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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  January 19, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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we're bringing you team coverage heading into a jam packed few days. >> it is 6:00 a.m., i'm aaron gilcrest. >> we need to get you right book to the the breaking news. we have chopper 4 over the scene. chopper 4 every to arrive within five minutes or so to give thus leap of a massive response in s tacoma park. again this is in takoma park. we got wind of this just a few minutes ago. flower avenue at piney branch. just a massive response there.
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this is a multilevel restaurant. so whatever it is has caught this mass rv response. for that first four traffic, melissa mollet. this is a real mess for a lot of people. we're talking about the complete ploesher. that is sut unand ti-- a lot of apparatus, a lot of firefighters. somewhere in the area of 75 firefighters out there on the scene. you can see once my map turns purple, that is a major issue because it means we have nothing coming through the area at this point this morning. we're going to talk a lot more about this throughout the morning. right now in
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us what's happening from above. >> good morning. this was easy to spot. because of all these flashing lights. just a hiej response here. friar avenue and piney branch road. you can see the smoke still pouring out of the building and the massive response with just firefighters all around. so again this is a big situation for a lot of thoems. if you're headed to the silver springs area, you really are going to have a bit of an issue. we still have this intersection shut town. close flower avenue. jack stayler jopulls. >> this is really
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at this point give youself two to three blocks. you're almost pulling up right to the intersection of piney branch and flower. westbound they're going to divert you at arlis. he said he was taking mlk all the way through. so if he wealy did go to court. there's no chance they're going to let me traffic through for the pro teeable future. well, let's talk about the weather and we'll have more details on that as well. but the weather, you might need a lathd jacket or warm jacket. the map showing mostly 40s but
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if you are anywhere near mont claire or fredericksburg or bull run, upper 30s. so some areas colder than others. here's the forecast for today. ? if you're in the welcome celebration. we're looking at mostly sunny sky said starting at 3:00 p.m. we have rain moving in. coming up i'll show you the timing. thank you, sheena. preparations are underway for today pfsz preinauguration ivents for the make america great again welcome celebration. more on what's on tap for today. >> good morning. a busy day for the
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prrs and thats conor where he is set to sume sqattend the -- lay wreath at the unknown soldier. and a free event being held at the lincoln memorial and performers will be the piano boys and toby keith. and then at 7:00 p.m. apply the dinner at union station for mr. trump and pence. the lincoln memorial, d.c., korean war, veteran's memorial and the world war poim poem 2 are going to be closed until 6:00 tonight. we are
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plaza. and we've been warning you about road closures. >> back in first traffic. inauguration closers. the ones that start todayality 7:00 forewoman maybe you know. we're going to give you the rectangle around that area. just stay away from the section and you'll be just fine. between 2nd and 23rd. second street between k street northeast and e street snooes. i know this a lot, guys. 23rd street between k and independence avenue. if it you can avoid that big raek tangle. thank you.
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tistricate this feekd, exte-- t closed all nonemergency lane closures through saturday. and hov lanes on i 395 will close. hov restrictions will be lifted on i 66 and i niev prrm shoubd express lanes are pex eded to bowen by noon. they include pentagon, the smithsonian, federal triangle and archives. metro will open from 4:00 a.m. to midnight. frrls we're working for you to get this for you and make it easier. you can find all the closures and traffic impacts on ourpp. law enforcement orss are prepa
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they're in washington to help keep the peace. live that inauguration desk. >> busy morning for us. the soldiers will be sworn in as special officers. that means they can make arrests and those rests can be prosecuted in court. line the inaugural parade route and expected to get more training today. thank you, erika. it is 6:08 and tonight will be the obama family's last night in the white house and at his had final news conference, he had had optimistic words for democrats still upset. >> and sometimes i get mad and frustrated like everybody else does. but
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going to be okay. former president george h.w. bush and his wife remain in the hospital this morning. he's showing signs of improvement. he's in stable condition and resting comfortably. the 92-year-old went into the icu kbrerd fyesterday for a pro stemming from pneumonia. there's no time table for their release. police are trying to track down someone who shot two people near the hickory hill apartments in fredric. one was shot in the torso and the other with the leg. thevictedms were thrown to baltimore shock trauma and expected to survive. two girls, 4 and 9, were
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last night their killer ricky gray was executed by lethal injection. the appeals were denied. a halfway house steps from a public park. it could become a reality near your home. the fith to keep felons out of a maryland neighborhood. kthe plan set to be discussd tonight. here's a live picture from twuper
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6:13. breaking news from montgomery county where dozens of firefighters are on the scene. >> meagan, tell us what's going on. >> reporter: well, you can see the very large emergency response that we have here. we had had a tough time getting here because there's so many streets and alleys and parking lots. we're here at the intersection of 24th and piney branch road. this is the restaurant that caught on fire early this morning and you can see we do have a little bit of smoke from the roof area, some of the ladder trucks are still up there. but no flames at this point. now this fire broke out very early this morning inside the restaurant. at this point it does not appear as long as i was paying. and the was concern baut the extent of the fire.
