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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  January 5, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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take your broom outside and kind of sweep off the sidewalk and you're good to go. >> this is not a snow shovel snow. we had some snow earlier right downtown. this is the round that we're watching move in now. and this is what's going to be coming in tonight, likely around 7-8:00. commuter forecast tonight, 6 ch6:00 tonight, no problem. by 5:00 a.m. isolated slick spots but not a whole lot out there by 10:00 a.m. here's the winter weather advisory. that until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. and a winter storm watch just posted. this is for the saturday storm. st. mary's county, parts of the norther n
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eastern shore. you can always download the nbc washington app. you could do that now from your phone. our team coverage continues now with a look at how road crews are going to be going after this first snow of the season. >> news4's mark segraves is in montgomery county. >> reporter: take a look at i-270 here in rockville. things look great. we were seeing flurries here since about 3:00. about ten minutes ago the flurries and the wind completely died down. now it's just a clear, crisp evening. crews have been working around the clock getting ready for whatever comes our way. crews have been busy treating roads across our region all day. in the district, snow prep began yesterday. >> we've been pretreating roads based on the current forecast from the national weather
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it's mostly been a hot mix of brine and beet juice. >> reporter: they're getting ready in virginia as well where chopper 4 caught an aerial view of snow prep in action. >> yesterday morning we were out brining all of our systems, the hot spots, the major roads to make sure we have a little bit of an edge to make sure we're prepared. >> reporter: crews in maryland are also read did for thy for t. not only are all personnel but also contracted trucks if needed to be ready once the precipitation hits. what we're doing right now is pretreating with a sat brinlt b >> reporter: the message is the same no matter where you live. >> if you don't need to be on the road, we hope you are off the road. it is probable that it will be still snowing in the morning e
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their commute. we'll be out there in force. >> reporter: you want to have your snow shovel ready just in case. remember, in the district the law will be enforced. you have to shovel your sidewalk eight hours t s after the sun c up. coming up at 6:00, we'll tell you what this might mean for your trash collection tomorrow. back to you in the warm newsroom. >> you looked colder at 4:00. >> reporter: it warmed up. we'll be on the air extra early tomorrow, 4:00 a.m. with news4 today. chuck and sheena will have you covered with the forecast and we'll let you know about any school closings or delays on air and on our app. we have a developing story from prince george's county. two liquor board officials are charged today with bribery and conspiracy. fbi agents conducted a raid at the
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largo. two business owners were also arrested. there could be even more fallout from this. our bureau chief is live outside the courthouse in greenbelt. >> reporter: the fbi's been working on this investigation for years. they have at least one elected official taking bribes on camera. they also say that this is about not only elected officials but business owners and members of the prince george's county county liquor board and a staff member all abusing power and bribing. this morning largo, our cameras rolled as fbi agents collected boxes of files inside the prince george's county liquor board office after one of the liquor bo board commissioners and a director david sun were both arrested and charged with bribery and conspiracy. two business owners were also arrested today and their
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raided. palmer's liquor store and central avenue restaurant and liquors. in the affidavit released by the u.s. state attorney's office, there appears to be additional elected officials under investigation for the part they played in what appears to be a scheme to bribe public officials for votes. search warrants show the fbi is investigating a maryland state delegate in connection to the case. the delegate isn't named but it's someone on the house economic matters committee who voted yes, sir on a 2015 bill allowing sunday liquors in prince george's county county. he has not been charged or named in the investigation. the us attorney's office is allegeding both liquor store owners worked to get sunday liquor sales bill passed in prince george's county and to award specific licenses to specific businesses. fbi spokesmen say the raids and
