanzaa party was held at the washington ethical society in northwest. children made paper chains, beaded bracelets and played african drums. they lit the first candle, which means unity. >> unity means when you come together to solve all the problems or to do something together. >> reporter: the group sponsoring this kwanzaa party is called family and friends of incarcerated people. >> it's about trying to keep children out of the cycle. it's about fighting the pipeline and help hadding families stay together. >> reporter: kwanzaa celebrates history and focusing on
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self-determination. chris gordon, news 4. next at 6:30, virginia looking at putting new tougher laws for those who use cell phones while driving and what's on the books now is not enough. and another maryland state patrol car hit on the side of a highway. this time while the trooper was responding to another crash. take a look at the temperatures tonight. temperatures rising right around through 1:00 a.m. up to 51 degrees by that time. warmer by the time you wake up. we'll talk about the numbers tomorrow. and we'll mention a little bit evout new year's e.
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police on the road as you're traveling around. on christmas eve, maryland state police are investigating a
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part of the road was closed during the investigation. a pickup truck drove through, hit two vehicles and hit an investigator who was working the crash. they were taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. police believe the driver was using alcohol and other substances. the number of troopers hit this year has seen an enormous spike. 40 troopers have either been injured or killed in traffic stops it in 2016. there's a new push in virginia to make it illegal to hold a cell phone while driving. a state senator recently filed a bill to require drivers to use a hands free device when they make phone calls. jasmine turner explains this. >> reporter: cutting out the distraction. >> it's time to look at how technology is advancing and bring that law up to speed. >> reporter: a new bill filed
6:40 pm
state senator is aimed at driver safety adding more limitations to cell phone use while you're behind the wheel. >> you can't hold your phone at all when you're driving. . >> which we see time u and time again on the road. >> if you hold your phone while most have notifications set up where you can see the notification as holding it. holding it is just as dangerous. >> reporter: it's the reason senate bill 860 would amend the current distracting driving laws in the state. >> 94% are caused by driver error. it's not the road. it's not the car. it's the driver making bad decisions. >> it would add that phones can only be used in a a car if the driver is operating completely hands free. blue tooth or even a windshield mount kwoub would be acceptable which organizations like drive smart completely standby. >> it would be a good law because it helps law enforcement have no gray areas. if you have the phone in your hand, you're going down. >> for newer drivers like tori stan
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facing charges is the last thing she wants. >> it would give me more reason not to use my phone. >> an incentive to always look up with the hope of preventing accidents. can you believe there are only five days left in this year? and they are getting ready to drop the ball on times square for the new year celebration. today we learned who is going to be throwing that switch. i'm tom sherwood in the district. saturday night, new year's eve. a deadly time for drunk
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one of the most prominent global leaders will have the honor of starting the ball drop in times square this year. u.n. secretary general will be pressing the water ford crystal button to begin the 62nd countdown. he was ending his leadership after ten years. as you know, new year's eve falls on saturday. that means more revelers and more police on the street. one area nonprofit is planning to help you get home safely. tom sherwood has the story. >> the fight against drunk driving about 17,000 people in our area arrested each year. many around new year's. >> one-third oth
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drivers. >> part of the reason i wanted to stay home. >> we have all seen the public service announcements. in the washington region, the nonprofit sober ride since 1993 has offered free cab rides home worth $30. >> if you have a drunk driving hol darks they know that it they will be out in full force. >> while police are redoubling their efforts, it's offering an alternative to risky behavior. >> it's aggressive driving, burr the fact of the matter is the issue of drunk driving has set to be overcome. >> since 1993 about 65,000 free taxi rides have been provided. . people in general are far more aware of drunk driving dangers. just be smart.