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the restaurant appears to be attached to another business in the back. so there was concern about some of flames jumping to the other businesses as well. er for in terms of the traffic impact, we have a lot off the -- well, the immediate had intersection. that's closed and not just at the interseksz itself but also a blaun or two in either brem and a lot of yauther on the roadway as well. even now that it appears they have this fire under control, it is going to be a while before they start to clean things up enough for people to use this intersection. this is going to have a traffic impact. in terms of what started the fire at the restaurant, still under investigation.
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we're going to send it to melissa. chopper 4 over this problem. plauer aival and and skiend of a pipal effect. another problem right now northbound 295, broken down vehicle slowing things in the right lane. top of the belt way for 290. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm. good morning, melissa. before you head outside you may want a warm coat in the tistricate. around:50 by noon. that's when we'rer bouking about
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the rain. so tomorrow rain and drink. upper 40s for inauguration day tomorrow. thank you. it's 6:17. and your going to start to see new billboards with it purpose of tracking down the killer of a democratic national committee staffer. seth rich was shot and killed hast tlooul for info-- a florida man hoping to get his criminal record wiped clean is now facing a new felony charge. he drove up here from miami to meet with the former attorney sgrenpleon for and he admitted to stealing expensive artwork. he
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reiloused that patman was driving a stolen car. officials want to build a new federal prison,/halfway hos. it's proposed for the halfway house says prince george's county is in need of something like this. >> it's a worthy need for it community at large but it's not really the place for it. >> we're not attracted to it because 1n when. was going to be in it. sean breaker supports the fuspld. >> one school dwisricate in maryland. has learned i will discuss the idea of
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meeting tonight. one the district and superintendent have discussed. high says the year round school problem might be shauvl with a hosing crunch. tomorrow's inaugerieration will be the first many get to see in person. >> but for one it will be his 18th. he's 91 years old. his first inauguration was on january 20th, 1941. it was the day franklin rose volt was swarn in for a third time. he's been strand in a snow storm when trying to make it to kennedy's inauguration in 19 quan. let's turn to melissa mollet. >> breaking news
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that intersection going to be closed for some time. because of this massive fire response in tacoma park. we have lots of other streets closed. you can try university, wayne avenue. at the ramp to 11th street bridge, and come and soubtd southbound, i am had going back home. we have that ramp from that tractor/trailer crash. thank you. it's now time to check your kpour cast. benortherning. it is a cool start this morning but pretty comfortable. 40s. but fredericksburg at 34. and 43 in the district
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your commute forecast, nice and dry. make sure you have a sung sunglasses. here's some rain down to the south and west. so during inauguration swearing in, we're going to see the rain falling that same time. he's a look at that for your friday. ploes mostly cloudy, chance of a shower. could be ready setty at times. al and clearing as we can go through the rest of the afternoon and evening. umbrellas are not allowed. however, for the welcome celebration nice and dry. noon 1:00 p.m. as we go to the district. >> for the rest of the week mid to upper 50s.
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and by tomorrow near 50 degrees. saturday 59. some areas close to 60. sunday heavy rain moving in lasting through monday. another details coming up. inauguration preparations. it is one day abay. plus a team sk-- teen
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you're watching "news 4 today." she was kidnapped hours after she was born. now oo teenagerer is opening up. >> she misses the woman auz kood of kidnapping her. williams was taken to custody. she was charged with kidnapping. she says whatever the punishment is, she tuzant want it to be
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severe. >> i understand what she did is wrong but look at my liefl itself. everything that came out of it was not bad. she was known as kamaya moebly as a baby. and reun ditted this. plus a spelths message from the first lady. politics and a dance party oughticide of the december home of mike pence. sheena returns with four things to know about your fordast. and chopper four is still over the scene in munt gmry county.
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. that breaking news out of montgomery
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response. >> if you are just waking up with us, the fire is impacting folks in the 8600 block of flower av new near piney branch road in the park. this is a case of the mana restaurant. meagan? >> reporter: well, we've been able to get a better vantage point here. you can see the front of the restaurant here on flower avenue. just a little while ago got an update from the fire department. a little bit after 5:00 this morning is when they got a 911 call. someone saying they saw smeek. they didn't have a specific location. fire crews arrived on the scene. that's when they pen pointed the trouble spot as being inside this restaurant. say the had the smoem.
