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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  January 2, 2017 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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tonight, terror manhunt. the urgent search for the gunman who launched that horrific new new year's nightclub attack with isis now claiming responsibility. tonight, one american's harrowing story of survival. trump's secret? new fallout from the president-elect's claims he has inside information about cyber attacks on the u.s. midair horrors. new details about two planes that collided over texas and what nbc news has learned about an alarming trend in our nation's skies. teen trackers. with so many kids getting new smartphones over the holidays new apps to protect them by monitoring their every move. smell the roses. they survived tough battles, now they're celebrating life in one of our country's grandest traditions. "nigly
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good evening. i'm kate snow in for lester tonight. and there is an intense manhunt under way in turkey. police there releasing new images today of the man they say stormed into a nightclub just after partygoers rang in the new year, opening fire and killing at least 39 people. isis has now claimed responsibility for that attack, raising new questions about the terror group's potential in 2017. and as the investigation continues, we're learning more about what happened in less than ten minutes inside the club that night, including exclusive new details from an american who was shot and trapped. our chief foreign correspondent richard engel is in istanbul. >> reporter: tonight a hunt is on for this man. turkish media
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video he reportedly took days before he ran into a nightclub and unloaded into the crowds on new year's eve. 27 of the 39 people killed were foreign tourists from israel to lebanon, india and beyond. among the dozens injured was american jake raak. he told us hundreds had just welcomed in the new year when a gunman burst in. today raak was recovering from a gunshot wound. >> i was probably the luckiest person in the whole thing. i do find myself very fortunate. i was with dying people. seven of us were shot. >> reporter: hiding under a bench, pretending to be dead, raak suffered through the pain fearing any sound or move would betray him to the gunman. >> he was walking on the bench above my head where my head was underneath. when he shot me i didn't move, i just let him shoot me. >> reporter: isis said the attacker who shot unarmed people was a soldier of the brave caliphate.
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club for seven to ten minutes, reloading multiple times, witnesses say, and still managed to escape even though there's a police station just across the street. isis appears set to be on the offensive in 2017. today isis said it killed dozens in a bombing in baghdad. just last month that deadly truck attack in berlin, and now istanbul. raak and his friends believe the gunman had help inside the club. turkey has released images of the gunman and says it has his fingerprints but has yet to find him. the fear is he could slip into isis territory in syria before they do. >> richard engel in turkey. with 18 days until the inauguration, president-elect trump faces fire from both sides of the aisle tonight. he's raising concerns by suggesting he will share new revelations that "other people don't know" about the cyber attacks during the u.s. election. this as his advisers
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u.s. intelligence about russia's involvement. nbc's kristen welker has details. >> reporter: tonight, new fallout after that cryptic new year's eve statement by president-elect donald trump that he might have more information to reveal about those hacking allegations against russia. >> i also know things that other people don't know. and so they cannot be sure of the situation. and i want them to be sure. >> reporter: today the president-elect's team pressed for details about what mr. trump knows and whether he'll make it public before his midweek meeting with intelligence officials. >> what does he know, sean? >> well, you know, we'll wait till tuesday or wednesday. what we're trying to figure out is how certain are they of the intelligence, number one. number two, how proporesal is the response to what happened? >> reporter: sunday a plane carrying 35 expelled russian diplomats left the united states, part of president obama's retaliation against russia after he says the country hacked the e-mails of some top
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potential showdown between mr. trump, who has cast doubt on russia's involvement, and congress, including some members of his own party. >> it is clear that russia has attacked the united states of america. all of our intelligence agencies will affirm that that being the case. >> president-elect trump wishes the russia issue would go away. but republican hawks on capitol hill, like senator john mccain, they're going to make sure it doesn't. >> reporter: the president-elect is also drawing battle lines in other areas, making his intentions clear at a new year's eve party at his florida resort over the weekend. >> we're going to do a good job, okay? taxes are coming down. regulations are coming off. we're going to get rid of obamacare. >> reporter: on wednesday, president obama will head to capitol hill to strategize with democrats about ways to preserve obamacare. and earlier today, he announced he'll deliver a farewell address in chicago next tuesday.
