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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  January 29, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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brokaw, nbc news. ♪ ♪ breaking news. a shooting at a mosque in canada. several people feared dead. suspects in custody. and we're in weather alert mode. i'm tracking some snow showers overnight tonight. the impacts for your monday morning commute in my forecast.
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trump's travel restrictions continue across the country. we have live team coverage. >> announcer: news4 at 11 begins with breaking news. a shooting at a mosque in canada. quebec city police are confirming it happened at the islamic cultural center of quebec. right now the details are still coming in. police say there are fatalities and injuries, but they did not specify as to how many. they confirm that two people are, in fact, in custody. a public safety official saying no motive has been confirmed yet. the center has been evacuated. stay with news4 as we continue to follow this breaking news story. good evening. thanks so much for joining us tonight. i'm erika gonzalez. we are working several big stories for you tonight. it is a storm team4 weather alert day because of what you could be seeing as you head to work tomorrow morning. amelia draper joinins
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of us could be seeing tonight and into tomorrow. mel. >> we're really going to start to see snow showers move into the d.c. metro area around midnight. most of it is going to be out of here by about 5:00, 6:00 a.m., but it's all about the timing as to why we're under a weather alert mode and why the national weather service has issued a winter advisory in all of the areas in purple until 7:00 a.m. monday. it could slow down the rush hour as we're getting back into our normal routine. a coating to maybe two inches across the entire area. the main road is going to be okay tomorrow morning, just wet. this is a low to moderate impact event, almost bordering on kind of a conversational event. the temperatures aren't very cold out there, so as snow falls, it will stick to the grass. it will have difficulty accumulating on roads. that's a great thing unless you want to stay home from work tomorrow. not a lot of moisture to work with, with this system as well. it's over abou
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seeing a lot of crews across the entire area treating the roads. here's how much snow you can expect in your area. this is on my facebook and twitter pages. i'm going to have more on timing in your neighborhood, what you can expect throughout the day tomorrow. i think we could see a little bit more snow during the day as well. all of that coming up at 11:18. we're closing following the pro-at the time to president donald trump's travel restrictions show no signs of slowing down. battery park. cair organizing this rally at a park in boston. a cair leader accused president trump of, quote, playing on religious bigotry and intolerance, end quote. the protesters chanted and waved american flags and sang as well. in a similar scene outside the detroit airport, the state of michigan has one of the
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in the country. dear born, michigan, is the first majority muslim u.s. city. demonstrators landed at airports and swept through public parks to oppose trump's executive actions as nbc's dan scheneman shows us, the protesters are still fired up. >> reporter: at new york's jfk airport, detainees greeted as heroes after being released. a protest over the president's overs that banned immigration from seven predominantly muslim countries. in new york, thousands gathered in battery park to protest the actions. >> they're bad for america. they're bad for humanity. they're bad for our national security. and they are against everything that is american. >> reporter: in philadelphia, the airport's international terminal was jammed while ts
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traffic in and out of the airport. snow and frigid temperatures did not stop a demonstration in cleveland while protesters in orlando chanted islam phobia has got to go. [ chanting ] >> we have no room for hate or bigotry in this town, and we want to make sure this airport never detains anyone. >> reporter: in san francisco, protesters were joined by attorneys who offered free legal assistance for families of detained travellers. >> this is just ridiculous. these are some of the most vulnerable people in the world. the refugees are some of the most vulnerable people in the world, and the u.s. is not letting them in. >> reporter: president trump insists his actions are not a muslim ban. he says the united states will issue visas to all seven countries impacted after a review of security policies. dan scheneman, nbc news. and demonstrators have packed dulles international airport for the second night in a row. that's where we find news4's r
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>> reporter: erika, the demonstrations here at the airport are largely over. what you're seeing here behind me, a group of about two dozen protesters continue here, promising to keep up the fight. ♪ >> there are many refugees who really helped our soldiers, and to deny them entrance once they have been our friends is really deplorable. >> reporter: for a second night, demonstrators crowded the international arrivals area at dulles airport to welcome immigrants. >> i think it's important to remember that you have to keep working day in and day out. it's not something where you just show up for an hour or two. it has to be a way of thinking and something people are really committed to. >> reporter: they're demanding that anyone detained under president trump's executive orders affecting immigrants be allowed to enter. and they're protesting the temporary ban on some refugees. >> the fact that we have a ban on people who
