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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  January 23, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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news4 at 6:00 starts now. first at 6:00, a slow go tonight for some drivers as they make their way home. the wind is dying now, but the rain is lingering. it's all part of a nor'easter that left a trail of damage across our area. >> check out the scene in bethesda. a large tree fell on to some power lines on bradley boulevard. >> a tree fell on to a home daycare off norfolk avenue in an nondale. we check in with doug in storm center 4. >> the worst of this nor'easter is out of our area and continues to move up towards the north and east. northeast winds all day, gusting upwards of 40 to 50 miles per hour earlier today. man that wind was really howling out there. we saw some
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right now, not much going on at all. as a matter of fact, here's the latest radar. you could see just about nothing. now we will see some areas of drizzle this evening. that's something i'll continue to watch for. and we still have a lot of moisture just to our north. here's the storm system itself. this is going to move up along our coast. once it does, it will try to wrap some moisture around it. we're not done yet with the rain. not done yet with some snow. it was snow in places like winchester, hagerstown, martinsburg, all reporting snowfall and accumulating snowfall at that. we're going to talk much more about this, what this means for your overnight and the big pattern change coming next. be sure to stay with news4 for updates on conditions throughout the hour. if you download our nbc augu washington app you can see live
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interactive radar. white house press secretary sean spicer held his first official briefing with reporters today. he was less combative than on saturday when he angrily blasted accurate reports on the inauguration's crowd size. >> it's about a constant theme. it's about sitting here every time and being told, no. we don't think he can do that. he'll never accomplish that. he can't win that. it won't be the biggest. the crowd aren't that big. he's not that successful. the narrative and the default narrative is always negative. >> meanwhile, president trump signed a federal hiring freeze and focused on keeping jobs in the u.s. with the carrot and the stick. steve? >> reporter: as the new white house press secretary described the disappointment of the new president about news coverage, one of the
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complimented mr. trump, called him engaged even though the president gave industry leaders some pretty tough talk. on his first monday, president trump threatened ceos who might close u.s. factories. >> all you have to do is stay. >> reporter: he offered carrots, massive cuts in corporate tax and regulations. >> but if you go to another country and you decide you're going to close and get rid of 5,000 people -- >> reporter: then he would swing his stick. >> a very major border tax. >> reporter: republicans like speaker paul ryan who came by generally oppose tariffs. but the ceos came out impressed. >> the veunion leaders liked tr america first protectionism. >> we will work with him and his administration to help him element his plans
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infrastructure, trade and energy policy so we really do put america back to work. >> reporter: mr. trump signed an order pulling out of the trans pacific trade deal. new white house press secretary sean spicer confirmed reports that president trump might work with vladimir putin to attack isis. >> if there's a way that we can combat isis with any country, whether it's rush or anyone else, sure we'll take it. >> reporter: less combative spicer still stuck to his claim that trump's swearing-in and the trump parade had the largest audience ever. >> sure, it was the most watched inaugural. >> reporter: meaning, spicer said, on tv and the web, not just in person. again, it's not just about last friday and not just about washington. spicer said president trump is frustrated by what he segraves pattern of thema
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trying to undermine his credibility. back to the controversy over the crowd size at the trump inauguration versus the obama inauguration in 2009. we've put together an interactive image comparing both events. you can see it on our nbc washington app. there's a growing realization that protesters could stage more demonstrations here in d.c. it's a concern because of riots like this during the inauguration. got pretty violent in certain parts of downtown. now d.c.'s police chief is describing how his officers made hundreds of arrests and what we can expect going forward. i just retweeted some of mark segraves's latest reporting. you spoke with the interim chief. is he worried? >> he gets paid to worry for us. i think he would always say he's worried. but chief newsham plays down any notion we're in for an increased level of
