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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  December 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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tricia mccallie actually killed herself. ♪ shock this morning after the mother of carrie fisher dies one day after her daughter. how the world is remembering debbie reynolds. it is 6:00. good morning. i'm aaron gill crest. >> and i'm erica gonzalez along with amelia draper. people actually stunned over the breaking news last night. >> debbie reynolds, just the latest in a string of notable people who have died in the last week. we heard about her daughter, george michael, alan thicke, zsa zsa gagabor. >> first we want to get to amelia because we're in a wea a
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>> i just have new updates in about the winter weather adviso advisory. a lot of the counties trimmed out. but frederick, washington and carol counties continue to be under a winter weather advisory. if you're leaving within the next hour head's up if you live in the purple areas you could be dealing with slick spots this morning. i can't rule out freezing rain but i'm mainly getting reports of light snow right along the maryland-pennsylvania border. here's a check of radar. most of us know it's a rainy chilly start this morning. showers come to an end around 9:00 a.m. i'll let you know what to expect for the afternoon but we'll be dealing with something completely different. how are the roads right now? well they're tough. we're dealing with slick conditions. you've got to be very very
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a vehicle overturned in myersville causing a dre. on the george washington parkway, second overlook, a crash on both sides of the roadway. 295 going north up near howard road, a new crash there. with the wet roadway be careful as you head out. don't overdrive the conditions. back to you. ♪ actress debbie reynolds dead. she aheared in a dozen films across decades of her career. debbie reynolds was 84 years old. the reaction is pouring in. a lot of sadness over reynolds and fisher's death. stars posted things like this, photos of debbie reynolds, singer miley cyrus saying
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wanted to hug her mother and never let go. bree lar so lit these candles. ellen degeneres said that she can't imagine what the actres s actresses' families are going through. very said. and one actor posted this writing that there is nothing harder than having to bury a child. debbie died of a broken heart. and it was a somber scene in hollywood as the news of reynolds death. fan gathering around her star on the hollywood walk of fame laying flowers and taking pictures honoring the legend. we've got so much material on carrie fisher and debbie reynolds in our washington app. you can go there to learn more about their careers and see the special photo galleries dedicated to them. a deputy in critical condition after being shot on the job. that happened at a home in chestertown last night. the deposit pi was
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get some clothes. the suspect shot at the deputy using a shotgun. the deputy fired back. both men were hit. the deputy is in surgery right now. we're working to learn more about a crash in prince george county. this happened at central avenue in capitol heights. you can see a police cruiser damaged as well as officers speaking with someone on the scene. no word on injuries or what may have caused the accident. we'll continue reaching out and let you know in the nbc washington app. developing this morning, montgomery police need your help finding this missing man. no one has heard from john donohoe for over two weeks now. >> police are looking for a woman who used his credit card at several prince george county stores. >> justin finch have more live from bethesda. >> reporter: aaron,
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back home soon. he was last seen in the area where we are now on auburn avenue here in bethesda. but now police are trying to find the woman, figure out who she is and also how she got her hands on donohoe's credit card. it was a week ago today, december 22nd that police say that woman was using donohoe's credit cards. montgomery police releasing surveillance footage of her in a checkout line with a small child at her side. authorities say she wraracked u charges of $700 but police note no action so far on donohoe's bank card or cell phone. his family owns donohoe construction and this morning his dad is hoping these clues will lead to them getting john back home. >> well the credit card has been used and john's not here. we don't know what the link is and we're -- we need to find john to find out what's going
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on. >> reporter: now police are also searching for donohoe's 2011 black chevy equinox. she's 36, 5'11" with dark hair and a mustache. back to you. 6:06. right now a d.c. family is hoping their daughter is safe. 0 osharna pittman is 13 years old. she's been missing since before christmas, last friday, the 23rd. last seen near the benning road metro station in northeast washington. she was wearing a green and blue coat, pink slippers at the time. police consider her a critical missing person. if you know where she is call d.c. youth and family services or the police squl. a 71-year-old is in critical condition. she and her 5-year-old great granddaughter disappeared driving from new jersey to north