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sun worked to try and sabotage their investigation. >> opportunities for corruption arise when there's a next us between government officials who have the power to make discretionary decisions and private citizens who stand to gain financially from the outcome of those decisions. >> reporter: the director was held because while wearing a wire the fbi is allegeding that he was tipping off some targets about the investigation. that's part of the reason they decided to do these raids today. now, everyone is going to be back in court on monday. reporting live in greenbelt. new details just in on that school bus crash in waldorf that injured five people including one student. we just learned the bus flipped on its side after it collided with a car. it happened about 3:30 this afternoon near briantown road and hunter hill place. the charles county sheriff's department sent us this photo. the injuries are minor and the stut
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hospital just to be checked. we are working to find out where the school bus was coming from and what exactly did happen. donald trump's team disputing a report that the president-elect wants to restructure one of our country's top intelligence agencies. the "wall street journal" reported today that trump wants to slim down the office of the director of national intelligence and restructure the c cia to put more officers out in the field. the incoming press secretary says the report is completely false. this all comes as the current director of national intelligence answers some questions on russian cyber threats from the senate's armed forces committee. james clapper told lawmakers russia has stepped up its cyber espionage operations but they believe russia tried to interfere with the presidential election, something donald trump has publicly questioned. >> there is an important
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skepticism, which policy makers, to include policy maker number one, should always have for intelligence. but i think there's a difference between skepticism and disparagement. >> clapper says members of congress will get a full briefing on russian hacking next week. and then a redacted report will be released to the public. we're now just over two weeks away from donald trump being sworn in as our country's 45th president. today we're getting our first look at the tickets. starting next week, 250,000 of these will be distributed to members of congress to give to their con spistituentconstituen. those tickets include a map on the back. everything between the capital and 4th street requires a ticket. you can stand west of 4th street
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there are now seven different colors designated for entries and seating and standing areas. after president obama's first inauguration there is one that is visibly absent. >> one of them is not purple. purple was the color of tickets people had when about 3,000 people got stuck in the 395 tunnel. nobody's been courageous enough to decide to use that color again, including me. >> we remember that well. security screenings start at 6:00 a.m. an estimated 700-750 thousand are expected to attend. among the banned items, selfie sticks, capitol, umbrellas and noisemakers. and there will be a big change for the parade too that follows. woulou
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if it meant that your commute was shorter? in northern virginia, that's already happening. today state and local leaders held a transportation tour to show off the improvements. >> reporter: there is a ton of transportation work happening in northern virginia. if you drive by the ongoing construction of the second phase of the silver line, you see that here. but a lot of people want to know what benefits are am i seeing from the taxes that i pay for transportation? today we got an explanation. >> our goal is simple, we want to get people home from work faster. >> reporter: you may not even think about it, but a number of taxes have gone up in northern virginia in recent years with the specific purpose of funding transportation projects. those projects are rising and taking shape. >> there's going to be new bus service, new park and ride lots. >> reporter: today state and local leaders showing off what the money is being used r,
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plenty of work happening in northern virginia their helping to build. >> people are paying a little bit more when they sell a house, rent a hotel room. but that money is being invested in things that will ultimately save them time. >> reporter: officials admit it may take some more time and personal adjustments. >> it's going to take people on buses and carpools, teleworking. >> reporter: now a concentrated effort getting from point a to point b, easier. >> just knowing the investments are being made and knowing the money is being invested wisely is sending the right message to the people of northern virginia. there are new guidelines today for children who suffer from peanut allergies. doctors say there are ways to keep those allergies from ever starting. >> reporter: the macy's here at landmark mall announcing that it's closing its doors. ahead, we look at what that means for the future of
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here. new arrests in the murder of a jersey man. how police say he was lured here to maryland last month. and the arrest in connection to that awful beating that was streamed live on facebook.
