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tv   News4 Today  NBC  February 4, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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at 6:00 right now on news4 today, we're talking about immigration battle. the heated back and forth from the court to the president and now the new action expected from the justice department. and dropping out. why president trump's pick is withdrawing his consideration for the top job. up in flames. the new air quality concerns from a massive fire and the questions residents in northern virginia want antss. welcome in. i'm david culver. >> and i'm meagan fitzgerald. a chilly start to your saturday morning but we'll get
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the weather with tom kierein. >> good morning. cold in february of all things. it is below freezing. just about everywhere starting off early this morning. we've got a clear sky and everything is all dry and settled. that much wind around. and as we take a look at this live view from the tower camera. there's the capital. the capital under a clear sky and our sunrise is about a little more than an hour away. storm team 4 radar, we don't have any rain or snow in the vicinity. we are all dry starting off early this morning. look at our temperatures, though. it's down into the teens in many locations. 18 in gaithersburg. nearby suburbs in the low 20s. mid and upper 20s around the chesapeake bay. temperatures are hour-by-hour for the rest of the morning staying in the 20s. then finally getting above freezing by late morning and noontime. then beginning to climb into the mid to upper 30s as we get into the afternoon hours. a look at a
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near record heat coming in the week ahead. that's in a few minutes. >> already, tom. we'll check in with you then. all new this morning, the justice department expected to have an emergency stay. >> it's now become a back and forth legal fight between federal judges and the white house. breaking down the key points of where this order stands now. >> reporter: a u.s. judge in seattle temporarily blocked president trump's ban on travelers and immigrants from seven predominantly muslim countries. while the court considers the lawsuit filed by the states of washington and minnesota. in court, washington state argued the order was directed at the muslim religion which is unconstitutional. the state attorney general says the judge's ruling proves no one is above the law. >> the law is a powerful thing. it has the ability to hold everybody accountable to it. and that includes the president of t
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>> president trump's executive order temporarily banned travel for people from iran, iraq, syria, sudan, somalia, libya, and yemen. tens of thousands of foreigners from those seven countries have had their visas canceled because of the order. and it sparked angry protests across the country. earlier this week the president defended his immigration policy. >> our nation has the most generous immigration system in the world. but these are those and there are those that would exploit that generosity to undermine the values that we hold so dear. >> the white house issued a statement that said the justice department will file an emergency stay as soon as possible. nbc news. and department of homeland security officials tell nbc that the seattle judge's order won't have an immediate practical effect. at the same time there are
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airlines the green light to board all visa holders from the seven countries. >> we're going to stay on this subject now. bring it back closer to home. a federal judge in virginia allowing the commonwealth to join a separate lawsuit targeting the immigration orders. virginia says its identified several college students impacted by the ban. one of them is a 23-year-old george mason university student from libya. we're told she is stranded in istanbul. there are more challenges pending in new york as well as in massachusetts. and president trump and the first lady are waking up in palm beach, florida, at the winter white house, they call it. they arrived yesterday afternoon. the two took a few minutes to greet the press corps before driving to the mar-a-lago estate. that's where the president plans to speak by phone today with the italian prime minister and the ukrainian president. following those meetings the first couple will attend the red cross gala at
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meantime, the president has released his second weekly address in which he defends his executive orders on the immigration. >> the executive order establishes a process to develop new vetting and mechanisms to ensure those coming into america love and support our people. that they have good intentions. >> the president also touched on job growth, black history month, and recognized the sacrifice of william ryan owens. he was the u.s. navy s.e.a.l. who was killed during the raid in yemen. now to a first for president donald trump's cabinet pick. vincent viola has dropped out from his consideration. viola is a west point graduate and a billionaire businessman. the white house confirmed the decision yesterday. they did not give a reason, but according to the military times, the decision was made in part due to strict rules. he is the owner of