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but he's firm that his officers are ready. >> it really is unfortunate to me that that event, the inauguration, which is a historical event, had to be spoil bed by some people who thought they could come to washington, d.c. and break the law. one of the things we're really fortunate with on the other side is it was a very small group. we were able to get it under control quickly and the inauguration did go off without a hitch. >> more than 230 people were arrested for rioting that day. now police have less than a week to get ready for the next big protest. tens of thousands are expected for the annual march for life on friday. >> we anticipate that the large majority of people that are coming here are coming here to have a peaceful demonstration. >> interim chief peter newsham says he's not concern eed d.c. will see more protests now that trump is president. >> i
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going to be a regular event here in the city. if it is, we have an intelligence unit that follows those groups very closely. if they want to come here and they're intent on breaking the law, we'll be ready for that as well. >> newsham as there's a protest every day here in d.c. and the vast majority go unnoticed. >> it's fun to kind of watch that many people come here and have a successful event. it's a feeling of gratification for us to be able to host people to come in and do that kind of thing in our city. >> some of those people arrested on friday have filed a lawsuit alleging that police used excessive force. chief newsham wouldn't comment on that because it is pending litigati litigation. they're still likely to release imagend
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help identify suspects. >> police went into the inauguration friday planning to write tickets if they needed to for protesters who got out of hand. they ended up arresting and pressing felony charges, which is pretty unusual. is that something he's expecting to see more of? >> i asked him that. usually we get either citations or misdemeanor rioting. he said this isn't a concerted effort to send a message. the reason they placed the elevated charge of felony rioting was because of the level of the cost of the damage. if it's over $5,000 worth of damage, that triggers the felony charge. he says he believes without any problems they can prove more than 5. just that limo alone is worth more than $5,000 obviously. they say this was a collective act. that's where you get the rioting charge. >> and a well-organized one too. >> the peaceful
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the ones who disrupted the lines were well-organized and coordinated with police. it was the violent protesters who really gave a bad name to all the peaceful protesters. >> you were in the thick of it. >> we were. thanks. hundreds of thousands of people peacefully rallied at the women's march on washington on saturday, the day after the nomination. the huge crowd well exceeded the 200,000 people for which the event was permitted. massive rallies took place in other cities across the country and around the world as well. the big question tonight, what's next. kristin wright spoke to a local group. >> reporter: somewhere in the crowd at the women's march on washington, casey young and kristin goresick helped start northern virginia community activist group, together we will loundoun. >> we have more momentum after the march. peoe
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fired up. but the momentum was there from the get go. it has not stopped. >> reporter: they say they have at least 100 new members since the march. >> people have been showing up to local representative's offices, have been advocating at school board meetings, have been partnering with local democratic organizations. >> we have 100 days of action and the members are being engaged every day to take different types of action. most of that is being driven through the facebook page. >> if you are concerned about this issue, this is how you get in touch with your state or federal representative. >> reporter: goresick brought her daughter kate to the women's march to show her she has a voice too. in loudoun county, kristin wright, news4. on friday metro plans to run extra trains for the march for life. trains are going to run every eight minutes
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between the morning and evening rush hours. there will be extra service on the downtown stations. they're cancelling all the midday track work and encouraging participants to travel outside rush hour periods. the nonprofit group has withdrawn its application to put a federal prison halfway house. we are told the organization is working with prince george's county leaders to find a more suitable location elsewhere in the county. a twisted tale of love and murder. tonight a woman's motive is revealed as she's sentenced for killing her husband's ex-wife. >> reporter: an urgent search is under way for suspects who were in a car that opened fire on a police cruiser last night. violent storms
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senight a clo
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comcast business. built for business. on this chilly, wet commute home, we're giving you a life look at traffic on the 14th street bridge coming from the virginia side. you can see nothing but lights there. yo
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weather by downloading the nbc washington app. a fairfax county police officer whose cruiser was hit by gunfire while he was in side is off patrol duty for now. the police chief is begging the community to help find the suspects who fled a routine traffic stop in great falls and then turned the gun on the officer. jew >> reporter: one of those newly released photos shows a suspect bailing out of a fleeing car. the other shows the front of that car as fairfax county police try to get a fix on that sedan that came barreling at a police cruiser, then opened fire. thankfully those bullets missed the officer. >> i stand before you as your chief of police very grateful that i'm not planning a police funeral. >> reporter: fairfax county's police chief speaking of the attack on one of his officers st