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authorities is that their car got stuck. they believe he turned down a private road and ran over a small tree and got stuck. police say that she and the 5-year-old girl spent several days in the woods but luckily they had a little food and some drinks in the car. briely was found unconscious 50 yards from the car. >> they put her in one of the police cars. >> briely had to be air lifted to the hospital. the 5-year-old girl has been reunited with her family. the presidential transition is well under way and this morning we're learning new details about the inauguration of donald trump. we're told that trump is writing his own inaugural address. six faith leaders are set to participate including the archbishop of new york, hotel
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across the d.c. area and january 20th gets closer. call it a change of heart from president-elect donald trump after more tough talk on twitter. he spoke to rofrt eeporters abo nice talk he had with president obama. this after harsh remarks online. >> he called me, we had a very very good talk generally about things. he was in hawaii. and it was a very very nice call. >> now trump says that he and president obama plan to talk more leading up to the inauguration. >> another republican is throwing his hat into the ring to become virginia's next governor. denver rig lman is a former air force intelligence officer and currently owns a craft distillery outside charlottesville. he's hired a campaign manager and general consultant. throe other men are vying if the party's nomination for governor. let's give you a look
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the rain is coming down and we're getting reports of snow in some places. amelia draper back with a look at your forecast. keep this in mind if you see snow this morning. new england gearing up for 2 feet. remember the blizzard we had last year? they've got something like that going on. and friends of tricia mccauley peek
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welcome back. new englanders are bracing for a winter t winter storm today. >> people have been prepping for it for c
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which includes snow blower, milk, bread, bottles of wine. snow plow crews have been preparing by placing chains on their tires. the worst of the storm is going to be in central massachusetts through new hampshire. so check your flights. we're also dealing with our own winter storm around here. not quite that bad, right, amelia? >> right. so adam tuss on twitter is posting really good picture us out of frederick county of some slush on the sidewalks there. he's saying the road conditions are just fine. take a look at the temperatures. because in frederick we're still right around freezing. but everybody else on this map except for cumberland is above freezing. someone asking if i'm traveling from fredericksburg and baltimore, what am i dealing with. rainy conditions and wet roads. we'ry
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the sun comes out this afternoon. but guys, it's windy today and a high around 51 degrees. but again, jack, good news this morning. we're only dealing with mainly wet roads versus icy conditions. that's exactly what we're hearing. the long standing crash off of south mountain, that's gone. so now everybody with their speeds down hopefully these delays are ease out quickly. be careful with the wet roads. on the george washington parkway just beyond the second overlook, had a crash on both shoulders. the accident we had on 295 at howard, gone. thr just be careful. back to you. we can't get her back and that's, that's the reality and that's where we stand. >> raw emotions inside the courtroom as documents help
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mccallie. but there are still mysteries remaining this morning. >> and when and how tricia came into contact h with her accused kill kill killer duane johnson. there's a gap in the time when he left her home to head to a party. in the next 24 hours johnson was seen in two areas of northwest. the grim testimony yesterday was a lot for her loved ones to handle. >> if there's a possibility that this guy gets released again, i can't live with it. >> police say johnson had been ordered to wear a gps monitoring ankle bracelet for a prior arrest but he didn't. maryland governor larry hogan ordering flags to be lowered to half-staff to
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sergeant first class allen brown. he was injured by a suicide bomber early in november and died while being treated at walter reid medical center. developing this morning, two soldiers are dead in texas. investigators are trying to figure out why their apache helicopter crashed. the texas army national guard says the helicopter was on a routine flight when it broke apart in the air. the soldiers were the only people on board. both of their bodies were recovered from the galveston bay. utah's attorney general is threatening to sue president obama over two monuments. the land is considered sacred. critics of the monument say it's unnecessary federal control that closed the area to development and
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. if you are looking for something to do with the family own new year's day, we've got an easy free idea for you. you can take everybody over to virginia's 37 state parks, one of them anyways. admission won't cost you anything. plus if you take a family picture and post it before midnight, you could win a $500 dr prize. 6:17 right now. covering northern virginia, a family is getting help to fight their mold investation. the cleaning company is removing the mold free of charge. the davis family has lived in e home for two years. in that time the family has experienced lots of upper respiratory issues. they're also expecting their second baby soon. it would have cost $2,000 to remove the mold but dan derbes said she couldn't take the money from the child. >> mrs. davis