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and today one of the area's first sanctuary cities plans to teach others what that exactly means. the city of takoma mark is talking about what the policy says which prevents officials from asking residents about their citizenship and immigration status. this began, rather, in the '80s after thousands of refugees fled el salvador and kwaut ma la. i don't know if you got a chance to see this, but incredible video out of northern virginia. today if you live close to the waste facility that caught fire, you may want to attend a morning meeting at mount vernon high school. meeting starts at 9:30. it's there officials are going to be able to answer questions about air quality. late thursday night a fire broke out at the waste to energy facility. that fire sent large plumes of thick smoke into the sky. here's the thing. the fire, it is continuing to
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smolder even this morning. it could take them days to entirely put it out. >> i went through the smoke down there at the bottom of the hill. it just smells like a campfire. doesn't really seem to be toxic. >> i get asthma when i get around smoke. and this has been really bad for me. >> a lot of smoke out there. virginia's environmental officials say there's no need to worry about the air quality. it could take days to figure out what caused that fire. this is a tragic story. a 4-year-old girl has died just days after police say her mom admitted to kicking and hitting her. earlier this week montgomery county police charged 20-year-old with child abuse. they say the mother admitted to police that she got angry with the girl for not brushing her teeth. the girl was eventually found unresponsive in a bathtub. police say she waited an hour to call 911. it's an infestation bad enough to cancel cl
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the outbreak at an elementary school and the massive cleanup underway right now. france on high alert this morning. we'll talk about the attack on the most famous museum and what raids are uncovering about the man who m
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a deep clean at an elementally school in d.c. is going to begin tomorrow. this is after an outbreak of rodents and bedbugs. the school will be closed on monday and tuesday so that workers can replace soft items like rugs and pillows. also going to do a thorough cleaning of the entire building. school officials say after tuesday students will move to a new building for classes. parents should be checking that inbox for an e-mail or text alert tomorrow afternoon as there you'll get more information. >> all righty. an arrest has been made in the hacking
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camera. "the washington post" reports that two people in london got busted. . they're now facing charges. more than a hundred police cameras were not able to record anything in the days leading up to the presidential inauguration. officials say the security for trump's big day was not compromised. one after another after another. the fbi investigating whether these robbery suspects here are involved in more than two dozen crimes. they say four men were arrested on thursday after an attempted robbery at a cvs store. that's what you're looking at right there. the arrests come a week after someone robbed in montgomery county. officials say the men could be linked to other robberies. all now being held without bond. bundle up if you're going out for a run. or maybe a bike ride this morning as we look live at union station. we've got tom kierein tracking some chilly temperatures.
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yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. good morning. this saturday morning we're starting off clear and cold. there's capitol hi
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clear sky. the first predawn glow showing up. want to get in a run today or a bike ride or a brisk walk, you may want to wait until later this morning. we'll still be just around 30 around 9:00 a.m. 40 degrees by mid-afternoon. lots of sunshine through the day. and not much wind at all. a look at a warming trend for the week ahead and chances for rain in just a few minutes. >> tom, thank you. heavily armed french police took to the streets overnight. they launched antiterror raids looking for accomplices for the attack outside the louvre in paris. here's the latest. >> reporter: french police raiding locations around paris. an ongoing investigation after a terror attack at perhaps the world's most famous museum. it was around 10:00 a.m. inside the louvre. police say this 29-year-old egyptian suspect attacked four soldiers with a machete in each
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arabic. there were shots, this witness says. it was scary. i saw people falling. soldiers shot the attacker four times. he lived. the soldier suffered minimal injuries. 1200 people were inside the museum. some huddled on the floor, others evacuated to special safe rooms. police say the suspect arrived from dubai last week on a tourist visa. this couple are students at the university of georgia. they were looking for the mona lisa when guards told them to take cover. >> that was scary. they made us unzip our jackets and open our purses. and i was like, oh, no. >> all of them were fully armed. >> reporter: france was already on high alert after deadly attacks on the bataclan in 2015 and in nice last summer. french police say the suspect who's still in the hospital bought his machetes here in paris two days after he arrived from dubai. now authorities are trying to determine if he acted alone. back to you.
