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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  January 2, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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running a little bit behind today. yesterday it rolled into dulles international at about 4:15 p.m. the airport authority, fire and rescue crews were waiting at gate b-16. they had two big concerns. was the person locked inside the car g hold really an employee or some kind of stowaway. and what was his medical condition? it was an express jet similar to this one. fire and rescue crews waiting to see who was inside a pressurized cargo hold 37. >> it's going to be an apparent baggage handler that got locked inside the baggage compartment. >> reporter: police on scene express another concern, for security. >> they want to make sure the person involved is an employee and not a stowaway. >> reporter: flight 6060 took off at
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dulles an hour and 22 minutes later. we're still working to find out when someone realized there was a man in the cargo hold. emergency workers discover the man is okay once on the ground. but there are still questions about whether he truly is a baggage handler. >> he's refusing medical attention. we're going to work it as a security incident until we can, i guess, get some confirmation to you who he is even though he's dressed for a ramp worker in charlotte. the flight crew doesn't remember seeing him or anything like that. >> reporter: another complication, the man is missing some key identification. >> he does have a valid company it for g2 secure services. >> reporter: the man was detained while representatives from the tsa, faa and united airlines joined the investigation. today in response to our questions, united airlines
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issued a written statement confirming the incident and adding once at the gate, an employee of the airlines ground handling vendor was found unharmed in the aircraft's cargo hold. we are looking into what happened. now i learned the name of that baggage handling vendor g2 secure staff. it employs thousands of airport workers across the country. i have e-mailed them for comment but have not yet heard back. we're working to learn more about a developing story in the district. d.c. police found a u-haul truck with several atms in the back on 38th street southeast near pennsylvania avenue. police don't know whether there was money in the aatms or where they were original located. we're just 18 days now from the start of a new administration. president obama and his family arrived back here in washington after spending the holidays in hawaii. with less than three weeks left in office, the president is
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preparing to try and save his signature legislation. on wednesday mr. obama will meet with democrats up on capitol hill to discuss the affordable care act. next week, the president will continue a tradition that dates back to george washington, delivering a farewell speech from his hometown, chicago. this is also a busy time for donald trump, who is back in new york now. the president-elect still has to make a couple of cabinet picks. and later this week, we could learn more about trump's stance on russia's alleged involvement in the presidential election. over the weekend trump appears to question u.s. intelligence and whether russia had been involved in hacking. trump told reporters, that's a hard thing to prove and said he knows things that others do not. trump's incoming press secretary appearing on the today show this morning. >> the president-elect will be briefed by senior members of the intelligence community later this week. at that time he'll be able to determine whether or not he believes that the response was
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taken. >> meanwhile the nearly three dozen russian diplomats who president obama ordered to leave the country have arrived back in russia tonight, landing early this morning in moscow. people are sounding off on social media over the news the marching band from alabama's oldest private historically black college will perform at donald trump's inauguration. they have yet to officially confirm. howard university didn't even apply to be part of the parade. meanwhile we're hearing more about how the inauguration could be a big boost for some local businesses. news4 is live along the parade route tonight. >> reporter: you know it is a time honored tradition here in washington, d.c. to cash in on the inauguration, everyone from street vendors to five star hotels are hoping to get a piece of the action. but the question this year has been how much action will there actually be.
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not be bringing in as many people as businesses hoped there are sure to be big crowds. >> clearly it will not be the same numbers as the last two inaugurations. >> reporter: while big crowds are expected, businesses like hotels and restaurants were hoping for another 2009, president obama's first inauguration that set records for nearly 2 million people. president-elect donald trump's upset victory has hurt hotel sales. >> i think if it had gone any other direction, hotels would be full by now. now they're seeing hotel reservations picking up. some hotels are full. >> reporter: experts say we won't see the same numbers for trump's inauguration as for obamas, the women's march and other protests that have been planned for the inauguration and the day after could help to boost those nu
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reservations are picking up. there's a lot of momentum not only for inauguration but for the march that takes place the next day. >> reporter: while some high end hotels have reported being sold out already, including trump international, lots of hotels are hoping for a last-minute surge. >> they're picking up significantly better than anticipated. usually the day after a candidate has been chosen, hotels normally see a large influx of reservations. that didn't happen this year because quite frankly i think everyone was taken by surprise by the outcome. >> reporter: to give you an idea of just the big differences 2009 inauguration to inauguration, president george w. bush saw about 300 to 500,000 people for his inaugurals. president obama had nearly 2 million for his first. but the occupancy rate in 2009 for d.c. was 90%.
