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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  February 5, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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a thrilling super bowl that came down to the wire. but we're going to show you why many people in our area missed a good portion of that game. i'm darcy spencer in southeast washington. this elementary school has been
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a bedbug down to a new court filing in president donald trump's immigration order. tonight, supporters and critics of the executive action are plotting their next move. >> announcer: news4 at 11:00 starts now. we've got to go to boston first. these are images from that city that is just pure pandemonium tonight. the new england patriots and the atlanta falcons wrapping up an historic game that literally came down to the very last play. despite the excitement there, power outages had so many people in our area absolutely furious on this super bowl sunday. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm erika gonzalez. people have power back now, but shortly before kickoff, more than 3,100 dominion power customers lost electricity. dominion says a power pole broke, but comcast users said their service was out
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most of the outages were in arlington and alexandria. comcast says there were two issues, first a generator fire at boston mall that knock the out power to a lot of people in that area. second a commercial power line fire that affected people in alexandr alexandria. so what about the actual game? well, we have plenty on that, trust me. sherree burruss joins me in just a few minutes with the highlights you don't want to miss. stay with us for that. in the district, some students will not have class tomorrow at their normal school because of a rodent and bedbug infestation at that school. news4's darcy spencer is live in southeast d.c. to talk about what's next for these students at savoy elementary school. darcy? >> reporter: erika, school officials decided on friday that they would temporarily close savoy elementary school. we learned late today that the students who attend this school are going to go to a separate school while these health concerns are addressed.
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savoy elementary school in southeast temporarily shut down over concerns about bedbugs and a rodent infestation. school is canceled monday and tuesday for the hundreds of students who attend savoy. starting wednesday, they're being bused here to this school is southeast where their school is thoroughly cleaned. >> i think at a certain point, city leaders began to realize that both as a matter of practicality and perception, the school needed to be closed so that parents could have confidence in bringing their students back. >> reporter: education leaders tell news4 that parents and teachers have been raising concerns about the problem since november. but they feel it wasn't being addressed fast enough. >> i think you saw at a meeting like thursday where parents came in very frustrated. you saw that frustration bubble up because they had been reporting it. >> reporter: the sign on the door at savoy says the health department is offering bg
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into the school. parents want them out before their children come back. there are reports of some having bedbug bites. this woman has a preschooler, and she's disgusted by what's happening at the school. >> it's hard just to hear that a school has bedbugs and rats. the system has failed the babies. >> reporter: i asked that school board member how long students will have to be relocated to that other school. he simply said as long as it takes to make sure parents are confident that this school is safe and clean. back to you, erika. >> darcy spencer, thank you. this was a much different weekend at dulles international. last week if you'll remember, demonstrators packed the airport to protest president donald trump's immigration order. this weekend, a crowd at the airport celebrated a federal judge blocking that
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the heated legal battle over the president's executive action rages on, and we are just a few hours away from the next court filing in the case. nbc's kelly o'donnell is in south florida where the president continued his attack on a federal judge and watched the super bowl. >> reporter: today home comings and arrivals. relief granted by a federal court and reinforced by welcome signs at international airports. for travelers from seven mostly muslim countries whose visas were reinstated. but today president trump doubled down. just cannot believe a judge would put our country in such peril. if something happens, blame him and court system. people pouring in. bad. the president tweeted that he is using his authority over agencies that screen travelers. i have instructed homeland security to check people coming into our country very carefully. the courts are making the job