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>> all right. matt bradley there in paris. no showers and plenty of bottled water. state of emergency continues in chappell hill, north carolina. this after a water shortage. distribution sites will open this morning to help people there. this has impacted about 80,000 people including those on the campus of unc chapel hill. after the water treatment plant shut down. today's basketball game between unc and notre dame has been moved to tomorrow. >> we're told that ban won't be lifted until some time possibly this afternoon. no fun there. but fun for the super bowl because the countdown starts now. we are just a day away from super bowl li. >> a live look this morning at houston where the atlanta falcons will take on the new england patriots. it'll be the patriots' ninth championship game and the falcons' second. >> nbc's ron mott has a closer lo a
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>> we just love the patriots. >> reporter: two teams, atlanta, new england, offering a more sporting split to a sharply divided nation. >> i love this sport. i commit my life to playing it. >> reporter: for 39-year-old tom brady, an unprecedented seventh super bowl capping a season he started under suspension for deflategate. >> motivated even without deflategate. he wants to prove he can defy father time. >> reporter: the falcons and their quarterback matt ryan hope to defy odds makers by beating the patriots for the league's first league championship. super bowl li could be their lucky number. >> i believe in our team. i believe in the guys that we have. >> reporter: football fever is infecting the masses here in houston where 73,000 fans will fill nrg stadium. on the ground, from the air. as demonstr
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at home bars and elsewhere, a supersized party. americans expected to down 300 million gallons of beer, 1.3 billion chicken wingss on super sunday. with more than 100 million viewers across the u.s. commercials, $5 million for a 30-second spot. >> i've been planning this since i was 4. >> reporter: then there's the show within the show. 13 minutes for pop star lady gaga to make a statement on the world stage. >> i don't know if i will succeed in unifying america. you'll have to ask america when it's over. >> reporter: the final score, the only numbers that will matter come sunday. ron mott, nbc news, houston. >> i think there's a good bet that she'll make headlines no matter what. she'll say something or several things. >> so who do you think? falcons, patriots? >> i like the patriots. >> patriots? >> i'll go with the falcons. >> how about you? >> i'm going with the falcons. we'll see what happens. they got some good weather. but we don't have that here. >> it should be a good
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cold in february of all things. imagine that. it's subfreezing. we do have the first light of day showing up on the horizon. there's the live view from our tower camera on this saturday morning. sun will be coming up at 7:11 and a clear sky. what to dress today? dress for a cold winter day. you'll need warm hats, sunglasses, gloves. we'll have lots of sunshine today. nothing on the radar. temperatures are down. in the upper 20s. in the mid-20s. and by 10:00 it should be 30 degrees. climbing to around 20, this coming in around 10:00 p.m. then down to the mid-30s. not as cold. ten-day outlook, we'll be down to near freezing by dawn on sunday.
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lot of clouds around. afternoon milder though. mid-30s on monday morning. monday afternoon should make it into the low 50s. and a partly cloudy day. then much milder on tuesday. in fact, near-record heat. the record high on tuesday in washington is 64. we'll have a lot of clouds around. maybe a few sprinkles. windy and the high near 60 on wednesday after some morning sprinkles. gets chilly after that. mostly dry in the next weekend. perhaps next saturday night we might get a few rain showers. that's the way it looks. >> 64. all right. thank you, tom. a busy weekend and metro's getting started on some major track work. we're going to tell you about the six stations that are shutting down and how you can get around th mess until is
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creating a cleaner environment by using cleaner energy sources like solar, wind and natural gas. we've reduced carbon emissions by nearly 25%, which is the equivalent of taking close to two million cars off the road. cleaner air and cleaner water. it's good for all of us. dominion. depend on us for more than energy.