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and storm team 4 tracking the snow across our area right now, some of which falling very lightly. but we're still waiting on that next little wave to come through after 7:00. that's when we expect to see that snow beginning to acc accumulate on some of the grassy surfaces. the redskins defense looking for a new leader tonight. joe barry fired by the redskins today. when you miss the playoffs, somebody or in this case some bodies have to pay the price. >> reporter: some body us ies i. the defensive coordinator let go along with four other coaches by the redskins today. the biggest name of the bunch,
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spent the last two seasons at the helm of the defense. now the front office is sure to have had a say in barry's departure. but it is worth mentioning at his end of the season press conference on monday, head coach jay gruden was asked about how much he influence he has over keeping barry and the staff. so which he relied, i like to think i have a lot of pull on that one. so the head coach seeming to be firmly behind this decision. and coming up we hear from players about their reaction to the big news. we're learning new details this evening about that crash that killed a truck driver in d md. the truck hit a parked car on the shoulder, causing the truck driver to lose control. the truck then crossed all the lanes before hitting a guardrail and went onto the median. the driver john chen died at the
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more people are charged with murder in connection to a body found in a shallow grave in gaithersburg last fall. the victim had come from new jersey. now police have five people in custody and say all of them are connected to ms13. >> reporter: jim, police say the man and his girlfriend who lives on this street created a facebook page with a fictitious woman's name to lure this 22-year-old new jersey man to maryland in october. just three days ago on monday police were able to follow the couple from this neighborhood here to make the arrest. that led them to three other suspected gang members. it was november when hikers stumbled across a shallow grave in seneca park and called 911. police determined the body was 22-year-old jordy
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his mother reported him missing in october after she said he was heading to maryland to see a girl he met on facebook. but that was the last time she reed see her son alive. >> detectives have determined that that facebook account was fictitious. several of the suspects used that facebook account to communicate with the victim as this female. >> reporter: ms-13 gang member and his teenage girlfriend admitted to creating the fake facebook page. they were able to track him by his cell phone. investigators say once they identified him as a suspect, they followed his social media accounts, finding this video which is posted to facebook on new year's day. that post led them to brentwood where they followed he and his girlfriend and quickly made an arrest. >> it is believed that the suspects are associated with
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>> reporter: they arrested three more gang members. court documents say jordy arrived at riviera's house in germantown right near seneca park. that's when he was driven here to the wooded area where his body was found. now, three of the five suspects are being held without bond tonight. two are due in court tomorrow for their bond hearing. this is a food fight in alexandria's strawberry hill neighborhood. some residents don't want taco bell to build a restaurant on duke street in the current location of a car rental company. the taco bell would have entrances off of duke and north gordon street and would have a parking lot behind it. but some of the neighbors fear the proposed all-night drive through would bring
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many of you pass by it every day, perhaps wondering when landmark mall will return to its aggressor ri as a sh glory as a shopping destination. macy's announced it's shuttering its location there. >> reporte >> reporter: when you think of landmark mall, what do you think of? >> i grew up here. i remember the mall in its hey day when it was full of tenants and it was the place to go. >> reporter: soon sears will be the only big anchor store here. macy's is about to close. >> this
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redevelopment. >> reporter: alexandria's city council approved the development plans three years ago. mixed residential, apartments, shops, food. what's taken so long? >> there's just been every possible complication that you could image coine corporately. >> when the mall first opened in 1965 i was 15 years old. i think in the end this is going to be a positive outcome. >> reporter: alexandria's current mayor likewise hopeful. >> the designs are stunning. so it is very exciting. this is a top priority for me and for the council and everyone at city hall. >> reporter: one of the more difficult parts of this macy's
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clo close your is the job loss. we're going to walk you through what's known to be some of the timelines. there is new help for people struggling under the weight of their bills. the free service that helped one college student get debt free in just a matter of months. plus, snow showers in our area. doug's back in a flash with the forecast.
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call today. comcast business. built for business.
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up to 35 degrees, the winds are calm. so it's cold but not frigid. notice where we're below freezing, every north of d.c. that means when this snow does begin to come down, it will stick on the roads. by around 8:00 we expect it to move back into most of the region. 10:00 snowing by most locations here. by midnight, snows everywhere. but it does not last. by 5:00 in the morning it's already gone. it will give us a little bit of snow here. by tomorrow morning, we're actually dealing with some sunshine. we're going to improve quickly. but the snowfall totals less than an inch i-95 south and eastward. 1-2 inches to the north and west. this is the area we're most concerned about,
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frederick, gaithersburg, howard county area and points to the north and west. these are also areas where we're most likely to see the delays tomorrow morning. that's why we're under a winter weather advisory. now, storm number two, that's the storm tonight. it's out of here by tomorrow. storm number two is coming from denver. the southeast is going to see a lot more snow from this than we're going to see. they're actually under a winter storm warning right now. this is a storm you guys just don't get very often. you're expecting a few inches. >> it's a beautiful day right now but the snow is moving in. behind me you see these brine trucks. two years ago when they got 2-4 inches it paralyzed the city. people were
5:28 pm
supermarkets, children were sleeping in schools. they didn't have any of this equipment. now they take these brine trucks and go out well ahead of the storm and cover the entire metropolitan area with about 100,000 gallons of the briane. tonight they're going to be covering the entire area well ahead of the storm. they hope to avoid that kind of awful situation they got two years ago. >> that's right. it's going to be a mess down there for sure. watch what this storm does. the storm develops. the snow moves right up and most of it stays south and east of washington. snow from d.c. southward, heaviest towards the ocean. d.c. south maybe 1-3, but coron southern portions of st. mary's county under a winter storm wa
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29 on sunday and windy. windchills in the teens only. 31 on monday. and then more chances of rain, some snow on tuesday. rain on wednesday. we've got a lot going on over the next ten days. amelia has more at 5:45. a big arrest involving an employee at the va hospital that serves a lot of vets from our region. what police tell us the worker was doing when they pulled him over and found thousands of dollars in cash. changing the rules, the step taken by congress that could slash workers' pay to as little as $1. virginia taking steps to cut unwanted pregnancies. the program they're funding that reduced teen pregnancies in one state by 40%.