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with two other businesses. as well as an auto body and paint shop. they weren't sure exactly where in the structure the fire originated. they had it under control but believed it nmay be actually burning inside a wall. that's why we have such a large response here on it scene. at this point they have put the fire out. there had is property damage, however. i'm no longer seeing smoke from the roof. we still owe the loan people $500. nower avenue and piney branch road. this is going to impact
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with more than, i tent it to melissa. this is a huge intersection for a lot of you. and you can see come you see purple on my map, mat heenz kmeens is t-- what are you seeing, there? >> we'rer making progress on the scene. >> seeing the emergency response slowing down but the entire intersection is blocks and will main blocked. melissa, back to you. >> you can try university boulevard or wayne avenue. brand new crash reported there. with ofor on that,
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i think it's nicer today. a little cool this morning but boy the afternoon sunshine and 50s. don't forget the sunglasses when you head out. we have rain for tomorrow's inauguration. dry and mild to start your weekend and sunday and monday rain returns. 31 in cullpepper, most of the rest of the area in the 40s right now. if you're going to the welcome celebration to start off inaugier ash wieksd. -- inauguration weekend. the president elect will return to washington today. it then a make america great again welcome sill bragz. gates open at faevl 30 krk. tame expected
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harl and so after hitds pick for hilths and human services was confirmed. good morning. while this was not a conformation hearing forrau congressman tom price, senate democrats took direct aim over the affordable care act and his refuse tool promise he won touch medicaid and medicare. when frays prauz waetsed for traitsing moren than 300 chop kawhi and -- >> directed the broker to perch this is stock but through a broker. >> particularly that stock? >> yes. everything we've done has been above board, and legal. >>
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of it that's his last cabinet pick. >> make sure you download the nbc 4 washington app. the news 4 team will be jiens by stense skess and incauguration. the president showing signs of improvement. he's in stable condition and resting comfortably. coming up we'll have more on both of those cases. tiks:35. new video appears to show you the shooting of her wheelchair. surveillance video in that area app t
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man. it also shows who authorities believe is marrow ibher wheelchair. they do not believe she was the intended target. >> the president elect is back in ton for tell bragzs and ceremonies before takes faufs the baemen's march on. >> and we continue to follow a
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we are staying on top of breaking news in montgomery county. fire crews have shut down several roads in the takoma park area. >> this is having a big impact on traffic in the area.
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road is soutd down. and it's a ripple erect monopoly you're going to want to take university, wayne, accord this year yeah. grant mew pra lm hads 2 toints stou -- taking a look at 66 at 95 northbound not so bad. remember to listen to wtop 105 fm. and ms. sheena talking about the weather. >> warm jackets. many areas are in the low 40s. definitely the sunglasses, more sunshine today. if your heading to the inauguration, we'll look at the hoirs. umbrellas are not allowed.
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30 degrees, culpepper. here is the forecast. 9:00 a.m., fry degrees. by noon, and a closer look at that and your weekend forecast coming up. an earth quake and avalanche. the desperate rescue mission. a former president and first lady are in the hospital. and we will return to the scene of the fire investigation in takoma park.
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right now dozens of firefighters remain on the scene in a restaurant fire in takoma park. >> bringing you updates from traffic 4. and we want to let you know where this is happening in takoma park right now. >> this is happening at the mana restaurant on flower avenue. this is less than a mile away from the flower branch apartments. that was the site of a deadly gas explosion last year. we have team coverage from the air and the ground. me
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behind me that crews are starting to wrap things up a bit, rolling up hoses. but staill a large presence on the scene. someone called 911, didn't give a specific address. when they arrived on the scene, they came to the car. and they were trying to pinpoint the exact location of the fire. and this restaurant share as wall with two other businesses. an automotive paint shop as well as a chinese restaurant. and so the large response due in part because the combustibles and the fair of this shedding to the other wall. at this point, a lot of damage, noe inureies. that is going to remain the case for some time here. so this is going to be a problem for
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we send it to melissa. >> so again, this is a major problem for folks in tacoma park, silver spring. so flower avenue, poiny branch here are your alterinates. university boulevard, slight oak parkway, or wayne avenue. we are just one day away from the swearing in of the 45th president of the united states. >> here's justin finch live with what we can see in wk today. >> a whirlwind day for donald trump. he's booked for several stopped incleesing etimes him from a job.