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i have your first 4 traffic. a look at the rails this weekend. a big deal on metro. especially on a fairly big weekend here for a lot of folks. silver, blue, and orange lines. six stations closed there. federal triangle, smithsonian, federal center southwest, and capitol south as well. going to be hard for a lot of folks. free bus wills replace some this weekend. lower level platforms at metro
6:25 am
shut down. now, take yellow line and transfer to gallery place if you have to go to virginia some time this weekend. red line will be single track between friendship heights and medical center. and as for the green line, regular weekend service. have a great one. i'll see you monday morning. >> we'll see you then. those of us who like to go to western town center used to be able to go in and park and not pay a thing. that has now changed. now you've got to pay and there's backlash. >> jackie benson explains why this could now lead to a lawsuit. >> some merchants will meet monday to discuss options that include the possibility of suing the property management company over the new pay to park system. who owns big boles restaurant. murphy says customers dislike the payment and validation system and describe the parking app as confusing. viol
6:26 am
state of the art technology. one restaurant signed direct customers to free parking and contains an apology for the situation. merchants say they've been told the pay system is to discourage people from parking here when the metro station over a mile away opens. also on the second restaurant and says he's seeing some regulars there. >> we ask people consistently telling our staff they're there either because they themselves are boycotting the center or their friends are no longer visiting them there. >> in a nearby shopping area say they have not been to the town center in awhile. >> we haven't been there since they started charging to park there. >> in a statement to news4, spokesperson for the group which represents property manager says it is inappropriate for boston property to speculate or respond at this time. jackie ns
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you'll feel a blast of cold the second you step outside. it's really chilly out there. and tom is closely tracking freezing temperatures and how you can plan for the rest of
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ur business objectives. see how working with pnc can help your company grow at . coming up on 6:30 on this saturday morning. the white house says the department of justice plans to file an emergency stay on the president's immigration order. this after a federal judge in
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temporary restraining order against it. the lawsuit blocks the executive order on travelers from seven predominantly muslim countries. president donald trump's nominee for secretary of the army withdrew his name from the post. the white house hasn't given an explanation as to why vincent viola dropped out. but according to the military times, it was because of the defense department's strict business tie rule. viola is a west point graduate and a billionaire businessman. officials are going to be ready to answer your questions about that fire, a massive one at a waste to energy facility. the one that continues to smolder this morning. neighbors concerned about air quality can attend a meeting this morning happening at mount vernon high school at 9:30. welcome back in on this saturday. i'm david culver. >> i'm meagan fitzgerald. a very chilly start to yo
6:31 am
february. we expect it this time of year. it's been a mild one at that. tom kierein is tracking the forecast and a warm-up on the way. >> yeah. subfreezing start on this saturday morning. good morning. we're starting off with a clear sky. and not a lot of wind. but you do need to layer up as we are very cold now. there's the predawn glow on the eastern horizon. sunrise is in about 40 minutes at 6:11. it'll be coming up in a clear sky. that's a live view from our storm team 4 tower camera. no snow in the vicinity. all dry on this saturday morning. temperatures are down into the teens just near 20 degrees. shenandoah valley and rural areas as well. and in the nearby suburbs inside the beltway generally low to mid-20s. upper 20s around the chesapeake bay. hour-by-hour temperatures for the rest of the morning will stay in the rural areas and suburbs in the 20s through the morning. right now downtown probably above freezing by late morning. then most of the on
6:32 am
30s in the afternoon hours with lots of sunshine through the day ahead. a look at a warming pattern here for the week ahead, that's coming up this half hour. >> see you in a few minutes, tom. james mattis is in japan this morning. this marks his first overseas trip since taking office last month. he spoke at a joint news conference in tokyo yesterday with his japanese counterpart. ma mattis cannot afford the destabilizing moves by iran. >> this is the single biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the world. and i think it is wise to make sure iran recognizes what it's doing is getting the attention of a lot of people. we have a responsibility along with the rest of the nations that want to maintain stability to be absolutely clear with iran in this regard. >> mattis went