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inauguration that number dropped to 70%. this year they're saying if they could get to 70%, that would be a big win for businesses here. like many of you, congress is going back to work tomorrow. republican leaders are think appealing president obama's affordable care act is their first order of business. elijah cummings urged people to sign up before the next deadline. >> we've got to make sure we get people enrolled up until the very last moment that they can be enrolled. >> democrats are meeting with president obama wednesday to strate strategize how to protect the affordable care act. donald trump said he likes some provisions of the law including protections for people with preexisting conditions. people going to the sugar bowl in new orleans had to
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torrential rain and wind. the mississippi gulf coast is also bracing for some severe weather. fire officials believe a lightning strike sparked this house fire near dallas. the own homhomeowner says he he loud bang for the smoke alarms went off in the home. everyone made it out safely. >> we can't to turn to doug kammerer. that same system is going to bring us rain tomorrow but nothing severe. >> we're not going to see severe weather or thunderstorm activity. it's just going to be rain, but another dreary day for sure. cold and rainy today. just brutal weather. if you're going back to work tomorrow, you'll need the umbrellas again. here's the radar over the last couple of hours showing the rain as it continues to cross our region. now just about done but we still have some areas of drizzle and light rain. you see some up around the frederick area and the rest of the region
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as we widen out, here comes round two. that extremely strong storm down to the south. even one tornado has been reported in mississippi. all of this rain now making its way our way. it will be here tomorrow, so a very wet day out there on our tuesday. rain, rain and more rain. here comes the cold moving in on wednesday. we'll talk about our snow chances and then of course tracking our next storms. it is storms plural. it's going to be a rather stormy first week of 2017. we're following some breaking news right now in montgomery county where police are searching for whoever shot and wounded a woman. this happened late this afternoon in gaithersburg. let's get right to pat collins live at the scene. what have you learned? >> reporter: we're in the 100 block of lamont lane here in gaithersburg. it happened at that red brick house over there. it happened around 3:30 this afternoon. police say a young woman,
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woman in her 20s was shot in the leg. she was wounded. she was taken to the hospital. they say she's expected to be okay. police are looking for a suspect. they describe him as a short man, wearing a dark jacket. they say he's armed with a gun. he's considered to be dangerous. at this point it's unclear what the motive is. it's unclear as to whether or not she knows the suspect. gaithersburg police are here. they've been here for about an hour and a half. they're asking questions, looking for evidence. i hope to have more on this case later on. now back to you. still ahead, a search for answers after a rapper known for his socially conscious lyrics are shot and killed. what his family and friends want people to know about him. police in turkey carrying out raids tonight in connection with that deadly
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attack. the american who escaped the carnage by playing dead. and the new year all about resolutions. have you made any, jim? >> oh yeah. >> coming up, the changes financial
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turkey are trying to use surveillance video images to identify the man whom they say opened fire, killing at least 39 people and wounding dozens more inside a nightclub. it comes as turkish media reports police have taken eight people into custody. isis is claiming responsibility. >> reporter: turkish authorities say they are getting closer to figuring out who this attacker was. the deputy prime minister said they have fingerprints and they also have a very good description. a turkish authorities have been giving photos to turkish media of the man they say is the gunman. these are grainy, difficult to discern screen grabs from security footage. turkish police say this is their man. they have yet to put a name, though, to that face. they also have, according to the deputy prime minister, at least eight people detne
