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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  December 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. now at 11:00. gone without a trace amount of popular yoga instructor and actress disappears in dc on christmas. we just learned she is not the only person police are looking for. >> a northern virginia
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hands all together when behind the wheel of your car. on news4 at 11 we'll tell you why some we talked about are uneasy about one portion of the bill, namely using gps. >> it's 11:00. temperatures are actually going up. i'll show you how high it will get tomorrow, what's ahead for the rest of the week and of course new year's eve. good evening. first the search for a missing yoga instructor and the dramatic turn that this investigation has just taken. this is trisha mccauley. she lives in the bloomingdale area of dc. friends say she was supposed to have christmas dinner with some friends and then fly out to visit relatives. she never made to it that dinner and she never got on that flight. just minutes ago, police released a picture of her car, and a man investigators believe may be drg
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news4's jackie bensen live with the new details. >> reporter: there is a command post here. you may hear a dc police helicopter overhead. as you said a few minutes ago dc police released those pictures f we can get them up again, those pictures have kicked up the level of concern. any show a man inside what appears to be a star. police say he may be driving the missing woman's woman toyota scioy also seen in the newly released picture in what appears to be a parking lot. 46-year-old trisha mccauley arc yoga instructor and herbalist who is also active in dc's theater community was reported missing after she failed to show up for christmas dinner at a friend's house yesterday and then missed her plane for a trip home to the west coast. >> she is connected to the commune. and this is not like her, to disappear, and not
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she is, or who she's with is -- is terrifying. >> reporter: a dc police command post was set up at mccauley's apartment on north capitol street. irs officers searched the surrounding areas for evidence leading to her disappearance. they also went door to door speaking to neighbors. at one point they received notification that the missing woman's phone had been found by a passersby on 4th street northeast. trisha mccauley's car a white toyota scion with a dumper sticker that reads plant more plants are also missing. police released several pictures, one of which purports to be that toyota in the parking lot of a business and a picture of the man they believe may be driving that car. meanwhile, friends have set up a facebook page, findis
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her continues. live jackie bensen. >> thank you. i just shared a picture of trisha on my facebook page. you are share with it your friends as well. head to the nbc washington facebook page. if there is any new development within our newscast we will bring it to you. also new video of a chaotic scene at a new jersey shopping mall. police armed with long guns swept the food court at the jersey gardens mall in elizabeth of a someone yelled "gun" this even. the governor says there was no shooting. someone slammed a chair to the ground during a fight. that noise sent shoppers running for cover and towards the exit. two children suffered minor injuries as they were rushed out of the mall. in montgomery county a grim and tragic discovery at a local restaurant bathroom. members of a cleaning crew found
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a body inside ruth's chris steak house this afternoon. we don't know who the deceased is or how he or she died. only that the person did not work at the restaurant. investigators say they do not suspect any foul play. in montgomery county tonight, two kids are recovering from possible carbon monoxide exposure. we're told a female caretaker left them in the car at a shopping center. when she was back in the car they were weak but still conscious. the youngest is 18 months old, the woman has not been charged. a woman is calling for the release of body camera video after a deadly confrontation between her son and police officers. police shot darryl hall when he refused to drop a knife after they were called to a domestic violence call at a home in northeast. >> she called the police and sa
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life and he had a weapon. >> people need to know what actually happened. i hope they release the body cam video. >> news4 has also requested the video. according to a police report hall took a key to his girlfriend's home without her permission. it says the pair got into a fight when he showed up on christmas and let himself in. at one point he allegedly stabbed had girlfriend in the arm. president-elect donald trump says the united nations is, quote, a club for people to get together and have a good time. trump posted that comment on twitter. it comes after the united nations security council voted to condemn israeli settlements in the west bank. the u.s. refrained from voting but trump says he believes the u.n. has potential and said things would be different after the inaugust your yaigs rags. meanwhile, president obama raised some eyebrows today
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pod cast with his former adviser david actel rod. obama said he is confident he would have beaten donald trump if he ran on the same vision he pursued for the last eight years. >> i am confident in this vision because i'm confident that if i -- if i had run again and articulated it, i think i could have mobilized a majority of the american people to rally hyped it. >> president-elect trump responded to the president's comments on twitter saying, quote, president obama said that he thinks he would have won against me. he should say that, but i say no way. alarms might be going off early tomorrow as you get whack to work. we've got a warming trend headsing our way which may make it more palatable. >> temperatures have risen in the last hours. last hour temperatures went up three degrees from 45 to now 48 degrees that warm air making