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worry about her child and unborn child being affected by the mold. i'm happy to give back to somebody who is giving back to the community as well. >> i don't know how i'll thank him. >> thanks to dan they can enter the new year in a clean safe home. in news4 your health, a new study out of vanderbilt university. suggesting that a child's math knowledge in preschool may predict their later achievement. researchers looked at 500 students for the study. kids who understand shapes and patterns early on tend to do well in fifth grade math. possible snow days for some folks. >> fairfax county parents may want to line up that backup childcare now. officials want you to be ready for school closures. maintain a regular database of regulated childcare problems in the country on
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nbc washington app. we turn right to amelia draper now to talk about the fact that we're seeing some snow even today. >> we were seeing a little snow up in frederick and snuff that we're seeing slush on the sidewalks there. talking to adam and looking at some wonderful videos and pictures he's put together on twitter. thankfully the roads are just wet this morning. take a look at his live shot from frederick county this morning. you can see this is a parking lot up in frederick. we'll have to ask adam. he can post on twitter. the ground is covered with a little bit of slush and temperatures in frederick right around freezing. we're getting reports from county officials that government offices opening
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with the blustery conditions. looking at your wind forecast. winds not much of a problem during the early morning hours. around news4 midday and this afternoon it does become windy. tomorrow on friday windy as well. winds up to 25-mile-per-hour gusts and that's the feels like temperatures tomorrow, 20s and 30s. it's the rain jacket this afternoon, the windbreaker and warm coat. your weekend outlook new year's eve. if you're going to be outdoors, i would recommend gloves and a scarf with temperatures in the 40s. at the redskins game, pack a poncho, there's a chance o
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look, tomorrow 42 but feels like the 20s and 30s. mid-40s on saturday, around 50 on sunday, january 1st. jack taylor any good new year's plans? let's see, probably, no. i don't have anything huge. i'm sure we'll get together with the family and put something together. let's begin southbound on the george washington parkway. there's a crash. everything is off to the shoulders but it's going to cause a slowdown. with the holiday light volume you don't have as much guidance in front of you. lots of green in the way of roadways. we had an earlier crash but apparently it's safely on the shoulder. are you one of those parents or grandparents who post a lot of pictures of your kids on facebook? how it may come back to haunt them when they're older. the search for a missing
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nbc washington facebook page. please share this for us. why police are so concerned for her well-being. and you know the saying, time is money, especially when it comes to express lanes in virginia. ghw you mit be able to cut
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oversharing your kids' photos on facebook could end up hurting them in the long run. australian researches say that most children will are 1,000 photos online by the time they're five. this new norm means that many children will have a digital identity created by somebody else. when the child grows up, they can't control who's seeing their baby pictures or embarrassing photos. a suspected iphone 7 leak is causing quite a stir online according to new information, the iphone 7 s and 7 s plus will be identical to the iphone 7 and 7 plus. if that is the case this would
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apple has stuck with the same design. but the site also says that tirks phone 7 s will increase screen size from 4.7 to five inches. >> first world problems. if you're driving in from the north or west this morning, you might want to give yours a little extra tomb. we're getting reports in the area. a closer look at what you'll face in your commute when we check back with in amelia draper. she was hollywood royalty and the last of a certain generation in tinsel town. friends and family remembering the life of debbie reynolds, one day after the death
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live pictures from frederick, marylan
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the snow has stopped fall but still have at least some rain and possibly wintry conditions to deal with on the ground on this storm team4 weather alert day. >> that doesn't look fun. >> that may have been snow there. i think it was rain. welcome back to news4 i'm aaron gillcrest. >> and i'm erica gonzalez. we're working for you to get you to work on time and depending on where you are it could be a tough commute. >> we'll check in with jack taylor in a minute. but let's start things off with storm team4 meteorologist amelia draper. >> we're under a storm team4 weather alert for another 30 minutes. whatever you're seeing in frederick at this point it's a raining snow. a surface observation connelling coming in as rain. a little bit of snow in areas well north of baltimore. but in the d.c.