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police have arrested another employee of the va medical center in martinsburg, west virginia for dealing heroin, this is the second arrest in three years. the first was uncovered by the news4 iteam and later captured the attention of congress. >> a fellow employee tipped the iteam thanabout this man's
5:33 pm
his name is michael brown, arrested a few days ago by the berkeley county sheriff's office after a traffic stop along i-81. police confirm brown is an employee of the major va medical center in martinsburg, one in which thousands of local veterans seek care. three years ago, the iteam revealed a different employee there was arrested and pleaded guilty to distributing heroin. what's more, we found out the man was allowed to keep his job. >> at the martinsburg, west virginia, va medical center the department refused to discipline appropriately an employee who was convicted of dealing heroin off campus. these examples of va east la's accountability demonstrate the importance of hearings like this one. >> i've never encounter add r an organization where leadership
5:34 pm
were fired. you can't fire your way to excellence. >> reporter: in 2015, that d.a. official said he'd review whether the worker arrested for heroin distribution should keep his job. an official tells news4 the employee has and will keep his job. as for michael brown, the worker arrested a few days ago, the agency won't comment on his employment status. we're told he has the not entered a plea yet. virginia lease lawsuit governor is pushing a plan tonight he says could save taxpayers money and sharply reduce the number of teenagers giving birth and seeking abortions. he came to northern virginia today to promote the idea. >> the promises of that plan make it sound like a no-brainer. but what the lawsuit governorier
5:35 pm
women who can't afford them. he had a friendly audience today at a knitting job in northern alexandria. his plan would use $9 million in federal funds. he says i.u.d. type devices are far more effective than pills and there's been a surge in popularity. the results of a six year pilot program in colorado to provide i.u.d.s, their birthrates to teenagers fell by 40%. >> it shouldn't be a partisan issue. the less unintended pregnancies we have in virginia the better. >> funding will be a part of the governor's proposed budget but it's already being met with opposition. one republican says
5:36 pm
spend money on children who have been born or on helping women struggling with unplanned pregnancies. today he has some unexpected competition. a former virginia congressman will challenge him. a group that is pushing for the release of non-violent and overcharged federal prisoners is calling on president obama to go big and bold before leaving religious leaders called for more clemency. >> times is up plr, mr. preside. let us go. i know what course others may take. but as for me, give me liberty
5:37 pm
>> the new york tames repo"new that the president has offered clemency to more than 1300 individuals, more than the last 11 presidents combined. in maryland the court of appeals is holding a hearing on the state's bail system. last fall the state's attorney general urged changes regarding how high someone's bail could be set. a panel voted on a new rule that would bar judicial officers from imposing bail the officer knows or has reason to believe the individual can't pay. a life changing gift for a mother of three young girls. >> catholic charities hands her the keys to a new car. how she plans to use it to help others.