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that cold front is just back to the west. look at it now. you can see the cold front with the clouds and shower activity. we are not going see much in the way of showers but we are going to see a chance. make sure you take the umbrella early tomorrow morning. but we are also going to see these numbers. 48 in dc. in the 60s to the west. warmer air moving n. i'll show you how warm we are going to get. and then we've got your hour by hour new year's eve forecast in about ten minutes. the driver who was hyped the wheel of this car when it crashed is now out of surgery but remains in critical condition. her passenger, a 58-year-old of baltimore, was killed when that car slammed into a tree in laurel. no word on why the vehicle left the road. it was traveling on summer wind circle off route 1 when it crashed. a virginia lawmaker proposing some changes in the commonwealth's cell phone laws. david culver spoke with drivers about the impact of a proposed
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go beyond just talking or texting behind the wheel. >> reporter: stand at any intersection for a few minutes and you will see it, a driver holding tight to their cell phone while cruising through the light. in virginia, it's currently against the law to text or read messages while driving. but unlike dc or maryland you are still allowed to talk with the phone in your hand. >> i already try not do that myself. i think there is enough distracted driving, we should have less of it. >> reporter: under a proposed bill the state senate hopes to keep cell phones oust drivers hands or pay a fine. if involved in an accident it would be punishable by reckless driving. >> in 800 feet turn right, then turn left. >> reporter: while many we spoke with are fine with putting the cell phone to your ear and
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they are less easy about the gps use. this ban would affect you? >> yeah, it would make it heard r harder for me to get to work on time. >> reporter: he drives from wood ridge to work ever day. >> i have to use my gps to verify where the traffic is, if there is any back roads i have to take. >> reporter: he says it would be an adjustment not being able to pick up the phone to navigate around the back up. but the proposed bill does exempt car mounts like this one meaning you could still see the navigation. >> it ensures people are able to keep their eyes on the road and at the same time they are able to get to where they are going. >> reporter: lawmakers will discuss in richmond when they meet in mid january. david culver, news4. >> flowers, candles weeping in the uk tonight as fans remember pop music icon george michael who died in his sleep yesterday at the age of 53.
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home in north london. and another private home in the small town of goring. at a local bar, people raised a glass in memory of his music. >> he has christmas -- in glory. you know his presence. >> michael's publicist said he died peacefully in his sleep, reportedly from heart failure. there is no word yet on the official cause of death. metro riders you are about to get a little break from that around the clock track work. why metro says it's putting its safe track off for a few months. and some gifts just not working out for you? now is the time to return them. where it's going to be a little more difficult to make an exchange and where it's actually going to be easier. and ti
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the market.redict but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. kwanza celebrations are underway across our area. this is a special year. it marks 50 years since observers began celebrating this holiday. kwanza lasts for seven days and focuses on a different principle every day. today was unity. others include self democrat nation, working together, supporting each other, purpose, and faith. kwanza continues through new year's day. for many of you head back to work after a long christmas weekend. if you ride
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luck. there is no scheduled rush hour track work. in fact the transit agency is giving the safe track program a little bit of a rest until february. how come? we will explain. >> reporter: can you believe it? we are talking about weeks without any rush hour safe track work. that is something certainly a lot of metro riders are going to be looking forward to. safe track program isn't going to pick back up until february. the transit agency says they are give the month of january off basically because of winter weather concerns and the inauguration. both of those things leading into the safe track work. metro is still trying to finalize an exact timetable and exact areas for where the safe track work will happen. rest assured you have the month of january off from safe track
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from work on time. some retailers will be making it more difficult or easier for you to return gifts. notable changes this year, macy's, cole's, costco have all shottened their returns window. especially if you have a major appliance you want to get rid of. on the other side, satisfactories, toys "r" us have increased their return policy for certain items by about 15 days. for more dos and don'ts as you head back to the stores these days open up our app and search returns. local police and social services have plans to help copy keep you safe. more officers will be out across the area to stop drunk drivers. and the washington regional alcohol program is sponsoring another night of its sober ride program. they will be giving you a free cab ride up to
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>> this is a celebratory time of year but also a dangerous time of year. it's one of those holidays where more than one out of three u.s. traffic deaths is due to drunk drivers. >> for safe rides call 1-800-300 taxi. metro will be running until 3:00a a.m. for new year's. we are watching a winter storm ripple across the country. it prompted a major airport shut down. flight has logged more than 900 flight cancellations today. and a family in pennsylvania is celebrating the survival of their loved ones who were stranded nearly two days in a blizzard out west. karen klein, her husband, and their 10-year-old son drove into a ditch on thursday after their g
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road on the way to the grand canyon. rescuers finally saved all three saturday morning after karen trekked more than 20 miles through snow. they are recovering from injuries including severe frostbite. we don't have to worry about that here because the jet stream is giving us another christmas gift. >> the jet stream is to our west. which means we are on the warm side. temperatures have already gone up 3:three degrees from why we were earlier tonight. a christmas miracle. temperatures tomorrow morning by the time we wake up a lot warmer than where they are. a nice evening. if you walk out there, you notice it's not all that cold. as i mentioned. we are right now sitting at the warmest temperature of the day, 48. winds out of the south at 12 miles per hour. the winds are going to continue to pick up. the winds will be an issue overnight tonight and early tomorrow. look back to the west.