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transition, thank you. a treacherous night for anybody trying to make it home from holiday travel. thousands of flights have been delayed and road conditions remain hazardous across much of the country's midsection from a wintry blast of snow and rain. in the south tonight millions more are on alert for potential thunderstorms and tornados. jacob rascon is tracking all of it from dallas. >> reporter: a messy start to the new year across the country. the south pummeled by severe thunderstorms. a tornado touching down in mississippi. flash flood warnings in jackson, alabama. damage in marksville, louisiana. and a direct hit in houston, texas. where kevin masterson says lightning caused a fire in his house while he was still inside. >> you could tell it was bad very quickly, that we had to get out. >> reporter: further north across the great plains, another severe system dumping snow and ice.
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[000:06:58;00] keeping up with the slick roads. typical weather this time of year for the dakotas and minnesota. in the pacific northwest, seattle saw its first substantial snow on new year's in five decades. >> millions will be affected by severe storms. there could be isolated tornados, torrential downpours, and this whole system moves into the mid-atlantic by tomorrow. >> reporter: from the west to the deep south, a not so warm welcome to 2017. jacob rascon, nbc news, dallas. there are new details now about that midair crash between two private planes over texas on new year's eve. three people on board the planes were killed, including a retired air force pilot and his son, an air force academy student. nbc's tom costello crunched the numbers and discovered that texas tragedy caps off the worst year for midair fatalities in nearly 20 years. >> reporter: it happened just before sunset. >> man, a plane crash, holy smokes.
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>> reporter: the two private planes crashing to the ground in mckinney, texas. >> somebody in there? >> i don't know that there's any chance they could make it. >> reporter: in one of the planes greg barber, retired veteran, air force pilot, and his son tim, hoping to follow in his father's footsteps, as a freshman at the air force academy. both loved in their hometown. >> it's hard for my family to recover. because he just -- he meant so much. >> reporter: the pilot of the second plane still not identified. the ntsb says both planes were operating under visual flight rules without air traffic control when they slammed into each other. the crash brings to 18 the number of people killed in private plane midair collisions in 2016. 18. that's the highest number of fatalities since 1997, according to an nbc news review of ntsb data. just six weeks ago the
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ntsb issued a safety alert for midair collisions. and avoid other aircraft. even when flying in controlled air space. >> reporter: urging private pilots to radio each other and add collision avoidance technology to their cockpits. ironically, the total number of general aviation crashes has actually fallen to the lowest level in decades. the aircraft owners and pilots association says improvements in training and technology have brought general aviation safety to a new high. but in texas tonight -- >> he built a tremendous legacy. >> reporter: heartbreak and questions over yet another fatal midair collision. tom costello, nbc news, washington. scary moments in the sky for an airport baggage handler when he got trapped inside the pressurized cargo hold of a united express flight from charlotte, north carolina, to washington, d.c. dulles. the plane took off with the employee
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stuck inside. he was freed only hurt. tech giant apple faces a new lawsuit over a popular app used by millions. parents in texas contend a driver was distracted while using apple's facetime when he hit their car and killed their 5-year-old daughter. the suit questions whether apple should do more to stop accidents just like this. nbc's miguel almaguer has that story. >> reporter: 5-year-old mariah modeset was in her family car when she was killed in a violent christmas eve accident in denton county, texas. police charged garrett wilhelm with manslaughter after his suv slammed into the vehicle. the case still pending. he's pled not guilty. two years after the crash in a lawsuit just filed, the family blames apple for letting wilhelm use its popular facetime app while driving, saying in court documents, the company could disable the app while users are behind the wheel. apple, inc., failed to configure the iphone 6 plus to lock out the ability for a driver