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persecution, people who are fleeing murder and killings, people who are seeking refuge is completely irrational. >> reporter: there is a heavy police presence. demonstrators and media being in a designated area so airport operations are not affected. >> all are welcome here to the united states of america. >> reporter: the crowd here smaller than the crowd saturday night but still very vocal. >> i'm here because america or the united states was founded basically on immigration, and we are an accepting country. this is unconstitutional, and it's not in the heart of our country to do this. >> reporter: back out live, you're seeing the area where they've been protesting the last two nights. you can see some balloons, some flowers, and some signs that were left over. and, again, a protest is continuing here at the airport. they are now looking like they are walking out. we're told th
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to protest here at 2:30 tomorrow afternoon. erika. >> darcy spencer at dulles international airport. thank you. the at large chairman of prince william's county board of supervisors is backing the presidential order cory stewart served on donald trump's campaign team until october. now the republican is running for governor. tonight he was critical of virginia politicians that he says are using the order to divide the state. >> there's no bigotry here. there's no racism. what's going on is we're trying to work out a system -- the trump administration is trying to work out a system where we can make sure that when we do -- when people do immigrate to the united states or come here as refugees, that we can be assured that they don't have any ill will toward the country, that they're not coming here for terrorist reasons or criminal reasons. >> white house chief of staff reince priebus defended trump's actions on "meet the press" this morning and he explained to
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the future. >> as far as green card holders moving 235rd, it doesn't affect them. here's the deal. if you're coming in and out of one of those seven countries -- by the way, identified by the obama administration as the seven most dangerous countries in the world in regard to harboring terrorists and affirmed by congress multiple times -- then you're going to be subjected temporarily with more questioning until a better program is put in place over the next several months. this is something that 75%, 80% of americans out there agree with. the archbishop of washington shared a letter he sent to priests this evening. he acknowledged the federal government's national security concerns. he said he hopes the concerns would not be at the expense of innocent people who are in need. he also says that he hopes the government ensures the safety of those innocent people are protected. well, the immigration ban ov
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i'm sure you're probably thinking or trying to find ways of shutting that off or tuning some people out. but ellen degeneres, for instance, tweeting, for me, america is great because of all the people who came here, not in spite of them. #noban. i'll show you this tweet from virginia governor terry mcauliffe, on behalf of virginia, i urge the potus to rescind this executive order and return the united states to its place as a beacon of hope for all. but then there are, of course, a number of tweets of people that are in favor of the ban, like this tweet from ed gillespie, who is running for governor in virginia. when you factor out all the misinformation and media hysteria, as he puts it, it's clear that a temporary pause on refugee resettlement is a rational step. let me show you this last tweet from laura ingraham. sorry, it's not our president's job to fulfill the wishes and dreams of citizens of other countries. you can find much more on this using various hashtags li like #noban on twitter and of course on facebook as
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breaking news tonight. a deadly shooting at a mosque in canada. we're going to bring you more developments as they come in. stay with us for that. three people killeds a prince george's county restaurant. what police say the suspect did right after the shooting. and a bomb threat and a jumper causing major delays on one of our area's busiest bridges. in just a few minutes on "sports final," you can end your weekend with a smile. >> when are you going to win? >>rioles players face their toughest press conference when kids take the mike. our local stars shine in the nhl and nfl all-star festivities. and the round table goes to the hardwood when the maryland coach shows us how he keeps the terps loose on the road. all of that and more on "sports final" after the n e
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a third person has died in what investigators believe is an attempted murder/suicide at a restaurant in prince george's county. officers say a man shot three of his co-workers early this morning. hours later, prince george's county police were at the suspect's home in silver spring when they saw him run into the woods. they say he shot himself twice, and is in the hospital tonight. police say the suspect and the three victims all worked at the blue sunday bar & grill in bowie. that's where the shooting happened as well. it was a bomb threat and a suicide attempt that shut down the woodrow wilson bridge for nearly two hours this afternoon. witnesses say a man jumped after telling them that he had a bomb in his car.