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everything they ever told you about peanuts may be wrong. new research out is suggesting that the key to preventing a lifelong peanut allergy is to feed your baby peanut
5:41 pm
allergy and infectious diseases says foods that contain peanuts can be introduced to children considered to be at high risk for allergies as early as 4-6 months of age. important to note, this does not mean actual peanuts, which of course cause a choking hazard in children. as always, check with your pediatrician first. a big gift for a local family. they came to the u.s. from liberia to escape the ebola outbreak. they never had a car until today. thanks to the catholic charities. >> there it is. >> my god. >> reporter: before today, life without a car meant having to shift pretty much everything. >> going to mass every sunday i leave my kids home. i'm so grateful that we are going
5:42 pm
>> reporter: she and her three children moved here in 2013 to escape the ebola virus outbreak. her husband went back to find work. >> it has not been easy. where i live, one of the buses don't come on time. so i have to walk down the street. >> she was walking down a highway and i guess somebody saw her, pick eed her up, gave her ride and introduced her to this program. >> reporter: catholic charities gives away about a car a week to needy families. this is something they've been doing for the past 25 years. catholic charities volunteers say they usually get several calls a week from people wanting to donate cars. >> i get as much benefit from this as the people who receive the cars do. >> reporter: when they get the cars, volunteers like o'connor are there to help them. >> these two things tell you how to maintain your
5:43 pm
>> reporter: every step of the way. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. a local program helping people struggle with their finances gets the help they need free of charge. how they helped a college student get debt free in a matter of months. the caps are hosting hock hockey's best and trying to keep history from happening on their ice. right now the district at 35 degrees with some flurries out there. by 8:00 p.m. snow moves back in and slick spots out there by 1011:00 tonight.-
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i need to buy a new shovel. she said i might need to buy some snow too. this is not going to be a big event. >> conversational maybe. >> for the most part you could go out there with a broom and sweep up the snow. if you're north of town, you're going to see about 1-2 inches. most of that falling overnight tonight. take a look. you know somebody coming home from work right now. the roads weather-wise, still just fine out there. later tonight around 10:00 p.m. we are going to be dealing with slick spots, especially on untreated roads. i know a lot of people going to the caps game tonight, asking about the weather forecast. you want to keep this in mind as you're leafing tving the game. by
5:47 pm
going to be just fine. there really is not that much snow in the forecast. it's just about the fact of the timing and the fact that it's our first snowfall of the year. right now on storm team 4 radar, only a few flurries out there. further back to the west, more snow slowly moving in. the arrival time for this second wave, mainly between 9-10 tonight. 7:00 p.m. snow in northern montgomery, frederick, parts of loudoun county, up into the baltimore metro area. midnight, everybody is seeing some nice snow. make sure you take a picture and send it to me on facebook or tweet it to me. here's a look at your snowfall totals. in the dark blue here, 1-2
5:48 pm
inches. for washington, areas to the south around an inch or less. by 7:00 a.m. snow is over. it is cold throughout the day tomorrow, highs only in the mid 30s with a mix of clouds and sun. heading out on your friday night it's looking good. but you definitely want the warm jacket with temperatures in the 20s. the morning commute, some slick spots out there, especially on secondary roads. some school delays tomorrow. best chances for delays would be north of town. kids if you're watching, get your homework done tonight. for the evening commute, we're looking at dry roads on your friday. snowfall amounts on saturday, yes, saturday, a storm system nicks the area mainly east of 95. maybe around an inch here in washington. st. mary's county, you're under a winter storm watch. you could see over three inches of snow, something doug and i are continuing to watch and u
5:49 pm
weekend. it's a cold weekend. 30 degrees on saturday with some snow in some areas. feels like more like teens throughout the day. feels-like temperatures on saturday in the single digits and teens. pretty active forecast here on storm team 4 tonight. >> we can barely contain ourselves. well, we've all heard about the unique challenges that members of our military and their spouses find in looking for jobs. that's why nbc 4 is partnering with the u.s. claimer of commerce for the hiring our heros event at the washington convention center. this friday lots of employers will be on hand to review resumes, conduct interviews and talk at job prospects. military service members and their spouses are invited. you can get information on
5:50 pm