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to utilize apple's facetime applica >> it may be a good policy question whether companies can do more to prevent the misuse of their products. but judges generally don't want that kind of decision made in a courtroom. >> reporter: the lawsuit against the tech giant comes as software designers face more scrutiny for apps where drivers could be distracted, including snapchat and pokemon go, which include warnings against using the app and driving. >> when people are taking their attention away from the driving task, crashes can occur in a split second. >> reporter: tonight, apple says it doesn't comment on pending litigation. but the family of this 5-year-old contends the tech giant is to blame for the death of their little girl. a late development tonight in the charleston church massacre trial. a u.s. district judge has ruled dylann roof competent to represent himself during the
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sentencing phase of his trial which now begins wednesday. last month on 33 charges for the deaths of nine african-american churchgoers back in 2015. there is more concern tonight about the health of queen elizabeth after illness forced her to miss new year's day church services. buckingham palace said the queen, now 90, is still recovering from a "heavy cold." illness forced her to skip christmas church services for the first time in nearly three decades. still ahead, do you know what your kids are doing on those new smartphones they got for the holidays? the new apps parents can use to track their every move. also, twins with a twist. why these newborns already have an amazing story they'll be telling their whole lives. i didn't think there was anything else to talk about. but then i realized there was. so, i finally broke the silence with my doctor about what i was experiencing. he said humira is for people like me who have tried other medications
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ask your doctor about lyrica. ways to keep your kids safe while glued to their phones. so many kids got new devices for the holidays. what is your child doing and who are they in contact with on that new smartphone? there's an app for that. our national investigative correspondent jeff rossen shows us how parents are using new tools to take control in tonight's "rossen reports." >> reporter: kids leading secret lives. on their phones. but now three smartphone apps designed to help you monitor their every move. perfect for the totolis and their two teenage kids. >> we've downloaded the apps on your kids'
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phones. we can monitor everything from your >> reporter: first net nanny. >> the cool thing is you can choose the exact websites that you want blocked on your kids' phones. >> that's great, awesome. but it goes a step further. you can block the type of website. so dating sites. nudity. pornography. tobacco. you can block those. >> super helpful. >> it goes a step further than that. suicide, for example. you can set it to warn mode so you will get a warning if your kid types "suicide" in. >> that's super helpful i think because of the cyber bullying and everything that happens in the teens' lives that's so common today. >> reporter: app number two does even more, called secure teen. this one gives you your kids' call logs. it goes a step further, you can actually read your kids' text messages. >> that's fantastic. >> scary as that may be. >> i know. great tool. >> reporter: app three may be the most advanced of all. called teensafe. even pinpointing your
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child's exact gps location instantly. any mom who has a kid >> yes. >> this app gives you the exact coordinates of where he is at any given time no matter where he is. >> that's awesome. i see him there in the deli. >> reporter: and the app is right. we have a camera with her son and he is at that deli. here's the coolest thing. we worry about texting and driving. >> absolutely. i tell my kid all the time, don't text and drive. >> if you think he could and you know he's going from somewhere to somewhere and you don't want him to have the option, pick up your phone, let me show you this, click on the teensafe app. see the pause button? hit pause. his phone is frozen. >> no way. >> my phone's locked. i can't do anything. i can't text. >> for a parent i think this is fantastic. >> your son will hate you but you'll use it. >> yes, yes. >> he'll be safer. >> yes, that's the most important. >> reporter: high-tech hovering that could make all the difference. jeff rossen, nbc news. >> keeping them safe. back in a moment with a near-miss for tourists who got a
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you've got a shot against shingles. a jaw-dropping sight caught on camera in hawaii. a huge section of a new 26-acre island being formed by lava collapsed into the ocean. park rangers say five tourists had gone past a safety rope for a closer look. they had to be pulled away minutes before the cliff they were on fell. authorities have now shut that viewing area down. in arizona, a mom and dad welcomed twin boys this weekend but they don't share the same birthday or even the same birth year. sawyer shea was born 10 minutes before midnight on new year's eve, 2016. brother everett born 11 minutes later at 12:01 new year's day, 2017. everett got the honor of being the hospital's first new year's baby, but sawyer can always claim to be the older brother. all eyes on another pair of