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the vice president defended mr. trump'e courts. >> the judge's actions in this case, making decisions about american foreign policy and national security, it's just very frustrating to the president, to our whole administration. >> reporter: today one protest flew over the super bowl stadium in houston. part of the big game's coverage is a fox interview taped friday with president trump. what he said about vladimir putin stunned even fellow republicans. >> will i get along with him? i have no idea. it's very possible i won't. >> putin's a killer. >> there are a lot of killers. we've got a lot of killers. you think our country is so innocent? you think our country is so innocent? >> i don't know of any government leaders that are killers. >> well, take a look at what we've done too. we've made a lot of mistakes. >> reporter: but putin is suspected in the murders of political adversaries and journalists. >> i don't think there's any equivalency between the way the
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>> reporter: ohio governor john kasich tweeted, there is no equivalence with the brutal regime of vladimir putin. wyoming congresswoman liz cheney called it deeply troubling and wrong. a college student from rockville found dead after what investigators tell us was a fight with his fraternity brothers. both of them students at indiana university of pennsylvania and members ofify delta fay ta. people say caleb zwieg died after allegedly being choked by his frat brother brady destefano. it happened last night in a residential area off campus. >> our hearts are broken. when something like this happens, it's just tragic and horrible for all involved. we're continuing to provide support, of course, to family and to all of the great community that was involved as well as friends and
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university community. >> destefano being held on aggravated assault but may face more charges. the fraternity issued a statement saying they'll continue to assess the situation along with local and university officials. a family in charles county also devastated tonight after their loved one was killed outside a bar in waldorf. akita gray's mother said she was out with her cousins and boyfriend, who was deejaying at this sports bar. she says somebody robbed and beat the boyfriend, and according to police, after the assault saturday morning, some suspects opened fire in the parking lot, killing gray. today an emotional plea from gray's family for somebody to come forward. >> it's just like so much violence, and it's like all these young lives. people taking young lives. the effect that it has on people's family. >> any man can pull a trigger. it takes a real man to admit that he did. turn yourself in, man. >> detectives need te
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abouthis offering a cash reward for information leading to the arrest of the suspects. we got into some mid-50s this sunday afternoon, and since then under a clear sky, it's gotten rather chilly, back down into the 30s and low 40s around much of the region on this sunday evening. there is the view of capitol hill, live view from our storm team4 tower camera. all is dry. 40 degrees at reagan national. it's down to just near 40, nearby suburbs. south and east we're down into the low 30s, near freezing. sunshine for the monday commute in the morning. we'll be hovering in the mid-30s. cold and dry. but by noontime, up near 50 degrees. ought to be hitting the mid-50s mid-afternoon when you're heading back home. dry roads. into the low 50s. even warmer weather on the way. storm team4 ten-day outlook in just a few minutes. >> thanks, tom.
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the entire newsroom, you at home, maybe some of your buddies that left the house, and you're like, get back here. come watch this. this epic super bowl that we were all glued to tonight. sherree burruss joins us with more on the big game. the historic game on so many levels. >> historic. i mean the first game to go into over. but even before that, what a tale of two halves for both teams. super bowl li making history, as we said. the first time that a super bowl was decided in over. the patriots come back from a 25-point deficit, and tom brady wins the super bowl for the fifth time. brady and the pats were down 21-0, then 28-3. but you knew they weren't out of it. fourth quarter, one minute to go. james white from the one yard line. new england going for the two-point conversion, and they get it. brady to amendola. super bowl heading to over. in o.t., it's white again. this is the game winner. patriots come all the way
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to win 34-28. for deflategate, you can tell this one was extra special. >> i'm so proud of our guys, our coaches, the team. it was unbelievable. you know what these guys have accomplished all season. i'm just proud to be a part of this great group. thank you to all our fans, everyone back in boston, new england, we love you. you've been with us all year. we're bringing this sucker home! >> you have to say congratulations to new england, but also feel for the falcons. >> oh, boy. >> we will have much more coming up on "sports final." >> trying to digest this and the wings tonight. sherree, thank you. let's change gears now. montgomery county. a car hitting a house so hard that it cracks the cinder block wall. take a look at this picture that county fire and rescue service sent us. he said the crash hurt two
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avenue in silver spring around 11:30 this morning. we're working to learn whether the family who lives there will be allowed to stay there. a hands-on approach at the d.c. auto show. one man won a brand-new ride. his personal story makes the victory even sweeter. health officials struggling with a flu outbreak, and our region is one of the hardest hit areas. plus cameras catch a suspect targeting a house of worship, and this is just one of the disturbing act s