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>> are you going to be out drinking? >> maybe. >> drunk driving? >> no. >> about half are family drinks wine. the other half doesn't drink anything. and honstly i don't think i would want to drive any place far away. >> the number again, 1-800-200-taxi if you don't have a driver and remember this. >> this is a celebratory time of year but also a dangerous time of year. >> police are watching too. tom sherwood, news 4. if getting healthy is part of your new years resolution, for the 24th year, nbc 4 is working for you in the community with our free health and fitness expo. there will be medical tests and screenings, wellness information, so many demonstrations. we're also going to have a few celebrities including matt iceman from "american ninja
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the "today" show service dog. the nbc 4 health and fitness expo january 7th and 8th at the washington convention center. check out for a complete schedule. once again, it's free. >> that it goes to tell you something. then the bottom drops out. we talked about this in the winter forecast. i expect january to be a very cold month. and it looks like we'll get there in january. but we're not going to start off this way. mild air au cross the region. 45 degrees. but i don't expect numbers to go down all that much. they are going to be on the rise. already 46 in
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over towards the future winds. the winds will be out of the southwest. notice at 40 miles per hour. 35 mile an hour winds potentially. you'll need the jackets and umbrellas. by noon, winds gusting 25 to 35 miles per hour. then the winds do relax during the afternoon. we're not going to be windy all day. most of the day will be clouds early and then some sun in the afternoon. but don't forget the umbrella. you may need that early. i'm not expecting a lot of rain. even the wider view going. back to show you the cold front, there's not a lot of rain with this system. but as it moves through tomorrow morning, you may get a couple shower activity so you might want to take the umbrellas just in case. waking up to temperature around 54 degrees with windy conditions. 60 and breezy around noon. look at the
6:49 pm
3:00. 65 degrees before temperatures start to come down again. looking good. here's the ten-day forecast. one thing you notice is above average every day on the ten-day except for friday. and friday is going to be interesting. . a few showers on thursday. a high of 40 degrees, but look at the wind chill friday morning. 21 to 22 degrees. . by around noon only in the 20s. so windchills on friday will be brutal. that will be a very cold day on friday. windchills in the teens in many locations. that's one thing to worry about. but saturday the winds shift out of the south. we get back to 46 degrees. if you're heading out or doing anything on your holiday, looking really nice. temperature wise on the mild side. 46 degrees at 4:00. 43 and mostly cloudy at 8:00. cool at midnight. a temperature of 41. that's not bad at all. the first week of 2017, very mild. 50s and 60s out there. monday and tuesday looking okay with some
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your enemy. why chris cooley is loving the cowboys this holiday season. but first, here's peter alexander with what's ahead on "nbc nightly news." >> we're tracking the weather for the post christmas rush. rough conditions complicating the trip home. and one woman's incredible survival story in her own words after hiking 26 miles in the snow to save had her stranded family. new fallout and showdown between the u.s. and israel. why the israeli ambassador is calling one of the president's top aids an expert in fiction. and inspiring america, how one man is going the extra mile to make it a special holiday
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we are explaining the football math. she's been here awhile. >> this is the first. it's exciting. tonight the playoff picture will become a little bit clearer. we need the cowboys f they beat the lions, the skins get a win against the giants, there's a chance. and that's the simplest way. you see it right here on the screen. dallas wins, all the red skins
6:54 pm
but if the lions win tonight, there's more work that needs to be done. not only do the redskins still need to win, they need another lions win over the packers on sunday. jay gruden sharing some fan feelings of having to cheer for the cowboys. >> we still have to worry about what we do and i have tried to preach all along you can only control what you can control. that's how we play against the giants. hopefully things fall in our favor. regardless, we have to prepare for the new york giants. >> as for the redskins getting ready for the giants, chris cooley ready to see another dominant performance from the redskins defense. also showing some love for the cowboys in this week's cooley cooldown. >> we don't need a cooldown. we need to continue the warm-up. . the preheat of the oven. we have to get this thing rocking and rolling. it's going to feel weird to say this and it's getting
6:55 pm
normal, but how about the cowboys? we needed them to help us week in and week out and bless their hearts they are. couldn't be a bigger spot tonight for dallas to beat the detroit lions. you're looking at a play in scenario. you can beat the giant who is don't have anything to play for. the red skins are going to be a playoff team. when we do this next monday, we're talking about washington in the playoffs. kirk cousins was hot. he was excellent. he made throw after throw after throw critical plays. he's kind of fast. read option touchdown. see you buddy. i like that in chicago. but mostly the defense has to continue to heat up. five picks. smith was awesome off
6:56 pm
all of a sudden heating up. absolutely loves that. if we continue to heat up, it sure might. we can beat anybody in the playoffs. i truly believe that. forget the cooldown from now on. heat up. >> the college football season is underway this afternoon. the first game featuring a big ten team. maryland and boston college in the quick lane bowl. in his first year, looking to lead the terps to their first bowl win since 2010. it's still the season of giving. but taking up late in the first half, eagles up 23-13 going for more. the deep ball for michael walker. he hauls it in for a touchdown. d.c. up 29-13 at the break. now things go from bad to worse for maryland in the third quarter.
6:57 pm
and falls on it. this maryland fan check this out. it kind of just represents everything that kind of happened for them. i know. but all hope wasn't lost. with a nice catch on this one. a 52-yard touchdown. now late in the fourth quarter, terps down 6. sacked for the eighth time of the game. where is that o-line. but that really would do it. boston college beats maryland, 36-30. now the wizards with a chance for revenge against the bucs. their u worst loss of the season. a 27-point win for the bucs. so they are going to have to stop the greek freak. he scored a lot of points. they need to do this it has to be tonight. defense is going to have to be on point. >> a lot of pressure on a lot of folks tonight. l
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>> thank you. thank you for joining us. "nbc nightly news" is up next. we'll see you tonight at 11:00. have a nice evening.
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tonight, winter blast. millions hit by ice, snow, and high winds, as a powerful storm moves east, while in the west, an incredible story of survival. one mother's heroic effort to save her stranded family. war of words. president obama claims he could have beaten donald trump if he'd run against him. as the men also battle over that u.n. resolution condemning israeli settlements. city under siege. more than 40 shot, 11 killed, as chicago's gun violence surging this holiday weekend. remembering a superstar, the tributes tonight to george michael, as the music world and millions of fans remember the '80s pop icon. and inspiring america. how some were able to make it home for the holidays thanks to the spirit and generosity of one man going the extra mile. "nightly news" b


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