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soggy. wet roads out there this morning. we're going to track showers until 9:00 a.m. by 11:00 a.m. it's cloudy with tern ch temperatures in the mid-40s. jack, wet roads this morning means you want to allow for some extra time heading into work. please do give it a few extra minutes. we're holiday light in volume. be careful when you're headed out. that could be the problem when you don't have anybody ahead of you. george washington park way just past the 7 overlook, the lanes are open. the beltway has been quiet. there was a crash on connecticut avenue, it's moved on and all travel lanes are open. back to you. 6:3w 1 checking our top stories this morning,no
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this morning. 84-year-old actress debbie reynolds, mother of carrie fisher is dead. reynoldss appeared in movies and plays for second decades. her most notable early performance kathy in singing in the rain. she did a breakout role when she was only 19 years old. this morning, montgomery police want to speak with a woman seen using a missing man's credit card. john donohoe disappeared two weeks ago. on december 22nd, this surveillance video capturing a woman using his credit card at several prince george county stores. she charged several hundred dollars on his credit cards. there is a gap in the timeline of tricia mccallie's timeline between 5:00 and 6:00. that's when she left her home on north capitol street to ataend a
6:33 am
new this morning, a woman missing in montgomery county. you see her picture here, 22-year-old kayla clark. she went missing last night. her caretakers are worried about her emotional and physical well-being. right now a wintry mix moving over maryland. >> adam tuss is on the road with a look at what you can expect this morning if you're heading out the door. pretty bundled up out there, adam. >> reporter: yeah, you can't do this with rain, right? i've got a slush snowball here that we've seen. take a look at this parking lot in frederick. it was mainly a cold rain when we came up here but the parking lot is pretty thick. we're not talking about a blizzard. just a little slick conditions. some of the sidewalks are slippery. definitely be aware of that. you mig
6:34 am
snow off of your car as well. and then i love to do this shot. that gives you an indication of what's falling. take a look up at the light and it's not simply rain. you can tell that there's a little bit of a wintry precip out here this morning. so a little bit extra time depending on what part of the area you're in. for most of 0 the metro area it was a cold rain. but a little farther north and west in frederick you've got to put the hat on or visor, whatever to get it off of your head. be careful. the beltway in northern virginia has seen an increase in traffic recently. that means higher tolls on the express lanes. the highest tolls are and the 7:00 and 8:00 in the morning and 5:00 and 6:00 in the evening. but if you travel outside the times you can could save 33% and 60% on your trip. some drivers don't care about the price of the toll and that the promise of a
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you on our app. head to the washington app and search financial reboot. we're in weather alert mode this morning rain and snow continue to fall in the area. what the roads are looking like on your drive to work. we neck in with amelia draper. it's video that might put auto pilot critics to rest. how the tesla technology avoided this accident. a deline looming whenad
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this morning a great morning to download the nbc washington app to track the latest radar right there on your phone. notice temperatures right now for the most part all above freezing except for frederick and cumberland coming in at 3237 you're going to be dealing with wet roads as you travel this morning. this afternoon it's about the winds and
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hey, amelia. if you're going to head out this morning. be careful. southbound george washington parkway, the activity was shouldered but now the tow truck is on scene and the left lane is closed. be careful. sounds like now up in howard county i-70 westbound at 29 a vehicle may have overturned. sounded like a quictruck. technology in action saved the lives of a family inside this tesla model x. this is dash cam video from the netherlands. it captured the moment that auto pilot radar detected a crash before the crash happened. >> tesla had come under fire if you'll remember earlier this year when a driver in florida using autopilot w