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relation to this attack. istanbul police say it lasted seven minutes, that more than 100 shots were fired inside the nightclub. from the prime minister we heard yesterday that the gun was left behind. that may well be that crucial piece of evidence which is giving them access to the fingerprints. an american was inside the nightclub when the shooting happened. an american called jake raak. >> somebody said that there were shots fired. i initially did not believe it until i saw the gunman. then he started shooting up the whole place. >> reporter: he was released from the hospital and is now on his way home. according to the state department, they know of no other americans among the victims. >> she mentioned the american wounded in that attack. that
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delaware. news4's chris lawrence is in the stud o studio with a look at how the man was able to survive. >> he considers himself lucky. he's a defense contractor originally from pennsylvania. his brother tells our station in philly he had just celebrated his 35th birthday days before the shooting. he spoke in his hospital room with nbc's richard engel about the horrifying or deadeal. he dove under a bench and played dead as the gunman went and shot people already on the ground. >> i do find myself very fortunate. i was with dying people. seven of us were shot. when he shot me, i didn't move. i just let him shoot me. >> reporter: you didn't flinch? >> no. you've got to stay as calm as you can. >> reporter: and take the
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i took a bullet. >> he says his phone may have been crucial. the bullet went from his hip to his knee where it lodged and it missed all of his major arteries. in news for your health now the american college of physicians has now added a popular medication to its recommendation for type two diabetics. metformin has been added for bringing down high blood sugar levels and is often less expensive. meantime, you're never too young for a new year's resolution. the american academy of pediatrics says even preschoolers can get in on. for them being friendly to animals or brushing your teeth twice
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washing their hands after using the bathroom and before eating. think about safety from the internet to in-person things like wearing a helmet. and for teens, vowing not to text while driving or complete a community service project. all good ideas. some of us have already plo blown our own resolutions. if you haven't made one yet, you may want to think about how you handle your money. some advice from financial experts tonight that you may want to consider for 2017. >> paying down debt tops the list of financial resolutions. experts say you should make for the new year. and start with all those bills you ran up last month celebrating christmas. >> the last thing you want to do
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feelings by starting the new year with a holiday debt hanging over that you're facing for the next few months. >> a consumer survey by fidelity investments indeed found many americans including debt reduction among their top financial goals for 2017. >> we've seen people really focus on making sure they can pay off debt, curb their spending. there's been a real surge in focus on savings. >> fidelity vice president ken herbert says the firm's survey of more than 2,000 people found the vast majority more willing to make resolutions because they're so optimistic. >> in fact, seven out of 10 respondents, which is the highest it's been in a while, are telling us they feel much better about the path forward. >> another survey of some 3,000 americans by go banking found saving more, spending less the top resolution. and agree with fidelity's
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finding that the key beyond making resolutions is making sure they happen. if you're already wondering if you'll be able to follow through on your resolutions we've posted a video in our nbc washington app on the ways you can get yourself to stick with it. calling all writers. the city of alexandria wants to feature your work. it's holding a poetry contest to coincide with national poetry month. you have until february 1st to submit your best poems. the winners will be published inside dash buses and trolleys in april. you have to be at least 16 to enter. a familiar face as new members of the d.c. council are sworn in today. the polical come back by former mayor vince gray after years of fighting allegations of campaign wrongdoing.
