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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  January 25, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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now at 11:00, the long climb down. a daring protest hundreds of feet above the white house comes to an end. what's next for the seven climbers now in custody. one protest
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>> it is our duty to win. >> another on the ground. railing against the president's action today on immigration. mayor bowser defending d.c.'s status as a sanctuary city. >> we believe that having a d.c. residents afraid to call the police or afraid to call on the government makes our city less safe. news4 at 11:00 starts now. they spent most of the day 270 feet up in the air. now they're going to spend at least part of their night behind bars. >> we were there when those greenpeace protesters ended their demonstration tonight against president trump and finally surrendered to police. >> reporter: tonight i talked to a greenpeace spokesperson. he tells me that the protesters planned for this. they were methodical, organized and peaceful. tonight d.c. police sources tell me all seven protesters have been arrested. they're currently in route to jail.
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>> thank you, greenpeace. >> reporter: crowds cheer as protesters climb down a crane just blocks from the white house. d.c. police arrest the demonstrators. >> it's ek extrextremely emotio. they stand for a lot of people who aren't there and not capable of doing it themselves. no, i personally would not arrest them. >> reporter: they belong to the environmental group greenpeace. early wednesday morning they climbed the 270 foot crane along 15th and l street in northwest d.c., suspended themselves from harnesses and dropped a banner that reads resist in protest against president trump's policies. one of the leaders did a facebook live video from the crane. >> no crane operation today on this site while we stand here and say resist. >> reporter: the protest comes a day after president trump moved to delay implementation of at least 30 environmental
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grants. >> i'm seeing history. i am really fascinated by, you know, the strength that it must take to stand up and to speak out. >> reporter: but the protests affected drivers. d.c. police closed three city blocks to traffic and waited more than 15 hours for them to come down. >> they're clearly standing for something pretty powerful. >> reporter: moments ago we posted on twitter video of the suspects in the police wagon being taken to jail. i also talked to police and asked what are they being charged with. i do see a sign that says no trespassing over there. however a d.c. police spokesperson tells me they will first consult with the state attorney's office before they decide what to do next. protesters also took to the streets tonight to oppose the president, not just here but all over the country. taking issue with executive orders he signed to jump start construction of a border
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so-called sanctuary cities, including here in d.c. news4's jackie bensen is live now where one of those protests wrapped up tonight. >> reporter: tonight's protests were spurred on by today's announcements by the trump administration. >> we must love each other and protect each other. >> reporter: several hundred protesters blocked the intersection of 15th street and new york avenue northwest. it was the culmination of a vigil and rally against president trump's immigration policies. they include a newly signed executive order signed during a visit to the diplomepartment of homeland security for the swearing in of new dhs secretary john kelly. >> this is border security, immigration and improvements. >> he is going back to get support away from communities
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to be welcoming cities. >> reporter: a few blocks away at the wilson building, d.c. mayor muriel bowser addressed a second presidential order signed today. it aims to cut off federal funds to cities where local police are prohibited from asking a person's immigration status except in certain cases. the trump administration refers to them as sanctuary cities. >> our city and our values did not change on the day of the election. in washington, d.c. we value our diversity and inclusivity and being a sanctuary city means that we are not an agent of the federal government. it means our police can focus on serving d.c. residents, protecting and serving them no matter their immigration status. >> reporter: the groups who gathered here today say they do plan more protests as more immigration measures are unveiled. live in northwest, jackie bensen news4. alexandria, arlington,
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countys are also considered sanctuary cities or counties in our region. last night we reported fairfax county was part of that group and that's not correct. county is proud of its diversity but does cooperate with the federal government on immigration when required. we've been watching this war of words between president trump and mexico's president. it all boils down to that wall on the border. president enrique peen ya spoke to his entire counted tonight and was adamant that his country won't pay for the wall. he says mr. trump's decision to keep building it will only divide the two countries. in an interview that aired tonight on abc news mr. trump said construction could start in a matter of months and dismissed mexico's president's promise not
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i'm just telling you there will be a payment. it will be in a form, perhaps a complicated form. >> what are you going to say to some of your supporters who might say, wait a minute, i thought mexico was going to pay for this right at the start? >> i'd say very simply they're going to pay for it. i never said they were going to pay for it at the start. i said mexico will pay for the wall. >> mexico's foreign ministers are here in d.c. tonight. the president gave no sign he's going to cancel next week's visit to the white house. all of the president's moved in the last few days on immigration, federal hiring and the affordable care act are forms of executive action. executive orders carry the weight of law. they affect how the federal government erates and the president can issue them without input from congress. congress cannot over turn them. only the next president can. but congress can cut the legs out from under some o
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denying funding to carry them out. so far the president has issued four executive orders. in the first 100 days presidents obama bush and clinton issued 19, 11 and 13 respectively. checking on our weather now, there's no way that tomorrow's weather is going to live up to what we had today. >> doug is tracking a little rain that could impact your thursdays morning. all right, doug. >> i think most of us will stay dry overnight tonight but we are tracking a frontal boundary that is going to change things today. today was spectacular. 71 down to the south in roanoke. 58 towards hagerstown. beautiful weather, just a gorgeous afternoon. this front will bring us some shower activity early tomorrow morning. i'm going to break it down for you coming up. for the third time in just about a week, tens of thousands of people are expected on o
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this time, the demonstrators will be here for the 44th annual march for life. the rally begins on the grounds of the washington monument across from the white house friday at noon. there will be speeches and entertainment. then they'll march up constitution avenue to capitol hill and the supreme court. organizers are expecting an energetic crowd. >> we've seen an increasingly palpable enthusiasm this year in large part because of some of the demonstrations that have occurred either t red over the last week. >> because some last-minute speakers were added to the program, there will be secret service protection at the rally friday. that means will will be security checkpoints too. the anti-abortion march happens every year during the anniversary of roe v wade.
