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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  January 4, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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that breaking news on the beltway tonight. a driver leading police on a chase from d.c. to virginia with a young girl inside the car. >> it started about 8:30 tonight
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driver on gainesville street in southeast. when the officer approached the car backed into the cruiser and took off. >> the chase ended on the beltway in virginia near i-95. that's when officers discovered the young girl in the car. we're still working to get more information on this story. now to that dose of winter weather coming our way tomorrow and yes, it will include some snow. >> this time tomorrow night. the flakes will be falling for many of us and it could impact your friday commute. here's a live look at what's headed our way now. winter weather advisory stretching from west virginia to colorado. chief meteorologist doug kammerer starts us off. >> i continue to track that storm an the cold air that moved in across our region. today, temperatures in the mid to upper 50s in some areas. now we're in the 20s in parts of the region. look at the current windchill. 30 degrees in d.c. 19 in hagerstown. 10 in pittsburgh. the cold air is moving in and
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the wider shot showing all that purple. that is the winter weather advisories. from colorado, wyoming towards west virginia and including garrett county, maryland. that's where this system and another piece of energy will meet up tomorrow. i will not be surprised to see advisories posted here because of the fact this will come into early on friday. again, cold moves in tonight, snow chance tomorrow night into friday morning posing a problem for the early morning commute. frigid this weekend and i do mean frigid. still tracking that coastal low. i've got new information just in. i'll update you on what i think in a bit. >> nank you, doug. v dot crews are getting ready to treat the roads with salt and sand before the snow arrives. transportation officials want to make sure you plan for longer commutes. take it slowly on bridges and ramps. fill up your gas tank ahead of time. the maryland state highway administration is preparing as
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talking with our own personnel but also contractor trucks, if needed, to be ready once the precipitation hits. what we're doing right now is pre-treating with the salt brine. >> and our storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and sheena parveen will have the latest starting at 4:26 a.m. she couldn't speak but made an impression on everyone she met. family and friends want your help to find the driver of the suv that hit and killed her more than a week ago now. news 4's jackie benson is live at the intersection where it all happened. jackie? >> reporter: jim, this is one of the longest stretches of 14th street without a traffic signal. nearly a quarter mile between the two closest ones. the only way to get across, a crosswalk. >> this is an accident. but you
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>> the many friends and family members of jacqueline cole describe her as deaf and unable to speak. but very good at communication. >> i understood every word she said. just from her expressions maybe. >> she just bring smiles to me every time she come around. >> they say her smile warmed the coldest days. on this cold night they gathered with candles to ask for justice in her name. on december 27th. she was crossing in a crosswalk at otis place steps from her home when she was struck by an suv that kept going. d.c. police have released these images of the vehicle, a dark colored suv that they believe struck her. her family aches with pain at the fact that the driver did not stop. >> do you have kids, do you want somebody to do that to one of yours? >> please turn yourself in. and
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>> reporter: back out live now on 14th street northwest. take a look at what that crosswalk looks like. something certainly that i would want whoever in the city is in charge of making sure that crosswalks are well-marked. i can tell you further down 14th street toward logan circle, we saw crosswalks that were much better painted. much better shape than this one. certainly, ms. cole's family hopes that the city will pay a toengs to this area. live in northwest, jackie benson. >> we hope so, too. thank you, jackie. police search for someone who shot someone near a high school. chopper 4 was over the scene this afternoon. officers were responding to the wooded area around ricks lieu lane and ashton avenue in manassas. one man shot, another suffered a minor injury. it wasn't a gunshot. all this happened between the mall and stone wall jon
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>> the victims at this point, we believe, were on foot or possibly one had a bicycle. and the suspects drove up in a vehicle. we believe there's some sort of connections between the victims and the suspects. >> both victims are expected to be okay. police say the shooting does not appear to be random and no public threat. we're learning more about a commuter train crash in downtown brooklyn which a train went off the rails and smashed into the station. the ntsb deployed a team from d.c. to find out what happened. >> accident seemed to happen in an instant but it stakes time to unravel. >> hundreds of commuters were on the long island railroad train when it pulled into the station at the height of the morning rush. within seconds, the train plowed through a bumper and a steel rail sliced through its floor. bodies went flying and people started screaming as smoke started filling the station. more than 100 people were rushed to the hospital. but amazingly, none of them have
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serious injuries. we've learned that investigators have now recovered the event recorders. >> does give us the vital information of what was going on and the what the engineer was doing to control his train. >> hours after that crash, nearly 50 people were injured when two trolleys collided in west philadelphia. riders heard a boom and felt the jolt as one trolley rear ended the other and disrupted service for several hours. while riders suffered the bumps and bruises, there were no serious injuries. transit officials say the trollies are supposed to run ten minutes apart. they're trying to figure out why they were traveling back-to-back. at the live desk, i'm chris lawrence. >> chris, thank you. two metro workers were hurt on the job today. they were making repairs on the green line tracks. one man was shocked when a metal rod he was carrying hit the electrified third rail. the other worker got hurt trying