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siblings being born, or make thatch so many are watching and waiting for a second eagle egg to hatch in florida after the first little bird broke free of its shell on saturday. the live streaming eagle cam has unexpectedly become must-see tv with nearly 67 million views since november 20th. it's a new year and that means new laws going into effect. and here's one for everybody sick of getting work e-mails when they're off the clock. there is now a place where it's actually illegal for bosses to require employees to respond to those. but there's a catch. you'd have to leave the u.s. to reap the benefits. nbc's keir simmons explains. >> reporter: france has long been the land of love, leisurely lunches, and short work weeks. workers here quick to protest when their rights are questioned. tonight a new law in effect. companies with more than 50 employees are barred from requiring responses after hours to work-related e-mails. music to the ears of
7:23 pm
many. >> life isn't about . we are not living to work. >> reporter: adding the right to disconnect to a host of worker-friendly policies. >> what we want to change is the habits, the professional habits to send an increasing number of e-mail outside of normal working hours. >> reporter: in the film "the devil wears prada," anne hathaway's overworked fashionista ends her torment by hurling her phone into the nearest paris fountain. today some new yorkers seem eager to follow suit. >> i hope it's part of the bigger trend that we're sort of like disconnecting a little bit more. >> reporter: going cold turkey may be harder than it seems. studies in the u.s. have found checking your e-mails only twice a day does reduce stress. but just the anticipation of e-mails after hours leaves many employees drained. tonight au revoir to e-mails that may just start a fashion. keir simmons, nbc news, london.
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fuel your hair. because strong is beautiful. why pause a spontaneous moment? cialis for daily use treats ed and the urinary symptoms of bph. tell your doctor about your medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have a sudden decrease or loss of hearing or vision, or an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis. finally tonight, as we do every monday we're starting off the
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week and the year with something inspg. watched the annual rose parade and one of those incredible floats featured some brave people beginning the new year with a new lease on life. our gadi schwartz has tonight's "inspiring america" report. >> reporter: beyond the tournament of roses marching bands and crowds and floats of every color, there is something more beautiful than the tens of thousands of roses. >> i'm jackie garcia and i'm a cancer survivor. >> reporter: this year jackie garcia is part of a team of cancer survivors who worked on a float built by the city of hope, a hospital and research center that has saved countless lives. >> i feel very excited. it's an honor to be with my doctors up there. >> the float for us represents everything we're trying to do. restore lives, bring them back to their communities and their family. >> this looks great. >> reporter: before the parade, survivors putting the final touches on the display
7:28 pm
and recounting the struggle that cancer brings. disbelief. you know, why me? my god, i've never been sick a day in my life. got to take care of it now. >> reporter: rodrigo nunez was once a migrant worker picking grapes in the fields of california, until he was diagnosed for a rare form of anemia. decades later, he is now a nurse in the very same hospital where doctors saved his life. where would you be without the doctor? >> i wouldn't be here. i don't think i'd be alive. >> reporter: also on the float, lapd commander ann clark now in remission from hodgkin lymphoma. >> i get to represent everybody that puts on a uniform. and that has traveled the same path through cancer that i have. >> reporter: but by far the youngest is jackie who proudly showed us her careful handiwork and told us how doctors rebuilt her jaw with part of a bone they removed from her leg to save her from a deadly form of sarcoma. >> i feel like normal again. >> reporter: now ringing in 2017 with another year of hope.
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>> happy new year! >> reporter: gadi schwartz, nbc news, pasadena, california. >> just beautiful. that will do it for us on this monday night. lester will be back here tomorrow. i'm kate snow for all of us at nbc news, thanks so much for watching, have a great
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night. lights, camera, access. >> you said people that see you as the dumb blond have gotten it all wrong, paris. >> i think i kind of invented that whole misconception. >> and $2 billion in profit later here we are. >> so, where's she been? our paris hilton exclusive.


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