on our nbc if you're struggling with your finances, how would you like some free help? the united way is going to be opening several financial empowerment centers in the d.c. area. it already has one open in prince george's county county. how you can get this help. >> this is the time of year when the bills from the holidays start pouring in. for thousands of residents in this area, the united way is offering free services to educate people about how to take charge of their finances. >> i was coming in for an appointment at 1:00. >> a few months ago tatiana was a struggling college student. >> i'm trying to not spend as much, but you really have to because you have books. it's very overwhelming. >> today she's debt-free and starting a business. she says she owes it all to th
5:51 pm
>> i'm trying to budget for new supplies. >> at theitatiana is one of mora thousand people who sought help from the united way at the community college of largo's campus. the united way says a staggering 260,000 residents in our region are underbanked, which means they're also using some alternative means of getting capital. >> could be a check cashing place, a predatory payday loan. >> that trend needs to stop. >> no one wants to reach out for help when it comes to their finances. they feel like they're the only ones going through this, so they suffer in silence. >> however, the united way is hoping to break that silence. >> they come in and they are seriously distressed. if they knew how to getut
5:52 pm
it, they would have already taken care of it. they want a safe place. >> weeks later they leave feeling empowered. >> because the business plan is like the foundation, the structure of the business. i'm so happy that they are providing that service. >> now, the empowerment center also offers free tax filing services as well. the united way plans on opening more centers just like the one you just saw in our area over the next five years. to learn more about how to get financial help, go to our nbc washington app and search financial help. down at verizon center tonight, history could be made. but the caps are the ones trying to stop it. >> reporter: expecting a playoff atmosphere here at verizon center. the hockeyo
5:53 pm
yes, they're chasing tonight's opponent with columbus blue jackets, the division leaders. but the bluejackets are chasing history. >> guys recognize they're under a bigger spotlight. it's a rivalry game. got a little more zip to it, a little more emotion to it than some other games. >> reporter: it's not just another regular season game. caps protecting home ice from history. the bluejackets come in with 16 straight wins. that's one away from tying the nhl record. >> it would be fun to be the team to break it. but our focus is on ourselves and playing our game and playing 100%. >> i think the pressure is more on them. we just have another game. if we can stop them, we'll be very happy about that
5:54 pm
>> i think a lot of teams wanted to break it along the way. we're not going to be too focused about that. we're getting our game going in a pretty positive direction. we're going to focus on that. hopefully that will be enough to break it. >> our guys are up to the challenge. this is the team that's leading the league. it will be something that pros look at and go, they're a good team, so are we. let's see what happens. >> we're going to go on the same ice every single game we're playing. obviously they're on a huge winning streak right here. it's going to be a really fun moment for us to end it. >> reporter: you heard the man. they're feeling very confident. the caps do not want to be the answer to a trivia question for future games. big rule change that could impact the pec
5:55 pm
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>> reporter: all sorts of de
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capital renagion. >> civilian federal workers, there is a minimum of about 350,000. >> that doesn't include the military, super secret agencies or the independent postal service. now a virginia republican house member wants to make it easier to cut the pay or dismiss individual federal workers. morgan griffith wants to revive a rule to allow any member of congress to cut salaries or individual jobs, almost despite civil service. gi griffith says the srule could help cut waste and spending. many anti-government people often discover a different truth. >> they'll come in very anti-government. and at the end of the time, not only do they
5:59 pm
servants but a lot of times they try to take them with them. >> reporter: the american federation of government workers is the largest federal union. >> we represent over 700,000 federal workers nationwide. >> reporter: if approved by the congress, civil service and private jobs would suffer. >> federal employees as well as the american public needs to be on the telephone, calling their members of congress. >> reporter: in the district, tom sherwood, news4. news4 begins now with storm team 4. >> are you ready for some snow? there is another wave moving in tonight. it's not going to be a lot, but it could cause some headaches and delays for tomorrow morning's commute. >> this is all part of the same system having an impact in columbus, ohio.
6:00 pm
people in central ohio, bracing for about three inches of snow with temperatures tonight in the single digits. we're not going to get that much, nor are the temperatures going to drop that low, right? >> that's right. but it is going to get quite cold around here. and we have two chances of snow over the next couple of days. we're seeing the snow move back in from the west. we saw a little bit of snow earlier. now seeing it back towards winchest winchester, hagers towtown. here is the first wave kind of moving on out of here. here is the second wave. we see will some accumulating snow from this. still fine out on the roads. i think we're okay for the next few hours. by 11:00 in some areas, the roads could get pretty darn slick. that's the case


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