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the injuries came on the same day metro's largest union held a news conference to slam the agency over employee safety. one said metro is unsafe for riders and workers. the agency is targeting employees who report problems. >> scorched earth firing of low-level employees is serving mostly to silence all the employees from speaking out about what is really going on with the safety. >> they said the employees were fired for falsifying records. in a statement he said we cannot condone falsification of documents and i stand by the actions we have taken to hold employees responsible. new tonight, a search for clues in the killing of a 27-year-old man. police canvassed the capitol heights neighborhood where somebody shot and killed carrington carter. shamario
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up. >> i'm numb some days. >> carrington carter sr. and his wife are saddened. their son was shot and killed last friday night in prince george's county. >> it's tough. but right now, you know, my son's voice. he doesn't have one. >> carrington carter ii coached ball. he was earning a masters degree at georgetown and wanted to become a sports agent. he graduated from more house college with honors a couple years ago. >> he was a brilliant kid, lovable. >> tonight detectives talked to people who lived near the shootings, the 7100 block of white pearl place in capitol heights. police talked about the reward for information that leads to an arrest and indictment. up to $25,000. >> any idea why this happened? >> that's something we're actively investigating. >> tonight i talked to a prince
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he tells me that carter's body was found near the light pole here. detectives are trying to figure out why he was in this neighborhood in the first place. >> do you know why? >> i have no idea why he was there. >> a police source told me the shooter fired more than 30 shots. while police search for answers, this family hopes they make an arrest. >> we just pray that justice will be done. >> in capitol heights, i'm shamari stone, news 4. a warning now. some viewers might find this next video disturbing from a police officer's body camera during a deadly confrontation between police and a suspect on christmas day. police released the video this afternoon. gerald hall died after he was shot by police on walnut street northeast. that video shows a brief interaction between hall and two officers in the doorway of a
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instructing hall to put a knife down. the officer fired when hall refused. the body cam video does appear to show someone holding a knife. hall's family has disputed that he had it or that officers were in danger. police first responded to the home on a domestic violence call. dueling meetings on capitol hill today in a battle over the affordable care act. a signature achievement of the obama administration. well, the president urged democrats to defend the law that insures some 20 million americans, vice president-elect mike pence called for a swift and smooth repeal. appear united about that goal and still not clear how they'll do it. >> make america sick again, is that what the republicans want to do? >> we've got to fix this by replacing it with something better. >> republicans admitted today a new alternative wouldn't kick in for a few years. they could repeal the law with a simple
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democrats help to replace it. next at 11:00, it's caused controversy and driven big business out of north carolina. now another so-called bathroom bill could be coming to virginia. macy's announces thousands of layoffs. a look at the local impact as they close dozens of stores. mystery stofld. the washington monument lights
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public bathrooms separate. >> but opponents say it's unnecessary and they tell our northern virginia reporter it will cause more harm than good. >> men, women. the signs posted on just about every public bathroom. most of us think nothing of it. but in a newly proposed bill, prince william county delegate bob marshall wants the signs backed by virginia law. >> what i'm saying is keep it as it is right now. look, there have been transgender people for a couple hundred years. they haven't had problems. they've accommodated themselves and others have as well. >> house bill 1612 also involves transgender students. the bill requires that a principal of a public school notify within 24 hours the parent or guardian of a child attending such school in the child wants to be treated or recognized as the opposite sex. it's in part about privacy. >> to open up facilities like a
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locker room to have guys go in there when girls are undressing is problematic. if you don't understand that, i probably can't explain it to you. >> i think this is legislation in search of a problem that doesn't exist. >> he doesn't think a principal should out a student to his or her parents. >> that's a conversation that kids and parents have to have themselves. it shouldn't be up to the school. >> the delegate sees the bill as confronting a safety issue as well. >> let's say you're a woman down 95 at 8:00 at night and you want to stop at the restroom. state-owned restroom. you want guys walking in and out? >> emma chapman works closely with the community. >> there are laws in place to prevent that man from doing anything harmful. >> delegate marshall says this is not his initiating. he says it's a response to local school boards and their progressive attempts at liberalizing schools. he goes on to say if his bill were to become a law, itou
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not impact private schools or businesses. in prince william county, david culver, news 4. the holidays were not kind to macy's. because of that, the company announced it's closing dozens of stores nationwide. one of them is the one at the landmark mall in alexandria. altogether, 68 macy's stores will close by the end of the year. 10,000 people will lose their jobs. the company says customers shopping habits have changed so it has to focus on the very best stores and its online sales which actually grew this holiday season. nbc4 is working to help military members and their spouses find jobs. we partnered with the u.s. chamber of commerce for a hiring our heroes event this friday. lots of employers will be on hand to review resumes and conduct interviews. news 4's aaron gilchrist will moderate a forum that morning with panelists who will help set them up for success. you can get information on friday's hiring our heroes ev
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always a big event. >> indeed. we want more information about this snow that's headed our way and how it's going to affect friday morning. >> i think it will affect friday morning's commute. i think the crews will do just fine as far as getting the job done in keeping the roads clear, especially the main roads. not a lot of snow. it's all about the timing. let's show you outside right now. a cold night. man, did it change. earlier today, in the mid to upper 50s in d.c. it was beautiful. the sun was out. it was so gorgeous. now, 38 with the wind out of the west at 12 miles an hour. of course, that gives us a windchill. look at the windchills. feels like 20 in winchester. 24 in leesburg. 20 ingatorsburg. temperatures tomorrow, climbing into the mid to upper 30s. that's it.