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54 in front royal. 54 in fredericksburg warmer air pushing into our region. no rain now, but there is some rain associated with our front. just back to our west. you can see that right here. here's the front making its way on towards the region. now there is some rain there. so maybe take the umbrella. it's a good idea to take the umbrella early tomorrow morning. i do expect a couple of showers. not a lot. but a couple. but that storm system moves moving through and we stay warm. look at the temperatures. it's 11:00 at night, and it's 64 in kentucky. 70 -- near 70 in nashville. that's the warm air moving our way. you mentioned parts of the northern plains. look at minneapolis, at 19. that cold air not moving our way attome al omall. it is a going to move up to the north. we will be on the mild side the next ten days for the most part. one exception i'll show you. tomorrow, windy to start.
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60, breezy at noon. 65 at 3:00. going for a high of 65 tomorrow. that's close to 21 degrees above average in the city. i mentioned the wind. there is a wind advisory through 10:00 a.m. this is only in the mrchts. the higher ridges in loudoun county and frederick county, winds 40 to 50 miles per hour. will be a little bit of a factor. next couple of days, windy early especially on your tuesday. wednesday 49 degrees. not bad. some sunshine. 49. pretty good. 48, a couple of showers on thursday. not washout. 40 on friday. now 40 i want to look at the wind chill early in the day. 19 to 22 degrees. even around noon, wind chills only in the 20s. that's all we get. a very cold friday. saturday, new year's eve, temperatures going up. 46 degrees. and you notice here not all that bad as we're
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year. temperatures only in the 40s. we are not talking a frigid new year's eve. we are actually looking good out there as far as that forecast is concerned. 46 by 4:00. by midnight around 41 degrees. cool but not bad. all next week, the first week of 2017, we are on the mild side. very mild. >> my gosh, it's boots and bathing suit weather all at once. >> okay. still ahead, a huge night for the wizards. revenge tasting
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healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports
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versus center. >> they are on a great stretch. can you believe it, the wizards have actually won their sixth consecutive game at the verizon center. the bucs handed the wizards their worst loss of the year. washington trying not threat that happen again, especially at home. wizards are good, not just lucky at the verizon center this season. rolling the dice again second quarter, john wall a pass to morris. 18 points for morris, the wizards are down four at the half. fourth quarter. wall wizards down 4, steps back. now the wizards within two. bucs back up. kicks it out to bradley beal, number 3 knocks it down for three. that brings the wizards within one. with under one minute to play
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ball worked to otto juniporter. the redskins are going to finish with back to back winning seasons for the first time in almost 20 years but the injuries, a suspension, throw in a tie ball game, gruden says this has been a crazy year for the burgundy and gold. >> like a mini roller coaster ride. i like where we are. we have a chance at the final game of the season. that's something to be said in a positive way. so we have got to keep grinding and try to finish a little bit better than we did last year at 9-6-1, and 4-2 in the division, which would be good. we have a lot to play for. guys are competing and playing for the end. that's what i like. >> that roller coaster ride leading redskins fans to actually root for the cowboys tonight right now. dallas leads detroit 42-21 late in the fourth quarter. can you believe that we are rooting for
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easiest way for the redskins to punch their playoff picture with a cowboys win tonight. and the skinsz beating the giants on sunday. now we go bowling. maryland taking on boston college. in the quick lane bowl in detroit. third quarter, terps down 16. noah merritt throws up between cherry hill's tie johnson a. touchdown for boston college. this fan, he is just done with it. but later in the quarter, maryland's offense wakes up. hill, he airs it out. laverne jacobs there to make the catch. he cuts it inside. he ended up taking 52 yards for the score. and maryland is starting to sneak up on the eagles. but late in the game terps down six. last chance. fourth and ten. hill back fsacked for the eight. seals the win. boston college beats
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went the best performance. they pretty much gave bc this game. neither team has been in a bowl game in a while. the appearance, keep moving f
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