6:33 am
the administration will remain committed to the defense of japan. house speaker paul ryan is sitting down for an exclusive interview with "meet the press" and discussing the new u.s. sanctions against iran. he's also talking about the iran nuclear deal and whether or not it should remain in place. take a listen. >> so i think the key is to rigorously enforce this deal. but also remember they're testing ballistic missiles. they're still the largest sponsor state in the world. that's also where we need to ratchet this up. we have a new administration to account. i think that's what you're getting here. >> it airs right here. you try to call the white house's public comment line, you're going to be greetedby
6:34 am
recording. it asks people to send a comment online or through facebook messeng messenger. in past administrations people could leave a message. fired a bill to restore public access. she said the president has an obligation to listen to the american people. >> that's like a king pulling up the moat because he doesn't want his subjects to be able to respond to him or to be heard. >> the bill has little chance of advancing in the republican-controlled congress. we have reached out to the white house for comment but have not yet heard back. ♪ a number of organizations held a protest outside of the trump international hotel last night. one of the organizations was work for peace. it's the same group that helped organize a protest outside of vice president mike pence's home last
6:35 am
the group says that last night's protest was in response to president trump's recent executive order on immigration. still an emotional morning for some after three coworkers were killed inside a boey restaurant. how employees and the community are coming together. >> reporter: a candlelight vigil on a cold friday night. >> it's very surreal. sickening to think about. >> very heartbroken that this happened. >> reporter: police say 40-year-old moi shot and killed 46-year-old restaurant manager sherwood morgan along with morgan's business
6:36 am
>> they were all very sweet and nice people. they all put everything they had into this restaurant. >> reporter: fredrica attended the church with sherwood morgan. >> my heart is deeply saddened because brother sherwood was a very good friend of mine. >> reporter: the shooting happened on sunday. investigators tell us he shot himself when police went to arrest him in silver spring and he survived. >> the suspect, did she ever give any indication that he would allegedly do something like this? >> no. we were all really pretty close. we would hug him a lot. we were great friends with him. a couple days before it happened, he gave a shirt to one of the coworkers. because we were all friends. >> reporter: shomari stone, news4. coming upn
6:37 am
muslim families living in fear. how a local police chief is trying to calm concerns following the rollout of the president's immigration order. a military family in virginia is on their most special mission yet. their son easton is autistic and has other special needs. but there's something that could eeally chang things for this
6:38 am
6:39 am
surveillance footage capturing this. the high-end theft on camera. this was last night. police say several men smashed their way into the luxury car dealership just before midnight. they just take off right there. several similar thefts have happened in the region. police now think an organized theft ring is likely responsible for the rash of stolen luxury cars. some of the cars have been found abandoned but no one's been arrested yet. and you may want to think of getting a flu shot if
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the flu is spreading, folks, all across the country. all the states in red is where the flu is widespread. of course that includes virginia and maryland. why not? of course. that's where we are. the centers for disease control wants you to know at least 15 children have died from the flu nationwide. flu symptoms include coughing fever and body aches. it's recommended that everyone six months and older get the flu vacci vaccine. so the sun might deceive you today as it's making it's way up. tom's updating his forecast with freezing temperatures and weather will stay dry for super bowl sunday. and a new warning from the irs. how a new scam is targeting employees through w-2 forms and how you can avoid getting scammed out of yo ur