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snow showers but i've been looking at the latest information. i'll show you in a minute what i'm talking about. we may get the snow in here earlier tomorrow. as far as the radar, all clear in our area. look to the west. all of this purple, these are winter weather advisories that have been issued. winter weather advisories from wyoming to western portions of maryland. i wouldn't be surprised if we have an advisory here. another piece of energy will be moving across our region. that's the thursday night and friday. birmingham, alabama has a winter storm watch for 1 to 3 inches for the next storm, friday and saturday. you know the one that will stay to our south. birmingham, alabama has a winter storm watch. how about that. for us, we'll be tracking this one tomorrow. watch the timing here. here we are at 1:00. notice, we've got snow showers around the area at 1:00. but here's the next one that will catch the first one. coming together around our area. here's 7:00 and by0:
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the only exception down towards southern maryland. down from fredericksburg area. it lift out of here by 3:00. it's over by 3:00. that means anything on the roads, they may be able to treat the roads and the main roads should be okay. incompetent wouldn't be surprised to see delays early on friday morning. 8:00 a.m., the storm is out of here. who gets what? half an inch to the south and east of d.c. to the north and west, though, this is where we're going to see the biggest problems. leesburg, frederick, montgomery county, winchester area, panhandle of west virginia. could see a problem there. i would expect some delays early on friday morning. again, not a huge storm. just something to watch. your commuter forecast. thursday night, okay. no problem there. friday morning, 5:00 a.m., could get bad. some of the second dare i have roads, with the sun making its way up, the slick side. by 9:00, we'll be okay in most locations.
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alert, tomorrow night into friday, sheena parveen, chuck bell, they'll be here in the morning. 7:00 a.m. on a friday, the cold here, 31 on saturday. 29 on sunday. windchills in the teens and we stay cold on monday. look at monday morning. temperature of 17. windchills could be in the single digits in some locations. then we start to moderate. back into the 50s on wednesday. but right back down again into the 30s and 40s early or late next week. >> looks like winter. >> it's finally here. >> coming up, a full line of college hoops tonight with a huge test on the rd for theoa
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this is the xfinity sports desk. all right. a tough night for the hoyas, huf? >> it is. conference play hasn't been so kind for the georgetown men's basketball team. at providence, the hoyas were in search to for a first big eas win. the fryers won the -- john thompson in the third and the hoyas not sweating this road matchup against providence. georgetown got off to a great start. first minute of the game. the steal in the first minute. huge slam here. 16 points. the hoyas off and running. we skip ahead to the second half. tied at 34. over to derrick son. he hits the three. a career high 26 points for derrickson. late in the game, holt takes over. look at this give and go. holt fli
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flush. puts providence up by 7. less than a minute later. it's a five-point game. holt gets the bucket and the foul here. 17 points for him. friars win it 76-70. tony bennett and virginia, they won the last seven. down to the wire, though. under ten seconds to play. cavs down three. the right man at the right time. burying it. we're headed to o.t. they get the ball out to sheldon jeter. he trains the trey. putting them up by six. later in overtime, more from the panthers. this time it's knocked down. pitt up to 11th ranked virginia. 88-76. buzz williams and virginia tech fresh off the upset against duke. this is all nc state. they're not playing around. wolfpack up 18. check out the big man. the former -- nc state up by 20. this ga
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smith jr. a monster game. 11 rebounds, 27 points, 11 assists. nc state wins it 104-78. other scores for you. george mason wins the 11th game of the season 86-81 over umass. howard falls to florida a&m. 78-66. on the women's side, maryland takes down nebraska 93-49. george washington beat st. joseph, 53-44. george mason lost to st. louis, 89-50. the capitals have to replicate the grit they showed in the overtime win tomorrow. they lost 16 straight. a win tomorrow in columbus tied for the most consecutive wins in nhl history. the caps, though, they're hoping to be the spoiler. >> doesn't matter who the opponent is, what their history is. we give them a lot of credit and respect going in like we
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what we do. >> i think they recognize columbus is obviously the -- they're coming into our building. we'll give them a good match. >> we'll be right back after this.
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all right. there she is as we know her. bright and beautiful. the washington monument is as light as ever tonight. a day after it went totally dark. officials tell us the clock in the monument's
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lighting system was out of sync last night. everything is back to normal. the elevator is getting replaced after several incidents in which it broke with visitors inside. we remember that. the monument won't reopen until 2019. >> the clock was f
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- anette bening, steve harvey,


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