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a damp and dreary day out there on our monday. not the best way to start the new year, that's for sure. tomorrow again the first day of the workweek for many of you and looks like we have more rain on tap. take a look outside right now. temperature-wise we are on the cool
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not only is it damp and dreary. it's chilly. 44 degrees right now. temperatures staying about where they are now if not rising just a little bit by 9,10, 11:00 hour. the roads will continue to be on the wet side. look at the numbers. it's a chilly rain. 39 in frederick. winchester coming in at 37. most of the rain is out of here, but we continue to see areas of drivel and light rain every once in a while across the area. you don't see much on the radar but we are still seeing drizzle in parts of the region. that's moving out of here. what's coming next? what's coming next is another storm system that's now down to the south. this has a lot of strong and severe weather. by this time tomorrow morning that's when the rain does move in. it's going to bring something else with it too. those temperatures are going to be going up. we are going to
5:25 pm
tomorrow. we'll get into the 50s. i don't think we'll see 60s but we'll get into the 50s tomorrow with that rain coming down. again, tonight, a few more showers out there and areas of drizzle continuing. tomorrow, here comes the rain right around 5:00, 6:00. heavy rain in here just in time for the morning rush. it's going to be a tough morning go of things, especially for that rush hour because of all the rain. heaviest rain i think between 7:00 and 10:00. and seeing the rain begin to let up around 11:00, but it stays around here and we still see showers during the afternoon. tomorrow a very wet day. some locations could pick up an inch of rain or so. high of 53. in the next couple of days we see a little bit of sunshine on wednesday, 54 degrees. wednesday actually
5:26 pm
numbers. on thursday high of 36 degrees and we are in the 30s all the way through the weekend. some snow chances late thursday night into early friday morning. a few showers possible. not expecting much in the way of accumulation, though. this is a very quick moving system. there's another system on saturday. this is the one i talked about last week. right now looks like it may stay just to our south and east meaning you'll have sunshine and cold temperatures. 33 on monday. the cold looks like it wants to stick around for a while as we make our way into the first weekend of the new year. >> too cold for me, doug. thank you. three new members sworn in at the d.c. council today. one of them a familiar face. tom sherwood has more on vincent gray's return to local politics. plus, a virginia state trooper injured after a
5:27 pm
leads police on a high speed chase. new details about the suspect tonight. y27mky y16fy
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you're watching news4 at 5:00. right now at 5:30, a familiar face returning to the political scene as d.c.'s newest council members are
5:30 pm
and a search for answers tonight as a rapper is shot and killed. right now prince george's county police are looking for three gunman who shot and killed a plan inside the capitol heights home on thursday. the victim was an accomplished musician who broke barriers in d.c.'s rap music scene. >> reporter: it's not easy to make it as a rapper if you're from the d.c. area. but this is a man who was able to do it in the '90s and continued rapping until his death. now prince george's county police are trying to figure out who would want to kill him. ♪ ka lil wiggins was considered to be a legend in washington, d.c. they even starred in a film with morgan freeman called guilty by association. it was something most unusual for d.c. kn
5:31 pm
go music than its rap music scene. >> they had a big tour bus. this was in the '90s. i was away at school in michigan. i remember one day sitting in my dorm watching ing b.e.t. and t video came on. >> he was shot in his home. the gunman never made it inside of the house. they shot from the outside killing kalil who was inside of the home at the time. police are looking for suspects and a motive in this case. >> there were three masked suspects involved in this incident. we are asking for the public's help if they have any information you can remain anonymous. >> reporter: wiggins was laid to rest on sunday. his family and friends are reeling from his violent loss. >> his spirit was so uplifting that he will make you feel like you can conquer the world. this is a terrible situation. it's
5:32 pm
brunt of it right now. >> reporter: wiggins also worked with kids teaching them music and production and writing. his family wants his murders brought to justice. there were people inside of that home and they tell us what wiggins' last words were, coming up. thank you. an inmate has apparently killed himself inside a southeast washington jail. corrections officers tell us they found harold scales in his cell unresponsive around 9:00 on saturday night. the 34-year-old later died at the hospital. both d.c. police and officials at the d.c. jail central detention facility on d street are investigating. former d.c. mayor vincent gray officially returned to public life today. gray was sworn in as the new ward seven council member. many see gray as a potential candidate for mayor again, but the field is far from set.