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in the cruiser. in a news conference, police released these new photos they hope will lead to the suspect, images of a white older model four-door sedan. >> i can't beg enough for the help from the community to bring these suspects to justice. they're armed and dangerous and willing to kill a police officer. that means they're willing to kill anybody to make good their escape. >> reporter: police say the incident happened just before midnight near great falls village. the officer tried to stop the white sedan for running a red light but it kept going down georgetown pike. it braked for a moment as one suspect jumped out. then the car sped down the street, circled back toward the cruiser, then came the gunfire. here's how the officer calmly described it to a dispatcher. >> the car is coming head
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me. shots fired at me. >> reporter: other officers raced to the scene but the white car got away. great falls residents troubled by gunfire in this normally safe area, each mo area. >> i think that's a legitimate concern these days. if you think of it in that regard, it's even more concerning that it's moving out of the city area into a sleepy little village like great falls. >> reporter: now, even though that police officer was unharmed, he is not back on patrol duty just yet. the police chief says a threat assessment must be conducted first. they need to determine whether or not those suspected might have intentionally targeted that police officer, essentially setting him up so they could ambush him. that investigation still continuing tonight. we got some good news coming out of texas. our st
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end after a bout of pneumonia. they say president bush is sitting up in bed and asking for his favorite chowder. barbara bush was add am i rigmie same hospital for bronchitis but she was released today. the bushes have been married 72 years, making theirs the longest marriage of any presidential couple in american history. republican candidate for virginia cover corey stewart is holding a campaign kickoff rally tonight in woodbridge. he was also donald trump's most high profile supporter in virginia until he staged a protest outside the republican national committee in october and the campaign fired him. he's battling three candidates for the republican nomination in virginia. ed gillespie, frank wagner and denver wriggleman. democratic
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mcauliffe can't run again because of term limits in virginia. the cleanup is underway in & minnesota a mississippi and georgia where 19 have been killed and dozens injured. >> i think that's the tornado. >> reporter: a string of violent storms spawned dozens of tornados across the southeast. >> it was just terrible. >> reporter: twisters ripped across texas, louisiana, mississippi and georgia over the weekend, ravaging communities and leaving behind miles of devastation and debris. >> the whole house started shaking. 30 seconds later, everything was gone. the whole trailer park was demolished. >> reporter: georgia took the most severe hit. >> we have a lot of people that have been separated from their families, that have no homes, no food, no warmth and no hope. we need a lot of help. >> reporterre
6:20 pm
>> there are some neighborhoods in this county that have been removed from the face of the et. >> reporter: search and rescue efforts continue across the region as survivors begin to clean up and piece together what they can. >> we will rebuild. it's going to take time, but day by day. >> reporter: today the system continues to push across the country, a nor'easter now with severe winds and driving rain battering the eastern seaboard. searching for clues in a woman's murder. how this sketch and images of the victim's tattoos could shed light on this murder mystery. we're hearing some mixed reaction about a major transportation project. why one mother is worried that the added convenience of the purple line could price her right out of her home. >> reporter: it happened just this morning. the city of laurel lost a dpw worker in the line of duty. already the
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news4 viewers are sending us pictures to show how the wind and rain is affecting them. we invite you to send your pictures to us at ic @nbc we're not taking this weather lightly b
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the rain are nothing compared to the scene one year ago today. remember this? >> yes. >> i'm sure you do. 22 inches of snow in downtown d.c. the blizzard paralyzed parts of the city, schools, businesses. a lot of us were working for you around the clock to show you these incredible pictures. >> how could we forget? >> what a difference a year makes. >> it's hard to believe that that was a year ago today with the warm temperatures that we've been having lately. >> yeah. what a difference. just add a few degrees and you get all this rain. who wants last year to come back? yeah. no. come on, baby, give me another one. no, not in the forecast. really not much of a chance of snow in the forecast over the next ten days, although we did pick up a couple of inches in parts of our area to the west a little bit earlier today. right now it's just drizzle, low clouds out there, little bit of fog,