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♪ now at 6:45. another tranlic passing of a hollywood icon. what we're learning about the death of debbie reynolds. the search is on for a missing bethesda man and video of this woman. what police said she did that has them wanting to talk to her. and we're in weather alert mode as the rain and snow continue to come down in some areas. that is just one of the stories we're working on for you this morning. we'll cherk in wick in with ame draper and jack taylor in just a minute. ♪
6:46 am
but first, closing the curtain on a remarkable career. actress debbie reynolds died one day after her daughter carrie fisher died. reynolds was 84 years old. she acted for seven decades. her death came suddenly, shockingly last night and now reaction is pouring in. other celebrities are sharing their sadness. singer miley cyrus posted this saying it made her want to hug her mother and never let go. actress prelarson lit candles to honor reynolds and fisher. ellen degeneres says she can't imagine what the actresses' families are going through. >> a somber scene in hollywood as news of reynolds' death spread. fans gathering around her star
6:47 am
last night laying flowers and taking pictures honoring the legends. we've got so much material on debbie reynolds and her daughter on our nbc washington app. a deputy is in critical condition after being shot on the job. this happened at a home in chestertown. the deputy was escorting a woman to a home so she could get some clothes. the suspect shot at the deputy using a shotgun. the deputy fire back. the deputy is now in surgery in baltimo baltimore. we're working to learn more about this crash in prince george's county. it happened at central avenue and richie road in capitol heights overnight. a police cruiser is damaged as well as officers speaking with someone at the scene. wo
6:48 am
accident right now. mon comery police need your help finding this missing man. no one had heard from john donohoe for two weeks. >> now police are looking for a woman who used his credit card at several stores. >> justin finch has more on the latest twist of the investigation from bethesda. >> reporter: aaron, good morning. the donohoes are hoping that someone can help them bring john home. and police are put out the surveillance video of a woman seen using his credit card. detectives say he was swiping that card. montgomery police putting out the footage op her in a checkout line with a small child at her side. detectives are looking to speak with her. authorities say she wracked up several hundred in charges. but no action recorded so far on donohoe's bank
6:49 am
phone. he's not been seen since december 17th, two weeks ago. and his dad did speak to news4. >> the kred card has been used and john is not here. we don't know what the link is. we're -- we need to find john. we need to find out what's going on. >> reporter: police are also looking for his 2011 brak chevy equinox suv with maryland tag 2 ak 8853. right now d.c. police are asking for you help to find this critical missing teenager. this is 13-year-old 0 osharna pittman, been gone for the last six days. last seen at the benning rode metro station, wearing a green and blue coat at the time. a 71-year-old is in serious condition after being stuck in the woods for several days in the richmond area. she and
6:50 am
granddaughter disappeared driving from new jersey to north carolina. their car got stuck. police believe barbara briery turned down a private road, ran over a small tree and got stuck there. well she and her 5-year-old spent the next several days in the woods but luckily they had a little food and something to drink inside the car. by the time authorities got there, briely was found unconscious. >> two of the deputies actually carried ms. briely 100 yards to the main path where they put her in one of their police cars. >> briely was air lifted to the hospital. the 5-year-old girl has been reunited with her family. the presidential transition is well under way of course and this morning we're learning new details about donald trump's upcoming inauguration. we're told that trump is writing his own natural rale address, six faith leaders are gg
6:51 am
participate, also hotel bookings are starting to pick up across the d.c. region as we get closer to january 20th. another republican is throwing his aed r hat into the ring to become virginia's new governor. three other men are also vying for the party's nomination for governor. which celebrity would you like to live next door to. akourgd to celeb neighborhood survey, the obamas take the top spot. >> coming in second dewayne the rock johnson followed by my favorite chip and joanna gaines. chips lasts everywhere. on the least desirable side, the beebs. justin bieber. this is his second time making the list. nobody wants to live next to him. >> i don't want to live next door to the rock.