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at la gas reached an agreement to buy the washington gas company wgl holdings. the deal is worth $6.4 billion. if it's approved washington gas would continue to operate as a stand alone utility here in d.c. the company president says he thinks the deal will take about 12 months. d.c. mayor muriel bowser led volunteer teams today around the city to document the district's homeless population. the city calls it a point in time census. homeless out reach professionals train the volunteers on how to get information from the homeless about their experiences and circumstances. the volunteers will be out for the next three hours or so. and in fairfax county, officials are reaching out to homeless youth to get a better understanding of their situation. new tonight, prince george's county police are on the scene of a deadly pedestrian crash. they tweeted out this photo of the scene along indianhead
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details about the victim or the driver. the northbound lanes of the highway are closed at berry road until further notice. police are searching for the two teenagers accused of shooting two people near a northeast d.c. metro station about 4:00 along gulf place. one of the victims ran to the minnesota avenue metro station for help. both victims are expected to be okay. police are searching for two teenagers who may be driving a white volkswagon with tinted windows and maryland license plate. a virginia judge says prosecutors can seek the death penalty for the man accused of killing two young maryland sisters who disappeared 40 years ago. lloyd welch is behind bars in virginia until his trial begins in april. he's accused of murdering the sisters back in 1975. they were last seen walking from their house to the wheaton mall. their bodies hav
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found. next at 11:00, the impact mary tyler moore had on an entire generation of women and men. plus, a celebration for a teacher suffering from cancer or so his students thought. what the school found out he was really doing on his time off. and the auction that could get you part of the estate of a
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harsh words from prince george's county leaders today. they say governor larry hogan and other state politicians are playing games with the county's healthcare. the new prince george's county regional medical c
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for largo is expected to help the county's system. the state's health commission is considering approval for another heart program 30 minutes away. >> prince george's county is going to stand firm on this cardiac care. guess what? the session is not going to come to an end on april 10th. >> both hospitals should be able to support their communities with quality heart surgery programs. it's unthinkable. a teacher's aide is caught red-handed lying, lying about having cancer. happened near dallas just last week. students and teachers presented kevin maybone with $10,000 and a car to wish him well before surgery. here's the thing. maybone never had cancer. he just needed time off to attend a sentencing hearing in west virginia. he pleaded guilty to using government credit cards
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gas for his personal vehicle. when questioned about it monday, maybone eventually told the school he lied about having cancer. he's lost his job and says he will return that cash and the car. she was a trailblazer for women and a comedy star regardless of gender. tonight friends are remembering mary tyler moore as a force of nature. >> moore died today surrounded by her friends and her husband of 33 years. she was 80 years old. tonight flowers adorn her star on the hollywood walk of fame. she's, of course, best known for her rolls on the mary tyler moore show and the dick van dyke show. >> online people are sharing tributes, not only costars and people who knew her, but so many women whose lives she changed. andrea mitchell reports. >> reporter: mary richards, the all american single career girl, yes girl, not woman.