5:33 pm
>> aye. state your name please. >> vincent gray. >> vince gray's swear-in had a personal touch. >> welcome back, my friend. [ cheers and applause ] >> mayor bowser sat nearby as gray offered veiled criticism of bowser's sloganeering versus action. >> too many people have watched while some benefit from prosperity and others remain stagnant. >> mayor bowser didn't shy from the background battle reminding gray and others of their solemn oath of office. >> we swear or affirm that we are not making decisions just for our own ward, just for our own interests. >> gray blames his loss as
5:34 pm
he was never diindicted. he says he's looking ahead. >> people as me about running again for mayor. it's not a decision i've made. it's not something we've ruled out. >> bowser said she's running again but hadn't yet set up a campaign committee. he says he'll make any career decisions later this year. in the district, tom sherwood. a virginia man now faces charges in a new year's day shooting. leesburg police tell us justin robin turned himself in last night. he's accusing of shooting a man yesterday morning. the victim is recovering. pl police say the shooting was not gang related. a young woman from vienna facing charges for leading st
5:35 pm
one of their patrol cars. this happened saturday morning on intersatate 495. a trooper pulled her over for speeding but she took off reaching speeds of more than 110 miles an hour. state police say she lost control of her minivan after intentionally ramming a trooper's patrol car. troopers arrested her at the scene. the 27-year-old faces a list of charges including attempted malicious wounding of a law enforcement officer. jurors will start contemplating the fate of a man who shot and killed nine african-american people during bible study in south carolina. dylann roof was found guilty of multiple charges in the case. tomorrow the trial moves into the sentencing phase. roof is facing the death penalty. prosecutors plan to call up to 38 people related to the victims and three who survived that attack in 2015. roof is representing himself and underwent a second
5:36 pm
hearing today. two corrections officers are on leave after an inmate escaped from a maximum security jail in rhode island. investigates say james morales climbed a basketball hoop, cut through a fence and climbed through razor wire. the corrections officers are on paid leave pending the investigation. a man charged with 25 counts of murder should go on trial this week. barry cadden is the former pharmacy executive blamed for a national meningitis outbreak back in 2012. prosecutors say his boston area drug compounding center used expired ingredients and failed to follow cleanliness standards when making certain steroids. 750 people got sick from his steroid injections. 64 of them died. cadden has pleaded not guilty. his attorney says prosecutors are over reaching on the murder charges. drivers now paying the highest new year's gas
5:37 pm
it's the beginning of an expensive year at the pump. >> reporter: a man is shot and robbed while walking out of a house here in northeast. what one commissioner is doing to try to keep crime out of the
5:38 pm
5:39 pm
we are still more than eight months away but excitement is
5:40 pm
the next solar eclipse. columbia is one of the parts of the u.s. mainland that's expected to experience a rare event, total darkness. it's in what astronomers call the path of totality. doesn't that sound serious? eclipse watchers in that area could expect a 360 degrees sunset. >> the corona is actually the frilly stuff that goes all along the edges. it's the atmosphere of the sun. the only time you can see the corona is during a total solar eclipse. >> while we're not in the path of totality, we should be able to see part of that eclipse. the date is monday, august 21st. expect to spend a little more at the gas pump this week. 2017 is starting with prices an average of 35 cents higher than they were at the
5:41 pm
analysts blame a jump in the price on crude oil. today the national average for a gallon of regular is 2.34. maryland drivers should see prices around that average. drivers in d.c. will pay more, an average of 2.59 a gallon. virginia offers the cheapest gas with an average price of 2.19 a gallon. trying to be less stressed in 2017. a new work e-mail law in france may make your jealous. as of the new year, workers have the right to disconnect after hours. members of parliament argue being expected to check in e-mail before and after work doesn't give employees a chance to mentally leave the office and that can contribute to stress. there's no penalty for violating the law but the hope is that companies voluntarily comply, thinking that it's good for their -- it's not going to work here in the u.s. can you imagine? >> especially not here
5:42 pm
show. we can't even make it through a commercial break. coming up on news4 at 5:00 tonight, an old problem rears its ugly head in the new year. the crime that has some residents on edge in northeast d.c. and the tools that one council member says can help prevent more. a disappointing end to the season for the redskins. the finality hits home today as the guys clear out their lockers. today's rain trying to make its way out of here but here's tomorrow's rainmaking its way our way. as it does, some of that rain could be heavy at times.