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police in new york city think they've solved the murder of a jogger left for dead in a secluded marsh last summer. katrina
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run near her home in queens when she was killed. her father discovering her badly beaten body. now an arrest in that case. police arrested a man from brooklyn last night. a police spokesperson says dna evidence found under the victim's fingernails and on her phone is what led them to that arrest. we are in the height of flu season. the cdc says nationally flu activity is higher this year than it was in 2016, and d.c., maryland, and virginia are among the states reporting widespread flu activity. steve patterson has more on this new surge. >> reporter: from florida to washington state, families across the country are down for the count. >> bubble gum. >> reporter: near seattle, this mom is running a living room infirmary. her family of six all sick with the flu. >> we haven't been hit quite like this in -- i can't even
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remember when. >> reporter: in washington state alone, 148 people have died from the flu this season, putting the state on track for its worst flu season in seven years. and there's cause for concern nationwide. according to the centers for disease control, 40 states are reporting widespread flu activity with more than 30,000 reported cases of influenza in the u.s. so far this season, 15 children have died, 7 in just one week. >> i think people forget that influenza kills tens of thousands of americans each year. >> reporter: it's why doctor as cross the country are pushing the importance of immunization. >> the most important thing that people can do to prevent them from getting influenza is to get vaccinated. >> she was like a ray of sunshine. >> reporter: rebecca hendricks works with families fighting flu after the illness claimed her 5-year-old daughter scarlett two years ago. >> i didn't know. i treated it like a common cold. and when i took her to the hospital, she went straight to icu a
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>> reporter: a heartbreaking lesson she shares in hopes of saving precious lives as flu season hiss its peak. >> open our nbc washington app for tips on how to avoid getting the flu just by searching "flu" in that app. a bottle of hand sanitizer helped people wipe away messages of hate in a new york subway. in the post, he said the trains advertisements were covered in swastikas and anti-semitic messages. it took passengers a couple minutes, but they managed to wipe those all away. new at 11:00, surveillance cameras catching what some people are calling a hate crime. people are saying this man that shows up in this video here was putting swastikas on the front door of the synagogue and then smashes out one of the windows. >> it's a hate crime, and i think that whoever is doing this, we need to make an examp
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apprehended fullest. >> that crime happened last night, but services went on as usual today. the synagogue leader said that it was inspiring to seemembers show up for worship this morning. it was a tough day for juan d.c. mom. shirley gibson organized a vigil this morning in memory of her son, brian gibson. he was a d.c. police officer. 20 years ago today he was sitting in his patrol car when he was murdered, police say, just for being an officer. many people, including uniformed first responders walking the streets of northwest d.c. this morning to pay their respects. virginia state employees could be on the verge of their biggest overall raise in nearly a decade. the gop controlled general assembly released proposed budgets today that include aid 3% raise for state workers and an even bigger raise for law enforcement officers and front line mental health workers. the budgets would also increase state spending on public
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he wants to make sure teachers will get a pay hike as well. >> announcer: now your storm team4 forecast. getting cold under a clear sky. here's the live view from our storm team4 tower camera overlooking tenleytown here in the foreground, middle distance, friendship heights out on the horizon. we've got a clear sky overhead, and temperatures are dropping quickly now. in fact, it's near freezing in southern maryland around the lower part of the bay and across north central virginia. culpeper down to 31. but nearby suburbs, prince george's, montgomery, fairfax counties hovering near 40. 40 degrees at reagan national. storm team4 radar scanning the sky. don't have any rain, don't have any snow anywhere in the vicinity. good travel weather if you're about to head home from a super bowl party. take a look in the southwestern
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constellation. you can pick owl the belt of orion there. i took this a couple of mornings ago, and you can see that tonight. clear and cold for monday morning. your planner for monday, in the mid-30s at 8:00 a.m. by noontime, around 50 degrees. then by mid to late afternoon when you're heading back home from work and school, we'll be in the mid-50s tomorrow afternoon like we were this afternoon. lots of sunshine through the day. then after sunset, starts to get cloudy. sunset tomorrow is at 5:36, and by 8:00 p.m. the clouds will be increasing. temperatures, though, still not too bad. we'll be hovering in the upper 40s by then. then by dawn on tuesday, the mid-40s. so not much of a cooling tuesday night. we'll have increasing clouds as well as increasing chances of sprinkles, of light rain during the day on tuesday and much milder. along with those sprinkles and light