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harbor patrol unit were able to rescue the man and get him to the hospital. he is being guarded by state troopers tonight, and charges are pending. u.s. park police and state troopers from virginia and maryland all responded around 2:00 this afternoon. this is what it looked like then, and they reopened the bridge after determining that there was no threat to other drivers. delta airlines tweeted an apology tonight. a technical problem delayed flights for hours this afternoon. some passengers traveling from atlanta's hearts field jackson international airport will have to wait until tomorrow to get a flight out. the faa says automation issues created that problem. protesters, politicians, and civil rights attorneys all gathering at dulles international airport today for the second day in a row. they greeted passengers arriving from outside the country. news4's derrick ward has more on their show of support for those who may be affectby
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>> reporter: a busy day at dulles airport. dozens of attorneys volunteer to help fulfill a judge's order addressing detainees' right to counsel. they waited and waited. protesters were there to welcome those international passengers who were allowed in. most of these folks are coming from saudi arabia, a country not on the list. this welcome is in sharp contrast to the legal morass that some folks find themselves in. information on how many were detained at dulles international is sketchy and hard to obtain, even for members of congress. >> all we can find out through people coming off the plane is see them being pull aside and family members who see people that never show up. >> reporter: a federal judge has ruled that any detainees are allowed to talk to a lawyer. >> we have a judge's order now, but we can't ascertain the truth. >> isn't this america? don't people have a right to talk to a lawyer when a court says they have a right to talk to their laer
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>> reporter: for one civil rights attorney, this all has troubling undertones of a dark chapter in the nation's past. the interment of japanese-americans during world war ii. that was upheld by the supreme court. >> i was looking this morning, and it's universally regarded as a legal decision that is so bad that it hasn't been overturned yet. but no one cites to it ever as legal authority, and i think we're heading down that same road again. >> reporter: at dulles international airport, derrick ward, news4. 16 attorneys general are condemning trump's travel restrictions. 9 attorneys general in d.c., maryland, and virginia joined others from around the country to issue a statement saying the president's moves are unconstitutional, and they say religious liberty has been a bedrock principle of our country. for more photos and videos, open the nbc washington app and then search "dulles protest." a former prince george's county elementary sl
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expected to plead guilty monday to sexually exploiting students. the news4 i-team broke the news friday. dee on tay caraway has been in prison since he was charged by the feds last winter, and he faces more than a dozen counts relating to accusations that he sexually assaulted students and recorded images of it. caraway was an aide at an elementary school before his arrest. the plea is only on those federal counts. he still faces 270 local charges. the gym at an old middle school in olney kaurt fire this morning. montgomery county fire officials are trying to figure out why. crews say at least part of the gym at the old faurk waur middle school collapsed in flames. got new here's is that nobody was hurt. as the trump administration takes steps to repeal and replace the affordable care act, there is a deadline coming up for d
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d.c. health link is holding a last minute marathon to get the uninshiered covered. they are partnering with local businesses to help people sign up. tuesday is the enrollment deadline for residents to get covered. d.c. health link offers round the clock assistance at different locations throughout the city ahead of that deadline. >> announcer: and now your storm team4 forecast. i want to show you the snowfall totals once again. this is the forecast that i'm predicting as far as what you can wake up to tomorrow morning. you can see most of us around an inch or less, especially up in frederick, carroll, washington counties and loudoun county. maybe a coating if that on the grass. here in the district, i think maybe around a half an inch at the most. it's really southern maryland, down through fredericksburg where we'll have pockets of one to two inches. in this area, this is where delays are most likely tomorrow morning. but even there, cancellations
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hopefully the kids got their school work done this weekend. roads tomorrow morning, i think the main roads going to be just fine. so many crews out there pre-treating the roads today. also road service temperatures, i just checked them in maryland. still many well above freezing, in the 40s. so as snow falls overnight, it's only wet tomorrow morning on the main roads. but certainly the secondary untreated roads could have some slick spots. once again especially south of washington as well as sidewalks. again, south of d.c., i think that's where we'll have some delays tomorrow morning. but take a look at the current temperatures. this is going to be a big part of the forecast. here in washington we're still at 39. then we look to southern maryland where hunting town is at 34. fredericksburg is at 37. here's a look at the storm system right now. you can see snow starting to push into the area and then down around the northern neck and southern maryland, we're seeing rain changing over to snow just moments ago as we put the radar