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brazen and bold crimes are already happening in the new year. and the community activist in the district says there's a way that a lot of people don't know about to help keep crime out. news4 is live in northeast d.c. with the details. >> reporter: we went all up and down l street tonight, jim, asking people about the security camera rebate program. most of them, a vast majority, didn't know about it. >> they clipped the whole door off the hinges. >> reporter: someone broke into her home in northeast a few years ago. >> and took what i worked hard to pay for. so i was really hurt by that. >> reporter: barber is planning to get a security camer
5:46 pm
to d.c.'s rebate program. it reimbursing homeowners up to $500 to put up security cameras. cathy henderson is sick of it. already a man was shot and robbed walking out of a house on 21st street this morning. a security camera paid for by the subsidy helped police investigating a robbery and shooting over a pair of shoes in november. today henderson is going door to door to make sure residents know about the rebate. >> we have the power to make 2017 one of the best years with the lowest crime rate on record. and that's our goal. >> reporter: barbara wants to get a camera as soon as possible. >> it will give me a lot of peace of mind. >> reporter: so barber is going to be out handing out flyers with police that talk about the program, what it is and how people can find oor
5:47 pm
she's going to be doing that out in that block where that man was shot this morning. and he is expected to recover. back to you. he is convicted of killing two fbi agents and there is a statue of him outside of american university. that is causing a lot of controversy. here's the statue. a.u. says it will remove the giant statute of leonard peltier who is serving two life sentences for the death of those fbi agents. he said he fired on the two officers but did not fire the deadly rounds. clemency advocates installed the statue in september. some have called it an insult to law enforcement. a.u. says it has no position on peltier's case. a touching tribute to the victims of the orlando nightclub attack. >> there go the doves, 49 of m.
5:48 pm
doves one for each victim of the pulse nightclub shooting in june. the aids healthcare foundation sponsored the display. dozens of other floats went down the street in california during the 128th annual rose parade. the theme was echoes of success. well, folks, i could here her yelling at the tv from her house into my house. that was painful. first anger, then some tears. >> you heard it all. i didn't realize i was being that loud. but oh my heart was crushed. you know i was hoping, dearly hoping, that we could make it to the playoffs. but instead the dreaded locker room cleanout. the players still processing the bitter end to the season. >> reporter: less than 24 hours after a playoff berth was
5:49 pm
hated rival, another tough outing for the redskins, locking cleanout day. plastic bags instead of the playoffs, that's the cost of a loss to the giants. instead of a postseason run, a pile of questions without answers. >> it's hard. still doesn't even feel real right now. >> it's tough. kind of disappointing. you know, we had a lot of weapons and didn't make it to the playoffs. disappointing. >> reporter: let the kirk cousins' contract talk begin. the team can start negotiating right now. will they agree on a long-term deal? will they franchise tag him again? cousins explained why his price tag is so high. >> it's not so much a dollar amount as it is a percentage of the cap.
5:50 pm
really taking regardless of the dollar amount that it is? so that percentage, i think, is what my agent has always and will always focused on and negotiated off of. >> he's really improved his game a lot in the past couple of years. a lot of that has to do with the players around him, the offensive line around him. he's got to have some good will towards this organization. they put him in some good situations to succeed. >> reporter: the off season work is just beginning as a harsh reality sets in. there is no guarantee that kirk cousins will ever wear a redskins uniform again. >> think about that for a minute. this weather is just so fitting to the dismal day yesterday, doug. >> exactly right. might as well be damp and dreary the day after the skins lost. as we look outside right now, we're still dealing with the clouds and the dreary conditions, the fog. s
5:51 pm
it's going to be another nasty day out there tomorrow. right now current temperature 44 degrees, winds out of the northeast at 12 miles an hour. that puts our windchills in the 30s right now. current temperatures 44 d.c., 39 hage hagerstown back to the west into the 60 degree range. that's some of the warmer air that will move in. i don't think we'll get to 60 but i'm thinking 53 tomorrow in d.c. the rain that we had out there earlier is now moving out but still some drizzle and again the fog will continue too. that's our area of rain that we saw all day today. as that moves out our next rain moves in. here it is down to the south around memphis,atlanta, alabama. very strong storms here. we're in the going to see the strong storms but we are going to get in on the rain, another inch of rain tomorrow after all day today. temperatures 44 degrees at the start just like it is right now with some showers. but then r