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mid d in washington is 64 set back in 2008. so we may actually tie that record or even break the record on tuesday afternoon. then as we get into wednesday, we'll have a lot of clouds around but still mild. low 50s in the morning. afternoon highs wednesday, low 60s again. certainly unfebruary-like. then a cold front comes in late wednesday night. may trigger a few rain showers, but after that we dry out, and it gets chilly on thursday again. starts acting like winter again. highs just in the low 40s and a cold day on friday. mid-20s in the morning. afternoon highs near 40. then it starts getting mild again next weekend. actually back into the 60s a week from today. then following that, still a dry pattern and no snow with highs in the 50s. that's the way it looks. >> thank you, tom. a big win today for a man from springfield. george abbott won a
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hyundai hutucson at the d.c. au show. he outlasted the other contestants in the hands-on challenge. five nights, six days, contestants had to say in constatistic physical contact with that car. >> i was here since tuesday at 3:00 p.m., so i was holding on to this car all day. sometimes i would stand for three hours at a time. i can't move from your spot. so three hours i would be standing brf i could go to my next 15-minute break. >> oh, my gosh. you know, abbott suffers from an eye condition that he says will eventually cause him to go blind. before then, he says he's going to take that new car on a cross country road trip with his dad and best friend. then he says he's going to give that car to his friend. i love him. what's not to love? still ahead, we head back to houston for more on the biggest comeback in super bowl your path to retirement may not always be clear. houston for more on the biggest comeback in super bowl
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk. have you got it all figured out yet? can we all ask you, how did they lose this? >> i -- you know, super bowl li, right? i don't think anyone could have predicted the way this game was going to start. certainly no one could predict the way it ended. for the first time in nfl history, the super bowl goes into over. tom brady, bill belichick, and the new england patriots bringing home their fifth lombardi trophy. former president george w.h. bush and his wife barbara on hand for the coin toss, both recently out of the hospital. but to the game, skipping ahead to the second quarter. falcons up two scores. brady's pass intercepted by robert alford. brady tries to get the tackle, but he is gone. he takes this one for 82 yards to the house. even kind of messing around with him here. the falcons out to a 21-0 lead thanks to two early
11:27 pm
he fourth, tom leads them back. down eight, james white crashes in. one yard touchdown, and they would also get the two-point conversion. in over, pats win the toss. a two-yard touchdown run, the biggest of his life. patriots score 31 unanswered points. brady and belichick win their fifth, 34-28. puck druk. go caps up 1-0. mojo. firing in and scores. he sneaks this one through into the back of the net. his 16th. caps up 2-0. and in the second period, caps up 3-0. phillip grew barre in the net having a great sunday. gruby shuts him down. one of
11:28 pm
backup goalie. later in the period, backstrom brings it around the net. oshie shot -- check this out. hits the water bottle on the back of the net, knocking it over. grew barre gets the shutout. caps go on to win it 5-0. ninth straight home win. heading to the court, brenda frese and third ranked maryland terps on the road visiting indiana. maryland all over indiana from the start. first quarter, stephanie slocum to brionna jones for two of her 17 points. terps up 46-27 at the break. everything still going maryland's way. seconds left in the third quarter. walker kimbrough from three quarter court nailing it. she had 23 in the game. maryland cruises with a 92-56 win. terps improve to 23-1 this season. the best start in school history. we'll have mu more onch
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before we say good night, we want to show you these live images of boston where they are just reveling in this victory. the new england patriots have won the super bowl li. 34-28 in an historic overtime. just incredible celebration to be had there, i'm sure for the next seve ♪ never waver. ♪ because going around is rarely ever as enjoyable... going right through. ♪ ♪ ♪
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t business. built for security. built for business. tonight on "sports final." >> we're bringing in sucker home! >> brady's bunch pulled off a historic comeback as brady and belichick add another chapter to their hall of fame partnership. talking about the wizards turnaround, his picky eating. >> i wouldn't be john wall without bradley beal. plus a super sunday for the capitals. how they capped off a huge weekend at the verizon center. hats off to you for staying up with us. now we head to the great wall of chinatown. >> what's up, this is john wall, and "sports final" starts now. ♪ houston, no


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