6:52 am
>> that's exactly who i want to live next to. >> can i get an amen? >> that's why you want to live next to him. >> we can go for runs together, you know. >> sure. >> i go to take the trash out, i got to go out like this. >> glad to know you have it planned out. here's a look at storm team4 radar right now. kind of a lot going on here. let's first look at frederick where you're seeing a little bit of a wintry mix up there in some spots, mainly a mix of rain and snow. adam posting many great pictures on twitter this morning of what he's seeing up in the area. bottom line, if you're in frederick and washington counties, you do want to allow some extra time for the commute this morning. notice here in the d.c. metro area we're seeing rain showers but already drying out in parts of fairfax county, all of
6:53 am
loudoun county. we're dry at 9:00 a.m. but also windy today, high around 51. windy and cold tomorrow feel like 20s and 30s throughout the day. new year's eve day a high of 46 and it will be breezy but dry from start to finish. maybe an isolated shower or two around on sunday including the risk of a shower towards the end of the redskins game. and then look to next thursday, friday and saturday, highs only in the low to mid 30s. erica and aaron. and we want to check in now with transportation reporter adam tuss. hey, man. you got -- last time we saw you you had a snowball in your hand. i see the same thing >> reporter: i will take storm team4 meteorologist i mean if you really want to up me to that level.
6:54 am
dug take a look here. we have a slushy mix on the ground here. we've been seeing this on our drive up here, on 270 it was really just a cold rain. but now the rain continue to fall a little bit more in this area. what we saw was covering the parking lot here and some of the pavement has now started to go down a little bit. but it's slick in this area. if you're going out, be careful. a little slushy spots on the ground to deal with in this area. jack taylor, any problems on the road? >> yes, unfortunately when it's wet we have the issues. new crashes in maryland on the 5 southbound after 198, only two left lanes are getting by. authorities on the scene. a truck overturned i-70 westbound out here 29.
6:55 am
parkway second overlook, sounds like the tow truck was on the scene blocking the left lane. should have everything open here very quickly. back to you. good morning, i'm landon dowdy, twitter wants to give you a panoramic view of the world. you can use the company's live streaming service periscope to broadcast 360-degree video directly to your time line. the videos will be limited to flex partners right now but anyone can watch them. facebook and youtube have similar issues. aaron, back to you. >> i'm trying to twitter live thing now. i'm a little slow. 360, right? >> thanks, landon. if you live in virginia the deadline to qualify for a state income tax deduction is approaching.
6:56 am
college savings plan accounts must be made by saturday. the sate tax law allows taxpayers to deduct up in a single year from their state individual income tax. it is 6:56 now. here are four things to know before you head out the door. donald trump says he and president obama had a nice talk after lashing out against him on twitter. trump remains at his florida estate preparing for january 20th inauguration. the search is on for a woman seen using a missing man's credit card. john do that ho disappeared two weeks ago and last week surveillance video caught this woman charging several hundred dollars on his car. there's a gab in the time line between 5:30 and 6:00 of tricia mccallie. the yoga instructor's body was found in her car on tuesday. duane johnson charged with her murder. another bright star dimmed. one day of actres
6:57 am
died, her mother debbie reynolds has died too. you can read some of the shocking reactions coming from hollywood on the nbc washington app. next on "today" they're going to have all of the tribute to reynolds that have come in overnight. a look at your final weather. showers are over by 9:00 a.m. if not earlier. clearing this afternoon but windy later today. a high around 51. windy and cold tonight. throughout the day tomorrow. really only feels like we're in the 20s. that is the news4 today.
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breaking overnight -- double the heartbreak. legendary actress debbie reynolds dies just one day after daughter carrie fisher. the heartbreak. her son saying the stress of the loss was too much for the 84 year old telling him i want to be with carrie. we will look back at the career of one of the biggest stars of hollywood. powerful mess. up to two feet of snow expected. icy freezing rain in others and al says it is adding up to a dangerous commute. playing nice. president-elect trump talks to president obama hours after accusing him of


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