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>> i would like to know why the last associate producer before me made $50 a week more than i do. >> oh, because he was a man. >> an inspiration to all of us who broke through in an age when bosses were gruff and women were told we didn't belong in the newsroom. >> it does seem that you've been asking a lot of very personal questions that don't have a thing to do with my qualifications for this job. >> you know what? you got spunk. >> well -- >> i hate spunk! >> tonight so many news women tweeting their tributes. ♪ you're going to make it after all ♪ >> her life felt real to us as we watched the first mention of the pill on a sitcom. >> don't forget to take your pill. >> i won't! >> and climbing the career ladder with conflicted feelings
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>> what would you say if the station manager kept trotting in groups of people and saying, this is our woman executive. >> what do you say? >> usually, hi. >> a role model even for oprah. >> you had no idea what you've meant to me. >> yes, i think i do. >> we hope so, mary, because you helped us believe we could make it after all. andrea mitchell, nbc news. >> what a role model for so many of us and what a loss that she is gone. but she lives on. >> that was our saturday night for so many years. >> yes, it was. so big changes to come, huh? today was beautiful, but the party's over. >> how nice was today? >> i mean, 61 degrees today. after all the clouds that we've seen over the last couple of days, we needed a day of sunshine. boy, did we get it across the
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71 down towards charlottesville. just amazing how warm we were. we're still mild. 49 degrees at this hour, winds out of the southwest at about 5 miles an hour. temperature-wise we're in the 40s for the most part. back to the west we're back to 57, 52 in winchester. we've got warmer air that's going to try to move back in. temperatures will actually rise a little bit by early tomorrow morning. i'm tracking rain, nothing around our region now. just back to the west, here's the front. it's back to the west. we're going to watch this front move through the area. behind it, colder air. chicago is going to see possibly over an inch of snow tonight. that colder air will filter in behind this cold front. behind it we're going to get a lot colder tomorrow and into the day of friday especially. timing out the rain for you. here we are right now, 11:00 on our wednesday. no big
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notice some showers activity do you know aroudown around portiof southern maryland. coming close to the d.c. meo area. if you live north and west, not much of a chance of rain here. you may see some wet roads south and east of i-95. by 9:00, it's all out of here. by noon, we're back into the sunshine. that's when the colder air starts to filter in. some snow back towards the allegheny front here, back towards frostburg and petersburg, west virginia. but for us it's just wind and temperatures falling during the day. 57 degrees for a high temperature with morning clouds. turning windy and cooler. 7:00 a.m., 46 to start off. 57 by noon. and then 53 by 4:00. those temperatures drop. winds could gust upwards of 40 miles an hour tomorrow. friday, back down to 44. wi
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same thing on saturday with a high of 43. 44 on sunday. 39 on monday. that looks like one of the colder days. yeah, it will be a little cold there too. could see some flurries, maybe a snow shower on sunday night into monday, but i'm not expecting much. we stay below average or close to below average all the way through the ten-day forecast. no real big storms between now and next weekend. people don't like me to wish for storms but man. >> we know you do. >> thank you, doug. the hoyas
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this is the xfinity sports desk. hoyas looking huge tonight. >> yeah. facing number 16 in the country. a lot of people were like, oh no. in fact, we have a few selected words from an actual game thread from a message board of hoya fans. starts as we are doomed. then upper deck tickets same price as lower bowl, $6. one is like, that is sad. this is when it starts to turn tonight. georgetown has a rebounding advantage? and then all of a sudden at the end, it's like we are dunking and winning. you just felt the excitement of the hoya fans in this message board. the hoyas won back a lot of fans tonight. they had lost nine of the past ten to ranked opponents. not tonight, not in my house. this
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top of the key and he nails it. hoyas take the lead here. they never look back. later first half, georgetown up five. they turn it over. the hoyas on the run. give and go. peek to rodney prioyor. giving the fans a show. watch this drive and the finish. boom! monster slam. 18 points for him, hoyas up 12 at the half. second half, who do you go to lj peak. 20 points, he also passes 1,000 for his career tonight. georgetown upset. an emotional hoya head coach after the game. >> you're going through a stretch like we've been going through, i've heard a lot of people do this. i never have. but i just want to give god the credit and thank him for that
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you like that? >> yeah. >> we all liked that. the revolutionary rivalry george washington visiting george mason. skip ahead, mason down nine. livingston comes away with the steal, the bucket and one. three-point play for livingston. patriots down six. george washington taking advantage of a turnover. the spin move like john wall and then he changed hands for the lay-in. 12 points. gw pulling away. late in the game mason with tough defense. look at the passing from the colonials. roland was rolling from beyond the arc. fifth three-pointer of the game. gw beats george mason 87-68. the pga tomorrow. 522 days since tiger wood's first full field competitive golf tournament.
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pines. this tiger are we going to see this weekend, on the prowl or with the scowl? >> i don't know. i haven't played a full schedule in a very long time. this is an unknown. i'm looking forward to getting off and playing and trying to keep improving and getting my game better and more consistent, rounding the form and making my way to that first full week in april. >> tiger woods, he has more wi
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he was the top selling author of some cold war spy classics. now if you've got the cash, you can be part of tom clancy's estate. he amassed a snake skin table and
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- glenn close, jay baruchel, comedian candice thompson,


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