6:47 am
and apeernpearanceappearances. we know several yawn mmnts amon been closed. now those places will be own at 6:00 this evening. and arlington national cemetery and off to for the make america grade agren confort f. squam and he and then mr. trump and mr. pence aattend private dinnerer at the union station and shot him. we're live in freedom plaza, back into
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6:47. to deal with those events, crews are shutting down inhad and around the city. the arlington memorial bridge, pennsylvania avenue, west of the capital and the roads around lincoln memorial. alportion of rockway pass way. all parking restrictioness at 7:00 a.m. constitution will close at 10:00 and everything starts shutting down at 5:00 p.m. the inauguration isn't the only major event. hundreds of thousands are expected to be here for the women's march on saturday. the system will open at thrive p.m. and they will atsds more than dozen extra trains to accommodate those crowds. ♪
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and you're looking at a dance party protest near the temporary home of vice president elect mike pence. the group "work for peace" held what it called a dance party protest against nohomophobia. you can find a list of the best metro stations to get around on the inauguration day and of the women's march. it is 629. first, in italy, a avalanche buried a hotel in snow. there were 30 people. we're now seeing reports that some people are texting emergency numbers and saying they are trapped. there is a desperate search to find everyone
6:50 am
but not in tthere. a high rise building collapsed in a high rise building in teheran. it was among the first high rises in the iranian capital. well wishes are coming in from all over the country for former president george h.w. bush. >> he went into icu for a problem with munoenia. >> reporter: good morning. president president bush is stable in the icu. had had seen me and i -- he took a turn yesterday and doctors had
6:51 am
lungs. a family spokesperson says he is resting comfortably. garb rupush was also admitted for the same vimptms as you. and she was admitted as a precaution. now, well wishes have been pouring in from across it world. president eselect thanks ii and saying he was sorry he could not attend. also hillary clinton saying she wanted bush 41 back on his feet, wild sox and all. he's in stable condition at the icu. barbara bush issall se, we're told, resting comfrtdably. >> he has about 30 hours now until he is no longer
6:52 am
thanking president obama in southwest washington. >> they are saying good dsbye a well. >> we are seeing lots of videos like this one behind me from flotus herself on twitter and instagram as well. this of her, bow is sunny taking a walk through the people's house. and then there's a lovely photo of her and potus from the white house hot. thanks the american people, saying that service as the first lady has been the honorer of a layoff time. she's going to be switching to flotus 44 and michelle obama 44. breaking news in first four traffic. >> we still have this interaekz sut down. chopper 4wi
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going on. if you take a look at the map, you can see the closure. purple means nothing is getting through. we're not talking about flow, we're talking shut down. what are you seeing right now, brad? >> we are making some progress. we still do have the police tape across the street. trrs melissa, what else is going on? >> taking a look at this map. jack, as oo far as alternates, what is the best idea? it's all at this point personal preference. to kind of get you around this area. but the hose is out of the roadway so
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>> that would be nice... this morning the outer loop of the pelt way. shortcut traet bereported -- and no major issues. looking pretty nice outside today. >> take a look at your thursday commute forecast. 51 by 5:00 p.m. 55 degrees. you will want the sunglasses today. 43 in the district. da maybe a warm jacket this morning but here's a look at the welcome forecast and by noon, 52 degrees. and
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tomorrow's a little bifrant. down to our south and west we could have moved in. tomorrow clouds move in. rain tough to our west. by noon tomorrow light rain around the area and through the afternoon and evening we start to clear. porous the swearing in ceremony and the parade, make sure you have a poncho or raincoat. umbrellas aren't allowed. by noon i think we'll see light rain round falling in the district. aand by 6:00 p.m., we will be drying out for your friday evening. 100% chance i have light showers around. just keep in mind there will be rain. dry and by sunday, heavy rain
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we stay well above normal for this time of the year. >> it is 626. more than 70 firefighters responding to a restaurant fire. no word on the fire. president elect trump is expected to speak that make america great again welcome speech later today. two of trump's cabinet picks will have hearings today. former governor of texas, rick wary. and a an hotel is bear
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under an avalanche. tomorrow we have more clouds, showers mostly on the light side. still shout down, flower avenue at piney branch road. >> thank you, melissa. that is the broadcast. thanks for waking up with us. >> "today" show is next. >> maket a great thursday, i
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morning. breaking news. a crowded hotel in an italian ski resort buried by an avalanche overnight. at least 30 people missing. rescuers now desperately digging through a wall of snow to reach the victims, hoping to find some of them alive. tragedy in tehran. an iconic highrise on fire in the capital suddenly collapses during a live television report. word at least 30 firefighters have been killed, dozens more injured. inauguration eve, donald trump a little more than 24 hours away from becoming this


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