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notice how it's moving into st. mary's and calvert counties. we're starting to see some of that snow, again, in this area. i think this is where we see especially some pockets of one to two inches of snow, and that's where delays are going to be most likely. but by 7:00 a.m., the event, it's pretty much over. to the east, over on the eastern shore. 31, blustery with a mix of cloud and suns. tomorrow during the mid and afternoon hours, i think we'll have flurries and snow. you'll be working out the window and work, don't worry. we're not going to see any accumulation. korm eveni tomorrow evening, it's cold. the morning commute, budget some extra time. recess, i think the biggest concern is going to be how chilly it is. make sure the kids have the warm jacket. the evening commute is going to be just fine. on tuesday, we have highs around 50 degrees, but it is quite windy. if you're north of town, maybe some sprinkles and flurries
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everybody else is dry. wednesday, breezy, mid-40s. then erika, we've been talking about this for a while. february 5th and 6th, there is the chance for a bit of snow changing over to wintry mix. still a lot of kind of uncertainty in that forecast. you want to stay tuned for updates. of course chuck and sheena will be in tomorrow morning concentrating especially on the morning commute. >> thanks, amelia. we want to go back to that breaking news that we started this broadcast with. we now have new developments in the deadly mosque shooting in quebec, canada. the nypd has directed special attention be given to all mosques and houses of worship locations across the entire city. there are fatalities and injuries at the islamic center in canada, and we are working to learn the number. but we can tell you that two people are in custody. stay with us for more developments in that story. switching gears now, still ahead, john wall shows more or less why they call
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk. the wizards looking good at home. more importantly, they are looking good on the road. >> wizards are. they're becoming a better road team. it was just a couple weeks ago when they had the fewest wins in the league on the road. now their numbers away from the verizon center aren't anything to brag about, but the wizards are proving to be road warriors. john wall showing new orleans why he's coming back as an all-star in just a couple week. wall blowing past the defenders throws it down with the left hand. a long night for the pelicans. wizards up 11. now to the second quarter, final seconds, wall showing off the handle. just stepping back here, hitting it right at the buzzer. wizards up 17 at the break. now to the fourth. pelicans back in it, but the wizards shutting the
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tre. he had 27 points. wall had 18 and tied his career high with 19 assists. wizards win their fourth straight game 107-94. 12th ranked virginia on the road taking on number one vil norv va. this one coming down to the wire. josh hart looking to be the hero here, but he can't get the shot to fall. check this out. tips this ball right at the buzzer. the fans going nuts. they would review this. he beat the buzzer. first ranked villanova wins a thriller. now on the women's side, maryland hosting iowa on brianna jones bobblehead night. the senior making it worth the price of admission. second quarter, pass inside to joengz. she gets the shot to go. terps would take a six-point lead. now, under a minute to play in the half. destiny slocum comes away. she ps
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off the glass and in. game-high 28 points for brianna jones. maryland goes on to beat iowa 100-81. now to the pro bowl. kirk cousins representing the redskins going over the game plan. the plan working pretty good for the afc. tied at seven in the second. andy dalton drops back. he finds travis kelce for the 23 yard touchdown. 14-7 lead. fourth quarter, kirk on a third and seven, showing his mobility here. he gets away. ires the giants. odell beckham jr. going for 42 yards. no touchdown for kirk. this game just wrapping up. afc tops the nfc 20-13. now to the nhl all-star game. ovechkin and the penguins. three on
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absolutely robs marchand. 17 saves on the day for him. later in the game, sidney crosby, alex ovechkin hooking up there. the metropolitan, they won the whole thing. they get to split a million dollars. why not? >> tha
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right now on "sports final." frenemies for a day earn some serious extra pay. >> can you give me one of your donkeys? kids don't hold back when they get to ask the orioles whatever they want. >> do you like justin bieber? >> who told you? plus mark turgeon on the mark when if comes to keeping his terps relaxed. >> maybe the redskins -- >> it's cute. it's in your face. it's "sports final," and it starts right now. ♪


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