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and the "today" show is next on nbc 4. >> sheinelle jones back up from atlanta with craig melvin. >> did you see her dancing? >> you know what? >> he goes, what's this in your hair. i'm like what are you talking about. he found red glitter. >> nice. >> you're saving it for later. >> quite the party when you have glitter in your hair the next day. coming up on this saturday morning, a big defeat for president trump. a federal judge temporarily knocking down the travel ban. hear what the trump administr
6:44 am
it. also ahead this morning, cold weather crimes. and how to combat them. jeff rossen will join us with what you should do to keep your car in your driveway. and the countdown to the super bowl is on. we have you covered with everything from the half-time performance to the art behind the ads, the crazy bets you can bet on. and even uniquely flavored pizza. and on top of all of that, we'll preview the puppy bowl for you here. those stories and more when we get started on a saturday morning here on "today." >> real quick, patriots are falco falcons? >> falcons. >> we knew that one. >> i'm sold. >> craig? >> i'd like to see the falcons win. i'd like to. it's going to be hard. >> i agree. >> how about you guys? >> falcons all the way. they need to win. the patriots always with in. right? >> all right, guys. have a good morning. >> have
6:45 am
6:45 is your time now on this saturday. as virginia's elected leaders slam president trump's executive order, local muslim leaders say they're dealing with increased threats of violence. many of them spent their friday prayer service trying to reassure congregations. >> reporter: a friday prayer gathering packed. outside armed private security guards. >> mosques are constantly getting threats, phone calls, letters that are very vicious. >> reporter: aseel is the executive director. she says there are no threats to this location, but since the executive order, we have community events going on all week long. >> you are part of our community. >> helping to
6:46 am
residents, police chief. for hum it's not political. it's rather simple, actually. >> i am their chief of police. it's their police department. >> reporter: in neighboring loudoun county, a crowd of non-muslims welcoming the faithful to friday prayers. hugs and hand shakes. some holding signs. >> you are welcome here. >> it says patriots protect all religions. >> reporter: inside the adams center, virginia's leaders slamming the president's executive order. >> we are here to send a message to president trump that we will not stand by for the unlawful, unconstitutional were morally repugnant executive order. >> the governor there went on to tell me that this travel ban is also impacting virginia's economy. he says two foreign companies planning to visit in coming weeks have already called off their trips citing that
6:47 am
executive order. he anticipates more foreign companies to follow suit. as you prepare to file your taxes, there is a growing scam we want you to know about. the irs warning taxpayers of a w-2 scam. cyber criminals are using e-mails to pose as company executives so as to trick employees into handing over their private information. you should be suspicious of any e-mail asking for your financial information even if it's from your boss. >> criminals are going to follow the money. right now there's a huge trove of money for them in filing false tax returns. >> experts also urging companies to issue the w-2s as early as possible and employees should file early before a scammer can. a military family in northern virginia doing all they can to help their son, their 2-year-old as autism and other challenges. >> a service dog could make a huge impact. >> reporter: brittany and dan.
6:48 am
high school sweethearts. together forever. senior prom. high school graduation. class of 2002. marriage. the military. moving from place to place serving our country. then came joy. an 8 pound 4.9 ounce baby boy et than. but with all the good times come hard times too. ethan was born with severe scoliosis. he was missing a rib. >> so he had two prosthetic rips placed when he was 9 months old. >> reporter: that was just the beginning. >> he wasn't pointing. he wasn't responding to his name. >> reporter: at 20 months, ethan was diagnosed with autism. now he's almost 3. ethan loves his therapy swing at home in virginia. he likes to play in his own way. ethan doesn't talk. but he and his mom understand each other perfectly. >> he is such a happy boy. he really is. he is so happy. >> reporter: a happy
6:49 am
>> we pledged to raise $17,000 for ethan to get a service dog placed. >> reporter: ethan's parents are raising money to get a service dog from non-profit 4 paws 4 ability. the therapy dog would be trained specifically to help ethan with development and communication. >> reporter: the hopes are that he would want to tell the dog commands and he would want to learn to talk. >> reporter: a dog could soothe ethan when he's upset and bring him back to the present when he starts to disappear in their own world. so far they've raised $7,000. they have a ways to go. >> can mommy have a high five? i think everybody wants for their children. we try everything possible to give that to him. >> reporter: so that ethan can have a better tomorrow. >> what a sweet boy. ethan's father is a captain in the air force so the family