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we'll continue to see areas of drizzle, couple areas of showers too. notice to the north and west, it's chilly. 32 winchester. this is the area that saw some snow earlier. a lot of problems on the roads. if you're around 32, we could see some freezing especially on bridges and overpasses. watch yourself. the roads are wet and we're still seeing winds gusting at 20-30 miles an hour. you could see the rain really moving out of the area. this was the heavy rain that we saw around 2:00 or 3:00. look at the snow coming all the way down towards winchester. we're done with the bulk of the moisture for the most part. still going to see some areas of snow along the blue ridge and showers
6:26 pm
this is the actual area of disturbed weather, the upper level low. this is going to move out to sea. as it does, some of this moisture may try to work its way back in here. you can see that whole big spin in the atmosphere right around our region. around 8:00 tonight, notice what happens at 11:00, that rain/snow line coming back closer to d.c. do i expect much around herndon? no, not a lot. but we may see some snowflakes if we can move some of that moisture back. but then it's out of there. by 7:00 tomorrow morning the roads will still be wet but we're not going to see anything falling from the sky. around 11:00 a.m. tomorrow still dealing with clouds, but i expect to see some sun during the afternoon. tomorrow 54 degrees, clouds early, windy, afternoon clearing. take a look at wednesday's forecast. wednesday looks fantastic. 60 degrees, nice weather
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wednesday. 52 on thursday. then we go down, going 43 on saturday, 41 on sunday. many of you will only be in the 30s all day long on saturday and sunday. temperatures below freezing. we have not been there much in the month of january. we have been extremely warm but as we end the month, we're going to end it on a colder note as we move in towards february. we have a lot to look forward to, it would appear. all eyes on the new trump administration and the growing concern from some that federal jobs could be moved out of washington. a young man is killed on the job. how the community is coming together to help his family after a local sanitation worker got hit by a car along his route today. >> reporter: they sent her to jail for life in an executi execution-style murder, but it wasn
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sentencing day for a woman convicted of murdering her husband's ex-wife. the couple hatched the plan to they wouldn't have to pay alimony. a new clue in a murder mystery. detectives hope this sketch will bring answers as they work to identify the victim. new concerns about the purple line. a c
6:31 pm
tragic accident on the job. how the community is coming together to help the family he left behind. you're watching news4 at 6:00. first to that murder trial in mongomery county and a life sentence for the woman convicted in their calculated attack. >> reporter: ramender cowher, convicted in the shooting death. ms. gabba
6:32 pm
she was walking to the bus stop when she was shot and killed and fell to the pavement here. she was the ex-wife of cowher's husband. he was tired of paying her alimony. ramender cowher was convicted of the murder once already. but she got a new trial after she complained that her first lawyer didn't do a good job. so she got a new lawyer and a new trial and got convicted again. >> if this case proves anything, it proves if you're willing to kill, you're willing to lie. she is guilty of both. this matter never should have been tried a second time. >> reporter: the prosecutors have video of ramender cowher and her husband buying the murder weapon at a gun store in tennessee. they say she took shooting lessons before the murder. they say she kept the gun after the murder, planning to return
6:33 pm
this murderous cups, they say, stayed at a nearby red roof inn and stalked ms. gabba before they moved in for the kill. remender cowher is 66 years old. she'll be eligible for parole in 15 years when she's 81. prosecutor mccarthy says that's not likely to happen. in montgomery county, pat collins, news4. new information following a deadly crash in loudoun county over the weekend. one of the two victims killed has just beenidentified. kyle youngblood of berkeley springs, west virginia, died in a crash in the arcola area. the deputy lost site of the car and then found it had hit a tree and burst into flames. the driver da
6:34 pm
tonight the sheriff's department says more charges could be coming. now to a deadly accident in laurel. a sanitation worker was hit by a car and killed while he was on the job. it's the first time anything like this has ever happened in that area. tracee wilkins has more on the victim and what the community is doing to help his family. >> reporter: this neighborhood stood in the rain watching the aftermath of a crash, still in shock by what she heard after an suv slammed into the back of this laurel city trash truck. >> something on the ground and saying no, no. i said, oh no, one of them got killed. >> reporter: 30-year-old marcus coleburg was loading trash into the back of the truck when an suv slammed into him, crushing him to death. the driver of the suv was not injured. >> it was a female driver. she is being questioned by laurel police at this