5:52 pm
around 7:00, :8:00 and continuig through about noon. the wettest part of the day will be the early part of the day. by 8:00 tomorrow night i think all the of the rain is out of here and temperatures around 48 degrees. you'll need the umbrellas tomorrow. much colder late week. temperatures will be in the 30s for an extended range here. this is the coldest that we've seen so far. right now i've got next two days in the 50s. then five days in a row in the 30s. continue that into tuesday and wednesday, so very cold air. tracking a system on thursday night into friday. now, it's not going to be a big system at all. as a matter of fact a very small weak system. it could bring us a chance for a few showers late thursday night into friday morning. don't be surprised friday morning you wake up to snow on the rooftops or the car. what about the nex
5:53 pm
we've been talking about it. it's on saturday. temperatures around 35. so if anything was to come up the coast, it would be snow. look, i've got sunshine here. the reason why -- there we go. so we've got the cold air. have you ever heard the expression too cold to snow? well, it's too cold. the cold air sags down to the south and pushes that low pressure to our south and that keeps the best chance of snow closer to raleigh than washington. this will continue to move out the coast. it's going to take a while, we're still five, six days out. we will continue to track this the next couple of days. this is happening on saturday and sunday just in time for the health and fitness expo. >> good weekend to be indoors at the convention center. >> exactly. three lucky people in virginia are starting the year with a lot more money. but so far they haven't come forward. the virginia lotte
5:54 pm
sold three $1 million tickets for its new year's millionaire raffle. the tickets were sold in manassas, richard and lynchburg. you can check the winning ticket numbers on the nbc washington app. >> i'd take anyone of those dollar amounts. a million is always good. hey, working out tops the list of many people's new year's resolution. >> still ahead, a look at the crush of new and returning members and how they're coexisting on one of the busiest days for fitness. >> reporter: here with all the new year's resolut
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nbc 4 working for you in the community. our 24th annual health an fitness expo is now just five days away. it's this saturday and sunday at the washington convention center. there will be medical tests and screenings, wellness information, demonstrations too, not to mention a few celebrity guests and some of your favorite news4 reporters and anchors. the best part, it's all free. we've got all the details in our nbc august app. just search health and fitness expo. well, some of you may be thinking of hitting the gym this new year. but what do the regulars think of all those people who show up like me this
5:58 pm
resolutions? we went to vida fitness to find out. >> reporter: sure as the new year will come to the world, so too will the new year's crowds to the gym. >> come around christmas, new year's to kind of restart my jim religion. >> reporter: but for those just getting off the couch, not only are they trying to step up their game, they're doing it next to people who have been at it for years. >> i come almost every day. >> i've been here for almost two years. >> you sort of come and go and then you see some people consistently and they're the true believers. >> reporter: the veterans here know the january drill. >> sometimes you have to accommodate and get there a little bit early to get a space. >> reporter: this gym generally sees hundreds more people in january. but that number normally trickles out by the end of the month. >> at first i used to get a little annoyed by it because i
5:59 pm
long. >> reporter: most of the veterans' only real complaints are that the newbies don't stay. >> i hope they find something that really works for them so they don't come and burn out and forget their resolutions. >> i'm a true believer. >> reporter: as woody allen put it, 80% of success is showing up. now at 6:00, mixed messages from president-elect trump over russia's role in our election. a scare in the air as worker gets trapped in a cargo hold on a flight to dulles. tonight the questions about saf safety. more rain in our forecast is for tomorrow as well as many of us prepare to go back to work for the first time in the new year. news4 at 6:00
6:00 pm
first night of politics you can expect big crowds and tight security when donald trump is sworn in as president. it's 18 days from now. >> all this amid a new era in washington. the new congress will be sworn in tomorrow. republicans have a big to do list. >> we have team coverage of the transition. we begin with steve handelsman. >> democrats here on the hill do not have the numbers. they don't have the votes to save the affordable care act. soon they will lose the president who's veto they downed onto stop republican repeals. but led by him, democrats will keep fighting. push back from the president. home from hawaii, barack obama will go to capitol hill wednesday after congress reconvenes. gop leaders in the house and senate plan quick action to roll back obama environmental regulations, cut corporate and personal tax rates and kill obamacare.


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