6:50 am
travels a lot from the coming years. so change is especially hard for ethan. another reason why the family says a service dog would be so great. we have a link to the donation page on our nbc washington app. search paws for ethan. tom kierein here with us now. starting out cold. i know we should be expecting this because it's february. but we've had a mild winter at that. >> really has been kind of unusual to have this cold of a morning. just kind of reminding us it is still winter after all. we're starting off with a clear sky this morning. sunrise just about 20 minutes away at 7:11. here's a live view from our storm team 4 power camera looking to the east. that sun will be coming up with a clearer sky. yes your warmest winter gear. you'll need that this morning. you will need your sunglasses. we'll have lots of sunshine. right now temperatures in the teens to near 20 degrees in
6:51 am
suburbs and rural areas. mid and upper 20s around the chesapeake bay. storm team 4 radar, don't have any snow anywhere in the vicinity. gets all dry. a lot of sunshine through the morning. want to get in a run, a bike ride or a walk, you need to layer up this morning. just layer up a little bit. we'll be up into the upper 30s through 40 throughout the middle part of the afternoon. lots of sunshine today. just a very light wind. overall a brisk winter day to get out. and we'll have as we look here at the storm team 4 ten-day outlook milder weather moving in on sunday. we'll be near 30 tomorrow morning under a mostly clear sky -- mostly cloudy sky tomorrow. a lot of clouds around the day on sunday. afternoon high around 50 degrees. and then on monday back to work and school, mid-30s in the morning. afternoon highs in the low 50s. then much milder on tuesday. in fact,
6:52 am
reach near-record levels. the record in washington is 64 on tuesday. we may tie that. a lot of clouds around though. maybe a few sprinkles of light rain on tuesday. and then still mild and getting blustery windy tuesday night into wednesday. we'll have maybe some morning sprinkles back wednesday afternoon. then it gets chilly after that. highs in the low 40s on thursday. friday near 50. next weekend gets mild again next saturday a week from today. up near 60. maybe some rain showers next saturday night. and then drying out that following sunday. that's the way it looks. >> 61 in february, we'll take it, tom. thank you. it's one of the most popular seasonal treats. the changes coming to the shamrock shake at mcdonald's and how soon you'll notice a diference on thef
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may be digging into some wings tomorrow for the big game. but you'll likely never eat as much chicken as the oner of the wing bowl in philadelphia. bob gobbled down 409 wings. this was in philadelphia yesterday. the all-time record was 444 wings. that happened back in 2015. he's also going to get a new suv and 10 grand along with a stomach ache i'm sure. >> is he going to be eating
6:56 am
rest of the year. leprechauns will like this one here. mcdonald's will roll out the shamrock shake starts on tuesday. >> this year there's a twist. the shake will come in five flavors. original, chocolate chip, hot chocolate, then mocha. each deflectable drink has a hint of mint and there's a fun fact. the original shamrock shake was first released in 1970. its sales helped build the first ronald mcdonald house in philadelphia. >> i've never had one of those. your time 6:56. your four things to know on this saturday. planning to file an emergency stay on the immigration order after a federal judge in seattle issued a nationwide temporary restraining order against it. >> president donald trump's pick for military secretary has dropped out. vincent
6:57 am
led to the decision. the waste facility that caught fire, residents can get their questions answered this morning. air quality issues and other concerns. it's going to be held at mount vernon high school at 9:30 this morning. and six stations closed today. metro needs to do work in the tunnels. free buses will replace orange, blue, and silver line service in do do downtown d.c. and we've got to bundle up today. that's going to do it for us on this saturday morning. thanks for being with us. we're going to be back with another news update. >> have a great day, e
6:58 am
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the preponderate case outside of his florida he state. we are live with the latest. dropping out. the president's pick forearmy secretary withdraws from nomination because of business ties. the first setback as he tries to assemble his team. a criminal's complaints.


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