6:35 pm
happened. we don't know why she swerved into that silver car and then struck the back of our city of laurel dpw truck. >> reporter: at the dpw lot where marcus worked for the last 18 years and his dad for the last 20, city leaders gathered in mourning for a young man who was known to go above and beyond. >> we're devastated. it happened in our community. >> reporter: they're already working to try and help the family. >> we want to donate a thousand dollars to the family to help them out with expenses. >> reporter: marcus will be the first laurel city worker to die on the job. >> there's been an out pouring from the community of all the people that know him. he's going to be a person that we're going to miss. >> reporter: the city of laurel is already working on a way to try and honor and remember marcus's
6:36 pm
available, we'll share them with you. the new trump administration is raising some trepidation within washington's business community because there are no obvious champions left in o congress or the white house. most members of congress from our area are democrats. neither one of the governors from maryland or virginia supported mr. trump. >> so the private sector needs to come together and find a solution for this. >> james mcgregor is the publisher of the washington business journal. he says the community here would work together to find industries other than government that could flourish in our area. tonight we know the exact location of marriott's new headquarters in bethesda. the hotel chain will build its new campus at the
6:37 pm
it includes a 22 story office building and a flag ship marriott hotel. marriott expects to open the new complex in 2022. new concerns over the purple line's impact on affordable housing. why one mother fears she'll be forced out of her home once the project is complete. >> reporter: i'm in prince george's county where a woman's body was found more than a week ago and police still don't know who she was. coming up what they're doing to take this case to a national audience. of course i continue to track the latest on our nor'easter. when it's moving out of here, what's moving in next and when ez see freing temperatures
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there are going to be more opportunities for work and it could be a means to get to work faster. she says she agrees the purple line could make it easier for her and her two kids to get around. here she shows the books she uses to teach them out to read. some loved it, others loved to hate it, but it's truly the end of an era at new york's penn station. tonight amtrak will start taking down the iconic black and white
6:42 pm
departure board. amtrak says that will ease some of the congestion as people crowd in under the old board waiting for their assigned track to appear. it's also the last step in amtrak's passenger display information system. still to come, support forv. what congress is doing now to help those struggling to start a
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most of the time murder investigations immediately focus on the killer, but detectives in prince george's county are still trying to
6:45 pm
victim is. they released this sketch and hope details about her tattoos can help to identify this woman. darcy spencer has more now on this murder mystery. >> reporter: this is a sketch of a woman found shot to death in a prince george's county parking lot. police have not been able to figure out who she was. now they're going national, entering everything they're collected about her into the national crime information center database. they want to see if she matches the description of any missing persons from across the country. >> with our national partners to help identify not only who she is, but also who the suspects may be and why this occurred. >> reporter: the woman's body was found sunday january 15th at about 10:00 at night in the parking lot of a condo building. that was in the 3100 block of good hope avenue in temple hills. she'd been shot multiple times.
6:46 pm
phone, no wallet or purse, only the clothes on her back and a pair of glasses. police have very little to go on. the key to figuring out who she was could be these tattoos. she had several. they say just love, no lies, peace and jms. police released a new sketch of this tattoo. it says crybaby, r.i.p., jalen. police say finding out more about the victim could also lead to her killer. >> she is someone's child. we want to let that family what happened to their loved one, who she was. there's no other way we can start this investigation truly without identifying who she is. >> reporter: in temple hills, darcy spencer, news4. could armed security guards be coming to schools in virginia? the virginia house of delegates has given preliminary approval to a bill that would allow retired police officers to carry guns while
6:47 pm
security guards. today the house voted to advance the legislation. governor terry mcauliffe ve tto a similar bill last year. he added some new provisions to this year's bill to address those concerns. house democrats did vote against the measure. the government will now help injured veterans pay for invitro fertilization. a military cup who will louple lobbying effort here in d.c. celebrating the decision. >> i think us having a family as vets is the closest we can get as a society and to be normal.
6:48 pm
contact their local va for more information. you made a great point earlier how all this rain that we've been seeing outside, just a few degrees here or there, and we'd be talking about a lot of snow. >> how much do you think it would have been? >> would have been probably in d.c. about 8 inches to 12 inches. out west, upwards of 20 implgs of snow. >> there's still time. >> some areas did see some snow today. those temperatures did get cold enough in areas around winchester and martinsburg. out there right now you can see the low clouds sticking around. a little bit of drizzle continuing. winds out of the northeast at 20 miles an hour. the wind is still going. we're not seeing those strong wind gusts but we areeg
6:49 pm
miles an hour. leesburg, a current temperature of 36. something else that we've noticed, we have these coastal flood advisories. coastal flood warning for saint mary's county. these are areas that normally flood during areas of high tide. one of those down along haines point, another one around alexandria. down in old town we did see some flooding around 5:00. that's because we have upwards of two foot above normal tide levels here. still seeing some drizzle across the area. notice the mixed precipitation. we are still seeing a little bit of snow at some of the higher elevations. we've got this turning. look at the moisture moving in and around our area. this is a big storm. one piece of it down to the south. as it moves up to the north, we may see some of this trying to move back
6:50 pm
is out of here. maybe still some drizzle, though. 49, breezy at recess. then after that time, we start to see the stun breun break out. wednesday a beautiful day, 60 degrees. just gorgeous. and then we see much colder air move in for saturday and sunday even with sunshine. high temperatures only in the upper 30s to low 40s. some cold air is here, but not a lot of moisture. we've got some breaking news from montgomery county. ike legget has vetoed a bill for a $15 an hour minimum wage. he says he reluctantly vetoed the bill and outlined the conditions under which he said he would support a $15 minimum wage. you can read
6:51 pm
th the nbc washington app. we're going to hear from the redskins new defensive coordinator for the first time. to's going
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
the caps are in the middle of a big road trip. but all of a sudden in the middle they get to come here. >> quick little home trip. tonight's game against the
6:54 pm
game sandwiched between six road matchups. >> reporter: the caps are the hottest team in the league right now, winners of 11 of their last 12. the only losing coming on the injury front. barry trotz announcing this morning that defense man john carlson will likely be out through the call star break due to a lower body injury. they're definitely missing him. but both the team and the players thinking long past these winter months. >> doesn't matter how short or long it takes, i'm going to wait until, you know, the coaches and the training staff and myself make a decision that's best for the team and my health going forward. >> you know, he hasn't been able to practice with us a kwhoewhol. we haven't practiced a whole lot because we've been playing every other day. he has missed
6:55 pm
it's not fair to him and it's not smart by us if we were to do that. >> reporter: carlson missing his fourth straight game tonight. the hurricanes haven't won here in three years. can the caps keep up their dominating ways? stay tuned. this is also the last home game before the all star break. curt cousins is going to get to play in one more football game this season. the redskins quarterback will be heading to the pro bowl. >> i chew bubble game and kick [ bleep ] and we're all out of bubble gum. love the area, love the fans, love the stadium. let's get it
6:56 pm
>> looking to bring that fiery attitude to a redskins defense that ranked 28th in yards allowed last season. matt cavanaugh officially announced as offensive coordinator. kevin o'connell brought in as the qb coach. tonight is their third road game in a row. they're in charlotte taking on the hornets, a team they've beaten once at home already this year. tremble missed today's practice.
6:57 pm
tomorrow. mellow has never missed a game from maryland. the team will be ready with or without him. >> next man up mentality. i just feel like if he's out, we'll play just as hard as if he was playing. everybody will step up and we'll see what happens tomorrow. >> now to the australia open. nidal tawith the match point in the near court. his return out of bounds. he takes it in fourth sets and moves onto the quarterfinals. serena williams, the second seed in the tournament, no problem, moves onto the quarters. 7-5, 6-4. finally, nascar is changing its format in a big way for their upcoming season. they'll be cutting every race into stages. kirk
6:58 pm
it to the probowl and it's in orlando, not hawaii. i'm feeling for him. n nightlyews is coming up
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tonight, down to business. president trump taking executive action on trade and on abortion. as his chief spokesman meets the press for the first time since that heated statement about the inauguration crowd. and tonight a major lawsuit accuses the president of violating the constitution. deadly path of destruction. wild weather all across the country. tornad clobber the south, and tonight powerful storms including a nor'easter barreling up the coast. tax refund warning. a surge in scammers trying to steal your money, making off with what you're owed before you even know what happened. the time to protect yourself is now. medical magic. the doctor waving his wand, making kids feel better, and inspiring america. "nightly news" begins right now.


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